20100214 - A Formal Warning

Mon Feb 14 00:40:34 2011 - Winter


SceneTownhouse: Living Room — Division Ave. East
Art deco styles seem to dominate the interior of this room. Upon first stepping into the living room, the tiling beneath one's feet is black with white marble "cracks" through the surface. It only stretches the first few feet, and wraps around the wall to the left, leading to the staircase that extends upstairs. Beyond the tiling, there are two long steps that reach down into the rest of the room, all darkly carpeted in black though a boarder of red roses weaves around the outside edges. The walls have been paneled over by a mix of black glass around the fire place, and mirror over the plain expanses.

A plush black leather sectional sofa wraps around the far wall, on the interior a glass and slate coffee table. At the smaller end of the sofa is a matching glass end table, and then a smaller black leather recliner, which all face a black lacquered entertainment system. The wall opposite the long end of the sofa holds a well cared for fireplace, gas but with real logs. Sliding glass doors, covered in black gauze curtains, lead out onto the back patio and yard. They are positioned on the wall next to the end of the black recliner.



So, we'll say through one way or another a meeting was set-up between Charley and Robert. It was arranged to be at Charley's home, and when (eventually) there was that knocking on the door, Charley opens it up. Lo and behold! There standeth Robert! Charley nods to the man (he doesn't often smile to people he doesn't know) and waves him inside. "Robert, how do you do? Come on in and make yerself at home."

Robert gives Charley a brief nod, his face neutral as he passes into the room. He has left his coat off, the casually dressed man turning to face his host. "I thank you for seeing me, Charley. There are a couple of things we need to discuss." Straight to the point with no soft social words, but he offers a hand, adding an odd piece of formality to the occasion.

Charley raises a brow as he closes the door. He then turns to face the man and takes the hand, giving it a firm, if brief, shake. "Is there, now?" His tone is curious as is his expression. His free hand gestures to the sofa. "Well, take a load off and fill me in. Always nice to meet a face, especially when there's something important to talk about."

Robert's grip is firm, his hand warm and callous, but he doesn't turn it into a contest, turning swiftly to sit on the sofa, resting with his elbows on his knees, hands lightly together. "These murders. I am asked by a police contact to warn you that we are targeted. The warning came too late for one of mine. "That is the matter of most pressing importance." He hesitates, adding awkwardly, mild discomfort flashing behind his eyes. "A wolf is the ring leader, and he gave my name as his. Please inform your people of this. I would rather they were wary of me, than were killed."

Charley follows Robert over and takes a seat in the recliner chair. He sits back and folds his hands on his stomach as he listens to what the other man has to say. When Robert is done, Charley takes a moment to think while chewing on the inside of his cheek. "Alright…first question: how do we know it was a wolf? Second: how do we know he gave his name as Robert? Was there a survivor somewhere?"

Robert nods, appreciating the logic of the questions. "We know because the scent of a wolf was all over all three scenes, and the Obi was attacked last night. The man introduced himself as Robert, Ulfric of the Lukoi. However, she and I have met and therefore…" He lets the man draw his own conclusions. "But few of your people have met me I believe." He looks over at Charley then, with an odd, wolf-like head tilt.

Charley hrmms and reaches up to scratch as his chin, his gaze moving from Robert to the coffee table. "I see…and did the Oba give a description of the man? Does he look identical to you, or is there some physical characteristic I can inform my people about that would let them tell between you?"

Robert lifts a hand, rubbing it over his face, the Ulfric showing a brief flicker of weariness. "He is a large African American who smells of wolf." The dry note holds underlying tones of frustration, and he shakes his head. "I would prefer that they avoid both of us rather than be injured. However, we could use a password, perhaps if that is not practicable."

Charley hrmms again and nods. "Alright. Well, I'll let my people know to keep clear of big black wolves," he smirks a bit here, "but a password or something might not be a bad idea as a back-up, if only for my own knowledge. Doesn't have to be complex or anything. Hell, 'How Now Brown Cow' could work." He thinks a bit more, then raises a brow and looks back at Robert. "Was this man alone? I seem to remember something involving a pair of girls on a trail that took place…there were many similarities between how they were found and how your wolf was found. Did the Oba mention him being with anyone?"

"I am told that there are several humans involved. I have not spoken to the Obi yet myself. I intend to offer a place to recover, where she may be safe." He glances down, almost studying his own hands. "How now brown cow suits." A flicker of amusement passes in his eyes, rueful acknowledgement. "My wolf and the leopard were found the same, as I understand it. The Obi was lucky." Robert returns his gaze to the other man, considering him lightly. "My next call is to the police. I understand their need to speak with me. There were other matters to speak with you on, but there are other days also."

Charley blinks and his brow furrows a little. "Other matters? Well, I have nothing but time, so if you'd like to discuss them now, I'm game. Otherwise, I can understand your desire to see the Police ASAP. Certainly better than having them go looking for you."

Robert nods slowly, offering a flicker of his wry smile, "It seems inappropriate to speak of murder and then politics and I do not comfortably speak of the latter. However…" He lets out a slow breath, diving in. "I am hoping to set up a council of preternatural leaders for our city, to meet in neutral grounds to speak of the problems we all face. Lead by nobody, with no alliances forced. Merely a place to speak."

Charley smiles a bit and there is another blink. "Really? That's…funny. Not in the offending way, mind you, but… I was approached by…a vampire, I believe, who wanted to set up a council of /Seconds/ for the exact same purpose. Maybe you met with her? Goes by the name Memory? Odd little thing."

Robert laughs, a low chuckle as he nods, confirming. "I also. I felt that perhaps, whilst her ideas had merit, she may not be the best placed to arrange it. I believe, also, that if anyone speaks for the Lukoi, it is I. I trust my Geri but …" He shakes his head firmly, before he speaks again, softer, with that odd, wolf-like head tilt. "I also offer the Lukoi's hand in friendship and alliance to your people."

Charley chuckles softly and nods in agreement on the matter of the Council. "Really, I don't even /have/ second, so I tend to like your idea better. I'm sure she meant well, though." He scratches his cheek before continuing on. "And as to alliances and friends, I am of course happy for the offer. Never have too many friends, especially when yer an Indie. In the spirit of friends, I do have a wolf in my group that you may or may not have met with. Her's Milly. I think she had a problem with the past Ulfric, so she came to me, but she may try to meet you and rejoin the Pack. Which I'm fine with. I encourage the idea that the Independents should be a last resort only taken if they cannot get along with their own kind."

"I am aware of Milly but as yet, she has not sought me out. She would, of course, be welcome. I have encouraged those who return to the pack to come with a blank slate, leaving behind old grudges." A flicker of amusement in the back of his eyes as the wry smile flickers beneath his beard. "At the very least, I expect them to be polite, if they cannot move on." He nods slowly, thoughtfully, his eyes narrowing on the other man's face. "Then I am glad I came. This meeting is both necessary and fruitful."

Charley returns the nod. "Sure as hell seemed like a good talk to me. Now, knowing how I do that the Police are wantin' to speak with you, I'd feel horrible if my keeping you got in on the wrong side of the law." He smiles and then gets to his feet, offering the man his hand again. "Robert, nice meeting you. To be honest I was half afraid the new Ulfric would be a bit on the…boorish and bull-headed side, if you know what I mean. Glad to know I was jumpin' at shadows."

Robert takes the other man's hand, the low rumbling chuckle that follows his comments a rare enough noise. "I am not known for my social grace, nor for a tendency to allow my emotions to run amok but I do my best, Charley, and I look forward to our friendship." He squeezes lightly, giving the other man an abrupt nod before he turns to take his leave.

Charley walks the man to the door, saying "That's all we can do, and all I could hope for. Heaven knows I can come off as grumpy asshole myself, more often than not." Once at the door Charley opens it for Robert, then leans against it a bit. "Well, good luck with the police, and if you and your's need any help with this killer, don't hesitate to ask. Been a while since I got to knock someone around justifiably."

Robert nods, stepping out, a flicker of a fierce smile, baring his teeth for an instant. "I may take you up on that. A pleasure, Charley." And then he is gone, turning to jog off into the distance, his SUV left at home today.

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