1001 Nights: Main Floor
Beyond the mirrored doors at the entrance of the club, the entire atmosphere alters from the modern angles and shine of steel and glass to a warmer, more decadent glow of Persian riches mingling with Bohemian ideals. Hardwood floors have been painted ebony and polished to a high shine, accented by gilt covered trim, carved in arches and swirls. Walls are papered with a shimmering crimson silk paper with brass sconces and matching chandeliers lending a warm glow to the room. Across the large room a stage is raised and expertly lighted, velvet drapes in a royal navy are drawn when there is no show in progress, or pulled back to show whatever backdrop goes with the current show.
A large area is cleared for dancing before the stage, and surrounding the dance floor are black laquered tables with crimson cushioned chairs to allow patrons to rest for a moment or watch the shows performed on the stage. Cocktail waiters and waitresses are scantily clad in gold and blue ensembles styled to put one in mind of sultans and shieks, harems and desert nights - though the materials are generally so sheer that even the most liberal Persians would question their decency.
On the edges of the stage, the wings lead back to a backstage area for employees as they prepare for the next number. On the other side of the main room and on the far wall, another set of double doors leads back to the courtyard - propped open during operating hours, save for inclement weather.

1001 Nights


How to talk Preter Politics without giving yourself away to non-Preters.

IC Date: Thursday, Feb 10 2011


Outside, the weather is frigid, snow swirling about with the night wind. But inside the 1001 Nights…inside, it's a different story all together. It's kept warm, here, enough to thaw the bones and help bring Arabia to mind, when coupled with the seductive music and the scents in the air. Workers bustle, moving from table to table, as the girls display impressive talent on stage. Lexine, currently, does neither. She sits on top the bar, at the corner, overseeing it all.

Brand steps in, escaping that frigid night air, a long black coat currently over his form. He moves with an effortless grace, looking rather as if he owns the place. His eyes roam the workers and the girls, taking note of everything that is here. And then he slowly makes his way toward a corner of the bar, somewhere he can watch the room with his back to the wall. There's something odd about him, to those of a foxy bent. Warm, and inviting, despite the edge to him.

Lexine watches those on stage finish the last of their moves, their shimmies. It's very discreetly indeed that she casts a side-long glance to Brand, a brief and fleeting thing. In her right hand is a glass of deep, red wine, which she sips from slowly.

Brand is also watching the stage, as the girls finish up. It's not clear if that discreet, oh so brief, glance goes noticed or not, but his gaze does shift to Lexine. More specifically, he's gazing intently at that deep, red, wine as it vanishes into those lips.

Lexine is perched on the bar, her legs crossed, taking up a corner as she sips at a glass of deep red wine. The performance on the stage is just wrapping up, the owner giving a nod of her head in quiet approval. She may be intentionally not looking at the Brand that is near to her.

Arriving at the appointed time, Stormy slips into the club, offering the tuxed doorman a polite smile, "I am looking for Fatin?" A gesture is offered towards the bar where the owner sits with her wine. "Thank you very much, sir." She states quietly before turning to head in that direction with a bounce in her step.

Brand continues to watch from his corner of the bar, his attention slipping away from the glass of deep red wine Lexine is holding to watch as Stormy crosses the floor toward the bar. His arms are folded and he's leaning back, seeming quite relaxed despite the intent interest with which he is watching the goings on around him.

Lexine's head turns, and her gaze falls upon Stormy. Or, more specifically, a spot on Stormy's chin. Clever one, this vixen. "Good evening," she greets, in a voice that is crafted for the work of this place. Tease, seduction. As Brand looks away, and to Stormy as well? Lexine takes advantage of her chance to very quickly look him over. To Stormy, she adds, "Welcome to the 1001 Nights."

A smile appears upon Stormys lips as she notes the place where Lexine's gaze does wander briefly. That she has the attention of both she and the man seem to please the petite young woman in white tonight. "Thank you, Fatin. I am pleased to be here. I am Stormy? I believe we had a meeting planned? If you still have time to discuss things?" The young woman does look to Brand, a hint of a teasing smile to touch her lips.

Brand watches the interaction between the two, almost seeming to be taking notes behind those grey eyes of his. When Stormy hints at that teasing smile he inclines his head toward her, offering the briefest of smiles of his own. His is thin, and secretive, the reason for it more than politeness, but not entirely clear.

Whatever looks Lexine has for Stormy and Brand, they are far from their own eyes. Safe. "We did, yes," she says with a business woman's smile. "You wished to discuss maters of a private party that your…" She searches for a fitting word, "CEO, wishes to have at my establishment." Another drink of wine is taken, as one hand smooths the fabric over her legs.

Such amusement to show as Stormy takes in the pair of them pretending to not look at each other. Lips curl upwards further, the petite woman to nod before she answers, "Indeed. I believe there were certain arrangements to be finalized along with deciding on ideas for the entertainment that night?" She sighs, "I fear my CEO hasn't quite given me the details, beyond saying that I should speak with you, and listen to your own ideas for such?"

Brand continues to look between the two talking, seeming quite content to observe. He does lean forward slightly, something apparently having caught his attention somewhere in the interactions.

"There was a matter of the meal plan, which is still being worked out," Lexine says with a sly smile. "Along with the matter of entertainment. He wished something …different, than is usually displayed here, to suit the audience. I have a few ideas for some dances. I wish to employ some…of your people. I knew a member of your group, once, that could do the most interesting things with his skin." She turns, and notes to a nearby server, "Please bring the CD from the back to me, with the new music."

"I understand. If there is anything I could do to help with the menu.." Stormy offers, polite and still amused. Listening, she tilts her head, considering for a moment before she laughs, "I believe I understand what he wished. A dance of the hunt, of fear and horror.." A glance to the stage, then back, "Not quite the same levels of seduction and sensuality?"

Brand suddenly seems to decide something, slipping out of his chair and moving down the bar a little. Finding somewhere he can lean, rather than sit, and return to watching what's going on. From here, however, he can also get a drink if he's so inclined. Not that he appears to be.

"Something…primal, in a different way," Lexine allows. "To appeal to different appetites." She grins, then. "I'll also need to know how many," she glances to the glass in her hand, "Will be drinking the red, to make sure there are enough bottles to go around. Special bottles will be reserved, of course. But I also understand there will be ones that require more than just a drink." Her gaze flits to Brand, suddenly, at the very moment he moves.

"Exactly.." Stormy murmurs before she smiles, chuckling, "I can get you the numbers to expect so that there is enough to go around." She offers before following her gaze towards the man at the bar again. A brow quirks upwards, her gaze to linger on him as she seems to take the measure of the man for whatever reason.

As Stormy takes the measure of him, Brand seems to do likewise for her. Given he's been watching the two awhile, it seems almost odd that he's just now doing it. Perhaps the 'reply' is more for show than anything else. Indeed, he does seem to be confirming something he already knew rather than actually discovering something new, iof the expression on his face is anything to go by.

"I appreciate it," Lexine says to Stormy. "Perhaps, tomorrow night, I can give you a run-through of what I have planned thus far." Her back straightens slighly, posture slightly rigid. Her energy? It's held very, very close to her chest, when she finally offers to Brand, "Good evening."

"I may be busy tomorrow with other business, but I will certainly let you know? If anything, I can send you the numbers of the expected guest list." Stormy offers before she glances to Brand again, leaving Lexine to speak up, though she does dip her head towards the other vampire. Her own energy is there, a wrap of coolness about her form that hints at the fear that she might call upon in a person.

"Good evening." Brand returns, a smile gracing his face for a moment. He returns Stormy's nod with one of his own, keeping his energy wrapped about him like a cloak out of politeness. Unusually for a vampire, his power is warm and hot, his aura holding a certain heat to it. "I trust you are well this evening?"

Lexine nods to Stormy. The server from before returns, and Lex takes the CD before sending them off. It is then offered to the other woman. "Some of the music I had in mind. I believe it will work well." Her regard of Brand is through her lashes, her eyes upon his chin. "Very well, thank you. Welcome to the Nights."

Presented with the CD, Stormy takes it with a smile, "Thank you much, Fatin. I am certain that the evening's festivities, will be quite lovely." Finally turning to Brand she offers further smile, her gaze to meet his own, "I am well, and you good sir?" A tilt of her head, and she murmurs, "I do not think I have seen you around the city before. I hope you have found it to your pleasure?"

"It is a most interesting place." Brand observes to Lexine, before his gaze flickers back to Stormy. "I am well, thank you. As you so astutely observe, I have not been in the city very long at all. But so far, from what I have seen of it, Chicago is indeed…pleasurable."

Lexine takes a very long sip, indeed, from her wine. It keeps her from having to talk for a few heartbeats. They're very quick heartbeats. "Welcome to Chicago as well, then." There is a moment of consideration before she says, "I look forward to entertaining your…company. I have maintained a good relationship with them over the years, after all. I find the CEO…charming." Another glance to Brand.

"Have you settled in alright?" Stormy asks, casually of the other vampire before glancing aside to Lexine when she next speaks up. There's something about the woman that draws the petite woman closer, just a half step, a deep breath taken before she manages to draw herself back again, "That he is, most charming indeed. He would be happy to hear of your thoughts." She half teases the woman before finally looking curiously at Brand, "And you, have you met our wonderful CEO yet?" Playing the innocent is she.

"I am still settling in. I have not yet been here long enough." Brand observes, before considering the latter question for a time. He seems to decipher it, watching Stormy move into Lexine and then back again with a thoughtful expression. "Not precisely. But we have corresponded, and reached an agreement for me to be present in his target market without being accused of corporate espionage."

Lexine's lips twitch, slightly. "Be sure to speak of them to him, then," she says to Stormy. "I was admittedly gladened when he took over the business. Ones came before that did not have the business sense that he does. Some just do not know how to swim with proverbial sharks." She manages a smile, though her heartbeat is still quick. Brand's words drag a chuckle out from between her lips, and she says quietly, "Some times I am glad that my business is a small one. It makes possible relocations and travel much easier."

"Oh, he will hear of his rise in esteeme. One always enjoys the good PR for their company." Stormy offers, chuckling softly. "I had heard of a few in the past. Thsoe that want the position, then never truly really take care of the business. A pity, really." That said, she but smiles further at Brand's answer. "I am glad to hear that. Such prior correspondence is good to hear. So many tend to not check in beforehand."

"I have been in business for long enough to know better." Brand replies with a shake of his head. "One simply does not travel without the proper paperwork. And when one has had the experiences in business I have, one no longer wishes to do so."

Lexine sits atop the bar, a quickly emptying glass of red wine in her hand. Stormy is fairly close to her, with Brand none too far away himself. Lexine is smiling, for her part, but there's the faint scent of fear, coupled with a quickness of her heartbeat, that may have to due with present company. Or perhaps she just saw a large spider. "It is a shame," she admits. "But it seems to be the way of not just your branch of business, but others as well."

"A refreshing point of view, even for someone so young in the business as I am." Stormy offers towards Brand before taking a deep inhale of a breath, the pleasure showing at the pick of Lexine's fear. Ambrosia, even for as small the sample is. "Too true. Here lately, it seems, the CEOs have gone through many changes. Hopefully, good business practices will continue."

"I am sure they will. Business practices become common practices for a reason. Namely, because they work." Brand observes reassuringly. Watching Stormy sample that fear, he can't help but smile a little. And then he lets his power flare, though still keeping it close around him, watching Lexine to see if more of the ambrosia will be forthcoming, though he himself does not appear to be sampling it.

"Yes. There have been a few new shuffles, especially in the matter of…" Lexine pauses, and sucks in a sharp breath. Her fear flares for what is certainly a delicious moment for Stormy. But then? Lexine's eyes close, a drink is taken, and her own power pushes outwards, seems to swell. The vixen remembering herself. "The Loups. But the man that has taken the reigns of the corporation seems to be much more willing to endulge in business with others than the man before him."

Before Stormy might actually speak up, that delicious flare of fear is felt, and is eagerly sucked up by the petite woman who leans in closer, letting her own power slip out lightly, the cold feel of a grave, the sensation of someone sneaking over your grace, sending shivers up the spine. She finally nods, but then realizes what is going on, and that grin but turns wicked, laughing almost as she looks towards Brand, "Good show.."
Stormy makes eyes at Lexine.

Brand merely smiles knowingly, and remarks "The Loups are always prone to being…troublesome in that regard, I have found." Lexine's power pushing out seems to intrigue him, and he gives the woman a thoughtful appraisal. His own aura seems to warm a little more, settling about him more loosely.

Lexine takes the final drink of her wine and sets the glass down with care. Her fox wraps around her like a warm breeze, staying close around her. She delicately clears her throat before speaking. "I thank you both for the conversation, but if you would excuse me, I have a few matters to see to." With a motion full of grace, she slips down from the bar top.

Stepping back, Stormy but smiles quietly as Lexine speaks of leaving to take care matters. "Thank you again, Fatin. I will be sure to send you the information tomorrow evening. Or bring it to you personally so we might speak further. The CD in her hand is held lightly, another step taken back by the petite young woman.

"And I myself must depart also." Brand observes with a thoughtful smile, nodding to each of the two. "I am quite sure I will see you both again, however." As he makes motion to leave, his power brushes Lexine's fox for the briefest of moments. Surely accidental, given how close by he was passing.

Lexine's energy sparks, flares, and then spreads out at the touch of Brand's. It becomes a protective thing, like a suit of metaphysical armor, around her, growing stronger as she takes a few quick steps away from the two vampires. "Good evening," she offers to them both. Her hand moves in a quick gesture and soon, there is a man that very well could be security at Lexine's side. She takes his arm and, after a murmur, allows him to lead her outside, to the Courtyard.

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