20100203 - A Quiet Word

Thu Feb 03 08:48:25 2011 - Winter


The Fox and Crown - Lake Shore Drive

Upon stepping inside of the Fox & Crown, one is enfolded in the environment of a pub. A small hallway where one can leave heavy coats or umbrellas funnels one into the wider expanse of the pub, a large room sporting a massive bar on one side and a grand stone hearth on the other. There's wood everywhere, from the floor to the beams in the ceiling, the columns supporting the upper story and the broad expanse of the bar. On either side of the hallway are two small parlours, lit in the day by wide, bay windows. One is a small library, sporting worn, comfy couches, tables, and books to borrow and browse. The other holds a pay phone and comfy chairs, as well as some travel brochures for sites in Chicago.
The main room is open and inviting, the floor a golden wood that's warm either in sunlight or firelight. Tables loosely fill the room in between the bar and the hearth, large rounds of wood with candles in the middle for when it gets dark. The hearth is built of large stones, a mantle on the wall sporting random assortment of thick candle sticks, gemstone bookends, and on the ends, pots with trailing ivy. In front of the actual fireplace is a metal screen that has been wrought into the shape of a celtic Tree of Life. Across from the hearth is the long expanse of the bar. A mirrored wall stands behind the bar, making the room seem larger than it is. The bar is flanked by doors, one that leads to the kitchen, if the noise and enticing aromas are indication, while the other is less interesting, and only marked 'Private.'



So, the bar is open for awhile longer yet. The patrons are filling in and out on this thrusday, not staying to late due to work the next day. So in one of the booths, with a meal before him and a large mug of hot coco, Lucian reads the news paper. The man is dressed in a Tailor-made business suit while enjoying his meal.

Robert is a late patron, and arrives with a gym bag thrown over his shoulder. His pace is even, a stride that carries him easily across to the bar. He drops the bag, leaning his forearms against the bar, waiting in silence to catch the barstaff's attention. His face is set in neutral lines, impassively concealing any thoughts he may be having.

Lucian just sitting in his spot not picking at his food, but keepign a steady slow pace while enjoying the textures and flavors of the meal while watching those that come and good, probably curious to something but never once speaking or tring to get their attention.

The drink finally arrived, Robert is as leisure to consider the others in the bar and his gaze moves across each one slowly, a considered look that assesses thoughtfully. Where he finds something of interest, there is the tiniest tilt of his head, a gesture that is more wolf than human, his face remaining impassive.

Lucian wasn't looking directly at Robert until he does that little tilt but man takes a sip of his drink and then motions to the chair across from him with a ever so faint nod of his head before he returns to enjoying his meal.

Robert catches the gesture and turns the steady stare on the man, the slight narrowing of his eyes interested. He doesn't move for a movement but then he does, sweeping up his bag, a graceful movement as he lopes across to take the seat. One eyebrow arches, silent and questioning, with the steady gaze resting firmly on Lucian's face, the man very much in touch with the beast.

Lucian looks at Robert and smiles. "I'm sure probably just about everyone in the city has heard of me." he doesn't make it clear which 'everyone' he is takling about though, it is the preter area. Another nod of his head before he continues to eat, not stopping or even giving hints of what he knows just from the jesture that Robert had made.

"Modest." Robert's comment is wry, as he takes a long swig of his beer, drinking directly from the bottle before he places it precisely in front of him. "Your interests have been noted." He tilts his head against, the slightest of movement, combined with the weight of his gaze giving more the impression of a wolf watching prey than ever. "Your motivation is unknown. I am Robert Moye. I am an Alpha werewolf. I do not speak for my Pack." He is precise, choosing the words that he wants with a care to give exactly the message he wants to convey, as he offers a hand.

Lucian looks at the man, and just to show he was not afraid he offers his hand and nods. "My motivation? I am not sure what your talking about." the man has a guess at best. "But you honor me Alpha Moye." the man doesn't use any words, nothing that would show his knowledge.

Robert's hand is warm but he doesn't use the handshake to show anything, merely shaking the others with a firm, calloused grip before he releases it. "Robert. Please." The flicker of a wry humor gives a brief curve to the lips beneath the beard, creasing the corners of his eyes for an instant. And then it is gone. "Why do you talk about us?" The question is blunt, direct, and Robert's gaze matches it.

Lucian looks to the man and ahs softly. "Because, It is my firm believe that the Lycanthropes have equal rights.. not treated as vermin or animals.. just because you become one once a month, means nothing." the man says carefully. "I learned of your kind because of the rights that you are not given."

Robert rests his forearms on the table, creating a triangle around his drink with his fingers, occupying them with a caution, a polite signal of a lack of threat. "People believe that you give too much information about our world to the humans. That this makes them more fearful of us." The man's low rumbling voice is neutral, cautious, with a quick repeat of the questioning head tilt.

Lucian looks to Robert, "What I share is to raise awareness, I do not try to make them fear you. I know that the racist begots of the americas are there, they treat you like vermin in a few states and allow your killing when in animal forms. But to be honest, You all are very well natured people, that would go above and beyond to protect a fellow wolf or your country, like anyone else." He uses wolf as an example only.

Robert's slow nod is an acknowledgement of the other's words and he picks his words with care. "I believe that the only way to dispel the fear that drives those such as Humans First is to inform the others. To reveal ourselves as people." The wry smile appears once more, another flicker, as he adds, dryly. "If you prick us, do we not bleed? However, there are pieces of information that people fear may increase the distaste for us."

Lucian nods. "I am aware, I shall not speak of it again." he says softly and nods, an then smiles. "The way you add the spirit of your fallen, shall not slip my lips again. Robert." then he reaches for his mug and sips upon the coco, it is pretty warm.

Robert's face relaxes a tiny amount and he inclines his head slowly. "My thanks. And in return, if you wish any help, I am available." He reaches for his bag, drawing out one business card, stating him clearly as a self defence teacher and personal trainer, with his cell number and address. "Perhaps there are things to be told."

Lucian looks at Robert and nods. "Thank you, Please.. try to ease the stress you and your's maybe having. I do not wish to further insult your pack." the man inclines his head a moment before taking the card and looking at it. "Hmm, i might look you up for other reasons that my knowledge, your personal trainer skills would help me keep in shape." The frenchy says with a smile. "Told how is the question dear sir."

Robert's brief wry smile flickers onto his face but his eyes are serious as he speaks slowly, "It is difficult. I have been told several times today that being open will cause my death." There is the tiniest of movements on his upper lip, drawing up on one side, before he speaks once more. "There are reasons that I believe it must happen, and that there must be those of us who speak publically. Because few of us chose this life, and there are few other diseases where the victim is blamed."

Lucian nods. "I have to agree, Being open -could- cause your death, but it is the believe that we could work for a better tomorrow for Lycanthropes that will make all the difference." The man is neutral in his tone while. "And there are no diseases that exist in this words, that a victim can take blame.. none." he says softly before reaching for his jacket to get something.

"It is a risk to gain something of great worth." Robert's voice is slow but his expression flickers, his eyes widening slightly as he leans forward, placing his weight through his arms. "If we can show a public image, put a face to the disease and show them that we can work with people, to show them that we are no different to them. If we can dispel the fear, we can begin to work with them."

Lucian nods with a smile and he grabs something and brings it to the table. "Here, this is my contact info, If your leader wishes to talk to me about this. Please have them contact me.. I do not wish to assume they will be gentle if i screw up." he knows very well what to do and not do.

"My thanks. It is useful to have." His words are precise, and Robert glances between the man's face and the card as he takes it, sliding it back into his bag. "I will speak with them. And you may contact me with any questions." Robert takes the bottle of beer, taking a long swig before he puts it down, empty. "Unless there is anything now?"

Lucian shakes his head. "Not at all, I do not wish to take up to much time from your day. Thank you for talking to me though Robert, may this bare fruit." he offers with a smile, also grabbing his expensive jacket and hat.

Robert inclines his head, rising to his feet. "My pleasure." The low rumble comes from deep in his chest and he turns, throwing the bag over his shoulder and leaving as abruptly as he arrived.

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