20101018 - Introducing Jandra


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The Polychrome 2.0 is a serious upgrade in both style and function. Gone is the soft-industrial warehouse look, the walls repainted from their worn brick color to a more warm rich red adobe. The walls are adorned with old Sci-Fi posters and paintings by independent local artists.

The entire cafe is situated around a circular bar-like counter in the very center of the room which, in turn, surrounds the chrome and copper homemade monstrosity Frankenchino machine the only surviving relic of the previous Polychrome. Frankenchino billows steam and froth from it's masses of pipes and valves, the temperature and levels of fluids measured by gleaming old fashioned pressure gages and controlled by a plethora of levers and turn-gaskets. Comfortable high backed chromed stools with leather upholstery orbit the counter, which through it's thick Plexiglas surface into it's refrigerated interior can be seen sandwiches and pastries and other snacks in refrigerated. Above the counter is an outfacing circle of LCD TVs showing various feeds off the Internet.

Circular segmented couches surround low black coffee tables around the cafe, each one having a computer monitor on a swivel in the center and a cordless keyboard and mouse and allowing the patrons full and free net access. In one corner there are more dedicated semi-private computer terminals at high-mounted and a kiosk where one can rent a laptop. Another corner sports an Internet jukebox which has been built into the body of a full sized Robby the Robot replica. Another corner has a small stage from which patrons can enjoy independent bands or poets on certain nights. The last corner is set up with merchandise such as books, magazines, shirts, mugs and gadgets.



Alejandra is settled on one of the couches, her coffee between her hands, a local paper in front of her. She is studying it thoughtfully, her forehead wrinkling. Her gaze lifts slowly, considering the man who just arrived, her shoulders tensing.

Javier seems to be in a somber mood as he walks over Miah and says to her "So Dyson and Kai are not around? Too bad… I will take my usual a mocha and a carrot cake."

Alejandra shifts slightly, as she moves to put her coffee mug down. She lowers her head, watching him through her lashes, whilst she pretends to read the paper. The tension radiates off her, even as she gives it away, nibbling her lower lip, tensing her shoulders.

She shifts up, twisting to face him, her eyes widening, giving her a startled expression. "Uh, no. No problem." She hesitates, doing a quick nervous swallow followed by a quick smile. "Alejandra Ramos. I'm new in town…" The words almost tumble out of her, a breathless rush of explanation. She makes a brief gesture, indicating the paper and the circled housing options.

Javier nods "Please to meet you Mrs. Ramos. I would suggest you check out the Basement. That place has a nice club and bar not to mention it is also an apartment building. I am sure you will find plenty of friends there if you checked it out." Javier seems to be relaxing just a bit more around you getting out of his somber mood.

Her forehead creases slightly, a brief flicker of perplexion. "You are the second person to mention it. I guess it is a good start." She hesitates for a second, keeping her gaze on him. "Got a name of the super there?" Alejandra is relaxing a little, but still tense, "Alej… and I'm not married." A hint of a smile, the corner of her mouth tugging slightly.

Javier shrugs "Sadly most of the people who I knew there are no longer around." He then grins "Though told one of the higher ups did not like me too well. His lost cause I like to think of myself as a nice guy. His lost friendship wise I have no interest in men other then as friends. As I like to say my sword simply does not swing that way."

Alejandra's gaze flies to his face and she frowns, sitting back, tensing. "Higher ups?" She questions slowly, before she shakes her head slowly. "Uh, I guess I'm not covering as well as …" She doesn't bother finishing the sentence, her mouth curving briefly into a rueful smile. "Is it a …" A hesitation shows her inexperience in using the term, "pard place?"

Javier gives Alejandra a nod and a wink and then speaks in voice so low that only a Therian (or a vampire) can hear what he is saying "If there is any place that is a pard place that would be it."

Alejandra's mind is obviously working overtime, the tension vibrating off her. "Then the guy who suggested it the other day, he spotted me too." She shakes her head, her gaze rising to the man beside her, lowering her voice to match his. "I didn't precisely ask before coming. I haven't petitioned…"

Javier is sitting down next to Alejandra on a couch. He is eating and drinking while he is talking to her. Javier seems to be relaxed while Alejandra is just a bit tense.

Both Javier and Alejandra are talking in a voice that is so low of volume that only a fellow supernatural person could over hear them. Javier nods to Alejandra and says "I have no idea how things work with your people. I am willing to bet they would be happy to see another one of thier kind about. I know I would if I was them."

Aeryune parks her vehicle out front…a rather large WWII jeep painted brown and green with camo paint. Not unlike a very early attempt at a hum-vee. Being completely open, it's easy to see the woman inside. She hops out of the vehicle, pocketing the keys. Moving into the coffee shop, she treches upwards with her arms as she approaches, swinging the door open lightly as she slips inside. "Bloody cold out there today, yes?" she offers towards Javier. "I right miss my 115 degree days. Bugger, it's like winter out here today.

Aeryune parks her vehicle out front…a rather large WWII jeep painted brown and green with camo paint. Not unlike a very early attempt at a hum-vee. Being completely open, it's easy to see the woman inside. She hops out of the vehicle, pocketing the keys. Moving into the coffee shop, she treches upwards with her arms as she approaches, swinging the door open lightly as she slips inside. "Bloody cold out there today, yes?" she offers towards Javier. "I right miss my 115 degree days. Bugger, it's like winter out here today.". She pauses a moment, as she looks to the one next to Javier. My my, what's this? She offers a smile, approaching slowly. "Well, hello-hello there Miss Lovely. New around town? I dont recall seeing you before, of course I've been a bit busy. Smeggin' business n' all.".

"I don't know…" Alejandra bites her lower lip before continuing, "I hope so." A flicker of a smile shows, only a brief tug to the corner of her mouth. The newcomer gets a glance, and then her full attention, the tension returning to the woman as she straightens. The direct approach widens her eyes and she glances quickly at Javier, before she replies slowly. "New in town, yes. Alejandra Ramos. I was just…" Another glance at Javier, and she lowers her voice, cautiously, "Looking around for you guys. I know I didn't ask but…"

Javier smiles brightly when he spots Aeryune parking her vehicle. He raies a brow when she talks about the weather and says to her "If our summer feels like winter to you just how were you able to cope with our actual winter? Even natives of Chicago complain about how harsh it can be." He then shrugs "We can talk about that later there are far more important matters to talk about like getting you two to know each other. He looks to Alejandra "Alejandra this is Aeryune Westingale one of the most interesting females I have ever known." He then looks to Aeryune "And Aeryune this is Alejandra Ramos. You two have a bit to talk about. I can leave if needed… I even warmed up this spot on the couch for you."

Aeryune shrugs, moving to just sit on Javier's lap. "Meh, you can stay for this if you like." She rubs at Javier's head, pulling at his cheeks "After all, your as gentle as a big kitty.". She looks over at Alejandra "I'm from Africa, so..well, we don't really get winters down there. And ignore the big fluffy kitty here, from the sounds of it he's trying to set us up or something. If your looking for the family, I can set you on to them. Let's see…the things you need to know about. The fruity ones..y'know, they queer ones? Well, the boys at least, tend to be quite boisterous and on-with-the-mouth when the times aren't exactly right. Be careful around those. Otherwise, the rest of us fam 'ere are pretty inviting. We have a new leader who I haven't seen much of, but I'm a very odd bird. Oh, you should meet the nun. She's one of us, used to be a nun. Kinda preachy, but she's alright."

Alejandra's expression is a picture, her mouth slightly open at the barrage of information, eyes widening. "Fruity… nuns… really?" She shakes her head, clearing it, more than denying anything. "I'm looking. I was told I needed to petition to join the …" A word switch is obvious here as she stumbles, "Family. Sorry, did you say set us up?" The bemusement shows clearly on her face, her gaze following the touching between them, some of the tension fading away. She pushes away the paper, leaving it on the table as she takes her mug up and takes a large swig. "So are you family?"

Javier makes room for Aeryune on his lap and lets out a brief purr when she rubs his head. The feel of another big cat feeling almost as good as if it came from a fellow lion. Aeryune then suddenly scoots off of Javier lap needing to take a call. Javier shakes his head To Alejandra "No I was not looking to set you up but to introduce the two of you… seeing how I knew both of your names it seemed like the proper thing to do." He then gives you a small smile "Oh and by the way this so called gentle big kitty is the Rex of the Pride here. I share leadership with Kim the Regina of the Pride."

Alejandra glances between the pair, some of the tension returning at his statement. "Uh, I'm sorry. I know there is something I'm meant to do, manners but…I'm afraid I'm not entirely up to speed." She offers an apologetic half-smile, and her hand. "I apologise if I didn't respond correctly." Her words slip into a more formal style as the anxiety on her face deepens. "Rex and Regina…" She is committed the titles to memory, cautiously.

Javier shakes his head "No worries at all. You are still new to things and we are in a public place. I would not want you calling me Rex in front of every one and revealing what I am to them any way." Javier has kept his voice low "I am glad Aeryune came along she should be able to be of great help to you."

Alejandra keeps her voice low, matching his, her caution obvious. "I can understand that… I know some people aren't out." A flicker of a smile crosses her lips, "So to speak." She glances across at the other woman, nodding slowly, her hands curling around her mug. "I hope they don't mind too much. I didn't want to stay where I was."

Aeryune hops over the couch onto the spot Javier was occupying, closing her phone as she finishes and tosses it into a pocket. "Well then, bloody sorry about that there. Yeah, I'm part of the fam, however I'm kind of a wanderer. I've been in several families over the years, I've wandered about in Europe, and came abouts over 'ere to go to school, so I'll be out n' about for a while. So I take it you aren't from these parts then?"

Alejandra shakes her head slowly, "I'm from Monterrey, just moved here this week." She waves a hand at the paper, the apartment listing circled. "Looking for a place but it seems I'm told the Basement is a good place." A small tug on the corner of her lips suggests a slight edge of humour in those words. "Will they mind? Me gatecrashing, I mean. I know… I'm told I should have petitioned."

Aeryune shakes her head. "Nope, doubt they'd much mind. I mean, we're fam n' all, y'know? You don't put your family out in th' cold. Personally I'm still looking for just the right house, it's been easier to just stay in a hotel. Apartments just don't really have the space that I'm right used to. Used to being able to run as free as I want. Cities are always a bit of a restrictive feel for me. Plenty of space though in the basement. Your welcome there if you like, just make sure to show yourself around to the family and it won't be a problem."

Alejandra breathes a little more easily, her shoulders relaxing. She shifts, turning to face the other woman more properly, curling her leg beneath her. "I was explaining, I don't know all the right …manners, protocol, whatever you want to call it. I know there is some, just…" She shrugs, holding her hands out, palms upwards, the gesture almost a shrug. "Javier said you might be able to help… just a little."

Aeryune gives a soft laugh. "Oh, aren't you just a little darling?". She leans back, running an arm over the back of the couch. "My father owned a diamond mine in Africa, a very wealthy man. There were 8 of us children, from different mothers.". She lowers her voice a little, leaning closer. "He infected us after he was infected, purposely with his own blood. Most of us didn't make it, I survived and so did my half-brother, Mihail. The pard had to hunt him and stop him, after a while I ended up traveling. I have more money than I need to ever worry about, so I just go about and I get to do whatever I please. I'm not really the most learned one in protocol, but I can tell you that you'll be accepted enough. Just don't blab about pard-specific business to non-pardies, and you'll do fine.".

Alejandra blushes, ducking her head, uncertain. She listens as the other woman speaks of her past, her gaze resting on her face. Her expression changes, softens, sympathy showing in the movement of her eyebrows, softening of the grey eyes. "Wow, that is rough…The father thing." She shakes her head, offering a smile, "I'll keep secrets where I need to, I've no plans to be outed." She glances at her emptied mug. "Can I get you a coffee?" There is a brief flash of tension in her face at the offer.

Aeryune shakes her head "No, no thanks. I prefer tea really, versus the black slogg that americans seem more than happy to endure. Tea however isn't quite as good as jolly ol' England however. Had better tea in Africa, but we did have it imported from England. Americans seem to have a thing about throwing tea into lakes n' such. Seems lik' a waste of good tea t'me.". She hmmns. "Let's see..the one's you need t'meet. Carter n' Agnes. Carter's a goon, strong, but pretty easygoing. Agnes comes across as a bit o' a hardarse, but she'll do wha's in your best interest."

Alejandra's face lightens, and she leans back into the couch. "I like my coffee, keeps you going when you forget meals." For the first time she smiles fully, giving Aeryune a warm look, before it fades as she switches topics. "Carter and Agnes." She is committing the names to memory, her face thoughtful. "I find them at the Basement? Are they…" She lowers her voice again, cautiously, "Nimir raj and ra?" The words are spoken as if they are foreign, new to her.

Aeryune shakes her head "Nah, but they are pretty close kinda. They're the muscle behind the brain if'n you will." She leans over to pull at the woman's cheek "Stop worryin' s'much. It doesn't suit you at'tall. Just relax, you'll be fine. We're a fam y'know? We ain'gonna bite you. It's nothing to be all apprehensive about." She reaches down with her other hand to pinch at the woman's waist "You missing meals? Do you need some money? I can give you some if you are having difficulty eating."

Rachel enters with a low muttering about nothing, just a general crabbiness about no sleep as she makes her way to the counter where Miah is. Stoping there she rests a small backpack on the foor then leans on the edge of the counter as asks for "Black coffee, that French blend you've got that's so strong." she rubs the side of her head while the Barrista is getting it.

The touch does startle Alejandra but she covers it, giving a chuckle and a shake of her head. "Biting is one thing to worry about." The offer of cash brings the tension back, and she ducks her head, a denial on her lips before she gives Aeryune a rueful look. "There isn't much use in denying and lying to you, is there? I'm a bit short, job hunting, you know." She shrugs, the movement a half hunch of her shoulders. "Just keeping things a little careful, you know how it goes." She glances at Rachel, briefly.

Aeryune doesn't seem to pay Rachel any mind, affixed attention upon Alejandra. She reaches into her pocket, and pulls out a small stack of 100 dollar bills, rubber-banded together, and tosses them on Alejandra's lap. Probably 2-3 thousand dollars worth. "Here, this should get you by. I don't keep too much cash on hand for traveling money, but it'll keep food in your belly. And your arse in a hotel till you figure out what t'quite do with yourself. Don't worry about paying me back, money isn't really anything I need more of really."

Rachel gets her coffee and turns toward the others after she gets her backpack. She chuckles softly nods at the two women then makes her way to a nearby sofa to sit with her pack being carefully placed by her feet.

Alejandra takes the cash slowly, giving Aeryune a startled look and then a slow smile. "Wow, I'm… wow. That is really nice of you. I'll pay you back, for sure, anyhow." She makes the promise sincerely, earnestly. "I'll not waste it." The money is squirrelled away, hidden in her pockets, as she speaks. She glances up, returning the nod after a slight hesitation. "I wasn't hinting, honestly."

Aeryune shrugs her shoulders "Don't worry about it, and you don't have to pay it back. Oh, here…" She reaches into her pocket, and then tosses you her cell-phone. "The charger is in the car. It's a pre-paid cellphone. Untracable really. Good thing to have. I'll give the important folks the number so they can give you a call, set up a meet. It's paid up for about 3 months, so feel free to go crazy on it.". She leans back against the couch again. "Let's see…Carter's hot, but..well, he's a thug. Mostly muscle, some brain. He means well. Agnes is all god n' such, she has her morals and whatnot, but she's also not quite delusional about it. Beyond that, beware of the gay boys. They have tounges that wag. I don't know of any gay girls in the area, but I think they're probably okay. They don't really talk about it or make it obvious if they are. Everyone else I've met seems to be pretty sensible. Beware the bloodsucking folks though. They have a pretty strong presence in the city, n' trust me when I tell you, you do /not/ want to get entangled with that whole lot. Word is they're quite viscious around here."

Rachel is keeping quiet, trying to just drink the coffee to bring some life back into her body. Finally she finishes then looks at the watch on her wrist, something cheap, plastic and flashy with glass settings around the face. "hurmmmm." then there is a long tired sigh grabs the pack and slowly stands as if her muscles are screaming at her to sit back down. Just then a rasping ringing sound comes from a pocket and she pulls a cell phone out. "yea, talk to me." and she beings to make her way to the door. "yea, yea, Ok, ok, ok, I'm on my way to the office now."

Alejandra catches the cell-phone, her eyes widening, the faintly bemused expression deepening. "Wow, you really are…" She shakes her head slowly, settling back into the cushions of the couch as she shoves the cell into her pocket. "Tongues that wag?" The question is thoughtful, cautious, her gaze considering Aeryune's face. "I haven't ever met a vampire yet, but I don't plan to get caught up in them." She shakes her head again, half dazed. "He wasn't joking when he said you'd help me out." Her gaze absently moves to follow Rachel as she leaves, a small frown on her forehead. "What… ?"

Aeryune shrugs "All of us cat-lovers need to help eachother out when we can. And yes, I've seen that the gay cat-lovers I've met, have a tendency to spew out family business when it isn't really an appropriate time. As for Vampires, you'll meet them. They like to hang out in the red light district. They're strong. If you meet a vampire, or you think your talking to one, never, ever look them in the eye. They have this willpower overiding thing they can do, sort of a hypnosis type thing. Makes it far more difficult if you don't look them in the eye.

Rachel continues to talk on her cell phone while she heads for the door. "Look, I know I'm late for the meeting.. yea, It was a long and crazy night. Ok ok, I'm on myway." she closes the phone, puts it away and leaves.

"So no secrets to the gay cat-lovers…" Alejandra's murmur is almost amused, her eyes warming as she talks with Aeryune. "I'm not the red light district type, I think… but I'll remember that. Eyes down." Her hand absently goes to her pocket, touching its outside lightly, her gaze resting on Aeryune's face. "You are a mine of information, you know that?" She lowers her voice, keeping it quiet enough for it to be between the two of them. "Any hints on manners with the family?"

Just as Rachel is leaving, Rob enters and looks around. He pauses as if he's trying to find someone, and then sighs, folding his arms as he takes a seat at the counter.

Aeryune shakes her head. "I'm actually the more forward type than most. You'll do fine. If you don't come in expecting to throw things around and become top-dog, well, then you'll be fine. I would however be wary of Vampires. That's been a contention in the past. Otherwise I think we have pretty good ties to everyone else really.". She hmmns. "I get along a lil' bit better with Javier's fam I think than most. But..being from Africa, I'm more used to his kind. I suppose I should introduce you to the 'fam though, shouldn't I?"

"I don't want to be top-dog at all." Alejandra's reply is definite, clear and she nods to add emphasis. "I'll be wary, I don't plan to be anyone's food…" She glances across at the man, her eyes assessing before turning back to Aeryune. "Javier seems a nice guy, I had no idea…" She stumbles, a verbal switch change, "Who he is." The suggestion of meeting the family brings some of the tension back to her but she nods slowly, her smile fading a little. "I guess."
April pauses inside the door. She almost freezes after she sniffs the air and her gaze moves toward the two women.

Rob doesn't say anything just yet, he just simply gestures to the barista on duty and gives his order to her in a somewhat quiet manner.

Aeryune nods "Well, Javier's fun t'play with n' all, just remember you have to put him back in his toybox at the end of the day. You don't get to keep him. You definately don't want to bugger his lil' harem of women. Insert some witty remark about scorned women here, lovely.". She points to April, and gives her a wave. "'Ey you. Why dun' you c'mon over n' meet a new freind 'ere, eh?" The two women sit on a couch, plenty of chairs nearby. She grins a little "Unless your -scared-?"

"Scared…" Her gaze flickers to April, her eyes widening. "Oh!" She straightens, tensing, with a glance at Aeryune. "Er, hi." She aims for a friendly look, her mouth curving, although it doesn't get the worry from around her eyes.

Alejandra shakes her head, a firm movement, as she lifts her hands, "Whoa, no way. I'm not interested." A hint of a strong emotion and she swallows quickly, shaking her head. "Scared…" Her gaze flickers to April, her eyes widening. "Oh!" She straightens, tensing, with a glance at Aeryune. "Er, hi." She aims for a friendly look, her mouth curving, although it doesn't get the worry from around her eyes.

April blinks at the two women then shrugs at Aeryune. "Why the hell should I be afraid." she starts moving again and winds up next to Rob where he is ordering his coffee. She nods at him then waits her turn to order.

Rob nods a little to April as well. He doesn't say anything still, apparently not one to make conversation just yet.

Aeryune grins "I don't know…you sound awfully afraid?". She points to a chair "Why don't you come join us when you get your beverage, hmm?". She looks to Alejandra, poking at her "Stop looking like your going to faint. You've got to meet new people sometime, might as well be now, eh?"

Alejandra responds to the poking, giving Aeryune a rueful smile. "Yeah, I know." Her gaze flickers towards April, and back to Aeryune, as her teeth catch at her lower lip. "I promise not to faint. How'd you feel about throwing up?" She is trying for humour, her eyes still tense, worried. "Just so long as she doesn't bite."

April smiles back to Rob then orders her drink from the Barrista, "coffee with cinnamon, cocoa and whipped cream." then places her money out to pay for it.

Rob gets his drink and sips it a little, softening up a little. He then looks to April and says, "Don't think I've seen you around here?"

Aeryune peers at Alejandra "What is with you and this biting thing? Do you want to be bitten? Where do you come from that you think everyone is going to bite you? And no, no throwing up. Well, not in here at least."

Alejandra shakes her head, giving Aeryune a weak smile. "Sorry, bad joke." She comments, shifting to close the paper in front of her, folding it into four, her movements quick. She leans back then, holding the paper, giving April a thoughtful look.

April nods at Rob when she gets her drink, "Nope not in here very much at all. I live with my brother in an apartment over the Basement." she takes a sip of her drink then looks at the two women again as she says to Rob. "well, I need to meet with them, see you around later maybe." then she approaches Aeryune and Alejandra to stand in front of them and nods. "Hi, I don't think I've met either of you before, but you seem familar."

"You live in the basement too? So do I?" Rob says to April, before his phone rings. "Oh, brother, now what?" He sighs as he picks up his phone. "Adder here. Yes? What??" He steps away from the others so he won't disturb them with his chatter.

Aeryune nods slowly to April "I've seen you around there, though I haven't been staying there. This here is Alejandra, she's new to our little family. Brand new, so I'm just letting her in on some of the do's and don'ts, though you probably have plenty to add to my shortlist as well. She may stay at the basement as well, pull up a seat and join us, won't you?"

Alejandra gives April a shy half smile, tilting her head to look up at her. "Hi." She hesitates, before adding. "I'm hearing the Basement is the place to live in this town." There is a wry note to her voice as she makes that comment, humour entering her eyes. "Do's and don'ts are good too… I think I need the swift lesson."

April looks around the cafe while she is sipping her drink then returns her gaze to the two women. "But, is this the place for that?"

Aeryune shrugs her shoulders "This is fine, as long as we're perfectly vague. We're not talking going into secrets here. I'm Aeryune Westingale, I'm a bit of a wanderer myself. I'll have to look up Carter since I've been away a bit, and make sure he doesn't have beer cans lining the inside of Dee's old apartment."

"You've got to be kidding…" A sigh. "Fine, I'll be there when I can…. All right, I'm coming!" He hangs up his phone and calls to April, "Sorry to cut it short, but I'm needed elsewhere." He finishes his coffee quickly and dashes off.

Alejandra fiddles with the paper, glancing between the two women with her, her forehead wrinkling. "Alejandra Ramos. New in town." Her words are brief, her hands moving to smooth the lines in the paper. "Looking for a job, place to live…"

April nods at Alejandra, "Nice meeting you, I'm April Green." then she looks at Aeryune and waits.

Aeryune nods. "Would you mind showing her about the Basement when you head back April? If she feels comfortable there, maybe she should get a room in the meantime. At least you know she'd be safe there. I was telling her best to avoid the bloodsucking element of the city. Mixed bag, those ones. Also seems to be a lot of wolves about from what I've seen."

Alejandra's hands keep moving, smoothing down the paper, despite the smile on her lips. She glances across at Aeryune as she makes the suggestions, and subconsciously shifts, moving slightly closer to the woman. "Uh, I'd appreciate the directions at least…"

April shrugs, "Carter avoids me. But even with that, I don't think he's been around much either." she nods at Alejandra. "I'll be glad to show you around untill you can meet up with Bo."

Aeryune blinks a moment "Carter avoids you? Why?" She looks to Alejandra "Don't worry you, you'll be fine, we'll make sure you acclimate just fine. As for you…" She looks to April with a grin "What have you /done/ to Carter? Don't tell me he's afraid of girls? That'd be hilarious, giant man, afraid of women. It's like those american comedies on the tele."

April snorts softly, "I think it has more to do with my brother, Forest, he doesn't seem to like him either."

Alejandra moistens her lips, glancing between the two. She listens, silently as they talk.

Aeryune hmmns. "Forest…hmmm….he was freindly with a vampire, or something like that wasn't he? I think I remember seeing him breifly, but I could be completely wrong as well."

April shakes her head. "you really have been gone a long time, haven't you." she looks at Alegandra again. "so, when do you want to check out the Basement?"

Alejandra's gaze returns to April, her hands fidgeting. "Uh, anytime I guess. It isn't like I have much else to do." She is aiming for humour, failing badly, the nerves showing clearly in her face, in the nervous energy radiating from her, in the fidgeting hands.

Aeryune shrugs "Well, a bit. Had to fly back to the diamond mine for a while. Brother was having some issues with accounting. He's as strong as ever though. Couldn't wait to get away from him. Very dominant. It's just the only reason I could think of as to why Carter might not care for his company. Though I'm not quite as close to the fam as others are. April here could probably direct you better than I."

April nods again then gives them both a smile. "Say, I'm wanting to move out, but Forest says I can't unless I get a room mate. Sooooo." she smiles brigther at Alej. "You want to see if we might could share an appartment?"

Alejandra's mouth curves into a smile, a real one this time, some of the fear toning itself down. "That sounds… more friendly than a basement." The confession is given with a wry smile, and a glance towards Aeryune. "I can share, and I've got some cash to keep me going." The silent now is added in that glance.

Aeryune nods "Sounds like an idea. Not a bad one either. However, you should still familiarize yourself with the basement, it's an absolute safezone, and you should know how to get there at all times in case of an emergency."

April grins at them "Ok, -The- -Basement- is a building with a dance club down stairs and also a Bar and grill above the dance club. Then, there are appartments on the upper floors. I'ts a great place to stay."

Matt steps into the cafe, a slight yawn given as he sniffs and looks about. He spots the others here as he goes to the counter and orders up his drink, lotta cream, lotta suger, lotta vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon. A few sniffs of that as the male wanders on over until he spots April and gives a faint wave to the trio. He waves to them and says "Hey, what's up?"

Alejandra nods, April's grin drawing out her own, her grey eyes warming. "I will. Are you thinking of sharing one there?" Matt's greeting draws her gaze, her shoulders tensing slightly, but she returns the wave with a vague wave of her hand.

Aeryune waves to Matt "Hey." She smiles as she hops up "Well, I'll leave you two be to hash out the details. I should be along on my way really."

April turns to face Matt with a bright smile and holds her hand out to him. "woo, my snuggle buddy. Come here and give me a hug and meet Alegandra."

Matt gives a small 'huh', and sniffs his pits, "Guess I need another wash or something, by the way people are scattering." He sniffs Aeryune for a few moments, "Mmmhmm. Yup." still, April speaks and Matt takes the seat next to her, playfully bumping his shoulder against her.

Alejandra's tension picks up a little as he joins them, but she smiles, glancing between them. "I need to get some thing to eat, I think." Her tone is apologetic as she looks at the pair, "April, can I meet you somewhere? The.." The hesitation is obvious, "Basement, right?" She is gathering her few belongings as she speaks, shoving the newspaper into her pocket.

April bumps Matt back then grins at Alejandra, "yea, oh and the food in the Bar is really good." she shakes her head as everyone is leaving, "well, I guess it is you, Matt. Usually it's me that clears the room."

Matt gives a nod. "Oh well, what can I say? Universally hated by the leopards." he slowly sips his drink as he leans against April before saying to Alejandra, "Look, I only bite if it's wanted.

Alejandra's gaze flies to Matt's face, startled, her eyes widening before she realises he is joking. "Oh! I know, I'm just… hungry." She shoots a quick smile at April, rising to her feet, and hesitating. "I have a cell… do you want the number?" The question is asked as she pulls it from her pocket, fiddling as she tries to extract its number from it.

April waits for the number while she leans into Matt. "ok, sure thing. I'll ask Forest to talk to the apartment manager about you and me shareing a room."

Matt gives a nod and looks to April. "Well, how are people doing? I'm keeping to my tree like normal." as he looks over to Alejandra, "Well, come by some night, the nips are soft and pleasureable." as he winks an eye and looks to April. "Same to ya."

Alejandra finally gets the cell to hand it over. She tears a piece of the newspaper off, balancing it on her leg as she scribbles the number down. She holds the paper out to April with a smile, "Cool." She replies, a blush rising in her cheeks as Matt comments, "Um thanks…" She turns, heading towards the door.

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