20110507 - Javier and Robert discuss matters


CLAW HQ: Foyer - Sears Tower - Jackson Street

An elegant, understated lobby, this is the headquarters for the Committee for Lycanthrope Acceptance and Welfare, otherwise known as C.L.A.W.. The receptionists are seated behind a desk, and there are a few seats placed neatly around small tables with the usual magazines laid out. The floor is made from that mock marble, and there are some choice pieces of art on the walls. Closer inspection of these reveals them to be done by artists known to be preternatural of one kind or another, and they are displayed nicely against the subtle tones of the walls here. There are several doors leading off this room, and an air of discretion to the place.




Javier takes a long look around as he walks in.

A Saturday morning and CLAW should be quiet. It is, the only people here the receptionist and Robert. The man is sitting in the foyer, working quietly on papers, having abandoned his office for some reason. That reason may be the coffee machine out here. He looks up as Javier arrives and, leaving the paperwork, rises. "Javier."

Javier looks to Robert and gives him a small nod "Glad to see you here cause I was going to call you and ask you to meet me here. Do you have time to talk? I have concerns that I would like to talk to you about."

"Of course." Robert glances at the papers, picking them up quickly, and gestures towards his office. "Shall we speak in private?" He moves towards the other room, giving the receptionist a nod as he passes, and opens the door, inviting Javier in.

CLAW HQ: Chairman's Office - Sears Tower - Jackson Street(#7771R)

A nice office, with a nice view, and decorated in a continuation of the subtle themes from the foyer. A large desk holds the usual equipment for an office - a computer, some notepads, pens, and so on - and behind it, there is a comfortable looking office chair, with arms, covered in leather. In front of the desk there are several chairs for guests, and to the side, a pair of neat sofas rest facing each other over a small coffee table. Once more, the art on the wall is from those of a preternatural nature, displayed beautifully framed in elegant wooden frames. A bookcase holds files, folders and books, its wood matching the rest of the furniture. Next to it is a matching drinks cabinet, with a selection, predominantly whiskey related.

Javier looks to Robert "Ok let first start witht he major matter. The reason why I did not endorse you to be chairman. Robert when you told about Claw beforewe named it claw you said that was not going to be Wereolf led. Yet with you as chairman what you said would not happen has happened."

Robert gestures to the seating area, inviting Javier to sit, to discuss this. He settles, putting the papers to one side, his attention on the other man. "Every decision is made by the board, Javier. I leave messages asking for your opinion on matters, but there does need to be someone who runs it daily, who answers messages and is publicly the face of it. Do you wish to do that?"

Javier takes a seat "Would I get a chance to fire MaryJane and Erin from this if I did wish to do that. And what exactly are the powers of the chairman other then this great office?"

"You could fire people but you would, as I do, have to justify why to the board and neither of those have given cause. Indeed both have worked hard." Robert frowns, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, his gaze steady on Javier's face. "As for the powers. I administer the trust fund I set up for the use of those in our community. I do the paperwork that comes in, and deal with the requests for aid as best I can."

Javier nods "We both know I do not want to take over. Though I really think we could have waited a week to inform others what it would take to be chairman and to see if they would have wanted it." He now shrugs "Water under the bridge now."

"I asked at that meeting, Javier. When I set this in motion, I had no concept of how large it may grow." Robert's words are mild, but he keeps his gaze on the other man. "I assume there are other issues I should hear then."

Javier shakes his head "You did not ask if we should wait. In fact my memory is a bit fuzzy but did you not nominate yourself? As for the issues they might be your wolves but I know Erin and MaryJane longer then you… they crack under pressure. I would like to make sure we have secondary people in place to be handle what they do just in case."

Robert's tone is mild, neutral, his expression impassive. "I offered to do it, Javier. But I do not see anyone else willing to put their life on hold, nor give up their safety and job to do this. You object that I do this, but you do not want it, nor do the others. Waiting would be illogical and merely slow the process down." He moves on, considering Javier's words. "We should not have any single point of failure and I will ask that both nominate a second able to take their place should it be needed. I will ask the same of Cale, who manages our computers."

Javier shakes his head "If I would objected I would said so then. And would have reminded the council that you said this would not to be werewolf led… which it is. However I said nothing because it is clear you put a lot of time and effort into it which makes you the best person from the job. I am currently in between jobs myself." Javier is supported by the lionesses yes it is good to be King "So I do have the time to do it… but again you are the best person for the job." He pauses then says "Lets say I could find secondary people to do Erin, Cale and my dear old friend MaryJane… would they have the power to report directly to the board about the failures of those above them as well as improvement ideas?"

Robert nods slowly, the man's forehead briefly creasing into a frown before he moves on from the topic of chairman, leaving it behind them. "They could speak directly to me, if they had a concern but I begin to feel that this is a personal issue between you, Erin and MaryJane, and this organisation is not built on the personal, Javier. It is the important that matters here. I will arrange that those three appoint a second but it will be one chosen for their ability to do the job at hand, not for the personal likes nor dislikes of those on the board. As with any of those involved with CLAW, those appointed can speak to me of concerns, ideas or problems, but I will not have those working hard to support the ideal I have built dragged down by personal likes and dislikes. If I can put those aside to work with those I do not care for, then others can."

Javier shakes his head "Should not the board decide who is their second. They pick people that are safe instead of the best. And you can call it personal you can call it political you can call it what ever. I have had Maryjane telling what lies upon me that could have had me attacked and I seen how Erin breaks under pressure. The Pride is involved in this and I would not be doing the Pride nor Claw itself justice by keeping my mouth shut on this so everybody can play nice with each other."

Robert considers Javier for a long moment before he shakes his head. "Then call a board meeting, Javier, since you hold such deep doubt in my ability to work for the best of the organisation than my own interests of that of the wolves. You have your personal issues with those people, and my word is not sufficient. Inform me when the board meeting is and I will attend and they can decide." He rises to his feet, reaching to take the paperwork. "I work hard, Javier, and I do not lie, nor break under pressure, and I will not have my integrity questioned without cause. Contact Jack, Lexine, Forest, Etana, and let me know when I should appear to explain my decisions."

Javier does a little clap "Nice speech but I just got done saying the reason why I did not vote against your nomination is because I believe you are the best person for the job. I would look pretty silly asking for a revote and then vote for you myself. I am not questioning your intergrity I am bringing you information you did not now about. I am not against you Robert… believe me if I was you would know it. I just can't ignore past painful past experiences. And I believe the old saying I am about to butcher is those that do not learn from past mistakes are doomed to repeat them."

"And I am willing to put people in place in acknowledgement of your opinion, to make sure that should either fail me, the organisation will not suffer, Javier. But you ask that the board make these appointments rather than me. If so, the board must meet." He lifts his eyebrows, tilting his head slightly. "Either you trust me to do this job, Javier, or you do not. If I am to take every decision to the board of hiring and firing, I will never cease calling you all. I asked for your decision on th matter of individuals joining us, and as yet, the board has not replied to me. If I were to wait on that for matters as small as who works here…nothing would happen."

Javier shakes his head "I could be wrong but I thought you said you would allow Erin and MaryJane to pick their own second in charge. I do not believe that would have been a good idea. If you are going to pick them instead of MaryJane and Erin then I am more then fine with that. There will be no more need for the board on this matter."

"I will ask them for recommendations. They must be able to work with them, Javier, and for the person to have shown a desire to be involved. Then I will decide." Robert nods then, slowly, tilting his head. "Are there other issues we should discuss?"

Javier grins "Are we trying to get rid of me?" Javier shakes his head "No more issues I wish to bring up for now." He starts to take a few step then stops and says "About Ellen it can't hurt to have her work with us. However she has no major numbers with her so can't be a part of the board. That my two cents on that matter. You know while we are on that matter might as well bring up another issue. You heard about the three pard members that were kicked out of the pard. If they wished to be a part of Claw… could they?"

"Jack has said much the same about Ellen and I feel that is a logical compromise." Robert considers that and then shakes his head. "I believe that any addition to CLAW must be passed through the board, and that, were I in Forest's shoes, I would view that as a conflict of interests." He gives it a moment's more thought before adding, "Were they in a group such as the Indies, Charley's people, who traditionally accept those outcast by others, and Charley wished to join, it would be a different matter. But any member of the board may refuse to allow them to join as a group."

Javier nods "Little known history fact. Charley was not the only independents leader. At one point there was two of them and thus two indy groups. Eric killed off the leader of the other group so of course that grouped fizzled out. This however bring me to the point that the outcast could form their own independent group. If I am not mistaken you said it would need to be voted on by the board to allow a group in? Or is one person on the board rejection all that is needed to deny a group in."

"One person on the board may reject admission by another group, Javier. Otherwise CLAW can be used by groups that are in conflict to harm each other. Those founding members are due the right to deny others entry. In the same manner that I would expect you to refuse to allow those lions cast out of your group to join, I would expect this from Forest." Robert's reply is serious, thoughtful, as he considers the point. "Otherwise the internal battles in the organisation would become thus that cooperation between groups becomes impossible."

Javier nods "That makes sense. I feel bad for those kids but that is another matter. While I would want to offer them my protection that would harm the relationship the Pard and the Pride have." Javier sighs "Sucks when politics get in the way of doing the right thing." Javier now starts to walk off "See your later Robert, catch you at the next meeting I guess."

Robert rises, giving Javier a nod. "I will see you at the next meeting." He moves to pick up his paperwork once more, choosing now to sit at the desk and work through what must be done.

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