22022011 - Introducing Oleander

Mar 23 22:37:55 2011


House of Blues - Clarke Street: North

Motes of smoke swirl in and out of the lights in the dimly lit room, creating a very intimate atmosphere despite the scale of the place. Tables dot the floor, flickering candles perched with almost eerie perfection in the exact center of their tablecloth dressed tops. A long wooden bar sits in the gloom to the front door's right-side (the stage's left-side) so as to not block the view of the performers. Over small speakers set around the room, Charlie Parker's 'Marmaduke' can be heard quietly playing. The distant walls bear a wide array of photographs, mirrors, and paintings, the mis-matched frames lining the rooms in a hodge-podge.
The far end of the room has a low, oak stage, its worn floor stained a honey gold color and waxed until it gleams. A stool is placed at center stage for the performer to play. Two microphones are placed nearby for the musician to adjust for his comfort level, their black cords trailing along the wood of the stage and disappearing into the wings.




Wednesday evening and Robert is once again settled at the bar, nursing a bottle of beer. Outside, it is a fine spring evening and inside, there is music and some people, but Robert's end of the bar is quiet, letting him nurse the bottle in peace.

Coming into the club, drawn in by the music and low lights, comes a young woman, dressed very differently than those within. She's a goth girl, dressed in black's and reds, hair pulled up into pigtails, skin quite pale, though a natural hue to her. She wears clothes that are quite inappropriate for the weather, even warming as it is. A short skirt and tanktop, the curve of her neck marred by the marks of being fed from recently. Green eyes scan the bar and a grin is given as she bobs her head a little to the music, her energy pushed out from her with no control or lack of desire to do so.

Robert's head turns slowly at the push of energy, and a flicker of a frown shows on his face as he lowers the bottle slowly. For this moment, he is content to observe and he does. With an impassive, wolflike gaze that has a weight to it, a neutrality and practicality that speaks of his beast and weighing her up steadily.

A slow smile crosses her face as she seems to like the place and moves over to the counter, ignoring the stares she draws from those few that are in. Leaning against the bar, one foot raised behind her, the 4 inches of her heels very evident that she's a tiny person. Her green eyes flirt with the tender as she orders herself a Sex on the Beach, drawing out her ID when she's carded, a roll of her eyes is given.

Robert observes the actions in silence before he flexes his power, letting it move out to brush hers, a non threatening statement of his presence. The power itself is warm, and controlled as he uses it precisely as he wishes, even as he takes a swig of the beer, his weighty gaze on her the whole time, those dark eyes tracking each movement. His face is impassive, neutral.

Body stiffens, eyes widen and her beast is suddenly on the alert. Slowly she turns her face to you, swallowing nervously. Eyes dart from you to the door then back, a decision in the making. Her drink arrives and she fishes out the money to pay for it, a pocket hidden in the skirts. She turns her eyes to study her drink, trying to draw her beast back inside.

Robert tilts his head, giving a slow nod in acknowledgement before he gestures at the seat next to him. The movement is clearly not a request but a gently given command, and his beast echoes it, offering warm encouragement, but also warning of strength, a prickling across skin of those near him. His gaze is steady, and he waits in silence, impassively.

A few moments pass before she picks up her drink and turns to move down to sit by you, an effort to make it look like her idea. Sliding onto the stool next to you, she sets her drink on the bar and props a foot up on the bar of the stool beneath her. Her beast is held tightly inside of her and she studies the bar, the feel of goosebumps upon her skin.

Robert withdraws his power, an easy level of control for the man as he offers a nod and a glimmer of a smile. "I am Robert Moye. I am the Ulfric for the pack within this city." His introduction is spoken for her ears only, that intense gaze resting on her face as he speaks. "And you are not either one of my wolves, nor one of the independents that have permission to reside here."

At your introduction, her cheeks flush brightly and her hand tightens around the glass she holds, threatening it to crack. A slow nod of her head is given and she keeps her eyes away from you as she speaks equally softly, "I'm Oleander… Just got in last night." Lip is pulled into her mouth to worry over then a quick, apologetic gaze is given but no further explanation

Robert nods slowly, tilting his head, that gesture so wolf like that his beast slides through the back of his eyes for a moment. "And you were going to contact me." A statement with an edge of dry humor in it, one eyebrow lifting slightly. "Where are you from?" The direct question is asked in that voice with the low rumble beneath it.

Belatedly she looks at you then tilts her head to the side in a submissive gesture to you. Then a shrug of her shoulders is given and the goth attitude seems to come back, "Here and there." Glass raised to her lips, a long drink taken then a flirtatious smile is given you.

Robert's slow nod accepts the submissive gesture, and there is a flicker of approval in his eyes that dies under the flirting. His eyebrow lifts slightly, quizzically, dismissing the flirting entirely. "And do you seek to be in my pack, or do you leave town?" The choices are offered softly, without any sign of either harshness or give. He lifts his bottle to take a slow swig, his gaze resting on her.

Lifting her glass she swirls her drink inside, eyes watching the liquid inside. A shrug of her shoulders is given, "Depends on what you want from me if I join." She's on the defensive side, her beast growing aggitated.

Robert tilts his head once more, considering her before he replies. "I expect your loyalty and obedience. As any Ulfric does." His energy reaches out once more, a heat that aims to soothe her beast, the obvious power and control showing in the movement as his beast brushes past her, a light touch of fur. "The strength of a pack is the wolf, and the strength for the wolf is the pack. I expect to know where you came from, and who you are. But unless I deem it necessary, I will not reveal your secrets to others.!

Again her lip is drawn into her mouth and chewed upon as her thoughts roll through her head, "I have no money, I can't pay you for your protection." Her eyes turn to look at you, very obviously uneasy about being under your gaze.

The look of pure puzzlement shows in the impassive features, that moment of truth before he returns the neutrality. "I do not ask for money. Rather the reverse. My pack is well funded and we support our family to ensure that they have their needs met." His voice is a low rumble, speaking softly as that metaphysical wolf prowls around her, offering hers support with gentle nudges. But his gaze does not move.

Your gaze upon her and the feel of your wolf, a shake of her head is given and she closes her eyes, "Sorry.. I just havn't had the best experience with packs before." A shrug of her shoulders, finishing off her drink, she finally turns her gaze to you. Likely most of her actions and words are a protective measure she's put in place for awhile.

Robert nods slowly, keeping his gaze on her steadily, waiting peacefully for her decision. "I understand. We cannot all come to the world with healthy packs, but when I use the word family for mine, I mean it." His voice is low, gentling as that wolf offers a greeting, offers warmth and support. "This is your choice."

She seems to consider your words, then finally nods, "I think I might be staying in the city for awhile. So, if you'll have me then I'll be in the pack, but I want to know what is expected of me right at the first instead of having things added on later…" Her wolf finally comes out to brush against yours, nosing against your neck but it's tentative.

Robert nods slowly, a glimmer of approval showing in that neutral face, as he lifts a hand to summon a member of the bar staff, ordering another round of drinks, and apparently some bar snacks because they arrive with them. "I expect you to try and trust me. I expect your loyalty and I give you my protection in exchange. I expect you to take me up on offers to aid you with housing, with training, with any needs that you have. Because I do have the resources to keep my promises." With those words, he reaches for his drink, lifting an eyebrow questioningly at her.

She doesn't take the drink or the snacks, just watching you instead. "I think I have a place, someone is helping me with that." Hands fold in her lap, legs cross and she turns to face you a little more on her stool. "What kind of training?"

"Who is helping you with that?" The question is abrupt, a flicker of concern. "Do you work? Do you have skills?" Those questions matter and he leans against the counter, pushing her drink towards her. "I expect all of my family to be productive, healthy members of the family, and we do what we need to for that to happen. Be it college, or a training course. Or financial support."

Your questions bring her defenses up and she straightens her back, eyes locking on yours, "A former friend is helping me, I don't have a job as I just got here, and I have a few skills that could be put to use to make my own way in this world." The hackles on the back of her wolf's neck rise as she speaks.

His energy moves once more, moving to soothe and calm. "I need the truth. Shall we start with your name? And perhaps the name of your friend. I am not making a judgement about you, merely working out what I need to arrange to ensure your safety here." Robert's voice is soft, the gentle rumble as his wolf offers that reassurance.

Her lip is chewed on, soothed a little by your words and energy, "I go by Oleander, I gave up my old name when my family…" A sigh is given and she shrugs her shoulders as if trying to shrug off the emotions, "Well, let's just say a wolf for a daughter wasn't their ideal." Fingers move up to caress over the bite marks on her shoulder, "Antonio Higgins, we were old friends from high school."

Robert nods slowly, considering her words, weighing them up against her energy before he speaks. "I am familiar with his mother." There is a low note of affection and approval in his voice as he mentions Evie. "Then be aware that my policy on his kind is that your loyalty is first to your family, and then to your friend. Any other way around, and I will bring it to a close." His words are serious, and he gives her a serious look. "Otherwise. Is there a career you prefer to pursue?"

Your words give her something to consider, finally she takes a drink from her glass, giving her time to think. "Loyalty is something that must be earned, it can't be given without trust and that takes time." A glint in her eyes and words gives truth to the fact that she's an intelligent woman, no matter how much she tries to hide it. "Can't say I've thought of a career, been too busy trying to make it by day by day."

"Use the word priority then." Robert's dry tone holds an edge that warns of inflexibility on this topic as he considers the woman, the gaze pure wolf. "If your relationship with any vampire, however fond I am of his mother, risks my pack, it would not be a good thing." A clear statement of his position on vampire relationships. More flexible than others, less than some. "I suggest, if you plan to remain here, you give some thought to it. We invest in our family, and in the meantime, I believe I can provide a suitable job for you." There is a brief flicker of amusement as he adds softly, "The family own a bar. Some of us will be working there."

A frown crosses her lips at your words, but she nods in aquiecense, then arches a brow at you offer of a job. "What kind of bar? Good music, dance floor and great food?" She gives you an almost impish grin.

Robert's mouth quirks up at the corners, a glimmer of rare humor in his eyes as he takes a sip of the beer, pausing before he replies. "At the moment, it is a glimmer in my eye. I bought it yesterday. One of my family is the manager and will be renovating it. I suggest you aim to assist him, and give him some ideas." This seems to amuse him and he shoots her a full grin, as he lowers the bottle.

Laughs, an oddly musical quality to it compared to her appearance, "Oh, give me free reign and you'll have quite the party club going." She winks at you in a playful manner, finishing off her drink and reaching a hand for some of the snacks, it's likely she's hungry. "What's his name and where do I meet him?"

Robert reaches for his wallet, chuckling softly, amusement still showing clearly. He takes out his business card, and turns it over, scrawling a number and a single name on it. Riley. "He is my brother in law. He is in charge of the project but I believe you may be of use to him." His gaze had taken in that movement and as he offers his business card to her, he asks softly. "Have you need of funds before you begin to draw a paycheck?"

A look of distrust flashes across her face briefly and she shrugs her shoulders, "I'll manage. Somehow or another, I've found there are ways to make money in a big city." She takes the card from you, looking over the name and number you put on it.

Robert releases a steady breath before he withdraws a note, a large note, from his wallet and places it on the bar, giving her that heavy gaze once more. "I prefer my wolves not use ways and means, when they have access to help from family." He leaves the money there, sliding the wallet into his pocket, lifting one eyebrow.

An uncertain look then the bill is taken and folded, disappearing into her skirts. "I'll pay you back." The trust still not there, a bit jaded from previous experiences. She seems uncertain as to what to do next so she just sits there, playing with the condensation upon the glass of her drink.

"It is not necessary, and would be insulting." Those words are gentle, offered with a wry smile as he rises from the stool. "A pleasure to meet you and I'm certain I will see you in the next few days. Call Riley soon." That flicker of amusement shows once more before he gives her a slow nod, preparing to leave.

A frown as she watches you get up, a little confused still. "See ya Ulfric." A grin and wink before she turns her back to you, picking up more of the snacks to munch on.

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