20101220 - Brief Chat in a Cafe


cafe://Polychrome v2.0 - Navy Pier - Grand and Lake Shore

The Polychrome 2.0 is a serious upgrade in both style and function. Gone is the soft-industrial warehouse look, the walls repainted from their worn brick color to a more warm rich red adobe. The walls are adorned with old Sci-Fi posters and paintings by independent local artists.

The entire cafe is situated around a circular bar-like counter in the very center of the room which, in turn, surrounds the chrome and copper homemade monstrosity Frankenchino machine the only surviving relic of the previous Polychrome. Frankenchino billows steam and froth from it's masses of pipes and valves, the temperature and levels of fluids measured by gleaming old fashioned pressure gages and controlled by a plethora of levers and turn-gaskets. Comfortable high backed chromed stools with leather upholstery orbit the counter, which through it's thick Plexiglas surface into it's refrigerated interior can be seen sandwiches and pastries and other snacks in refrigerated. Above the counter is an outfacing circle of LCD TVs showing various feeds off the Internet.

Circular segmented couches surround low black coffee tables around the cafe, each one having a computer monitor on a swivel in the center and a cordless keyboard and mouse and allowing the patrons full and free net access. In one corner there are more dedicated semi-private computer terminals at high-mounted and a kiosk where one can rent a laptop. Another corner sports an Internet jukebox which has been built into the body of a full sized Robby the Robot replica. Another corner has a small stage from which patrons can enjoy independent bands or poets on certain nights. The last corner is set up with merchandise such as books, magazines, shirts, mugs and gadgets.



Javier takes a long look around as he walks in with Noelle.

The combination that most teenagers have of curious and trying for cool is illustrated nicely in this girl as she follows her uncle into the cafe, hands in the pockets of her leather jacket, her gaze flickering over the room. There is a slight sway in her hips, a deliberate provocation according to the look she shoots the man beside her.

Kai isn't working today, in fact he doesn't work that much anymore. Because he is on baby duty. Well at least half of the babies. Two of the three triplets are asleep in a stroller. He has them rocking back and forth with his foot to keep them aslep. It really helps with these two. One of the babies, a boy. Is a 4 month old clone of Kai. Both look like perfect angels with rosy pudgie cheeks as they sleep so peacefully.

Javier walks over to Kai "Why hey there… did not see your kids before it is great to see them." He keeps his voice low "Oh and this is my niece Noelle."

Noelle glances at the babies, before giving Kai a broad grin and a hand wave as a silent greeting. She slides her hands into her back pockets, rolling her shoulders back as she does so, her posture a direct response to an attractive man, a hint of flirtation in that move. Less subtle, given the lack of years of practice, and her gaze quickly moves over the t-shirt and jeans.

Kai looks toward Javier and he says, "Hey, don't worry about them. They sleep through pretty much anything when they are this tired. Besides, if you walk on eggshells they don't get used to noise and then they get startled at the drop of a pin." He smiles and says, "The other one, he is a really sensitive sleeper. Slightest noise and he's up and demanding attention. He's currently with his momma. She took him for a swim." He looks at the young teen and he says, "Neice eh? Almost as big a punishment as a daughter."

If Noelle can get some sort of sexual reaction from Kai, Javier would be very impressed. Javier looks to Noelle and says "If you need to flex yourself around that much I will remember to have you do stretching excercises before we go any where." Javier looks to Kai and nod "Yeah it is some what of a good thing though. Not that I care too much about it but she also gets my mind off of Sidney."

A flare of colour in Noelle's cheeks predates a dirty look towards Javier by a whole millisecond, "God." The word is muttered under her breath and she shifts, crossing her arms across her chest, a brief scowl on her face. "Who is Sidney? And even my Dad is less strict than him." She moves across, dropping into a seat, into an instant slouch, curiousity marked on her face.

Kai looks at Javier for a second and he says, "Ahh but next time you find a pretty girl to distract you from her. You should probably pick one that isn't related to you." He gives Javier a little smile. He turns to Noelle, "When Isode gets old enough, boys are not even going to be allowed a five mile radius of her. I'm sending her to a convent with an adamantium chastity belt. It's a guy thing, to be protective of the attractive women in our livves."

Javier shakes his head to Kai "My brother sent her to me to look over. And she is going to remain as pure as snow." He then rubs his chin and looks to Noelle "You know a convent is not a bad idea at all. Oh and Sidney was my fiancee and proof that love is indeed blind." He then raises a brow and says to Kai "And distraction as in looking after her making sure she stays out of trouble not to mention the other things such as placing her in a high school."

Noelle gives Kai a small smile, a flicker of a wrinkle on her forehead suggesting she has noticed the compliment of attractive but is being cautious. Javier's comments about convents gets him a seriously dirty look and a roll of her eyes. "We've not agreed on high school. I could, like, get a job or something instead. It isn't like I don't know how to handle boys…"

Kai laughs and nods his head, "I am glad I have 14 years before I have to deal with high school." He smiles at Javier. "Anyway. Yeah, I think Anya would kick my ass iff I even contemplated that one. She is very liberal." To Noelle he says, "You should go to high school, I rushed mine so I can be a professional surfer. BUt that only lasted so long." He lookat Jav for another moment. "We need to get your uncle a new hot wife candidate."

Javier shakes his head to Kai "I have the other lionesses to keep my spirits up. Plus Citlali my former mate has returned and more then wants to resume her old role. In fact she had even plan on challenging Sidney to be my mate."

"Won't Kim get pissy if he gets another one? Who is Citlali? Man, you can't bitch about me talking to one guy when you have this string of girlfriends." The curiousity ends with a broad grin, and almost a tease of Javier. Kai's inclusion of her in the conversation sparks a smile that chases the sulky away from the girl's face, and she sits up, leaning forward to lean elbows on her knees. "For serious? You are a professional surfer? Cool." She draws that word out, emphasizing it, even as she brushes over the high school conversation.

Scene ended unfinished.

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