20110306 - The Police Visit MJ


Yellow Bungalow: Living Room - Taylor Street: Little Italy

This likely used to be a small living room and a smaller dining room, but it has been opened up to a single space. The floors are old wood that, though recently stripped and waxed, show years of wear. Windows face the drive to the south and open west to the front porch. At the east side of the room, an arched opening in the south corner leads to the kitchen, and a hallway on the north side runs to the back of the house. The walls are painted off-white, almost cream, and show signs of having been patched.

A Mission-style hall tree with mirror, storage bench, and hooks for hanging coats stands next to the front door. Beyond it, a brown leather couch and matching oversized chair form a sitting area around a red and green Oriental-style rug, with a side table for the chair and a low green chest serving as a coffee table. These face the shelving unit that holds a television, audio equipment, a sparse rack of CDs, and a few, mostly practical books. A round table set with four ladder-backed chairs sits in front of the bay window at the west side of the room. One picture hangs over the couch, another over a shallow table holding a cordless phone that is set against the east wall.



Late evening, Sunday, and the house is lit up, with the scent of coffee on the air, and some low jazz music in the background. Robert is seated on a couch, his coffee in his hands, the others having been offered some and served with it, if they chose. His bodyguard, Monty, is at hand, as ever, and MJ is here. "We take it slowly and answer as we discussed, MJ. There is no call for concern." His voice is low, and his energy is used to calm MJ, to support and soothe, should she need it.

MaryJane seems to be holding a cup of coffee in her hand, she nods to Robert while slowly pacing and thinking. Her heels making that clicky clack sound. She's doing her best to think as she looks to both Robert and Monty. "Thank you both for being here with me. I'm not sure how much help I can be to the police."

Monty is here and sitting not terribly far from Robert but he seems to maintain a certain distance from the actual conversation. His duty here isn't necessarily to talk. He has some coffee of his own, mug held in one hand and resting against one knee.

Electra arrives with in the next few moments, as the lights in the drive way will signal. Those lights go dark and the sounds of the car running stop. A car door is heard to open and close and then slightly after, a knock on the house's main entrance. When the door is anwsered, Electra stands there covered mostly by a tailored women's winter long coat that stops at her ankles. Only flat heeled boots stick out underneath it. She allso wears a scarf.

Robert is the one that answers the door, glancing at Monty before he does so, a well trained protectee. A light snuff of the air and he nods, reaching to open it, gesturing the woman in. "Officer. Welcome to my home. Please take a seat." When she moves in, he closes the door again, locking it, security clearly an issue taken seriously here.

MaryJane slowly turns when the door is opened and she moves to a chair to sit down. Smoothing out her suit skirt, she rests the cup of coffee on her lap while sitting up right with proper posture. She watches the woman come in, she takes a slow deep breath in and then lets it gently and slowly.

Electra ofcourse enters when allowed to and takes a seat where ever one is available. She removes her scarf and takes off her long coat and folds it in her lap. With the coat off now, a nice female buisness style suit is what she wears with Badge and Sidearm attached at a belt. She also lets out a sigh before pushing words out of her clearly chaped lips, "Thank you for allowing me to come, there is a lot we need to talk about." She takes a slight moment to rub on pale and obviously frozen hands while blowing in them as well, no doubt trying to warm up a little.

Robert moves to stand next to MaryJane, the movement clearly designed to support her, as his energy reaches out to the woman. His mug is held in his hand and he tilts his head, impassive, neutral, his gaze utterly void of emotion. "We will hear your questions, officer but you must understand that much of it is bound by patient confidentiality. It would be illegal for MJ to breech that." His tone lacks emotion, a low rumble that merely informs.

MaryJane's head looks between Electra and Robert. Head nodding gently to what Robert says, as her body eases from the ridged pose to a more relaxed one when Robert comes closer to her. "I will answer what I can. The patient didn't sign a waver for me to be explicit I'm sorry." She says softly and sips her coffee slowly before slowly crossing her left food over her right.

Electra returns Robert's gaze at first, showing the emotionless state is returned in kind, "I am well aware of the Health Insurance Portabilty and Accountibility Act Sir. Though I ask that you must also be aware that hindering an investigation, can be seen as obstruction of justice and is a crime." She maintain her posture and turns to face MJ next, "I will not ask you to betray your confidence's Mj. Afterall you saved my life" she adds pasuing a moment and blowing on cold and pale hands again that are shaking still. "The only reason I am here is to ask you to be the one to insit that Miss Deschain come forward and speak with a police sketch artist. No one is above the law, and this man has beaten, raped, and killed two women. Beaten, and atemped to rape or raped two more and must be brought to justice. We can't do our job, if we are kept in the dark and hindered at every turn. I beg you to bring her forward so someone else isn't killed and this man is brought to proper justice. If not, Marshal Jack Green has recieved a Warrant of Eexcution for this man, and will no doubt find a way to carry it out with out our help."

Robert returns the gaze steadily, her comments clearly not impressing or daunting the man. "Since none of my people are either hindering nor obstructing an investigation, I do not feel that warning was necessary." His reply is soft, lacking emotion. He glances at MaryJane, adding softly, "Your internal police affairs are not our business, however, and my understanding is that it is Jack Green's job to do this. None of my people have any intention of preventing his warrant from being served." He glances at MJ, leaving her to reply to the actual question asked.

MaryJane listens to the both of them and she sits back against the chest. "Officer, I am only a doctor and I have no influence over Miss Deschain. I have no idea where she is. I understand that you need information but I do believe the victim has rights as well. If this trauma is pushed upon her mentally, this could lead her to become unstable and not able to ever recover. I would greatly insist that you use other methods to gather information, and not have her relive this trauma. You might not get the right information that you looking for and would you want on your conscience her inability to recover, move on and put this tragedy behind her?"

Monty continues sitting where he's been settled and he's listening since this isn't really his conversation to have. His gaze is focused mostly on the unfamiliar woman and he dosen't seem worried about staring at her.

Electra sighs dejectedly, "I'm only doing my job, what I was asked to do and what I swore to do and at every turn I'm met with treatment I don't understand. No, I infact would not want this on my conscience" she replies reaching to pull her badge off her blet. "But this" she says waving it, "means that I have to accept the trauma of one woman, who I actually call friend over accepting more deaths, rapes, and beatings. I have a job to do, I seem to be the only friend you shifters have on the police force and yet, you absolutely refuse to help me." Another sigh is let out as she stands up, "I am sorry to have bothered you, I'll file my report, and inform my superiors that I came up with no information." She bows lightly at everyone and slowly turns for the door.

"I will show you to the door." Robert's lack of comment on her words is as loud as if he had commented and he moves across the room to open the door, glancing at Monty, as he passes the man. "I take it this matter no long requires my friend's attention and she can return to her profession without further need for interview?" He holds his hand on the closed door lock, waiting for her answer before he opens it. "If further is required, please contact her through our lawyer, Evie Higgins."

MaryJane slowly puts her cup down and looks to the woman. "I understand you have a job to do. I have one as well, and sadly they don't mix well in this situation. It's truly tragic that you are using your job, as an influx to getting what you want. I can't do that in my job, it's my skills and my wit that get me what I want and even then sometimes my patients die. It's clear that you are not using the other tools that are at your finger tips to utilize in this case. Also to use the law to inflict trauma on a victim, I believe that isn't legal to begin with, I find your treatment to be substandard to those that help victims and you'd rather use me to force the victim to talk. I hope you find what you're looking for though I'm not sure you will since you're not following your nose and using your eyes instead."

There is a slight tension in Monty at the mention of no 'shifter friends' on the police force but he doesn't actually speak up for that. He rises to his feet as Robert moves toward the door, still watchful of Electra.

Electra turns to glare at Robert, obviously showing anger and frustration before turning to face MJ. "Use you? To get what I want?" she says. "How dare you" she says in a low voice. "Crystal is my friend, and you..you of all people saved my life!" she blurts out. Her temper flaring and a slight lack of control over it showing to all thos present. "Do you have any idea how many sleepless nights I have had worrying about her? Worrying about you? Or Auranna? How many times I've cried myself to sleep?" she asks. "I don't think you do. I'm only human, but I swore an oath to serve and protect. I'm only here because I was ordered to come." She returns the glare to robert and nods to the door, "If you'll excuse me, I have a report to file and more people to /use/" she says with a voice that maintains it's frustrated undertone.

Robert returns the stare, lifting one eyebrow. "I have little interest in your personal life, officer." He opens the door, inclining his head slightly, an ironic movement, "As I say, if you need the help of any of my family, you and your kind can contact us through our lawyer. In a professional manner. I will be making my own report to your superiors about your behavior to my friend. Good evening." He moves, blocking the look at MJ, staring down at the woman, the distaste on his face for the open emotions clear, as he waits for her to leave.

MaryJane's body slowly stands up, her head up a bit and then walks over to Electra. She looks down at the woman slowly, compassionate though seemingly stern. "And yet you have insulted my friend here, who has allowed you in his home to talk to me. His shifter people, I heal them too. I heal all those no matter who or what they are. You're upset and frustrated however to insult Robert and his people isn't something that is wise nor appropriate. I appreciate you worrying about me but I'm in good hands. I think you need to understand one thing, there is your job and then your personal emotions. You aren't separating them. You are allowing one to bleed into the other and that my dear might lead you to a dark path that you will walk down alone and very hurt. Please understand, it's not these shifter people keeping you from your job and from the case. IT's your inability to use psychics and other preternaturals that are on the force to assist you on this case. Open your mind, my dear officer and I think you'll find that it's not the these shifter people that need your help. It's you that need their help and a bit more tenderness, understanding and the ability to close this…" Her finger to her lips. "… and open these …" She gestures to her ears. "… you might get what you seek." She says softly and smiles gently to the woman as if bidding a friend farewell. "Do have a lovely evening officer, and I hope you have a great shift." She says before turning back and going to her coffee and says openly to the men. "Anyone for pizza?"

Still silent, Monty knows when he ought to speak up and when he ought to let others speak up instead. Now is apparently one of those times. But he stays on his feet, ready to act if necessary, mug still in hand, waiting for her to finally leave.

Electra just seems to blink a few times, allmost showing shock as if she'd just been slapt. "File what ever report you deem nessecary Sir, I've done nothing more then I was ordered to do, and that was to request that the Doctor ask Miss Deschain to come forward. As my insluting you, I don't recall doing so, though I apologize if I did.." she says snaping her badge back on her belt and thorwing her coat and scarf on. "Good day to you all" she says as she steps out of the door and begins to walk to her car. Not giving a chance for anyone else to get the last word in.

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