20101219 - Newbie meets the Queen


Living Room - Condo 1C - LaFontain Condos - Lincoln Park: East Lawn

After entering the Condo, you arrive in a small foyer area. To the right of the door is a small coat closet. And to the left, on the same wall as the door is on, seems to be an alarm panel. The flooring, like the rest of the condo, is all hardwood flooring. The living room is arranged in the standard U shape. With the Sofa in the center, the love seat on the right, and the chair on the left. All are black leather, with white stitching. Between the sofas and chairs sit end tables, with glass lamps. They are actually see through, though all of them seem to have seashells in them. In front of the sofa, is a nice coffee table. Atop it, is a couple magazines, the days news paper, and one remote control. To the left is a door leading to the bedroom, and another leading to the Study. On the right are two open entrance ways into one leading into the dining room, the other to the kitchen.



Isabel is laying back on the couch just relaxing a bit, after the trouble that was going on earlier. Though it wasn't anything too serious. She looks to kim and waves as she sits up, "Hello, how are you doing today? We have guest."

Noelle has been skulking in the study for a couple of hours until Javier went out, and then when she hears the door close, reemerges, the sulks clearly written on her face, "Javier, that isn't …" The argumentative protest already on her lips, it stalls at the sight of a stranger and she stays framed in the study door, wrong-footed. "Uh hi."

Kim blinks as she sees the girl and looks to Isabel. "I can see that." She says. "Who is this and why did Javier bring her here?" She asks. Her voice is strong and a little commanding though her eyes remain curious, looking at the young lady before her.

Isabel looks to Noelee, "This is Kim. Kim, this is Noelle." She looks back over towards Kim, "She is Javier's niece. Apparently she kept getting in trouble and stuff so her parents sent her over here for Javier to watch. I am not too sure what he is worried about but she isn't supposed to leave without someone watching her."

Noelle's chin lifts up and she straightens, crossing her arms across her chest, the uncertainty hidden under a layer of bravado. She returns Kim's gaze, returning the curious look with narrowed eyed. "God, does everyone have to know my business?" She shakes her head, rolling her eyes, a typical teenaged movement.

Kim cocks her head, "And her parents sent her to Javier?" She asks, well, a little surprised. "Isn't that like sending the sheep to the wolves den?" She looks to Isabel. She shakes her head, "Well, welcome to my home. It's nice to meet you, Noelle."

Isabel smiles as she looks to Noelle and shakes her head, "Well not everyone needs to know, though Kim probably should know it." She laughs lightly as she looks over to Kim, "Well Javier seems really protective so far. He got really upset with her just taking a walk alone. He is really serious about keeping her out of trouble."

"She is here. She can speak for herself." The emphasis on the word she is pure teenager, stroppy and irritable. "Nice to meet you, Kim. And yeah, Dad sent me to Uncle Javier…" Her gaze is moving between the two, suspicion growing in her face. "And why is it like sending the sheep to the wolves den?"

Kim just grins and laughs brightly before she moves towards the kitchen. Her body has an almost supernatural grace as she flows past the girl. She might notice Kim is bare foot, as she pads towards the kitchen. "You hungry? I'm the only one that cooks here so ask away."

Isabel shrugs as she looks over to Noelle, "Well let's just say Javier can get into some trouble now and then as well." She laughs lightly as she looks over towards Kim, "I am pretty sure Javier doesn't want any naughty business in front of her."

"Starving." There is a definite change in attitude at the possibility of food, and Noelle follows Kim towards the kitchen, curiousity in her face. "What sort of trouble? What sort of naughty business?" She is looking between the pair of them, seeking answers, "I mean, he just threw a shit fit because I was talking to this guy…"

At Isabel's words she snorts and blinks. "Then why bring her here?" Kim looks totally confused, then she looks to Noelle. "Yes that sounds like Javier to me." She looks over and smiles. "What can I get you? How about a steak sandwich with garlic butter and pepper jack cheese?"

Isabel smiles as she gets up and follows them into the kitchen. "I have no idea. Though I suspect it is something along the idea that he is really strong so can protect her, and really paranoid so she is never going to be able to sneak by him."

"Hello? I'm here?" Noelle hops onto a kitchen side, swinging her legs. "Sounds good. Now, you guys were telling me about how Uncle Javier is all naughty and troublesome…Come on, spill!" The hopeful grin on her face lights up her eyes, and she glances between the pair.

Kim thinks, "That's true .. " She pauses and looks to Noelle for a moment, as she sets to cooking the steaks. The fridge also seems to have ALOT of meat in it. She looks to Isabel. "She know?" She asks softly. "I'm sorry, dear, just need the goods from my love here, before I spill something I shouldn't."

Isabel smiles as she looks to Kim, "Know what? That we are lions? She knows all about that. Or know that Javier is a playboy who has a lot of lady friends?" She looks over to Noelle, "Did he tell you that? I am not sure how he would hide that for long."

"Yeah I know what he is. I didn't know about the girls." The broad grin on her face widens, and mischief spills into her eyes. "Wow, how many? I mean, …are you both…?" She swings her legs, Noelle's face absolutely showing her age with the mischief in it.

Kim smirks. "Fucking your uncle and each other?" She says softly as she places the toast into the toaster and starts it. "If that's the question, yes we are." She winks a little. "This is a very liberal home which is why we're surprised he brought you here."

Isabel shrugs slightly as she looks to Noelle, "Probably 3 or 4 at any given time. Though that changes now and then, and the people are not always the same. Some times as many as like 6." She looks to Kim, "I dont know why. Maybe it was the only option?"

Noelle's eyes widen, her age and innocence showing clearly in that expression. "Wow, that is so cooooool." She draws out the last word, looking between the pair of them, "Dad has no idea. Wicked." She is nodding, her mouth widening into a broad grin. "So how come he got all uptight over the boy?"

Kim grins brightly as she pats the girls cheek a little. "Because he's the jealous type. He doesn't care if the girls enjoy each others company, but if another boy tries to play in his sandbox well…" She smiles. "How much do you know about lions?" She asks a little as she starts to make the sandwich.

Isabel smiles as she looks to Kim, "Javier probably knows all the tricks boys try to use to get girls to sleep with them too." She looks to Noelle, "Well he doesn't want you running into anyone like him probably." She looks back to kim, "I wonder if he will be like that with his own children?"

Noelle is watching Kim closely, her eyes narrowing at the cheek pat. "Not that much." She admits, the bemusement rising behind the curiousity, her eyes wide. "Wow… so Uncle Javier isn't all that respectable himself. Gonna have a hard time throwing stones from his position." She shakes her head. "He has kids?!"

Kim places a hand on her stomach. "We're trying but it's hard for us because of what we are none of us have managed to have children yet." She sighs. She slides the plate towards you. "Here you go, dig in." She chuckles. "Depends. Nothing about what he does is out of character for a lion."

Isabel laughs as she shakes her head, "You think it might be hard to throw stones, but I am sure he will any way. And you will probably be stuck having to listen to him." She looks to Kim, then back to Noelle and nods. "Shifters have a lot of trouble having children due to the shifting. He doesn't have any yet but he is sure trying."

"Wow." The word is repeated with the lack of others to express what the teenager is feeling. "No shit." She shakes her head, reaching for the food with a brief smile of thanks to Kim, her forehead wrinkling. "Sorry, didn't mean to stand in something that isn't my business…" She begins to eat, clearly thinking hard.

Kim smiles. "You're curious and have questions." She says softly "We were both your age not that long ago." She says softly "And we're girls. We understand." She says. "I was younger then you when I was turned, so my life sucked enough being a teen I had to add extra."

Isabel nods slightly as she looks over to Kim, "Where kim lived, things were a lot different too. Though we probably shouldn't talk about the teens in Africa that kim knows." She laughs as she gives Kim a wink before looking back to Noelle, "You would probably figure it out from hanging around Javier long enough any way."

"I have a ton of questions. Like, can you guys tell Uncle Javier that my clothes aren't trashy, and that that curfew is stupid?" Noelle's gaze moves between the pair of them, a grin on her face. "Africa? Wow. Dad has no idea at all." She shakes her head, eyes wide, "Seriously, he has no idea."

Kim Looks you over. "That's trashy?" She frowns. "Well then he better not let me take you shopping then." She winks a little. "I wonder if I should before he asks me not to do things like that." She taps her chin. "See, out of everybody I don't have to listen to him."

Isabel smiles as she shakes her head, "Well really, you have to watch out for kim. She is even more into that kind of stuff that Javier." She laughs lightly as she looks over to Kim, "You don't want to corrupt her before Javier even gets home tonight."

Noelle's grin widens, and she has to finish her mouthful before she speaks, but the fluttering hand gestures speak as loudly as the words, "Oh man! Clothes shopping. So cool. He said my ass was hanging out. Why don't you have to listen to him?" She glances at Isabel, questioningly, her forehead wrinkling. "That kind of stuff?"

Kim grins. "Why not?" She pouts at Isabel. "I think it could be fun to corrupt her." She says "She's cute. I like cute." Then she winks at Noelle. "Javier's the king of the lions. They all have to listen to him. But knowing he's king, who in that type of world doesn't have to listen to a king?" She asks. "Don't tell her, Isabel, let's see if she can guess."

Isabel shakes her head as she looks to Noelle, "Well it is best you don't know the type of stuff. Just hearing it will corrupt you." She smiles as she looks over to Kim, "No corrupting her, no matter how much fun you think it might be."

The confusion deepens, Noelle's forehead wrinkling, "Uh, I guess either the king's mother, or … his wife?" She glances between them, the food finished quickly, and she hops from the side to clear her plate up. "Cute, huh." She shakes her head quickly.

Kim smiles. "Yeah, cute is good." She chuckles. "Would you like another?" She sticks out her tongue at Isabel for a moment. "I'm the queen, dear, means I have equal say to Javier." She chuckles. "But I still could take you clothes shopping if you like."

Isabel smiles as she looks back to Noelle, "If you go clothes shoping with Kim though, you might run the risk of coming home only to find out Javier wont let you wear any of it, and he might even burn it or something. Who knows."

"No thanks. I'm stuffed. That was really good." She returns to her perch, leaning her weight through her hands as she rests them on the side, swinging her legs. "Man, that would suck." Her face drops at the thought and she gives Isabel a look that threatens to edge into the sulks. "Is he always such a …" She takes her time picking the word.

Kim chuckles. "Asshole?" She says softly. "Don't worry. If I take you shopping, he is not gonna touch those clothes." She smiles. "Though he can ground you to the house. I can't say anything about that." She shrugs. "Anyways. We can stay home watch movies or we can go shopping."

Isabel shakes her head slightly, "He normally isn't that bad. But he seems very protective at the moment, so if you try anything he probably will. Though if you listen to him I am sure he will lighten up a great deal." She looks to kim, "If we go we can get some nice things for her too."

Noelle sighs, letting her shoulders droop. "Guess Isabel is right, he'd just throw a shitfit at me anyhow." She swings her legs, straightening her toes as she looks down at them. "So how many people live here? You three, and who else? Should I, like, knock before I leave my room?"

Kim thinks. "Actally, how old are you, dear?" She asks softly as she smiles. "Come on, let's get on the couch. I'm going to lay it out for you. No lies. No covering stuff, depending on how you answer my question. One other thing, a secret I will tell you. Lions.. can tell when humans lie."

Isabel nods slightly, "He probably would if you do something like that. He is just trying to help, though it's a lot easier to work with him than against him." She walks back over to the couch and sits down. She tilts her head as she looks over to kim, wondering what she is talking about.

"Sixteen." She slides from the side, following the women towards the couch, dropping to settle on the floor next to Isabel's feet. "He told me he can tell when I'm lying." The edge of petulance in her voice is genuine, and her mouth curve into a small pout, sulky. "Lay what out for me?" She looks between the two women, questioningly.

Kim smiles and plants a hot and heavy kiss on Isabel, before she looks to the young girl. "This is a lion house meaning you will walk in on people having sex.. you will see people moving about naked. Like i said we're a very liberal house."

Isabel blushes slightly as she kisses kim back before looking to Noelle, "In other words it probably would be a good idea to knock before leaving your room." She looks to Kim and nods slightly, before looking back to her.

Noelle's eyes widen as Kim kisses Isabel, and she shifts slightly to the side, her cheeks darkening with colour. "Uh right." Isabel's suggestion gets a nod, her gaze anywhere else in the room but on the two women. "Man…" She shakes her head slowly, blushing.

Kim places a hand softly on Noelle's shoulder. "Didn't mean to embarrass you dear but I thought you should know .. if you ever have any questions feel free to ask .. I won't laugh, I won't think they are stupid or childish .. I'll answer them. Among lions you learn to always tell the truth or if you don't want somebody to know, don't say anything."

Isabel looks to Kim, then back to Noelle, "To answer your other question. Besides us, there is Citlali, philly and lee who are around a lot. Though philly remains at our other house most of the time. Some times Wade stops over as well."

"Yeah…" Noelle is still blushing, keeping her gaze elsewhere as she scrambles to her feet, finally turning to face them. "Uh, I think I'll go unpack, get my stuff sorted in there…" She jerks a hand towards the study she is sleeping in. "Give you guys some …uh… time."

Kim laughs. "Okay, dear, we wouldn't do it in front of you." She pauses. "Not unless you asked nicely." She winks evilly as she teases the young girl.

Isabel laughs lightly as she looks over to Kim, "No we shouldn't be doing it in front of her, even if she asks." She smiles as she looks back to Noelle, "Okay, come tell us if you need any help."

Noelle nods mutely, blushing deeply before the teenager bolts towards the study, shutting the door firmly behind her.

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