20100226 - Memory Meets a Rat


St.Rumon Health Center: Waiting Room - North Avenue: East

At a contrast to the slightly run-down outside, once one walks through the door, they find a comfortable waiting room within. The smell of construction, new paint and carpet fills the air, strong to those with sensitive noses. A dark blue tile covers the floor while pale blue paint does the same to the walls. Colorful abstract paintings are hung on the wall with simple wood frames, set above quite comfortable cushiony chairs and small lush sofas. There are several wood tables scattered among the furniture, holding plain brass lamps and magazines alike. Dominating one wall is a portait of a bearded saint, bearing a shepherd's crook, and flanked by two content-looking hunting dogs.

Across from the main door, there is a check-in counter behind which a secretary generally sits to take down names of those waiting to be seen. There's a door there also that leads to the hallway where examination rooms can be found.




Evening, and St. Rumon is really quite quiet. There's a man leaning against the front desk, chatting with the receptionist; he has a definitely English accent, and an amused tone to his voice.

Memory comes into the hopsital, skipping along, wearing a heavy, thick pink sweater with a turtleneck, and a pink pair of snowboots. She carries along with her a pink backpack, and a pink rose as well. She moves behind Jack to wait for the receptionist, waiting her turn.

As Memory arrives, Jack turns to look at her; as she approaches the desk, he says a few words to the receptionist, who gives Memory a smile. "How can I help, ma'am?", the woman asks, while Jack retreats toa polite distance away.

Memory smiles to the woman "Oh, actually I'm looking for someone. His name is Jack…let's see, I think he might come in here regularly, but I'm not sure.". She looks to Jack "From what I know, he's about this gentleman's height, and has his kind of hair too.." Loooking back to the receptionist, she asks "Have you seen anyone in here like that today?"

"Let me go through my records," the receptionist says, but Jack is smirking in the background. "So you're looking for someone with brown hair, about six feet tall, called Jack. Can't be many of those around Chicago. Do you know a nationality, an eye colour, maybe even a surname?"

Memory shakes her head "I don't know..I was supposed to meet him here, but he's not a patient…or, at least, I hope he's not. Oh goodness, I hope he's not hurt! That'd be terrible! I'd better buy some chocolate, just in case. That's what you get for people when they're in the hospital, right? Chocolates? And Ballons! But the only balloons I know that I could get right now say stuff like nice boobs, and take it off.". She pouts a bit, shaking her head. "I need to befreind someone with a clown business or something. My emergency novelty balloon options are really limited."

Jack sighs. "I'm my height, I've got my hair, and I'm called Jack. Sorry, but I didn't expect to be meeting ski-slope Barbie." The receptionist smiles politely. "Sir, Ma'am, the conference room is available if you need it."

Memory blinks, looking between the two, before her eyes finally settle on Jack. "Oh! Well, I'm just releived that you aren't checked in here. I've never liked hospitals..not very homey. Did you want to go into the conference room then?" She offers the rose "Here, I got this for you!"

Jack takes the rose. "Um. Thanks," he says. "I think. Yes please, Jenine, the conference room would be wonderful." He takes the key from the receptionist with a smile and a, "Thanks." Turning, he gestures politely for Memory to precede him down the hall with 'Conference Room' signposted.

Memory follows after, waiting for the conference room to be unlocked, before entering in. "My name's Memory Stellar. I'm a vampire, but I'm not with the Kiss or anything. In fact, they pretty much hate me. Something about a cheery vampire just rubbing them all the wrong way I think."

Jack closes the door behind them; at what Memory says, his eyebrows lift. "As far as I understand vampire politics, you have to be either part of the Kiss or the Church of Eternal Life, or dead a second time."

Memory nods her head. "Yes, I'm part of the church. But it was a whole silly mess really." She opens her back, and reaches in, taking out a 'blister back' and setting it down. "Here, I got this for you. It's a tiny little keychain action figure of 'The Rat King' from teenage mutant ninja turtles. I wasn't sure what to get, but when I saw something that said Rat King, well..I was like, how much more neat could that be?". She settles into a seat, putting the backpack up on the table. "I'm..a little different than most vampires. And they don't like that. I'm very open, honest, and I feed on happiness. And, well, the occasional blood too. I found out the hard way that you can't live on happiness alone. You starve."

Jack leaves the blister pack and its keychain right where it is. "And that you feed on happiness matters to me *why* precisely? Look, I'll lay it on the line for you, Ms. Stellar. I'm a busy man. Right now I'm neck-deep in a multiple homicide preternatural case, I've got a warrant to serve and I've got people queueing up to talk to me. What do you want from me?"

Memory winces, and looks like she might try to hide under the table for a moment or two. "Sorry…" she says, looking glum for a moment. "I get carried away sometimes. I've been working with Robert to try to bring the shifter groups together to form a council. Right now people are killing shifters left and right. It started out with Justin, but he's dead. So someone is continuing his work. Sort of. When we don't talk to eachother, we work against eachother. I'd like to see a freely flowing place where information can be discussed, matters of other importance. Eventually, other groups who live in the area should probably be invited, but for right now it's really important that the shifters talk, because they are the ones being targeted.". She brings out a box for a 'Acer Netbook'. "I did put something else together for you, if you'd like to use it. The Rats are one of the biggest groups in the city, it's not long before they probably get targeted too. This is a netbook computer that can only be accessed when you put the flash drive inside it. That holds the encryption key..it's a very big key. There's a program that lets you use a global positioning system for cellphones. You can pull up any cellphone that you enter the simm for. If you put your people's simm numbers into the software, it can find where they are for you, so if someone goes missing, it could cut down significantly on tracking times.".

Jack smiles ever so faintly. "I don't know if you're aware, but we rodents have a bit of a reputation. The lions and the wolves are the only ones who've even bothered to try and get in touch, and the wolves only within the last few weeks. On top of that, Ms. Stellar, I work for the police department. My people are used to living with persecution, we're used to living with people trying to threaten and intimidate us, and we're used to reminding people that they may be bigger, but we're nastier. And if I wanted one of those," he points at the netbook, "Don't you think I'd already have one, sourced through police channels? It's a grave breach of my people's privacy for not a great deal of security."

Memory lowers her eyes, taking the box back, holding it to her chest with her arms. "Okay..I'm sorry. I work for the airport, and I thought it might be useful. Every person's life is important. They can't truely be replaced. I don't want to see anyone die. I thought it maybe I could help a little…it's okay, I'll return it.". She looks up at you "I know about the persecution…but it doesn't make it right. My own kind has hunted me down before, because I was different. My husband used to hit me in the head a lot. When I turned, he dragged my sire out into the sun. I was left all on my own, so I do know something of what you speak, just not to the same extent. I think almost all the groups have accepted the invitation to a council. Personally, I've gotten the okay from the Lions, the Wolves, and the Independants. I think Robert's probably gotten more groups."

Jack nods. "So, tell me about this Council you want to set up," he says quietly. "You've got the wolves, the lions and the independants, so that means Robert, Charley and whoever's in charge of the lions when they make their minds up."

Memory nods. "Javier, though Kim seems to do a lot of the work often.". She puts the netbook back into her bag. "Well..I think Robert has some other ideas, now that he's become the leader of the wolves. I think he wants to make some alliances and stuff..which is good. The idea is basically to have a single representative, probably mostly leaders, and noone can bring anyone, just the one person. They can meet with the other representatives, and talk over any problems, issues, or concerns. The problem is every group doesn't exactly have a representative to the others, so a lot of groups just don't talk, sometimes they end up working against eachother. In a time like this, we can't afford to waste time, especially if there are lives at stake.".

Jack sighs. "Okay, enough is enough. I know what Robert was trying to accomplish, and I signed up to it. He never said anything about a bloody vampire being involved. I don't know how much you know about me, Ms. Stellar, but I don't like vampires very much - meeting the Traveller will have that effect on anyone. If I send a representative, nothing the council decides will be binding on me, and that goes for anyone else who sends a representative. Robert was decent enough to get in touch with me direct, as was Javier; I don't even know the name of the current Master of the City, let alone what he looks like, and last time I met the vampiric representative to the rats that particular vampire was actively trying to start a war." He rises to his feet. "Since it seems that what you wanted to discuss has already been resolved, I'm going to have to go. There are bodies on the fucking floor, bodies that died a horrible death, and I'm the one who's got the legal authorisation to stop it. There are lives at stake, as you keep telling me, and so far you've done nothing but waste my fucking time. Do you have anything to say that's actually important, or can I get back to my job?"

Memory begins to cry. Tears flowing down her face, and she sniffles. "If you want to get in contact with the Kiss's master of the city, you can arrange a meeting with Miss Annabelle, she is the voice of the kiss, and she will arrange the meeting for you.". She stands, leaving the backpack, rubbing at her eyes. "I..I'm sorry to waste your time! I didn't mean to!

Jack nods. "Thank you," he says, then shakes his head. "Tears don't work on me, ma'am, but I can definitely understand and empathise with your disability." With that said, he turns towards the door.

Memory stands, shaking he rhead. "I am not retarded! I'm not!". She shakes her head with a heavy sigh, walking out of the room.

Jack is out of the door long before Memory gets there, and by the time she's in the corridor he's cleared the medical centre.

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