20100214 - A Plan For A Camping Trip


Warehouse 69: Office — South Side Outlet - Halsted Street: Bridgeport
The office is large, yet not so as to lose any intimacy, though the ceiling of the office is circular and domed. The night illumination is set low, with floor to ceiling lighting used to accent. A large mahogany desk resides three fourths of the way into the room. Two Louis XIV chairs sit in front, hand carved with wolves in the arm rests and backing. While behind rests a large black office chair made of mahogany. Black leather padding caresses its occupant, the cushions set against the hard wooden arm rests. Animalistic faces of wolves peek out from the ends of the arm rests, their faces polished to a glossy shine by the one who sits in relaxed repose. Eerily their eyes cover every angle. There is a small Ionic pillar next to the desk that holds a brilliant spray of multi-colored flowers arranged in a ceramic vase coated with South American design.

Along the south wall a richly stained surface is a diorama of the city and its near surroundings. Painstaking detail went into every square inch, with all landmarks clearly recognizable. There are even two river boats set aside the pier. The systems of the city are clearly delineated.

A state of the art computer system is set into the wall behind the desk with two screens built into the wall, designed to fold out for the users ease. The system seems to be the state of the art system with various programs for the warehouse from files to security feeds.



Robert is waiting for the others after the text messages and phone calls of the morning, but he waits in the vault, settled on the floor, one leg bent with his arm over it. He is leaning back against the shelf behind him, his head tilted back. His face is impassive, even if signs of lack of sleep do show on his face.

MaryJane gets to the warehouse with a cup of coffee in one hand and a very large extra strong thermos of coffee in her backpack. Yeah, she was knocked out to the world until the text message alarm work her up. Remind mother not to play with phone. She looks a bit confused and slightly asleep however she makes it here.

Monty arrives soon enough with a cup of coffee from Starbucks in hand. At this point there aren't any questions but there is a subtle touch of energy in greeting for the Ulfric.

Making his way into the vault, Riley slips down inside casually… No one ever questions where the cares go inside the office when he's delivering them… But this is where… Immediately moving about the room to grab a duffel bag, Riley pulls one of the mp5k submachine guns off the walll before tossing it into the bag.

Robert looks up as the three arrive, separately, and inclines his head slowly in acknowledgement at the greeting. "Thank you for coming. MJ, I have not told you of my plan. The wolf killing others has used my name to introduce himself, I am told and therefore I will be giving an interview today where I state that he is a weak coward and could not face me. I will then be publicly available, with either my Skoll or Hati at my side, armed and wearing a vest. I hope he will attempt something." Brief and to the point.

Yeah nothing like a good morning and how are you to start the day, though MJ just kind of blinks at Robert. Kind of like that power puff girl blank stare before the WTF are you thinking question. She looks to Riley and Monty before looking to Robert. She takes a sip of coffee before moving to lean against the door she just entered for a moment. She thinks about this clearly from her facial expression going from WTF to Hmmmmm… She takes a deeper breath before saying. "And does he look like you? Have the police been aware of this?" MJ never disagrees with Robert in public whoever this is hardly the time to wait for a private talk.

Monty watches Riley with the gun and his duffle bag but his attention returns to shift between Robert and MaryJane as they speak. He's not going to speak up considering his place is to protect, not question and he's agreed to that. And, possibly, he doesn't think it's an insanely horrible idea.

Calmly gathering up supplies, Riley says to MJ, "I told him it was a bad idea too. He wants to bring him in, alive, so the police can deal with them.." Shaking his head about, Riley gathers up a vest, a revolver and a pair of silvered knuckles and tosses them inside of a duffel bag towards Robert, "Remember to toss the knuckles if you get pinched."

"I do not know what he looks like, and I was informed by a police contact of mine. The victim last night does know me and therefore it may not be a problem. But he does make this personal." The tiniest lift of Robert's upper lip reveals his disgust of the man, and he adds softly, "As I said to Riley. I give my word to remain guarded by one of you at all times, to go armed, and wearing this vest, and if this fails, we will hunt him ourselves and dispose of him ourselves." He reaches up, catching the bag and removing the vest from the bag, beginning to strap it on himself. "I will."

MaryJane sighs deeply and knows Robert's resolve in such matters. She looks to Monty and Riley not. "Do either of you possess the ability to take silver and not have it effect you?" She asks looking them both into the eye showing her own power now. Her wolf right here against the surface as she looks to the two men.

"To a certain extent," Monty finally speaks up to MaryJane's question about silver. It's not like he goes around testing it but it must have come up at some point in his life.

Shaking his head from side to side, Riley says, "You know the answer to that Maryjane, I'm only Alpha in power, not even Alpha yet.." Then turning to look towards Monty he says to the man, "Look, Robert.." He wets his lips and closes his eyes, "Think for a moment, he pretended to be you.. he knows your name.. Guess who you share a name with…" Giving him a pointed look, "You have me keeping her in the dark but you put her at Risk… I abide.. but if this fails.. He's not being turned over to the police."

"He gave my first name but yes, and she is another topic of discussion." Robert is clearly thinking along logical lines, processing the dangers of his choice. "She must also have bodyguards, a human in our pack at this time. I have you keeping her in the dark until we have the answers for the questions she will shout at me." A flicker of brotherly comment there, before he adds softly, "If this fails, we hunt and kill him ourselves. I gave my word, Riley. Abide. I consider the warehouse a safe place for Ricci during this, with a guard of wolves. She will not like it."

MaryJane nods her head to Monty and then looks at Riley, then to Robert. "I have an adversment to silver, that's why I asked gentlemen. I can assist either guarding, or if you prefer Robert I will stand watch over Ricci." She says offering Robert a choice. Either why she will be watching and very much not sleeping for a while. Sip on the coffee to ensure no sleeping. She isn't talking Robert out of the plan just adding to it since well has -anyone- talked Robert out of a plan?

Slightly odd man out here, Monty returns to silence and his coffee as he watches the other three speak amongst themselves. There's no agreement or disagreement for now, likely thinking his own thoughts as well.

Riley just shakes his head from side to side as he grabs two revolvers, checking each in turn he slides one to Monty and asks the man, "Can you shoot?" Then moves over towards the balisong, casually flipping over one of the silver butterfly knives and holding up a pair of silvered knuckles, "Which you want?"

"Guarding Ricci would be appropriate." Robert agrees quietly, pulling his shirt on over the vest, tapping his chest with a faintly inquisitive air. "Keep another wolf with you, MJ. Logan or Karmen. Logan for my preference." He shrugs on a leather waistcoat over the shirt and is silent as he glances between the three of them. "I will find a reporter today."

MaryJane nods her head gently. "I understand, you have Logan's number?" She asks before moving to pull her cell out and check the service in the basement. "I would like daily messages from two both, to let me know how things are going. If there is anything myself or other wolves can assist you." She says looking to Monty and Riley. "It's best if we can always keep a loop of communication open so if you need anything we can run it to you." She says firmly and looks to Robert.

"A bit," Monty responds to Riley about shooting, though he only nods to the revolver without picking it up at the moment. He glances up briefly between Robert and Maryjane, then gestures at the silver knuckles Riley shows him as he nods to what the woman is saying.

Removing his shirt, Riley picks up one of the vests and pulls it on, then grabbing a back sling for the revolver and strapping it into place across his chest he then slips the revolver into its holster. Looking to Robert, Riley says, "Again, there comes the matter of taking this fucker alive.. how exactly you planning on doing this boss man.. since I doubt he's gonna surrend peacefully to a show of force." Sliding the knuckles towards Monty, Riley takes the balisong for himself, "Cause for the life of me, I can't figure out how the fuck we're gonna get this guy to admit he's the Lukoi rapist for those human firsts sons of bitches without torture.. What's more even if we get a confession its inadmissable. Beyond that, I don't see how turning over the peace of shit filled with bullet holes and missing some body parts is gonna help either."

Riley looks towards Robert and makes a rolling gesture with his hand, "Seriously, I wanna hear out this plan.. I know, everyone is all surprised.." He mocks shock, "Riley? A Plan?" He just nods his head, "yes, me. Plan. Its what made me Bolverk I'm not as half-cocked as I pretend to be."

Robert rises finally, moving to touch MaryJane lightly on her shoulder, returning that look with one of his own, faint traces of affection in his gaze. "I will have my cell phone and I will speak to you." He scrawls Logan's number down and offers it to the woman. "I also will have to speak with the police. I believe contacting Eleanor would be the simplest thing there." A glance towards Monty, with a lifted eyebrow, his expression as neutral as ever, before he addresses Riley's comments slowly. "We do not have to get him to admit it. Merely to attack me in public so that the police have reason to hold him. Overpowering him is another matter. I believe between myself and one of you, we can hold him. It is unnecessary for him to be unharmed, merely alive." The neutrality is still in place, as his gaze moves between them slowly.

MaryJane's lips softly smirk as Riley asks the question. She just sips her coffee and opens up her thermos to offer coffee to anyone that needs it. She tilts her head to Riley. "You can wound someone to the point where they feel agony and keep them alive to get them questioned. The only real problem is finding their tolerance of pain and trying to max it without sending them into shock and killing them." The doctor things completely out of the box for this one. She looks to Robert and takes the number. She looks to him and can see her thoughts on this through her facial expression. She looks to Riley afterwards. "Taking him down is easy really. Hit him where he's not covered up in protective gear. Aka pressure points. His hands and feet would be optimal since then he can't do much after those are wounded."

Monty offers a small inclination of his head to Robert's unspoken question. He can get in contact with Eleanor. Granted the talking about the police and the rest of this sets some flicker of unease in his energy. "If we want the police involved in this, self defense is the only real course of action. And if they know we're involved, him disappearing after the fact if it things get hairy could get… unpleasant. The CPD is not big on the whole policing our own concept."

Robert acknowledges that both men have a point, nodding his head slowly, considering. "Your voice does not fall on deaf ears, Riley. Nor yours, Monty." There is a growl, more from frustration, in his voice as he speaks. "Do any of you have an alternative plan? I have no choice but to meet with the police, so we must work around that." His gaze moves between the three of them, questioning, as he listens to the advice of his officers.

MaryJane looks to Riley and arches a brow for a moment. "You couldn't be Xena thank god, you in a skirt would not only be shameful to all women out there but make people think your a Scot. Don't want that, plus you don't Monty here thinking he's Gabby. I'm not sure about his legs but seeing you both in drag would turn me completely Asexual." She says softly and grumbles before sipping more coffee. She looks to Robert. "I would like to say that the plan has merit but it's not exactly solid. We do need a decoy out there, but really you think the police aren't going to be happy with us. Monty is right in the matter of they will be rather upset that we are hunting our own hunter and not letting them doing. I would say it's best to correltate with the police and have Monty and Riley be our own back up incase their plan has cracks in it. I'm sure Xena here will take the man with her sword and poor Gabby here with the staff bow. I'll sit back as director and call out cut when you've bagged the man." She says softly with just a mild bit of humor because there is far too much stress in this room that you'd need a hacksaw to cut through it.

Monty gives Maryjane a look that suggests he thinks she might be going a little crazy but he makes no actual comment on the matter, instead nodding to the point she makes. "The police should be there. Somehow. Or know what's going on. We can speak to Eleanor privately, perhaps, and see what she thinks on the matter before it becomes, uh, official."

Rubbing his face Riley shakes his head from side to side, "They rely on humans, they lack the capacity to bring one of us in.." He looks about at those present, "This Lukoi is clearly an alpha just by the abilities we know he's used.." Bringing up his hand he ticks off on his finger, "Your plan works, minus the police. And minus intent to bring him in. You want justice done, we do Lukoi justice on him.." Nodding towards Maryjane, "We have a doctor," then nodding towards Monty, "And a Mason. I'm willing to bet coupled with my violent tendancies and your logic Mr. Spock that we can figure out a way to not only break him, but acquire the info nescessary.." Wetting his lips he continues, "With that Info, we do one of two things.." He raises his hand, "I go Irish republican Army on their asses, or we get the information to the police Via channels.. so that the rest of these fuckers can be rounded up by the Police. These /human/ fuckers. Let the police have their day in the spotlight rounding them up,(CON)
Riley says, "but /we/ deal with the Lukoi. Cause the only way they're bringing it in, is dead. Its our lead. We take it. We run with it. We make the son-of-a-bitch realize just where the strength of a wolf truely lies.. In its Pack."

As they talk, Robert's cell beeps and he draws it from his pocket to read the message received. As he does, there is a flash of power from the man, a momentary lash out of fury. Then it is controlled, and his face is impassive as he looks up. "Some information. It is a man of my color, my size, an alpha wolf. He controlled the Oba's beast to prevent her shifting, and he will do this to all shifters until there is a cure." He speaks in neutral tones, with a soft growl running beneath it. He returns to the discussion about the plan, nodding slowly, "We will speak with Eleanor, and offer her this plan. I believe that she will reject it. I had previously offered." He hears out Riley's suggestion, considering the idea of torture as impassively as he would accept an offer of coffee. "I am content with this plan. Then we need to select my location carefully. A place that the humans would not see, but he can find. Opinions?"

MaryJane looks to Monty and shrugs, she's quiet sane just the sarcasm seems to die there. Oh well. She looks to Riley and a brow arches gently. She shakes her head. "I prefer not to have my abilities blabbed out loud about torture thank you. Some people might not see me in the same light." She says seriously as there might be cause behind it. She looks to Robert and arches a brow. "The cafe or the basement it's the best two places we hang out at. Cafe has more age difference, the basement is a bar. To be honest it's where you are most comfortable at, you're the one who has to act natural about it all."

Nothing much else to add to the rest of this, Monty falls back into neutral silence and finishes off his cooling coffee while the rest discuss locations and whatnot.

An immediate response comes from Riley, "Wavecrest Island. Take the lone wolf out of the city. Take him where /we/ have the advantage. Take him where /we/ can eat the evidence, I hear blood flavored snow is all the rage in Europe right now. The Cafe is neutral ground and territory of the Sobek, we take him there, we place the trap there…" He shakes his head, "We gotta go through Dyson to get permission for that or risk losing our neutrality with them. As for The Basement, that's another bad idea.. too many humans live in that building and too many people already go there specifically for the chance to see conflict. Make a comment in your interview that you are taking your fiance.." He gestures towards Maryjane, "And going camping this weekend for Valentines day. By the way, I want you to realize that for a second, I'm lying to my mate, your sister, on Valentine's day."

"I will not add him to our Munin. His voice is the wind outside of our cave." Robert is firm on that matter, but the rest is considered, turned over in his head, "I would not upset the Sobek." His gaze rests on MaryJane, a look that holds a certain measure of both affection and amusement. "I am not certain that story will work. I am more likely to be known to go alone, and I need MJ to guard my Vargamor. Who will more certainly kill any of us who survive if any of us die." Dry, dark humor, a flash of the soldier in him that was. "Wavecrest Island suits my inclination in this, and I will mention my desire to be away from the city for Valentine's day due to my lack of mate. Riley, I am most certain she will not forgive me for that."

MaryJane looks to Riley and sips her coffee. The mention of Fiance gets her eyebrow to arch slowly and then look to Robert. Can anyone say awkward? She just shakes her head and is amused to the idea but it soooo wouldn't fly. As to the idea of the Vargamor killing people she does nod her head in agreement to that. Knowing full well she'll get it first. She sips her coffee slowly and thinks. "Well that settles it then."

Monty nods his head to agree with whatever exactly is being decided upon. He's keeping up. Really. "Do you think he will come that quickly? Tonight?" The question is neutral but Riley isn't the only one with a woman that might not enjoy being stood up on Valentine's day or, well, any of them dying.

Riley turns about and gets a rather large rifle off the shelf, grabs a camoflauged parka, stuffs it into his duffel bag and says, "Works for me, I'll pick up some musk from the hunting shop on my way out to the island.. We are agreed then? This wolf is not being brought into the police. We are handling him ourselves?" Waiting and watching Robert, expecting his approval or disapproval. Looking towards Monty Riley says, "You kidding me? Sick fuck like this? Chance to send a message to us evil Lukoi by anally raping our Ulfric on Valentine's day… ya. He'll make his move. He's brash, rape is about control, usually the man can't get it up otherwise and just the thought of him being able to fuck with all of us evil preters… It'll give him a stiffy quicker than twelve of them little blue pills."

"I do not anticipate him coming this early. I must yet get this interview, and published. So your nights with your lovers are safe. Tomorrow is time enough." A trace of amusement, and a glance towards MaryJane, solidarity in their singleness. "I believe I will stay home and get take out. MJ, would you care to join me?" He lifts one eyebrow slightly, questioning. Riley's comments bring the faintest of a wince to the corners of his eyes. "The wolf does not go to the police. We must cover our tracks well but I presume you know how as well as I."

MaryJane listens and notes she has to change into her black scrubs, damn single awareness day. She sighs a bit and sips her coffee pondering what crap she'll deal with today in the ER for males giving their females bad gifts. She shutters at the thought for a moment and looks to Robert. She nods her head gently. "Sure, I'll bring the Bicardi 151." She states plainly though just a bottle or by the case she doesn't exactly elaborate.

Monty rolls his eyes at Riley's graphic little moment there but he makes no further comment and simply nods to the rest of it. There's a brief moment where he considers Robert a little more deliberately but soon after he notes, "You know how to be in contact with me."

Gathering his duffel, Riley pulls bakc on his shirt over the vest, tossing a vest to Monty in the process… Then lifting the duffel up he holds it before himself with his hands clasped meeting the Ulfric's gaze, silently waiting to be dismissed as he assumes a parade rest posture.

Robert glances around the three before he nods slowly. "Then I will contact you once I have the interview set up. MJ, I expect you at my house tonight then. Riley, I release you of your promise not to tell the Vargamor. I leave it to your discretion what and when to tell her. Monty, I would appreciate it if you could contact Eleanor and inform her that I will be available to speak with her today." With that, he rises, taking his duffel bag with him and gives them all an abrupt nod of dismissal.

MaryJane nods her head slowly as she moves to head up stairs to start prepping the warehouse for guard duty and the medlab for any wounded.

Monty leans to pick up the things that he's been given for this little field trip and nods his head to Robert in regards to getting in touch with Eleanor. "Of course, Ulfric."

For his part, Riley tosses the duffel bag up through the hole in the ceiling and leaps up to grasp the lip of the opening. Watching Robert he nods his head, "See ya tomarrow then.." Pulling himself out of the vault/basement he disappears intot he other room, though comes back after a moment, "Hey, Boss. Does Ricci like cheesecake?"

Robert tilts his head slightly, lifting one eyebrow. "Chocolate is safer." He comments before he leaves the basement himself, locking it behind him.

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