20110307 - March Lupanar


Starved Rock State Park: Hennepin Canyon - Illinois

The walls of Hennepin canyon rise around one, topped by a frosting of overhanging pine trees and obscuring most of the valley below from anything overhead. Under the shroud of green, the central river flashes in sparkles here and there, otherwise a winding band of dark water fed by small waterfalls and springs along the way. The canyon widens out in places, etched out by the water over the centuries, affording many fern-filled nooks, crannies, and caverns along the way.
A number of the larger niches have the remains of rough fire-pits in their centers, bones of both large and small game animals about. Unlike many hidden camping areas though, they are amazingly clear of garbage. No beer cans, no hot-dog bags, no candy bar wrappers. Merely ashes, rocks, bones, and the occasional bark-stripped tree.
The main clearing holds a single white rock in its edge, an ancient piece worn smooth, flat on the top. The blood of animal sacrifices stains its side, a smear that fades and reappears with the passing of the moon. The ground around it is flattened by the passing of animals, and people, tracks left across the clearing, and the trees surround it protectively, leaving only a tunnel of light to fall from the sun or moon, illuminating the area.




The night of the Full Moon and the canyon is alive tonight, the scent of the trees welcoming the pack home to the Lupanar. The Call has gone out, an animal sacrified and the blood smeared on the ancient rock to send it, a piece of ritual magic as old as the pack. The woods acknowledge it, the canyon greeting the pack with a warmth that acknowledges their right to be here on this night. There is movement amongst the trees, pack members arriving in every shape, moving like gliding shadows through the trees, moving almost soundlessly. The wind is still, and the few sounds, the crack of a twig here and there, the rustle of the leaves, they carry on the quiet air. For those that can hear them, on this night, the Munin calls out, wishing to raise their voices with those of the pack. The sense of the beasts inside those moving through the trees can be felt, a vibration throbbing on the air. They come with only natural weapons, a few with knives, but none carry guns here at the Lupanar this night, by Robert's decree.

One of the larger niches has a piece of rock there, desposited by the changes in landscape over the years and worn down to a smooth finish. It is on this rock that Robert is sitting, one leg bent, his arm thrown over his knee. His face is impassive, neutral as he watches the wolves arrive, but his energy and power welcomes them to the Lupanar, prickling over the skin of those near him. The Ulfric is dressed in his old jeans, clothes to shift in, his chest and feet bare. Near the rock, the body of Joliea lies, awaiting the pack's attention later in the evening.

One of the larger shadows moving through the woods emerges into the clearing. Kevin, near-black skin turned jet-black by the night, amber lupine eyes standing out against the shadows, arrives a little before time. Wearing a pair of dark shorts and a black wife-beater style shirt, he hasn't bothered with anything like shoes or wristwatches or wallets. He approaches the rock, inclining his head formally in greeting to the Ulfric.

Raymond has come as the call came and moved through the trees. He is still human for the moment but the beast is so close to the surface. He takes his place in the clearing and glances up towards where Robert sits. He gives greeting towards Robert and then settles back a bit awaiting the arrival of others.

Robi comes to gather with the others. The older female casually stripping down, rather then shift later on in he clothes. Frowning a bit torwards her friends body.

Una's eyes are halo'd with orange, her wolf peeking out eagerly as the time for shifting draws near. She moves her hair behind her ear with a sweep of her fingers, so that her throat is bared to Robert as she finds her place to stand amoung those gathered.

Moving through the woods and snow completely at ease with the world about the a massive Timberwolf bounds through the forest and into the clearing.. HIs mottled fur offering protection and padding to its rider, Ricci, who is dressed in leathers that would make her seem almost some warrioress out of some sort of fantasy. Riding a massive wolf the way she does , she makes it seem quite effortlessly as the two bare each others scent.. As ever, marking Riley to be abit differet than the others with his wolven form being that of a Timberwolf..

Monty is lingering toward the fore off to one side so he can watch both Robert and the rest of those gathered and gathering around. His clothes are his usual full moon chic, loose sweat pants and loose sweat shirt with old sneakers

Ricci is apparently in leathers and dismounts the timberwolf. She looks over towards Robert and shows her own throat to him as she doesn't want to approach. Ricci looks a bit ill from the ride on the wolf, her hand reaching to pet him. She then moves to one of those awesome NPC guardians to protect her through the ceremony.

MaryJane seemingly stands next to Robert wearing black scrubs. She watches over everyone as they come into view. She nods to those she knows and respects, though slowly moving her hands behind her back to stand at attention when Robert speaks.

More than a little late, Madison finally manages to weave her way through the brush to arrive at the canyon rocks. Dressed in her loose shift and ready for the nights activities she reaches to sweep her hair from her neck to bare it before Robert and MJ before sliding on over to stand near one of rocks,

As they arrive, standing in the clearing, Robert jumps from the rock, landing on the ground in front of it, standing upright. He holds his arms open, a welcoming gesture as he turns his head, his gaze jumping from one to another of the wolves, each look heavy with power. The particular power of the Lupanar makes each look into a link, a drawing in of the wolves, and the last look closes that circle, a peak of power that prickles across the skin, raising goosebumps. With that snap of power, Robert speaks, his wolf underlining his words with a low growl from his chest, "Welcome to the Lupanar, my pack. We meet tonight to mourn another's passing, Joliea, sister of our family. We meet tonight to welcome Jake to our Munin, and to find out the name of his killer. We meet tonight to celebrate our family, and to greet the full moon as we should." His gaze sweeps across the pack, lingering on faces as he speaks. "First, before the business of the day, I welcome Monty as my Skoll. Respect his position since he puts his body in front of your Ulfric to protect me from harm, so that I can rule." He turns, facing the man, giving him a slow nod, an acknowledgement.

Kevin's amber eyes turn to Monty, and the man inclines his head to the new Skoll. There will be no challenges from this direction.

Raymond nods and dips his head in that direction as well. He folds his arms over his chest, a passive gesture for the moment.

Robi listens to Robert speak. The older wolf standing there amidst the others, glancing torwards the new Skoll briefly.

Ricci stands to the side being all completely neutral to the whole thing going on around her. The NPC guy shifts into wolf form without goo splattering her. He stands beside her and watches, a protective stance to him.

Una's orange-tinted gaze moves towards Monty, and she inclines her head slightly, respectfully.

The mention of the new Skoll does summon a curious arch of a brow from Madison as she redirects her attentions over to observe Monty in silence. Finally, she flashes a faint smile before turning back to regard Robert. The mention of Joliea's passing elicits a visible tensing of her body as she maintains her silence for the time being.

The mottled fur Timber wolf moves to stand near the Ulfric, his massive shoulders moving to a wolf version of a parade rest stance.By and large he remains silent , merely baring witness to the goings on about them. as he beathes in and out the plethora of scents.

MaryJane listens quietly as Robert speaks. She watches those before her and watches their reactions to the information. She looks to Robert and nods her head gently.

Monty listens as Robert speaks, his energy restless and hot in the light of the moon but subdued in the presence of his Ulfric. When he's brought up personally, he inclines his head to the man that's acknowledges him, head tilted slight to the side briefly.

Robert moves on, moving to the business of the day, choosing to close old business before new. "Let those who may speak with the Munin come forward, so that we may hear Jake's words, and know his killer." His gaze sweeps the pack, seeking out those who have this skill, waiting for one to step forward.

Cherish is not the first, not the last to arrive. Listening to the Ulfric's decree she lingers back, leaning against one of the more sturdy trees; dressed in very old jeans and a washed and worn t-shirt that has only the smallest remains of some logo on the front. Fingers tighten, loosen and she crosses her arms over her chest, lips pressing into what she attempts to make a 'neutral face' as she listens.

One does come forward, Kevin, but he speaks with Jake's tones, his words, praising the pack for their support of each other. Those wolves that are new surprise him but he is kept to the topic, the man guiding him well with questions. Asked of his killer, the Jake Munin hesitates before speaking, "A vampire, the one that killed my mentor. He wanted it to look as if Amun had done it, to set us at each other's throats, but I see he failed." He gives the name, and it is noted, before Kevin falls to the ground, exhausted, lifting his head slowly as his features are his own once more.

Raymond raises a brow and cocks his head to the side as he listens to Kevin and then glances back towards Robert and then to the other wolves.

Ricci's eyes close at the mention of Jake and his killer. There is no other reaction, but her dark skin gets a bit ashen as she listens.

Needess to say Riley has a isturbed look upon his muzzle uon learning these things.. His tail flitting about and swishing back and forthe against the ground.. His muzzle canting to the side he qietly licks his chops, unable to voice his words to the munin. ust accepting of the Munin's before looking towards Robert expectantly.

MaryJane listens and blinks at the information. She shakes her head softly and then frowns gently to the information. Her eyes close as her head bows gently in rememberance of Jake. She even softly mouths what could be a prayer.

Madison listens quietly as she leans against the rock behind her, brows knitting a little at the words of Jake. Her gaze slips among the rest gathered as if curious at their own responses before folding her arms behind her and looking back to the ground to await the rest of the proceedings.

Monty watches Kevin as he comes forward, silent but intent. His energy bristles slightly but he makes no move even when the other falls to the ground. His golden-eyed attention shifts toward Robert after a few moments.

Unmoving, as the rest of the pack does, she too listens. Turning her head down, Cherish looks at her bare feet, tugging at the button of her jeans as she begins to get ready to change. A small shake of her head is the only body language she offers, clear disappointment.

The information is heard, and Robert reaches out, both with hand and energy, offering his aid to lift the man to his feet, returning him to the care of those who come forward to support him. He turns back to the pack then, his beast sliding around his body, almost visible in this time, in this place. "We will find this vampire and avenge Jake's death. I will seek out Amun, and offer him a part in this, since his honour is also tainted by this creature!" His voice is loud, a promise to the rock, his word of honour, and the beast slides through his eyes.

Robi listens, paying attention as she stands with the others quietly. Not doing all that much for the moment.

Una may not have known Jake, but there is sympathy in her eyes for those that did. She listens, and lifts her face towards Robert once more. There is a nod of her head, acceptance of his words, and her beast flares out as if to echo that.

Raymond nods as he listens with the others and hears Robert's words. He nods a bit and takes a deep breath, knowing what is coming soon. His eyes move to where Joliea's body lays and then back.

Clothes off, she tosses them into a semi neat pile and simply lets the beast take her. Once changed, she shakes the goop from her coat and the brown wolf that was Cherish trots closer, keeping to the outer circle of the pack as they speak of vengeance.

Ricci watches and holds her ground. Ricci doesn't show anything of her emotions. She just sort of watches what is going on around her. The gold of her eyes move from one wolf to the other.

Lowering his massive muzzle and canting his head to the side to bare his nexck to the human Ulfric. Riley nods his agreement to the cause, padding the ground in his agreement to the other's words.

Monty maintains his silence but his energy shifts to join others, eager for vengeance for a fellow lukoi even if he'd never had any particularly pleasant interactions with the man in question. He stirs into motion finally to pull off his shirt, dropping it to the side, then heeling his sneakers to bare his feet, preparing for the inevitable.

"We meet here for our Munin is here, and once again, we bring one of our ranks to become one with them. Our pack sister, Joliea, murdered by this wolf, the creature whose voice is the wind outside our cave, who will shortly die and be left to rot." He gestures towards Joliea's body and, with that, he changes, the man's power spreading outwards from him, touching the pack as he changes partially, the wolfman appearing, so that he might still speak when this is done. He moves forward, moving to Joliea's body, lowering his muzzle to bring her to the munin, the first bite inviting the others to help. With that done, he steps back, lifting his face to the moon, letting loose a howl for all to hear.

Robi lets the shift overtake her and then brings her friend into being a part of the pack in death.

Una's gaze wanders much, moving from wolf to wolf, face to face. As Robert's energy flares out, she closes her eyes and lets the shift wash over her. Threadbare clothing is torn apart as her body rips open to reshape itself into the form of her wolf.

Stepping forward, Riley takes a large bite out of the corpse with his muzzle then draws back.. Chewing quietly and taking the essence into himself before likewise throwing his head back in a howl to the moon. Beating back human emotions that tell him to be against such actions as canniblism.

Kevin sheds his human skin as the Ulfric's power touches him, the massive black wolf born from the man's body in a splatter of golden liquid. He turns towards the body of the fallen and takes his own bite, amber eyes closing as he retreats again.

MaryJane moves to undresss and then lets herself become the jet black wolf she is known for. She follows Robert to send Joliea to the others in the pack that have gone before her.

Taking part in returning her sister to the munin, the brown wolf does her part, then moves away to allow for the other wolves on the bottom of the food chain to move forward and do their part. Finding her own spot away from the corpse now, she too lifts her head and releases a long, low howl.

Raymond closes his eyes for a moment, his emotion is there before he takes his shirt and shorts off, just as the power touches him and the silver fur explodes from him and he drops to the ground left as the large silver wolf. He moves to take his part and and then howls with the others.

When he's free of clothing, Monty lets the wolf take control of his form, crouching down and shaking out fur when it's over. He pushes forward through the ranks to take a bite over those beneath him but he doesn't linger, circling back around close to where he'd been to give others their turn.

Robert turns his back to the pack, moving away from the bones, towards the rock, leaning against it. His amber eyes, set in the wolf like features, move across the pack, taking a moment on each face, giving each a tiny acknowledgement before his voice, a rumbling, growling sound, speaks once more. "And now, we hunt, and are at one with our beasts, giving the moon her due. I believe I promised someone that we would find bear tonight, and I smell one." He steps forward again, the man's power spreading outwards from him, touching the pack as his fur flows over his body like water. Muscles form and shift, his bones change, and the clear liquid that gushes from his body falls to the floor below him, as the wolf appears, large, grey with the rich amber eyes. As soon as it is done, the hunt begins, and Robert shakes his coat before launching himself into the woods.

The young man's bone crack and he seems to swell and then explode in goo, leaving a large silver wolf. (Raymond)

Ricci moves over to the rock when Robert has left it. She walks towards it and tries to keep her attention from where Joliea once was. Her bodyguard giving Ricci odd looks before she sits to watch over the wolves. Nothing is said or done at this point by her.

Taking up position at Robert's side, Riey moves to steep hi constnatly in eyesight though grnating him the freedom to run. Moving with a quickened pace, and in unabashed fashion he wait nd watches the hunt as ever, performing his duty as Hati. He will hunt for himself later.

Karmen has been in the back near Raymond. Honest. And when the others begin to shift Karmen just does so within her clothing, ripping the pieces before a large tawny wolf is standing next to Raymond's side.

Cherish's wolf form breaks the front middle of the pack. Not fast enough to run with the head dogs, but she does manage to bring herself to the front of those who are towards the middle of the hunting group. Nipping at a few of the wolves in front of her, she follows the lead wolves as they hope to track and bring down a bear.

Una joins in the hunt, gladly taking her place in the pack, behind some of the more front-runners. There is a sense of abandon to her, and she playfully bumps her shoulder against Monty when he comes to pass her.

Raymond moves to follow Robert and the other wolves, but lets most go ahead of him. He knows where his place is. He nudges Karmen a bit. Then is moving to join the pack.

Robert's wolf clearly takes a pleasure in being free, in the chase of the hunt, and in playfulness that doesn't show in his human form. He leads Riley a race, his tongue panting out as he glances at the other wolf.

Kevin launches himself into the woods on Robert's heels, the massive black wolf apparently having recovered from channeling the Munin with the shapeshift. While he's near the back of the pack, he makes sure he's ahead of Raymond.

Racing Riley is bad, s there is little doubt as to whom is quicker as Rile moves fast and furios. Dipping and weaving through the underbrush with ease as he proves to Robert several times he can overtake the other though each time he falls back to let the other take the lead. A smile upon his wolvish muzzle as he lets his usually business-like exterior fold.

Robert is more play than serious and Riley's proof amuses him until the bear comes into view, and then his attention shifts, the older wolf moving to avoid his scent startling it, moving to the side to circle, with a glance behind to see where the pack is.

The Jet black wolf heads out with the pack. Enjoying a good run with everyone and even gives off a laughter that she normally doesn't do when treating people as a doctor. Completely different side to MJ as she runs happily and gets to help the cubs out and what not.

Ricci watches the wolves as they hunt. The bear causes her to pause and tip her head. She doesn't make any sudden movements. The poor guard just sits next to her with his tongue lolling from his mouth.

Karmen nips back at Raymond before giving a slobbery lick at his muzzle. Then she's moving with him as they gain ground in the pack, Karmen letting her tongue loll out as she runs up, carefree and serious at the same time.

Though she has shifted into her Copper Wolf form, Madison doesn't immediately tear off into the hunt like the rest and instead lingers around near Ricci and the other guards. She pads a bit over to the Vargamor and bumps the woman's leg with her muzzle before pacing around them in her own form of 'keeping guard'.

Raymond lets Karmen pull ahead as he keeps pace, he isn't sure about trying to vie but it is obvious that he is holding back a bit. He is enjoying himself and it is quite obvious.

Riley gives paue as they com across a bear in the middle of winter.. Looking between the beast and the boss, then back to the beast he gives a confused look His animal nture saying that such is a treat while his hman mind ays that the bear is likely starving and not going to taste good.."

Kevin is concentrating on one thing and one thing only; staying ahead of Raymond during the hunt. He follows the twists and turns of the pack, and he really is vying. If Una, Erin, Madison and Robi aren't careful, they'll find themselves overtaken as well.

Robert doesn't seem to be caring about the taste of the bear, his focus the hunt. A deliberate move, as the pack catches up, comes into sight, he leaps forward, startling the bear, causing it to turn. It scents the pack, and turns, beginning its own run. Robert casts the pack that laughing face, his tongue hanging out as he turns to give chase.

MaryJane seems to be making sure that the cubs and those behind the pack catch up. She encourages those that wish to push up in rank do so, as Geri she watches those trying to challenge and rise in ranks.

Karmen moves up with Raymond in the pack, nipping at his heels to go faster and faster and to get up there to not lose his spot. And once he's close enough she breaks free and works up towards Cherish, though at her she steadies her stride, running alongside the other woman.

Raymond nips playfully back at Karmen and then surges forward. He knows what he wants and has been focusing on other things but isn't just going to roll over and play dead. He runs to keep up with Kevin and some of the others as well, yipping playfully as they near the bear.

When Karmen starts to try and move past him, Kevin doesn't let her. He keeps pace with her, running at her side, the huge black wolf powering on after the Ulfric and the higher-ranking members of the Pack.

Robert, at the front of the pack, moves to the side, to circle the bear, to race it back into the center of the pack. His pleasure at the chase, the hunt, is obvious, as he leaps through bushes, offering a loud yelp.

Una, herself, does not seem about to let Kevin outpace her in the chase. There is a low growl from her, a friendly warning of sorts, before she pouts on the speed more.

Kevin doesn't seem put off by the low growl. He's not happy with his position in the Pack, and he's doing something about it as they run. He veritably bristles, his body-language affirming that anyone who wants him to stop challenging them is going to have to make him stop.

Ricci continues to watch as the hunt continues. She is the queen of redundant.

Letting the others attempt to bring down the bear, Riley only helps to harry the beast for the younger ad slower wolves.. Dashing in quickly at the start he sinks its hfangs twice into its haunches before letting it run.. Letting it bleed itself out as he constantly moves to circle it. Snapping at its legs but not intent upon bringing it down. Taking note of Robert in the bushes he leaps at the other wolf, intending to pounce and pin them.

Una turns, wheeling around to place herself in Kevin's way, showing teeth. It's an acceptance of his perceived challenge, and the growl further backs up her claim. Her fur stands up on edge, and her teeth snap at him.

Raymond seems to be thinking as he runs along with the others. He growls just a little. Part of him rising as Kevin moves to challenge. He watches Una turn and surges after with the others, he isn't going to interfere in their fight.

Karmen gives a snapping of her teeth at Kevin when he tries to stop her from gaining ground. So she moves over and gives him space. But it's space for -her- so that she can speed up unhindered and reach there bear.

Riley's harrying slows her down, and Robert's circling turns her. The bear lumbers to a halt facing the pack. She stands, facing them, issuing a low growl as a warning for the pack, a warning that she may charge. In the meantime, Robert puts an edge of speed to his running, dodging Riley's pounce and turning with a light growl to pounce in turn, to roll and roughhouse with the other wolf, his amusement showing.

Kevin acknowledges Una's acceptance of his challenge, stopping to resolve it right there and then. Hackles raised and fangs bared, raw power flares out from the massive black wolf, trying to force Una into submission without so much as a touch.

MaryJane as the large Jet black wolf laughs at some of those that seem to be moving up and down in challenges. She grins gently while getting the cubs upwards. The alpha female knows that sooner or later peaking ranks will change. She runs up after the cubs have caught up and heads to Robert and Riley.

The power from Kevin flares out, and moves over Una like a brief wind through trees. It rustles the leaves, but does not do much to disturb the tree itself. Una darts out, then, in attempt to make the challenge a physical one.

Rolling with Robert as the more muscular wolf pounces him. Riley uses his speed to offset this. Nipping and lciking playfully as the two of them roll asunder, eaving the pack to deal with the bear.

And when Una and Kevin do their thang? Karmen moves up to her place in the pack, leaving the others behind her as her run slows to a more liquid gait. Towards the bear she runs now to get a piece of meat, her stomach actually emitting a rumbly growl at the tought.

Robert plays for a short while as the bear faces off the front runners of the pack, and then gives Riley a soft growl, turning his attention back to the bear, back to the hunt. He watches as the wolves move forward, almost surrounding the bear, and she picks one, making false charges towards the wolf, before she backs down once more.

Raymond moves after Karmen and the others as the other two face off. He surges, the more smell of the bear rising the hunting instinct and most else is forgotten.

MaryJane growls at the bear, leading her to try and attack her. Letting her think that MJ is the aggressor and that she will focus on her. SHe nods to the others to allow them to make their attacks as she can take on the bear and the attentions.

Kevin gets swiped. His tail tucks and he bodily lowers, accepting Una's dominance over him, the dominance marked with his blood.

Riley's tail quietly flap s he moves to follow behind Robert ot watch the others hun. Idly cratching himself behind the ear with his haunches. Oh god that feels good.. no wonder dogs do this all the time..

Una's fur settles down, now that the challenge from Kevin has been finished. Her ears perk up, and she gives him a look that is the wolfen equivilant of 'no hard feelings'. She turns and rejoins the seeking of a meal.

The bear picks MaryJane as a target and finally charges for real. As she slams into the wolf, the others leap, the attack finally happening, and Robert circles carefully. It won't be long before she is down.

Raymond has joined the others at the bear now. As the bear goes for MaryJane he joines the others going for the attack moving to sink his teeth into flesh to help take it down.

Kevin chuffs agreeably, and when Una returns to the hunt, he's at her heels and making no more plays for power. He doesn't look too disheartened, though - he tried, he lost, but at least now he'll no longer be ranked alongside Raymond.

Ricci watches Riley a bit longer than the others, but she doesn't get off her rock as she watches everyone move around and hunt.

MaryJane takes the hit and rolls with the it as she knows it's going to hurt a bit. She winces as she slides herself against a tree while the pack moves to take the bear down. She shakes her head a bit and then moves to leap onto the bear to get at the throat.

The bear is down, dead, MJ's attack the final bite and Robert moves forward, his legs stiff as he moves through the pack, his hackles slightly raised as he moves to take his first share of the meat. The bear, wintering poorly, lacks much flavour and the Ulfric barely tastes it, taking a couple of mouthfuls before moving aside, to let his Geri take hers.

As the others bring down the beast, Riley slips in after Robert takes his share, pulling off a massive paw hetrots back owards hi mate. Curling up beside her with his dinner he starts to eat happily. Hi tail wagging about good naturedly.

Raymond pulls back a little, standing there waiting to let others get a piece of the meat before him, as is only proper, but there are some he is not planning on getting to eat before him.

Una takes her bite of bear-meat, and trots off to the side to enjoy it. As much as one can, at least.

Kevin waits his turn like a good little wolf. And when Una's biting, he's moving forward for his own turn.

Karmen has taken her meat and finished, and with her belly full she moves over to Raymond, pressing her muzzle to his own muzzle as a happy little chuff comes from her even as a glob of bloody bear falls from her mouth.

Robert pads his way back to the rock, offering Ricci a laughing look before he settles in the center of the clearing, lying down with a heavy huff. He rests his muzzle on his paws, settling to sleep.

MaryJane does take her bite after Robert and takes more than just one bite this time. She seems to enjoy the bear and then slowly moves back to let others try out the bear as well.

Ricci smiles as Riley comes near her. She reaches out to brush her fingers across his ears and then smiles towards Robert and those that look at her. For now, the Vargamor is happy to sit in the non-judging seat of true neutral.

The copper wolf continues to pace leisurely back and forth around the Vargamor but backs away as the large timber wolf returns. Finally, she takes off into the woods on her own to engage in a little hunt before the evening is over.

A content sound emits from Riley's throat as his mate toys with his ears. Making short work of his food he rises up slightly on his haunches to hug his mate and tackle her down into the snow bank. Yipping and barking excitedly he curls up with her in his embrace, carefu not to injure her with his paws he contentedly curls upw ith her beneath him, intent to fall asleep in this manner, knowing he will retake his human form whie he slumbers.

Una, pleased by the taste of blood and meat on her tongue, moves to find a place to rest. She settles comfortably, resting her muzzle upon her paws, ears still perked up to catch the sounds in the air.

Raymond nuzzles Karmen back but hasn't taken any meat yet. He is actually eyeing Kevin and Una for a moment as he just stands there next to Karmen.

MaryJane happy that the pack is feeding and then heads back over to where Ricci and Robert are. She trots on over and watches the others in their peaking order now. She seems pleased before sitting down and lick and clean her muzzle.

As long as Raymond does nothing more than eye him, Kevin is content. After finishing off his piece of the kill, he meanders over towards Una and settles down near her, ready to drift over to sleep.

Ricci gives a squeak as she's 'tackled'. Her laughter lifting upwards as she gets tossed in the snow. "I could freeze." The irony isn't lost on either of them. Then she snuggles in with her mate.

Raymond takes a small bit of the bear left and then moves back to eat it, sitting next to Karmen.

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