20101019 - Being Pard


Polychrome 2.0

A place of casual hanging out, the room has an 'L'-shaped layout. Dark wood is the predominate theme, with hardwood floors, wall paneling, bar, and matching tables and chairs. The long and straight bar takes up the majority of the right wall, lighted by hidden bulbs and neon signs advertising various alcoholic beverages, these reflected in its smooth polished surface. Two to three bartenders serve ID-bearing customers seated on stools, from walls lined with about any drink imaginable, and a waitress will appear from the kitchen now and again to cover small 'pub food' orders. Taking up the back wall are four pool tables and dart boards, set off from a few booths and small round tables.

One section of the interior wall almost opens to the dancefloor below. A fine polarized black mesh set about a high railing cuts out much of the flashing lights and rhythmic beats from drifting upwards, and also prevents folks from falling downwards. The opposite wall bears short but wide windows high up by the ceiling, looking out to 'foot level' of the outside street.

The Polychrome 2.0 is a serious upgrade in both style and function. Gone is the soft-industrial warehouse look, the walls repainted from their worn brick color to a more warm rich red adobe. The walls are adorned with old Sci-Fi posters and paintings by independent local artists.

The entire cafe is situated around a circular bar-like counter in the very center of the room which, in turn, surrounds the chrome and copper homemade monstrosity Frankenchino machine the only surviving relic of the previous Polychrome. Frankenchino billows steam and froth from it's masses of pipes and valves, the temperature and levels of fluids measured by gleaming old fashioned pressure gages and controlled by a plethora of levers and turn-gaskets. Comfortable high backed chromed stools with leather upholstery orbit the counter, which through it's thick Plexiglas surface into it's refrigerated interior can be seen sandwiches and pastries and other snacks in refrigerated. Above the counter is an outfacing circle of LCD TVs showing various feeds off the Internet.

Circular segmented couches surround low black coffee tables around the cafe, each one having a computer monitor on a swivel in the center and a cordless keyboard and mouse and allowing the patrons full and free net access. In one corner there are more dedicated semi-private computer terminals at high-mounted and a kiosk where one can rent a laptop. Another corner sports an Internet jukebox which has been built into the body of a full sized Robby the Robot replica. Another corner has a small stage from which patrons can enjoy independent bands or poets on certain nights. The last corner is set up with merchandise such as books, magazines, shirts, mugs and gadgets.



Matt is sipping his coffee in a corner, with nice cushy bean bags to sit on while he rests his back against the wall behind himself. It's decently early in the morning, but coffee solves all problems.

Jandra arrives in a rush, the door slamming behind her. The ponytail bounces as she heads for the counter, leaning on it to order her coffee. She grabs a paper, hesitates as she moves to open it, and then turns slowly, coffee and paper in hand to look across at Matt. Her body tenses, and she moistens her lips quickly before moving towards his table.

Matt smells Jandra long before he looks up to see her. He slowly drinks his own coffee as he looks to the woman and gives a simple wave, "You know, I don't bite. Hard." as he leans back for a few moments.

She makes a small gesture, indicating the seat across from him. "Mind if I…?" She lets the sentence trail off, as he makes the biting comment, her gaze flying to his face, her eyes startled for a moment before the corners of her mouth quirk up slightly. She puts the paper and the coffee down on the table, settling herself opposite. "Jandra…" She offers her name softly.

Matt shakes his head, "Sit down." he says simply, "Yup, I know, I can smell it on ya." he takes another sip of his drink before saying "How ya likeing staying with Forest, April, and Talen?"

Jandra stills, giving him a questioning look before she shakes her head. "You smell them on me?" She asks quietly, ducking her head as she stirs the coffee. "Haven't met Talen yet, he is out of town. I guess you are…" She hesitates on the word, "Family. Forest and April have been real kind. Aeryune and Javier too…"

Matt snerks and laughs, "Well of course Javier has been 'real kind', he wants to pin you down and have his way with you again and again. Like all the other women he's done it to." before he nods, "And yeah, when you live somewhere, you pick up the scents of the others who live there."

Jandra's cheeks flare red and she shakes her head. "I'm not interested." The words are spoken quickly, without thought behind them. Then she glances up at him, biting her lower lip. "Sorry, I meant… It isn't that he isn't nice, just I'm not looking." She takes a swig of the coffee, burying her face in the mug, hiding it. "Useful to know. You got a name?"

Matt just chuckles, "And that's the other thing, why you hiding? Most others would be talking about it. Gotta say, a pent up kitten is a kitten who might lose it. and that's always a bad thing." he gives a soft purr, "Matt."

"Hiding?" Jandra repeats the word, giving him a look full of confusion as she lowers the mug to the table. "Matt." She hesitates, clearly puzzled. "Talking about what? I'm not pent up… just not ready for that yet." She shrugs, curling her hands around the mug, grey eyes studying him.

Matt just laughs, "Sure you're not. And I imagine your shifting just make you itch funny?" he takes a few more sips of his coffee, "Never knew a kitty that was in denial for so long."

Jandra shakes her head, flushing more as she leans back in the chair. She takes the mug with her, resting it lightly on her stomach. "Hasn't been that long. Only a month since…" She shakes her head, giving him a frown. "You always this forward?"

Matt looks to Jandra, "I'm forward? Oh man. When the full moon comes around and I hear your yowling, I'm not the one who's going to be called 'forward' you know."

Jandra lifts her hand to push strands of hair out of her face, blushing deeply. "Alright, so…changes make things …feelings happen." She shakes her head, "Still means I don't plan to fall into someone's bed."

Matt gives a nod, "It's a nice pretty plan, but it just won't happen. Most of the first moons you change, you won't remember a thing. But it's the same, no matter who changes… they become sex starved, and trust me, there are enough males to make it so you don't have to be alone."

"I changed a few times already. Less than a year, more than six months." She shrugs, blushing. Jandra shakes her head. "I'm from out of town, not entirely new." The defensive tone makes her wince and she gives him an apologetic half smile. "And yeah, that was true but I had someone then."

Matt gives a nod, "Well, just remember, lust is. Don't fight it, enjoy it." he says with a grin, "And be sure to keep the lust going long after the first shifting together."

"We're over." The words are clipped, her tone freezing the relationship out as a topic of conversation. Jandra leans forward, resting her arms on the table, her hands curled around the mug tightly. "Sorry."

Matt gives a soft 'eh, "I mean about when the next moon hits here. Don't fight it."

Jandra's hand moved to the back of her neck, rubbing it, the frustration showing clearly. "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it." She shakes her head, giving him a rueful half smile. "Seem to have gotten off to an odd start."

Matt gives another 'eh. "What can I say?" as he finishes his coffee and sets the mug down, giving a soft and happy little purr to himself.

The purr draws her gaze back to him, puzzlement in her eyes. "Lay off the sex talk?" She asks softly, her grey eyes watching him closely. "How long have you been…?"

Matt chuckles a bit, "Whatever." before he says "Probably about two years now, if I recall correctly."

"You aren't that old.. I mean, you must have been really young?" Jandra relaxes a little as they change topics. "Uh, you know much about the protocols? Greeting and the like?"

Matt gives a nod, "Yup. 17 When I changed." he thinks for a few moments, "And yeah, cheeking and all that. Very touchy feely."

"I got touchy feely. Yesterday…" She hesitates, wrinkling her nose before she finishes the sentence. "I got a bit uptight, vampire and stuff, and Forest helped. Touching helps." She looks up at him, her gaze quizzical, "Cheeking?"

Matt gives a nod. "Proper way to formally greet other leopards, is to rub your cheek against thier own if they are equal to you, or rub your cheek on thier palm if they are above you.

"I'm going to be rubbing my cheek against a lot of palms then." Her comment is soft, laced with a faint trace of amusement. "Do you.. should we do that in public?" The discomfort at that idea shows.

Matt shakes his head, "You don't have to in public no. Unless the head kitty says otherwise. It's not a great idea if only because anti-weres will pick up on it."

Relief flows off her and Jandra's mouth quirks at the corners, "Head kitty… not met him yet, and then Forest's …" She gives Matt a questioning look, hesitant. "What do you think?"

Matt gives a shrug, "Not my place to say. I'm not exactly part of the pard." he leans back and looks at Jandra. "Head kitty is head kitty."

"You aren't pard?" The question is sharp, her body tensing a little as she sits back, folding her arms across her chest. "How so?" Jandra's gaze is questioning, resting on his face.

Matt shrugs, "It's a long story, that essentially ends in that I'm not actually pard, as much as I hang around some members." he gives a shrug. "Works enough for me."

"Okay…" She speaks slowly, a flicker of curiousity in her face before she shakes her head. "Not my business I guess." Jandra sighs, leaning back. "Sorry, this is all a bit weird for me. The other pard is more formal and … this one seems casual."

Matt gives a nod, "It's only because of leadership problems. Back when Deedee was alpha, things were lots different." he ponders, "It was a better time."

"I see." She absently runs her fingers across her skin, a self comforting gesture. "Out of the frying pan in to the fire then?" Jandra makes the weak joke with a smile that matches. "I hope it isn't a problem."

Matt gives an 'eh, shrugging as he closes his eyes for the moment, "It's just different, I'm not gonna comment more then that."

Jandra accepts the refusal, but curiousity shows in her face. "So do you go to college? Work?" A flicker of a smile, "Just talk to random women about sex?"

Matt snerks, "You're not random, I can smell you, and more of the last one on the list." he yawns, "Besides, sex is good. Since ya can't get pregnant, I'd think you'd be doing nothing but trying to get more."

"Sex can be fun, I'll give you that." Jandra's face relaxes a little, and she shakes her head. "Just …giving myself time to get over someone. And you are way young, Matt…" She gives him a look full of amusement.

Matt just laughs, "Eh, I'm old enough to please you, and strong enough to make it last until the first light of morning." he gives a low purr, "But, whatever you want."

"And modest with it." She is teasing outright, laughing back at him. Jandra leans her elbow on the table, resting her cheek against her hand. "All night long, huh?" She bites back her smile, the corners of her mouth quirking upwards.

Matt gives a nod, "You seem surprised? I mean, us males can orgasm twenty or thirty times in a row before we start getting tired. all night long is just fun."

Jandra shrugs, blushing as her gaze skitters away. "It isn't like I remember most of the moons of the last year, and the last two, well, I didn't want to be with him so I got a room, shut in for the duration."

Matt chuckles, "Maybe you had a defective boyfriend." he says with a small purr, "It happens sometimes."

"Maybe." Jandra's tone isn't so friendly towards the ex-boyfriend, her smile tight. "I guess this moon will be an experience. One way or another." She hesitates before reaching out, aiming to poke him in the upper arm. "Either way, you are way young."

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