20100408 - Carrie Interviews Robert


Floor 38: Atrecnoc Productions Carrie Tutor's office - John Hancock Building - Michigan Street: North

Entering into this office seems to be something of walking into a library. Along the longest wall is built in shelves that holds books, binders, and knick knacks. Those being pictures of family and friends, there are little statues of precious moments and teddy bears. The dark wood frames for these bookcases are attached to the wall to keep them secure. The lights are gently infused into the bookshelves to help illuminate the dark wall. The wall that has the book cases is the east wall though everything starts after the door that happens to be slightly deep into the wall to give the appearance of a foyer when walking into the office.
The west wall is full glass to see out over the city and part of the lake. There are professional grade curtains and blinds so depending on the time of day they can be closed so the setting sun doesn't affect work. To the north is what seems to be a lovely formal living room setting with faux fireplace, with a mantel on top and a lovely oil painting of Carrie and her mother. Around said fireplace is a long couch that faces the fireplace flanked by two chairs on each side, and then two tables with lamps on them as well. The whole setting is put onto of a lovely light colored Persian rug. Before the couch is a low laying coffee table that seems to have an English bone China tea setting for six. Behind the couch is a couch table that holds two vases of silk red roses.
Behind this lovely setting is where the desk sets. The desk is large enough to support a computer files and such but is long enough to look at people clearly without anything on the desk getting in the way. On the desk there is a small plaque that reads, "Carrie Tutor". Behind this desk there is a nice large leather chair, and a few feet and there is what looks like a nice smaller desk that holds files and such. There is an air diffuser that keeps a soft lavender scent present in the room. Behind the desk on the south wall has a lovely painting of the forest something like a Monet.




The fire is lit and the lamps are on in the front part of the room. There seems to be tasty sandwiches and the bone China kettle is filled with coffee. Carrie is sitting on the couch with a napkin in lap while seemingly having a sandwich. She does have her notebook next to her while reading something else, it looks like printed email. When her secretary leads Robert in, poof there goes the sandwich as coffee follows and the napkin comes off her lap into her hands. Wiping her hands off and moving to walk over to her guest she extends her hand out to him. Speaking in an upper The City district accent she greets him. "Mr. Moye, it is a great pleasure to meet you. Please, come in. If you'd like anything let me know, I have sandwiches and coffee here." She offers before sliding to the side letting him enter into the room more.

Robert is dressed more formally than ever before, in a suit that is tailored to the man's body. He offers his hand, and a slow nod as she greets him. "Robert, please. It is very kind of you to allow me to speak through your show." His odd formality reveals discomfort with the spotlight, and his hand is firm, warm and calloused. "I have eaten already but thank you." He glances around the room, his gaze taking in the cameras, the lights, the set with a neutrality that is more wolf than human.

Carrie nods her head a bit and gently allows you to sit down. "This is going to be aired on the show tomorrow, so please don't mind everything in back of me and you. I do thank you greatly for this chance to talk to you about the preternatural community at large with the direct understanding of those with the Lycanthrope virus." She says softly. "You must forgive me, I've done as much research as I can about this but I'm afraid I only have found technical words no the pc words." She gently moves to sit on the couch and offers a seat. "First thing is first, before we start. What kind of questions would you like to be asked and what would be too personal? I want to avoid anything that you'd be uncomfortable. My goal is to show the world you in the best light possible with keeping true to your goals about this interview."

Robert takes a seat, his large frame dwarfing the chair and he reaches up to adjust his tie, the gesture uncomfortable. "Those words are appropriate. It is something worth reminding people of, that we merely have a disease that makes us different." He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, his expression earnest as he speaks to her. "I intend to speak about the Committee for Lycanthrope Acceptance and Welfare. I am willing to discuss the execution of the wolfman killer but only to the extent of my own involvement. Is that acceptable to you?"

Carrie's head nods gently moving to pull her coffee cup to her lips and sips as you talk. She moves to put her notebook into her lap as she starts to write a bit. "Alright, so ah … claw? Alright, ah anything is acceptable to me, I want to make sure it's acceptable to you. Ah, you don't have to wear the tie if you don't like it. Really I'd like you in your best natural element if that's alrigiht." She smiles and gestures to her own suit. "I'm used to dressing like this so please do you want change before this?" Offering an environment that is comfortable to him and only him.

Robert's hand rises to the tie, and he tugs at it, giving her a rare smile, as he takes it off. "CLAW, yes. I am ready." The tie removed and the top button undone, he looks more at ease. "It is important to get the message right, and I am not experienced with this." The steady look gives her all of his attention, with a flicker of a rueful smile. "I am in your hands, Carrie." The low rumbling voice holds a hint of amusement.

Carrie smiles softly to his wording and winks for a moment. "Careful that's what Tom Cruse said after his jumping on Concerta's couch. I think I did well with that one." She grins before she looks back and nods to the man behind the camera. There is the countdown and then slowly Carrie smiles to the camera behind Robert, there is the camera behind her turns on as well.

"Hello, I'm Carrie Tutor for the Concerta show in today's spotlight of Chicagians who are excelling at community awareness. Today's spotlight is Mr. Robert Moye, Chairman of the Committee for Lycanthrope Acceptance and Welfare and known Lycanthrope." She smiles to Robert. "Thank you so much for joining me today. So tell me Robert, why did you start Committee for Lycanthrope Acceptance and Welfare otherwise known as CLAW?"

Robert gives her a blank look at her reference to a moment of popular culture, the man clearly oblivious to it, but the countdown draws his attention away. As she begins to speak, he straightens, keeping his gaze on her. "My pleasure, Carrie. I am grateful to the chance to speak." His voice holds that low timbre, and he continues slowly, picking his words with care. "It is a project that comes from the desire for understanding between Humans and Lycanthrope, not only mine but of other group leaders within the city of Chicago. We believe that only with understanding can come acceptance, and we hope to allow people to understand our lives better. There are few amongst us who chose to be infected, to change, but we all must live with the results of it, and the discrimination that arises from fear and misunderstanding are difficult."

Carrie nods her head a bit to the answer as she starts to write down notes. "Fascinating. May I asked how you became infected and how has being infected changed your life? Does your family know and they do, are they accepting of this? Furthermore, how does the virus affect you as into what if you do change into? I think that people want to understand more of how you have come to this understanding of wanting to come out and talking about it since well do to the recent wolf man incident that has effect the city recently."

Robert hesitates for a moment, his gaze flickering to the camera for an instant before it returns to her face. "I was assaulted, along with a friend, when I was in my twenties. My family are aware, and they are very accepting." He leans forward, his gaze resting on her earnestly, his expression serious. "There are strains of the virus, as there are of others. Each strain is a different animal, and mine is wolf. Within the city, there are many others, and some of those groups are active within CLAW." He pauses, for a moment, to add softly. "I have always been publicly a werewolf, a Lycanthrope. The recent events have made me aware of the difficulties in living in two separate communities, instead of one."

Carrie nods her head while jotting down some key words. "Like the wolf man? Can you tell us Robert, how were you involved or should I say brought into this event? And what was your take on this man? Did you know him or know anything of what he was trying to do? I know it's personal experience but I think it would be rather valuable for our viewers to understand how this man could effect you and your community in such tragic way."

Robert's expression becomes more serious, and there is an air of distinct disapproval. "I had never met him before the night when he was executed. However, he had used my name to harm someone, and I took that personally. From my understanding, he felt that we should all be cured of our disease by death, from the comments he made to me during our brief interaction." He lets out a slow sigh, speaking more softly, "On a personal note, one of his victims was a member of my family, a young woman who was harmless. To lose one of your own is difficult, and to lose one to such hatred and viciousness was doubly so. I was very angry and it was at that point I gave the interview to the press, which provoked him to attack me. Jack Green, an executioner, was kind enough to allow me to act as bait for his trap."

Carrie's brows slowly arch, then lower as she attempts to remain neutral though it's clear on her face she's surprised. "Oh! I'm terribly sorry for your loss." She says letting things pause just for a moment. "Besides being bait, how else did you help organize your community to keep others protected from this man? And speaking on cures, would you wish to be cured if there was one, or help to seek out and trying to fund to find a cure?"

Robert's expression does show his feelings for once, the man working to make it so, trying to break habits. "Those of us leading groups spoke together, and I gave a password to ask me for, since the man resembles me, and used my name. I would not have him use that again to lure someone to their death." His voice hardens slightly there and he pauses, taking a moment before he answers. "I know there are those working for a cure, but I cannot know if I would take it until the moment it is a reality. I have been as I am since my early twenties, and I am not a young man."

Carrie nods her head gently listening she writes down on her pad a bit while you speak; though she never takes her eyes off of you while you speak. "That is an excellent way to help protect others. May I ask how old are you? And does the virus cause latent aging?" She asks before adding onto it. "This this incident with the wolf man what brought you to start CLAW and to get more of the community involved under one name?"

"I am forty-five." Robert's precise words reveal his true age, the man looking in his mid thirties. "It gives us slower ageing and faster healing, which is a blessing." He answers her questions slowly, returning the gaze steadily. "It was not only that. I have thought for some time that we should speak between ourselves and that it is foolish to fear sharing resources when we are merely people, all of us needing support."

Carrie tilts her head a bit. "If you were merely people, you wouldn't be able to do the things you do. You have see that the general population would get a bit concerned and slightly frightened." She says gently. "How would you want the general public to see you? In what light, would you wish to be views as. If I was to start the sentence. "Robert Moye is a werewolf and a …" How would you like people to finish that sentence."

Robert inclines his head, acknowledging her point. "I am a werewolf, a fitness trainer, a brother, a friend,… I could go on. I have many roles in my life. The main one is Ulfric, leader of the werewolves, and now chairman of CLAW." He pauses, hesitating, "Robert Moye is as simple and as complicated as any other person out there, and tries his best to wear all of the hats with equal attention and importance."

Carrie nods her head a bit and smiles. "Well done, excellently said Robert. In ClAW, what can those with the virus expect from the organization. Are there departments or branches that cover different areas of CLAW? And how do the other groups help to assist you and your were wolves to achieving this goal of yours?"

Robert gives her that rare thing, a smile, his eyes creasing at the corner. "We're intending to aid those whose groups have joined the organisation, to support them with problems that arise from their infection." He pauses, adding softly, "There are several groups in CLAW. There are some that have chosen to remain outside of it, and there are always individuals who will not be part of a group. Inside CLAW we are working together, to put that support network in place."

Carrie smiles gently and nods her head. "Excellent! Could you, if possible, tell us what other groups are involved with this. Do the newly infected come to you for medical aid as well if they need legal representation? Is there contact information for those that wish to assist, aid, or help make donations to your organization?" She asks before adding on. "Also what would your oganization like the general public to do in assisting to your goal of being accepted?"

Robert hesitates before he shakes his head slowly. "I do not think it would be appropriate for me to discuss that, until we are certain of the level of information it is safe to release. There is a danger in being publicly so, and I would not ask anyone to risk themselves." He pauses, answering the questions slowly, "The newly infected are welcome to speak with me for information but I would advise them to seek medical treatment as soon as they can. The fever that comes with it can kill without care. I will provide you with the contact details for our organisation." The last question takes a moment for him to answer, and he hesitations, "I would like them to remember that in the past other diseases have caused changes in the human body, and that we now criticise those who treated those infected differently. This is no different. That Lycanthrope is still your neighbour, your cousin, your colleague."

Carrie adds into that list. "Your family member?" She asks before nedding her head to the other information. "Please I understand, it's merely a question to see or understand beyond the wolves who are involved, but when they wish to be noted I hope that they do come forth and add their name to yours." She says before going on as she pauses to think. "Will you be doing any public events or activities to bring the public in to understanding and learning more about how to handle and treat those with the virus? Like speeches, information sessions and such?"

"The others are as important as the wolves. We speak equally when we meet and discuss things with an equal vote. It is merely that there are reasons that it is possible for me to come forward, to be seen, and not for them." He explains that carefully, stressing the importance of the other groups clearly. "It could easily be your sister, brother, parent." He agrees softly, giving her a smile. "We will be having seminars, and a website." A flicker of amusement appears and a wry smile creases his lips as he adds softly. "I admit, I am not a technical person but two of those in the organisation are talented thus, and one of our people gives talks. And so we support each other and share our abilities."

Carrie ohs as she nods her head gently. "Well done! Will you be letting us know when these events happen? I'm sure our audience would be more than happy to go to them and become more educated in this matter. When you have a website up, we'd be more than happy to lick it into our community pages so that our viewers can get more information as well that way. Does the organization have a direct telephone number or a hot line people to contact?

Robert's slow nod gives him a moment to choose his words. "I will let you know, Carrie. I am arranging a direct telephone number for people to contact, and I will ensure that you receive it." He lifts his eyebrows, making a cautious joke. "It would be otherwise difficult for them to ask questions."

Carrie nods her head a bit as she smiles gently. "That's wonderful to know and I'm sure our viewing audience will find that wonderful to know. So, I'm sure many in our audience will inquire to know a bit more about you personally. You will have to forgive me if I ask. Are you involved with anyone, and being that you are infected how has that affected your life where relationships are concerned."

Robert freezes for a moment, more rabbit in headlights than werewolf for a second before he lifts a hand, rubbing the back of his neck, the smile he gives her being rueful. "I am not involved with someone." He confirms that slowly, hesitating before he adds quietly, his voice careful, "The friend I was with when we were attacked was the love of my life and I have not yet found someone else. However, from my observations of others' relationships, it complicates matters. It ensures that you must be more careful with the ones you love, treat them with more care." He glances away from her for a moment then, returning with that wry smile.

Carrie ohs as she frowns softly. "I'm so sorry to hear that, truly. This love of your life, was she or he understanding of your condition. Did she or he accept and were careful around you?" She asks gently. "Sorry, you know the audience will want to know if it was a woman or a man. Sorry to put you on the spot like this." She apologizes in advance of it. "And since you're rather unattached at the moment, do you believe that maybe you'll have another encounter with love with a woman or a man?"

Robert pauses, glancing away, coincidentally towards the cameras as he considers his reply. "My love died before they knew I was infected, of the same attack." He speaks carefully, and as he returns his gaze to her, he offers her a wry smile, bashful almost, as he speaks, "They may wish to know but that part of my life is private, and an Ulfric has few private things. I hope they will allow me that. And as for future loves…" He hesitates, adding softly, "Let's say I'm on the bench, rather than batting for a team."

Carrie chuckles gently as she nods her head. "Well spoken, though you do know you will be getting letters from our audience on that one." She smiles softly. "Well Robert, this has been a privliage and a delight to speak with you. I hope that ClAW launches off beautifully and that it's quick spot on to what you are hoping it will do for our community." She says and looks to the camera. "Well this includes our interview with Mr. Robert Moye. All the information on CLAW will be up on our website as soon as it's avaiable. THank you and have a wonderful day." And cut.
Carrie takes a deep breath and smiles. "Well that went swimmingly." She says moving to pour herself a fresh cup of coffee and offers you some. "They'll put that in the segment tomorrow and air it there and on line as well. Though the on line will stay up there for at least two to three weeks. IS there an address I can have to forward you any letters to you? Believe me the way you handled that you're going to get a lot!"

Robert keeps still whilst she finishes the slot, and then lifts his hand to rub his neck once more, giving her that bashful look. "I will give you my card, it has my address on it. My personal life is of doubtful interest to people." His certainty that his words are true is obvious as he reaches for his wallet, offering her the card with his address and cell number on it. "Thank you for letting me speak."

Carrie nods her head as she stands to take the card and looks at it. "You don't know our audience do you Robert? I'll be having every single person in the city and possibly the nation, wanting to find out if your available. No offence, your message was excellent and I hope CLAW does wonderfully well. However many will be looking to hook up with you as the new wanton and active bachelor of the year. FYI, Concerta might put you up on her list as well. I know your not looking and I understand but that's fame for you." She says softly and consoling gently. "I would like to know a bit more myself. My friend was apparently mind rolled and fed off by a vampire. This gentleman in the coffee shop today was most upset about it and he just … well he offered to heal him. Can your people do that?" She asks softly before describing Tripp in vivid detail.

Robert gives her a look of almost bewilderment, before his expression becomes impassive, neutral. "Concerta?" The repeat is a question, the man clearly never having heard of it. "It is illogically to want something that has been clearly stated is not possible." That is spoken with a firmness, a clear viewpoint from the neutral man but her other question has him leaning his elbows on his knees, his gaze resting on her. "Some of my people can do that." He confirms in a soft tone, his forehead wrinkling. "It is foolish to offer to do it in public, however, and a dangerous thing to do."

Carrie nods her head a bit. "Concerta, my boss, the one that will be doing the show and will put this interview on. She will probably ask for a live showing if your up for at when CLAW is up and running. I'm working on a show for that right now." She gestures to her rather stacked up desk at the moment, while the crew filters out of her office and they are alone. "Yes, I agree however he was most insistant that he could take my friend's scars away without using a cosmtic surgeon."

Robert nods slowly, giving her a puzzled look at the mention of scars. "I am not certain that his boast is possible." His words are cautious, and he moves back to the other topics, "I am willing to appear live, if we discuss it before hand." He rises to his feet, offering her a hand, a formal gesture. "Thank you for today."

Carrie nods her head a bit as she takes his hand and firmly shakes it. "Well, actually thank you. This really has been most educational and rather top notch. I don't think I've ever had an interview like this before. Oh!" She says and heads back over to her desk, after letting your hand go. "We normally give our guests gifts and such thanking them for coming." She comes back over and offers you a standard thank you card. "I wasn't sure what to get you so I kind of played it safe." Inside the thank you card is a 100 dollars gift certificate to the polycrome for coffee. "It's a little something to say thank you and well I hope that you like coffee."

Robert glances at the contents of the card, before returning his gaze to her, chuckling. "It is one of my few pleasures, Carrie." He comments quietly, offering her a rare smile. "I appreciate it." His voice is warm, and he gives her that slow nod of acknowledgement. "I believe I will see you again." He is preparing to leave, sliding the card into his pocket.

Carrie smiles rather happily as she nods her head gently. "Wonderful! I'm so glad. Well I hope you will and do take care. I hope you have a great evening and if you have any questions please give me a call. Oh …" She says turning to her desk heading for it. "… mind the drooling secretaries on the way out. I have a feeling an alert was put out there by mine that you were here."

"I will call you." Robert promises, the glance towards the secretaries area slightly wary, as the man takes his leave. Luckily, he manages to avoid them mostly.

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