22022011 - Buying a Bar

Tue Mar 22 12:49:36 2011 - Spring


MacKeough's Bistro and Bar: Downstairs The Underground - Alleyway: Southwest Downtown

Darkness pervades, despite the moody little light show and vague undertones of lighting enhancements, lending to a true 'underground' feel. Slick slate stone sluices without interruption throughout, eases to meet onyx and vermillion, both of which pattern the floor. Rounded, archaic archways mark a vague separation between the bar area and the dance floor, both of which are sparsely populated with fringe seating arrangements.

The bar itself stretches through the entirety of the back wall, ceiling reaching valiantly upwards and unto the second floor. A sleek scarlet glow filters from behind, infiltrating each of the several different bottles lining silver and glass shelves, lending an eerie, sensual, and minutely mysterious quality to each of the bartenders present. The bar itself is a monstrosity of a mahogany construct, all seemingly of a single piece and nearly mounted for the entire length of the wall beyond - just enough room allowed for entrance and exit by wait staff.

Throughout, iron reigns - from the railings that twist upwards with each of the two staircases to the second floor, to the several faux candelabras which offer another heady, bloody glow. At midnight, a miniscule amount of black lights flicker on with the slow thrum of near-sexual music to reveal Gothic paintings throughout the entire establishment.




Robert had left Riley a message to meet him here urgently. Tuesday lunchtime, an odd time to meet at a dark, moody little bar, and Robert is here anyhow. He walks around, giving the space some consideration, his expression neutral, empty. There is a faint air of distaste to his gestures as he touches objects lightly as he passes. He brushes off his hands, removing the dust from them, his upper lip curling slightly.

Stepping down the stairs, dusting himself off, RIley looks around abit, idly swirling a toothpick between his lips in absence a cigarette. Its quite different than the usual smoking drinking irishman. Infact he doesn't have the faintest scent of smoke about him.. Likewise alcohol.

"Riley." The greeting is simple, spoken in a firm voice as he turns to offer a hand to the other man. "What do you think of this place?" The question is abrupt, direct as he glances around the room, the faint trace of distaste still on his face. "I'd value your thoughts on it."

Offering a slight shrug of his shoulders, Riley looks about and says, "Looks like an upscale version of SeVen.. Not the kind of place I'd expect to find you.. Or hell even me unless I was here to catch something…" Blowing some dust off the bar, he takes in the burgundy hues, "Like a Vampire bite, or an STD.."

Robert nods slowly. "There are other rooms. There is a backroom that appears to be some type of fighting area, a cigar and wine room and a main bar." The listing of the assets of the bar are spoken in a clinical manner, without emotion. "What would you do with it, Riley?"

Shrugging abit, Riley looks about, dusting off a few things, "Depends on target demographic we were going for.. This.." He gestures about, "Is abit high class, I mean really, we'd only attract myself and Logan here.. Maybe Madison…" Wetting his lips he furhter adds, "What's more, the Vampires have a place like this already depe in the Crimison District, La Pomme Rouge, so catering to them wouldn't be proper… and well.." Nodding towards the exit, "First thing I'd do is change the name.. Probably go with turning the main area into a Pub or sports bar.. There's not really any in town.. Then with the back area I'd make it private and probably abit more bright.. Kind of a Lukoi only area." He rolls the toothpick between his lips, "I'd make the whole place no smoking though."

Robert listens to Riley's plan, his head tilted, his full attention on the other man. "The new bar owned by the lion is a sports bar. A public house would be appropriate." He comments briefly before he glances at the paintings with an expression of distaste. "This belongs to the pack and requires a manager." His words are abrupt, as he crosses his arms over his chest, considering Riley. "I thought you may be interested." He watches the other's reaction closely.

Coughing abit Riley turns to look towards Robert, surprised clearly.. Looking towards Robert then about the place he says, "I'd take the job if offered.. but I repeat my last statement.. there's no /good/ Pubs and Sports Bars.. They're both extremes in one direction or another.." Gesturing about, "I mean something more akin to Cheers where you come in take a seat, and ask the bartender to throw on the game."

"Cheers." Robert repeats the word slowly, almost tasting it, his face thoughtful. "I am offering you the job, Riley. Look it over and come to me with ideas and costings. We have a good budget for this but do not throw money away." His tone is dry, as he glances around the place again. "We will also need a name I think." He glances towards the exits, considering.

Looking about, rather stunned, Riley rubs the back of his head.. He picked a hell of a time to give up drinking and smoking… Adding as Robert leaves, "You do know I can help finance this.. I mean if Ricci agrees with it."

"It is pack money, Riley. I set up a trust fund for the pack and it will own this." Robert isn't leaving, merely inspecting the doorways, the distaste on his face obvious. "This is part of my plan to make sure that the pack has support for its needs, you see."

Shrugging abit but nodding, RIley says, "In the past the money always just came from me or Jacob for ventures like this.. But if that's your wish I'll manage the finances." Looking about abit more and making his way towards the bar proper he starts sifting through the things back there, "Could go with something abit.. Less cliche too.. Make it into a unique Dance club."

"Talk it over with Ricci, and bring me your plans. It needs to make us a profit, to feed back into the Trust. It will also provide you with an income." Neutral, and cautious, the comment is spoken as he returns from the exit, standing to face Riley, crossing her arms. "The pack has money for ventures now."

Sighing abit, Riley looks the Ulfric in the eye an dnods his head, rubbing the back of his head, "I.. Look, I'm not good at this, I'm really not the type for ya know.." Sighing he just shakes his head from side to side, stepping in close he licks at Robert's lower lip and then quickly darts back, "Tell no one I did that.. or I'll totally deny it.. but.. Thank you.. This really does mean alot to me.. I see what you're trying to do.. and I.. Look, no one's ever looked out for me before so.. Just.. Thanks, okay? I mean it.."

If anything, Robert is not expecting that response, but he accepts the gesture, lifting a hand to squeeze Riley's shoulder lightly. "It is fine, Riley, this is my job. You are my sister's mate and I accept that but you have to be able to support her." He hesitates, adding with a dry tone, "She is an expensive habit, Ricci. This gives you the means to do so, with your pride and honor intact." He gives the other man an abrupt nod, turning to survey the bar. "It isn't precisely a beautiful place."

Looking about Riley nods his head, "True but.. I think there's a few niches we can lay claim to.. clientel we can cater to that other places just can't.. I mean so long as we get the proper permits.." Taking a seat on the bar, relaxing abit, riley slips from his over coat, "I was thinking we could go down a few avenues that well.. I mena you and i both know liqour doesn't do squat to us.. but.." He chuckles, "We still breath.. oxygen bars are quite a fad at the moment, as are Ice bars."

Robert shakes his head, bemused, giving Riley a considering look. "Ice and oxygen bars?" He considers the other man briefly before he unfolds his arms, moving to pick up his work bag. "Let me know the costings and the plans, Riley. Go and tell Ricci." His expression is thoughtful as he tilts his head, considering the toothpick for an instant. "She appears to be a good influence on you."

Looking towards Robert with a bland look, Riley speaks softly, "I.. I don't what to say about that butya.. i guess she is.." Adjusting himself slightly and rubbing the back of her head, "I'll let her know and start getting some estimates on the overhaul.. But.. I mean you know the people I work for.. they don't let you just 'leave' or retire.. I mean.. There's probably gonna be some fall out for this.. I might even end up in jail if they decide to be malicious.."

Robert nods, his eyes narrowing suspiciously as Riley stammers, before he brings the problem of the other issue. "I believe we can encourage them to release you from your obligations to them. If they do not, perhaps things may become uncomfortable for them. Difficulties with the feds and so on, or with key members of their teams vanishing." Blunt and practical, Robert's statement might be slightly unusual for the man. "They can either allow you to retire, Riley, or we can negotiate."

Nodding his head, he fishes the toohpick from between his lips. Rolling it between his fingers as he says, "I'll put out the word and I'll pass my crew off to another boss.. see where it goes.. but.. I mean.. if things go south, I.. we might have to take a trip to Columbia.."

Robert tilts his head, considering Riley for a moment before he nods, offering him a sudden, wry grin. "If worst comes to worst, Riley, we could fake your death in a car crash." Practical, and it oddly seems to amuse the large man.

Blinking slowly at Robert's words, Riley says, "I so resent that implication.. that I would crash my car.. but how would we change my appearance.. Its not like plastic surgery works on Therians.. We'd need fae magic. And I don't know any Fae."

There is a moment where Robert's face is straight, and then the corners of his mouth twitch and he murmurs softly, "I was thinking that perhaps Ricci was driving at the time." He turns away, the man's shoulders shaking slightly, before he clears his throat. "Fae magic can be bought, and we are in funds. If this is a problem, we can fix this."

Rubbing the back of his head, Rileynods his head abit considering, "We shouldput out some feelers then.. cause the only one I know that cdan do it is Rex.. and his changes are only temporary.."

"Let me know. I believe MJ is close to Rex, and even if we keep paying him to pop over and make a new man of you…" Robert shrugs lightly, the odd amusement lingering. "I believe I may have thrown a good deal at your head this afternoon."

Muttering under his breath about needing a cigarette, Riley nods his head and says, "That's abit of an understatement." Still idly toying with the toothpick he brings it back up to his lips and picks up his jacket, meandering about the property he now manages..

Robert chuckles, that low amused sound, as he reaches into a pocket, tapping a cigar against his leg before he holds one out to Riley. "Given these up as well? I thought this was an appropriate celebration." His eyes crease at the corner, a genuine smile.

Sighing as he looks at the cigar then up towards Robert's eyes, "Get thee behind me Satan.." Shaking his head from side to side Riley says, "Ricci's asked me not to smoke or drink, and well.. I've decided to honro her request.. cause lets face it. otherwise I'd end up a popscicle."

The amusement deepens as Robert taps the cigar against his leg, before he slides it back into his pocket. "I shan't be cruel and smoke it then." His voice is deeply amused, as he straightens, reaching for his bag. "I'll leave you to make your plans and have thoughts, I believe."

Inclining his head towards the other man, showing his neck, Riley turns about, rubbing the back of his head, "Man.. how do these things keep happening to me…" He's not complaining just reminescing. His eyes slowly moving about as his mind works.

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