20101223 - Rules Negotiation


Living Room - Condo 1C - LaFontain Condos - Lincoln Park: East Lawn
After entering the Condo, you arrive in a small foyer area. To the right of the door is a small coat closet. And to the left, on the same wall as the door is on, seems to be an alarm panel. The flooring, like the rest of the condo, is all hardwood flooring. The living room is arranged in the standard U shape. With the Sofa in the center, the love seat on the right, and the chair on the left. All are black leather, with white stitching. Between the sofas and chairs sit end tables, with glass lamps. They are actually see through, though all of them seem to have seashells in them. In front of the sofa, is a nice coffee table. Atop it, is a couple magazines, the days news paper, and one remote control. To the left is a door leading to the bedroom, and another leading to the Study. On the right are two open entrance ways into one leading into the dining room, the other to the kitchen.



Javier is sitting down in the black leather chair. He looks to Isabel who is on the sofa and ask her "Did we ever decide on Noelle curfew time?"

Isabel shakes her head slightly, "Well you said 9:15 and 9:45 or something like that. Though I don't know if that was your offical ruling or not. I didn't know if it was open to debate."

Noelle is curled up in a chair, her attention drawn from the book she is reading at the comment, her gaze moving between her uncle and Isabel. "Way early. Seriously. Isn't it, Isabel?" The appeal to the woman is done with eyes fixed on her hopefully.

Javier smiles to Noelle "As they say early to sleep means early to rise. You get to enjoy more of the day that way. Besides if you had your way there would be no curfew at all. What ever time I use you are going to say it is too early."

Isabel looks over to noelle and nods her head slightly, "That is a bit early. I would say ten pm on weekdays, and eleven on weekends is more fair. Then if she is good, maybe push it back another hour. That is fair I think."

"So compromise. I want midnight, you want nine, make it eleven." The hopeful grin has plenty of bravado in it, and Isabel's suggestion is met with a tilt of her head. "Ten thirty." She offers, haggling.

Javier raises a brow at Isabel "You want her out to twelve on a weekend? Do you have any idea just how much trouble one can get into this city that late? And ten thirty on a school night?" He then shakes his head "Ten fourty five on a weekend and 10 pm on the weekend." He then gives Noelle a wink "When I see the announcement that says it is 10pm do you know where your children are… I want to say to myself yes she is right here." He looks back to Isabel "And if she is good she can keep these hours."

Isabel shrugs slightly, "Well I said if she was good we could raise it a little. Ten isn't that bad though. I guess that is more fair. A lot better than nine. Besides how early do you really think she is going to get up in the morning?"

Noelle's sigh is loud, a hint of teenaged stroppiness showing in the slump back into her chair. "Oh man. Ten and if I stick to it, it goes up…and I don't even have school until after the break." The look on her face expresses hope better than her words, the negotiation ongoing.

"Noelle you did not come here to party." Javier says in a seriouse ton of voice "What do you mean oh man ten. You are in high school so you get out around what 3pm? This gives you seven hours to do what you need to do. If you can't do what you need to in seven hours then that extra hour is not going to make much of a differnce. Now if you if you stay good I will allow you out for more time if you call me and if the reason is good enough."

Isabel sits back as she glances back and forth between the two of them. "Well I guess that sounds fairly." She looks over to noelle and shrugs slightly. "Probably the best you will get with him, though if you are good he will let you stay out longer."

"Fine. Whatever." The last syllable is drawn out, given with a roll of her eyes, but Isabel's comment gets the woman a broad grin. The teenager nods, glancing at her uncle. "Think so. Alright. Ten. Sorted."

Javier smiles "Great, so tell me Noel what do you think of Chicago so far. And have you had the chance to make many friends yet? If not can look to introduce you to some of mine later in the week."

Isabel smiles as she nods, "That is good that we can all agree. There are a lot of nice places around the city to meet people at, or to even visit by yourself if you like."

Noelle closes her book, her finger keeping her place, her lips drooping at the corners a little. "Only one person and he turned out to be a real jerk." A hint of colour in her cheeks suggests her temper rises at the memory, but Isabel gets another grin, a growing fondness for the woman showing in the softening of the teenager's expression.

Javier nods "That boy from that Burger place? The one who I met and sat next to?" He then shrugs his shoulders "Too bad he seemed ok, but life must go on. You are going to have plenty of friends I am sure of that.""

Isabel shrugs slightly, "There are a lot of jerks around, but there are a lot of nice people around as well. So have you been checking out any of the sights around the city yet?"

"No, another guy." Noelle shrugs, brushing the topic off, clearly uncomfortable. "I haven't really. I just sort of wandered around, found the burger place." She twists in the chair, settling with her legs tucked beneath her. "Thought I might go places tomorrow."

Javier nods to what Isabel has to say and then says ti Noelle "Did you try the libary? Some times the place you visit to find friends can have a big impact on the type of friend they are."

Isabel nods her head slightly that would be a good spot to meet. Or maybe we can show her that cafe that we go to all the time?" She looks over to noelle, "Did your parents give you any money for while you were here?"

"Library." Javier's suggestion earns him a look with her forehead creasing and brows drawn together. "Is that the cafe we went to, with the guy with the babies?" She dismisses the library out of hand, "Yeah, I've got an allowance for stuff…"

Javier chuckles to Noelle look "Just don't knock it till you try it ok? And yes the guy with the babbes was named Kai. I had no problems with you trying to get his attentions because Kai is gay for the most part. I say the most part because he find a way to have children meaning he did the dirty deed with a female."

Isabel smiles as she nods her head slightly, "Okay, that is good. Just wanted to make sure you had some money so you could go places." She looks over to javier, "So it is okay if she meets people asl long as they are gay?"

"I wasn't trying to get his attention. Geez." A roll of her eyes adds emphasis to the comment, "And like you could talk even if I was." Isabel's comment defuses the brief flash of temper and Noelle grins, and then giggles. "Only gay men and his girlfriends."

Javier raises a brow "Like I can talk? Or we talking about how am with the ladies. Right now Noel we are on two differnt levels. You are going to have to do as I say not as I do."

Isabel smiles as she looks over to javier, "I think she was talking about how you are with the ladies, which me and kim told her about. Kim was surprised she even came here."

Noelle's grin vanishes, and she uncurls from the chair, rising to her feet. "I'm going out." The book gets shoved into a bag she grabs on her way towards the door, throwing on her coat over her top. "Library maybe." The comment is accompanied with a sarcastic grin, and she is leaving.

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