20100214 - Eleanor Takes Robert's Statement

Mon Feb 14 00:40:34 2011 - Winter


Homicide Division: Interrogation Room - Chicago Police Department - Michigan Street: South
This room is sparsely furnished with a rectangular metal table and a quartet of matching chairs. The walls have been painted a plain, industrial grey. Two, long fluorescent light fixtures are affixed to the tall ceiling and give off a stark, buzzing radiance. A couple of track lights in the ceiling are on a separate circuit, beaming light downward in a tight, direct circle when needed. One door leads to the corridor and another is a locked, storage closet. One wall holds a long, smoky mirror.



7 am. Eleanor looks like she hasn't gotten much sleep in the last few days. The detective has dark circles under her eyes, her suit looks rumpled, and her hair seems to be insistent on trying to escape the tight bun it's been wound into at the nape of her neck. If you cut her right now, she'd probably bleed coffee. Nevertheless, she seems alert as she sits in one of the interview rooms at the station with a pile of file folders spread in front of her, a digital recorder, and a big cup of joe at her elbow. She chews on the end of a pen as she stares at the copy of her report and waits for someone to escort Robert in.

Robert arrives quietly, the man clearly running on much the same. He pauses in the doorway, waiting to both his escort to leave and for her to look up before he speaks. "Eleanor. I felt it would be easier if I brought myself in to have this discussion earlier. I am informed that this wolf used my name." His upper lip curls slightly, a pure expression of disgust, as he moves forward, offering a hand formally.

That makes a brow arch sharply as Eleanor rises to shake his hand, then gestures for him to close the door. She doesn't turn on the recorder yet. "How did you find that out? It was classified information," she asks. People leaking this kind of information jeopardizes the police department's ability to stay a step ahead of the criminals.

Robert closes the door, his movements careful as he stands facing her, his arms crossed over his chest. "I received a message from Emerald to give me that piece of information, and that the Obi was injured. I have not informed those that need not know." His voice of words is precise, saying what he means rather than the light brushing of social tact others might apply. His expression is impassive, with hints of weariness around the edges.

Eleanor lifts a hand to knead at the bridge of her nose wearily. "And where did Emerald get that information? She wasn't at the crime scene. If she doesn't start following protocol she's going to end up with her ass in a sling," she notes with a scowl, indicating this may not be the first time. She gestures for him to sit and she turns on the recorder. "Eleanor Wickham, interviewing Mr. Robert Moye in regards to case OBAYOMI-ETANA-20110213, and associated cases RAMOS-ALEJANDRA-0111201 and OLDMAN-JOLIEA-20110211." She pulls out her report and scans it quickly. "Mr. Moye, Miss Obayomi indicated to me that the man who lead her attackers, a wolf-strain lycanthrope, falsely claimed to be you and the leader of the local werewolf pack. However she also stated that the man was clearly not you. However, we have to exhaust all avenues in this investigation so could you state your name, date of birth, and tell me where you were last night, February 13th, 2011, at 11 PM?"

Robert sits, resting his hands on his knees, sitting upright as he waits for Eleanor to finish the questions. His voice is a low rumble when he speaks, the words pronounced carefully, "I am Robert Moye, my date of birth is June twenty fours, nineteen sixtyfive." He hesitates, frowning in thought, "Last night, I was in meetings from five until two in the morning. I can provide the names of those wolves I was with. I was at my home." The information is given willingly if formally, and he tilts his head, regarding her steadily.

"Thank you. Miss Obayomi also indicated that the rogue shifter approached her offering gifts and friendship as a means of alliance, and that he exhibited prior knowledge of not only what she was, but who," Eleanor explains, using the interview as a means to subtly pass the information on to Robert by turning it into questions for the report. "Do you believe that other shifters who might not know you on sight, would be lulled into a sense of security by such a declaration from someone claiming to be you? I realize such a claim would not work in the case of Miss Oldman, but if he had prior knowledge of her as well, and claimed to have, perhaps, been sent by you to deliver a message, that she would have believed such?" Her questions are clear, but the underlying message is clearer, this mob knows things about their victims, and they use subterfuge to be able to subdue them before they can fight back.

Robert listens again, his face serious as he replies. "I do. I am known for my views on alliances and friendships between my people and others and have recently approached several leaders on this matter. It would be wise to make a statement to warn those likely to expect it and I would be willing to make a statement to that effect." Robert nods slowly, his expression hiding his emotions well beneath the impassive mask.

"I think that would be very wise, thank you for that, Mister Moye. Miss Obayomi also indicated that this rogue werewolf was able to prevent her from shifting into her animal form to defend herself, before the mob with him was able to inject her with drugs from the dart guns they were employing," Eleanor states, to pass that tidbit along as well, before making a question of it. "Am I correct, based on my preternatural studies, that such an ability is only present in especially strong shifters, known scientifically as alphas?"

"It is a rare ability and restricted to alphas, yes." There is a flicker of a curl to his upper lip, but he controls it, glancing away for a moment, before he speaks again. "I will make a statement to the press today, ensuring that there is a photograph with it. I intend to be out of town shortly afterwards. Will this be a problem?" He drops the information for her, speaking carefully with that odd tilt of his head.

"Leaving town could be problematic. If you were willing to accept a police escort to and from your destination or devise some other means to let us confirm your location in case another attack happens while you are away, I think an exception could be made," Eleanor says. It's hard to let anyone still on a suspect list to leave town, no matter how much they feel the suspect isn't the killer. It's the problem when there is no name to put to the real suspect. "Miss Obayomi also stated that the rogue shifter in question declared an intent to kill more lycanthropes in the city of Chicago, perhaps all of them, in his belief that what he is, and what they are, is something damned and requiring extermination to cleanse and cure them via death," she relates in a solemn tone. "In your opinion, Mister Moye, do you think due to the extremely dangerous level of ability of this rogue shifter, and his declaration to Miss Obayomi, it would be prudent of the Chicago Police Department to bring in a US Marshal and issue a warrant of execution for this rogue shifter?"

Robert leans forward, resting his arms on the desk, his hands folded together as she speaks, asking her questions. "I would be willing to allow you to trace my cell phone, or question my companions on my trip. I intend to spend a few nights out in the woods to relax. I will be traveling with my bodyguards." The next question is given thought and he tilts his head, before he speaks, softly. "His intent is clear, and with two deaths and a third attempt on the weaker of our kind, with respect to the Obi, I would consider it negligent should they not do so." His tone is even, steady.

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter, Mister Moye. I'll have one of the officers get your cell phone information and we'll use that if, and only if, needed." With that, Eleanor taps off the recorder, waves off anyone behind the glass, and slumps a bit in her chair. The official business taken care of, she gets down to something else in a quiet whisper. "We have a problem with Etana Obayomi I hope you might be able to help with, Robert." The turn to his first name is a good indicator that she's now off the record and that there isn't anyone behind the mirror anymore. "She's in this country illegally, and it's going to take some lawyering up to keep them from deporting her as soon as she's no longer needed as a prosecution witness in this case. I thought I heard you mention having a pack lawyer to someone in the Polychrome. Do you think they would work cheap or pro bono to help Etana establish herself as a refugee here? She told me people get paid to hunt her kind in Africa, which is why she fled. If that doesn't suit refugee status, I don't know what does."

Robert listens, leaning forward, his head tilted but he nods. "I pay Evie Higgins a retainer. We will cover the Obi's cost, and she may also live at my home while we sort this administrative error out on her behalf." His voice is low, a murmur that holds a rumbling behind it, "Would it be appropriate for me to offer this? Otherwise, the pack has other locations that are equally safe, or has alliances with those who would offer to aid us." He draws his cell phone from his pocket, scrolling through the numbers, clearly seeing little point in waiting for Evie's help.

"There's no need for the latter," Eleanor says, smiling with relief at him. "She's a prosecution witness if this ever goes to trial, so the city of Chicago is putting her up at a hotel with police protection outside of it until that time." Seems like Eleanor pulled a few strings to get that to happen. "But the lawyer stuff would be much appreciated. Thank you. I just live under the deluded belief that when someone flees to this country in the hope and belief that America is a better place and one of freedom and justice and fairness, it's pretty lousy of us to kick them back out just because they didn't have the time or money to get a green card while fleeing for their lives."

"I agree, Eleanor. I will go and speak with the Obi, if that is permitted and put her in touch with Evie. For future reference, you may contact Evie on behalf of any of my kind or from another animal group who require her help and we will cover the costs." That piece of information is given with a steady look as he rises to his feet, offering her a hand, an odd piece of formality. "And I regret taking your friend out of the city at this moment but I have need of him." A flicker of a wry smile crosses his lips as he adds softly, "I will wait until after this day is done however."

Eleanor shakes the hand, though she looks confused after a moment. "Wait, my friend? Are you taking Monty with you? On Valentine's Day?" Ouch, that looks like it might actually wound.

"The day after, I promise you." Again, the flicker of a smile lurks in his eyes as he adds softly, "You should speak with him. I felt that my sister would not appreciate it if I took her mate away on that day either, so my trip awaits on you ladies' pleasure." He is almost teasing her, a light touch if slightly awkward from the man.

A breath is released at that and Eleanor laughs. "Good Lord, I just sounded like a 16 year old girl for a minute, didn't I? I'm not used to being in a relationship when it comes to holidays," she admits. She doesn't add she's just not used to relationships in general. "Thank you for your consideration though. Please keep him safe? He's a good man, in here," she points to her heart, "sometimes too good for his own wellbeing."

Robert's low chuckle comes as she laughs, his eyes holding that muted amusement. "I'm afraid his position is now to keep me safe. With this day's progress, I find myself in need of a strong right hand with a cool head." He tilts his head slightly, adding quietly, "A pleasure speaking to you again, Eleanor."

"He will do well with that, Robert. Thank you for trusting him. It means a lot to him, and to me." With that, Eleanor opens the door and goes to process her interview.

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