20100222 - Benefits to Both?


Yellow Bungalow: Living Room - Taylor Street: Little Italy

This likely used to be a small living room and a smaller dining room, but it has been opened up to a single space. The floors are old wood that, though recently stripped and waxed, show years of wear. Windows face the drive to the south and open west to the front porch. At the east side of the room, an arched opening in the south corner leads to the kitchen, and a hallway on the north side runs to the back of the house. The walls are painted off-white, almost cream, and show signs of having been patched.
A Mission-style hall tree with mirror, storage bench, and hooks for hanging coats stands next to the front door. Beyond it, a brown leather couch and matching oversized chair form a sitting area around a red and green Oriental-style rug, with a side table for the chair and a low green chest serving as a coffee table. These face the shelving unit that holds a television, audio equipment, a sparse rack of CDs, and a few, mostly practical books. A round table set with four ladder-backed chairs sits in front of the bay window at the west side of the room. One picture hangs over the couch, another over a shallow table holding a cordless phone that is set against the east wall.



GAME> Wednesday, Feb 23 10:25:39 2011 - Winter Morning < Blizzard >

Temina knocks on the door, having given Robert a message she has to see him about…a message. From the Asian Pack, no less. So, here she is, in her new role (some seem to believe) of Messanger to the Ulfric. She's dressed, as usual when outside, in her dark navy peacoat.

Robert is home, awaiting his messenger, and he opens the door quickly. The weather outside is not conducive to leaving guests on the doorstep and he waves her in with that flicker of a smile, the brief dip of his head as an acknowledgement, and her name as a greeting. "Temina." He gestures towards the couch, almost a return to the scene of the crime.

Temina smiles, and shakes the snow off her coat, and eases into the door, ducking as is normal for one of her height. Not necessary, just…prudent. "Hello, Ulfric. I seem to have come into possession of a letter for you, of introduction. A Lady Xian, of the Asian Pack. I have not opened it, I kept it for you" she says, and delviers the sealed envelope. "I believe it consists of a letter of introduction and explanation for ehr presence here in the New World. I don't know how, but she seemed to get the impression I'm your messenger. All I did was offer to deliver a message, since I didn't think you'd be comfortable with me revealing where you lived to a strange shifter, in case it was something untoward. Though, if that helps you out, I dont' mind takign messages and such for you, when you're not available. Might be beneficial for us both. But that decision is yours, of course.

"Robert, please…" The man murmurs softly, tilting his head as he takes the envelope. "She gained the impression you are part of my pack." The comment is mild, as he closes the door behind her, gesturing to a seat as he takes his own. The packet remains unopened in his hands, a thing for later, as he considers her offer thoughtfully. "How would this arrangement benefit you?" The direct question is given with an equally direct look, and a considering look, weighing her up as he waits for her answer.

Temina says, "Honsetly, it gives me a little status with you, and by association, other shifters. I told you I'm a reporter, having contacts who are comfortable with em and WILLING to talk is a big benefit. And if you're giving me your penumbra, so to speak, there's less likelihood of basic trouble if I get into a bad situation during an investigation. Also, being of use to you would help me if I'd ever need a favor or the like. And, equally, I'd be of use to you, I think, since my information may come from sources you don't usually find, and I think I tend to be in places youare not. Eyes and ears that don't trigger shifter alamrs, so to speak."

Robert tilts his head, considering her thoughtfully, his eyes narrowing a little. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, his hands clasped around the parcel. "I see. Other shifters do not follow my lead, Temina. I am merely the Ulfric of the pack. Define for me a bad situation you would be expecting me to help you with? I am wary of this deal, but I am willing to hear you out." He hesitates briefly, adding awkwardly, with a flicker of a smile. "And I thank you for the delivery of this parcel."

Temina says, "If It is known I'm associated with the Pack, if I'm in a situation where violence or escape are equal, kiling someone who is a known associate will be less likely. Being Killed is such a bother, sometimes. I prefer to avoid the mess and the pain. Also, if I'm a known associate of your pack, shifters of all sorts might be more likely to believe that I'm friendly, and open up to me. As to the parcel, I gave my word, and that is something I never betray."

Robert listens, his impassive face giving no hint to his thoughts as his gaze rests on her face. "I see." His words are brief, neutrality hiding his emotions well. "A known associate of my pack also comes with risks, and responsibilities. There are always those that would kill or hurt me or mine, and there are risks of battles between groups, where being one of mine would mark you easily for pain or death."

Temina says, "To me the benefits would outweigh the duties, and I realize it might make me marked by some. As I said, Death is irritating, but sometimes it's the cost of doing business. I need roots here, and this seemed a found situation where it might be advisable to try and sink them."

Robert's eyes narrow slightly, and he places the parcel to one side, speaking slowly, his words considered. "This is twice you have spoken as death being a mere irritant to you. Be direct with me. What are you?" The man's face is no less impassive but the tiniest narrowing of his eyes suggests a strong interest in the answer.

Temina says, "I am Djin, I thought you recognized that last time we spoke" she seems rather matter of fact about it. She's offering an alliance, no need to be coy. "If you didn't there's a notehr facet wher eI might be of use to you.""

He nods, a slow gesture, an acknowledgement of her words. "I see." He glances down at his hands, a moment of thoughtful consideration for her offer before he speaks slowly. "I will accept your offer but if you use the association with me to harm any of my kind, even by mistake, you will be obliged to explain to me how this came about." His words are chosen carefully.

Temina says, "That goes without saying. It is not something I plan to ever bring danger to your door. Nor ill. It is just a situation that seemed a good situation to attempt, since it appears that I kinda fell into the situation as it were."

"In my experience, it is the things that go without saying that cause me the most trouble." A flash of Robert's rare sense of humor as he offers her a hand to seal the deal. "You may let people pass messages through you, or bring information that you feel appropriate then. A known associate."

Temina says, "That was the situation I was expecting to develop. If you feel comfortable, I'd like to meet your pack formally. If not, that's als understandable."

"I am afraid that is not possible but I will make them aware of your existence and your association with me." Robert speaks slowly, his words precisely selected, his tone neutral.

Temina says, "I said if you were comfortable with it. I suspected you wouldn't be, but can't hurt to put onesself forward, after all. That's what mother always said, Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Granted, she said it in Arabic, which makes it sound more angry."

One eyebrow arches and Robert nods slowly once more, withdrawing his hand, unshaken with a faintly quizzical look. "There are things I do that will risk my personal safety on my judgement, but that I will not risk the pack on. You are one of those things."

Temina says, "I'm not concerned about it. If after a time, it seems different, many things do, I've seen, Many things do."

Robert nods, rising to his feet and glancing at the woman. "Then we will see. My thanks for both the interesting offer and the parcel. I will ensure that my wolf knows you kept your word."

Temina seems surpised at the hand moving, and quickly tries to shake the hand. "Sorry" she says, blushing. "Didn't want to seem standoffish"

Robert chuckles, soft and low, as he returns the shake quickly, his hand calloused but the contact is brief enough. "Thank you for coming."

Temina smiles in return, and stands up. "Thanks for your time. i'll be in touch when things need to be touched between us.

Robert nods, moving slowly to the door to open it. "I will speak with you soon, I am sure, Temina." The brief nod once more, and he steps back to allow her to pass.

Temina slides into her coat, and heads back into the whiteneed world.

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