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Jackson Street

The heart of 'downtown.' Ever busy, ever frenzied, as white collar workers and business tycoons go about their daily lives.

The Sears Tower stretches above the bustling city-scape here, standing like a concrete titan among giants. Banks and financial institutions take up residence in this portion of the city, a few cafes and newspaper stands feeding off the everpresent executives and their assistants. It's also home to speedy access into and out of the main portion of the city, as taxis and buses dominate the road, handling the 'shipment' of human workers. The aura of Jackson Street is full of energy and motivation, amplified by the thoughts of the masses - a beehive of technology and civilization.

At night the streets settle down some, as the eight-to-five'ers scurry off to their homes; that's when the activity switches to those who enjoy the night life, commuting in by the swarms to enjoy the city by dark. They come by the same means as the daytime crowd - by means of Chicago's Mass Transit System, which is centered here.

This is where Chicago begins… this is brain from which the nerves of the 'Windy City' sprout and roam.

Icy rain and sleet fall invisibly from a grey-black sky. It's very dark and the ice makes walking on the slippery ground difficult. A raw wind blows from the southeast. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about forty-five inches of snow on the ground.

GAME> Friday, Feb 11 18:32:55 2011 - Winter Night < Sleet >



Jackson Street

The heart of 'downtown.' Ever busy, ever frenzied, as white collar workers and business tycoons go about their daily lives.
The Sears Tower stretches above the bustling city-scape here, standing like a concrete titan among giants. Banks and financial institutions take up residence in this portion of the city, a few cafes and newspaper stands feeding off the everpresent executives and their assistants. It's also home to speedy access into and out of the main portion of the city, as taxis and buses dominate the road, handling the 'shipment' of human workers. The aura of Jackson Street is full of energy and motivation, amplified by the thoughts of the masses - a beehive of technology and civilization.
At night the streets settle down some, as the eight-to-five'ers scurry off to their homes; that's when the activity switches to those who enjoy the night life, commuting in by the swarms to enjoy the city by dark. They come by the same means as the daytime crowd - by means of Chicago's Mass Transit System, which is centered here.
This is where Chicago begins… this is brain from which the nerves of the 'Windy City' sprout and roam.
Icy rain and sleet fall invisibly from a grey-black sky. It's very dark and the ice makes walking on the slippery ground difficult. A raw wind blows from the southeast. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about forty-five inches of snow on the ground.

<PL> HW Public Library

It's late night, the cold of the Windy City encouraging it's citizen's to stay indoors when possible. Few roam the streets, but in an alley near the libarary, a small crowd gathers. A pair of men stand at their forefront, both heavily bundled against the cold, a middle aged dark face on one, the other claiemd by a much younger light skinned man. The dozen or so people before them murmur lightly in the wind, waiting for the two to turn from each other and face them.

After long moment, Brother Emperor steps from the darker one, and raises his hands as several electric torches are used to illuminate his form. "My brothers and sisters, again we gather. This time our purpose is twofold, to share sounds of victory and move towards our next one." Within the alley the sound of the others raise, encouraging the speaker on. After long moments, Brother Emperor continues, speaking clearly into the night. "It has been passed to me, that there is discord within the Lukoi, that the wickedness that has been spawned in the form of werewolves has been dealt a blow."
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Standing with the rest of the group to the forefront, is another bundled up. This one is slight, her face upturned to the speaker with a look of calm excitement. There's something about this woman, for as the crowd lingers around and Brother Emperor speaks, there is a higher current of excitement to grow without the crowd.

"The leader of the pack has been claimed, his body returned to his foul maker." Brother Emperor continues talking, and the others cheer loudly, the sounds escaping briefly from the alley. He gives them their moments before raising his hands high again, silencing the small crowd. "It is not a death knell for the therians as a whole, but it shows that even their most powerful can be brought to eternal justice." Dark eyes glint from beneath his hood, and a smooth chin shows signs of a smile as he continues.

"Tonight, we come to claim another in this war, as we try to show those non-believers the error of their ways. They have sent out one of their own to find out about the death of their leader, and my sight has shown her to me for what she is." Brother Emperor's voice turns hard, and those within the crowd can feel the words as they wash over them. "There is a woman within the library, one of the foul wolves that prey upon our children in the night, that takes them from our homes and safety, delivering them into evil."

His words seem effective this night, and the crowd boils as he moves before them. "When she steps from the shelter tonight, we shall claim her right for judgement, and allow our benevolent God to do with her as he will." Brother Emperor's head lowers, and his companion steps forward placing one large hand on the other's jacketed shoulder. The darker man begins to speak, his voice lower and more powerful than that of Brother Emperor.

"Despite Brother Emperor's words, the pack is far from dead, though they are certainly shaken. Like the Hydra of legend, though the head of the wolf was cut off, another rises to takes it's place." His is a voice of experience, tempring the furor that is being raised by the younger man. "This war, is just beginning, and though they continue to fall before us, we are far from the end. When more join us, when they realize the errors of their ways as I have, only then shall we truly be able to remove the scourges of the undying and beasts that claim the form of men. We shall offer her a choice as we have the others" The crowd is silent as he speaks, and an almost canine smile appears amidst the dark jaw that is visible.

"She will refuse though, and in that refusal, judgement shall be rendered." His words bring a cold silence, and he shakes his head, stepping from Brother Emperor to move into the crowd, towards the back of the group. The younger leader reaches into his heavy jacket's pocket, feeling the comforting grip of his dart gun as he faces the entrance to the alley, and steps out near the library entrance.

Joliea had called a cab because of the icy rain, a cab that never showed. And now with all but her and the night watchman left, she gives him a comforting smile as she assures him that she will be fine. "I'll bet as soon as I step outside." a quick kiss on the old mans cheek and she is out the door for him to lock it behind her. She stands at the entrance for a bit, waiting for the cab again then sighs a she pulls a small cheap umbrella out and holds it over her head as she starts down the walkway.

Laura remains within the crowd, her ability set on 'low' for the moment, keeping the crowd kept stirred up and excited for what will come. Her gaze lingers on the front of the library, head tilted and hands folded in a quiet prayer for strength of what will come.
Brother Emperor is bundled in the cold as she starts walking, his movements seemingly bringing him from beyong the library in the tracks that coat the snow. As he nears the young woman he looks up, and dark eyes seek her face as he speaks. "You just left the library, they weren't locking up yet were they?" His voice sounds worried, and he pauses as he talks. "The college library doesn't carry what I need unfortunately."

Joliea stops tilting the small umbrella to one side as she peers at the man. "Yes, and the guard has already locked the door, sorry about that." she then looks up and down the street while she askes. "You didn't see a cab by any chance. The one I called didn't show up yet."

Keeping the crowd quiet, and yet still on their toes, Laura remains out of sight in the alley with the group that will soon move forwards once Brother Emperor makes his moves on hell's creature in a woman's body.

The bundled young man sighs with despair, and shakes his head. "I am never going to get this paper done." He shakes his head and starts to turn when she mentions the cab, then looks back at her. "I haven't, but there are almost always cabs by the bar over there." He points down the dark alley, and pulls out a maglight from his pocket. "If you want, I could walk you there." There is a sense of confidance as the young man speaks, and he takes a half a step towards it. The light flashes on, and while it does show footprints, he doesn't shine far enough down to show Laura or the others.

Joliea turns to look where the flash light is pointed just as a gust of wind tries to pull the umbrella from her hands but her grip is too strong and the twisting unbrella is suddenly flipped inside out. She sighs at the twisted mettle in her hand and looks at the path down the alley agian. "well," and she rubs the icy rain from her face and eyes. "if nothing esle there is coffee and I'll treat you to a cup too."

"That sounds lovely, it's a bit of a walk back home." He turns his head to the library, and pointedly sticks his tongue out at it. "Closing early because of the snow, sheesh. I'm calling the Mayor to complain tomorrow." He shakes his head, and gestures for the young woman to start walking with the mag light, his other hand dropping into the heavy pocket that contains the dart gun.

Joliea starts walking, "say could you lift the light a bit, it's." she pauses and stops suddnly as she peers into the darkness of the alley. "I think,, I think there's someone there." and she reaches into her pocket for something. "might be nothing, but might be someone trying to break into the library." and her hand lifts from the pocket with a cell phone.

Laura keeps the crowd quietly as the light begins to shine down the alley's entrance. She raises a hand to press a finger to her lips, urging the crowd to remains still as she shifts forwards, allowing her sensible shoes to show in the light. Bundled against the sleet, the young woman blinks as she looks up, "Oh. Sorry. I.. am lost. " Her accent marks her not from Chicago. "I was looking for.." She names a hotel that is several streets over from where they are now.

Brother Emperor raises the light as Laura steps up, and he chuckles softly as he illuminates her. "Yeah, definately a wrong way." He looks towards Joliea and shrugs his shoulders, eyes glancing down to her phone for just a minute with a shake of his head. "It's alright, nothing to be all jumpy about." He swings the maglight down again, moving it close to where he could strike the phone with it if she seemed likely to make a call. "Lets get moving, there are cabs by the bar, one of them can get you to your hotel." His head turns towards Laura, and his eyes seem to flicker as if for her to flank the other woman.
Joliea begins to move forward again and mutters something about New Mexico, the words dry and warm can be understood to. This last is muttered just as she steps in the wrong place and her shoe fills with icy water. "ok, ok,, let's get out of here and find coffee."

"Oh, thank you. I forgot the city map in my room, and I've been wandering around trying to find it. Someone gave me directions, but I think I missed a turn as Laura shakes her head, moving to walk at Joliea's other side, offering a hand to the woman when she steps in a hole and ends up with one wet foot. "You alright?" She questions, worried before she continues to walk with the pair.

[Weather] Icy rain and sleet fall invisibly from a grey-black sky. It's very dark and the ice makes walking on the slippery ground difficult. A raw wind blows from the southeast. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop.

Brother Emperor nods to the other woman, laughing lightly as she mentiones the loss of the map. When Joliea missteps, he shifts slightly, turning his body fuller towards hers. The hand with the maglight shifts, the halogen bulb briefly flashing into her eyes as he pulls the dart gun with the other hand. "Miss Joliea, I hate to do this to you when you made such a kind offer, but I have a friend that needs to speak with you." When her eyes clear, she can see the dart gun clearly aimed at her neck, and a larger group of people moving towards them, a powerful wolf presence at their fore.

Joliea blinks her eyes against the light then freezes, as in goes suddenly still when she sees the gun and hears the words of the man. She doesn't say, yes, no or what the hell, she just suddenly wips the small broken unbrella at his face and turns to run as she flips open her cell to try to punch in a speed dial number.

Laura might not be a fighter, but she is going seek to trip up Joliea when she tries to escape. Letting her go for Nero, the young woman reaches for the phone that the woman hands, intending to hang it up, or get it away from her, all the while giving off peaceful emotions directed towards Joliea.

Brother Emperor leans back, the umbrella catching his hood as he does, the maglight swinging hard at the young woman as she turns. His finger is tight on the trigger of the dart gun, but he doesn't fire it, waiting until he can have a clear shot of Joliea. The wolf at the front of the 'pack' appraoches quickly, and his power extending as he reaches for the younger one.

Joliea tries to fight the call for calmness, she tries to pull away from that dominance. She tries but she's the bottom of the strenght list of the pack and slowly stops then turns to face them. Her eyes filled with confusion as she shakes her head. "Who are you?"

When Joliea calms, Laura is certain to reach out for the cell phone, taking it away from the woman. It's wiped off with a handkerchief before being dropped to the ground, one of the larger men from the crowd to stomp on it a few times to disable it. Remaining quiet, she allows Nero to answer the woman's pleas.
It isn't Brother Emperor that speaks though, but instead the wolf as he pulls her close to him. Eyes as black as night look at her as his hat falls off, revealling a face that is unfamiliar to any within the pack. "We are diseased my child, a disease that strikes you to the core." His voice is heavy, his eyes unwavering as he looks into her own. "The pack sends you out, weak and alone, to find what they are afraid to seek themselves." A strong hand rumages her pockets, eventually pulling forth a notebook, as if knowing that she would be carrying it. "I cannot offer you the mercy I have others, you have already shown you are to willful." His gloved hand raises her chin, and with a shake of his head, thick lips touch her forehead briefly. "You will know release from your beast for these last few hours."

With the wolf's last words, Brother Emperor pulls the trigger on the dart gun, the small needle piercing the woman's neck and speeding the drugs through her system. Unlike the control of the wolf, this saps her very will, her arms and legs becoming leaden, and the call of the beast to shrivel within her. After several long moments the wolfman drops her to the ground, and shakes his head as he steps over her still conscious form. He looks to Laura, and nods his head. "Keep the Emperor clean. The rest may have her." There isn't another word as he walks out of the alley, into the city night.

With the phone out of order, Laura's gaze turns towards the Wolf that speaks, her head dipping in respect to him before she murmurs, "I will do so." With Jolie now drugged, she does crouch down to brush her hair back from her face, clearing her conscious gaze as she murmurs, "You will be cleansed tonight of the sins of your blood, and should you ask foregiveness, you will gain the door to heaven." Rising to her feet, she steps towards Nero, her hand to reach out for his, to offer a quiet squeeze of congratulations as she turns towards the waiting crowd who now circles them all there in the alley.

Joliea had stared into the mans eyes, drawn into them and her lips part as if to speak when the pain of the dart hits her and she goes limp and unable to speak while her thoughts scream in her head. And after she is dropped to the icy ground and the young woman leans over her to speak, Joliea's mind filles with the terror of what is about to happen.

Brother Emperor nods to the wolf as he walks off, then turns his gaze on his 'keeper' as she moves to his side. His hand squeezes hers lightly, but his dark eyes fall upon the form on the ground, and a faint smile crosses his face. "He has judged her, and found her wanting." With his words the crowd surges, engulfing the young woman within it's mass. As they gather, a silver blade appears in Brother Emperor's hand, and he awaits his final task of the evening.

Laura remains at Nero's side, her hand in his while the crowd surges forwards. Bowing her head, there is a soft prayer offered for the woman's soul.

Fade To Black

The crowd parts, and Brother Emperor moves in, his dark eyes cold as he looks at the scarcely alive body laying in the snow. She is beaten, bruised, cut, clearly ravaged for some time… and to what many would consider a horror, still alive. "It is over, the beast has released you. May you ask Him for forgivness as you pass to heaven." He kneels beside her body, and his gloved fingers almost lovingly caress the silver spikes that pierce her hands and feet, leaving her body open on display as he nears her face. His thumb crosses her forehead, and those eyes look deeply into hers for a final moment. "Will you accept his grace?" The silver knife in his hand touches her throat as he speaks his final words.
Joliea gathers what strenght she is able too when the man leans over her to speak after the horrors of what had seemed hours. One eye is swollen shut the other is filled with blook, as is her mouth and she does the only thing she can at this moment. She spits the blood in her mouth up at his face.

Laura shakes her head as the woman spits up into Nero's face. "She does not seek to see the Lord." She murmurs, hands folded before her. "It is time. We must end this tonight.." She murmurs, reaching down to touch Nero's shoulder lightly, "Do the Lord's work.."

"Then you shall rot in hell with those whom have lead you there." Oddly, his words sound kind as he says them, his anger sated by seeing her in that state. Slowly, he begins to sever her neck, the sawing of the silver blade a slow process until it is completed. Still kneeling he removes his bloodied jacket and gloves, passing them to one of those that gather about. "Leave me with her." His words are soft, and almost lovingly his bare hand caresses Joliea's face, closing her unseeing eyes.

GAME> Joliea sustains 100 points of damage «DEAD»

Laura shakes her head, her hand to tug lightly on Nero's shoulder, "No, you will come with me tonight, and let another take care of her tonight." The woman argues quietly for a moment with the young man as he seeks to stay with the dead woman. "The Lord has spoken tonight, and you must leave her now. "
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Brother Emperor looks up at Laura, his brown eyes focusing softly on the woman as she tugs at his shoulder. "But it has been this way, I can see… I know what will be asked." More of the members begin to part, a few of the senior ones remaining with the pair that are near the body in the snow.

Crouching down slightly, careful of any blood on the ground, Laura murmurs, "And if you are once more to find another body, then the police will suspect you. They will hassle you, and keep you from the Lord's work. You are too important to us to be taken in by the police. We cannot allow that to happen. Give the information to.." She glances up, soon to point to one of the senior members that have remained with them, "Him, and let him make the call."

Brother Emperor frowns, shivering slightly in the cold without his jacket. His eyes settle on the man that Laura motioned to and he considers carefully. "You did not touch her, correct, were not a part of this?" The brown eyes flicker to the woman's lower body, where the evidence of her ordeal still flowed. When the man shakes his head, Brother Emperor nods, and draws a silver cloth from his pocket. Carefully, he scrubs the places on Joliea's face clean, leaving no blood or sign of his own touching present. "So be it." With an easy movement he rises, and steps towards the other man. Looking into this eyes carefully, takes his head in both hands. "You saw nothing, you were walking from the bar, and took a short cut through the alley… just her body here, like this." When the other agrees, Nero turns towards the remainder, and his hand scatters them, leaving from both entrances to the alley. Soon, the man stands alone, and his kneels before picking up the wolfman's hat and placing it on his head. Moments later, the phone in his hand makes a call, dialing 911.

When Nero finally agrees, Laura rises to her feet, letting him speak with the man who will remain behind and call the police. "Let us be gone, to pray for this woman's soul tonight." She murmurs to Nero before looking to the man who will stay behind, "Be strong, my brother. " She says before heading out with Nero and those that remain.

About three and a half minutes later, the first car shows up. Weapons drawn she peeks around the corner, the officer popping around shortly after with a larger male with her as they were going through the area. The pair are weapons held up and ready. The body and then the man near the body are notices. Emerald barks, "Hands up!" she has seen this set up before, the man is either going to assist or resist. The officer and her partner move forward slowly.

Eleanor comes off of the Loop.
Eleanor has arrived.

Within the alley a single man stands. He is middle aged, bundled heavily, with a wool fedora in his hand. His other holds a cell phone, and he is talking to the 911 dispatch officer when anyone arrives. Before him in the snow is another body, again staked to the ground with silver, body leaking fluids and her head a few inches from it's neck. When the cops tell him to freeze, his hands go up, and his thumb hits the speaker button. "A cop just showed up… I'm still near the body." The voice of the 911 officer tells him to cooperate, and the older man nods towards the approaching officers. "Should I hang up?"

So it's night time? Why is Rob out for a walk? Maybe because he was trying to kill some time or find something to do? Well, he's here in the general area, and he just so happens to be one of the people who stumbles upon the body. As soon as he spots it, he stops abruptly, and then spots Emerald as she arrives. He looks to Emerald and says, "It's me, Rob! Don't shoot!"
Joliea is laying dead with head cut off in the snow.

Emerald looks at rob and then tot he other man, she'd be cuffing the man of safty reasons and possible connections for now. The swat officer, even though this isn't her normal job, moves forward lowering her weapon. "You can lower your." She nods to her partner and the two put their weapons away. Emerald calls over her radio for back up.

When Emerald notices Rob and that he's not armed, Rob attempts to get a little closer to the body so he can attempt to get a better look at it, while taking out his notebook and taking down some notes. "Another murder in such a short period of time. There's something wrong here," He says to himself.

With a body on the ground, Homicide was called. Eleanor was on her way to the Sears Tower to pick up Starbucks for the guys, so her SUV pulls onto the scene. Spotting Emerald and Rob among the bystanders she rolls down her window and calls out, "Secure the scene, I have my equipment in the back of the truck!" The detective is out of the vehicle and heading around it to pop the hatch quickly. Her eyes flash to the scene as she shrugs out of her suit coat, sitting on the tailgate to keep her feet out of the snow as she pries her boots off to slide her legs into her coveralls.

The man with the phone works with the officers, allowing them to lead him to the car as he shakes his head. "I didn't do anything, I was the one that called you." His voice is soft, nervous as he moves with them. "This… this is horrible…"

Emerald adjusts and looks at Rob, "No, Don't get close to the body, you could step on something." The officer lets her partner take the man to the car and starts questioning. But it is now that she turns and sighs. "Get out of the alley way." moves forward, looking at rubber neckers as she advances, pushing them back.

Hearing Emerald, Rob steps back, having gotten enough notes as is anyhow. "All right, fine!" He says, sounding a little annoyed.

The coverall gets zipped up, and booties go on over her boots as Eleanor preps for doing her job. Safety glasses get put on, and her hair is pulled tightly back in a bun with a net laid over it. It is definitely not a Project Runway worthy outfit. She clips her badge to her lapel, pulls a belt around her waist, and attaches a radio pack to the back of it with the toggle mic secured on her shoulder. A large metal box, resembling an oversized tackle box or makeup kit, is tugged out as she depresses the radio. "Hadley, I'm on the scene. If you can get here ASAP I'd appreciate it. It looks like our killers have definitely gone serial." The sound of sirens gets louder as black and white units make their way to the scene.

The 911 caller is led to the car, sitting down with the cop that's there, and answering the few questions he can. His basic story is that he was cutting through the alley on a shortcut home and came across the body.

Patrol cars arrive on the scene, and Sergeant Elena Ortega begins barking orders to the rest of the officers reaching the site. Several begin traffic control, others move to begin taking witness statements. She and her longtime partner Officer Rufus Mitchell pull out flashlights to use to wave back bystanders so the other officers can cordon off the area with crime scene tape.

Emerald stands there in the way of all by-standers, keeping a very good wall down the alley way. "Come on Rob. No hard feelings." She says, last time Rob was there first this time, she tied. "Behind the line Rob.. You know the rules." The officer adjusts, her jacket covering her body armor that is under it.

[Weather] Sleet spatters from the midnight sky.

Stepping back quickly, Rob nods. "Yeah, I know, I know. It's just this is the kind of stuff I live for." A pause, as he realizes he may have just said the wrong kind of thing. "That is, preternatural investigations, not watching murder scenes!"

Eleanor secures the hatch of her SUV and she trudges through the snow to the alley. She knows Ortega and Mitchell from the Origami Killer case, and a nod is all it takes to get the yellow tape lifted for her to duck under. She stands on the outskirts of the cordoned area and eyes sweep over the body then she closes them briefly to reorient herself. All the blood and bits and parts that are not where they should be require some mental puzzle work and a goodly bit of compartmentalizing to identify. When those pale eyes open again, they are cool and professional. "I'm going to start photographing, keep everyone off my grid if you can please," she asks Emerald and the other officers. She sets the case down and opens it, pulling on latex gloves and taking out a series of numbered stands like the ones they put on your tray at a deli. She checks affixes a hooded flash to her camera with a purposeful look on her face. As she stands once more, her nostrils flare for a moment, and she pauses before muttering, quietly, "Shit."

Emerald adjusts and nods. "Yes Ma'am." the officer stops. "is something wrong Detective?" the officer motioning to her partner to keep the people back. Emerald doesn't step into the grid as she looks at the woman. "Something you…" she then looks at the body. "My.. god. I.. know her." oh yay, two people that know the corpse on the ground, well possibly two. "I'll be over her detective. Call if you need me."

The camera dangles in one hand, and the numbered signs in the other as Eleanor looks at Emerald. "Yes. Do you have a cellphone on you? I need to talk to Robert Moye, immediately. Call and see if you can get him down here. If you can't reach him I need a message left for him to call me as soon as possible. She reaches into the breast pocket of her coverall to tap on her digital voice recorder before she moves to set the sign numbered "1" in the snow beside the victim's body and the one numbered "2" by her decapitated head. Numbers "3" through "6" get set beside the hands and feet where the stakes are. Then she starts snapping images as she dictates into the recorder. "Detective Eleanor Wickham, present in the alley on Jackson Street, one block West of LaSalle Avenue. Single corpse, female, decapitated. Held to the ground by four stakes, appearing silver, but likely coated like the stakes at the Hyde Park crime scene. Blood volume beneath and around the body suggests that it has not been moved from the site of the attack." She swallows down a breath and lowers the camera a moment. High probability that the victim is a wolf-strain lycanthrope."

Emerald nods. "Sure thing." She flips out her phone, "He is so going to love me calling him over this one." the woman gets away from the crowds so she can have a clear signal.

Emerald comes back just as quick. "Sorry Dectective, there is no answer."

Eleanor nods slowly as her camera is put away and her latex gloves are stripped and swapped for a new pair, like she seems to do between ever task. Next, tongs, tweezers and a series of plastic bags and small glass jars are pulled from the case. "All right, we'll have to leave him a message. Sergeant Lee? I could use another pair of hands here until Hadley arrives. Put on some gloves and hold one of the large bags open for me?"

Emerald nods, she isn't trained for this and she rarely gets this close to a body but here she is. The woman pops on a pair of gloves and gets one those 'large bags' Eleanor indicated. "Just tell me where not to step, probably away from your markers would be great." she tires to keep her own spirits up considering she met this person.

"You can stay near the case, and I'll bring the evidence to you," Eleanor assures Emerald. The tongs are used to carefully pry the four stakes from the corpse's extremities. Each one is placed in a separate bag and sealed before being carefully labeled with the date, the location, and the case number DOE-JANE-20110211. Then more photos are taken of the bags, and the extremities without the stakes in them.
"Footprints around the body indicate multiple attackers. There is also indication of the presence of another wolf-based lycanthrope. Possibly the same one Miss Erin Altice scented at the Hyde Park scene." She grimaces before she looks to Rob. "Mister Adder, could you assist Sergeant Lee's Partner in bringing the 911 caller up to the tape? I need to ask him a few questions while things are freshest for him." As she speaks, she begins using the tweezers to carefully remove particulates from the wound sites. Silver particulates.

Eleanor uses a thin L-square ruler to set alongside each separately discernible print in the trampled alley snow and muck. More numbered signs come out for each, and more photos are taken. Her head tilts as something glints in the snow and catches her eye. She uses the tweezers again to pull a ring from the snow, an engraved wedding band. She holds it out to be bagged. "Ring, possibly from the victim, left at the scene. There is no evidence that this was a robbery." Samples of hair, blood, skin, clothing, and the snow and dirt beneath it are all taken. A small handheld dustbuster-like vacuum is used to try and capture hair, fibers, or skin evidence of the attackers on the body, and her fingernails are scraped for possible evidence as well. Once she has done everything she can in the field, she adds her final bit of dictation. "When processing in the morgue, a post-mortem rape kit will be required." The bile rises in her throat at that, and she feels the edges of her cool unraveling a bit. <repose>

Emerald puts her hand on eleanor's shoulder and squeezes. "When we find him.. WE will end this rampage.. and take those who helped in this with him." the officer seems to be hurting as well.

Seeing how the police have this under control, Rob looks at Emerald and says, "My work here is done." He nods and then heads off.

"Tell your partner to double-check the info given by the 911 caller, and to run his driver's license, just to be sure we don't have another body-finder with hate group connections keeping the skeletons company in their closet, ok?" Eleanor asks Emerald. With that she waves the EMTs in to bag the body and bring it to the coroner.

Emerald nods. "Yes ma'am." the officer walks to her partner. "Get a run down on him." she points to the man talking to another officer. "Run him.. check for connections.. see if he has a connections to the Human's first." she keeps her words low, her partner having all those details already. The woman then returns to Eleanor. "He is running them now.. We were coming from training with our gear when the call came in. You'd be surprised what i got in the back of my car right now."

The initial search on the id shows the man has no criminal record, save a moving vehicle violations that have resulted in a suspended license. Eventually, further result on the fingerprints will show nothing further.

"I was on the way to pick up coffee for the department. I think after this they might prefer beer. A lot of beer." Eleanor strips off her gloves and tosses them in the communal pile with those of the rest of the Forensic techs. Some poor schlub that's lowest on the totem pole gets to clean up the mess now. She hands the coffee money off to a junior detective along with the order for the overnighters in Homicide. "Looks like I get to go back and do paperwork now."

Emerald adjusts and sighs. "Rest well.. dear friend." she says looking at the dead werewolf. "I shall deliever the message to Robert in the Morning Eleanor.. in person.. And I hope to have you there with me." the woman adjusts and nods. She pulls out and taps her parnter's shoulder and heads back to the station.

Eleanor shakes her head. "This needs to stay official, Sergeant. I'll need to speak to him at the morgue for body identification before I can speak to him as a friend."

Emerald nods. "I shall not inform him then." the woman says, sadden but she says it before taking off to the station.

Eleanor unzips her coverall now that she won't contaminate evidence, and she pulls out her cellphone and a business card. She dials the number and leaves a message in a subdued voice. "Mister Moye, this is Detective Eleanor Wickham of Chicago PD Homicide. I'm afraid I need to speak to you at your earliest possible convenience. Please call me as soon as you can, it is urgent." She taps the phone off and trudges through the icy rain back to her SUV.

Into her phone, Eleanor says "Mister Moye, this is Detective Eleanor Wickham of Chicago PD Homicide. I'm afraid I need to speak to you at your earliest possible convenience. Please call me as soon as you can, it is urgent."

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