1001 Nights
1001 Nights's Information
Type: A cabaret theater, occupying a half-block.
Rating: 4 Stars
Location: 3733 Clarke Street
Fame: Bellydancers, cabaret, and a reenactment of the club's namesake weekly
Atmosphere: Middle Eastern
Owner(s): Lexine Zanthe
Manager(s): Faiella Clarise
Employee(s): {$Employee}

Main Club

Beyond the mirrored doors at the entrance of the club, the entire atmosphere alters from the modern angles and shine of steel and glass to a warmer, more decadent glow of Persian riches mingling with Bohemian ideals. Hardwood floors have been painted ebony and polished to a high shine, accented by gilt covered trim, carved in arches and swirls. Walls are papered with a shimmering crimson silk paper with brass sconces and matching chandeliers lending a warm glow to the room. Across the large room a stage is raised and expertly lighted, velvet drapes in a royal navy are drawn when there is no show in progress, or pulled back to show whatever backdrop goes with the current show.

A large area is cleared for dancing before the stage, and surrounding the dance floor are black laquered tables with crimson cushioned chairs to allow patrons to rest for a moment or watch the shows performed on the stage. Cocktail waiters and waitresses are scantily clad in gold and blue ensembles styled to put one in mind of sultans and shieks, harems and desert nights - though the materials are generally so sheer that even the most liberal Persians would question their decency.

On the edges of the stage, the wings lead back to a backstage area for employees as they prepare for the next number. On the other side of the main room and on the far wall, another set of double doors leads back to the courtyard - propped open during operating hours, save for inclement weather.

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