20101225 - Peacemaking in the Bar



The Basement: Bar/Pub - Grand Street: East

A place of casual hanging out, the room has an 'L'-shaped layout. Dark wood is the predominate theme, with hardwood floors, wall paneling, bar, and matching tables and chairs. The long and straight bar takes up the majority of the right wall, lighted by hidden bulbs and neon signs advertising various alcoholic beverages, these reflected in its smooth polished surface. Two to three bartenders serve ID-bearing customers seated on stools, from walls lined with about any drink imaginable, and a waitress will appear from the kitchen now and again to cover small 'pub food' orders. Taking up the back wall are four pool tables and dart boards, set off from a few booths and small round tables.
One section of the interior wall almost opens to the dancefloor below. A fine polarized black mesh set about a high railing cuts out much of the flashing lights and rhythmic beats from drifting upwards, and also prevents folks from falling downwards. The opposite wall bears short but wide windows high up by the ceiling, looking out to 'foot level' of the outside street.



Late afternoon at the bar, and there is time to relax. A nice Thursday evening, with the weather outside reasonable, and the company in here chilled. Jan is playing pool with April, waiting patiently as she takes her turn, her pool cue in her hand. She is relaxed, work finished, papers graded, students failed, and she is taking some time out. A bottle of coke is on the side, and she is leaning against the corner of the table.

April is leaning way over for her shot, one foot lifted behind her and the other one almost off, just her toes touching to keep it legal. "oh, hell." she wiggles slightly then makes her shot and loses her balance to fall foward on the table. "hell, crap."

Jacobi enters the bar, dressed in a casual fashion and moves down the stairs, casually shaking off some of the snow about him. His hands at his sides he makes his way towards the bar proper to order a pepsi.

"Illegal shot, April. My shot." Jan's grin is pure smug and it is a good grin, broad and relaxed as she steps forward. "So I sort of growled at this guy today. He pulled a snake on me. Really weird…" She shakes her head, narrowing her eyes as she looks down the cue, taking her shot. She makes the shot, but doesn't pocket anything. She is about to speak when Jacobi enters the bar, and her head turns to stare at him, abruptly, and silently, tensing.

April had rolled the short two feet to the end of the table and all but falls off it to get to her feet again. "Yea, well, I don't have much talent in shooting pool." she is tugging at her shirt to pull it down and fliping her hair back when she notices Jandra looking, no staring, at Jacobi. "say, what's up?"

Jacobi doesn't seem to notice the tensing of Jan as he seems to be in his own world. Reaching into his pocket and pulling out a five to pay for the drink he takes a look at the menu before for a moment before closing it and ordering a basket of fries and a big kahuna burger.

Jan straightens, stepping slightly towards April, unconsciously. "That guy at the bar. Is he pard?" Her voice is low but perhaps another Therian may hear it, and her own tension levels rise accordingly. "I just haven't seen him before, it surprised me." She shakes her head quickly, dismissing her own tension with a smile, but her gaze wanders back to him.

April shakes her head as she looks at Jacobi too, "na, I don't feel pard in him. Anyway, he's living with a Fae." she picks up her pool cue that had fallen to the floor too and stands up again. "How can you trust someone that lives with a Fae." she shakes her head then looks at the table and the balls scattered across it.

Jacobi coughs abit and turns to look at the two women discussing him, eyeing first one then the other before saying, rather flatly, "I carry the Cougar Therian strain. And yes, I have taken a Fae as my mate.. and no, I avoid the Pard by and large.." Turning back to his drink and sipping from it he waits for his burger, muttering to himself in Russian.

Jan had opened her mouth to reply to April, her forehead wrinkling before the man speaks and her cheeks flush scarlet. She gives April an embarrassed look, putting her cue down on the table before she picks up her coke and moves over to the man's side. "I apologise. I shouldn't have discussed you like that." Her voice is low, carefully modulated, and she offers an apologetic smile and her hand to him. "I am Jan."

Jacobi reaches out to accept the offered hand after taking a sip from his pepsi, "So long as you're not here to tell me join the Pard or be raped I'm fine personally." He shakes her hand, "I am Doctor Jacobi Nikolai Leukievo."

April frowns when Jan leaves the pool tables and drops her cue stick on one of them to follow her. "Come on, Jan. He don't care, he's a Fae almost." she nods at the tender and askes for a cola to drink.

Jan's eyes widen at the comment, her face started. She and Jacobi are at the bar, with April near the pool table, a game half played there. The man has fries and a burger in front of him, and Jan is holding a coke in her hand. "I don't offer violence. Alejandra Ramos. This is April." She gives the other woman a confused look, shaking her head quickly. "I don't understand. Fae? What is the problem with that?" Her handshake is cool and firm. It is a Thursday afternoon, around a week before Christmas.

Jacobi takes a sip of his pepsi and looks towards April then back to Jan, setting the drink down he points towards the ceiling, "Don't ask me, I stopped trying to join a year ago when one of them tried to rape me.." He shrugs his shoulders abit and reaches out, picking up a fry and popping it into his mouth, "Likely has to do with the fact that my mate is Polyamorous and her other Mate is a pure Fae… one of those ones that don't really care for mortals and such.." He makes a rolling hand gesture, "You know, stereotypical I could wave my hand and turn the blood in your body to silver type."

April gets her drink and looks at the man, laughing at the last thing he said. "Interesting way to die," she takes a long swallow then nudges Jan. "see, what I mean." and she motions toward Jacobi. "Anyway, she's prob got the poor thing in mind controll or something."

The wind flows down the staircase as Rodney steps in from the cold. Gloves are being pulled off his hands as he follows it, blowing on his fingers to warm them as he enters the Basement. Blue eyes scan those gathered for people he knows, and failing to see any begins to make his way to the bar. He nods to the bartender as he sets down, and rubbing his hands together places an order. "Irish coffee, double of baileys, no whip." He turns on the stool to glance across the room again, and begins to unbutton his jacket.

Jan's smile fades, and she frowns, turning to look at April questioningly. "I think this may be one of those situations where I understand the biology and the theory but not the practice." Her voice is cautious, her words selected with care. "I understand that fae is powerful. I have never met one. Why would they rape you?" She leans against the bar beside him, her face thoughtful, her tension rising a little. The newcomer gets a glance, nothing more.

Jacobi shakes his head from side to side, "Wasn't a Fae that raped me, or rather tried. It was a member of the Pard by the name of Matt who worked at Divine Torture and wore assless chaps.." He shudders abit at the mental image, "He failed quite signifigantly. Then the Pard leaders at the time simply did not wish to meet up to discuss matters so I left it be. I work over at Saint Rumon's."

April narrows her eyes at Jacobi and puts her drink down. "yea, just as I thought. His mind has been messed with." she touchs Jan's shoulder. "come on, lets get the hell out of here before he starts spouting other crap."

Nalio wonders in shakes the snow off her black coat and hangs it up. She looks around and spots something she wants but pauses headding to the far end of the bar, away from the group. "Long island iced tea, heading up to see a friend. Maybe some soup to go?" She twists in her seat and watches the different people gathered there.

Bits of conversation float over the roam, and Rodney listens half-heartedly as he waits for his drink. When he gets it from the bartender he raises it for a deep drink, closing his eyes as he savors the warmth. He hears another voice along the bar near him, and turns his head, silently greeting Nalio with a friendly smile.

"Matt?" Jan echoes softly, glancing between April and Jacobi, her face showing her confusion. "April, …" The woman's name is a protest and Jan's gaze flickers between them, torn. She lifts a hand to brush hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear, "Wait and hear what he has to say?" The words are a soft plea to the other woman, gently spoken. Oblivious to the two newcomers, Jan is focussed.

April lets Jan's shoulder go with a shrug, "sure, if you just have to." she leans against the side of the counter and rests one arm on it's top.

Nalio watches a bit longer, confused and concerned as she listens. Pulling her power in tight and sipping her tea, offering Rodney a soft smile. "Good to get out of the cold… The day treating you well I hope?

Being his mate, Jacobi is pretty much on the up and up when Nalio enters an area and indeed he immediately turns his head towards her when she enters, then taking note of the man eyeing her… Those who can read the shifter's body language can easily denote it tensing up and becoming protective as he eyeballs Rodney. Speaking to Jan he shrugs his shoulders and says, "There's nothing more to say, I've said my peace on the subject matter.. The man is lucky I decided to only beat the crap out of him rather than kill him."

"So far so good, how is the holiday treating you?" He raises from his stool, and moves closer to Nalio, leaving only a single stool between the too. Rodney smiles, and extends one of the hands from his drink. "Spending it in the basement though… not always my ideal plan. I think I've seen you in here a few times, but we've never met. The names Rodney."

Jan touches April lightly as she releases her, giving her a thankful smile. "Then I guess I should leave you to enjoy your meal." Her voice is soft, directed to the man at her side and she hesitates, before giving him a smile that is slightly rueful. "I'm afraid I don't entirely know the etiquette of greeting a nonpard leopard." His tension raises hers and she steps back, following his gaze to Nalio and Rodney, questioningly.

April nudges Jan on the side. "that's her, She's his Fae Mate." This is said when Jan looks toward Rodney and Nalio. "they had something against Talen, while he was still brain damaged." she picks up her drink again and takes a larger swallow before she chuckles. "I still think we need to get out of here."

Jacobi corrects Jan, "Cougar.. Similar species only Cougars in the wild are solitary animals… as such my beast doesn't tug like yours.. So it doesn't bother me." Or at least he lies to himself enough to say such as it does smell like a lie. Rising up he takes a fry and and throws it at Rodney with supernatural speed, hoping to hit the man in the head with it.. Looking over his shoulder he says to April, "Correct me if I am wrong, but I'm the one who performed his surgery.. don't claim I hold anything against anyone.."

April snorts at Jacobi. "never said you did, it's the Fae you were with." and she motions toward Nalio. "who were threating him. And me, after I stepped in front of him. You just stood there and watched. Yea, I know you hugged her at one point."

Nalio smiles and nods then offers her hand. "I'm Nal… its nice to meet you." Looking at The other end of the bar she frowns. "Excuss me." She slides off her stool and wonders over looking at April. "And for that I owe you more than an appology. I tend to loose myself at times and it was wrong of me." She holds out her hand and offers a gentle smile. "Nalio, sorry about stepping off on the wrong foot. Just not one who likes being called a Hoe."

Rodney takes the greeting as Nalio moves towards the others. "No problem." He shrugs and turns his head, listening in for a few more moments. He shakes is head lightly and lifts his mug to his lips, closing his eyes to savour the flavor of the spiced drink.

Jacobi's correction is met with a slow nod and a long, steady look from Jandra, her eyes widening as she catches the edge of a lie there. "Maybe we should go." Her voice is soft, her glance between April and Jacobi cautious as she leaves her drink on the bar. "I apologise for intruding." Her voice is intentionally low, aiming to calm the situation. Nal's movement to join them, to speak to April makes her tenser though, and she subconsciously moves towards April, reaching to touch her lightly, soothing rather than seeking protection.

April looks at Nalio's hand then nods at her. "ok, that's fine with me." she backs away from the bar when Jan touches her arm and smiles. "ok, we can go if you want, little peace maker." she nods at the others gathered at the bar. "laters, maybe."

Jacobi seems to calm merely by nalio's presence joining them, giving Rodney an evil eye but is otherwise perfectly fine after a few moments. Picking up a fry and nibbling on it he looks towards April, "As I said, her other mate is a full Fae and as such there is a behavioral difference depending upon whom she is with… She was not with me that night, I am not Polyamorous, she is. Your friend did goad her with that comment."

Nalio watches as April moves. "Tell Talen I'll be coming to see him soon with my little brother. He explained things and I owe the boy an apology as well." She looks at Jacobi and nods. "Yeah, Jacobi helps keep me human… I was away from him far too long."

If Rodney noticed Jacobi's look, he doesn't react. He's not here for trouble today, just to warm up and perhaps enjoy some company. His mug nears the bottom, and he sets it on the bar after placing a folded bill beneath it. He looks about to say something when a noise emits from his jacket. With a frown he grabs his cell phone, and raises it to his ear. "Haroldson here, what's up?"

The little peace maker shakes her head at April, returning the smile with a cautious one of her own. "If we can talk peacefully, then we will stay." Jan comments, giving Nalio a questioning look, the words more of a query than they may appear. "I understand the cultural differences on an intellectual level. It is different, I think, on a real level."

April shakes her head at the room in general then eyes' Jacobi. "oh, he did? Was it like you are goading me now? After the peace makers have put in their two cents."

Nalio looks from april to Jacobi and back, the feel to her odd and anyone who can sense it or scent it will feel panther emmiting from her right now, like a beast of her own slumbers. "Whats going on? Did I… miss something?" She looks at Jandra then and nods. "You mean between Fae and everything else in existance? I'm an exception…"

Jacobi brings his hand up and passes his hand through his hair, looking lightly towards April he cants his head to the side, "I am not trying to goad you into anything.. I am sorry if I offended you, if you'd like we can step outside and I'll allow you to attempt to harm me.. I won't fight back even.. I meant no offense.." He turns around and sits down rubbing his face..

Jandra stiffens, her head coming up as she senses the panther, her eyes widening. "April…" Her voice is an attempt at soothing but the tension from her reaction to Nalio's panther can be heard in it, "He isn't offering a fight. Let it pass." She glances between those around her, her tongue flicking out to moisten her lips nervously, the grey eyes darkening slightly. "I would love to discuss fae and culture with you sometime. I think perhaps now would be a good time for April and I to leave. Whilst there is still peace to be kept." Jandra's voice is low, her attempt at humour falling flat.

April nods at Jan. "Yea, like I said earlier, it's time to go." and she rests a hand on Jans' shoulder to walk along with her back upstairs.

Jacobi offers a departing wave over his shoulder as the duo take to leave, reaching out to pick up his pepsi and nurse the glass he sighs, "Dear, is it just me or do I seem to just stir up hostility everywhere I go?"

Nalio smiles and nods to Jandra. "I would love that, do you know Zack? He's a friend of Talens… and I consider him my little brother." She hands a card to JAndra with her phone number. "Take care you two, and again… I'm sorry.

Jandra takes the card, carefully, warily, tucking it into her pocket. She turns, with April beside her, and leaves the bar, her step quick, graceful.

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