20101220 - An Awkward Conversation


Burger Tzar #1 - Clarke Street: South

Burger Tzar - Home of the 'Whammer.' An all beef patty, grilled to perfection, topped with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and served on a sesame seed bun. Would you like fries with that? No problem. How about Tzar sizing that meal… it's only a few cents more?
This establishment is the standard build of a fast-food place; a counter with highlighted menu for ordering, a few laminated tables and booths with attached metal chairs. Not exactly 'fine dining,' but hey… it's cheap, quick, and mostly clean. Equipped with a drive-thru, it's a handy place to swing by for a bite on the go. And remember… "It's your way, right now" at Burger Tzar.



Middle of the afternoon, and a dark haired girl is making a milkshake last, wasting time, a slightly petulant hint to her mouth as she toys with the straw. In front of her, a magazine helps past the time, and she splits her time between reading it and watching people come and go. Her cheek rests against her hand, elbow on the table.

Matt steps in, and hits up the burger joint, ordering a pair of burgers and a large tray of fries. Oh, and a large milkshake as he pays for it all and heads over to find a free seat to sit. A bit of a grin as he takes a seat next to Noelle, grabbing a hand full of fries, and slowly chews it.

His arrival gets a sidelong glance, his grin returned, her mouth curving into a broad grin as her face animates. "Hey." Her gaze flickers to the tray, and then back to his face. "You got enough to eat there?" She straightens, pushing a hand through her unruly hair to clear it from her eyes, teenagers less than subtle at the best of times.

Matt looks over to her, and shakes his head. "No, no, but I /suppose/ I have some I could share." he picks up some of the hot and oily fries and he noms them down, chewing each and loving the salty taste. Purrr.

Noelle giggles and reaches out to take one of the fries, eating it slowly. "I'm Noelle Vega." She steals another, twisting in her seat to be able to reach more comfortably, giving him a grin.

Matt gives an 'ahh', and sighs, some fries gone as he eats some more for himself. "Ahh, Matt. A pleasure." he says simply "What'cha do around here?"

"Nothing right now, just hanging out." A hesitation before Noelle adds, a little more honestly, reluctantly, "Staying with a relative, going to enroll in high school here." She takes up her shake, taking a slurp through the straw.

Matt gives an ahh, leaning back. "I guess that works. I dropped out of high school, so go you." he smiles warmly, before picking up a burger and starting into that. "I sorta do small odd jobs around town, clean stuff up and the like."

"I tried to. My uncle threw a shitfit at me." The rueful grin lights up her face, warming the big brown eyes with amusement. "So far, I'm still refusing but only because I figure it is leverage." Noelle rests the drink on her bent knee, tucking her foot beneath her. "You don't plan to finish it?"

Matt looks to her for a few moments, "Finish highschool? Nah. I'm just a dreg of society. There's a place for people like me, being janitors and all."

Noelle returns the look, a flicker of confusion showing before she shakes her head, lifting her chin slightly. "You totally know that wasn't what I meant." She challenges him, her voice quieter.

Matt looks to Noelle. "Yup." he gives a smile. "I know, was just teasing, just can't do highschool anymore. It's just the wrong sorta pressure for me."

The smile is returned with a hint of relief, the teenager's brown eyes warming. "Wrong sorta pressure? There is a right kind of pressure?" She is teasing him back, Noelle's mouth curving into a broad grin.

Matt gives a nod, "Pressure that dosn't cause me to shift and hurt someone is good enough I suppose. Besides, high school teens? Ultimate catty bitches."

"Shift…" Noelle hesitates, biting her lower lip for a moment before she adds, casually, "You're a shifter? Yeah, not all of us are that catty." She shrugs, ducking her head as she lifts the lid on the shake to peer inside, checking the amount left.

Matt gives a nod. "Yup. Snow Leopard. I'm good with the simple things in life anyways. Love my tree to sleep in, love snuggling with friends, don't need tons of money, and don't need to rule the world."

Noelle's face shows her curiousity well enough and she tilts her head, watching him. "My uncle is a lion…his life seems way complex. I've never spent time with shifters before." A touch naive in the confession but honest at least.

Matt looks to Noelle, "Uncle? You couldn't mean Javier?" a small sigh. "Ugh, I'm so sorry." he chews more fries. "So, well, we leopards live for sensual experiences, and don't give me that look, don't mean sex. I mean touch, being close, being with friends. Best stuff ever."

Noelle's chin lifts, and there is a flash of temper in her eyes as she straightens. "Yeah I mean Javier." There is a slightly defensive air to that comment. "And I didn't give you a look. Being friends is cool." She shrugs, the awkwardness showing.

Matt gives another 'ugh' and sighs. He idly chews more fries before saying "I suppose." a look to Noelle as he says "Javier, not on my list of top friends."

She is giving him a look now, her eyes narrowing. "He is my uncle and I think he is cool." Definitely defensive now, Noelle crosses her arms and slides down in her chair, her chin lifted.

Matt nods. "That's nice." he says with a shrug. He moves his tray a bit farther away from her. "I can respect your difference in opinion."

"Looks like it." Noelle nods to the tray, noting the movement. "I mean, one moment you are all friendly, and the moment you know who my uncle is, and I won't let you slag him off to me, bang, no more sharing." She shrugs, straightening and closing her magazine. "Guess I'll be seeing you around."

Matt gives a look to Noelle, "Seriously? You take that body posture, and that attitude, and you think I'll keep sharing my stuff?" he shakes his head and stands, "Fine, have the rest of it." as he makes for the door to leave.

"I'm supposed to take that type of comment about my family and just be all light and cheer? I didn't want your dinner anyhow." Noelle pushes the tray away, rising to her feet, shoving her magazine in her back pocket, muttering to herself as the guy leaves. "Way to make new friends, Noelle."

Matt grumbles, and is gone moments later.

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