Homicide Division: Office 2 - Chicago Police Department - Michigan Street: South

The office has been done up very nicely. A large and shining hardwood desk sets with a thick black chair behind it. A top of the line computer with flat screen monitor is set off to the lefthand side of the desk. A clear glass pen holder sits on the right hand corner of the desk jammed full of pens and pencils of various colors, shapes, and sizes. One side of the room is completely filled with file cabinets. The rest of the room has been decorated with random and, admittedly somewhat tasteless paintings, as if someone just picked them out to stick on the walls without any real knowledge of decorating.
Two thick leather chairs, matching the one behind the desk sit side by side in front of the desk, ready for use. Another desk sets off against one side of the room. It's very likely the one that was in here to begin with and is scuffed, beaten up, and rather ugly. It's currently being used as a messy catch-all. And the broken swivel chair in front of it is yet another catch-all that's all but overflowing.



It's a lovely day in the morning for homicide. Detectives buzzing around, people working and handling cases. Rowan is behind her desk with a cup of coffee and going through the morning reports. Her computer on humming in the background. Seems she's awakes people to come in while moving from folder to folder making notes to return back to other detectives.

The officer knocks on the door and opens it. She isn't suppose to be in here so just has her alittle off. The officer moves into the room, spotting the cap and moves towards her. "You wanted to see me?"

Rowan looks up from her work and gently gestures for you to come in. She moves to make a few more notes within a file before closing it and setting her pen down. She turns to pull another folder from the files behind her and puts it onto the forefront of the desk. In picking up the pen again she pulls out a note pad. With a smiles she greets. "Ah Officer Lee, come in please and have a seat. Sorry didnt get to meet you when you first came in, how long have you been in Chicago?"

Emerald smiles a bit. "Ah, Well. I was in Chicago a year before my hire date, talking with the Swat teams and other departs trying to determine which would benifit form my skills. But.. since.. I believe.. half a year now."

Rowan ahs as she nods her head a bit. "I see, and have you been in the police before coming to Chicago?" She asks sliding her hand down to make a note or two for a moment.

Emerald nods. "Yes, I was a RPIT officer in Jacksonville Florida. I have four kills to name as a sniper." the woman infroms, adjusting alittle to cover her arm near the wrist.

Rowan ahs gently and smiles a bit more. "Really? a member for RPIT, for how long where you apart of that division and what did you exactly kill." She asks before sliding her fingers together and looks to the wrist. "Scar?"

Emerald looks at the woman. "Four shifters, And they are.. -hard- to explain ma'am." the officer looks at Rowan a moment and hmms faintly before she lifts her arm and shows 5 marks along her arm.

Rowan tilts her head to Emerald. "Explain them, Officer Lee. Here in the state of Illinois they are not hunted nor are they -to- be hunted here. I would like to understand what happened in those situations and your feelings on preternaturals since clearly you aren't one."

Emerald looks down and sighs. "The first kill was an Alpha of the Jacksville.. a man I grew up with.. the shot was to protect the men and women of the force." the woman adjusts and looks at the woman before her; a straight face. "If you are accussing me of hunting, I'd like you to not say such again.. I respect themm." there seems to be something emotional in the ways she requests that.

Rowan looks at the woman reserved. "I made a statement I didn't accuse however your actions tell me different and I have to ask. Tell me Officer Lee, since you know these people are hunted and are wary of the police. Why would you show up at C.L.A.W in your SWAT uniform when there weren't any situations that warranted such a uniform? And what do you think those shifters there thought seeing an officer there in such gear? Hardly the preternatural friendly message we want to give to them to show we are protecting them as well as non-preternaturals."

Rowan adds to that. "That action in and of it's self shows your -lack- of respect for them."

Emerald just smiple smiles and shakes her head. "Ah.. I see now.. So an officer can't just go look? And I have a regular uniform like everyone else captain. I was not in my swat unifrom.. Ma'am, With all due respect. My 'swat uniform' consists of gear I'm not allowed to use outside this building. And I'd like to see the report of my visit to that build, Just to see what was said." she was out of line when there.

Rowan mms as she nods her head a bit. "Ah, and what uniform is this? Swat officers that aren't in swat gear are in business clothes, and if you were in RPIT you know exactly what a uniform does in an outreach program for Shifters. Are you trying to deter them from their mission?"

Emerald frowns a bit. "Ma'am. I wore a regular uniform like the rest of the officers on the force, I will not seperate myself from our fellow officers, To do so would turn possible recurits to the swat department away because their peirs would see it as a separation of power." the officer is currently in said uniform. "My unit doesn't wear 'business cloths' we wear a uniform. The detectives are the only ones that wear a business suit.. ma'am."

Rowan arches a brow. "Excuse me Officer, I believe I have a better understanding of the dress code here than you do. I have been in the Chicago Police department for over 15 soon to be 16 years. Most of those years where in RPIT and I did work directly with SWAT at times during high stress situations. SWAT doesn't wear uniforms when they are not on a tactical mission, they wear casual business attire due to they might have do undercover work for their cases. So when did the department change it's dress code and not us about this change?"

Emerald looks at the captain. "Ma'am.. I wore a uniform in Jacksonville, I wear one up here. I am a sniper ma'am.. I don't go undercover." the woman informs. "My team doesn't go undercover.. as it is not apart of our training. There are other units for this."

Rowan looks to the woman and tilts her head. "And you are not in Jacksonville, you are in Chicago. If you wish to return to Jacksonville I understand, however if you wish to stay with the Chicago Police department then you will have to adhear to the dress code that is in place. It doesn't matter what you do, or what you believe your team should do. IT will do what it's ordered to do, one day you might snipe one day you might go undercover. I wouldn't exactly box your choices of missions into sniping and not sniping."

Emerald looks at the woman. "Ma'am.. I am not trained for anything else. You'll end up with a dead officer if you use me for anything else." the woman informs. "But please.. direct my training.. what should I get to work on next?" captain has the power after all.

Rowan moves to sip her coffee while listening before setting the cup down. Reserved and all she looks back to the officer. "Officer Lee, if you are trained to only snipe then what do you do when you're not sniping? Since we don't have SWAT situations all the time, police life must be frightfully boring to you. Really, I would think with your training in RPIT as well as your skills in SWAT you would understand what I'm trying to convey to you. Go by the dress code for both on and off duty and we're good. If you must go into CLAW, I would greatly suggest being in casual business attire so that you are showing your -respect- to the shifters. When off duty, I'm sure you're concealing your weapon and badge until you need to expose either."

Emerald shakes her head. "no ma'am. I man the shooting range and assit other officers in they practice and show them more effencent ways to shoot." the woman looks at captain. "Amoung the wolves. Respect is earned.. not given.. show respect and you shall recieve it." there is.. knowledge behind her words. "My respect towards the Ulfric is at zero. He has lost it completely."

Rowan tilts her head a bit as she listens and sits back for a moment. "I see, well then you have no business to be anywhere near CLAW or should never be around any places that have shifters about. If you are going to let your personal judgment effect your professional judgment then you shouldn't be in this job. And if I hear that you are taking this personally and it's negatively reflecting upon the Police department then I think you need a leave of absence to sincerely think upon this and if being in the police department is the right career for you. I'll leave the choice to you; are you able to put your position in the department above your personal concerns or not?"

Emerald leans forward. "Ma'am.. I'd like to see that report or file. And as for the Ulfric. I will go where I see fit on my off time. And your 'thoughts' are duely noted and rejected." the woman waits for the information to be shown."

Rowan arches a brow and nods her head a bit. "I see, if that is your answer Sargent. Then as your acting -Captain-, I have no choice but to suspend you pending on investigation on what exactly you are doing with your position within the police department. You're answer is insubordination, Sargent and to speak to a Captain thusly, I would like your gun and badge as this time."

Emerald stands. "Negitive. I shall be talking to the chief, as you've used hearsay for an internal investigation. Which is not your department Ma'am." The woman turns and leaves.

Rowan watches you get up and go to the door. She turns and then hits enter into her computer for a moment and looks back. "Very well then the departments know of your choice."

Emerald looks at the woman. "No, my choice is one of reason, your's is not. I simply rejected 'personal' thoughts.. Had they been the thoughts from you as my captain, I would have accepted them."

Rowan tilts her head to Emerald and thinks. "I am a Captain, you are a sargent. Until you realize the difference in our ranking and the position I hold no you had no reason in your choice. I will expect your gun and badge on my desk."

Emerald looks at the woman. "You won't be getting it."
Emerald exits to the corridor.

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