20101219 - The Rex and Regina discuss it

18th December 2009


Living Room - Condo 1C - LaFontain Condos - Lincoln Park: East Lawn

After entering the Condo, you arrive in a small foyer area. To the right of the door is a small coat closet. And to the left, on the same wall as the door is on, seems to be an alarm panel. The flooring, like the rest of the condo, is all hardwood flooring. The living room is arranged in the standard U shape. With the Sofa in the center, the love seat on the right, and the chair on the left. All are black leather, with white stitching. Between the sofas and chairs sit end tables, with glass lamps. They are actually see through, though all of them seem to have seashells in them. In front of the sofa, is a nice coffee table. Atop it, is a couple magazines, the days news paper, and one remote control. To the left is a door leading to the bedroom, and another leading to the Study. On the right are two open entrance ways into one leading into the dining room, the other to the kitchen.



Isabel laughs softly, "I already know you are probably going to be the one that corrupts her. Though I am not sure Javier would really like that too much."

Javier takes a look around as he walks in… and he heard that comment. He then looks to Kim and shakes his head and simply says "Kim?!"

Kim looks up and grins evilly, very evilly " Hi dear.. met your niece she's yummy " hard to say if she's teasing or not

Isabel laughs slightly as she shakes her head, "Don't worry. She hasn't done anything yet. Though she was thinking of taking her out to buy super slutty clothing but I said not to."

Javier shakes his head to Kim. "Kim, this is my niece. 'Till you give me a child, she is the closest thing I have to a daughter. You can ask Isabel. I am more a protective father then the cool uncle that she wants. Do not… I repeat do not corrupt her. Her father, my brother sent her to me to protect her from corruption. I would like to think that if we had a daughter we would raise her right. Would we Kim?"

Kim blinks. "Your brother sent her to the wrong place dear .. you're a slut " she says flat out as she crosses her arms. "So am I so is isabel .. so is Lee so is Citali.. we're all for the most part.. liberal sexual ….. sluts " She shrugs " I won't change me for the world but that girl's gonna get her eyes blown open and it's gonna happen fast.. if she decides to join in, that's her choice. I won't force anything on her. I respect you too much for that, but don't tell me to change who I am 'cause I won't."

Isabel shakes her head slightly as she sits back, "I am pretty sure Kim gets a real kick out of corrupting young woman. Even if it was her own daughter I am sure she would." She looks over to Kim, "Though I am sure you will at least try to be good right?"

Javier grins "Man, this is like trying to get the truth out of Sidney. Kim, you are right on a lot of points but you did not answer my question. Kim, you were able to resist the moon for far longer then most… we are close to having our own child So answer the question, if we have a child and it turns out to be a girl, how are we going to raise it? Are we going to raise her the right way. Or are you going to set up her first gang bang at the age of thirteen?"

Kim thinks for a moment. "Depends if she wants to be a lion or not." she says softly after thinking for a long moment "That will change what I will do by a lot."

Isabel tilts her head as she looks over to Kim, "So that is what changes if you are going to make her a super slut or not? I guess if she is a lion she would age really slowly…That might not be good. Kim would do all sort of naughty things…"

Javier now walks over to where Isabel and Kim are sitting "Are we talking about Noelle or are talking about our own child. If we are talking about our child, then odds are she is going to be born human. Again even I am not sure because it is so hard for our kind to have children. However in both cases with our daughter and with Noelle they can go whatever direction they want to go in when they are adults and in this country that is eighteen. I am pretty sure Noelle is sixtee. She told me she was seventeen but she did not know we have the ability to tell when people are lying. However back to the point… can we agree that when Noelle and our daughter reach eighteen they then can go in the direction they want? Which includes if they want to be a lion or not."

Kim shakes her head. "No I'd ask her at 14 or 16. Girls mature faster then boys. With a boy you wait till he's 18, with a girl we've made up our minds before that… I would ask my daughter and if she'd want to be a lion I'd show her how it is .. and I'd make sure she had a few kids before I turned her."

Isabel looks from Kim then back over to Javier. "It sounds like you two haven't really thought to much about how you would treat your children if you had them together. Though maybe this will be good practice in some way."

Javier seems shocked by Kim's comment. He then thinks about what she said for a bit and now her comments do not sound as bad as he first thought. "Ok I can understand you wanting her to have children before infecting her so she can know what it is like to be a mother without fighting off the full moon. I get that… but in this state seventeen is the legal age where a minor is considered old enough to have sex. So come on, Kim, I want eighteen, you said sixteen, how about we meet in the middle at seventeen plus bonus, that also happens to be the law." He looks to Isabel and nods "You are right, I a more then willing I was caught up more in the desire to have a baby then thinking that me and the mother of our child come from far different background so we have different values."

Kim looks at Javier. "If we went by culture, as soon as she was able to have kids she would have to choose if she wanted to be a lion then bred until she reaches the age where she wanted to change and be changed at that point. In Africa there are no limits."

Isabel looks over to Kim, "In Africa they also have slaves girls and pregnant 13 year old girls you can buy and sell. You are the one that showed me that. I am pretty sure you don't want to use their standards for your kid."

Javier gives Kim a wink. "And if we ever moved to Africa I am all for no limits." A bit of a lie there. "However we are in America so as they say when in Rome do as the Romans do. So are you with me on this Kim? Seventeen… if we also throw in the dress code we talked about a while back well for the next three days I would be willing to do for… fore…" He sighs "You know how I hate to say the 'F' word, hate even more to do it. But this means so much to me that I will."

Kim smirks. "So if she's 17 and we ask her and she says she wants to be a lion then what I can corrupt her as my little black heart wants?" She asks. "What dress code? Naked and ready to fuck?"

Isabel laughs lightly as she shakes her head as she looks to Kim, "I don't think we are corrupting Noelle regardless since Javier made a promise that she wouldn't be corrupted or anything like that."

Javier chuckles. "Oh come on Kim you have a very big heart. A small heart would not have been able to put up with all that we have had to put up. And yes at seventeen, if she decides she wants to stay, if she decides to be a lion, you can do what you want… within reason. Though have to tell you now… I doubt it will work. By the time, Noelle hits seventeen she will be and stay a good girl. I know her, I think the problem is all of a sudden she got somewhat loaded in the 'T' and 'A' department this year and is getting a whole lot more attention from boys then what she is used to. And she did have a deep crush on one or two boys. So my brother knowing this, sent her here for me to watch over. As for the dress code we said that the females were to wear bikini tops and a skirt inside our homes."

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