20110507 - Art and Vampires


1001 Nights: Main Floor — Clarke Street: South

Beyond the mirrored doors at the entrance of the club, the entire atmosphere alters from the modern angles and shine of steel and glass to a warmer, more decadent glow of Persian riches mingling with Bohemian ideals. Hardwood floors have been painted ebony and polished to a high shine, accented by gilt covered trim, carved in arches and swirls. Walls are papered with a shimmering crimson silk paper with brass sconces and matching chandeliers lending a warm glow to the room. Across the large room a stage is raised and expertly lighted, velvet drapes in a royal navy are drawn when there is no show in progress, or pulled back to show whatever backdrop goes with the current show.
A large area is cleared for dancing before the stage, and surrounding the dance floor are black laquered tables with crimson cushioned chairs to allow patrons to rest for a moment or watch the shows performed on the stage. Cocktail waiters and waitresses are scantily clad in gold and blue ensembles styled to put one in mind of sultans and shieks, harems and desert nights - though the materials are generally so sheer that even the most liberal Persians would question their decency.
On the edges of the stage, the wings lead back to a backstage area for employees as they prepare for the next number. On the other side of the main room and on the far wall, another set of double doors leads back to the courtyard - propped open during operating hours, save for inclement weather.




Saturday night and the 1001 Nights is closed for the show, turning the club into an art gallery overnight. Twenty of Kelly's art work is on show, ranging from a painting of a woman going from dressed, nude to a leopard, to one of the easter bunny, sitting as if he does not truly fit in the real world. There are people here, gathering to hopefully buy, and certainly enjoy the snacks and drinks that are laid on. Kelly herself is here, dressed nicely in a blue dress, holding a glass in her fingers nervously, clearly not that at ease. She is speaking with a couple of people to one side of a picture, a self portrait of her, kneeling with a foxes tail drawn around her knees, in an ornate cage. Night has fallen, the sun is down, and the conversation flows, covering the background music.

Cale dips into the 1001 quietly, casually fussing at his jacket, though his attention is focused on the set up around him. A faint smile comes to him as he considers the people and the art, his steps paused. His hands lift, the movement a casual attempt to slip his hands into jacket pockets, but the dressy jacket he's wearing doesn't allow for it and he glances down when the movement fails. A faintly amused air comes to him as he moves inward slowly, his attention moving mostly to the art initially.

Head bowed as if just coming in froma downpour outside, Walpurgis enters from the modernity of the club with a grim look of disgust which seems to melt slightly at the more organic decor of this room. His heavy umbrella taps across the hardwood floor, his other arm held horizontally at the small of his back. Most of the man's caustic attention seems to be spent on the walls, sconces and other light sources, rather than the ostensible reason for being here: the art.

Randall bumps open the door of the club with his hip. Still facing outside as he's attempting to get the last dregs out of what appears to be a hand-rolled cigarette before entering. Suddenly aware that he's letting in a fierce draft Randall takes one last drag on the ropey looking cigarette before flicking it into the street. Taking care to exhale the smoke outside he then turns to head into the club, a contemplative look on his face as he takes in the art and the club surroundings.

James ducks into the room a few moments after Randall. The not-so-delicate aroma of cigarette smoke lingers about him too, but he doesn't seem quite as keen as Randall to get out of the weather. He straightens, pale blue eyes flicking about the place, then moves towards one of the waiters. He isn't exactly clad in suit and tie, but what he is wearing is neat and expensive and making a certain statement. He catches two glasses off the passing tray and saunters back to offer one to Randall with the ease of long practice.

Kelly gaze flickers to Cale when he arrives and then she returns to talking with the people with her, her smile a little brighter, as she studiously doesn't notice the man. But the arrival of the vampire does draw her attention, turning her head and silencing conversation briefly. She hesitates, a brief telling gesture of nervousness as she walks towards him. She offers up her wrist, a polite gesture, "Good evening." Her gaze flickers to the two men with the vampire, briefly.

Rowan walks into the club slowly as she looks around. For a first timer that hasn't been here before she starts to look about. She lets the lingering smell of herbal cigarettes follow her in her wake. She starts to look for someone.

For Cale, he only accidentally misses Kelly at first. It won't be until she's greeting Walpurgis. The two nearer than she was before, his head tilting when she speaks. His brows lift and his head turns. Spotting the woman, he stills. A subtle uncertainty touching his expression. His hands lift, again in that mime of slipping hands into pockets, yet he realizes before the move can be completed and he simply strokes his palms down against his jacket, making it look.. relatively casual. His eyes flick towards the man she's greeting and his brow furrows further. After a moment, however, he decides to simply approach. Quiet, but not hidden, taking a path to come towards the two from the side.

Having completed his inspection of the room, Walpurgis finally turns his attentions towards some of the paintings. Before any sort of response can be elicited, Kelly is upon him, and he turns his attention towards the woman with the same glare with he studied the inaninmate elements of the environment. His eyes drop to her proferred wrist and his lips twitch slightly before he offers his own hand for shaking. "Good evening," he inclines his head, "I am Walpurgis." His voice is slow, studied and English, "And you are?"

Randall takes the proffered drink from James with a smile. "Cheers butty." Drink in hand he gives James a nudge before nodding in the direction of where Walpurgis has headed. Headless of whether James has taken his hint, he slowly heads over toward the gathering, taking a moment here and there to briefly examine a painting or two as he passes.

James takes a sip from his glass, giving Randall a dark look at the term 'Butty', but following him on his way to Walpurgis. Silent, he waits for Walpurgis to finish greeting Kelly, his own eyes going to the displayed pictures in the meantime. One painting in particular catches his attention, the tall man stepping closer to take a better look.

Kelly's smile returns a little as she takes his hand. "I'm Kelly. Welcome to the Nights." The glare doesn't much help the nervousness and she reclaims her hand as quickly as he allows. "My paintings… " She makes a small gesture, the edge of nervousness robbing the woman of coherency and she glances behind her, seeking the club owner, or her sponsor, or pretty much anyone else to do the talking bit.

Rowan makes her way around looking at the paintings since the artist is busy. Enjoying the time to look at them outside of her home, is making Rowan smile. The psychic turns to head to Kelly shortly after she's done greeting another guest and slides her hand gently under one of her arms. She then leans to give a side hug. "It looks wonderful Kelly, I believe you did excellently." She says with her southern Irish accent coming out soft and understandable to most Non-Irish ears.

"Kelly," Cale says as he comes near to the two. He's seen her distressed manner and goes in without much pause to consider. "Looking good. The art as well," he says with the casual warmth a friend might offer another. He nods to Rowan with a linger of his positive expression as well before he turns his attention to Walpurgis as he says, "Walpurgis, was it? Interesting name." With the air of actual interest given those words, rather than anything more negative. "I trust you're enjoying everything thus far?" His smile is an easy one.

Walpurgis shakes Kelly's hand with all requisite care. "Charmed, I'm sure." He releases her hand and gestures to the two men who came in after him, "My associates, Randall and the boy, James." Kelly's nervousness doesn't seem to have come under Walpurgis' notice or, if it has, draws no discernable reaction. "I am not much of an art critic, but I understand the function of art to make understood that which in the form of argument would be incomprehensible". The vampire nods to Rowan and Cale, but continues speaking, "That being said, how might you describe the fundamentals of the position here displayed?" he peers up at the woman with a measuring look in his eye. Cale's query draws a slow wink, "I am… interested. Enjoyment may come later. We shall see, n'est ce pas?"

At the mention of his name Randall finishes the inspection of a painting which had caught his eye and makes his way to where the group is standing. He offers a nod of greeting and a smile to Cale and Rowan but offers his hand to Kelly. "Hi I'm Randall, this is a lovely show you have here." He remarks with a smile. "You do seem to be truly talented and have an interesting eye for your subjects."

James turns away from the painting and inclines his head as he's introduced, apparently taking no umbrage at being called 'the boy' despite apparently being in his thirties. "Charmed to make your acquaintance," he replies, in yet another educated English accent. "Grayson, James Grayson." He bows in a courtly fashion, an old-fashioned gesture that looks rather odd when his entirely modern outfit is taken into account.

Rowan and Cale both get a look of almost pure relief, and a smile from the petite woman, and she returns Rowan's touch with her own, as she replies to Walpurgis hesitantly. "I…am not sure I understand the question." The puzzlement shows, as she glances from the vampire to the paintings and back. "If you are asking what words the pictures are meant to show, then they are meant to describe an aspect of each person, to show an inner life of someone." As she explains her aim with the paintings, she gains a little confidence, and Randall's words bring a true smile to her lips, and a definite blush to her cheeks. "Thankyou." Her gaze moves to James, returning the bow with a nod of her head as she gives Randall her hand, returning her gaze to him. "You like paintings?"

Rowan seems to be the silent Patron as she smiles happily and nods to the gentlemen around Kelly. She is there to support and seeming those that have the sensative ability can feel Rowan's empathic power of strength, courage and a good warm hug around Kelly. Rowan just watches people looking at the work and observing as if it's part of her nature or her job to do so.

Cale seems just a touch uncertain of Walpurgis' note on enjoyment, but he smoothes past it a moment later and smiles, his casual manner returning. He dips his head to Randall and James in turn and both are given that same casual smile. "Kelly's a bit more instinctive than technical with her art," he offers to Walpurgis. "The less planned the better, I've observed. That kind of natural talent." He glances towards Kelly and smiles. "Had any offers yet? I'll field that if you want.. just have to give me your general policy on that sort of thing."

"'Inner life'?" Walpurgis gives a throaty chuckle, redolent with black humour, "I believe I might have some experience in that area, young lady. This…" he waves a hand, "While certainly from a gifted brush hand, is not it". Clearing his throat, he shakes his head slightly, "Perhaps an apology might be due, this is not why I am here. Mr. Dean," he raises his brolly briefly in Randall's direction, "Is here to acquire some decorations for our residence. So, please, might I ask which is your favourite of these pieces?"

Releasing Kelly's hand Randall says "Oh yes, very interested. Do you take commissions or should I speak to your associate about such things?" he says gesturing to Cale. Walpurgis' announcement causes a brief look of surprise to pass over Randall's face but he brings it quickly under control, resuming his otherwise pleasant demeanor.

James takes another sip of wine, something about Kelly's reply amusing him by the twitch of his lips. He steps forward, shifting his wine glass easily into his left hand and offering his right to Kelly, though it's offered asking for something rather than being proffered for a handshake. His cold blue eyes don't quite match his faintly amused smile, or the lascivious arch of his eyebrows.

Walpurgis is definitely making Kelly more nervous, and she nibbles her lower lip, taking a slight step away from him, as she replies to first him and then Randall slowly, "I guess we see different things. I can do commissions… Cale, can you …?" The incoherent request is cut off by James' offer and she moves slowly to put hers in his, her brown eyes watching him warily through her fringe.

Rowan gently moves her hand up behind Kelly to slide her hand up and down the woman's back to give her strength. "It's all good hon, and look .." She points to the Rabbit man's picture. ".. Rex turned out too look so grand." She sighs softly. "I can't believe this happened in my house hon, you do have a great eye for it."

Cale arches a brow subtly when Kelly says she can do commissions. His gaze questioning on her for a moment before he looks to Walpurgis and Randall with a light grin. "Kelly doesn't often do commissions," he notes. "Like I said, her art tends to be instinctive. A moment comes and she takes it. But I don't doubt we could discuss something custom, limited only by her approval, of course." His hands fold together before himself and he adds, "Looking for something for decoration?" He keeps his attention on Randall for now as he wonders, "A piece here or something more custom, hence the question about commissions?"

Walpurgis's attentions seem to focus on the interaction between James, Kelly and Rowan. Keeping an almost wary on James, he murmurs, "Are you quite well, Kelly? I can assure you, James offers no more than a minor threat under the current circumstances."

"Hmm, I always feel that the word 'decoration' somehow demeans the artwork itself, don't you think?" Randall idly gestures with a hand to dismiss any implied criticism of Cale's wording. "Don't get me wrong though, the walls are looking a bit bare at the moment and we could certainly use something for the visitors to look at and perhaps inspire them." Pausing for a moment to consider his words he continues "I would very much like something more custom though, something of a personal piece for myself, of a quasi-religions nature but done in the artist's rather unique style."

James's hand is human-warm as he takes Kelly's in his own. Her hand is lifted gently, her fingers to be bowed over and kissed if she doesn't try too hard to stop it happening. "Charmed," James repeats in a voice that's almost a purr, a smile almost warming his icy eyes as he looks up at Kelly. One eyelid droops for a moment in the briefest of winks, and then the hand is released, James straightening once more.

Kelly's eyes widen slightly at Walpurgis' comment, startled but James' kiss brings her gaze back to him, and she blushes, dropping her gaze for a moment before she speaks, "Uh, you too…" She reclaims her hand, momentarily putting them behind her back before she recovers herself, glancing between the three strangers. "Minor threat? He doesn't look like he bites…" She murmurs softly. Cale and Randall's interaction is noted, glanced at, and she nods to Cale.

Rowan listens quietly almost slowly watching those around her and Kelly. Her head tilts ha bit slowly closing her eyes a moment. She slowly opens her eyes as she smiles to Kelly. She tilts her head while thinking. "So Kel, I think you you'd be wanting to paint in the garden as the flowers and such are out? Rex is thinking about building a warren soon, so plenty fluffy things hoppin' about."

"Semantics are a fun game to play," Cale replies to Randell with a light chuckle to edge his words. "A suitable.. augmentation, then. Why don't you give me some details. I can talk with Kelly a bit later and we'll see what we can do on that front, yeah?" Done without a glance towards Kelly, though there is a soft distracted air to his expression. Some focus given towards listening to the others. "One thing.. best to do is keep the desires light. As few details as possible to encompass generally what you're looking for. The lighter the better for her style."

Walpurgis purses his lips briefly and rests both his hands on his umbrella, looking down at his toes, "Not often, no. He rarely runs to such… mundane entertainments." Raising his gaze to both Kelly and Rowan, he continues distractedly, "Sometimes, he just needs reminded that while inappropriate dress can occasionally pass," he lifts the tip of his brolly from the floor, and deposits it on James' left foot with a sickening crunch, "Inappropriate behaviour cannot".

Randall winces in sympathy at hearing the crunch but otherwise continues his conversation with Cale as if nothing had happened. "Oh, I think I can avoid being too specific, I only want a couple of elements in the piece itself, there will be a figure in flight, carrying a shield, with perhaps a sword. The only thing I'd like to be specific on would be a sigil that would be displayed on the shield, the rest I would leave to the artist's vision."

James goes absolutely rigid at the descending of the brolly and the crunching of his foot, going several shades paler in the process, which leaves him an ashen white. He turns to face Walpurgis and drops to one knee before the vampire, silent and shaking ever so slightly. The scent of blood starts to rise from the hole in his boot, followed by a trickle of the liquid itself.

Kelly is half turned, as the brolly crunches down on James' foot, and she freezes for an instant. Then she blinks, taking a full step away from the men, the brown eyes changing behind the fringe, turning into brighter fox's eyes. Her gaze moves from James as he kneels, to Walpurgis, and then back to Rowan and Cale, "He wasn't…." The defense of the man fades on her lips the moment she speaks.

Rowan looks to Kelly and tilts her head a bit about to say something else until the crunching is heard. Her eyes widen and blinks to the action. Her breath catches as her hand slides up to her chest and tries to breath for a moment. She puts her head on Kelly's shoulder for a moment, as she can't help but feel James' pain and lets out a soft gasp.

Cale flicks his eyes towards Walpurgis and James at the crunch, his lips pursing just slightly. It takes a moment before he nods to Randall and says, "I can get some paper if you want to sketch out the shape of the sigil. I think that will work very well." He smiles, but it lacks a certain something that made it more casual before. His head turns towards Kelly and he gives it a slight shake, his lips pursing faintly again before he looks back to Randall.

Walpurgis sighs as he quickly pulls the pointed tip of his umbrella from the woodwork under James' foot and brings it to rest on the ground by his side. Gore slips from the scored silver on to the wooden floor as the vampire idly pulls the kneeling man's head to him and strokes his hair affectionately, "It really does hurt me to do that, you know". He offers Kelly a querulous look, "Oh, I assure you, he was. He's quite the little scamp, this one".

Lexine steps out from the back stage area, a pleasant smile on her lips and her gaze searching over the room. There is a slight, discreet, flaring to her nostrils as she continues on, coupled with a faint arching of her brows. A glass of red wine has found a home in her left hand almost immediately. It remains unsipped from as she moves towards Kelly, her gaze flicking to Walpurgis' umbrella tip to James' foot. A soft frown takes the place of her previous smile.

Randall turns to watch at Walpurgis' words to James, a slight smile crossing his face at the sign of affection before turning back to Cale. "Oh that would be great, I'm sure I've got a pen here somewhere." Randall spends a few moments patting his pockets before an "Ah ha!" announces his search has been fruitful. He pulls out a small battered leather bound pad which he opens and starts to scribble on. After a few abortive attempts and a couple of pages later, happy with his efforts Randall rips a page from the pad and offers it to Cale. "That should do the trick," he says, smiling.

James leans his head against Walpurgis' leg and shakes, head and shoulders bowed. He doesn't say a word or make any other sound other than rather laboured breathing, and he doesn't try to straighten; he simply bleeds and shivers and breathes. The wineglass in his hand is still upright, with not a drop spilled. A few moments later his lips form words, almost inaudible to human ears but clear to the preternatural senses. "Mmmmy apologies," gasp, "Master."

Kelly returns Cale's look, giving him widened eyes before she looks back at Walpurgis. Lexine's arrival turns her head, and she looks to the other woman for direction, as she steps back, away from the others. "Lexine. This is Walpurgis, and James, and that is Randall…" If her voice is a little higher than before, at least the sentence came out in one. She hears James' words, her head turning back to the tableau before them.

Rowan's hand softly holds onto Kelly as she tries recover from what she's felt. When Kelly starts to moves away, Rowan stands there until she can move again. "I didn't think I had to wall myself up here for this. Damnable need for inflicting pain, sometimes it hurts others more than those the pain is intended for. Kelly where is the drinks at?" She says softly to Kelly before looking at her for the direction of something to help her wall off what she's feeling at the moment.

Cale flicks his eyes towards Walpurgis and James again, subtle, but not invisible. But otherwise he settles back into his casual, easy going manner. "Alright then," he responds to Randall, letting him tend to scrawling down the sigil. When he notices Lexine, he dips his head towards her politely, though with a subtle added depth. "Good evening," he offers her before Randall's offer of the completed drawing draws his attention once more. He takes it and flips it around to get a good look. Nodding slowly, he says, "I'll talk with her about it. And I can contact you when she's made a decision on the work? Maybe you can add a number to call when that's done."

Walpurgis gives James a pat on the cheek and steps away, bringing his free hand up behind his back. Turning at Kelly's introduction of the new arrival, he offers a curt bow to Lexine, his eyes narrowed measuringly, "Lexine, a pleasure. It would seem that we have come to purchase art, and ended up… perpetrating it." Walpurgis looks back at Kelly, "Perhaps the purpose of art may be said to elicit an emotional response, and in that," his eyes flick to Rowan, "I hope we have not disappointed." Another of those humourless laughs escapes him, "James, you are indeed an /excellent/ canvas".

"Good evening," is offered by Lexine, her gaze lifting away from the wounded foot, the hints of a frown still visible at the corner of her mouth. "If you're going to cause people to bleed in my establishment, sir, I ask that you provide an address where I can send the bill for cleaning to." Her voice is smooth, accented by the tones of London's East End, and holding a very faint rumble. She takes a place standing next to Kelly, but slightly infront of her as well. Cale is given a nod, brief but acknowledging his pressence at least. Her dark-eyed gaze settles on Walpurgis, watching his mouth, rather than his eyes.

Randall colours slightly at the mention of a phone number. "Oh yes, my phone…I may have 'ahem' left it back in England. If it wouldn't be too much trouble perhaps you could come round for a visit when you have some time? I'm sure I'll have a new phone by then and you could have a look at the manor and maybe you'd be able to suggest some pieces once you'd had a good look at the place?" With this Randall takes a card from a bundle that are stuck into the back cover of the notepad.

James rises to stand again once Walpurgis declares him a canvas, drawing himself upright without putting any weight on his bleeding foot. He inclines his head deeply to Walpurgis, then turns to Kelly and Lexine. "Might I enquire," gasp, "Where the bathroom is?"

Kelly reaches out a hand to brush Lexine's arm, content to let the woman stand in front of her, her tension level dropping slightly. Rowan's question finally penetrates the daze and she replies, "The bar, Rowan… just there." She points, wary of removing her gaze from the vampire, but she gestures to the back of house when James speaks. "I can show you…" She comments, her fingers brushing against Lexine's arm lightly.

Rowan's eyes flicker back to the vampire after she gets to the bar and orders a drink. She closes her eyes again for a moment and shakes her head a bit as if to remove the emotions she feeling. "Disappointment isn't theirs to have earned it's the actions of those that have inflected them." She states after getting her bailey's on the rocks and turns. "Maybe before doing things in public such as battery you should make sure that those around you aren't exactly having to deal with the moral issue of what to do next. It's most unfair and disappointing that things can't be dealt in private."

"Ahh.. sure," Cale replies, taking the card from Randall. "I could make some time for that, no doubt. Days tend to be a bit busy, but you know how that is." He grins, head tilted just a bit as the sketch is folded and along with the card go into his pants pocket for safe keeping. His head turns then, looking towards Lexine and Kelly. The two in the same line of vision, thus muddying just which one he's looking at in particular. He does seem to be giving a decidedly wide berth to the prospective 'art' of moments before.

Walpurgis's eyes blaze briefly at Lexine's mention of cleaning bills, before he inclines his head in acquiescence, "Of course, how very gauche of us. Once more, we are reminded that the burning question must ever be, '… but is it art?'" He shakes his head in a mockery of regret, "Ah, to be misunderstood. You wound me." Once more he leans forward, with both hands upon his sturdy precipitation protector, "Lady at the bar, how can you judge so? Modern morality and manners supress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales!" his voice rises in something approaching anger, "Who here can claim to 'common morality'? We are all creatures according to our natures! and with that in mind," his voice lowers and he glares at the gngling man he recently wounded, "James: behave yourself in there".

The touches from Kelly felt against her bare skin, Lexine places one hand over the redhead's own, keeping it on her arm. One doesn't have to be a preter to catch the sense of 'mine', that goes along with the gesture. She says nothing else, for the moment, but does not take her gaze away from Walpurgis. Waiting for that address, perhaps. The flooring does look expensive, after all.

Randall returns Cale's grin with one of his own. "Yes, yes I do." Turning his attention to Lexine he withdraws another card from his notepad before putting it back in his pocket. Setting his still full glass of wine down on a handy surface he extends a hand to take Jame's glass when it's offered then with his free hand offers his card to Lexine. "Please send any bills to our address, I'm sure we can take care of them."

"Thank you," James murmurs to Kelly. "I'd be most obliged." He turns to Walpurgis to bow his head. "Master," he breathes in acknowledgement, then sets his glass in Randall's waiting hand before starting the trip towards the bathrooms.

Kelly glances at Lexine, tightening her grip for a moment before she steps back, moving towards the back of house to show James the way. As they move, she hesitates, before she speaks, "Do you need a hand?" She speaks the words in a low murmur, aimed to keep it between James and herself, her relief at being away from the tense situation a visible thing as they vanish into the back rooms.

Rowan stands up and looks to the vampire, noting the angry emotions. She looks at him directly through her sunglasses and says… "Captain Rowan Wintercoat of the Chicago Police department, former RPIT. I'd be more than happy to talk about modern morality with you down in a cell for battery of an individual that hasn't done anything to you regardless of his association to you. You bind me sir in the most cruel way possible. I hope you realize that I'm being kind and not arresting you at the moment, that I'm trying to be civil and understanding. But I am a psychic as well, I felt his pain thus you've inflicted it on me as well. Thus you've indirectly have assaulted a police officer. I can judge most excellently being that I do not act at will to my 'nature'. I would have you bare in mind that before you act again in public you should do well to realize that maybe your nature and your need to discipline is best done in private, not public." She says sliding a hand to her hip gently. She smiles softly her emotions, stating she's speaking the truth and seems to not fear anger at the moment.

Cale is content to let the discussion go on about him. The matter of business handled, he flicks his eyes towards James as he turns to start towards Lexine and Kelly as well. Though angled just slightly so he can get a glance at Kelly. His expression concerned as she starts to go with the odd man. His hands try to go for his pockets again, the transition to simply smoothing his jacket smoother this time. His eyes track towards Rowen as she speaks, but some of his attention remains towards Kelly and James. Division of attention is difficult.

Walpurgis blinks at Rowan's, admittedly very civilised, spleen venting and bows his head, perhaps in shame, perhaps in thought. Snapping his fingers, he looks back at the police officer, "Officer Wintercoat," he intines sombrely, "Do you need a hug?"

Lexine reaches out with slim fingers to take the card offered by Randall. As her dress is without the convenience of pockets, she keeps hold of it, glancing down to it briefly. "I will be sure to," she replies to Randall, before turning her head to watch Kelly and James. She moves a touch closer to Cale, friendly-like, and asks, "Hold onto this for me, dear?," as she offers him the card.

Turning to Rowan now. "Whilst I admit that my companions actions could have been better served in private there are two points I feel I must make. One I believe young James would have to lodge a complaint for the 'battery' to have actually taken place. You'll have to forgive my ignorance on the matter of course as I have gleaned what I can from a passing acquaintance with "Cops!" and two, I also don't believe it is Walpurgis' fault that you left your empathy 'on' so to speak. Whilst I acknowledge that we seem to be in the company of rather 'talented' individuals I would have thought that your career would bring you into much harsher scenes then this and I also don't think the law covers 'hurt feelings'.

James stops dead in his tracks at Rowan's words, turning to face the woman with sudden rage in his cold, pale eyes. "You were *spying* on me?", he snarls, ignoring the blood dripping on the floor. "You were poking around inside my head? Invading my privacy? And you *dare* to complain that you didn't like what you found there?" If Kelly's close enough, he'll rest a careful hand and some of his weight on her, accepting the offer.

Kelly literally jumps at James' about face, her eyes widening, the relaxing done too soon. She doesn't pull away at the hand, nor refuse to help him, but she is tense. Her gaze flies to Lexine first, and then skitters around the others, but she doesn't speak, waiting for others to act.

Rowan tilts her head a bit to him. "Captain please, I did earn my ranking through much hard effort." She says softly and a brow arches. "A hug? I think it would be best if we were civilly nice to each other. I'm sure Miss Lexine would enjoy more art and less of us debating moral issues right now as Kelly's art is really the focal point of tonight." She says stating clearly she wishes things to drop. "Kelly has worked here and in my home to do some amazing paintings and has been nervous about this night. If you'd be so kind as to enjoy the art and leave the punishment until not here, that would utterly and completely gracious of you and would show Kelly that her art comes first before other things tonight."
Turning to Randall her head tilts. "I believe we have settled this between he and I. I did say that I didn't think I had to wall myself up at an art show so really are you implying that I dont' wall myself up and protect myself on the job? Or that being here, I should always keep myself remote and away from others? If so, well then I should never go out in public shouldn't sir? And as for the man that's injured, I think that's up to him and it's not just him pressing charges." She says with a smile and looks to James. "No, I wasn't in your head at all. I don't recall going into your head and I don't recall ever asking you to do so. I said I felt your pain, you let your emotions come out and thus hit me. I wouldn't go into anyone's mind without permission nor would ever assume to try. Reel your emotions of rage in, I can feel them from here and I'm already walling up." She turns to Lexine and Kelly. "Delightful evening though seems a bit stuffy in here for me." She turns and heads out the door, and since she's near the exit anyways it's easier for her to leave quietly.

Cale nods his head once to Lexine as she nears and offers him the card. "Sure, not a problem," he replies. Giving her a thoughtful look for a moment before the ruckus draws his attention. With this many voices going back and forth, he keeps his own silent. But he is watchful, eyes flicking from one to the next as each person speaks. A subtle air of the troubled edging his expression, but he remains quiet and calm otherwise. A good thing as a mix of discussion is going on in the 1001, mostly centered on Walpurgis, Randall, James and Rowan, who is making her way out. James and Kelly have moved off some before, headed for the facilities, though both are paused now and Cale is standing with Lexine near. All around the floor, about 20 paintings have been set up for display, all of excellent quality and some other patrons of the arts are around,though there's no doubt more than a few pairs of eyes are on the disturbance, even if it is polite.

Keith has been in the room for a few minutes now. Coming in as everyone was distracted with their own problems. He's browsing the area, seeming to evaluate the artwork for some reason. When the ruckus finally seems to be at it's peak, Keith slowly makes his way toward Cale. His eyes shifting from one person to the next ensuring it's safe to approach his brother. "Hey Cale…" He extends halfway toward Cale offering his cheek in greeting.

"So, are we agreed that the solicitors can remain holstered for the moment?" Walpurgis checks amongst those assembled. Especially James. "Good. Oh, Captain… my Captain," Walpurgis clasps his hands to his chest briefly, "Your graceful and wise interpretation of the laws of land remind me once more, what a luxury the tangled web of legislature is to those who seek to nest within it. May your gods go with you." He offers Rowan a brief bow of farewell. "Now, since our lady hostess is being good enough to escort dear James to a place where he can make repairs, Mr. Dean, what have we purchased so far?" Raising a hand, he pinches the bridge of his nose, as if under the sudden affliction of a headache.

"Thank you for coming, Captain," Lexine says to Rowan, flashing the woman a bright smile. "I'm sure that Kelly appreciates your coming here, to see her art on proper display." In the face of rage, and disagreement going on, she turns up her own politeness, stands up a bit straighter. For those sensitive to such things, there is a slight crackle of power, not unlike static electricity. She glances to Keith as he arrives, a slight nod given.

Randall nods a greeting to Keith as he passes then turns his attention on Walpurgis. "Oh so far, erm…We've purchased cleaning services so far. I was hoping to browse a little more before making any choices if I may?" With this Randall gestures towards the rest of the artworks waiting for Walpurgis' response.

Apparently taking Walpurgis' words as a hint, James turns away from Rowan again and back in the direction he'd been going. "Thank you most kindly," he murmurs to Kelly. "Forgive me for interrupting the evening, but I've no idea how not to 'broadcast' my emotions, as the Captain put it. I'm stuck with just feeling them."

Kelly watches Rowan give her speech, something in it making her eyebrows draw down for a moment before she touches James' hand on her arm, helping him walk with the injury in his foot. "I… does your master often do that? I mean, you didn't really do anything…" Her voice is low, a murmur into James' ear as she helps him to the bathrooms to fix up his foot and cease bleeding on Lexine's floors.

Rowan heads out the door and turns her head at the vampire. "Just remember what was spoken here tonight and my actions, and I pray that my gods show you the true path in which you should follow." She looks to Lexine and nods her head gently. "Always a pleasure Miss Lexine, pity I can't stay longer." She looks to Kelly, for a moment her eyes soften. "It was a lovely show, I hope to see you around later." She opens the door and walks out.

Cale glances towards Keith as he draws near, turning towards him. A hand lifts, lightly patting him on the shoulder as Cale leans in. Near to his ear, Cale murmurs a very soft, "Watch the vampire." He does take the opportunity for a subtle turn of his head to brush Keith's cheek, masked amid the soft whisper. The movements done naturally, without a flicker in his manner. He pats Keith's shoulder lightly before he looks towards Lexine again. "And I used to think art shows were supposed to be dull, quiet affairs," he murmurs, a light edge of humor touching his words.

Keith shivers at the sense of Lexine's energy. He sniffs the air nodding downward at Lexine. He then reaches down to lift up both his sleeves as he motions his under-forearm casually to Lexine. Might to a sign of submission or a kind non-offending offer. Though it also just might be him casually moving as he always does. Clearly nothing humans would pick up on. He then looks back upon Cale with a smile. Keith seems quite happy to be out and about tonight. When he catches Randall's nod he nods back with respect before facing Cale more formally. When Cale leans back out Keith's face goes to that of curiosity as he looks around at the group. Keith then chuckles along with Cale as he seems to agree with the man.

Walpurgis bows to Randall, "Of course, sir. I'm afraid I really have very little opinion to offer on the matter and will trust to your good taste". He nods towards the new arrival, "I trust this is the factor to deal with, then?" he indicates Cale with a wave of his bloodied umbrella.

Following Walpurgis' assent Randal bows to Walpurgis "You are too kind m'lord." He then reaches into his jacket and pulls out his leather bound notepad, tugs the pencil from the binding and heads towards the paintings. "Right, what do we have here?" He says as he takes notes, slowly moving from painting to painting.

James goes with Kelly into the back rooms, limping badly and leaving a trail of blood behind. "He knows me too well," he replies to Kelly, English voice rather strained now the anger's worn off and let the pain back in.

Lexine watches Keith as he moves, and his small gestures bring her to smile. She's still staying quiet, for the most part, and she looks every so often to the door Kelly and James disappeared behind.

Kelly and James aren't long, and when they return James at least isn't dropping blood at least and she leaves him to walk by himself, slipping off to Lexine's side. She reaches out, touching the other woman's arm, giving her a questioning look before her gaze flickers to the others, brushing around the room.

Cale glances towards Walpurgis and nods, his eyes flicking to Randall. "If you want to purchase something, I'm the guy to talk to." His voice lifted just a bit, making it a general point of information. He breathes out lightly and glances after Kelly and James with pursed lips. But he relaxes once the two have emerged once more. When she returns to near Lexine, he wonders lowly, "You're alright?" Giving Kelly a concerned look.

Keith watches as James and Kelly move off, seeming quite curious about the bleeding man. Though shakes his head to look back toward Lexine. She seems to be accepting his offering quite nicely. "Evening Lexine, I trust the art show is going off with little distrubance?" He motions toward James and Kelly leaving. What kind of art show would this be without a little preternatrual violence. Keith sees Cale motion to someone casually, not really notible unless you know what he's motioning for. He then looks around casually.

Walpurgis clears his throat behind Randall, "Sunrise does come quite quickly, Mr. Dean. This does seem to be more your… area than mine. Might I leave you to your shopping?"

"Evening, Keith," Lexine offers, cheerfully. "It seems there was a minor issue but it has cleared up for the moment. Lovely to see you." A smile is flashed, and as Kelly touches her arm, Lexine moves to bring her arm around the woman's shoulders, tugging Kelly against her side, kissing the redhair. "Your work is amazing, dear. I look forward to snatching up a few pieces myself, tonight."

Randall jumps ever so slightly at the cough, distracted as he was by his studies. Turning to Walpurgis with a slightly surprised expression he says "Oh, is it that time already? Please go ahead I will sort it out." Then seeing that James has returned nods to the other man. "Attend Walpurgis if you would dear chap. I think you could possibly use a rest as well, no?

James returns, limping but upright and on his own two feet. He murmurs something on the way back to the paintings; Preternatural ears will probably catch, "Thank you for your most… tender ministrations. I'd say you have the hands of an artist, but," he gestures sweepingly at the display, then turns his head to look at her, "That would be rather stating the obvious. I can only wonder about your delicate lips, my dear…" And then James is being spoken to by Randall. The tall man inclines his head in reply. "Of course, sir. Master?"

Kelly blushes deeply, at James' flirting, "My pleasure…" She murmurs in reply, before she moves into Lexine's embrace. Her face lights up at the praise from her Queen, "Thank you." She slides her arm around the other's waist, giving Cale a nod, her smile bright. She watches Randall choosing pictures, her gaze warm.

Walpurgis rumbles ominously and bangs his umbrella on the floor with a resounding crack, "James. We are going. Mr. Dean is remaining here to purchase his pictures." He offers a nod of farewell to one and all, "It has been a most intruiging evening, a pleasure to make your various acquaintences."

Cale considers Kelly, then wonders, "Is there anything here you don't want to sell? I don't imagine asking how much you'd want for each would be an easy thing to answer." He grins just a bit at that, head canted slightly. His eyes lift to Lexine again and he adds, "I've been meaning to speak with you, as before. Things have been a bit busy as of late, sadly. But.. perhaps you can see that things are balanced once more?" His eyes shift towards Kelly for a meaningful moment before his attention returns to Lexine.

Keith nods as he listens to Lex. "Well that's nice to know. I'd hate for your event to be ruined by some spat going on." He then beams at the woman, "Nice to see you this evening as well." He then listens to Lex's compliments to the artist before saying, "Yes Kelly, your work is most profound. Clearly you know your medium and how to use your subject matter."

James doesn't quite dart to do Walpurgis' bidding, but he does lurch at speed, heading over to hold the door for the vampire. The 'spat's most obvious victim seems almost entirely unbothered by the experience.

Lexine's fingers stroke over Kelly's shoulder lightly as she speaks. "I see that things have cleared up," she muses to Cale, complete with smile. "Good to know." Back to Keith, another bright smile is offered. It fades, though, as she watches James and Walpurgis leaving. Thoughtful.

Kelly shakes her head at Cale, her expression becoming faintly bemused as she realises that they intend actually buying some. She hesitates before speaking to Walpurgis, "Thank you…" She doesn't sound certain of what she is thanking him for, and Cale's comments to Lexine are missed, "Thank you, Keith." She murmurs at the compliment, her gaze moving from Keith to watch the men leave. "It was an interesting day."

Randall is still making his rounds of the gallery, stopping here and there to take in a specific piece, once done he returns to the group. Addressing Kelly now he asks "Do you perhaps have a catalogue? Or some photo's of your work perhaps, I think it would help me decide when I'm back home of course." Pausing for a moment in thought "Oh that is of course if you are willing to part with any of them. I could understand your reluctance if you don't," he says with a smile.

Walpurgis stalks out through the door, "Thank you, James."

James follows Walpurgis out. He may have started the night as Renfield, but he's definitely finishing it as Lurch.

Cale turns to Randall and grins. "I think all of them are for sale, though she hasn't a catalogue. If you can believe it, this is her very first show." He settles back into a lighter banter mode. "Though I don't imagine it would be hard to set up a private showing later. And of course I'll speak with her about the commission once all of this excitement is done for the evening." Though the real excitement has finally calmed down. Mind, he glances towards Kelly as he suggests a private showing, giving her a questioning look.

Keith nods as he looks over the scene. Seems this whole experience cleared out the area before he could really socialize with the lot of them. Though he seems to keep himself in a chipper mood none-the-less. He then looks over at Kelly seeming to be excited for her. "Wow this is your first showing and you already might have an offer for a private showing… looks like you might be a hit!"

Lexine remarks, quietly ro Kelly, "I am going to head off for a while, dear. But I'll be right in the back room if you need me for anything. Alright?" Another kiss of hair is given before she slides her arm out from around Kelly. "Cale, Keith, it was good to see you both." She looks to Randall and, with a bright (too) friendly smile, chimes, "I'll send that bill out, soon."

Kelly glances from Lexine, to Cale, to Randall, and to Keith. "I don't see why not…" She replies to Cale, "All of them are." She turns and hugs Lexine. "Thanks boss." She gives her a broad smile, and she lets the other woman go, lifting a hand in goodbye. "I'll make sure it all gets cleared up too." A promise given with a smile, some measure of the excitement of the day still showing.

Randall smiles after Lexine. "Please do." Turning now to address Kelly and Cale "That's excellent news and a private showing would be quite a privilege I assure you. Now if you'll excuse me I think some refreshments are in order, can I get anyone anything?" He says this to the group at large, before slowly making his way to the bar.

Cale dips his head slightly towards Randall. "None for me, thanks." HIs eyes flick towards Keith and he grins faintly before he lets his eyes settle on Kelly. "The commission is.. interesting. and not too many details to it. One must have, a few vague portions and lots of room to let your mind do the walking." He pulls the folded sheet out and gives it to her. "A flying person with a shield that has this mark." He offers the paper to her. "Give it a look, give it some thought. If you want to accept, call me and I'll call them."

Keith nods at Lexine. "Nice to see you to madam." He smiles before looking back at the others. Clearly interested in a chatting session with the artist and his brother. He then stands properly observing the others for their reactions to everything. Keith shakes his head at Randall with a grin, "No, but thanks for asking mate." Looks over to catch Cale's grin. "What, I didn't do it Cale. I promise I didn't this time…" It comes out as a joke.

Kelly moves closely to Cale, tilting her head questioningly as she takes the paper. She studies it, thoughtfully, her eyes narrowing. "I think it could work…" She nibbles on her lower lip, lifting her eyes to Randall at the bar. "No, thank you…. but I'll do your commission if I can." The corners of her mouth tug up, the idea of being paid for art clearly amusing her a little. Keith's joke passes her by, and she turns to speak to Cale, with a slight edge of awkwardness. "Thanks for coming."

Randall returns to the group with drink in hand, at this point he's decided against the wine and is holding a tumbler with what appears to be whiskey in it. "Well if you need any more details Cale has my card. However it is getting quite late and I must be off. My compliments on the show." With this Randall raises his glass and says "Cheers", before draining it. "Oh cheeky little number" he remarks.

Cale arches a brow at Keith, but shakes his head slightly. "Didn't think you did anything," he murmurs. Kelly gets a warm smile and he says, "Of course I came. Not everyday that a friend gets a nice showing like this." He glances around a moment, then looks back to her. "Never know who could be around an event like this. Sometimes people with deep pockets." He smiles and extends a hand just a bit towards her. "I'm glad you're still here," he adds in a softer tone. He looks towards Randall as the man approaches and nods once. "I'll drop by in a few days, likely. Give Kelly a chance to mull over things."

Randall head for the door and is almost out before one of the doormen coughs and nods towards the glass that is still in his hand. "Oh, good point," he says, handing it to the doorman. "Good Night" he says as he leaves.

Keith waves to the departing Randall before looking upon Cale. "Well that's good Cale…" He winks seeming lighthearted. He then nods at Cale's comment switching to look at Kelly. "Yes, quite right indeed."

Kelly replies to Randall before she responds to Cale, hesitating. "Thank you." She murmurs, watching the last of the vampire's entourage leave. Then she turns back to Cale, nibbling on her lower lip, as she reaches to brush his hand with hers, a light touch. "I thought about it and decided to stay. Just to try it."

Cale nods his head. "There's nothing wrong with it. Hurts sometimes, but then.. there are times like this, right?" He brushes her fingers with his lightly. A soft return, but he doesn't linger too long and lets his arm rest at his side once more. "Good times. And I think you've got some coming ahead of you." He cants his head a little. "What'd you think.. 500 per painting? Maybe you could get out some of your favorite sketches for the private show. Finish a few ideas in paint of he likes them enough." His brows lift slightly.

Keith nods at Cale and Kelly. "Cale is quite right, though the time is lingering. I must depart, don't want to keep my lovely hubby waiting back at the apartment." He winks at the other two. "You people have a good evening, you hear?" He then begins his trot to the exit.

Kelly nods, giving Cale a smile, her eyes peeking through her fringe at him. "I'm living over at Lexine's." She tells him softly, and she glances at Keith as he speaks. "Bye." She lifts a hand, a light gesture for the departing man, watching him leave before she turns back to Cale. "Five hundred? Cale, I thought fifty for the CLAW one was a lot…" She shakes her head, moving to begin gathering the pictures up. She stacks them against the bar as she thinks about it. "I should pay Rowan and Rex back."

Cale chuckles lightly as he considers Kelly. He looks to Keith and nods. "Have a good evening." Then he considers Kelly again and says, "I think its a good price. And.. you can visit me any time you wish. I'm sure you know that." he leaves that there. "I might come by.. though I suppose I would have to call first. Just to make sure its ok." He's thoughtful as he watches her collect up the paintings.

"I don't know if …how…" She hesitates, turning around to face him, "Bernard might be over with me. We're kinda sharing a room." Kelly's half smile has a touch of ruefulness about it as she adds, "I got the hang of spending a night. Even agreed together that we won't see anyone else." Her voice is quiet in the emptied nightclub, and she watches him, almost nervously. "I guess it is the same with you."

Cale nods his head slightly and he smiles just a bit. "Yeah, it is." He's quiet for a moment before he steps closer, his voice dipping to be private between them. "I'm happy for you, Kelly. Truly I am. I didn't want you to lose what we built together for you.. the thought that it might be ok. Hearing this.. I do feel better because it means I didn't fail you in the end." His smile grows and he lifts a hand to touch her arm just lightly. "And that we can still be friends.." He sighs and smiles again. "I won't forget what we shared, but I feel more content now. I don't think I could have taken losing touch with you completely. Not after what you did for me."

Kelly hesitates, nibbling her lower lip, watching his reaction, watching him closely as he steps closer. "I'm glad you feel better." She doesn't return the touch, turning away to gather the last of the pictures, glancing around the nightclub. "There. All over." She turns back slowly, her hand resting on the top of the paintings' frames. "I guess I'll see you soon." She brushes past the topic, giving him a bright smile.

"I hope so," Cale says softly. "I feel a bit.. humbled. It's twice I've hurt you and.. you still would trust me this much. I'm not unaware." His hand has moved back to his side when she moved away and he smiles, shaking his head slightly. "You'll probably always be a mystery to me, but I suppose that isn't so bad. Have a good evening, Kelly. You can call.. or visit. No matter what, my door is always open to you. Good luck with the new guy. I hope he's the right one for you." He lingers for a moment or two more before he turns. His hands lift, trying for those pockets again, but his leather jacket is back home and so he has to be content with smoothing his hands over his dressy jacket as he starts away.

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