20100222 - A Meeting with the Deputy Mayor


95th Floor Signature Room - John Hancock Building - Michigan Street: North

At first glance the restaurant appears like it's floating in the air. From the door you see the expanse of the city of Chicago in all its splendor laid out as far as the eye can see. At night, the sight is breathtaking as the lights frame out the outline of the city and accentuate the curve of the lakefront.
Candles in red glass sconces flicker atop crisp white tablecloths. The chairs are heavy wood and varnished a deep brown. Three walls are expansive windows, while the fourth holds the kitchen, bar, bathrooms, and the stairs that lead up and down to the 96th and 94th floors. The restaurant itself is home to many candlelight business deals and executive parties, with most nights a veritable who's who of Chicago elite.



The Signature Room boasts patrons of the social elite. So where better for a Mayor Deputy to meet a Lukoi Leader? By day the place is no less impressive with people just waiting to cater to one's every whim. Today though, Emily sits at a private table with a smile upon her lips. Her blue eyes scan the area below as she waits for her guest to become present.

Robert is on time, and his bodyguard with him, but he pauses at the doorway, his eyes sweeping the room to find her. Then, with a soft word, his bodyguard stays near the door, abandoned for the illusion of privacy at the very least as the man moves across the room. He is as at home here as the cafe, and he pauses beside the table. "Emily. A pleasure to see you again."

He might notice another man that has position by the door. It is of course Emily's ever faithful shadow. At your voice, Emily stands with a bright smile. It is almost like she is greeting a long lost friend. "Robert, it is so good that you could see me. I am sorry that the call came in last we were to talk." She indicates the chair across from her as she sits back down. "I saw your interview. I must say that I found it most interesting."

Robert takes the seat, resting his hands on the table, fingers folded together. "Interesting is an excellent choice of word, Emily." The flash of wry humor in his eyes is gone almost as soon as it is gone, and he tilts his head slightly. "Calls do come at the most inconvenient times. What can I do for you, Emily?" The edge of awkwardness is there, showing in the social niceties, a lack of use.

Emily smiles. "I do believe we were discussing your …" There is a pause as if she's searching for the right word and drawing a blank for a moment. "..pack." The blonde head is nodded to that before she gives a sweet smile. "Rodney advised me that the word I meant to use was not listing but ranking. I'm curious if you could tell me what a rank in your society means."

Robert considers his reply, thoughtfully selecting his words. "Pack is the correct term. I am uncertain as to what you are asking me, Emily. We have positions, like Ulfric, and rank, which is perhaps…" He frowns, a flicker of an expression, before the neutrality returns. "The pecking order. A sign of the strength of the wolf."

Emily ohs softly to this bit of knowledge. "You are the Ulfric and that makes you the leader than?" She lets a faint blush coat her cheeks as she looks towards the man. "I fear that I am asking the positions of your pack. I hear so many tossed around between a variety of Shifters, but I do not understand what it is or what they do."

"I am the Ulfric, and their oaths bind them to me. To challenge me, a wolf must first fight their way up the ranking to be next in line to my position." Robert speaks softly, to avoid being overheard, and frankly, giving her a direct look. "You understand, I tell you this only so that you can understand our society better. We do not easily share our words outside our kind."

Emily nods her head. "Oh, of course. You see I am looking into the rights of Shifters and Vampires and well the enhanced humanity all around. However, before I launch my platform, I want to be able to understand the society. I find it most difficult to speak to any of the leaders. You are the first to allow me time to speak."

Robert pauses, choosing his words with care, his voice soft enough that only she can hear. "I believe that the only way that our societies can live together is if yours fully understands mine. We all came from yours, we understand and know it. There are those of us who are working to agree to sit together and speak, like civilised people."

Emily looks most interested in this bit of information. Her hand is raised. "I'm sorry, I didn't even have them see if you needed a drink." The waiter is there in a blink of an eye asking for Robert's drink order. Emily is drinking iced water as she watches the man. "I would be interested in hearing if you are to set up a meeting in regards to this development."

Robert glances up, his order given in an even tone, a request for a coffee and then he returns his attention to her. "If this works, and the others agree, I may be able to. I can give you my own information, but not that belonging to others, you see. But others may follow my example." He tilts his head slightly. "What do you wish to know, Emily?"

Emily gives a low chuckle. Emily seems to be one of those people you can't picture ever being in a bad mood. "Well would everything be too much to ask for? I know a little about it, for it is caused by an … infection." The last word is said nervously as if she is worried she may offend.

Robert nods slowly, picking his words with care again, leaning back as his coffee arrives. He nods an acknowledgement to the waiter before waiting to speak until the man leaves. "It is caused by an infection by another, generally in animal form. It is rare for one of us to choose this. Afterwards, you can die from the infection, or you suffer your first change on the full moon." He considers before adding, softly, "You either become one with your animal, or you fight it, and hate it. You are either public or hidden, fearing exposure."

Emily nods her head with a suddenly serious mien. "Why would one desire to keep it hidden? Do you feel condemned by the human society around you?" Emily then looks around before her voice lowers more, a secretive tone, "I do not mean offense, but… is there a cure?"

"Emily, have you seen the attacks recently? Some humans fear us, and then hate us." He releases a slow breath, considering something before he speaks, "Where I came from, Humans First killed my entire pack, apart from the four of us who were out." That information is given impassively, neutrally before he switches topic. "There is no cure, as yet. It is possible there may be a vaccination against it but the first trial of this caused more infections."

Emily considers the words and then nods her head. She actually looks in pain herself for a moment. "It is a horrible crime. There are many that have been hurt by it." Emily looks up. "Have you received any leads? I heard that the person was using your name?"

"I have few leads but I am working with the law." A flicker of his wry smile before he adds softly, "Within the human law. We will see." He changes the topic, a blunt and unsubtle change. "What else can I tell you, Emily? We are forced to change on the Full Moon and control of your beast becomes harder the closer to it you are. Those of us who are stronger have better control."

Emily nods her head. "If you could change the laws governing your people…" Hmm, does this sound like a racial thing or what. ".. what are the changes or reforms that you would like to see in place?"

"I would want a law that states that it is illegal to promote violence on the basis of infection." Robert doesn't pause to think about it, giving her a direct look. "To outlaw those who make it hard for my people to come out into the public."

Emily nods her head to this. "I can only of course affect change within Chicago. I cannot do it for all of the world, I fear." She smiles slowly to that. "Unless I am to become the world dicatator of course." Humor etches before she sobers. "I am desiring reform for all of humanity, this includes Shifters."

Robert nods slowly, tilting his head slightly. "Of course." He sips his coffee, thoughtful. "Is there anything else you wish to ask me, Emily? I will answer to the best of my ability, without revealing other's secrets."

Emily shakes her head to that. "Not that I can think of off the top of my head." She gives a slightly troubled look and then studies the man. "Could you perhaps ask the other leaders to find time to meet with me? I am stalemated in assisting in this reform until I talk to them."

"Tell me about this reform." Robert's request is softly spoken, offered with a tilt of his head, considering her. He makes no promises, lapsing into silence as he sips his coffee, watching her.

Emily nods her head to that, though she tries to determine if that was a command or not. "I am trying to get the same rights for all people and all… enhance personage. I think that we all live in the same society and thus should be afforded the same laws, protection and rights accordingly."

Robert nods slowly, giving her a long considering look before he smiles and gives her a nod of acknowledgement. "I will speak with them when I see them." The words are given as a promise as the man's face lapses back into the neutrality.

Emily smiles to that as she offers. "If there is anything else that you wish to inquire…" The offer stands between them and the dismissal of meeting right behind it.

"I do not believe so. I have your permission to give them your contact details, yes?" He is confirming before he finishes his coffee, pushing the cup away. "Thank you for your time, Emily." Formal, if slightly awkward, as he rises from the seat.

Emily smiles with delight and comes to her feet too. "Of course you do." Emily pulls out a few business cards to hand them over. "Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you and yours."

Robert takes the card, sliding them into his pocket and offering her a slow nod before he turns to leave. He crosses the room, collecting his bodyguard on the way through.

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