20110402 - Kesslan Agrees to Lessons


Starbucks - Sears Tower - Jackson Street

America's Favorite Coffeehouse, or so it claims. Stepping inside, one finds a series of pristine booths and tables for the customers, an octagonal island on the far wall hosting the coffee, snacks and various offerings of this popular chain. The employees are neatly garbed and bearing polite smiles. The clientele tend toward yuppydom.




It's a lovely spring morning and a weekend to boot, meaning Kesslan has the day off to wander the city, see the sights and today he decided to kick it off with a visit to the Sears Tower. Of course, no morning is complete without coffee, which… brings him here. Because if you abolutely must buy your morning coffee, it might as well be expensive 'trendy' coffee!

It's a lovely spring morning and a weekend to boot, meaning Kesslan has the day off to wander the city, see the sights and today he decided to kick it off with a visit to the Sears Tower. Of course, no morning is complete without coffee, which… brings him here. Because if you abolutely must buy your morning coffee, it might as well be expensive 'trendy' coffee!

Robert arrives quietly, the man's movements graceful as he moves towards the counter, joining a queue to gain coffee. In his hand, he holds today's paper, and he is scanning it as he waits. His face is neutral, hiding any thoughts raised by the reports, and over his shoulder is a workout bag.

Erin personally she normally can't stand Starbucks, but spring has her feeling better. She also is rather hungry and in the mood for juice. She's wearing slipper style shoes along her her jeans and loose top that hangs over her hips and a wide belt at her waist. Her fur like hair is tucked behind one pointed ear. She does her best to quietly come up behind Robert and let two finger run down the back of his arm. Not acting like she knows him, "any good headlines?" Trying to be casual.

Kesslan meanwhile moves up into the queue after a moment, winding up behind Erin, though most of his attention so far is on the menu. He actually didn't really like comming to places like this. Youc ant just order 'regular coffee, black'. You have to order 'grande something something something'. He actually kind of hated it, but what the hell. He'd simply need a moment to decipher the menu is all…

Robert half turns, greeting Erin with a casual nod, lifting an eyebrow. "There are rarely good ones but it seems the murderer was caught and put down." His rumbling voice is low, and the words are casual. He glances across at Kesslan, stepping up to take his turn. "A large black coffee." He doesn't glance at the menu, and the heavy gaze puts the waiter off asking, merely getting it poured.

Erin motions to the paper, "not to mention the typos get worse each year it seems." She rubs her nose as the queue moves up. "No offence but no idea how you can drink that stuff." She waits her turn to order some juice and get a muffin to munch on pulling out cash to pay with.

Kesslan huhs softly to himself as some how Roboert manages to actualy just.. order coffee. You know, like a /normal/ person would? "Wish I could get em to make it that easy." He says with a softly ammused tone to his voice. More talking to himself than anyone else though. The man simply waiting a moment for Erin to recieve her order before placing his own, which basically ammounted to a large coffee of some sort or other and not one, but a daring /two/ muffins.

"I enjoy it." The brief reply is given with a rare flash of his wry smile, as he turns, paying for his drink before he turns. His gaze sweeps the crowded cafe before finding a table where others are leaving and moving to stake his claim on it. "You merely tell them." He comments over his shoulder to Kesslan, as he settles at the table, giving the others a nod to indicate the seats.

Erin glances over her shoulder at the taller man, amber eyes going over him some. "So just order it and tell them to service you." She blinks. "Okay that sounded wrong, but you know what I menat." She gets her stuff together. "Sure, company is good for snacks."

Kesslan is up for the challenge of joining a pair of strangers at a table, especialy when the rest presently seem to be full. And hey, the conversational ice already got broken, so that's as good a start as any! "Yeah see, except when I ask? My 'seargent's dont screw with me voice' isn't good enough usually to get them to give up the whole corporate act their supposed to follow." he notes "Most places like this I've been in, corporate regulations get surprisingly strict on that kinda thing."

Robert's low chuckle is his response to Erin's comment and there is amusement in the taciturn man's face as he puts the newspaper on the table. "I merely tell them what I wish and they provide it." He comments, his tone making it obvious that he really does not know why they jump to. "It is not a problem."

Erin moves her chair a bit so that she's closer to the large black man. "No see that's one thing that helps with learning to be a wolf at times. You learn to toss off some of this unneeded PC timiidy. Not trying to be mean, ummm… I'm Erin what's your name?" She ask Kesslan. Lookup up to Robert, "You also are used to getting what you order and have that… aura and presence about you. You're a hard man to tell no too."

Kesslan quirks a brow at Erin's comment about being a wolf. "Kesslan." he responds to her request for a name, though his tone seems to have oddly cooled off a touch. Just a tiny touch mind you but it's still noticeable, especially with that slightly odd look he gives her "But uhh, being a wolf?" he vocally prods just a touch, just to see if his mild suspicon is right. Though he'd be probably hard pressed to divine the truth any other way really.

"I am not timid." Robert agrees softly, lifting an eyebrow at her comments to him. "I had not considered this. Perhaps I am becoming spoilt." There is a wry humour in his voice before he offers his name to Kesslan. "I am Robert Moye." He speaks it with a faint air of self consciousness, as if it is recognizable here, having been in the paper recently.

Erin thought it was obvious. "I'm a werewolf Kesslan. That's why the eyes and stuff." Hand lifting to motion to her amber eyes. A pause is taken to sip at her juice. "Not spoiled Robert. Honestly you have a right to expect most people to tow the line. More then most. Just need to remember for some of us at times it is harder to get where you do."

Kesslan ahhs softly "I suppose there would be some.. other elements that in that case.. would help you get what you want." he agrees, taking a sip of his coffe and leaning back in his seat, seeming to study Erin and Robert a little more carefully now. Though Robert's name nor apperance seems to raise no hint of recognition. Kesslan was merely too new to the city to have caught that particular article. "To be honest, these days I don't… assume to know what some one is." he says as carefully as he can manage. "Or I try not to at least. Though, I do at least like knowing what kind of footing I'm on depending on where I go." he adds, his tone becomming a little more conversational again. "It's just that.. well. No offence intended, but your kind can be a little.. dangerous to be around at times. Kinda like that one group that seemed to be about to get into some fight over.. I don't know what just yesterday. Didn't come to any actual blows but well.. looked like it was the sort of thing they might have taken to a back alley later kinda deal."

Erin tips her head far to one side as she looks at Kesslan. "I don't bite people. Deer and rabbits should fear me, not you. Being a wolf is like having any other serious disease, there are some benifits yes, but it makes life more difficult then less. I get refused service in a lot of places. Finding work was hard as heck, and college…" She huffs. "Let's not go there. Fortunatley I got good at dodging the rotten eggs." She reaches out to lightly touch Robert. "I do all I can and more. You know I'm not a trouble maker…. most times." Grinning impishly a little so show the tips of her fangs.

"Yes, well be that as it may, even if you are the ahh.. official? leader I'm sure there are still.." Kesslan pauses trying to figgure out how to say what he means without offering any serious offence to pair across from him. "Rebellious elements in any group or well. Race. Even in the military itself there's always people picking a fight and there, there's a very distinct, clear and constantly visible sign of authority in rank markings and all the rest. Sometimes it's just becuase some one had too much to drink, or winds up being a drug addict. They rarely last long, but.." he shrugs "There's one in every group as the saying goes." he notes. "And your kind are ah.. well. A bit of a bigger threat to well.. 'normal' people than most. It just means there needs to be a little more.. caution when your kind is involved." he notes, looking over to Erin, his tone growing a little more stern, but not actually /at/ her. "Like teaching people they should not be taunting and throwing rotten eggs at some one else. Even if their not.. 'one of them'."

"Erin, would you say that any of my wolves rebel?" Robert asks the question thoughtfully, tilting his head, his gaze resting on Kesslan. It has some weight to it, the neutrality making it more serious. "Drink does not affect us, nor drugs without serious amounts and combinations." His observation is made before he lifts his coffee, taking a slow sip. "Your kind kill more of us than we do of you, and you forget that we were once you." His gaze moves to Erin briefly, lifting an eyebrow.

Erin lets otu a small laugh after listening. "First off, drugs don't work on me. Nor can I get drunk. I could drink a viking football team under a table and be fine. Far as the egg thing I never so much growled at anyone that did that. I went to the school administration and delt with it like other students. Now the one that tossed a silver chain at me. THEY got growled at because that's basically assualt with a deadly weapon, cops saw it that way too. But I never laid a hand on him. I've never hurt any 'normal' humans as you put it. Though I have lynched, attacked with crowbars, bricks thrown at me, even shot a few times. I got more to fear from normal people then they do from me." She seems to take this point seriosuly. "No ulfirc. None of your wolves would do that. Least none I know and I know them all. Kessler let me ask you something please. Werewolves have been around long as humans for all we known. If we're so dangerous, why aren't more humans dead and weres in charge? Why don't you hear about towns being destroyed by a wild pack? Because it doesn't happen. For millennia there are ways to keep everyone safe. Us and you."

"That doesn't mean that there doesn't need to be a little more.. seperation of things." Kesslan points out. "If not for 'our' safety, then yours. Or at least a lot more education on the matter amongst well.. 'normal' humans. Even if you didn't snap, others /will/ and people will get hurt. Granted it'll be people who damn well deserve it for being so stupid." he says. "And not every shifter is so well controlled. I'll be the first to admit I'm still rather ignorant of all the things tied into your people, and yes, you once were human perahps, but you no longer fully are. Sorta like vampires. They used to be human too, though at least in your case your still /alive/. As to hearing about towns being wiped out, in this day and age the gun, tanks, missiles. They all give an equal edge and then there's the nubmers issue too. But I dont belive for one moment that at least in older times things like that didn't happen. Lord knows all species have had enough wars past and present to account for all sorts of cases like that, that never make it into the history books. We wouldn't have armies otherwise. That still does not make any of it /right/ though. And sure ok the school handled it properly, but what about places where groups like Humans First have more control? You think they'd help you if that was the case? Hell no, some of those assholes would turn a blind eye and let things get to the point that some one snaps and likely people get hurt or even killed. Me.. I just think we need to have more.. rules. Laws that cover well.. proper interraction with everyone. Vampires seem to have it easy, they get off beng covered as actual people all the time, never mind that their dead and feed off the blood of others. Your kind only gets to be protected, legally speaking, as a person so long as your not well.. an animal in form."

Robert gives Erin a slow nod, his gaze thoughtful, the weight of it moving between the pair. His impassive features give nothing of his thoughts away as he listens to both, and he tilts his head. The gesture is so wolf like, added to the gaze, as his eyes remain utterly void of emotion. "I have seen the Human Firsts murder my kind in the most brutal way. Yet I have no sought revenge and I have acted within the law. You make a judgement based on your fears of what might be, and judge us as one. Should I lump you in with the Human Firsts, whose fear blinds them to the truth of what we are?" His voice is a low rumble, bearing some resemblance to a growl, a low note in it. "I am no different to a person infected with another disease. I did not choose this, nor do many of my kind. And yet, it is permitted to treat us as if we did, and we intend to slaughter you all in your beds."

Erin closes her eyes to take a deep slow breath. "You should go to the museum here. Go look at the exhibits they have on shifters. Where they show the barbaric things done to us because people think we're animals. I do all I can, more then most, to try and help education. But when has seggregation ever been the right answers? You know who else thought it be good to segrgate themselves from others? The Nazi party and the jews. The whites into black ghettos. All segregation has ever done is make it worse. Not to mention we ever mess up it is a silver bullet. No trial. Just bang and dead. I never said the school handled the egg situation. I said I went through the proper channels. Wasn't until I graduated that I got out of being egg-saulted." She moves closer to Robert. "I'm not some… animal damn it. I don't fly off the handle and go beserk. Also the laws are not fair. I could be in Arizona and someone could shoot me dead. Just as I am now, they could murder me and get away with it. WE're infectious when shifted but that shouldn't mean our rights go away. I wasn't even infected by an attack." She can feel her emotions rising but isn't in risk of shifting, she's much too controled for that.

Kesslan bahs "They did it for the wrong reasons, and when I mean segregation I dont mean to that degree either. Not exactly." he points out. "Look, some one goes out, shoots their neighbours dog. There's generally legal reprocussions there. There seems to be less so when yoru kind are involved, yet you all sure as hell think, talk, live, breath.. more like a human than any mere normal dog does right?" he sighs and shakes his head "I"m actually agreeing with you on the matter of your own rights here. Have right from the get go. Like I said I dont think things like that whole egg thign should go unpunished. It pushes your kind to the edge, if not all then sure as hell some. History shows well enough that it's done so when humans do it to other humans right? The whole infection thing just adds another potentially nasty angle to it all. That's why there needs to be stricter laws. More control." a brief pause before he adds "And more righs for your kind. Antagonizing your kind with that kind of stuff isn't going to make you go away. What I'm suggesting is more along the lines of.. ok you young kids you go to ehse classes to learn to behave around shifters. You young shifters go to these other classes to learn to.. well.. deal with what you are I guess. Later on you mix things up when peopel are ready. There will always be bullies and fights, but you can cut down on it if you put the right laws and systems and methos of segregation in place. The issue with the Nazi's and the blacks is one where the intentions were /not/ good. The Nazi's just wanted some one to blame, the blacks it was a matter of, just like your kind, thinkign that they were some how.. less of a person."

"We have teachers to aid our newly turned to control themselves, and we ensure that they know how to manage before we allow them to mix with humans." Robert's voice is mild, emotionless as he speaks slowly. "When they killed my family in Mexico, they called it clearing out the varmints, kill the pests. Those pests were people." He lifts his coffee mug, taking a swig, his gaze moving between the two, serious and impassive. The taciturn man lapses into silence, as he considers the words spoken. "It is better to learn about each other, to live together as people."

Erin growls a little. "I am human, damn it Kesslan." She takes another deep breath. "Actually young wolves do go to classes. Just not formal ones where we post the information to the school board. I had teachers to help me deal with the changes happenging to me, and I always had a stronger wolf around me while I learned control. Someone to step in should I start to slip up. Would you go to a class if I taught you how to deal with shifters, Kesslan? My seminars are kind of like that anyway." She gives up pretense of not wantign some contact with Robert as a hand goes to try and cover aprt of his arm, her power felt through the contact. "I used to travel all over the world. Now if I go just about anywhere but the U.S. I'm a legal 'kill on sight.'" she lays her head on Robert's shoulder. "I didn't know that, and I'm sorry for your loss. That is beyond horrible."

Kesslan quirks a brow at the aparent mention of him going to shifter classes, but he doesn't balk. His tone does grow more somber however at the mention of loss. "Yeah sure. Why not? It would be hippocritical of me to say there needs to be more education and then turn down the offer of the very same wouldn't it?" he says softly and then sighs. "And well, I can understand the argument that your 'human' but your.. not entirely anymore. Not really. But that doesn't mean you should have less rights than the rest of us." he shakes his head "I'll never understand why they protect the damn vamps more than your kind.. or well no wait. That's a lie. It's the whole promise of immortality and that no doubt appeals to the rich, and the rich, no matter what people like to think, are the ones that run the world." he shrugs again, looking down at his coffee a moment before taking another swig. "Again I just mean there needs to be things kinda like.. well… lets put it this way shall we? You live in a place like say.. Canada. Some how, unfortuantely you get AIDS. It's going to kill you, slowly. But proper medication, if you can get it, means you can still live a pretty long life. However, because of the nature of the disease, it's illegal /not/ to tell others you have intimate contact with and the like that you have it. You can go to jail for it if you dont. The onus is on you, as the infected to an extent, but there's also.. support groups. Various health care measures as well, such as free containers for disposal of needles. Your not left to just deal with it on your own, and you still have just as many rights as anyone else. There's.. just a few more laws that apply to you now. Kinda like gun ownership too. You own a gun? You actually have less rights than a twice convicted murderer where police search and seizure is concerned. If you own a gun the cops automatically have 'reason' to enter your home any time they feel like it. But if your a twice convicted murderer? They still need a warrant."

Robert's energy moves out, offering Erin calm, control and soothing her temper as the man listens, and he pats the hand on his arm lightly, a brief touch to reassure her. "It happens." His own loss he brushes off, his expression giving nothing away, his neutrality unchanging. "It should be interesting to see how your education continues, Kesslan. You make some interesting points." The words are even neutral and he takes a slow sip of his coffee, his control of his expression obviously perfected over time.

Erin looks at Kesslan, "Give me a way to reach you? Or we can start the lesson at the museum at that exhibit I mentioned. There are shifters out there working for rights. The government supposedly tries to help but getting sent to one of those barbaric 'hospitals' is a joke. Might as well shoot silver in your veins." She keeps the contact with Robert though enjoying the heat of his wolf. "Somethings I can't teach. I don't think it is possible to explain clearly the changes that happen over us every month at least. I'll do my best though."

Kesslan pulls out his wallet, and from that a small simple, white buisiness card before handing it over.

Kesslan Madox
HR Generalist - Signet Computers

The rest of the details are a simple buisness phone number and extension. "I'd actually offer you a home phone number or cell number if I had one. Just moved in though and I'm still appartment hunting." he notes. "Still, worst case just leave a voice mail any day of the week and I'll get it eventually, nine to five kinda deal most days, though someitmes I work on the closing shift so I might not get it untill later in the day or something."

Robert pulls his wallet out of his pocket, sliding a business card from it, and offering it to Kesslan. "This is my card. If you have need to speak to me for any reason, let me know." His voice is even, and the offer is given politely as he puts his wallet away. The card informs the bearer that his business is physical training, and gives an address and cell number.

Erin takes the card and reads over it. "Like your last name," she comments. "Ever get a day off. Museums tend to close early so we'll need the time to go there. I'll warn I can get emotional there. Not like 'growl I'll eat you' big bad wolf. Just… intense. Either way we can save that for later and just do some talking before hand." She watches another card cross the table. "Sadly… I don't have cards. I'm just an interpeter when I'm needed through a company. Robert have you ever seen that exhibit I've mentioned?"

"No worries.." Kesslan says in a friendly enough tone, taking the top off his first muffin as he regards Robert's card a moment before quirking a brow and looking up at the man in question. "Huh, dont suppose you know any good gyms around here? Still learning the city." he notes "Just moved here from New York a little while ago so I'm still settling in." he explains, though his accent isnt the sort to indicate he's actually born and raised in New York, nor that he lived there any extended time. "As for days off, I'm sure I can arrange something. Maybe not for a little while yet.." he says "New job and all, but I do get days off and I can adjust my scheduled a little more than most given my position. Since I sometimes have to arrange meetings with co-workers to help them work through problems, or handle interviews for new hires, that kind of thing."

"I have not." Robert's reply to Erin is brief, abrupt but not unusual for the man, as he sips his coffee. "I work out at the dojo. It is excellent." He provides the information, the address quietly, his tone steady before he adds with a hint of humour. "You are welcome to train with me at some point. I do not bite." His tone is dry, and one eyebrow arches upwards. He lapses back into silence, finishing his coffee, his gaze moving between the two thoughtfully.

Erin grins at the answer. "Good. Then we'll get something set up." She gets a napkin and a pen to write some numbers down. "That's my cell so you can reach me most times on that. If I don't answer usually means one of two things." She seconds Robert's suggestion, "Been there a few times myself when I needed to learn what I can and can't do. Not to mention brush up on self denfence stuff. Lucky guy. I haven't gotten any offers to train. Most of my training has been with Gail, and she's out of town."

Kesslan hrmms, breaking the hardened top of the muffin in half, eating it as he listens before moving tow ork on the second. Once he gets going he's actually almost done the muffin by the time he speaks up once more. A quick eater it seems. "A Dojo? Well, might not be a bad idea, though I've not done any martial arts like stuff since the reserves." he quirks a brow "May be interesting, but I must admit to being a little.. concerned if I'm expected to sparr off with some one like you Robert. Though I'm not against taking lessons." with that said the last of the first muffin propmtly vanishes followed down by most of his remaining coffee.

"I spar with humans regularly. There is an odd sort of kudos it seems to taking training from the biggest baddest wolf in the city." His voice is dry, mocking his own status lightly, as he glances at Kesslan. "I have not yet killed anybody. Erin, if you lack a partner, there are times when I am free." The offer is given abruptly, but without intent of offense and he finishes his coffee, putting the mug down carefully on the table.

Erin gets color in her cheeks. "Well Gail and I don't fight train, but we do work out." She'll leave it at that. It's why she has great abs and core training though. "But I'd be glad to work on stuff with you. IN both forms really."

Kesslan momentarily chokes before clearing his lungs and letting out a laugh. "Oh my, I think some one's smitten on the 'great grand powerful wolf leader!'" He teases, glancing at Robert to see how the man reacts. "Cause that's sure a hell a come on if I ever heard one."

Robert glances at Erin and then to Kesslan, his face briefly reflecting amusement before he shakes his head. "I do not believe so." He comments before he rises from the table. "I must go. Erin, a pleasure to see you. Kesslan, it was good to discuss this." He inclines his head briefly, before he moves away, touching Erin's shoulder lightly in passing, a gesture of approval.

Erin snarfs her juice. She start to cough some and covers her mouth to be polite. "Wait?! I meant shifted! I'm gay. I've not had a male lover in like eight years or something." She smile at Robert, "No offense, you're lovely for a guy and all. Just um… gonna stop talking now. Bye, see you soon." She leans in to give a quick, if late in coming, kiss to his cheek.

Kesslan laughs again and shakes his head "Oh? Could have fooled me." he teases Erin, digging in the proverbial blade deeper and giving it a slight playful twist. "Well, it has been educational speaking with you both, but I too must be off." he says slipping ot a more serious tone as he gets up from the table, chugging back the rest of his coffee and picking up his sole remaining muffin. "I'll see you about though, no doubt." he pauses then and humms softly to himself "Ironic I suppose in some ways though that I seem to have met more of your kind on friendly terms than my own since comming here though." he says with some ammusement in his tone. "Hopefully you'll come to understand my intentions are good, even if the road to hell is paved with them."

Robert brushes his cheek across Erin's, giving him a nod before he turns, leaving. He moves as if he has the right of passage, with people stepping out of his path as he moves, unthinkingly, through the crowds.

Erin sits back down hard into her seat. "Take care Kesslan, we'll be in touch. Also don't take me touching Robert as a sign of attraction. We're wolves, we like contact. I'll explain it mroe later. It was good to meet you and I actually enjoy talks like this. Sorry for growling some earlier. Take care."

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