20100207 - Testing Strengths


Guan-Ki Kwoon: Dojo - Halsted Street: Bridgeport

As with most Dojos, this place is impeccably clean. The soft dark mahogany of highly polished hardwood floors is the first thing to meet your eye, moments before the weapon racks that line the wall catch a glance or two. They are situated in such away that the more dangerous bladed weapons are farthest from the door and hang in a rack in the corner, as though awaiting the hand of a trained professional to use. Wing-Chung dummies sit in each corner, and a few heavy 400 - 500 lb punching bags hang from vaulted wrought iron rafters high in the roof. Off to the side is another door, this one also carrying paintings on its windowed front, a few more Chinese characters and the English word 'Office' set for all to see.



Its late and the snow outside falls heavily.. Within the darkness of the night, within the dark and dim dojo there is Riley.. Knowing the owner and having the owner's lover on retainer as a lawyer has its benefits.. Those benefits include private sessions of use.. With most of the patrons leaving the gym, Riley is still hard at work, moving through his kata formations in rapid succession, his hard muscular body gleaming slightly with sweat in the pale light as he moves.

Robert is a frequent visitor here, and his arrival late is not unusual, his bag over his shoulder, his pace comfortable as he moves to join Riley. "Room for another?" His voice is a low rumble, and clearly, he is here to release some of the tension in his shoulders. However, the meeting of this pair, alone, brings a new tension.

Turning to face Robert, Riley brings a hand up and offers a light shrug before rubbing his nose and nodding.. Both hands coming up as he bounces about from side to side, "Sure." That said he starts to run through the katas anew. They are militaristic in nature denoting that its not true martial arts training but actual carry overs from his time in the military.

Robert gives him a brief nod, acknowledgement, the man as neutral as he ever has been as he begins to stretch out his muscles, working on different groups at a time, slowly, steadily preparing for his work out. "I spoke with Monty. He joins us." The abrupt comment is spoken softly, without looking at Riley.

Shrugging his shoulders abit, Riley throws a series of rapid fire punches, shadow boxing as he bobs and weaves. Occassionaly tucking an arm close to his pectoids to block but otherwise continuing the routine, "Friends close, enemies closer."

"Karmen and Robi fought." Robert's words are equally brief. Keeping it factual. "I will talk to Robi." His assumption that Riley knows the reason for that is simply shown, as the man bends to stretch his muscles. "Ricci was protected. I have appointed Logan as her bodyguard for the Lupanar." An information dump.

Riley stops mid kata and turns towards the other man, blinking, "What?" He steps forward, glowering abit, "repeat that last part?" Riley doesn't look to happy about hearing that last bit.

Robert straightens, lifting his head, the slight tilt questioning. "I have appointed Logan as Ricci's bodyguard for the Lupanar. You will be otherwise engaged." He speaks clearly, watching Riley closely, eyes narrowed.

Wetting his lips Riley bites back the knee jerk reaction and speaks, "And how will I be otherwise engaged, just for refrence.." Riley's doing his best to not let show the spike of anger flowing through him.

"Are you my Hati or not?" Robert's voice is low, no anger in his power, as he regards the other man. "You will be at my side. Doing your job." The expectation is clear enough, and he watches with eyes narrowed on Riley's face. "As I will be doing mine."

Nostrils flare abit but Riley nods his head speaking in an even tone, "In the future, please consult me before assigning someone to be the bodyguard of the Vargamor… I may no longer be Bolverk, but I assure you, I can perform my duty and protect my mate at the same time my Ulfric."

"No." Robert's single word reply makes it obvious that he is not flexible. "I am Ulfric here, and my sister and my Vargamor will be protected by someone who has their full attention on that job all night. Not split between their job and protecting her. You do your job. I will do mine, Riley."

Again Riley bites back the knee jerk reaction before just chuckling and shaking his head from side to side.. Turning about and resuming his Katas he says to the other man, "You know what.. You're right, but she's my mate. I should have a say so in who is protecting her."

"She has been my sister for some time longer than she has been your mate." Robert's reply is quiet, steady as he resumes his stretches. "Which alpha would you prefer? Monty? Karmen?" The question is designed to point out the options, as his face softens with that brief flash of wry humor. "After this morning, I do not wish to put any of the females in too close a contact."

Turning to look back towards Robert he stops, "Why must it be an Alpha.." Turning about again, "Do you think being Alpha makes someone better than a Beta? You think Power equates to strength?" There's a definative challenge to his voice.

Robert tilts his head, narrowing his eyes once more. "I think that, given a choice for someone to protect Ricci, I'll look to the most powerful people in my pack. With you at my side, that is Alphas. Strength comes from the work you put in, power often comes without work. So better? No. More powerful? Sometimes."

Sighing slightly Riley continues through his kata for a moment and then finishing up he bounces.. Lightly keeping himself going he turns about to face Robert, bringing his hands up. Making a simple gesture with his hands as he bounces around in a circle about him, "Come on Boss man, let's see what you got.. If I'ma be your Bodyguard, I need least know how much of a liability you are.."

Robert turns to face him, giving a short nod. "Liability is it?" The wry comment comes with a flicker of amusement, a softening of the neutrality to show emotion. He turns steadily, following the other man's movements, watching him carefully, his blows aimed at the man's body, a testing round of punches, easily dodged by Riley.

As Robert and Riley square up, Riley bobs and weaves the first batch, though it seems the gloves are off as Robert comes in for the second series of flurries. Throwing strong punches at the man's jaw before he can parry, this apparently brings Riley to his senses though as the next blow is parried off and he then dodges the rest.

Robert's fitness level is not that bad, and Riley's punches mostly are dodged, blocked with the man's arms and then Riley does get one past his guard, hitting him squarely on the jaw. Robert steps back, giving a brief nod of acknowledgement, lifting a hand to the site. "Good shot."

The two warriors clash and the dojo dies away, moving with supernatural speed the blows are exchanged while wounds heal.. They are right there with one another tit for tat. As every successive blow from one to the other is parried away, the beta wolf proving himself able to keep up with the more 'Powerful' Alpha.

This round between them is not as simple, as straight forward, with the Alpha taking two of the hits, parrying another, dodging some, the Beta dodging one of his punches, causing the man to land it against the wall. A brief, cut off curse, and he aims again, hitting his opponent in the face this time.

Defense is steadily being thrown to the wind as the large african american man pops Riley three times while parrying away one of the Irishman's blows, still taking two more decent shots though.

And about here is where military training kicks in as the next time Robert throws a punch, Riley catches it and twists, popping it out of place while throwing the other over his shoulder and across the room… Panting heavily as the wounds heal anew, Riley can't help but grin.. He likes proving how good he is.

Robert lands with a thud, and a definitely impolite word, spoken in Spanish. He rolls, rising to his feet with a swipe of his hand across his face. The impassiveness is definitely missing and he has a broad grin on his face as he approaches the other man with a hand outstretched, a friendly gesture. "Do you consider me entirely a liability, Riley, my Hati?"

Looking down at the Hand , Riley lets his posture relax, rolling out his shoulders before accepting it and nodding his head, "Still wish you would have least brought it up to me /before/ assigning someone to protect Ricci.. Even if you know I'll abide, I'd prefer to have at least the illusion of choice.."

Robert's hand shake is firm, but no pissing contest and he nods. "I have to rule here, Riley, and I have to start now. Later, I can give the illusion of choice. Now, I have to make a show." His voice is even, the faint accent deepening for a moment. "Coffee?" A single word offer, with the expressive head tilt.

Looking down at his watch Riley shakes his ead, releasing the other man's hand he meanders off to pick up a towel and starts dabbing away the sweat, "Naw.. I hate the shit really.." he shrugs abit and adds, "Plus I gotta get home for Dinner, Ricci's supposed to be making something."

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