Survivalist Compound: Central Meadow - Wauconda, Illinois

The center of the compound is a gently rolling meadow that stretches on for several acres. The northern end of the meadow has been altered from its natural state, carved by Man into the particular slopes and angles of a golf course. There are no more than three holes, but several small sand pits are scattered in the northern area. To the south of the mini-course is a large pond that was here long before the touch of developers. Occasionally, the splash of a fish ripples the surface of the water. The southern end of the long meadow smoothes from rolling ground into more of a plain with tall grasses that can hide abundant wildlife like rabbits and fowl. It is not unusual for ducks to frequent the pond or for turkeys to be seen wandering the treeline. White-tailed deer often wander the acreage, pausing to drink at the pond or to nibble the grasses.
The sky is blue and cloudless, the sunlight is bright, and a cool wind blows from the north.

It's Thursday, May twenty-sixth 2011. 12:04 pm <noon>

The sun is up. The new moon is up. <03.3% full and fading>
The tide is high and slack.

The sky is blue and cloudless, the sunlight is bright, and a cool wind blows from the northwest. The average temperature is around Fifty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, Fifteen Centigrade.



It's early evening and the meadow clearing of the pard sanctuary is quiet, but the insects and birds. Dylan called Keith to take him up on his challenge and arranged for a ranking and powerful alpha to be here. He watched the road leading to the compound ahead of time, keeping alert for surprises and being willing to fade back into the woods and live to fight another day if Keith didn't come alone. He's dressed in just a pair of cut off jogging pants, the hems ragged and just below the knees, having laid the rest of his clothing aside. He waits, his beast giving the sense of pacing against the cage walls of his flesh.

Being that its early evening and the Pard sanctuary is quiet, Keith's car roars up and can be heard from a fair distance away. He's clearly revving for this fight to be ended soon. Dylan had called to accept the challenge thereby allowing Keith the opportunity to settle what needs to be settled. It's clear that Keith's on the phone as he speaks at a normal level of voice. "Yeah Crystal, I'll be careful… /don’t worry/ Crystal, I am just challenging Dylan to the challenge." He chuckles shaking his head. "Alright, I love you too." He then hangs up his cell phone before placing it onto his passenger seat. Keith is dressed in very preppy, but very flexible clothing. Seeming to almost be in a Hollister brand boxer's attire. Keith's beast is a little worried, seeming to be pacing to and fro around Keith's body as he arrives at the bottom of the driveway. Exiting his car, Keith looks around and sights Dylan. He's alone alright and clearly trying to keep on an even keel. He starts trudging up the driveway to meet his pardmate.

Dylan watches Keith come, looking past and beyond him before settling his attention on the man himself. He stands loose and ready and says, "Alright. Now that you don't have your friends to back you up or lose face in front of, do you want to stop talking crap or do we actually have to do this?" His tone is conversational but annoyed. No niceties, no greetings, no hint of respect or compromise.

Keith looks upon Dylan attempting to keep an expression of non-opinion for now. He notes that Dylan looks around and a grin begins to spread slightly. "What, you expected me to go back on my word? You said alone, less the Alpha we agreed upon. Where is Kayla anyways?" He then looks at Dylan with a grin and a scoff. "Dylan, sweet ol' Dylan." He laughs as he seems to not be able to keep it in. "If you think I talk big because I have friends. Then you are woely mislead. I'm just your superior and clearly you've forgotten your place. So if you don't mind, you have two choices. You can fight me, though I will not validate you taking position over the others below myself. Clearly that would be expecting the others to agree to bow when I don't have the intention of making them myself." He then clears his throat making a dramatic pause before saying, "Or the second choice is to accept your position below me now and not risk the horrid embarrassment of me having to beat you senseless for a second time in a row…" He looks upon Dylan with all seriousness and his leopard slowly shifting his eyes in preparation. His eyes starting to lightly glow.

Dylan shrugs. "Yap yap yap. You must be were-chijuajua, not a leopard." With that he advances, ready to engage in the fight.

Keith shakes his head as Dylan seems to egg Keith onward. "Keep talking…" Keith then suddenly sees Dylan advancing, not fast enough react to be first to throw a blow. He engages in the battle ahead.

Jeremy has bribed some people to know when the fight was supposed to be occurring. But He's got the sense to not want to upset or embarrass either of his friends. A soft sigh escapes him as he lays on the grass, listening to some of the banter that the wind carries to him. Already he's suffered rebuke in his attempts at flirting with Kayla. He grumbles faintly to himself. "Am not a switch hitter…."

Jeremy winces while he listens to his friends beating the shit out of each other. He's waiting for Kayla to tell him to run forward and he's getting anxious.

Dylan goes into the fight with his usual economic and brutal fighting style. When he closes with Keith, they exchange a rapid fire series of attacks, flesh yielding and then healing quickly for blow after punishing blow. Slowly but surely, Dylan pulls ahead, though Keith literally fights until he can't possibly hope to connect. When it gets to that point, Dylan breaks away a bit and growls, his beast very close to the surface at the moment. "Submit. No more attitude out of you. No more sniping. No more mouth. You shut up and leave me alone. You are /not/ dominant to me. You got that?"

Kayla watches and listens, but does not get in the way. Neutral as she is, expressionless as she is, she might as well be a statue. She looks sidelong to Jeremy, not issuing such an order until the fight is clearly over.

Is slapped down by Dylan quite brutally after just a few rounds at best. Seems Dylan is better at healing and battle than Keith previously imagined. This therefore sets Keith is an awkward position. He's pretty beat up and clearly not in any condition to really go on any longer. He puts up his forearms as his shirt rides up displaying his silver bracers. Something Keith hasn't taken off since he received the pair. It's clear that Keith's only blocking, showing his surrender for Dylan. He speaks; though it might be jumbled in part the point is clearly displayed. "I submit, I will agree your superior… in battle. In battle /alone/! I will speak to you more gentle and agree to shut my mouth /only/ after giving my opinion. Just because you're /dominant/ doesn't mean I have to take every ounce of abuse." While they break away from the fight, Keith has an extending time to heal a touch.

Jeremy is standing and watching at this point. The young man trembles as he waits for the word to be allowed to heal. He stares at the pair but doesn't move forward until he's allowed.

Dylan advances towards Keith again. "You're bringing in silver and setting conditions? No. You just /lost/, jackass. Hit your knees in the dirt, beg for forgiveness and just shut up. You don't get to dictate terms to me now. You either submit, unconditionally, or I will finish this fight." His anger and his power make the air seem to boil around him in outrage at the idea that anybody would try to negotiate their way out of an honorable loss. "Last chance. All or nothing."

Keith looks at Dylan shaking his head. Backing away not accepting Dylan's conditions. "I didn't bring silver weapons! /Weapons/ is the decree. There's /no rule/ against me wearing silver bracer's to a battle!" He then jumps out of the way of Dylan before yelling, "Make my metaphysical submit then jackass! Since clearly you forgot Gage's other conditions. Challenges are /both/ physical /and/ mental!" He then shakes his head clearly upset. "Anyways, I am not accepting /your/ authority on battle terms. Clearly /I/ am the authority in Pard decrees!" His energy also is boiling; it's simply pulsing with rage. It's not willing to submit only if its physical presence is dominated. He then says, "Take it /all/ or nothing at all /Dylan/!"

Dylan shakes his head and says, "Those /are/ weapons, if you use them in a fight, Keith. And you're a coward and a fool. I'm truly sorry you are too stupid do what you need to do here." And with that, he advances again, obviously truly ready to finish the fight, again.

Jeremy is shaking visibly. "Gage said no deaths….there weren't supposed to be deaths….Dammit Keith, how can you teach if you can't listen

Jeremy is shaking visibly. "Gage said no deaths….there weren't supposed to be deaths….Dammit Keith, how can you teach if you can't listen…” He looks up and then looks down, not able to interfere. "Dead men can't protect people…you'll be killin' Crystal and Ahi."

Keith looks upon Dylan shaking his head. "No they are /not/ weapons! I never used them /in battle/ as you claim. Did you feel any metal in your body?!" He then growls not liking what he's being forced into here. "I resent the fact that you call me stupid. Though clearly I didn't make myself clear." He kneels down surrendering. It's no use trying to talk to Dylan unless he talks and does the physical requirements of surrender. "I, Keith Sullivan, do swear defeat on the physical level of dominance!" He bows his head in surrender, clearly making all terms blatantly clear. "I surrender and acknowledge you as my physical dominant and better!" His beast is still raging, not moving but to hover around Keith's physical body.

Kayla, who had been quiet until this point, lifts her voice. Even from the distance she and Jeremy are from the two fighters, it can be heard. "Keith, your Challenge to Dylan was answered and met. Do you accept him as your dominant?"

Looking over at Kayla, Keith scoffs and then looks at Dylan advancing. Clearly his leopard wants to live and this is the only way this stubborn challengee with accept it. So Keith physically bows to the ground as does his leopard energy. It's a fully submission, what Dylan wanted all along. There he has it, Keith has finally accepted his place and although upset, clearly knows his place.

Dylan watches Keith a long moment, obviously deeply tempted to send a wider message. He takes a long, shuddering breath and then steps back. "Good. Stay out of my sight. And tell your friends to practice hard. Because everybody who comes after me is going to get the same, until one of them pulls me down." He looks towards Kayla, nodding his thanks for her moderation and then Jeremy and says, "No healing. He forfeits it when he wore silver weapons to a dominance fight. And I want the marks to be a warning."

Jeremy is shaking as he stands there looking at Keith and then Dylan. "I can make sure he's going to live okay….and finish healin' you if you want?"

Keith grumbles at Dylan's orders. Clearly he's not happy with Dylan ordering Jeremy not to heal him. Though submitting fully, Keith is alright with the accept his position not to argue. "I will accept going out of your sight and I will tell /them/ your message…" He's following orders like a good leopard. Clearly not happy, but submitting all the while. "Thank you for your consideration Sir Dylan…"

Dylan narrows his eyes and says, "Give him legs back, if he can't walk. After that, I don't care if he's pissing blood. I want him to bleed in front of the people who want my blood. The trail to my door is painted in the blood of one of /them/. Maybe they'll think twice about following it." He doesn't look towards Keith at the man's words, his beast still restless and angry and itching to fight again. Another respectful nod to Kayla and he's on his way.

Kayla waits to hear what Dylan has to say, and then nods to Jeremy as the permission for some healing is given. She nods in return to Dylan, and then offers to those gathered, "I'll be in the cabin." Fight witnessed, dominance settled for this night, she departs.

Keith nods at Dylan listening respectfully. Keith shakes his head at Jeremy. "/don’t touch me/!" He stands up slowly, with a limp. "You heard him, I can stand, now leave me alone…" His beast is restless and clearly not happy, though submission is complete.

Jeremy sighs and moves toward Keith. "Don't move too much….and stop talking. Please. Yer gonna get yourself killed at this point." He pulls out his silver blade and cuts his unbandaged arm. "I'm gonna not heal as much as I could…..but you'll be better." And that's when Keith Jumps up before he can do anything. He kneels there, staring at Keith blankly. "But…."

Keith shakes his head at Jeremy, bracing himself with all his effort before dragging himself toward the nearest shelter. He's done with the fight and has accepted his place. Now he's going to live with his actions thoroughly. As Dylan requested…

Jeremy is ignored apparently. And as Keith starts to leave, Jeremy stumbles to one side and begins to throw up his guts. He watches Keith leaving and is quickly distracted by more heaves.

Crystal arrives in john's van…strangely? SHE was driving! But before she'd even stopped the van completely and put in park she was jumping out and looking around. She nodded to Jeremy in the distance and sent her energy to brush against him….unless he was far into the woods? Sniffing she frowned and headed toward the cabin at a jog.

Looking back as the van drives up, Keith looks back to see his 'family' has arrived. He's not in a good mood and clearly pissed about losing. Though as he must, he attempts to hide his energy and soldier on…

Crystal runs up to Keith and nods putting a comforting soothing hand on his back and leading him back to the van gently "Let's go home Muncher" her energy curling around him as it rubbed against his beast trying to calm and soothe it.

Keith looks over at Crystal nodding his head. He feels her hand upon his back and winces. The pain is real and completely unbearable. "On second thought, maybe I should heal and pray to our Goddess. Yes?" He looks around seeming quite taken by his wounds. Then looks back at Jeremy with sorrow slowly creeping in his eyes as they slowly dim from glowing with his beast. He then looks up slowly leaning toward Crystal, taking her as a crutch. "Goddess above, please send Dylan immediate intervention!" <Speaking in Coptic>

Jeremy has crawled away from where he's puked. Instead he's found a nice shady spot where the breeze hits him to just lay.

Crystal nods and takes Keith weight luckily she didn't have to carry him or she'd be in trouble. "You want to just go home or you want Jeremy to heal you and then giggles with a nod of agreement at what said in the archaic language.

Keith looks over at Jeremy nodding his head. "I guess I can let Jeremy heal me…" He looks sorry for his outburst earlier. Maybe it was the pain or maybe it was just Keith letting out his inner ass-hole. Either way, he knows he was wrong.

Crystal nods and helps Keith over to Jeremy "Then we'll take you both home and pick up more chocolate milk and some meat."

Jeremy doesn't notice Crystal and Keith at first. He raises his head and then eyes the pair. "What now?"

Keith winces and grumbles before nodding at Crystal. "Alright, I think I'd like some meat and a little chocolate milk. And surely Jer over here will need some nourishment if he keeps needing to heal our stupid asses." He then looks Jeremy up and down, "Right, mate?" He starts to chuckle, though the pain his too much as he grabs at his ribs.

Crystal was over in the trees supporting Keith's heavy frame as they stood before Jeremy who was green around the gills. John however hadn't gotten out of the van "Jeremy…think yur up for it?"

Jeremy slowly gets to his knees. He pulls his knife from his pocket and re-slices his palm. "Can't do as much. Can't get ready ta heal and stop." He motions for Keith to move closer to him so that he can put his palm to Keith's more obvious injuries.

Stepped closer to Jeremy, Keith gives full control of healing to Jeremy, allowing the man to properly heal him to Dylan's orders. Anything else will need to be done by his other family members when they get back to where-ever they're going.

Jeremy closes his eyes and touches the wounds with his hand, allowing his blood to do its job.

Crystal nods as she watches "C'mon Jeremy…let's go to Keith’s or we could drop in on Zack again. You both need some time with family" offering her hand that wasn't holding Keith up, down to Jeremy to help him up.

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