20110509 - May Lupanar


Starved Rock State Park: Hennepin Canyon - Illinois

The walls of Hennepin canyon rise around one, topped by a frosting of overhanging pine trees and obscuring most of the valley below from anything overhead. Under the shroud of green, the central river flashes in sparkles here and there, otherwise a winding band of dark water fed by small waterfalls and springs along the way. The canyon widens out in places, etched out by the water over the centuries, affording many fern-filled nooks, crannies, and caverns along the way.
A number of the larger niches have the remains of rough fire-pits in their centers, bones of both large and small game animals about. Unlike many hidden camping areas though, they are amazingly clear of garbage. No beer cans, no hot-dog bags, no candy bar wrappers. Merely ashes, rocks, bones, and the occasional bark-stripped tree.
The main clearing holds a single white rock in its edge, an ancient piece worn smooth, flat on the top. The blood of animal sacrifices stains its side, a smear that fades and reappears with the passing of the moon. The ground around it is flattened by the passing of animals, and people, tracks left across the clearing, and the trees surround it protectively, leaving only a tunnel of light to fall from the sun or moon, illuminating the area.




The night of the Full Moon and the canyon is alive tonight, the scent of the trees welcoming the pack home to the Lupanar. The Call has gone out, an animal sacrificed and the blood smeared on the ancient rock to send it, a piece of ritual magic as old as the pack. The woods acknowledge it, the canyon greeting the pack with a warmth that acknowledges their right to be here on this night. There is movement amongst the trees, pack members arriving in every shape, moving like gliding shadows through the trees, moving almost soundlessly. The wind is still, and the few sounds, the crack of a twig here and there, the rustle of the leaves, they carry on the quiet air. For those that can hear them, on this night, the Munin calls out, wishing to raise their voices with those of the pack. The sense of the beasts inside those moving through the trees can be felt, a vibration throbbing on the air. They come with only natural weapons, a few with knives, but none carry guns here at the Lupanar this night, by Robert's decree.

One of the larger niches has a piece of rock there, deposited by the changes in landscape over the years and worn down to a smooth finish. It is on this rock that Robert is sitting, one leg bent, his arm thrown over his knee. His face is impassive, neutral as he watches the wolves arrive, but his energy and power welcomes them to the Lupanar, prickling over the skin of those near him. The Ulfric is dressed in his old jeans, clothes to shift in, his chest and feet bare and he stands in silence.

Not quite a late arrival, Chazz and MaryJane arrive together. The young man still looks a bit nervous, but his pale grey eyes look for the couple of wolves that he knows, greeting them with a respectful nod as appropriate. Jeans and a button down shirt cover his upper body, and the woman beside him is dressed in scrubs. The pair appear to be having a conversation as they near, though it's kept quiet as not to disturbe the others.

Ricci is dressed in a pair of loose fitting jeans and an overly long shirt that hangs almost to her knees. She walks in with her bodyguard and proceeds to stand off to one side as she watches.

Damien comes out with another of the pack. The past month has been a significant change for the young man. He comes without the air of nervousness that he bore before. There is an air of closer control, yet he's still fresh, the energy within him restless and unruly with the slow nearing of the moon's apex. Arrived, he hangs back a bit, a tree in desperate need of him to keep it upright. Leaned into it, his arms are crossed over his chest, his eyes lowered just slightly with a sense of internal focus. This time he comes ready. A pair of sweats the only visible article he has on.

MaryJane walks in with Chazz and nods her head a bit to what he has said. She smiles a bit and leans in to hug him for a moment before heading off to stand by Robert. She dressed in scrubs but seemingly nice set of flip flops, nods her head to Robert slowly before standing to the right of him.

Raymond has arrived from his own direction and stands in shorts and a t-shirt. He passes the rock Robert is sitting on, offering greeting and respect before passing to stand off to the side. He glances around not sure if Karmen was going to make it back for tonight, or if she had to stay south. He glances around watching and feeling for the others, the new ones specifically.

Logan arrives as usual, shirtless, and wearing a pair of well worn camoflaged jeans. He makes his way at an easy walk through the trees, silent and quietly moving through them until he comes within sight o the rock that Robert sits on. Logan's head tilts to one side, offering the greeting and sign of respect to Robert, then to MJ with slightly less of a tilt and then moves towards the tree that he usually leans against, taking up his spot there with one shoulder pressed against the bark of the tree, nodding to several others that he knows as he does so.

Monty was here before a lot of people, as usual. Now he's crouched in a typical spot, near the Ulfric but not close, off to one side along the outer circle. There's a small growl for anyone looking to stand too close to him at the moment. He's already stripped down, perhaps having run earlier for awhile before the main event.

Making their way into clearing, is Santiago, with Cherish walking at his side. He's dressed comfortably, yet casually - the full moon is no excuse to wear sweats, after all. "It's nice." The man notes to the woman at his side, with a thick Spanish accent, his tone soft.

Casey arrived a bit earlier, driven by Robert, since this is first time trying to find the place and he left the Ulfric to his preparations, burning off some of the nervous energy of the full moon by exploring a bit. Now that people are arriving, he's made his way back, holding himself just a bit apart from the group for the moment. Dressed, somewhat atypically, in a pair of sweat pants and an old ratty button down shirt that has seen much better days, he watches the pack arrive and start to mingle. His expression is somewhat reserved and careful as he apparently tries to work out social dynamics and such.

Dressed in her usual worn jeans and t-shirt, Cherish simply nods. Brushing aside a strand of hair, while the man walks beside her, there is something almost ramrod in her spine that makes her stand straight, as if wanting to be… taller than him, although that's just not going to happen without the nefarious addition of heels, which is not good for wolves. Leaning towards him, she begins to name the wolves he might not know, moving towards Robert to give proper greeting.

After MaryJane's hug, Chazz blushes slightly, then moves to find himself a nearby small boulder. He doesn't try to approach the core of the pack, seemingly satisfied remaining on the outer edges. Taking a seat he begins to remove his shoes, then carefully folds his shirt on top of it. His eyes take in the wolves he hasn't met yet, noticing a good number that might be newer to the pack than himself.

As they arrive, standing in the clearing, Robert jumps from the rock, landing on the ground in front of it, standing upright. Those who offer greetings find them returned, with warmth lurking in the impassive features of the Ulfric. Then he holds his arms open, a welcoming gesture as he turns his head, his gaze jumping from one to another of the wolves, each look heavy with power. The particular power of the Lupanar makes each look into a link, a drawing in of the wolves, and the last look closes that circle, a peak of power that prickles across the skin, raising goosebumps. With that snap of power, Robert speaks, his wolf underlining his words with a low growl from his chest, "Welcome to the Lupanar, my pack. Tonight, we welcome some new to us, introducing them into our pack, our family, and I am sure that people will find their place, their purpose within our group." He moves forward, turning to look at the circle of wolves, one by one, speaking in a low voice. "Each one of you brings strength to our pack and there is not one of you who does not gain strength from the pack. When you feel that you do not have a place, speak with me and I will find one for you." He pauses, allowing time for them to respond and absorb his words.

Damien remains quiet and inwardly focused, the silent roil of his energies fluxing slightly as if answering some silent interaction. Though when RObert's power rises, he shudders faintly and his eyes open in a snap. They focus towards the Ulfric, a soft anticipation in the tension that comes to him. Though his stony expression doesn't speak to the precise nature of that anticipation. For now he does not speak, but he does listen, eyes remaining on Robert.

Logan remains quiet, leaning against his tree, arms folded lightly across his chest in front of him. His grey flecked eyes reflect the faint light of the moon as he watches and listens to Robert. Then he lets his gaze wander over the gathered wolves to take in their own reactions before his gaze shifts back to the Ulfric.

Raymond nods and is smiling broadly, for once he has found his place and is truly happy with that. He smiles at the touch of the power and lets his out and has it about him. It is the full moon, the time of the wolves, time to exhult in what they are. He glances around the area, taking in the new wolves, watching them curiously for a moment and then back to Robert.

As Robert begins to speak, Monty stands up from his crouched position and watches both him and the gathered wolves, alert. His own heated, restless energy is freely offered to the pack and his Ulfric.

MaryJane listens quietly as she watches Robert's movements as well. She slides her hands behind her back. Her eyes then move over each wolf that has come tonight. Noting some that are missing and closes her eyes a moment letting her wet her lips, before opening up her eyes. She looks back to Robert before gazing out again.

Kevin, clad in nothing but shorts, having greeted the Ulfric properly, becomes just another part of the crowd, just another part of the pack. The big black-skinned man with the amber eyes of a wolf is present, but not pushing himself forward or retreating.

Ricci watches everyone as if she's making mental notes to find each person here after the gathering. Her golden eyes glint with interest as they fall on the new people. However, as always, they turn back towards Robert and await his next orders or words.

Casey lets out a very quiet sigh as that energy spreads out and his eyes half-close a moment as he basks in that first taste of the distinctive 'feel' of this particular Ulfric, his power and that of the pack in general. a certain tension that had nothing to do with the moon fades a bit as Robert speaks and his deep nod to the Ulfric conveys both thanks and an understanding of the man's words. He glances around, perhaps curious about who else is new and then returns his attention to Robert.

Santiago stops, when he reaches the borders of the gathering, his nose tilting towards the air to.. take in all that is the Lukoi. His arms cross, and he.. watches, as Robert speaks, head tilting. Curiosity. Though, at Robert's words? His eyes shift in Cherish's direction. One of those looks that wordlessly says 'see?'.

Having greeted the Ulfric, Cherish allows the usual leash that holds her wolf to loosen. Exhaling, she turns just in time to catch Santiago's 'see' expression. A soft, wolfish snort is the only response she gives him. A flicker of tongue across her lips and she reaches to tug her shirt over her head.

"We are Lukoi, we are not whole when separatated from our pack, and we work at our best when we work together. Look what our pack has brought together? We have a place of safety for us. We have healers and a hospital of our own, and enough funds in the world to support our needs. What more could a pack need?" He pauses for a moment before the timbre of his voice changes, "I will tell you. A pack needs a heart and a head. Each of you is part of that, and I am proud of my pack. You find your places and accept them without rancour, you work for the pack according to your abilities and you grow strong. I am proud to be your Ulfric, because you are a good pack!" He pauses then, giving time for words to be considered, responded to. "Are any of you in need of speech this Lupanar?"

The corners of Logan's lips twitch slightly upward in a smile at Robert's words and he shakes his head just slightly at the request for comment or speech, should the Ulfric look in his direction. While waiting to see if there are any that do have anything to say Logan takes off his pants in preparation for the run that is about to follow, his own wolfish energy let out from behind the tight control he usually keeps on it.

Damien seems to mutely chew over the words that Robert says. Though his expression rarely says much of what lies in his mind, that thought is suggested at. Just not what direction those thoughts turn. He takes and releases a low breath, his eyes finally straying when the floor is opened. He does not seem to require such himself, but he scans others quietly, the broadening outward sweep of his eyes catching occasionally on those that he has seen before, but for now little else.

A subdued heat flows from Chazz, the young man now sitting nude on his boulder at the edge of the pack. His eyes watch Robert and those about him closely, a silent shake of his head at the question directed to the pack. Slow, deep breaths are given, his pale grey eyes closing slightly as he listens for any further words.

Raymond shakes his head, Karmen is either late getting back or got stuck further south so any speech he had is not for now. He looks around a little but mostly keeps his attention on Robert.

MaryJane watches Robert as she moves to get closer to the boulder and shakes her head slowly at the need for a speech.

Casey listens gravely to Robert's words and then his eyebrows arch as the Ulfric opens the floor. There is a momentary flash of humor in his expression before he covers it quickly, once again looking about, perhaps this time to see if anybody will take Robert up on the offer. Noticing that people seem to be preparing to shift, he starts disrobing, folding his shirt and jogging pants neatly and then setting them aside where he can hopefully find them later.

Monty has nothing to say so he stays where he is in silence. His energy pulsing quietly to the call of the moon and the feel of pack all around.

Cherish seems to have nothing to say, scanning the crowd briefly before she tugs at the button of her jeans.

Ricci has nothing as she watches the wolves.

Kevin doesn't have anything to say; he proves it by relaxing and letting the moon take him. People standing nearby get spattered with translucent goo as the big man becomes a huge wolf.

Raymond smiles a little and then steps foreward. He sees Karmen making her way through the trees and holds out his hand towards her, "You made it back." he says to her and then turns and looks towards Robert, "Ulfric, I would like a moment to make an annoucement to my pack, my family." he says as he lets his energy back out to brush amongst others.

Robert steps back, leaning against the rock, making a gesture to indicate that Raymond has the floor. There is a flicker of a smile in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth tug up slightly beneath the beard.

Logan shifts his gaze towards Raymond as he starts to speak, eyes flickering to Karmen a moment as she arrives and then moving back towards Raymond, listening quietly from where he leans against a tree.

Karmen has been somewhere. Where? Who knows. Walking up next to Raymond her hand slips into his own as fingers entwine with his. She's silent tonight, a faint smile on her lips as her eyes skim those who are present before landing finally on the Ulfric. An apologetic nod to Robert on her part before squeezing at Ray's hand.

Damien lets his eyes linger for a few moments on Raymond as he speaks, his eyes flicking towards the direction his arm goes out to. His expression remains a simple one, though a twitch within prompts a soft frown after and his eyes seal as he focuses inward again with an expression of mild discomfort. But he is listening.

Chazz looks up as he hears Raymond's voice, but the young man doesn't speak.

Una's gaze moves to Raymond, as he speaks. The woman shifts from foot to foot as she does so, energy something barely contained.

Raymond takes a deep breath, "I would like to make it known to my family, the only family I have, that I have asked Karmen for her hand in marriage and she said yes. We are not sure when the wedding will happen, but we are now engaged." of course the two have been mated for a while, but they are taking it a step further.

Not knowing the pair, Chazz smiles, nodding his head towards them in congratulations. His grey eyes shift away rapidly though, looking through the crowd for reactions, and up towards those that lead the pack.

Karmen is silent as Raymond speaks about their engagement, and once he's done she adds on, "We are unsure of what the actual wedding plans shall be, but we do know that we want to include the pack fully in the happiness we have found with each other as you are our family. We also have plans to perhaps host a pack cookout at our new home, and when the time comes, we hope all of you can make it." That said from Karmen, she goes silent again, letting Raymond lead it.

Cherish doesn't look up, she keeps her eyes on her bare feet, her fingers working slowly on the same button on the fly of her jeans she's been working on for a few minutes now. Pesky button. A slow breath is inhaled, her shoulders, relaxing and at last, she lifts her head and looks to the pair, offering a brief, but genuine smile. "Congratulations."

Kevin chuffs in a congratulatory fashion, tail waving his approval.

Damien opens his eyes to glance towards the pair, his energy quiet again for the moment. His head cants and he merely listens, his expression not shifting from it's even stoicism. He simply nods, his attention shifting to a more general focus. Flicking across Cherish casually, a notice of her in a more specific sense. He smirks faintly to himself, then lets his eyes continue along.

Santiago's hand drops onto Cherish's shoulder a moment, at her.. focused attention on the button of her jeans. A firm squeeze, before he begins to pull his shirt over his head - dropping it to the side.

MaryJane turns to look at Raymond after looking around the pack. She moves her hands together and softly claps. "Congratulations, to both of you." She says wholeheartedly.

Logan lets a bit of a smile flicker across his expression and he nods in silent congratulations to Raymond and Karmen both. His hangs his jeans over the branch of a tree and then leans back against it, waiting.

Una smiles towards Raymond and Karmen, brightly. "Congratulations," she adds to the chorus, seeming genuinely happy for the pair. She continues shifting her weight from foot to foot, waiting.

"As we see. Each finds their place, and each finds their strength in the pack. Congratulations, both of you, and may you never run short of deer that stumble in front of you." Robert is smiling, a true one, a rare thing, his eyes warm and his energy mirrors that emotion, warm affection sent towards the couple. "The time for words is over then. The Full Moon calls to our blood, and we will answer it." Robert steps forward again, the man's power spreading outwards from him, touching the pack as his fur flows over his body like water. Muscles form and shift, his bones change, and the clear liquid that gushes from his body falls to the floor below him, as the wolf appears, large, grey with the rich amber eyes. As soon as it is done, the hunt begins, and Robert shakes his coat before launching himself into the woods.

Cherish shrugs Santiago's touch off, not a rough motion but she does shrug it off, glancing towards him with a small shaking of her head. That single motion says, this is personal, don't touch me. A glance towards the other wolves, a glance down again and with grace, as much grace as one has while shucking off their jeans, she slips out of her jeans. No sooner is that done, then Robert changes and Cherish does the same, a brown wolf shaking off the goo.

After the announcement and Robert's shifting, Chazz rises from his boulder. Grey eyes seek through the pack, touching one member than another before settling on one of those near the front. He smiles, and moments later there is the contortion of his body as he begins to shift, taking the form of a midsized black and grey wolf. As his shifting finishes, he releases a rich howl, jaws reaching for the moon.
Chazz assumes a look of combined pain and ecstasy as his body distorts, leaving him in the form of a gray and black wolf.

Logan starts off after Robert in a two legged run, only to shift into the large gunmetal grey timber wolf that is his wolfish form. His large shoulders are given a heavy shake to settle his fur and then he's off at a lope after the Ulfric, his eyes a silvery grey in the moonlight as his powerful form bounds through the woods with all the noise of a ghost in the forest.

Logan growls and shifts into a large dark grey wolf with grey highlights at hackles and the tip of it's tail.

MaryJane moves to take off the flip flops before just shifting within her scrubs. Hey you can always get more scrubs out there, they are pretty cheap considering. As the scrubs are torn and tossed out by shaking, she gets the goo off of her as well.

Damien grunts softly to himself as Robert starts to initiate the hunt. He's not slow in pushing down his sweats then, though gravity does much of the work. His change coming even as he steps out of them. A bit uncontrolled now that its started. Still fresh, but mildly used to it. It hurts, but he suppresses the expression of it as much as he can. Fur coming, skin flowing off as he becomes a large, slate furred wolf. One that has the wolf's instincts at the fore, but with a soft haze of only half subdued intellect from Damien. There is a brief pause, an air of uncertainty about Damien before he darts after Robert and others who do the same.

Raymond smiles a little and then moves to give Karmen a quick kiss and then releases the hold he has had on his beast, to let the shift occur. His eyes goes to the newer wolves, watching for any that might make a move.

The young man's bone crack and he seems to swell and then explode in goo, leaving a large silver wolf.

Karmen presses her lips to Raymond's for a soft, chaste kiss as everyone else is shifting. Then she moves out of her clothes quick like before shifting, tawny hair flowing over her as she takes on her wolf form.

Finally! The look of Una's face says as people begin taking their wolf form. She's quick to strip, tossing her clothing behind a rock befoe she, too, gives herself over to the wolf.

Casey sighs in relief as other people start to shift and he gives in to the instinct himself for the first time with his new pack, his eyes going the orange-gold of his wolf as he looks around one last time, as though trying to memorize who is who before the change takes him entirely.
Casey drops to all fours as fur and fangs erupt, bones shift and mass is gained as he transforms into his wolf.

Robert has his twin wolves with him, releasing the other bodyguards to run for their own pleasure tonight. He gives them a hard time to keep up with him, using the bushes to hunt them the moment he can lose them, and he turns, sneaking up on Cherish, leaping from behind a bush at her.

The brown wolf that is Cherish stretches, lazily, waiting for Robert and Logan, as well as a few others to lead the hunt before she begins. Maybe giving them a head start, maybe giving herself a challenge. Unsuspecting of the Ulfric, as she turns to look over her shoulder at Santiago, she's ambushed! A surprised growling yelp before she blinks, snorts and nips at the Ulfric's muzzle playfully.

Already nude, it's just the shifting that Monty has to follow through on. And of course that doesn't take much thought at this point. He shifts, shameless and trusting of those around him not to take advantage of the momentary vulnerability. Once everything's in order and he can shake himself out, he takes off to enjoy the hunt, be it with the group or a rabbit on the side.

Una shifts, fur spilling out over her body in a splater of goo, accompanied by the sound of shifting bones and muscles.

Kevin pounds along with the pack after the Ulfric, running just after the alphas. Great black paws cover the ground as he runs, tongue lolling out and ears pricked up.

Raymond shakes a bit to get some of goo from self and others off and then turns to nip at Karmen a moment before he takes off to join in with the others. Playful still at the moment, but aware of where the others are, watching and ready for chances to take his place when prey is scented and the hunt begins.

Logan follows Robert off into the woods, taking a moment to brush by Cherish and Damien both, each one given a playful brush of his shoulder against theirs before he's by them and moving to take his place near the very front of the pack.

Una's lupine form brushes against Casey's, a brief greeting, before she too takes off, joining thoe that hunt. She pours on the speed, aiming to join those that run right behind the Alphas, gaining ground on Kevin.

Damien conducts himself with a soft randomness to his actions. The beast's instinct leads, but at times it wavers a bit, as if the intellect within pushes forward now and then. Thus he's given to occasional stops and starts as instincts free action is occasionally paused by intellects calculation and thought. Logan's brush is returned lightly. Not aggressive, but acknowledged before he continues, mostly milling with the majority of the pack before the true hunt begins.

Waiting a few long moments as much of the pack rushes by, the wolf that was Chazz looks entertained at the going ons about him. Another howl and he takes off, movign towards where Robert and the other leaders were. As he nears MaryJane he take a playful nip, leaping over her as he does. A second nip, and he moves to chase after the pack.

Cherish's yelp is met with a laughing look from the Ulfric, his tongue hanging out in a broad wolf grin. He starts to run, a full out straight run to take his place at the head of the pack, seeking prey for them to hunt.

Santiago's change is quick, a flow of fur and goo, that accompanies the change - before a 'salt and pepper' wolf, stands where the man one was. It takes him a few moments to shake himself off, and stretch. He's about to nip at Cherish and run, when Robert comes up - bringing a pause. He does, however, offer Robert a greeting - before he takes off in a run. It's good to stretch the legs finally.

Blinking at the nips, the jet black wolf, aka Mary Jane, starts her run. She playfully pounces and and over Chazz a bit kind of playing leap wolf to tease him a bit while she nips him back in return.

Karmen moves along with Raymond for a bit, still playful, but as the line of the pack begins to form she gives a jumpy lick to his muzzle before pulling away from him and moving up in the line. A small sneeze from her, something no doubt flying yp her nose.

Cherish is right on his tail, making her way up through most of the pack, but lingering back behind Monty, as proper. If Santiago catches up to her, she bumps and nips at him, attempting to say just a little bit ahead of him it seems in the pack line.

Kevin runs with Cherish and then Karmen, just after the acknowledged alphas of the pack. He's aware of other wolves trying to get ahead, but will do his utmost to stop any that aren't Robert, MaryJane, Logan or Monty from doing just that.

A playful yip, and Chazz rolls with MaryJane as she 'attacks' him. The smaller wolf rubs against her as they play, chasing the pack as they tease. The smaller wolf is knocked to the ground by her bulk, but he bounces quickly, Catching her tail as she moves past him.

Casey takes a few steps out of the puddle of goo being absorbed into the ground and then gives a long stretch and shake, followed by an almost fussy shake of his paws, one by one to get the residue off. At last satisfied with his relative cleanliness, the rangy reddish-tan wolf takes off after the main body of the pack, moving fast despite being somewhat more compact than many of them. He doesn't try to get too familiar with anyone just yet, apparently content to just be allowed to hunt with them.

Logan moves easily, ghosting through the trees near at the front of the pack, only behind Robert and MJ should she move forward, or Riley should choose to join the hunt instead of guarding the Ulfric. His head turns and he looks back over his shoulder at the pack behind for a moment and then looks forward once more, letting out a long loud howl as he exults in the run and the hunt.

Damien circles to follow after the rest once Robert starts off on the hunt itself. Mildly social himself, he breaks off quickly when that time comes. Focus tightening without trouble on what is to come. He neither pushes ahead, not lingers back. Going with the flow of things in a general sense.

MaryJane's wolf like laugh happily echos as she teases and plays with Chaze as they run. She tries to keep her tail from him while she heads after Robert. Seems there is a spring to MJ's run and tries not to knock Chazz off his game.

Raymond as the hunt starts more in earnest he takes off to get into things. He keeps his place close to Una and Kevin, Karmen and Cherish but not trying to overtake. There are occasional looks and senses for others moving to overtake and he doesn't plan on letting anyone just move past. He isn't going to try to push past, but he isn't giving up any ground either.

The pack's scent startles a deer, and Robert lengthens his stride, turning to give chase. Riley is left to follow him, the (npc) twins not far behind. His pleasure in the run, in the hunt, shows in his body language, the Ulfric's tongue hanging out in a grin.

The wolf that is Una gives Kevin a look that seems to read as, 'So we meet again!'. She moves, trying to push past him, teeth shown in an open challenge. Try and stop me, that baring of teeth says.

Kevin does indeed try to stop Una. He uses his size to his advantage, trying to shoulder her and force her to drop back.

Logan moves as the hunting wolves should, ranging out to one side of the deer as Robert takes after it, letting out another long low and this time menacing growl to add yet more fear and terror to the running game..playing the foil to Robert's attack.

While other's jockey for position, Chazz plays with the larger female at his side. He nips at her briefly as the pack runs, staying close to her as they do. Jaws are wide, tongue lolling as those eyes dance through the crowd.

Karmen runs along side Kevin, and when Una picks a challange whether it good fun or not with Kevin. Karmen stays out of it. She'll only interfere if she's bothere, or if her place in the pack is bothered.

Damien doesn't try and push forward, but once a target is acquired by the pack, he's one of those that look to circle, a broad loop cut, his growl rolling forth deeply when he's put out enough distance. His focus is tightly narrowed and he keeps it on assisting with the kill.

Una's intent only seems to be Kevin, for the current time. As he does not yield to her passing, she issues a low warning growl before launching herself at him with teeth and intent.

MaryJane runs happily with Chazz as she teases him a bit as she then. She nods Chazz to show him that there is a challenge going on it seems.

Kevin is lightly scored by Una's fangs, but his own flash in response. He's not giving up his position without a fight, and while the smaller wolf may be faster and driven to advance, he's bigger and driven to keep his place.

Robert's pace doesn't slow, the Ulfric aware of the challenge but allowing it to go forward. He turns the deer, chasing it faster, the grin fading into the joy of the hunt.

Raymond slows a bit as the two start to get a little violent, but watches for others trying to take advantage or pass him, which is really something that he doesn't want to let happen. He waits to see what happens with Kevin and Una.

Casey holds back a bit and watches, curious to see how this new pack resolves issues, apparently. Those orange-gold eyes are watchful, even he does let out a low 'chuffing' noise at the scent of wolf blood as things resolve.

The wolf that is Cherish slows, trotting as she too pauses to watch the resolve of rank and who gets to the head of the pack.

Chazz notes the activity ahead of them, leaping briefly to see where it is. As he runs with the wolf that was MaryJane he watches the fight, sniffing deeply as blood touches the air.

Una lets out a quiet yelp as Kevin's fangs sink into her. She doesn't seem about to stop just yet, however, her small form wheeling around, launching towards Kevin in another attack.

Karmen gives a low growl from her throat as Kevin and Una get into it, the tawn wolf moving to give them space but keeping her position. Moving over to Cherish she bumps her shoulder lightly, but stays in complete equalness with the other other rank counterpart. So when she slows, Karmen slows.

Logan's ears flick back slightly as he hears the snarls of a challenge behind him, but he keeps his focus forward on the hunt..adding speed and purposefully being noisy to keep the deer's fear level up.

Kevin manages to avoid Una's fangs, but his own miss their target, jaws snapping shut on thin air as he tries to defend himself and his position.

A part of Damien notices the hunt, a brief falter in his circling. But he pushes back into it, letting the conflict resolve itself. Instinct is focused on the hunt and remains so after that moment. He rumbles deeply as he keeps pace with the alphas, but out at a wide distance to keep the deer from circling back to an open side.

MaryJane slowly moves down her run to a trot with Chazz as she tilts her head a bit to see if either needs to be healed or not. She gently gives Chazz a nuz while she watches.

Cherish grumbles softly as she is bumped, but it's clearly a playful sound and she nudges Karmen as well, before nipping at the other wolf's ear.

Una's attempt at Kevin may have missed the first time, but once again she goes for him. Her teeth are quick and sharp, and they land in a spot by his left flank. The growl she gives is low, firm.

Raymond looks over ahead to Karmen and Cherish and really wishing to push forward to join them, but he is not ready to try and challenge the two that are fighting. There is another reason he watches as well that might only be apparent to a few.

Bleeding heavily from the gashes left in his flank, Kevin's fangs snap in retaliation. His is a solid hit, but hers slows him, and when she moves to pass he lets her. He drops back to run just behind her, wounds beginning to heal.

Una gives another little yip when she's bit by Kevin, and then acknowledges his yielding by pressing forward further. She keeps the pace so she stays just infront of him, limping just a little as her wounds heal.

Once the tussle is over, Cherish nips at Karmen and darts off. Where is that pesky deer!? She's starving! Moving as fast as those four legs will carry her, she attempts to catch up with the ones that didn't stop for the show and are still on the trail of the deer.

Karmen gives a thick lick of her tongue to Cherish's ear in a playful manner, much like wet willy but wolf style. Then she's darting off after the deer as well, tongue lolling out as she moves.

The scent of blood teases Chazz's nose, and the smaller wolf continues moving with the pack. As the fight resolves itself, grey eyes watch, and he picks up his speed to close on the deer that the pack is trailing.

Raymond moves up to nudge Kevin a little offering assistance if he wants it, but it isn't the kind of trying to challenge or over take him. He makes sure to watch for the others trying to over take.

MaryJane's shoulders shrug a bit and then heads off again to try and find where Robert has gone to. Oh where oh where can my Ulfric be? The deer seem to take him away from us, oh we have to try to be good so we can find the Ulfric and the deeeeeer.

Logan continues his work to ensure the deer is scared out of it's mind so that it tires enough to either make a mistake and stumble or create an opening for the Ulfric to take it.

Kevin seems - perhaps bizarrely - proud of the blood flowing down his flank. His body-language conveys that to him, it's a badge of honour, and something he's delighted to be able to wear.

The Ulfric and the deer are having some strictly personal time, his stride nearing and Logan's distraction brings that stumble. Then the Ulfric leaps, landing against the deer's haunches to knock it, to let the other wolves capture it together.

As Robert and Logan close on the deer, Chazz circles the pack, watching as his larger companion moves through it towards the Ulfric. Grey eyes flash briefly as he watches Robert knock into the deer, and a loud howl escapes his lips. It isn't his place to move up in the hunt yet, so for now, he waits.

Cherish is behind the Ulfric, Logan, Monty and the twin bodyguards, as the head wolf makes the deer stumble. She circles around, growling, finding a spot to help and take down the animal by biting at it's ankles. Ankle biter!

Damien circles around once the deer goes down, fading back towards the majority of the pack without much hitch to his movements. One or the other more firmly in control now. His head lifts and a deep, rolling howl is released as he settles into a trot.

MaryJane moves around to cut off the escape route of the deer and slowly lowers herself a bit to get the deer to move back to the pack. She growls at the dear while Robert makes his move and then moves to get to the neck.

Logan leaps at the deer's throat as the Ulfric knocks it off it's balance and Cherish tugs at it's heels, working as part of the pack to bring the game down. His powerful jaws find it's throat as it turns to avoid MaryJane's attack, and he brings it the rest of the way down, only to let go of the animal once that's done. With a bloodied muzzle he holds his head up high and howls triumph at the moon while he waits for those that should be ahead of him to take their share.

Raymond circles around the other side to help block off escape, too many right on the deer, but that happens. He watches and is wary, waiting.

Karmen trots along with Cherish, attacking at the deer as well when her turn comes, fangs sinking into it's thigh as the sound of ripping flesh happens.

Cherish pulls back just a bit, once the deer is taken down, allowing the Ulfric and the others in rank above her to have the first bloody mouthful or five. As the others howl, she pitches back her head and joins in the cacophony.

The Ulfric moves around the corpse, lifting his muzzle to howl, his voice strong, before he moves in, claiming his first feed. He takes his time this month, tearing at the flesh and gulping it down. Then he moves to one side, settling on his haunches as he watches to see who moves next.

Logan waits for MJ to take her share, and Riley should he choose to partake, before moving in to take his own choice section. Once again, any others that might attempt to take theirs before him are warned off with a low growl and a flash of teeth. Once he's had his peice he moves off to one side, sprawling out on the ground as he relaxes after the long run.

The wolf that is Cherish waits for Logan and Monty to have their fill before she moves in, finding meat and blood with her teeth for a satisfying rip. Paws move to hold the carcass down as she pulls from it her share.

Una has joined in the pack's howl, adding her voice to their call. She waits for her turn to partake in the deer's flesh, taking only a mouthful before trotting off to the side, happily.

Kevin joins in with the howl, and when Una moves, he's there after her to take his own bite. He's content, and more than content.

MaryJane takes her share and thanks Logan for waiting before she moves off to the side and starts to eat. She lays down and starts slowly so she can enjoy what she has.

Damien will move in once the more ambitious have. Again, lingering in the midst of things. Though once he has had his share, he pauses, head shaking slightly. The awareness within pushes forward strongly and there is a moment before he turns and moves off, with no particular direction intended, it might seem. A bit of distance put between him and the pack, though he won't be out of sight, before he sits. His body language off just a bit, though the reason why remains unsaid.

As the pack moves in, so does Chazz. He takes his place towards the head of the newest wolves of the pack, eyes looking to take the mose choice of the remaining bits in a large bite. Wolfing it down he circles back a little, not quite laying down yet, but prowling almost playfully.

Raymond gets his piece in order and then moves over to lay down next to Karmen as he starts to chew on the small chunk of meat he took.

Robert moves slowly, rising from his seat to move through the pack, brushing against sides her and there, moving to where Damien has moved apart. There he nudges the young wolf with his nose, a light nip against his ruff and a grumbling noise. A reassuring movement.

Cherish is full of deer, but apparently not tired. As Chazz circles, she shifts on silent feet to prowl after the young wolf. Darting forward, she nips at his tail, trotting up beside him and giving him a nip on the ear as well, ready to pull back to escape or perhaps to ready retaliation for any movement he might give.

MaryJane's tongue licks her lips as she looks up and tilts her head a bit. She softly wolf laughs at Cherish and Chazz as she watches them play. Seems she finds it enjoyable to watch things happen.

Una takes her time with the meet in her maw. Her gaze follows Chazz, still unfamiliar to her, and she snorts a wolven laugh as Cherish nips him. Rising to her feet once more, she moves toward Kevin with friendly posture, licking the flank she wounded, giving him that same 'no hard feelings?' gesture she had the last time they battled for position.

Damien focuses on Robert as he draws near. A faint air of uncertainty slipping in. The nip makes him tense just a bit, but after a moment he relaxes. The intellect is riding higher at the moment and there is a soft frustration that passes across the slate wolf's eyes. But after a moment he huffs and it fades. Pragmatism. His attention remains a bit distracted.

The nip on the tail brings a slight yelp from Chazz, and the wolf spins quickly as Cherish moves up to his side. His tongue lolls out, and he takes a broad lick of her cheek before darting forward, leaping over one of the resting wolves in a teasing attempt to play with her.

Casey has been watchful and quiet for this time. As befits the newest wolf, at least for this first hunt, he waits until most of the others fed before ripping off a piece for himself and retreating a ways to chew the gristly bit of food, still observing the goings-on carefully. He's not exactly apart from the pack but he's also not presuming any particular closeness just yet. There is a sense of careful reservation that is perhaps a holdover of his human personality.

Damien's reaction is clearly what the Ulfric was aiming at, and he pads away, moving towards the rock, to drop to the grass in front of it. He drops his head on his paws, watching them with an air of contentment.

Kevin looks up when Una approaches, lowering his head to her in obvious submission. When she licks his flank he licks hers in turn. No hard feelings at all.

Cherish postures for play, surely that goofy canter and slapping attempt at whacking Chazz could be nothing more. As he leaps over the resting wolf, she slowly circles around the resting pack mate instead, eyes on Chazz with mischievous twinkling obvious. Getting as close as she can without Chazz darting off, suddenly she leaps, loose and easy, attempting to pin the wolf down as she nisp at his neck and ears.

MaryJane gives another wolf laugh as she watches the C named twins play about. She turns over on her side relaxing a bit. She watches as it brings her happiness to see the two playing together.

Dodging around his packmates until Cherish catches up with him, Chazz rolls as she leaps at him. The escape isn't clean though, and as he crouches she catches him, nipping and wetting the fur about his skull. There is a playful whine as he wiggles, moving to escape her should she shift enough to let him escape.

Una gives Kevin a wolf-y grin, clearly pleased. She brushes her side against his before darting off into the woods for one reason or another.

Damien settles somewhat himself, a certain air of the man settling in about the wolf. Quiet, 'stony'. He turns his attention to those at play, but is content to leave them at it, quietly watching it somewhat, though not exclusively as his attention shifts about. Not just eyes, but ears, flicking towards sounds within and outside of the pack. Still a touch distractible with his enhanced hearing.

Cherish holds Chazz, for a few more moments, making sure that his scruff and ears are likely wet with wolf drool. At last, she lets him up, letting him wiggle away as she remains laying, lazy and content with tongue hanging out. If he trots away from her, she gives him one last nip at his heels before she rests muzzle on paw and half closes her eyes.

Raymond watches the others but for the moment is content to lay there nuzzling up to Karmen as he finishes eating and licks his muzzle and paws clean. He looks up and glances over at some of the others.

The Ulfric watches the playing, his wolf eyes regarding them thoughtfully, observing who is where.

MaryJane laughs softly as she sits up wards and gently moves a bit to stand. She goes over to Cherish and gives her a sloppy wolf lick on Cherish's check. She gives her a nip as she grins happily.

Karmen continues to lay there with Raymond, her head lowering to lay on his forepaws as she watches the going ons. Eyes drift shut though as she lazies out, perhaps even drifting off into a half slumber.

Another final nip at Cherish's nose, then the smaller wolf rubs his cheek to hers before leaping over her and circling about MaryJane. Chazz slides up along the larger black wolf, and takes a gentle nip of her ear, leaning heavily against her.

Casey finishes his tidbit, not exactly full but content to stretch out and close his eyes, taking in the scent of the pack and various members thereof, learning, processing and memorizing. His ears twitch a little, occasionally at the various sounds of the group at rest and play, variously.

Cherish is licked and nipped by MJ and she gives a content grumble, nuzzling up against the wolf's chest as Chazz circles the pair of females and leans against the one still standing. Cherish huffs, a humored sound as she settles her muzzle on her paws once more, licking at her still blood stained maw with a swipe of tongue.

Raymond mms a little and lays his head over Karmen's and looks around still watching, ready to move if he is needed, but at peace for the moment, right where he is.

Logan shifts back up upright from where he'd laid down on his side, his mouth open and tongue lolling out in a purhaps surprisingly playful grin for him as he looks around and watches Cherish and Chazz at play and then MJ's approach.

MaryJane chuckles as she does the wolf sisterly thing and nudges up against Cherish and then sits down gently to keep her company. Those eyes twinkle a bit when Chazz is near and leans against her. She gently nips playfully back at him as well and gives him a wolf slobber lick against his muzzle too.

Damien remains silent, but becomes distracted. his head turning slightly this way, then that. Slow and deliberate, though his attention falls more inward than out. The movements spaced out some. What it is that lies within is unclear, but his energy does start to roil slightly again. In a more controlled manner, though not entirely so.

Much like her more domestic counterpart, Cherish leans up against the other wolf and lays muzzle on the wolf's back as she relaxes in what might be called a small wolf pile. Reaching over MaryJane, she playfully raises a paw as if to smack Chazz.

The pup-like energy continuess with Chazz, visibly more comofrtable with the pack and htose around him than he was just a month ago. The wolf draws his muzzle back playfully as first MJ licks him, then his grey eyes notice Cherish's paw. There is a sparkle in them, and he snaps his head forward, nipping at the extended paw.

Robert rolls over, making a low grumbling noise as he crashes out, the picture of the sleeping wolf.

MaryJane just laughs softly between the two she's laying with. She gently bats at Cherish playfully depending Chazz before letting out a soft yup with her wolf voice. She softly pants with her tongue off to the side.

Limp pawed, so to speak, Cherish's paw is nipped as Chazz's head darts forward. A rolling, playful grumble comes from the wolf and she paws once at the air, like.. do that again, and I'll getcha. Either that, or someone has taught the wolf how to beg with one paw, as to the human eye it might be a similar posture.

Raymond does get some mirth from watching MJ, Cherish and Chazz and there is curiousity there too, but he is happy right where he is at and his eyes half close as well.

Chazz lowers his head, 'hiding' from Cherish as he slides tightly against MaryJane. His muzzle is near MJ's ear, and his tongue reaches out, licking it once as he pants.

Logan glances around at the various wolves about him and then get's back up to his feet in a smooth motion. He glances at Robert for a moment and notes the other sleeping and then slips off silently into the shadowed trees after he gazes around at the rest of the wolves, gunmetal grey coat blending with the night and he disappears into the forest with the faintest of sounds and a flash of moonlight on his silver-grey eyes.

Cherish grumbles again, softly as Chazz hides behind MJ's form. She lowers her paw, resting on the other female lightly, returning her muzzle to where it was before, also leaning on her packmate. A faint snort and lazy eyes behind to half close. Sleeeepy wolf.

MaryJane snorts a moment as Cherish goes to bed but she wolfingly lays down and puts her head down by Chazz's head. She woffs softly to him.

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