20110212 - Lupanar


Starved Rock State Park: Hennepin Canyon - Illinois

The walls of Hennepin canyon rise around one, topped by a frosting of overhanging pine trees and obscuring most of the valley below from anything overhead. Under the shroud of green, the central river flashes in sparkles here and there, otherwise a winding band of dark water fed by small waterfalls and springs along the way. The canyon widens out in places, etched out by the water over the centuries, affording many fern-filled nooks, crannies, and caverns along the way.

A number of the larger niches have the remains of rough fire-pits in their centers, bones of both large and small game animals about. Unlike many hidden camping areas though, they are amazingly clear of garbage. No beer cans, no hot-dog bags, no candy bar wrappers. Merely ashes, rocks, bones, and the occasional bark-stripped tree.

The main clearing holds a single white rock in its edge, an ancient piece worn smooth, flat on the top. The blood of animal sacrifices stains its side, a smear that fades and reappears with the passing of the moon. The ground around it is flattened by the passing of animals, and people, tracks left across the clearing, and the trees surround it protectively, leaving only a tunnel of light to fall from the sun or moon, illuminating the area.

The night is shrouded in cold bleak mist, dark grey and colorless. The ground is icy and the air wet. There is about forty-five inches of snow on the ground.




The night of the Full Moon and the canyon is alive tonight, the scent of the trees welcoming the pack home to the Lupanar. The Call has gone out, an animal sacrified and the blood smeared on the ancient rock to send it, a piece of ritual magic as old as the pack. The woods acknowledge it, the canyon greeting the pack with a warmth that acknowledges their right to be here on this night. There is movement amongst the trees, pack members arriving in every shape, moving like gliding shadows through the trees, moving almost soundlessly. The wind is still, and the few sounds, the crack of a twig here and there, the rustle of the leaves, they carry on the quiet air. For those that can hear them, on this night, the Munin calls out, wishing to raise their voices with those of the pack. The sense of the beasts inside those moving through the trees can be felt, a vibration throbbing on the air. They come with only natural weapons, a few with knives, but none carry guns here at the Lupanar this night, by Robert's decree.

One of the larger niches has a piece of rock there, desposited by the changes in landscape over the years and worn down to a smooth finish. It is beside this that Robert is standing, silently considering the pack as they arrive, in their various forms. He stands, wearing only some ancient jeans, his chest, arms and feet bare to the environment. His face is more neutral than ever, the impassive gaze moving slowly across the people, his people, and he dips his head only to accept the greetings those who offer give him. His power is a physical thing on this night, in this place, a wolf almost visible in his aura, brushing around those who greet him with a warm, welcoming feeling.

Riley tilts his head back and gives a wolf call, 'Lupanar is starting.'.

Robi arrives. She has undressed once it was safe to but has not yet shifted as they gather. She looks to Robert where he stands. Glancing around at the numerous new faces mixed amongst some of the old.

MaryJane is sitting next to the large rock and right by Robert. The wolf's eyes look to those that are coming to the ground. She sniffs a bit to gather the scent to those she knows and doesn't. She gently moves a paw onto the ground for a moment as if counting those that are coming into view.

Una's eyes close, as she listens to the few whispers of the Munin that she can catch, their voices faint in her mind. Her steps are quiet, and she keeps her body hunched, slightly. Rankless as of yet, it is the posture of a lesser wolf. Her throat, and belly, readily bared towards the two at the rock, one hand lifting up her tanktop to make what would be a subtle gesture more obvious.

Power sings through the blood tonight, the moon's pull drawing the wolf from the human and whispering of the joys of fur and fang, blood and flesh. A howl goes up from the woods, a sound of joy a full octave below most howls. Shortly thereafter a huge wolf arrives, jet black with amber eyes; he pads closer, coming fully into view. He has heavy shoulders and a solid, muscular build; he makes a beeline for the stone and the dignitaries there, head lowering as he greets them.

Arriving with Raymond hand in hand comes Karmen as the both are still in human form. Still dressed in loose fitting clothing she wears a long black sweater or wool that goes down to her upper knees, the kind that is meant to have tights worn underneath. But there are no tights. Just a pair of purple flip flops and bare legs. Instantly she moves over to Robert and MJ, offering then both soft greetings, "Ulfric, Geri, thank you for having me this night," before moving off to the side and taking place among the others.

Somewhere at the back, Paul sits on the ground, watching the man who has called himself Ulfric of this pack. He says nothing to the pack as a whole, just waits and lets those deeming themselves better speak.

Raymond does come in with Karmen and though still in human form his beast runs close to the surface, easily felt. He offers greetings to MJ and Robert as well as they move by. He is wearing a tank top and loose shorts. The teen looking wolf glances around at the others and then back towards Robert and MJ. He is a bit, antsy after all first Lupanar at the new pack, and an important one as well.

Sacred as it is and solemn, Riley and Ricci arrive. The two pause just outside the grounds to allow the Vargamor to rub her cheek to the huge dire wolf's. It is the last show of expression she is allowed for the time. Ricci is dressed (but not desced) in a pair of doeskin leggings and a buckskin shift, her feet are wrapped in natural shoes. Riley moves to Robert's free side taking up his position while Ricci moves to her bodyguard's side when he arrives. There is nothing coming from her. Completely neutral.

Since his return to the city, Monty has been almost alone within the pack, keeping his distance from any in particular and neither challenging for dominance nor rolling over. He settles into a neutral but restless stance along the outskirts of the gathering, clothes old and threadbare, the sort no one cares about ruining.

Holding back slightly until she sees other faces she recognizes, Madison finally weaves her way through the thick of trees — Logan near her side. She still retains her human form, for now, as a thin cotton wrap ties loosely around her only to fall short a few inches above the knee. Her barefoot feet press upon the cool ground as her gaze sweeps to regard Robert and MJ with a faint smile. She does pause to bare her neck to each of them, before sliding off to the side.

Robi looks around. She is planning to move up the ranks tonight, to reclaim some of what she lost when she left. As it is those who are new do not receive a submissive greeting from her. She is not yet offering her lip but she isn't submitting to just anyone. Of course, people like Robert, Maryjane and Riley are another thing all together. They definately have her submissive greeting as she joins with the other wolves.

Logan arrives with Madison, dressed in a pair of faded camoflauge pants and a simple plain black tee-shirt, his feet bare in the snow. He's never been close to the pack, though this is not his first Lupanar it is the first that he makes such an obvious appearance at. His own neck is bared to both Robert and MJ with a shift of his head and then he nods Madison towards Ricci and moves in that direction, taking up a stance near her with his arms losely crossed in front of his chest, one shoulder leaning against a tree.

As the others settle, Robert turns his head, meeting each single person's gaze with a heavy weight to his. As he studies them, power of a sort that belongs to the Lupanar moves amongst them, linking them all as he turns his head, taking his time to silently study each. Finally, at the last one, the power of the Lupanar closes the circle, a physical snap of power, and Robert finally speaks, raising his voice, a low rumble from deep within his chest, the undertones of the wolf's growl below his words. "We meet tonight to mourn the passing of Jacob, to add him to our Munin and to look to the future." He pauses, adding, "I welcome you all to the Lupanar as your Ulfric. I claim this position and I face any challengers here tonight." He pauses, letting his gaze sweep across them once more, leaving a moment of silence to allow anyone to speak who wishes to challenge him.

MaryJane's head slowly inclines her head, though in wolf form, MJ still can understand well the meaning and the thought behind the words. She thanks Kevin and then Karmen for her words in the nod of her head. She rolls her shoulders slowly letting her body move to stand up. The alpha female lets her power flow. Her head nods gently to Raymond, Ricci, Madison and Logan as well. She looks to Robi but doesn't move her head at all to her. She watches the woman closely. The large wolf lets her icy blue green eyes fall on those present, even those outside of the main area. The wolf's head looks up to Robert listening to his words.

Ricci shivers at the mention of Jacob's name. Her golden eyes shutting for a moment, but still there is nothing read from the Vargamor today. Her eyes move to Logan in acknowledgement. For a moment, she allows herself to watch the others as her eyes fall on Monty before looking back towards Robert.

Karmen stands still and quietly listening to Robert speak as he begins the meeting this night. She still has her fingers laced with Raymond's hand as her thumb softly caresses the back of his thumb, a soothing gesture.

Raymond isn't even thinking about speaking at the moment. He keeps his hand intertwined with Karmen's and gazes about at the others for a moment, seeing if there are going to be any challengers for Ulfric or not.

Steeping forward, Riley challenges… No not really, just jesting. The massive wolf at Robert's side opposite Maryjane lifts its muzzle up in inclination to the other man, bearing his neck.. There is no challenge, to his form or posture, it is a simple sign of submission. Defaulting to the other man. His power is muted and unraised, though has clearly been through some changes.. Carrying a greater pressure to it and behind it.. That long tail falls to wap about his wolven haunches as Riley allows Robert to claim the role of king..

For her own part, Madison lingers near Ricci and Logan — her gaze slipping to regard all the new faces as well as those present in their wolf form. As the call for challengers is spoken, she inhales slowly as if to brace herself for someone to come forward, her body visibly tensing.

Una's dark gaze moves over those gathered, watching as Robert declares himself Ulfric in this place of power. She does not speak up herself, no challenge laid by the newcommer. Her hands rest at her sides, casually.

There's no movement from Monty, not even to look around to see if anyone else might step forward. He watches Robert and his entourage with eyes a little more golden than their usual brown but there's no challenge from the previous Ulfric.

Remainging where he is, beside both Madison and Ricci, Logan appears calm and cool, no challenge offered to Robert's claim as he looks out on the gathering. His blue grey eyes flicker in the light, watching..and waiting.

Kevin settles himself down, not in the centre area but not on the outskirts either. He lies with his forepaws out in front of him and his head resting on them, like a sleeping sphinx, save for his amber eyes watching and his ears turned to face Robert and then scanning round to find any dissenters.

The silence is loud, broken only by those brief movements as people shift position and finally Robert moves, inclining his head, almost a bow, an acknowledgement of the faith and trust, of the lack of challenge. When he speaks, his voice is loud, strong, and his words are clear for all to hear. "From this point on, I am Ulfric of the Spirit Rock Clan and my word is law! Those who follow me start here, now, with the past behind us. I welcome you as pack, as family, and I encourage you to leave the pain and anger of the past behind you, moving into the future where our Pack can stand tall and proud, and show the city, the country what wolves are! Have pride in yourselves. You are Wolves!" The final words ring out, echoing through the canyon.

That said, Robert turns his mind to the business of the night, turning to one side, raising his voice once more as his gaze rests on MaryJane. "I announce MaryJane as your Geri. Respect her, for she speaks with my voice." He pauses for a moment, turning to face Ricci, inclining his head, a sign of respect. "I introduce you to your Vargamor. Respect her for she is neutral here, in matters of pack and dominance and those who harm her will face my wrath." His gaze moves across the crowd once more before he speaks, his voice raised, steady, deep before it moves to Riley. "This is my Hati, Riley. He is here to protect me, should it be needed. I trust him to do this." His gaze moves to Erin, inclining his head once more, a gesture of respect as he speaks, "This is Erin, Keeper of our Munin. Her wisdom is to be heard and respected for she speaks with the voice of those who came before." He turns his gaze back to the others, scanning across them, slowly. "There will be other positions to fill, to make our pack a healthy, safe place to be, and over the coming months I will know you better, and you will find your places in our pack. It will not be easy. There may be moments of pain, of difficulty, old enimties rising to the fore, and yet I believe in each of you. That we can move past this to become a strong pack, one that holds its face to the moon and howls its defiance to the world! Let them see us as strong, courageous, as part of a whole." He pauses there, watching their reactions to his words as he adds, softly. "Does anyone bring any problems to the Lupanar to be heard?"

Robi has nothing to say yet as she listens, watches. Hearing the Ulfric speak.

Paul watches each of the members named, inclining his head from the back of the gathering with each introduction. He stirs with a bit of resltess energy, eyes cast briefly up to the sky, then back to Robert.

Logan's posture doesn't change during Robert's speech, he watches and nods at each assignment of position, before his gaze moves back to watching the gathered wolves.

The jet black wolf turns when Robert says her name. MJ inclines her head in a deep honoring bow in acknowledgement to Robert's bestowing her with the position of Geri. Slowly as the wolf's head rises she looks out to the pack and then waits to see if anyone has any issues that need to be heard.

Raymond doesn't have any problems that need to be brought before the pack so remains silent. He smiles at Karmen and then glances around to each in turn. THe positions announced he knew about already so there is little change for him there. His eyes fall upon each of the others gathered, watching.

Ricci is still silent as she watches. At her name, she lifts her head in acknowledgement to the Ulfric. Her golden eyes flow to each person in turn as they are named. She waits to see if anyone has anything to bring to the Ulfric. Her posture calm even if she is near Logan.

Karmen's eyes move to each person that Robert speaks of, her gaze lingering on each one for a time as what could be deemed a respectful soft smile comes from her. Her thumb still rubs softly at Raymond's own, perhaps it being a soothing gesture as much for her as she offers for the man. Nothing verbal is yet spoken from her. To Raymond's smile she returns his own, a shifting of her stance next to him.

Monty stays quiet and unmoving except for the subtle crackle of his moon-restless energy as the positions already in place are named.

Una seems quietly pleased at Robert is unchallenged. Her gaze moves to each of those that are nammed, studying them, nostrils flaring as if to catch their scents, remember them. She shifts, slightly, from foot to foot.

Kevin rises to his feet, turning to look around the others. He chuffs a general greeting to all, then lowers his head to the Ulfric and settles back down.

Riley is not silent.. When Robert makes the declaration, the massive timberwolf throws back its muzzle to call out to the moon, lifting his wolven voice up in song to beseech the moon … His wolfen voice carrying a primal, animalistic song up to carry out over the distance..

When the call for concerns is issued, Madison seems to struggle slightly with whether to step forward or not. Her gaze slips sidelong to Logan before staying her hand as she remains in restless silence.

Robert moves on, his voice echoing around the canyon, his face serious as he turns, his face scanning the pack and then he smiles. Robert, smiling, an honest to goodness true smile that warms his eyes, creasing their corners and curving his mouth beneath the beard. "And now, I welcome those new to our pack. You are too many to name, bringing your strength to join ours. A wolf is the strength of the pack and the pack is the strenght of the wolf and the Spirit Rock Clan is to be respected for we are strong!" And he looks upwards, to the moon, before he returns his gaze to them. "And now, my pack, we add Jacob to our Munin, to ensure we do not lose his wisdom and guidance in the years to come, to welcome him back to family! And then, we hunt!" And with that, he changes, the man's power spreading outwards from him, touching the pack as his fur flows over his body like water. Muscles form and shift, his bones change, and the clear liquid that gushes from his body falls to the floor below him, as the wolf appears, large, grey with the rich amber eyes. He moves forward, towards Jake's body, taking the first bite as is his position, before he lifts his muzzle to the moon and howls, inviting the pack to join this dance. As soon as it is done, the hunt begins, and Robert shakes his coat before launching himself into the woods.

After the corpse and dance are complete, Riley looks towards Logan and Ricci, though when Robert starts away, the Hati is right there at the king's side.. His mate is not his to protect this night, his duty is to his new King.. Long live Robert Moye, Wolf-King of Chicago.

MaryJane moves after Robert to assist in adding Jake to the Munin. After it's finished she howls deeply to the moon, the last and final good bye. The jet black wolf moves out behind Robert to start hunting as well.

A wolf who has kept quiet until now, also trots forward to help Jacob join the munin. Finished with her part, she also raises her head to howl in a long, trembling voice. A brown wolf with white underbelly, most will know it to be Cherish's wolf. Once that's done, she retreats to lay not far from the gathering, content and waiting patiently for the hunt.

Raymond cocks his head to the side and then howls out to echo Robert. Like the others his body explodes as the silver fur explodes from his body, leaving the large silver wolf to stand where Raymond was. His bright blue eyes dart about. Karmen shifts at the same time, joining Raymond and then both as almost one move to take thier turn in adding Jake to the Munin, and then join the others in the hunt.

Una watches some of the others shift, before she does so herself. She joins in the eating of the fallen, and then in the dance of the hunt. She is lean, slightly smaller than some of the others in size, larger in ears and longer of leg.

Leaving just a bit of goo behind, Paul trots forth after his own shift to help in the eating, then running off in the hunting.

Kevin waits patiently until the senior wolves have eaten, and then he too makes his contribution to the grisly process of adding to the Munin. His part done he steps away, adding his own bass howl to to the pack's moonlit song. When Robert starts the hunt, he joins, near the back of the pack but not at the rear.

Robi transforms with the rest, doing her duty as she makes her former Ulfric a permenant part of the Pack. Moving with the rest out for the hunt. She is glad to jockey for position. Not scared to try and place herself before the other rankless.

As others begin their change, Monty follows suit, shedding his clothes and crouching as the bulk of his beast takes over his physical form. When it's complete, he throws back his head and howls a long keening sound before it fades into the chilly air. He moves forward to do his part before rubbing against one of the betas and circling around to wait and make sure no one is slacking.

The wolf that is Robert moves between the pack, brushing against sides, his energy warm, soothing, encouraging those who are quiet. He turns, deliberately lowering himself into a crouch before pouncing at MJ, a leap from a bush, intending to playfully roll his Geri over before leaping off.

Ricci watches the feasting of the ex-Ulfric's body. Her golden eyes hold there for a long moment and then she turns to watch her brother. There is nothing that comes from her as she looks over to her mate as well. The vargamor does not shiver in the cold, she just watches.

Madison slowly opens her robe before transforming into her wolf form. She hesitates for the briefest of moments in taking part in the devouring of Jake. Her head leans back to let out a solemn howl, turning to regard Logan and the lingering Ricci before darting on off to join the others in the hunt.

His duty tonight is Ricci's safety, and to that end Logan remains in his human shape despite the call of the moon and the hunt that calls to him. He glances over at Ricci once, and then his gaze drifts back towards the back as the pack begins to move. His eyes follow Robert, MJ, Monty and Madison..watching..and silent.

The large jet black wolf gets pounced on by Robert and she uses her paws to get him off of her. She senses the playfulness of her wolf brother and pounces him back playfully enough. The jet black wolf then gives a grin before turning to go out and hunt running rather quickly off giving a wolf like laugh. She runs quickly as if no one can catch her.

Raymond runs with Karmen. His large silver form playing with her wolf form as the join in the revel of the hunt. Raymond truly lets himself go, as he always does when in wolf form. He truly loves it and has for so many many years. He nips at Karmen's fur, and gets nipped in return as they run through the trees.

Robert circles around the pack, deliberately coming up behind the stragglers to pounce with a playful huff before he hurtles away into the bushes.

Ricci moves towards the rock. Her body slowly sitting as she waits for the hunt to complete. As the other wolves run off, there is almost an apologetic look given to Logan.

The brown wolf waits patiently, perhaps she's waiting for the hunt to come to her. Maybe she's just being lazy. Resting muzzle on her paws, she exhales in a snort through her muzzle and watches the other scamper and play. Back legs eventually stretch out, stretch and she half closes her eyes.

Una's run is not a half-hearted thing. She tears at the ground with powerful paws, and pushes herself up from towards the back of the hunt, breaking to go to the middle. Jockeying for her own place, as if this may be prelude to an eventual fight.

Robert's shadow, Riley, follows the Ulfric closely as he hunts his pack playfully and the brown wolf is the next target as Robert leaps out from a bush, a mock snarl on his lips as MJ's wolf appears from the side, and they tumble, playing with loud yelps and growls.

Logan levers himself up off the tree and moves towards the rock, he however, chooses another tree near by to lean against once more as opposed to joining Ricci on the rock. He looks over and catches her glance and there's a touch of a smile that reaches his face..though there is the hint of something not quite definable as well in his gaze, normally blue eyes glinting more towards silver grey as his beast is so very very close to the surface this night. Shaking his head just slightly as if to deny the need for apology, he looks back out into the trees and darkness.

Having started out near the back, Kevin's jockeying for position with the rest, using his sheer mass to make an impression. He doesn't seem to do too badly, either.

The copper wolf gets a slower start than the rest, perhaps more due to her reluctance to leave behind those of non-lukoi nature and on duty — yet she eventually does launch herself fully into the hunt. While perhaps not as strong as some of the others, she does appear to make up for it in speed as she quickly manages to work her way into the thick of the pack.

As Robert's wolf leaps at the brown wolf with the mock snarl, the brown wolf turns and snaps at him with a click of her teeth… however there is nothing angry in the motion. Raising up, she nudges the Ulfric, nuzzling and pushing against him in a good natured way. Lowering her head, Cherish's wolf nip at him before she casts a glance to the pack who volleys for position in the hunt.

Raymond runs with Karmen which more or less has the large silver wolf running in the middle to the front of the pack, though not so much jockying for position as in playing and reveling in being a wolf.

Ricci shifts a bit on the rock to try to make room for Logan. One hand lifts to tap it next to her in invitation. The silver in Logan's eyes are met with her golden ones. She gives a bright smile and then looks towards the hunt.

A deer breaks from cover, leaping over bushes, startled by the scent and sound of the wolf pack, fleeing ahead of the front runners. The scent of fear rides high on the breeze from her as she leaps, fast and high.

Robert rubs against Cherish's wolf, inviting her to the hunt, running after the deer with all his strength, a snarl on his lips as he moves to catch the pack, bringing with him MJ and Riley, the three dashing through the bushes.

Pale Rose Gold wolf watches the others run off into the woods and begins to strip from hr clothes, stuffing them into her camping pack before sinking down onto all fours and giving herself a shake. Haunches bunching she kicks up dirt behind her and bolts off after the pack to catch up and bump and nose to find her place.

Somewhat subdued compared to the rest of the playful demeanors, Monty trails along at a steady pace, following scents and trading formalities with anyone that approaches him to do so. He still stays relatively on the outskirts but not away from the rest of the pack by any means.

Finally the moon gets to him..and with a glance at Ricci, Logan says, "I'm going to have to shift at the very least, but I'll be here." With that he moves a bit away and in that motion he shifts, bones and muscle shifting and stretching as he surrenders to the call of the moon and the desire..the need of his beast.

Maybe Robert's invitation is what the brown wolf was waiting for because now she joins the hunt full force. Perhaps a lil stronger than she lets on, there is a flash of brown and white as she takes off, moving with liquid grace.

Logan growls and shifts into a large dark grey wolf with grey highlights at hackles and the tip of it's tail.

Karmen runs along with Raymond, playfully snapping at his scruff as she also bumps into him every so often, her fur to his fur. Like him she's not jockeying for position, just enjoying the hunt with her Mate. A playful snarl, a snap at Raymond's ear followed with a bump of her nose to his coat.

The Ulfric circles, chasing the deer from the side, moving to drive her back into the pack, the two wolves at his side working with him, and the foolish deer is turned, heading mistakenly towards the front runners of the pack.

Robi moves with the others. The older, graying wolf running along with the others. The others may run and play but this is a serious time for her. Serious events have taken place and jockeying for position is what she does. ladly accepting the others are busy playing to pehaps care too much.

Brown wolf pushes her way towards the front of the pack, perhaps just a smidge past the middle but not quite front position. As the deer turns and in it's foolish attempt to get away turns towards the largest majority of the wolves, she breaks off from the mass of the pack to circle around and snap at the deer's legs.

Raymond nips and snaps at Karmen back but the deer, makes him forget a little the hunt is on and he is moving with the others after the deer, the scent of the fear fresh in his nostrils as his large form surges forward to join the others.

Ricci watches Logan as he shifts. Her eyes taking in his pelt and the shine on it int he lights of the moon. For now, she is merely silent as she observes the wolves.

The copper wolf does not play as her legs carrying her through the pack, attuning her senses to her basic instincts. She leaps over a few of the slower ones along her way — intent on drawing closer to the front of the pack.

Karmen beings to hit the ground with her paws now as she breaks away from Raymond. Higher and close to the deer she moves, making her rank known in the pack. A snarl from her, foam coating her maw she moves. Rabid! Well, not really, but she puts off a vibe of not minding a good fight.

Robi is glad to take to the forward portion of the pack. To help to chase down the prey they have found.

Una pushes harder, faster, at the sight of the deer. Her teeth snap, closing gently on the rump of a wolf infront of her before it becomes a wolf behind her.

Logan , now in his wolf form prowls slowly back and forth around the rock that Ricci sits on on silent paws, his dark grey form flickering almost ghost like amidst the trees in the moonlight, his silver grey eyes bright and always in motion.

Brown wolf snags the deer's calf and although it drags her with that first stride, she doesn't let go. Digging in back paws, she manages to pull the deer off kilter, the animal stumbling on three legs, still striving with all it's might to get away from the wolf pack. Pulling, resistant, she knows the others will soon converge.

The deer can't last, with the wolves snapping at her heels, and as she is bitten, soon stumbling in her panic, and then she is down, the killing blow delivered by a nameless wolf who slinks aside as the Ulfric pads forward, pausing before he takes his share first, his head lowered to lap at the blood. Then he steps aside, letting his Geri take the next piece, leaving the others to take their turn as he flops onto the floor, watching with his tongue stuck out, laughing almost.

Pale Rose Gold wolf snarls silently as she puts on some extra speed giving over to her beast and letting it take control for the hunt as she circles around and breaks away from the pack to drive in toward the deer.

Kevin pushes and shoves his way up the pecking order, eventually finding a level for which it seems he'll settle. And when the pack brings down the kill, he's there to take his turn. True places will get sorted out in the coming month, but for now he runs with a pack, and in a respectable position.

Nothing makes the full moon like a lil venison leg, eh? Brown wolf has that leg and she's not legging go, even as the deer kicks in it's final moments before the death blow is served. There is the sound of ripping flesh, the smell of blood and the general atmosphere of carnivores delighting in what they do best.

The timberwolf doesn't partake along with the others. He remains silent, watching the Ulfric, ever watchful and on guard as he performs his duty.. His massive form silent as the others gorge, not batting an eye towards the corpse, though knowing full well the single dear likely not enough for such a large pack of carnivores.

Raymond doesn't let Karmen get too far ahead of him but when the time comes he moves to take his piece of the deer, not too big, but a piece still, sinking teeth in and tearing a chuck off. He glances around a bit and then moves to the side, chewing away, silver muzzle bloody now.

Robi is not afraid to snap and snarl and claim her place. She will eat before those lower then her do, trying to chase them off till shes got her peice of meat. Likewise, those above her will get the choicest pieces before it is her turn.

Karmen has already won her dominance fight for the month, and that is why she has no problem keeping not to the front as the others jockey for position. While the others converge on the deer, this tawny wolf slows down, waiting for Raymond as she just takes on what can be deemed as an amused trot. When he's by her side she moves in to the deer with him, just ripping off a small chunk with her jaws, a soft rumbly growl coming from her.

MaryJane does take her bite as she's second in the pecking order of life. She moves back to letting others go for their own bite. She does look to Robert and does a quiet communication to him.

One deer definitely doesn't go far and there are others out there, other animals to hunt, and the Ulfric rolls before he rises to shake his coat, offering a look across at the timberwolf, his tongue sticking out, laughing, before he moves over to MJ, nudging her with his nose, a dip of his head giving agreement before he is gone, running off into the bushes.

The brown wolf that is Monty doesn't move forward to take a share in the kill. He lingers some distance away, watching with ears alert and padding a circle around and through the pack as they make short work of the poor deer. The approach of another wolf looking to test Monty's place is met with a flagged tail and a low growl, upper lip curled only briefly before the other backs off.

Pale Rose Gold wolf takes her turns for her share and drags it away to eat in peace by herself, obviously not one used to groups. Finishing hr share off quickly before walking away toward the woods to find her own full belly

The large Jet black wolf nods to Robert, turning away and letting the pack enjoy the kill. MJ runs back swiftly back to the rock where Logan and Ricci are. With a gentle and firm gesture, she lets Logan go to be with the pack and enjoy the hunt. She will stay and guard Ricci.

Surprised, but pleased from the lolling of his tongue into a wolfish grin, the dark grey wolf that is Logan offers his throat briefly to the jet black wolf, heading off at a steady lope to join the pack.

Raymond takes his place next to Karmen, after most the others got meat before he did but he still has it. He settles in next to Karmen and finishes eating and gazing over the other wolves, as if planning.

The Ulfric circles around, coming up downwind of Monty, barely pausing as he leaps out at the other wolf, a playful pounce with a growl, and if he can, he shoots off, his tongue hanging out, laughing.

While she doesn't bring down the kill, perhaps leaving it to the others, the copper wolf does eventually slow to stand watch near the others enjoying the bounty. Her ears perk a bit as she circles the group, perhaps keeping her senses open in case of any signs of trouble.

For his part, Riley continues to follow the Ulfric in silence,, Never more than a heartbeat from the other's side.. Moving and bogging through the underbrush along with the Ulfric he keeps to his duty, as always.

Karmen does a cute thing now, moving to lick off the blood from Raymond's muzzle as she just cleans him, an idle gesture while the others finish eating. Nothing like second hand blood. Then with her paws digging into the ground infront of her, she gives a mighty stretch before laying down on the ground, tongue lolling out as she softly pants.

The jet black wolf nods her head slowly to Logan, then moves her head to send him on his way. MJ moves to Ricci and then sits down besides her for a moment and then lays down. She keeps her senses alert and watchful while guarding Ricci.

Una, having claimed her own bite of meat, is laying on the ground. Her ears swivel every now and then, catching a sound, or searching for one. She is content, for the moment.

His reaction is a little louder than maybe it would be if he weren't so surprised and if he realized it was Robert before the snarl came out. But Monty backs down the moment he does realize and after a moment's hesitation, he barrels off after the darker wolf like an extremely large puppy.

Ricci reaches out her hand without a second thought. Her fingers moving to stroke through MJ's fur as she does it. A sort of welcome before she continues to watch. There is still no indication of emotion from her.

Oooo yeah, the Jet black wolf welcomes the stroking hand and looks up softly. Panting with her tongue out to the side, she likes it and doesn't mind at bit. She turns her head back to watch the pack and see how things are going. MJ just observes the pack bonding.

Ghost like, the dark grey form of Logan's wolf lopes through the trees, ghosting through brush and without much apparent care nudging wolves out of his way as he catches up to the pack. Slowing a moment he angles in and approaches the copper wolf from an oblique angle, nipping at her side as he passes by in a grey flash of fur.

Raymond looks at Karmen as she licks his muzzle cleans and then settles down beside her. He watches the rest of the wolves still. He is going to have to fight, he doesn't really want to but it will be necessary to prove what he is capable of. The blue eyes of the large silver wolf turn this way and that and then he nuzzles into Karmen.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, the bone, the flesh, the skin, it's all taken down without trouble as the large brown wolf finishes up her meal. Oh yeah, that's good stuff. Licking her paws with long strokes of pink tongue, she moves about cleaning her muzzle and paws of blood.

Robert's wolf is off, playing catch with Monty, spinning around and crouching to pounce, his tongue stuck out, laughing. The mock growl is released as he turns, his path taking him back towards the rock, and he bursts into the clearing, skidding to a halt beside Ricci and MJ, sitting back on his haunches. The wolf, as far as he can, is laughing.

Pale Rose Gold wolf stalking thru the woods she breaks into a run after a young doe, herding it from side to side back toward where she'd come from before. Using her all her skills of beast and human before dashing forward from the side to latch onto the doe's neck and bring it down in a tumble with a deathgrip on its throat.

Following Robert and Monty to the clearing, Riley actually spurs into action for a moment and moves to ensure that they don't hit his mate… At least until he catches himself midway between the act, pausing by the other two wolves.. He sits down on his haunches behind and to the side.. Tail wrapped about his haunches as he watches the interactions of the others..

With the nipping at her side, the copper wolf turns and takes off to dart after the ghostly grey wolf. She gracefully leaps over a few of the feasting lesser wolves without breaking stride.

Ricci reaches out to pet her brother as he comes close as well. Her eyes lift up to the freezing rain but she doesn't even shiver. There is just a few moments as she watches the other wolves. Her eyes fall to her mate catching his actions and there is a soft smile for him before she just watches.

The brown wolf follows Robert, his own growl playful and tail wagging. Monty breaks away when he comes back to the clearing, though, circling around as he watches the others and Ricci before he turns to head back into the forest around them and probably find some small game to eat on his own.

Robert moves into Ricci's touch, leaning against her, before he aims the swipe of a tongue across her skin and settles against her feet and the bottom of the rock with a lazy groan. He closes his eyes, the picture of content wolf, relaxed, fed, played out.

The large jet black wolf watches Robert and Monty before sitting up. She then watches Riley slide on by, her ears point up and then her head shakes gently. She barks wolf like as if to say she's here to guard Ricci and nothing is going to happen to her. He's just being paranoid and to stop it, silly male wolf.

Karmen flicks her ears in content aggitation when Raymond nuzzles at her, soft waves of heat coming off of her as she gives a firm lick at his eye. The two seem to be conspiring in slience, for then Karmen stands from the ground, stretching out her limbs as she looks at Raymond. With a brief look around at the other wolves she trots over to Robert with Raymond at her side, a dipping of her head as she seems to ask for permission to leave with Raymond for a bit.

While the other wolves sort of pair off and group up, the brown wolf better known as Cherish remains off to the side some. Licking paw and muzzle, when she's clean she rests head on paws and simply watches the others. Lazy eyes half close, but now and then ears twitch, catching sounds, listening for trouble should it arrive.

The dark grey wolf drops back after a few moments to pace along side the copper one, brushing up against her side every now and then, until the others start to gather back by the rock and then turns back in that direction, moving at a slow and easy lope..tongue hanging out loosely in his obvious enjoyment of the run.

Robert lifts his head, opening his eyes to greet the two wolves that approach and a dip of his head gives that permission, before he turns his head towards the barking MJ. Then he slowly moves, getting to his feet with a stretch, a low grumble from his throat.

Una watches. Even as she lifts a back paw to scratch a spot behind her ear, she watches. Her eyes move from visible wolf to wolf, almost as if she's measuring each of them.

Kevin finds himself alone, but he doesn't seem to care. He pays attention to where the leadership is and what they're doing, and to what those around him are doing as well.

Ricci wrinkles her nose at Robert's lick of her skin. There is a sibling appeal of eewww gross mom he's touching me to that. She does not reach to pet her mate, knowing he's in protection mode. Her eyes just sort of watch the other wolves as she notes who pairs off and who does not.

Karmen flashes Robert what can only be deemed as a smile to Robert as her wolf eyes lift to look at Ricci. A blink of her eyes as Karmen gives a chuffing bark at the Vargamor before her and Raymond streak off into the forest after each other, nips and growls of playful wolfiness coming from them as their voices grow dim as they move away.

He's not gone for long, the poor rabbit he came across already nearly in shock from all the wolves that have been running around. Monty carries it in his mouth and settles down along the edge of the clearing to eat, growling at another wolf that comes a little too close before they settle down, too, and he can continue.

The jet black wolf sees Robert is back with his sister and so is Riley. Seeing Ricci is protect MJ nods her head to Robert and turns. She runs into the forest alone letting the pack do what they need to. She needs to run and run letting things go as she does.

Robert prowls the clearing, greeting Monty and Karmen with a huff of air as he finally settles in the middle of the clearly, sprawling out on the grass, resting his head against his paws. He seems to settle deliberately, giving Riley some time out, MJ some time off, his wolf grin vanished as he stares out over the clearing.

As the wolves start to gather and disperse, Riley takes the moment to disappear into the snow, his timber wolf nature allowing him to fade from sight as he stalks away. Not out of pain or spite, or any other emotion in truth beyond the hunger.. He moves beyond the normal game trails to hunt down and take his meal.. Hunting alone by duty as Robert's security seems assured in this moment.

Kevin finds a spot to settle and clean himself up, take the blood from his muzzle and out from between his toes. HE apparently believes in being as clean as possible at all times, and sees no reason for this to be any different now.

Pale Rose Gold wolf comes back to her pack dragging the doe thru the brush by its neck before tearing into it. Laying down to enjoy her kill

The dark grey wolf takes his time on the lope back towards the clearing with the copper one at his side, a moment taken to hunt up something for himself as well, sharing the hunt and the spoils with the copper wolf before before they make their circuitous path back towards the clearing.

Robert turns his head, considering those in the clearly, the steady wolf gaze not that dissimilar to his normal one, impassive and practical. He tilts his head slightly, considering Monty's rabbit for a moment before he turns his head, giving Ricci a stare.

Ricci watches the approaches and those that leave. Her eyes turn to watch Riley run off before her eyes move back to Monty. At Robert's stare, Ricci tips her head to one side. Wonder sibling power activate. Form of body reading.

One of those Una watches is Monty. He's there, after all. Her nostrils flare slightly, and her head tilts from left to right. She eventually rises, stretching out her lanky form.

The brown wolf rolls onto her side, it's almost a canine like sprawl but she falls just short of being content enough to show her belly and lay on her back. A few kicks of her back feet, stretching of her front paws as she gets comfortable. A large, maw opening yawn and a flick of pink tongue and she quiets, letting her eyes close.

Karmen comes back from the forest alone, Raymond doing his own thing for now. They rarely seperate but this is one of the times they had. Trotting along she spies Robert laying in the grass, and it's over to him she trots, tongue still lolling out as she sneezes every so often with laughter, mischief in her eyes.

Pale Rose Gold wolf looks up at robert and tilts her head slightly, hr muzzle stained in blood. Then goes back to ripping into the tender meat.

Robert tilts his head, giving Ricci a brief, laughing look before he turns to find Karmen moving over. He rolls to his feet, the movement graceful as he leaps, aiming the jump at her midsection, designed to roll her off her feet.

Monty is really only paying attention to those that get too close to him while he eats. This is his bunny and, by golly, he's going to defend it until there's nothing left to defend.

Returning after some time with a doe upon his back, and a buck between his jowls, the massive timber wolf form of Riley deposits the carcasses without an trepidation… Leaving the buck in the center the doe is picked up and dragged over near Ricci.. Setting it down beside her he brings up a massive paw to slight fur of the venison, and cause the pelt to split.. Nosing it slightly towards his mate.

Karmen gives a small surprised yelp when Robert just lunges at her, a growl from Karmen as she makes to lock her jaws around Robert's coat so that they roll together upon the ground, smearing her new found scent all over her Ulfric.

Robert rolls with her, and comes up with a mock growl as he shakes his coat, giving Karmen a very expressive look before he pads across the clearing, resettling in the middle of it, the picture of content, dozing wolf with his head on his paws and his eyes closed. All's good.

Ricci glances down at the deer presented to her and then up to her mate. Ricci gives a smile and then attempts to lean forwards to wrap her arms around Riley's wolf neck. There is no way she's going to eat a whole deer, but when in Rome. Ricci moves forwards to break some of the exposed, defurred, deer meat. It's just venison tar-tar right?

Karmen seems to be grinning at Robert as he moves off away from her, tongue licking her nose off as she just lays down in the grass on her side, panting softly in tired contentedness. Life is good.

Pale Rose Gold wolf looks up now and then as the pack begins coming back. Contently eating her own doe but watchfull of the others, she'd brought it down herself and it was hers. Making her way down the der to the juicy thick muscled haunches.

Leaning into the hug from Ricci, Riley leans down, using his paws to assist her as much as possible he gnaws quietly upon one of the legs while watching her. Those wolven eyes taking in her form as he holds the kill firmly in place for Ricci while she does her best to tear/cut.

As the pack settles in the clearing around him, Robert relaxes, settling with his eyes closed and he lets out a slow huff, a content noise. And sleeps.

The brown wolf in her lounge, opens her eyes. Rolling into proper position, now that most of the pack business seems to be done, something seems to prick her conscience. A glance towards the paired up wolves, and with one last glance towards the Ulfric, as if to say her goodbyes, she moves off from the wolves of the pack and disappears into the wilderness.

After a little while, the ghostly grey wolf and smaller copper one return as they drag a small fawn between them. The copper one moves to brush against the larger grey wolf as she nudges him to take the first bite before padding on over to lower her belly to the ground patiently. Her ears perk a bit at the sounds around as she glances amid the rest of the pack in silence.

Ricci looks around the area thoughtfully. Her eyes marking those that she needs to drop in and see, which makes her eyes center on Monty for a long time. Then she lowers her head. The human Vargamor chews on the deer far more slowly than her mate. Ricci's eyes fall on her slumbering brother and then she meets Riley's eyes.

Kevin settles, curling up until the tip of his tail covers his nose. The huge black wolf drifts off to sleep, secure in the knowledge that his pack surrounds him.

One big paw is set on the fawn's side as the dark grey wolf tugs at one of the rear legs, pulling it free and a little ways away to give the copper wolf next to him room to take her share. Crouching down Logan begins to tear strips from the haunch of meat, working his way slowly down towards the bone with an economy of movement. It doesn't take long before he's done and settles down a bit more into the grass and snow, eyes on the copper wolf.

Pale Rose Gold wolf eating her fill of the doe, she gaurds what's left, intent on bringing it back. Relaxing otherwise for the time to enjoy the night.

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