20110406 - CLAW


Higgins Law: Office - 122 Woodlawn Avenue

The room is fairly large. The far right wall, as well as the wall dirrectly to your left against the door, is covered in wall to ceiling book cases. Most of the volumes seem to be legal themed. The entire wall across from the door is a glass panel that shows a lovely view of the lake.
Taking up most of the room is a large table with confercence calling equipment. It's surrounded by high-backed black leather chairs, twelve in all. It's comfortable, and yet maintains a certain serious business atmosphere.



ICly Forest attended. OOCly, he was unable to be here


The time for the meeting finds the law office quiet. They are each greeted at the door by Evie and soon escorted down a hall to the conference room. There is coffee freshly brewed and ready to be poured along with various other drinks, should the guests prefer soda or water. The woman is efficient, taking care of them, but soon to stand aside when it is time to call this meeting open, a nod given to Robert.

Robert is here early, and his coffee is resting in front of him on the conference table. He is leaning back in his chair, his face impassive thoughtful as he returns Evie's nod with a flicker of his smile. His face is serious however, and he sits forward, resting his hands on the table, glancing around thoughtfully.

Jack arrives a couple of minutes before the appointed time, with a younger man at his side. He greets Evie warmly, despite not really having met the woman before, and is escorted through to join Robert, where he finds himself a cup of coffee and a seat, freeing up Evie to greet the other guests. The Rat with him finds a cup of coffee and somewhere unobtrusive and out of the way to settle; apparently Jack's brought someone, but more of an observer than a guard.

Lexine isn't late, or early. At just the right time she walks through the door, an older looking woman of asian descent at her side. From the notebook in the other fox's hands, she's here to take notes for Lexine. A smile is given in greeting, but for now the vixen is quietly thoughtful.

Javier arrives right on time and is not wearing any body armor for this meeting. He is with a female lion bodyguard that always stays alert and with Javier. Javier walks over to where the refreshments are and grabs himself a bottled water then takes a seat.

Evie steps back, seeming to be there to both monitor, and offer the services of a hostess. This is Robert's meeting, however, so the lawyer remains quiet, each to gain a brief glance before her attention seems to turn back to Robert.

The Nimir Raj arrives, his own escort taking his place behind the man's chair as he settles, his drink served to him. Robert takes that as an indication to start, to speak, with a glance towards Evie. "Thank you for coming. I have spoken to you all individually on this topic. There are others who either cannot be here, or decided that it was not in their interests to join us." He brushes over that, glancing around the table. "I feel I should lay out once more my hope for our talks, so that all hear my offers and suggestions together, so it is all seen to be the same. Does that suit you all? I am not leader here, any more than any one of you."

Jack nods to each person in turn as they arrive. He's calm, even this close to the full moon, and occasionally sips thoughtfully at his coffee. When Robert calls the meeting to order, he sits a little straighter, giving the other rodent a nod. The younger Rat's eyes open a little wider as he sits up straight, and there's a sense that he's gone into 'record' mode. "Sounds reasonable," he says mildly, with an English accent.

Lexine and her secretary sit down, chairs close together so that notes can be shared. She nods to those here, and turns her attention towards Robert as he speaks. She seems relaxed enough, while also being attentive, sitting back in her chair slightly. "Sounds good to me, too," the vixen offers out, threads of an East-End London accent weaving through her words.

Javier bodyguard remains standing while Javier from his chair says to Robert "Sure go ahead." Javier briefly looks over everyone. His eyes stay on Lexine a bit longer then the others simply because he has never seen her before.

Etana has, presumably, arrived on time. She has a woman with her, another strong hyena of the Clan. She sits, listening quietly. The South African accented woman turning her head. Looking curiously to Evie and Lexine more so then the others shes met. "Of course." She replies to Robert.

Robert gives a wry smile, acknowledging the permissions given, and speaking in a slow, measured tone, each word selected with real care. "I intend two things. Both I have been honest with each of you about. I wish to make alliances with each of you, ensuring that we assist each other and offer aid when needed. I wish to form a committee, if you will, a board for an organisation that works to give our community a better face, better PR, and also looks out for the welfare of those groups that join it. A helpline for those in need, be it medical, legal or otherwise. An emergency clinic that asks no awkward questions and doesn't fear someone shifting there. Is this different from anything I have proposed to anyone here?"

A secretary up front would have led Etana and her second to the conference room, a knock on the door to have it opened by Evie. A quiet nod is given to the Oba before she closes the door, allowing Etana to take a seat, only quietly asking if she or her companion would like coffee, water or a soda to drink, if anything at all.

"Logical conclusion," Jack says, eyes sharp as his gaze sweeps the others present. "The Rodere and the Spirit Rock Lukoi are allies. I've said it before, but I'm saying it again. We'll be helping the Ulfric with these projects." Calm but firm, leaving no room for doubt.

Lexine seems quite fine with the lingering gazes, though her own doesn't do so for very long at all, only moving to people as they speak. "Those are the things you proposed to me," she offers, shifting slightly and crossing her legs beneath the table. "The Skulk is currently without alliance, but we would gladly work toward the greater good in matters such as these."'

Javier opens up his bottle and takes a small drink from it. He then looks to Robert "The Pride shall not be allies with the Lukoi… however we do not mind helping out those that are part of this coaltion which of course would include the Lukoi."

Etana nods her head as she sits, her second standing still. "This is agreeable. All the Clan wishes is for the Peace and Safety of itself."

Evie looks to each as they talk, a quiet study offered to them with their words from where she stands off to the side. Her face is composed, no notes beyond mental taken of this meeting, it would seem.

Robert glances around the table, his gaze lingering on each for a moment as they speak, a slow nod acknowledging, a rueful smile offered to Javier. "Then we are all in for the coalition. The Pack is open to alliances with all of you, and our alliance with both Jack and Forest's people is firmly set in place." He moves on then, glancing briefly at Evie, before he speaks. "I propose that we name it the committee for lycanthrope acceptance and welfare. Simple, and it is what we intend to do."

Jack nods. "My suggestion would be the Campaign for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society. One drawback is that the abbreviation would be 'clitoris', though, so on that grounds, 'claw' would be much better. And a lot less of a mouthful." He's grinning, all of a sudden.

Lexine, who was doing a very good job of being serious and thoughtful, bursts into laughter at Jack's words. "I've never seen a clitoris that was a mouthful," she asides to the man. "CLAW does have a bit of a ring to it. I'd buy the t-shirt."

Javier looks at Jack when he talks and then smirks to Jack's comment. He then looks back to Robert "CLAW works." It does not sound like Javier is excited about the name nor does he hate the name.

Etana glances to Jack. She may not exactly get the play on words. "That is a womans part. I do not know that this is the name to use." She tells him. Her second though, being a more native speaker of the language is giving a grin. No comment is given from the hyenas about mouthfuls of such. "Claw, it sounds strong." She agrees.

Robert's expression remains impassive, becoming more neutral if possible at Jack's words. "I am afraid I think I could not speak to the public about my CLITORIS." He murmurs softly, the words deadpan, before he continues. "CLAW it is." The decision made by the group, and he moves along once more. "My intent is that I will sit as chairman, if you allow it, and the public face of the organisation. Is that acceptable to you? All decisions will be made here, with all of us equal."

Jack turns that bright grin on Lexine. "I miss my Red Dwarf shirt," he admits. "Class episode. Sorry, I just couldn't resist." He sobers again, mostly, though the twinkle stays in his eyes. "Quite simply, the last thing I want is to be in the public eye. If you want to do the talking and be the front man, that's fine by me."

Lexine steals the pen from her secretary and quickly sketches out a t-shirt design, ASK ME ABOUT CLITORIS! written across the front in stylized letters. She slides the drawing towards Jack, innocently, and returns the pen to the hand it came from. More serious, now, "I have no objections to such. I only like to be in the public eye when it comes to dancing in my club."

Javier shakes his head "I will not vote for nor against this." He takes another sip of his drink and then waits to hear what the others say on this.

Evie seems to try and hide her own amusement at the suggested name, a glance given to Robert and away again as she covers her mouth. Oh, she's holding back a snicker on that. But, it is Javier's odd answer that does gain her attention, the woman curious it would seem.

Etana hms. "I do not think I would be a good one to be the one everyone sees. No. I am still struggling with this culture as it is. I would not object to you having this position, the one that people will see."

Robert's gaze around the table flickers over Lexine's paper and he clears his throat, the neutrality deepening. "Then since none of you object, I shall act thus." He puts a mild stress on the word object, glancing at Javier. The slip into formality seems easier to ignore the undercurrent of humor that is passing around a certain part of the table. "I intend to set up the hotline immediately, using a tollfree number directed to a cell phone. A schedule of alphas from our groups able to control the beast of another will carry it, and they will have the list of healers, medical staff and legal support in order to deal with the problem at the other end. Are you in agreement with that plan?"

Jack reads the pad and gives Lexine a very British thumbs up, scooting the pad back to her and her secretary moment later. "Sounds like a plan," Jack agrees. "But then I already said that. Make sure I'm on that roster, now that I've dealt with the latest little problem." He too casts a glance in Javier's direction.

"I'm a bit low on Alphas, the Skulk being as small as it is," Lexine muses, after giving Jack a grin, "But a few of them are skilled in keeping the beast of others in place." She quite carefully does not talk about the legal side of things, being the vulpine that she is.

Etana hms as she nods her head. "Perhaps the Clan will put some of its members onto such a list when we are more aware of our standing with others in this city. Until then we will refrain. There are enough I have not met or assured peace with to be comfortable."

"If the Clan would be contacting the helpline, Oba, it would be unfair to expect others to provide the service and not contribute to it." Robert's tone is mild, and he gives Jack a nod, acknowledgement of his previous agreement to be on the roster, and Lexine a flicker of the same. "This will only work if we give as much as we take."

Jack gestures about the table, indicating each leader in turn. "Oba, this *is* the others in the city," he points out to Etana, humour fading back to seriousness. "We haven't told you to sod off, we haven't tried to eat you, we haven't even looked at you funny since you got here. Personally I've always found that hyena tastes funny, and I've no real desire to find out of preternatural hyena tastes just as bad. Leave me and mine in peace and we'll do the same for you. Approach us in friendship and we might even be friendly back - you never know."

Lexine nods in agreement with Jack's words to Etana. "We are the leaders of what there is in Chicago. The Skulk wants little beyond peace, and we've strived to keep ourselves out of trouble with the other groups. We may not be the best of friends with any of them, but we don't particularly have any ill-will. It's been a while now since anyone's tried to start a war."

Etana does look to Javier briefly at the mention of being told to sod off but its only very briefly. "No, I have met with you. I do not know her." She nods to Lexine. "I have heard of a Bask and of a Charley. What is their involvement in all this? I would refrain from partaking only because I am unsure if I know all who are involved. Because I have not attained a peace agreeance with them." she says. "While I have it with the Pard, Pack, Rodere and Pride the others I do not yet."

"The only group unrepresented here is the Independents, and Charley has chosen not to be here." Robert notes that impassively, neutrally. "The Bask inform me that they could come, but have not arrived, and also informed me that they would remain neutral in all matters." He has spoken to everybody, it seems. "We are those involved, around this table. Others may join us, as the invitation is open."

Evie does glance about the table as Etana speaks up. Yep, most of the leaders that she speaks of is here, plus a few extras. But, her gaze returns to Robert as he once again speaks, though there's a brief glance to Jack, the smile to once again appear half hidden on her lips as if something amused her again.

Jack nods. "Which is a shame, I could have done with meeting the Bask on neutral ground," he says resignedly. "Still. That's life." Charley and the Independants go unremarked; Jack's blue-grey eyes focus on Etana, waiting for her reaction.

Lexine points out, "You're meeting with me now, Oba, and have just heard me say that the Skulk wishes for nothing from the others beyond peace." The laughing expression that was in her eyes a few moments ago is gone, seriousness taking a deep hold.

Etana nods her head. "Very well then. I am the only name for this list that the Clan may put forward." she agrees. "When does this go into effect?

"As soon as I may make arrangements. I will be in touch. I will also speak with the media about this." The expression on his face doesn't change but there is a note of faint distaste in his voice before he moves on to the next topic. "I suggest that we pool our healers and our medics and organise an oncall there, with a clinic that may be moved from location to location as required, that will not ask those awkward questions." He glances around the table, adding softly, "I offer my Geri to organise this, and I offer to fund the equipment."

Jack surveys Etana for long moments - thoughtful, but not aggressive or pushy - then nods to Robert. "We're a little short on healers, at the moment," he admits, "But I can do some basic combat medic classes for anyone who wants 'em. I'm trained in what to do if people are cut up or shot up, something that most first aiders don't get taught."

Lexine nods to Robert. "I trust your Geri with the medical matters. I will see who in my number have the ability to heal, and make sure she has the information."

Etana nods her head to this. "The Clan supports this. However we have nothing to offer on this front. Though I do like the idea of keeping ours amongst ours."

"It would be wise for most of our people to be trained like that. If Jack arranges classes, could you have your people attend as you think appropriate?" Robert nods slowly, giving Jack a look of acknowledgement, a familiarity showing in the way he speaks to him. "Thank you, Lexine. She is keen to arrange this, and I trust in her skills to do so. I will inform her to put her plan into action and to expect to hear from you." He hesitates, leaning back in the chair, adding more awkwardly. "I will speak to my media contact tomorrow and inform her of CLAW and our intentions." He glances at Evie, the look a question. "I believe we have nothing more to discuss."

When Robert looks to her, Evie nods and steps forwards, waiting till there is quiet, "I know there are perhaps curious questions as to who I am. My name is Evie Higgins. This is my law firm. I work towards preter rights, and cases that often surround preters. I am retained as a lawyer by many people here. My son is a vampire, so you could say I am used to being around many different sorts of people. I have offered my place here as a neutral place for meetings with the coalition tonight, and any other time until offices are found for it to call home." That said, she continues, "I offer my services to all of you here, for your group or individuals who might need it. I have a sliding scale of charges, so there is no worry about what a person might have to pay. Also, for the coalition, if ever any of you need a neutral place to come, to get away, or to meet your people, they are free to come here. I find this effort by all of you to have peace in this city, a noble enterprise, and wish more could see it as that."

Jack nods to Robert, familiarity shown back before he looks around the table again. "As far as I'm concerned, the more people who can hold the life in a body, the better," he says. To Evie he nods, "Thanks very much. It is appreciated, most definitely. Never thought I'd be thinking well of a lawyer, but then weird things happen every day." He then points at Lexine, humour bubbling back to the surface. "I think you and I need to talk T-shirts, O Skulker," he winks.

Lexine looks to Evie as she speaks, giving her a long and considering look before nodding. There is another pause before she says, "I would also appreciate any help in regards to finding someone that is both preter-friendly and a mental healthcare provider for a friend." Her seriousness desolves almost instantly as she turns to Jack with a grin. "Splendid. I do have a crew of artists, rilly."

Etana nods her head to this as she stands, smiling. "Thank you then, I am glad we are all in agreeance on wishing Peace." She motions to the other hyena with her, the woman moving out of the room while she remains behind for a moment. "I must go. I have to collect one who may have been infected in preperation for the moon, or I would stay to talk." Her eyes turn to Lexine. "Perhaps we may meet soon to affirm a Peace between ours." She looks to Evie and hms. "Yes, I am aware of you. You are a busy woman, it seems. Perhaps we can talk again, I was unable to get in before, but I do not think the Pride's lawyer is able to help me." She bows her head to the others as she moves to take her leave.

Robert's gaze flickers between Lexine and Jack and he murmurs softly, "I am not sure you two should be allowed to meet alone." There is the rare, wry humor in his eyes and he smiles, suddenly, his eyes creasing at the corners and his mouth curving. "Oba, thank you for coming and I will speak to you soon." Her departure done, he glances at Lexine. "I can give you MaryJane's cell number to ask her for this, she would know of one." He rests his hands on the table for a moment, relaxing as the others take their leave, and he reaches for his coffee, taking a heavy swig.

Jack's expression as he looks at Robert is pure innocence; all it needs is canary feathers drifting gently downwards. "Anyone would think you were scared of what we might come up with," he says to Robert, amusement prickling through the not-very-convincing innocence. "Anything else that needs sorting before I bugger off?"

Evie nods to those leaving, offering both Etana and any others a grin before she sets about cleaning up the empty glasses, or offering refills to those who might linger. Listening, she cannot help but laugh softly as she glances to Jack, then to Robert, "I think you have cause to worry there.."

Lexine tries to give Robert an expression of innocence. The gleam in her eyes makes it difficult to believe, however. "I am very good at fashion design," she insists, as she rises to her feet, her companion doing so as well. "I'd appreciate the number, Robert. Thanks."

Robert returns that look at Jack and Lexine, and snorts with laughter, the release of tension showing as he lifts a hand and rubs his face. "It terrifies me. Have pity on me, and remember that I face the public with that logo." His voice is dry, amused and he shakes his head. "I will arrange a date with you for the wolves to train." He takes one of his own business cards and scrawls MJ's cell number on it's back, offering it to Lexine.

Jack grins at Robert and Lexine, and then suddenly his focus shifts to Evie. His smile turns a little darker, just a shade, as he watches her intently.

Evie chuckles quietly, though she soon notices Jack's look upon her. A brow is raised upwards, head tilted just a touch as she meets his gaze without turning away, dark as it might be. Why, there might be some sort of amusement to be found in her gaze as well in turn, odd as it might be.

Robert's glance between Evie and Jack is amused, and he murmurs softly, "I recommend thinking of pink elephants." He rises from the table, turning to offer Evie a nod. "My thanks for your offices, Evie. I will speak with you soon." Then he gives the others a nod, clearly intending to leave, the business done and much to do now. "Thank you both. I will see you soon."

Lexine takes the number from Robert with thanks, and a bright grin. "I'm sure that I'll see you all in the near future. Especially you, Jack." She seems delighted, as she makes her way for the door.

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