20110506 - When is a werewolf not a werewolf


CLAW HQ: Foyer - Sears Tower - Jackson Street

An elegant, understated lobby, this is the headquarters for the Committee for Lycanthrope Acceptance and Welfare, otherwise known as C.L.A.W.. The receptionists are seated behind a desk, and there are a few seats placed neatly around small tables with the usual magazines laid out. The floor is made from that mock marble, and there are some choice pieces of art on the walls. Closer inspection of these reveals them to be done by artists known to be preternatural of one kind or another, and they are displayed nicely against the subtle tones of the walls here. There are several doors leading off this room, and an air of discretion to the place.




Late afternoon and CLAW Headquarters are quiet, the only sound being the daytime receptionist handing over to the nighttime one. Robert has abandoned his office to seek coffee from the reception machine, his own apparently empty. The man is dressed casually, a shirt over jeans, his sleeves rolled up and the collar opened to reveal the thong at his throat. He stands with his back to the foyer, filling his cup.

Bethany has never been here before from how she pauses just inside to look about with a curious expression and to take a few slow sent taking breaths. Her skateboard is tucked against her side with the wheels bagged to be as polite as is possible. A touch lost, she begins for the receptionist desk.

Eden takes a moment to nudge open the door to the CLAW offices a few moments after Bethany. One arm is carefully cradling a paper shopping bag from within it the smell of lightly cooked, but well seasoned meat is prominent. And He pushes the door open with his shoulder and does a little turn to ease through before letting it close behind him. His eyes flick about in a quick sweep. The woman before him noted and given a curious look before he spies Robert and starts towards him almost at once. "I should start charging for delivery!" His voice contrasts with the words as a simple, familiar humor fills his light voice. He'll glance towards Bethany and give her a warm smile as he passes with his purposeful walk. "I think you have a customer, Robert," he adds.

Robert turns as the doors open, and his impassive gaze follows the woman briefly before Eden's arrival distracts. "Eden, this is unnecessary. I could easily acquire dinner once I am finished here." Despite that, his tone holds an undertone of approval and affection. Then he turns towards the desk, observing as the receptionist does his job, welcoming Bethany to CLAW and asking how he can help. Robert's gaze is neutral as he watches in silence for the moment.

Bethany side steps when the the man with food comes up behind, looking amused as she returns the smile. The name he uses catches her atention and Robert is given a curious look, more so after catching Eden's scents in passing. Though as they chat, she steps up and speaks with the receptionist. "Hello, my name os Bethany Mason and I am here to see Robert Moye at his convience please."

Eden seems to ignore Robert's words, as if expected. He pauses at double arms length and gives him a broad smile. Though he pauses when Bethany speaks and he turns to look towards the woman. He looks back to Robert and says, "She should join us. I have enough for two I think." He lowers the bag a little, neck craning a bit to peer inside. "Never quite sure how hungry you'll be, so I always bring osme extra, just in case." As if it weren't really in question, even though its phrased as a suggestion. No, he's far too busy takin an inventory of what's in the bag.

Eden's words earn him a look from Robert, a frown. "Eden." The single word is a reproof, a rumble from the man known to be a werewolf. Despite that, he turns his gaze back to the receptionist and Bethany, as the man's gaze turns to him questioningly and he nods slightly, "I am Robert Moye." Robert speaks in those neutral tones, his face giving nothing away of his thoughts, as one eyebrow lifts questioningly.

Bethany watches the receptionest's look then after a noded thanks, turns to look at the other two. Their wordplay pulling another smile from her, something that she seems to do very often, mood light and curious. But she waits untill the in is given then steps foward and bobs her head at both men. "Hello there. I am Bethany Mason, publicly known Wolf Lycanthrop." She makes sure to stand at a respectful distance but definetly close enough to let the Hawk scent go to them. "THat dose smell and sound good though I am fairly well fed."

Eden looks up to Robert then, the rumbled word not seeming to trouble him overly. Save for a soft furrow to his brow. "It would be polite to offer," he does note. Then he turns to give Bethany a close look, head cocked as she introducers herself. "You are? But you're.. not one?" Curious, though as she mentions being fed he asks, "Are you sure? I made some lovely twice baked sweet potatoes and I was hoping to get another opinion on them." He smiles, the expression easily warming as easily as it might for a close friend.

Robert frowns, giving the woman a thoughtful look. "Publicly known as a wolf. And yet, your energy tells me clearly that you are not one of mine. Do you explain to me why this is the case?" The man ignores the talk of food, his focus purely on Bethany's face, the gaze holding some weight to it. "Since those of our community expect wolf to be mine."

Bethany pretty much mirrors Eden's easy going friendly demeanor, it helping to put her very much at ease. She keeps that despite dealing with the presence of Robert and the semi-seriousness of the topic. "Well the military had no idea what to make of the tests and I think whenever that happens, they decide 'wolf' or 'rat'. And I do not look very ratty." A half wink given with the bad joke. "Anyway since that is what is listed and I am not in another 'group', I thought it important to speak with you about it as I do with each Ulfric when I am in town. Onto Eden. "Oh you made them?" She gives an impressed look at the bag, having guessed resteraunt bought. "Well a tasting would be very nice then, thank you."

Eden smiles brightly and responds to Bethany, "I cook a lot. It's a nice way to help make people happy." Though he's not unaware of the more serious talk, softly curious about the matter. "That's funny, I don't suppose you've tried telling them what you really are? Seems a bit silly for them to not know a bit more about how to tell who is who and what. They should really be more careful." His head turns and he looks up to Robert thoughtfully.

Robert doesn't seem to get the joke, as he continues to look at her. "I see." The brief comment goes with the neutrality of his expression and he continues to ignore the food talk, folding his arms across his chest as he settles, leaning against the back of a chair. "To accept that you be publicly a wolf means that I accept responsibility and protection for your wellbeing. This is not a situation I believe to be logical. I believe you should correct this error."

Bethany nods to both men and gives a slightly abashed grin. "I tried to explain it but without shifting in a military bace which I am soo not about to try…" She hmms and considers for a few moments. "I do not really think it comes to that as taking responcability and giving protection is a matter among shifters and vampires who can easily tell that I am not a Wolf?" She carfuly intones that to be a suggested way that it might be looked at rather than a contradiction.

"Oh, that might not be so good, no," Eden admits when it comes to the shifting thing. "I don't suppose they'd be the sort to take your word for it.. maybe if you went to the clinic they could get you papers. St. Rumons. They know a lot about folk like us." He smiles and seems to limit his advice to that, letting Robert field the more serious concerns with a quiet deference.

"Whilst that is a matter for our kind, should something happen with you, I would be contacted by the human police. I suggest that you take Eden's advice, and seek out St Rumons, where they can confirm your nature." The steady rumbling tones match the gaze that rests on her face in the neutrality it holds. "I do not understand the requirement for subterfuge in this case.!

Bethany mmms and nods at the though of the clinic being a better place. "Oh good to hear it was rebuilt, when I was last in town it had been burnt badly and was closed." She lifts one delicate brow at the Ulfric then smiles at the rumbling. "Just a conversation out of politenes and respect Ulfric and ofcourse I will follow your wants in this as it concerns you and yours, to an extent."

"Burned? Of, that sounds bad," Eden murmurs, his brow crinkling just a bit. "It does seem it's all in hand again. The clinic. A good thing, because it does such good work for people like us." He smiles, seeming to think everything is well in hand. "It might get a bit confusing if someone does mistake you for a wolf. They'd surely be in for a surprise."

Robert inclines his head slowly, giving her a thoughtful look, as his gaze watches her. "Then I will contact the doctor there on your behalf. Do you require transportation to the clinic, or are you able to take yourself there?" The question is spoken in that low rumbling tones, coming from deep within his chest. "I believe it is better to act to avoid further misunderstandings."

Bethany mmms and nods about it being burned. "I never did have the time to find out who did it." A little shrug then a grin. "True but I am thinking it a more plesent surprize to mestake a hawk for a wolf than the other way around. At least up close." She gives the placating version of her smile to Robert again. "That is kind of you, likely that will cut the waiting time down alot, which we all want. And thank you but transportation is a specialty for me." She is sure the humor will fail but tries anyway. "Thank you for your time and advice."

"If you're going, take a sweet potato with you," Eden says, stepping forward as he cranes hi head to peer into the bag again. Takes a moment for him to find a good one, but he pulls out the foil wrapped item. It's half of one with diced Canadian bacon, sour cream, chives and shredded cheddar on top." He smiles and offers it over to her.

The humor does fail to make its mark, the Ulfric apparently keeping his mind on business as he draws out his cell phone, pressing buttons and speaking into it, "A message for Dr Leukivo. Could he please see Miss Bethany Mason and give her documentation to confirm her nature. There has been some confusion and people appear to believe she is a wolf. Thankyou." He hangs up, giving her a nod. "There should be no problem." He glances at the food, adding softly, "Eden believes he must ensure the entire world eats."

Bethany likely would have begged off but not with how good the offered food smells, lips pursing for a moment. "Mmm well smelling that good, I am glad that he dose." Reciving the food she gives a playful curtsie to the two wolves. "Thank you again and take care gents, hope to get the entertainment of watching the moon run. From a safe distance above." With that, she heads out.

"Well, if you're not going to invite her, I can't let her go empty handed," Eden notes to Robert. "Besides, I do need more opinions on the new things I make. Maybe an articulate one this time." He glances back towards Robert with a light humor in his tone. He then lifts a hand to wave at her as she goes. "Be safe out there."

PHONE> Jacobi is trying to ICly call you.

Into his phone, Robert says, "Robert Moye"

From your phone, Jacobi says, "Hello, Mister Moye this is Doctor Leukievo down at the Clinic. I just got a chance to check my voice mails and well, I find myself abit confused by what was stated. What exactly seems to be the issue?"

Into his phone, Robert says, "Doctor Leukievo. The young lady I sent to meet you informs me that the army had confused her infection with hawk with that of wolf. She required formal papers to ensure that it is clear she is not a wolf."

From your phone, Jacobi says, "Formal paper work is usually given at the time of registration.. Though that's rather peculiar. Avian Viral shifters are only one in about every ten thousand."

Into his phone, Robert says, "She has been masquerading as a wolf shifter. I informed her that this deception is not a logical one and may lead to issues. Therefore, I suggested she seek your clinic's aid in correcting her papers."

From your phone, Jacobi says, "Well If you'll have her contact me I'd be more than happy to oblige, but again its based off weither or not she comes down to the clinic. I can't force it upon her."

Into his phone, Robert says, "I have asked that she do this and made it clear that I will not support a deceit of this nature. However, as you say. I too cannot force it on her."

From your phone, Jacobi says, "Alright well I'll make sure to get in touch with you to let you know if she comes by or the like. Have a good day Mister Moye I am needed in surgery."

Into his phone, Robert says, "Thank you. Good day."

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