20101023 - Talk about Manners



Forest's Apartment
This apartment is one of those studio rooms. One wall is taken up with nothing but windows that give a view out over the city and let light in all through the day. While a line of dark drapes can cover the windows, they are regularly left open to the sky. To one side of this bank of windows, a small bathroom space is walled off and the other side has a kitchenette area set apart by a simple bar with two stools by it. The rest of the room is open space, with standing screens and throw rugs helping separate it into areas. One of them, done in bright reds and warm colors has a couch and some beanbag chairs. Another in darker blues and cooler accents has a dark wood dresser and a collapsible bed. The screens here are set to block the light from the windows at all times. a fair portion of the room is still bare, with room to add more stuff as the owner gathers it.



It's early on a Saturday morning and Forest is still in bed, spread out in the middle sleeping soundly.

Jeremy stayed out all night again. He might have tried stopping by but Jeremy isn't one to intrude on things. So he went back out. Its morning however and sleeping under the piers once daylight has occured doesn't work too well. So quietly he slinks into the room, shedding his shirt to try and slink over to the bed. He might not have closed the door all the way.

Before classes, and after breakfast, and Jandra brings gifts of coffee and breakfast rolls. She is dressed for work, casual smart, and knocks lightly on the open door before sticking her head in. "Forest? Talen?" She calls out.

Forest feels the cold body that slides into bed with him and he rolls onto his side, pulling Jeremy in against his chest to snuggle with. He mutters under his breath, "You slept under the pier again…" his voice slightly disapproving but mostly sleepy. When he hears Jandra's voice he yawns and calls out, "In here Jandra."

Jeremy snuggles in, still shivering a little but enjoying the fact that Forest didn't roll away from him. A slight smile appears and he sighs. "I'm sorry…Ya'll were busy and I didnt want ta intrude."

Jandra approaches with caution, the coffee and rolls held out in offer. "Uh, morning. Bought breakfast." She moves to Forest's side of the bed, offering her cheek, letting him choose hand or cheek for greeting. "I just wanted that name… to contact him." The comment is deliberately obscure, but she blushes.

Forest purrs as more of the pard shows up, rubbing his cheek against Jandra's cheek, "Thanks Jandra, that was thoughtful of you." He yawns and rubs at his eyes, obviously not caring about his state of undress. "Set it down on the dresser over there, I'm not quite awake yet."

Jeremy looks over to Jandra. "You can join in if you want…I'm still cold.." Yep, like that's a good reason to snuggle in. He just wants your body to warm his own

Jandra settles on the edge of the bed, tucking her legs up beneath her. "I can't, got work." She replies to Jeremy, as she puts the coffee and rolls on the side, taking one for herself. "I… met Crystal." She mentions it, almost casually, glancing at Forest, a darting look through her lashes.

Forest pulls Jeremy closer into his arms, nuzzling him tiredly for a moment before sitting up. He nods a little, "Yeah, I don't know her well but I believe Jeremy knows her from before." He looks over his shoulder to Jeremy with a questioning look on his face.

Jeremy enjoys being pulled in against Forest and nuzzled. That causes Jeremy to look up at Forest and give him a lick and then happily sigh and relax. Of course when Forest sits up he gives a rather feline whine of protest. "Hey no leaving…" He frowns and sighs. "Iwish I could make things better fer her. She has become a bit too attached ta me."

"She seemed very…" Jan picks her words carefully, her face showing concern, a hint of anxiety in her body posture. "Angry. Very angry. Mostly with Matt." She rests the roll in her lap, pulling small pieces off it to eat, glancing up at both of them. "Forest, it feels as if the pard is broken. People hate each other."

Forest wraps an arm around Jandra and pulls her back against him, nuzzling his cheek against the top of her head. He nods, "It is going to be a challenge to bring the pard back into a family. Some may not want to rejoin us and we will have to accept that." He lets out a soft, troubled sigh, "We are all going to have to work together, and some of us are going to have to put the past in the past."

Jeremy moves so he can lean in against Forest and Jandra. He purrrs softly. "It will take a bit. But its already feeling more like home."

Jandra leans into Forest, her face troubled, although the touch soothes. "We'll help where we can but, Forest, that was real hate. She is so very angry with him." She rubs her cheek lightly against his chest, leaving the roll abandoned.

Jeremy says, "She's angry with Matt due ta me. I was once really close ta Matt and well he didn't have an interest in me anymore."

Forest nods as he listens, choosing his words carefully. "Things have been done in the past that affect some of the pard. It can be difficult to be around those that have hurt you or those you love." He carefully hugs Jandra, trying not to wrinkle her clothes, his other arm pulling Jeremy in close.

Jandra shakes her head quickly at Jeremy, a wrinkle creasing her forehead. "You and some other guy too." She murmurs, reaching out to touch him lightly. She curls up on her side, rubbing her cheek against Forest lightly, her face thoughtful.

Forest says softly, "It's why Tal is so upset around him… " He gives a shake of his head, his nose working against Jandra's neck, "You're injured."

Jeremy looks at Jandra when Forest says that. "Injured?"

Jan blushes deeply, lifting her fingers to touch against her neck, shooting Forest a look that mixes embarrassment with guilt. "Uh, Cale bit me." She murmurs, before sliding back to the other topic, "Matt was nothing but kind to me, I think if he did do that, he must have changed." The topic change is neither subtle nor well done.

Jeremy snorts, "As long as it was someone you love markin ya…that's the important thing. I'm sure talen has a few lovenibble marks from Forest.

Forest frowns as he looks at Jandra. He gives a shake of his head, "Make sure you keep it clean." Then he laughs at what Jeremy says and scoots out of bed, moving over to grab a cup of the coffee and a roll. He turns to lean against the dresser as he drinks the coffee, considering the two of you carefully. "Matt has done some things in the past that were not good for those he did them too. But he seems to want to be a member of the pard again and so long as he behaves himself he is one of us."

Jan returns the look, dipping her gaze down, for a moment the picture of a submissive cat. Jeremy's comment earns him a mock glare, and she reaches for one of Forest's pillows, aiming a swat at Jeremy with it. "He is good with April, and he was kind to me." Absently, she touches the wound on her neck, before catching herself and moving her hand away.

Jeremy says, "Maybe some of my hard work did pay off. He was….he had a bad start ta leopard life. So hopefully things are goin better." He looks at the rolls and then just sighs and leans against Forest and Jandra."

Forest picks up one of the rolls and tosses it to Jeremy, "They're good." He reaches a hand up to run through his hair, "It's not always easy to leave the past in the past, but I think it's time that happens." He gives a shake of his head and drinks more of the coffee before smiling to Jandra, "Thanks for bringing this by. How is work going for you?"

Jandra absently pets Jeremy, the comforting touch almost automatic with the man. "Work is good. I met a student there, a shifter called Answulfs…" She frowns, trying to remember. "Some kind of snake." She wrinkles her nose at the memory of the scent, "Nice guy."

Jeremy takes the roll and picks at it, frowning. He stops picking at the roll when he is touched. INstead he just leans into the touches and purrs audibly. "Just be careful with other shifter types. Always be polite."

Forest watches Jeremy, concern in his eyes but he quickly hides it. He sets his coffee down and moves over to the bed, sitting back down on it on the otherside of Jeremy and wraps an arm around the man. He nods in agreement with Jeremy, "Yes, always treat other shifters with respect, same as you would anyone. We don't want to start any tension between groups."

Jan pets Jeremy, almost absently picking at his roll and offering it to him with a faintly scolding look. "I'm careful." Jan's comment has an undertone of humour, depreciating at her own wariness. "I have to go. Work calls. She untangles herself from Jeremy, sliding from the bed and brushing crumbs from her clothes.

Jeremy rolls his eyes, "The two of you are pains….just so ya know." HE eats the offered roll. A frown appears when Jan goes to leave but Forest's renewed snuggling makes up for it. He leans in against Forest and just sighs working on the roll.

Forest chuckles softly and nuzzles Jeremy, reaching a hand out to rub Jandra's arm as she moves to leave, "Have a good day Jandra, thanks for stopping by."

Jandra returns the light touch to Forest. "I'm not a pain, brat." She replies to Jeremy, light affection in the words as she turns to leave, offering a quick wave and shutting the doors behind her firmly this time.

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