20100218 - A New Wolf and a Confrontation


** polychrome**

The Polychrome 2.0 is a serious upgrade in both style and function. Gone is the soft-industrial warehouse look, the walls repainted from their worn brick color to a more warm rich red adobe. The walls are adorned with old Sci-Fi posters and paintings by independent local artists.

The entire cafe is situated around a circular bar-like counter in the very center of the room which, in turn, surrounds the chrome and copper homemade monstrosity Frankenchino machine the only surviving relic of the previous Polychrome. Frankenchino billows steam and froth from it's masses of pipes and valves, the temperature and levels of fluids measured by gleaming old fashioned pressure gages and controlled by a plethora of levers and turn-gaskets. Comfortable high backed chromed stools with leather upholstery orbit the counter, which through it's thick Plexiglas surface into it's refrigerated interior can be seen sandwiches and pastries and other snacks in refrigerated. Above the counter is an outfacing circle of LCD TVs showing various feeds off the Internet.

Circular segmented couches surround low black coffee tables around the cafe, each one having a computer monitor on a swivel in the center and a cordless keyboard and mouse and allowing the patrons full and free net access. In one corner there are more dedicated semi-private computer terminals at high-mounted and a kiosk where one can rent a laptop. Another corner sports an Internet jukebox which has been built into the body of a full sized Robby the Robot replica. Another corner has a small stage from which patrons can enjoy independent bands or poets on certain nights. The last corner is set up with merchandise such as books, magazines, shirts, mugs and gadgets.



Xian pushes open the door of the cafe with a gentle nudge of her hand. She takes a look around the coffee shop, just a cursory glance really. Then her footsteps take her to the counter, where she stops and orders another of the drink she had the previous day, some frou frou super sugared up mix of stuff. She unbelts the calf length trench coat from around her body, slipping it off of her shoulders and folding it over one arm as she waits.

Sitting at the end of the counter, Robert is nursing a cup of coffee in front of him, the third or so refill, his food eaten and the plate pushed aside. He lacks his usual work bag, his attention split between the coffee and his companion. His face, impassive as always, shows little of his thoughts as he speaks softly, for his companion's ears only.

The companion, Monty, has coffee, too, but he tilts his head slightly toward Robert when the man speaks quietly to him. After, he turns his head fully to look at him for a moment, then he nods. "He won't bring anyone he shouldn't, you think?"

Denver's newest red headed, black leather clad homicide detective sits at a tabl eby herself siping coffe.

Xian settles in at the counter, leaning a hip in to brace herself against it while she waits for her coffee. Her eyes do another slow sweep before she perks her head up a little bit, it turns, and she looks at RObert and Monty, gaze lingering a few seconds longer than is polite, but once she looks away a faint little smile has stolen onto her face, just the faintest upward pull at the corners of her lips. She gets her coffee and slips her fingers around it, scooping the cup up and cradling it in her hands. She turns then, towards a booth, though her eyes once again give a glance over Robert and Monty, though her turn isn't stalled or impeded. She moves towards the booth at a slow walk, heels sounding off against the floor lightly. She nods to Electra if she catches the woman's gaze, but otherwise just settles in at her selected booth.

"He may bring his second but she is a sensible person and our aims match." The reply is softly spoken, Robert's gaze turning towards the two women. There is a wolf-like edge to the head tilt he makes, his gaze neutral as it moves over them. "I trust him to make a judgement on this." His gaze rests on Xian, considering her thoughtfully as she moves across the room. "Interesting…" A soft murmur, with a glance towards Monty, one eyebrow moving up slightly.

Electra sits quietly, her black leather jacket sitting on the chair behind her. Her top covered in a black long sleeve turtle neck sweater, her legs and feet covered by black leather pants and flat heeled boots. On her belt sits a sidearm and a badge. She seems rather lost in thought, and doesn't notice the nod directed her way.

Another nod from Monty, taking Robert's words to heart with no more questions about that. It's Xian that his own attention is drawn to and he follows her progress with an unapologetic focus in his gaze, making an affirmative sound in his throat for Robert's comment. Interesting.

Xian slips into her seat with all the grace of a professional dancer, body settling down into the booth, then scooting in a little bit, though not much, a couple of inches of bare bench between her and teh edge. She grabs up the stirring straw that came with her drink, and she goes about trying to stir the whipped cream into the drink itself. After a few moments she gives up and lifts up the coffee, taking a light sip of it before it's put back down. A napkin is grabbed up and she dabs away the whipped cream that was on her lip, then lets her eyes move around her once again, the cup lifted to her lips, letting the aroma soak into her sinuses as she parouses the clientele of the cafe. Robert and Monty's attention is not missed, but nor does she take special notice of it.

Robert leaves his coffee, abandoning it as he rises from his stool to move over to the woman. He pauses at the side of Xian's table, crouching down, a deliberate move to be unthreatening. "Afternoon." The greeting is soft, given with the offer of his hand, and a flicker of a smile. "I am Robert Moye. I believe… I hope you are seeking me and mine." His voice is a low rumble, with the slightest edge of amusement to it.

Monty moves, likewise leaving his coffee behind, but he doesn't crowd in. He stays near enough to watch Robert and the woman but not near enough to put himself into the interaction between them. He has a job, presumably, and it's not talking.

Xian goes back to stirring her drink, getting more of teh whipped cream to mix into it as she does so. She taps off teh little black straw before putting it back down onto her napkin, coffee remnants seeping into the napkin and staining it light brown. She lifts her cup of coffee to her lips, a couple of small sips taken from it as she watches Robert and Monty's approach to her booth. She takes one more sip, a bit deeper of one, letting the warmth slip down her throat and spread outwards frmo her stomach. The cup is put down gently before her hands fold over one another on the table top and she fixes her attention on the man speaking ot her. "I am indeed if you are Robert, and by the fact that you have backup I'm going to assume you are. I was not however, going to intrude upon your conversation, as I was berated very rudely last night for trying to find my own kind and asking other shifters about it. So, I did not wish to anger the two of you by doing so." She gestures to the booth seat across from her. "Please, sit, both of you. My name is Xian-li Yang. Did you receive the letters that I gave to your packmate? Temina was her name. I gave them to her last night to deliver to you." She turns her eyes over towards Electra a moment, gaze taking in her firearm with a curious eye, then those dark brown almost black eyes make thier way back to RObert's face and she waits for him to speak.

Robert glances over his shoulder at his backup, lifting one eyebrow. "I have a friend with me today." The reply is mild, almost gentle, his neutral expression barely changing as he returns his gaze to the woman. He rises, moving to join her, resting his hands lightly on the table, leaving room for Monty to join them. "Temina is not a member of my pack. I am uncertain as to why you might believe she is but I never turn a wolf from my door." The slight tilt of the head comes once more, his eyes creasing at the corners as a wry smile flickers onto his lips. "Either way, I have had no letters, but if you seek me then I am here, and we can speak." He glances at Monty, introducing the man. "This is Monty."

Electra sips on her coffe, absently looking around..or so she wants everyone to think. She might be lost in thought to the average person, but those detective eyes and ears of her's see and hear everything. Way to much crap has gone on lately, and she has cases to solve. Actually being lost in thought is not her job. Though outward apperance's seem to show that she is.

Monty joins after a moment and he nods his head in good-natured greeting to the woman without taking his gaze off of her. "Hello," he offers but more or less leaves it at that and lets the two of them go about their business.

Xian looks… surprised, but it's only a mild surprise, her eyelahses fluttering a couple of times before her head tilts forwards. "I see…" She murmurs to the news that Temina is not pack. Her lips press together lightly, a bit of the blood draining from them, paling the skin before she lets out a soft sigh and lifts her head. "My sensing skills are not what they should be for living here. In China, and… all of Asia for that matter, we do not hide what we are from anyone. We are accepted there, not persecuted and discriminated against. It did not occur to me that I would need to develop my ability to sense others before coming here." She casts her eyes down towards teh table top, in what looks like… shame. Talkign with her, the others would probably notice that her voice bears no accent at all. Every word she speaks is perfectly pronounced, which hints quite heavily at English being a school learned language for her rather than one she picked up. She turns her head to MOnty, inclining it to him. "Hello MOnty." She offers his way, but quickly enough her eyes are pulledb ack to Robert. "Well, the ltters were a letter from my previous alpha back in China, and a letter from myself, explaining my rather boring history as a shifter. I was turned 7 years ago this month, am in very solid control of my beast, and will not be a liability to you and your own." She then gives him her cell phone number should he need to contact her for anything, and the hotel room she's staying at while she searches for a place to live. "I suppose that you will have to wait for Temina to bring you the messsages to view the letter from my old alpha, as it is the only one that I have."
Xian doesn't miss the eavesdropping cop, but she doesn't mention it either, letting her do her job without interuption.

"You are from China?" The question is softly asked, Robert's rumbling voice dropping to be discreet, to keep it between themselves. Monty is silent beside him, his attention more on the surroundings, a subtle study of those in the cafe. "Some of us choose not to hide here, but it is a difficult choice, balancing our right to live as humans do, in safety and peace, and those that fear us enough to attack us. In this city, there have been recent deaths, so far all females of our nature. I would advise you to be wary of those you meet." Robert hesitates, frowning slightly, his eyes darkening with concern. "I should add that it is a wolf that leads that group, and so you must take care." This information is given quietly, the man's neutrality barely disturbed and he reaches for his wallet, drawing a business card out to offer to her in exchange for her information. "I will seek Temina out. It interests me that she represented herself as one of mine." A tiny flicker of a smile, lacking in true humor, curves his lips beneath the beard, creasing the corners of his eyes. "But I see no need to wait on that. Tell me, what business are you in? Do you require support with housing, or training, or seeking work here?"

Electra stands up and heads to the counter, "Miah, another Coffe with creamer please" she asks. Miah smiles and nods, "You want your normal ammount of sugar to Detective?" miah asks her. "Sure, that should be fine" electra responds sliding some cash to Miah that she just took from her wallet. Once the coffe is goten she returns to the seat she was at. She crosses her legs, and sits the arm not holding the drink on her lap leaning back into the chair. Her free hand absently laying near her sidearm. Must just be force of habit.

Xian slips a black eyebrow slowly up her forhead at Robert's question that she's from China. She doesn't respond to the question, as her previous statements make the answer to the question quite obvious. Amusement shows in the dark depths of her eyes for a few fleeting seconds before it fades and she simply bows her head in response to the question. Her eyes don't shift to the other wolf in the booth, they stay upon the man she's speaking to respectfully. As he speaks of the murders she doesn't seem surprised, if anything a knowing look graces her face and she simply tilts her head again to him, dark hair brushing along her shoulders and back with the nodding. Her cofee cup is picked up once more, sipped from slowly. "She did not outright state that she was pack. But it seemed heavily implied by her offer to bring my letters to you personally and her familiar knowledge of you and the situation surrounding the murders. I suppose you can blame me for making an assumption, though the blame would be misplaced. I think it should simply be marked down to a miscommunication than anything else." Coffee is sipped a bit more as she listens to the man. "I have purchased a small shipping business here in the city as a solid source of income. I am staying in a hotel at the moment until I find myself a place to live. THough I am thinking of ascertaining whether or not I may be able to live in the warehouse rather than have to rent another place, though as I understand it that is not so readily allowed in a place of work in this country, so I will probably have to obtain other lodging. Training of what kind?" She looks quite curious at the mention of training, her interest piqued with that subject. "But no, I need no assistance on a personal level. I am self sufficient and will not be a bother or a drain upon you and your family should you accept me as one of your people." Her eyes flicker over to the police officer, watching her as she orders more coffee, a faint ghost of amusement passing over her features, but gone as quickly as it arrived, and her eyes once more center upon Robert.

Robert dips his head, a slight nod, a considering look before he speaks, his words picked out with care. "She is aware of me, and my position, since I gave her an interview this week." A glance towards Monty might indicate the presence of the silent man might be linked, and a flicker of amusement briefly flashes in his impassive face before he turns back to her. "I rarely assign blame without investigation, so your concern is noted. As for training, our pack ensures that all those that need support receive it. We do not believe that a person should lack work or a home." He tilts his head slightly, a flicker of a frown showing as she mentions the warehouse. "I'm sorry, you mention a warehouse. Where did this information come from?" This is clearly a matter of concern, his gaze resting on her face, a weighty, serious thing.

Electra is more and more interested in the conversation she's listening in on. Afterall, when people speak of death and murder, it's the job of the homicide detective to seak out the five w's and how. She has several shifter friends, and the news she's been privy today of un-reported violence and rape and murder is bothering her. It's starting to show visably on her face. She keeps siping on her coffe, her emerald green eyes staring at Robert and Xian, nay /boring/ into them. A deadly stare allmost, if she were actually interested in attacking someone. THough she isn't, just doing her job. Her emotions get the better of her however, and as allways grab ahold of that inner magical power and toy with it.

Xian lets a short breath out through her nose as she is made more aware of Temina and why she knows certain things. Her lips are pursed in thought for a few lingering seconds before she simply lets the subject go for the time being. Robert has said that he'll look into it, and as such it's no longer her business, she will leave it to him. Her hands lowe4r down, setting the coffee cup, now almost empty, on the table top, and her fingers lace together, the pads of her thumbs pressing up against eachother and then settling against her chin. She looks a bit confused, apparently not thinking that he answered the question about training very well, though she doesn't requestion him quite yet, as he seems concerned about her talking of a warehouse. "I'm afraid I don't understand what you are referring to Robert. I mention the warehouse that the shipping business I purchased is based out of. To what information are you referring?" One of those thin sculpted eyebrows slides upwards once more, questioningly. "And when I asked about training I meant specifics as in… combat? Or simply controlling one's beast and such? The former I would be most interested in seeing if any of your pack can provide me with the ability to improve my skills. The latter I need no training on, 7 years has done that well enough even had I not had my previous pack's training to build upon." Her back stiffens just a touch, and her head turns slightly, eyes levelly regarding the police officer a couple places away. Her stare focues on the red headed woman for a solid ten seconds before she finally turns away from her and her flickering power and back to RObert, a slightly annoyed look upon her features now.

Xian settles her hands back around her coffee cup and lifts it to her lips, draining the last of it before the cup is replaced upon the table, the black straw, and the napkin stuffed inside before the lid is replaced over top of it, her place clenaed of trash now.

The stare is noted and returned, Robert's face settling into a frown as it draws his attention away from the woman with him. Monty turns, returning it steadily, as Robert returns his attention to the woman with him. But his voice dips, to a level that you would need preternatural hearing to understand it, the soft murmur continuing. "Ah. A crossed wire." Robert brushes past the warehouse misunderstanding with a quick nod, and his voice becomes softer, inaudible outside their table as he speaks, soft and neutral, his hands resting together on the table, his gaze on Xian. Monty continues to return the death stare from the other woman, considering her thoughtfully, alert to any danger.

Electra averts her gaze, for now. Siping on cup of coffe number two. She's only heard this man's name in passing, three of her close friends are shifters and she is concearned for them. Though her concearn might come off in a manner she doesn't intend. She's not exactly sure how to approach the situation at the moment. Though anyone, man or beast..attacking a police officer in public would be marked for death..she doesn't want to risk pissing anyone off.

Xian turns the empty coffee cup slowly in her hands, fingers rasping agains tthe surface of it in a bit of a rythm if one were to pay attention, fingertips rubbing and sliding, and in fact a faint smile bows her lips upwards for a second or so, and then it flits away as her fingers stop turning the cup, and set it down, leaving it be. Her hands settle into her lap, the asian woman's eyes sparkling with curiosity at the crossed wire reference, something ask about later it seems, yes indeed. Her fingers lace back together, as if to keep them from fidgeting or playing with teh cup or anything like that. She listens to his soft words, her mind obviously working as he speaks. When she replies it's in the same whisper soft tone that he used with her, though the fact that they're whispering seems to amuse her a great deal. She doesn't turn her eyes towards the officer again, though she does seem to be keepign an ear on her so to speak, listening to her movements and such, keeping idle tabs on her as the conversation carries on.

Electra lets outa dejected sigh, and has had enough of just siting around and listeing to people speak about shifter and vampire murders, and attacks and all sorts of /above the law/ or /behind the law/ crap. Not to mention the Vampire that threatend her earlier today. She rises from her table slowly and approaches the two at the table at a slow and non-threating manner. "We need to have a conversation" she says to both of them, maybe interupting, maybe not. She doesn't care, she wants anwsers and she's going to get them.

Robert trusts to Monty to watch this police officer, and so he keeps a steady gaze on Xian, fully focussed. He inclines his head slowly, his face thoughtful as she speaks, and he tilts his head slightly, considering her. Monty has his back, watching the police officer with a steady gaze, along with any others around them, his position with his leader obvious. He replies, soft and low, a deliberate level to keep his comments between them. As the woman approaches, he falls silent, turning his head to look at her. His face is utterly impassive, as he considers her. "I am not aware of a topic upon which we need to speak. Officer." His voice is a low rumble, as neutral and empty as the eyes that consider her, and beside him, Monty is watching her closely in silence. "If it is police business, I will happily come to the station, with my lawyer, to discuss it. Otherwise, you are interrupting a private discussion with my family."

Xian slips a hand into her trench coat, coming out with a small pocket book, not even really a wallet. She pulls out a business card and passes it over to Robert. "We deal mostly in shipping things especially 'American' back to China, novelty type stuff really, and some snack foods and the like that are not obtainable over there. And we do the same for here. Much like the manga and anime shops that have been popping up in this country. They carry a number of japanese novelty and snack food items that are not readily obtainable here. We ship goods such as that. It is a surprisingly active and lucrative business." Then there sthe officer, standing at the end of the booth and demanding answers from the two of them. She turns her head slowly towards the woman, lifting a very skpetical brow at her demands. She herself though, remains silent for the time being, simply allowing Robert to handle the situation. She busies herself tucking her pocket book away once again and folding her trenchcoat up in a way that it wont' wrinkle. Then she settles her hands in her lap and simply waits and listens to see how RObert will handle the situation. Doing two things with that action. First, showing him that she can allow others to lead and she knows how to follow, and second, allowing herself to see how he leads and how he handles himself. Her neck twists, head turning so that deep brown eyes can settle on a space that allows her to see both Robert and Electra at the same time.

Electra sighs, "You and yours are what I'm concearned about" she replies. "I'm a homicide detective, it's my job to find the people that kill and bring them to justice. Not to mention several shifters in this city are my friends, close friends.." she adds siping on the coffe she brought with her. "If you'd rather play the lawyer gig, fine, play that card and I'll see you at the station" she says, again siping. "But, for the first time I bet since you got here, you and yours have a friend on the police force, and that person is worried, and concearned and hasa job to do. If you want to talk, lawyer or not here.." she says reaching behind to pull a card out of her wallet and palcing the wallet back in her back pocket. "And it's Detective, not Officer" she says as she begins to turn to walk away. Though she stops for a second, "I'd not throw away the concearn of others, when it's genuine."

Robert listens in silence, his face utterly impassive. "Call my lawyer should you need a statement from me, Detective. Otherwise, I have nothing to add." The low rumble is a clear dismissal and he turns back to his company, Monty watching the woman walk away, his protective role clear. He glances at the business card that Xian handed him and he studies it, the faintest tilt of his head made as he does so. "Excellent. Then I will arrange for you to meet my Hati, I believe he can provide the first type of training we spoke of." He leans forward slightly, his hands meeting on the table, something serious sliding through his eyes. "There has been changes in the pack recently, and there will be plenty of dominance challenges for all to work out where they settle. This will take time." He glances towards the departing detective, adding more softly, for Xian's ears only, "If you have need of a lawyer, the pack keeps one on retainer to ensure that all is done correctly."

Xian watches Electra as she speaks, the woman remaining completely silent. The desire to speak is written across her features, but she doesn't break her silence. As teh woman talks Xian is forced to pull her gaze away and focus it on the table in front of her, letting her eyes study the material fo the table, it's imperfections, coffee stains,s cratches, scrapes, and everything else that can take her primary focus off of the conversation so that she can remain quiet. When the woman finally walks away Xian's head lifts, a single lock of inky black hair slipping down to rest against her cheek. She has jer jaw tightened to avoid making any statements or comments,and only loosens it up to respond to Robert once he's turned his attention back to her. "Excellent." She murmurs softly, bowing her head to the man's statement, then lifts it back up to looka t him levelly. "I started at the bottom. When I shifted I was as low in power as you can get. I have worked my way up from there to where I'm at now. Dominance challenges are nothing new to me, and they were quite commonplace back in China." Notice she doesn't say back home like many people would. She leans in a touch so that her whispersa will not be heard beyond the confines of the booth. "I have a lawyer of my own actually, but I would not be adverse to him working with your own should I have need of one. He has passed the BAR here in America, and is a legally liscenses lawyer in this country. He works solely for my company, and it's counter part back in China which my father owns." She leans back in her seat slowly, rolling her shoulders back to settle against the back of the booth. "Does this mean that you will accept me as a member of your pack? Or do you need to wait for Temina to give you my letters first?" A quizzical eyebrow is quired upwards, a thin line of black across her soft white skin.

Electra throws away her coffe and makes one alst pass on her way out the door, "I'm not like the rest" she says interupting again, "I do care, and I can help" she adds moving to the door and placing a hand on it to open it. "That has my personal number on it as well, don't let pride keep you from asking for help from someone that actually cares." With that she's out the door and heading to her car.

Robert's attention remains on the woman opposite him, letting Monty keep his steady gaze on the police detective, trusting to his bodyguard to do precisely his job. "As you can see, being openly what we are draws attention." There is a flicker of the subdued wry humor in his eyes, in the brief curl of his lips beneath the beard, before he is serious once more, neutrality returning. "I believe they will be commonplace for us, for some time to come." Those words are carefully chosen, precisely spoken. "Excellent. Xian, welcome to my pack. I believe the letters may support your application but I prefer to judge on the person themselves." He offers his hand, an oddly formal gesture, with a tilt of his head.

Xian gives a soft little snort if indignation in reference tot he police officer's behavior. "Back in Asia the police stay out of preter business until humans are hurt. When a human is hurt, they are viscious, and ruthless in dealing with that preternatural. But as long as humans are not hurt, they allow us to conduct our business. Situations like this? They would not involve themselves in. They might even make a public decleration and try to assist us by getting people to give us information and such to ferret out the killer. Most of asia anyway, operates in such a fashion." She waves a hand through the air though, slim fingers wiggling as if to dismiss the statement and the tension caused by the officer. "Hopefully we can catch and deal with the person responsible for these deaths then yes?" The hand is looked at for a hesitant second before she realizes you want to shake her hand. She smiles sheepishly and extends her own hand. Her hands are not the soft smooth things most would assume. Firm thick callouses dot her palms from heavy use of her hands. She shakes yours, a firm handshake, but nothing challenging in it, then lets her hand slip from yours and settle back onto the table. "Thank you." She inclines her head deeply to you, sortt of a … sitting bow so to speak.

Javier takes a long look around as he walks inside.

Robert's hand is calloused, firm but he doesn't turn it into a competition, releasing her hand with a smile. He inclines his head, the movement a similar gesture, before that brief smile appears on his face once more. "We intend to aid the police in that matter but not during my time with family." He is clear on that, his tone faintly disapproving of the detective's manner, the tiniest trace of a curl to his upper lip. "I believe he will not bother our kind long, Xian." That said, he drops the topic, his expression returning to the comfortable neutrality. "I will give you the contact details of my Geri, and my Hati. My Geri, MaryJane, is able to aid you should you need it, and my Hati can help you with that training we spoke of." He takes one of his business cards, turning it over to scrawl those numbers on the back, before he offers it to her. His voice is low, keeping it within their table, "And you may contact me anytime you have need."

Kai slips into the front from the beaded curtains in the back. He's dressed in a pair of khaki shorts with an orange t-shirt on. He doesn't wear shoes, he rarely does. The crocodile looks around for a moment and he smiles as he see's a few familiar faces. He has a baby burping rag slung over his shoulder. He totally forgot it was there. He heads over to Miah and he places a hand on her shoulder and gives it a squeeze. "Hey, any chance of you making me an iced tea? I'll be your bestest friend."

Xian reaches out with slim fingers to retireive the business card from Robert, her head tilting to let her eyes trail over the phone numbers. She then takes the card and tucks it into one ofthe pockets of her folded up trench coat to be put in her pocket book later. "I shall do so if I need to, though I doubt I will need to do so for any kind of emergency, but the same remains true for yourself, should you need my assistance." She smiles a touch, amusement touching her lips. "I suppose though, to know my value in a situation you will need to practice with me sometime. Is there a dojo of some kind in the city?" She interlaces her fingers once again, her shoulders relaxing, hackles lowering so to speak now that the officer has left the cafe. "I am not an antisocial person, but I will not usually hang about a hangout unless my presence is needed, but I have no issues with being asked to accompany people for some drinks or anything such as that. I simply have a business to run when I'm not enjoying myself." She offers Robert a full smile, her eyes glittering with faint traces of amusement. She slips her hand beneath her folded up tranch coat, transferring it from the bench up into her lap, her eyes moving about the cafe as others make thier way inside of it, eyes studying the new entrances, but not for very long, her main focus is RObert in front of her. "THank you for taking the time to speak with me. It has circumvented a great deal of me hanging about here hoping to randomly meet with you."

Javier smiles as he spots Kai and walks over to him "Hey bud you doing ok? Am sure being a new dad of three is a hard as they say it is." Javier does send his energy out as he talks to Kai.

Robert's rare smile lurks in his eyes as he returns the greeting to Kai, nodding to Javier, before he turns back to the woman opposite him. Monty is at his side, silent and watchful. "There is an excellent dojo, near Hanstead Street. I often use it myself." He too seems more relaxed now the detective has left, the woman's smile gaining her his in return, amusement in his eyes. "My pleasure, Xian." His voice is low, softly spoken, as he glances back to his own abandoned, cold coffee on the counter. "Would you mind if I …" He makes a brief gesture towards the counter, indicating his desire for coffee.

Xian gives a light laugh and her head shakes to Robert's question of whether or not he can go get some coffee. "Of course not. Feel free to do so. I have some things to attend to anyways, so I should probably be going. Though I will have to check out the dojo you've mentioned, as having a proper dojo to visit would be quite a nice surprise." She slips from out of the booth, a lithe smooth movement, her hand trailing behind her to scoop up her to go cup filled with her trash. She walks over to teh garbage can, pushing the cup into it before turning and unfolding her trench coat, which she slips up and around her shoulders, arms slipping in and filling the sleeves. The coat is then belted at her small waist. She walks to the counter, and orders herself another of the coffees that she just threw away, and then steps to the side, a hip against the counter as she waits, her eyes studying both Kai and Javier now that she has a moment to do so.

Kai is standing at the counter while Miah goes and makes him an iced tea. He's wearing khaki shorts and an orange t-shirt. Javier just came up to the blonde crocodile and struck up a conversation with him. Kai gives Robert a wink and smiles at him before turning his attention to Javier. With a smile still on his face, "Hey, I'm doing quite alright. I have adjusted. I just can't believe how big that the little ones got." He laughs. Robert and Xian are off by themselves having a little pow-wow.

Robert rises from the table, and his shadow moves with him, heading to join the others at the counter, leaning against it with his hands together. His voice is a low rumble as he asks Miah about the cookies, a flicker of amusement in his eyes as he adds, "I promise not to eat all of them this time." He glances at the others, admitting them to the joke, his head tilting. It is early afternoon.

Javier gives a slight glare to Monty but then refocuses all of his attention back to Kai "So buddy do you have any pictures of the not so little ones?"

Xian waits against the counter, her eyes, once they're done studying Javier and Kai, settle on the floor just in front of her feet, the woman letting her mind drift, even as her hears keep alert for her order to be done. She slips her hands into the pockets of her calf length trench caot, letting them rest there, little movements beneath the fabric indicating her fingers are toying with something beneath the material. Her eyes lift upwards as she hears Robert's statement, the faintest traces of amusement coloring her features before slipping away and her attention goes back to studying the floor. She looks over to see if Miah has finished with Kai's ice tea and begun making her drink, but the attention pull lasts only seconds before her head turns, dark hair falling in about her face as her head settles into a bowed posityion, the woman relaxing and listenign to everything going on around her.

Rose enters from the hall where the beaded curtain is hanging with a swish and soft clacking of the beads as she moves through it. She looks around to see what customers they have right now. Her usual smile is a light one, barly touching her lips as she nods at Xian as she passes her. Another nod is given to Robert. "hello." she nods at Javier. "hi there Javier." as she reaches the bar. "lo there Kai" and her eyes light up with warmness on seeing Kai there and her smile widens slightly.

"You can eat all the cookies, you just need to promise to pay for them. I believe that that batch is actually Rose's." He laughs softly and says, "Speaking of the devil. Rose, are those your cookies that Robert is planning on devouring?" He smirks and then realizes he has the spit rag on his shoulder and he pulls it off and tosses it behind the counter. "Sorry, was feeding the littles. They have an endless appetite." He gets his iced tea from Miah. "Thanks Miah." And then looks around for a moment and glances towards Xian. "New one?"

Javier looks to his watch "Well I should be leaving. Farewell Kai." He looks to Robert and gives a small wave and even Xian gets a small nod. Monty is ignored.

Robert returns Rose's nod with his own, "I can pay for them." His flicker of a wry smile appears as he pulls his wallet out of his pocket, offering a note as he claims them, a request to have them to go spoken in a low voice. "Xian, this is Kai. Kai, this is Xian. She is a member of my family." The simple explanation is given as the man returns Javier's wave with a nod, and prepares to leave himself, Monty with him.

Xian flicekrs her eyes up over towards Rose as she enters into the mix as well, amusement etching across her pale features yet again, eyes resting on each of the shifters in the cafe for a moment, then ending up back on her boots, studying them, a light, almost non existent smirk upon her lips. Her foot shfit, the scrape of her heels on the floor is soft, but still audible. When her drink is finished she looks upw ith a smile, fingers reaching out to exchange her credit card for the drink. Kai's question has her head turning, sable tresses sliding against her shoulders. "That would depend upon your definition of new." She comments simply. Her hand reaches out to take back her credit card with a softly spoken thank you, and it's tucked into a pocket inside of her coat. Javier is given a curious look as the man makes to leave, and his nod returned lightly. With her coffee in hand she bows her head to Rose, Kai, Robert and Monty. "I have business to attend to, may your lives be peaceful." She offers by way of a farewell, then turns and begins to make her way towards the door out.

Kai smiles at lion alpha. "See you around Javier." He waves to him and then turns his attention towards Robert. "Yes, I am sure that you can. The assets of the leader of the pack seem to be endless." After all, Robert inherits everything that was Jakes. He turns his attention to Xian, "Nice to meet you Xian." He gives her a wave. Looking at Monty for a moment before back to Robert, "I'll see you around Robert?" And then Xian makes that statement and he arches his brow. "And also to you." He watches as she heads out as well before turning towards Rose. "Soooo, how you doing Rose?"

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