20101019 - A Startling Vampire


The Basement: Bar/Pub - Grand Street: East
A place of casual hanging out, the room has an 'L'-shaped layout. Dark wood is the predominate theme, with hardwood floors, wall paneling, bar, and matching tables and chairs. The long and straight bar takes up the majority of the right wall, lighted by hidden bulbs and neon signs advertising various alcoholic beverages, these reflected in its smooth polished surface. Two to three bartenders serve ID-bearing customers seated on stools, from walls lined with about any drink imaginable, and a waitress will appear from the kitchen now and again to cover small 'pub food' orders. Taking up the back wall are four pool tables and dart boards, set off from a few booths and small round tables.
One section of the interior wall almost opens to the dancefloor below. A fine polarized black mesh set about a high railing cuts out much of the flashing lights and rhythmic beats from drifting upwards, and also prevents folks from falling downwards. The opposite wall bears short but wide windows high up by the ceiling, looking out to 'foot level' of the outside street.



It's night, and Memory sits at a table by herself, watching others. She has water in front of her, and she pretends to take a sip every so often. A table full of cards looks like she's playing a game of solitare. She also has an album in front of her, with little pink sparkly letters stuck on that read 'Memory's Scrapbook'.

Ajelandra arrives, her pace quick, her bag slung over her shoulder. As she walks, the ponytail swings, matching the swing of her step. She glances around, her gaze snagging on Memory for an instant before she hesitates, some of the confidence vanishing. She turns, as if to go to the bar, to sit there.

Memory gives an enthusiastic wave "Hiiiiii Jandra! Hey, over here, I'm over here, it's Memory!". She smiles brightly "I've got lots of space over here, why don't you come sit?"

There is a moment when Jandra might try and ignore the enthusiastic greeting but she turns slowly. She nods her head in greeting, a brief flicker of a half smile curving her lips before she makes her way across the room to where Memory sits. Cautiously, she avoids meeting the other woman's eyes, as she slides into a seat opposite. "Hi Memory…"

Memory points at the cards on the table "You want to play?" she asks, then tilts her head. "Oh, did you meet Forest's doggie? Is he cute? I was just going over some of my stuff. I decided to start a scrapbook of my life as a vam….erm, as a new person. I like to collect little nicknacks to put them into the book. I think it'll be the neatest, but there isn't very much in there just yet. I haven't actually been living as one very long."

Jandra waves a hand at a passing waitress, food foremost on the woman's mind even at this time of day. She orders a burger with fries, and a coke before glancing at the cards on the table. "Yeah the pup is a real cutie…" She replies, giving the cards a considering look. "Scrapbook? How long have you been…" The correct word eludes her and she hesitates, glancing up automatically.

Memory hmmns. "Well, about 8 months or so maybe? It was actually a pretty bad time for me. I let my husband control me, and beat on me. He came back from the military all messed up. I was hoping inside that, if he eventually saw what he was doing to me, he might become a good man again. But that's really not the way to live. There was a vampire that saw me..and, well..she decided to take me on. She thought I was a beautiful person. She certainly was. I didn't know her, but she was pretty vain. Even so she was a good person..I think. I like to think Valierie was a good person, but truth is I didn't know her that well. Well, we started kinda meeting, and just talking, and doing stuff, and she eventually convinced me this would be a better life. However after I was turned, my husband came and dragged her out into the light. She didn't make it. One of valerie's freinds found me, covered in pee, frightened, and hiding. It wasn't a very happy time. But see…" She opens up the scrapbook. "This is a peice of the clothing I was wearing on the night that he found me. I cut out a little peice to put it in the book."

Jandra listens, sympathy showing on her face, as she turns Memory's words over in her mind. "You did it willingly?" The question is asked softly, as her gaze moves to the scrapbook and she leans forward, looking a little closer. "People don't change their spots." She murmurs, a soft note of humour in her voice, before she looks up at Memory, shaking her head. "I'm sorry."

Memory nods her head. "Well..Valerie could be very persuasive. She was going to show me, you don't have to die to live again. Well, in my case I kind of did, but to live life to it's fullest you really need much less than you'd think. Though, you should probably try to avoid most of my people. usually, they aren't like me at all. They're quite crafty, and rather motivated."

"So I'm told." Jandra sits back in her seat, her care to keep her gaze from Memory's eyes showing in the awkwardness of a moment. "I've no plans to let any of your people feed from me." The words are a definitive statement, and her expression matches it, the set lines around her mouth hardening.

Memory shakes her head. "Actually, there's more ways to feed than just blood. At least, for some of us, like me. I can feed on happiness. But they don't go just after people they want to feed from. Like any of the kinds out there, it's about power too. I can't really go specific, but be really careful. This is a kinda dangerous town."

Jandra gives Memory a studying look, her gaze moving over the other woman. "Why warn me?" She folds her arms across her chest, a defensive movement despite the suspicion. "They are your people, makes you one of them,…" She hesitates briefly before speaking again, her voice lowered, "Just as the pard are mine and I wouldn't warn you of them."

Memory shakes her head. "I actually don't get along very well with my own kind at all. They don't really like a cheerful vampire, filled with joy. And, I like helping other people. But…Dani was a snow-leopard. Apparently she had really addicitive or special blood. She let me feed on her a couple times when I was in a bad way early on, and..well, it was really strong. But, she got involved with people that really didn't work out well for her. I'm definately a black sheep. Everyone has families, you have your family. I'm not really a part of mine. I just sort of exist as an individual. I'm like a vegitarian in a room full of meateaters."

Jandra listens, the defensive body language staying put, and a brief sign of nerves as she moistens her lips slightly at the mention of feeding. "Uh, you don't feed?" She asks the question in a low voice, trying to keep the conversation private. As she asks, the food arrives, delivered by a waitress. Jandra gives her a smile of thanks before her attention returns to Memory.

Memory waits for the waitress to leave, before continuing. "Well, actually yes I do. But I can feed on people's emotions. I can feed from people's happiness. It's kind of a rare trait I'm told to be able to feed at all like that, something I must have inherited from Valerie. And happiness..well, most times it's lust, or fear, or something dark. I'm kind of a very odd duck. I don't actually like to do the blood thing. Maybe once in a while, if I'm really desperate, because if we don't feed for a while, we get..out of control. But I'd rather feed on emotion. It's just safer for everyone.".

"Just happiness? Or the other emotions?" Jandra's gaze doesn't meet Memory's eyes, but she pulls the plate towards her, making a quick gesture. "Do you mind? I'm starving." Jandra carefully assembles her burger, removing the salad from the bun before she lifts it with both hands to take a large bite. Her eyes flicker up to Memory's face, risking a brief glance before dropping once more.

Memory shakes her head. "Actually I'm unable to eat normal food anymore. So it's okay, I actaully like watching other people eating. It makes me feel like I'm still alive kind of.". She smiles, shaking her head. "Just happiness. We only can do one emotion really from what I can tell."

"Happiness seems an odd one to have." Jandra observes softly, between mouthfuls. The food is vanishing swiftly beneath her attentions, her appetite obvious. "I apologise for my lack of control yesterday, it is early days for me." A faint flush rises as she speaks the words, stilted and formal.

Memory nods her head. "It's okay. Dani was very in control of her self. I don't really know that world. My people are very thoughtful. Well, as in they think things trough, very dark, grey. They don't like to take action unless there is something in it for them. I imagine your people are very warm, vibrant. Teeming with life."

"I…" Jandra hesitates, pausing to choose her words. "I don't know my people that well yet. So far, they seem kind, warm." A brief flicker of her smile shows, her grey eyes warming briefly, before she returns to eating. "I'm learning. Slowly. But emotions, they don't help. And eating does." A small amount of amusement shows in her face, laughing at herself.

Memory smiles a little. "Well, just be careful you know. Sometimes certain factions have thier mitts into others, and you don't know it. You have to be really careful who you trust around here. It's kind of a scary world.". She considers a moment. "You know, usually most places have hideyspots, so if you feel like your going to get all grr, you could find out where yours is, and go there?"

"Who has their mitts in our pard, Memory?" The question is a softly spoken one but Jandra's gaze rests, if not on, near Memory's face, risking as much eye contact as she can. "I need to get better control, I know that. The pard are working on it with me." The admission doesn't change the intensity of her gaze.

Memory shakes her head "I wouldn't know if someone did or not. Remeber, I'm the black sheepie. But, it's not uncommon from what I'm told. Everyone knows that vampires can do the eye-willpower-thingie, if they want to try to get someone to do something. It's illegal to do, but it doesn't mean that people don't do it. Beyond that, there's weird people too. Playing with undead and who can read minds, and stuff like that. Just..be careful, and once you know someone, if they start acting funny..look into it."

Jandra gives Memory's face a steady, assessing look before she nods slowly, her forehead wrinkling. "For a vampire, you don't like them very much." She observes, the food in front of her mostly gone and she sips the coke, idly picking at the left overs, no protein left untouched. "There are powerful humans I have met already here, in this city. Ones that hunt my kind too."

Memory gives a gentle nod. "Yeah..I don't really like them. They haven't exactly..taken a shining to me. I kind of stand out, like how I like to chew on things when I get nervous. And I can't really fight. But there's people that hunt all of the non-human types really. There's bounty hunters and stuff who get special permission to kill us, when we go out of control. And I can see that, I mean if I went out of control, I wouldn't want to go around hurting people."

Jandra gives Memory a slightly startled glance, her gaze meeting the vampire's eyes for an instant. "You chew on things? Things? Not people?" The obvious surprise is obvious on her face as she finishes the last of the fries, reaching for her coke. "I met some of them." The comment is brief, as she shakes her head.

Memory nods her head with a soft giggle. "Well yes, especially when I'm nervous. I'm maybe a little obsessive-compulsive. I chew on menus, cups, things like that. If I like someone, I'll usually chew on thier hair, wether they like it or not. I chewed on Dani's hair all the time, she just came to accept it. As for people, vampires just need blood, we don't actually chew on people. Just a bite."

Jandra shakes her head, offering a bemused smile, "Hell, that is the weirdest thing, coming from one of your type. I never thought of vampires being nervous." She shakes her head, pushing the plate away and finishing her coke. "I … have to go. Time for sleep for me." She gives Memory a lopsided smile as she rises from the table.

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