20110402 - Alliances


Yellow Bungalow: Kitchen - Taylor Street: Little Italy
Here, the wooden floors of the rest of the house have been replaced with heavy tiles, grey slate, and warmed from below by pipes. The walls are white, and the surfaces are a slightly lighter shade of grey. A large french press provides coffee, and all manner of food is stocked in the huge freezer and cooler here, ensuring that the householder never goes hungry. A large, heavy wooden table and six chairs take up the center of the room.

After the success of the first meeting, another is set up, now that the dangers of the wolf man are settled. A time and place agreed, and Robert is in his kitchen, his coffee machine on overdrive. The man is wearing ancient jeans, resting on his hips. His chest and feet are bare, and he leans against the counter, arms folded, waiting for his guest.




A large, blue Dodge Ram pulls up outside, and it's only moments later when the doorbell/knocker is rung/knocked. Forest is wearing his cowboy hat today and shit-kickers, looking quite unusual from his usual wardrobe, but he's looking relaxed and laid back as he waits for the door to be answered.

Robert moves from the counter at the sound of the Ram, moving to the door before the knocker is used. He opens the door, gesturing inside, giving Forest a nod of acknowledgement as he welcomes the other man to his home. "Go on through to the kitchen. There is coffee." He offers the words as he locks the door securely behind the him, and turns to join him in the kitchen.

Forest nods his head to Robert as he sees the man, smiling as he heads on back tot he kitchen. He looks across the counter until he finds some mugs and pours himself a cup of java. "Thanks Robert, how're you doing today?" He moves to lean back against the counter as he takes in the aroma of the coffee, almost like cocaine to the man.

Robert takes up his mug once more, reaching for a chair and turning it around, to sit straddling it. He makes a gesture, inviting Forest to join him. "I am well. And yourself?" The reply is given in a low rumble, as he rests the mug on the table, leaning his arms across the back of the chair, his steady gaze on Forest's face.

Forest moves to sit on the offered chair, stretching his legs out before him and craddling his mug in both hands in a relaxed posture. "I'm well, thank you." He sips at his coffee a bit, "Have you any more thoughts on the coalition?"

Robert takes a sip of his coffee, taking a moment before he replies. "I have made a firm alliance with the Rat King, agreeing to share resources and protect each other. I offer the same to you." His voice is deep, his choice of words formal. "I also believe that we should arrange a clinic that moves weekly, an on call person at all times to give assistance to any member of the Coalition that requires it. Be it legal, medical or otherwise." Straight in there.

Forest nods as he listens to you, leaning forward a little, "I have made an alliance with the Rex of the Lions, to share and protect." He sips at his coffee as he thinks, his words also formal, "An alliance with the Pack would be a strong step to showing unity amongst the shifters of Chicago. The idea of a clinic is a good idea, there have been some that require assistance and been unable to find any."

Robert takes a slow swig of the coffee, his gaze resting on the face of the other man as he lowers the mug to the table once more. "I have offered him one. He has a reluctance where the pack is concerned. I believe there to be historic reasons." He moves on, dismissing the Pride. "I will organise that. My Geri is a healer and can arrange a rota. Should any of yours have healing abilities, I believe it may be wise to share the load on that."

Forest nods as he listens to you, his mannerisms and attitude one of an equal respect towards the man he speaks with, and a much calmer, easier. "I have one who is a healer who will be more than happy to assist in this." He tilts his head to the side, considering you a little, "Are there any in your pack who are good with meditation type things, controling emotions?"

Robert gives the question some measure of consideration. "I believe I have one or two that I would describe as cool headed and able to soothe situations that are fraught." His answer is careful, thought out, and he adds softly. "Do you believe the on call may be of use to you and yours? A single number for help of any kind, manned by our people."

Forest nods in answer to your question, "Yes, I believe it would in many ways. I will ensure some of mine are available for this, training will of course need to be provided for some. Let me know what I can do to assist in this endeavor Robert."

"Excellent. Forest, I offer you an alliance, offering our support against those who come against you, and a shared resources in the Coalition." His words are formal as he offers his hand across the table. "I would advise you to seek out Jack, the Rat King and come to terms with him as a member of the Coalition, so that we all speak with equal voices. I would not wish for people to think the Pack lead."

Forest reaches his hand out across the table to grip yours in a firm yet not challenging manner, "I agree to your alliance Robert, we will work together for the betterment of our groups." He nods, that easy smile to his face, "I will speak with Jack as soon as I can."

"I will seek Javier out once more. I have a meeting with the Queen of the Skulk in the morning." There is a light affection in the way Robert speaks of her, a sign of many other conversations in the past. "And I intend to speak with the Oba on another matter tomorrow. The others may come in time. I do not believe that Dyson will enter into this Coalition."

Forest frowns briefly and nods, "It is his choice if he does or not. I can try to speak with him if you wish, though in truth he seems to be hard to find." He sips at his coffee some more, "I believe there is something between the Rats and the Bask, though it's not something I've concerned myself with."

"There is a matter of honour between them, but it relates to the previous king." Robert's brief explanation is given quietly, steadily. "I will seek him out. I believe it is best if I speak for myself, although if you wish to inform him of the Coalition it may do little harm." There is a flicker of that wry humour in his eyes. "I am not familiar with other leaders of the city."

Forest nods a little as he listens to you, thoughts running across his mind before he says, "You have mentioned all that I know." He frowns a little, "There are the cougars, though it is just the two of them that I am aware of."

"Then we will see if they care to come to us when they hear of it." Robert's voice is quiet, as he finishes his coffee, lowering the mug and shooting Forest one of his rare smiles, that creases the corners of his eyes. "I believe this may work well. Please, have your healers contact MaryJane."

FInishing off his coffee as well, Forest nods to you, "I will have them call her soon. Thank you for your willingness to include the Pard in the Coalition." With that he rises to his feet and moves over to rinse his mug out in the sink before setting it on the counter. Turning back to you, "Was there anything else you wished to discuss?"

Robert rises too, shaking his head slowly. "I believe that is well." He seems willing to rest on their discussion. "I will inform my people of this agreement, as I have of the one with the Rats. To ensure manners between your and mine." There is a dry note in his voice, an acknowledgement of the cat and dog nature.

Forest gives you a bit of a grin at that and steps forward to shake your hand once again, "I will inform mine as well. Take care Robert, and thanks for the coffee."

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