20111124 Dove Gallery Bomb


Dove Gallery : Main Gallery - Lake Shore Drive

Perhaps the most remarkable attribute to this gallery is the extensive usage of old world touches. The walls are painted a rich mulberry, graced with decorative moulding of real gold leaf. The lighting fixtures have an old world flair, customized with wrought iron flourishes that hold both the soft, suffused illumination, as well as the moveable track lighting which is set to cast light onto the pieces displayed herein.

The floors of this place are made of a deep, rich wood, varnished and sealed to a high shine, bespeaking a natural, warm history. The room is fairly large and open, though their are antique furnishings placed here and there for the pleasure of the art viewer. There is small cluster of antique Venetian tables set up in the back. They are all bare, save the middle, which holds, in a leather portfolio, the price listing for the current works, as well as business cards for the gallery, the artist(s), and a book for the signatures and mailing information of visitors to the gallery. Soft music is piped in through hidden speakers about the room.

The current showing of paintings are futurist paintings in a warm palette.




Lunchtime on a Thursday and it is a slow gallery day. Kelly is working on a new show, purely preternatural artists and she is hanging them carefully. She is dressed in jeans, a loose top, and her face is serious as she studies one, deciding a place for it. The rain falls, and the outside is unpleasant, but inside, it is comfortable and friendly, with soft music in the background.

Cale comes in sans umbrella, but he's not too moist. The car helped protect him for some of the way along. He seems alright. A little distracted, but well. When he notices Kelly, quickly so as he is looking for her, he pauses for a moment before slipping off to the side to make sure he's out of her peripheral vision. All the better to try and slip up close to her without her seeing him. Not yet, at least. That stealth training has to be useful for something.

With art involved, she is deep in thought, studying it with her lower lip caught between her teeth. Her desk is piled with parcels, incoming art, all waiting for her attention. She finally decides a placement, stepping forward to hang it on the wall, her mouth curving into a smile as she tilts her head, studying it. Her moment of reflection shows as she rests her hands on her hips, staring up at it.

Cale gets a mischievous look as he waits for his moment to strike, slowly sliding up behind Kelly once she's done hanging. It's hard not to make a noise and give himself away, but he manages and she will feel him behind her in that intangible way a moment before his arms slip around her waist and he leans into her back just a little. "Kelly.." Her name rolled lowly as his lips seek the side of her neck for a warm press of lips. His arms squeezing, if she doesn't react too poorly to the surprise.

Kelly half turns, but she leans back into him, her smile changing, becoming warmer, softer. "Cale." His name is a greeting as her fingers brush over his arms, a teasing touch. The two are standing in front of a picture, and the gallery is clearly being changed from one show to another. Kelly's desk is piled high with parcels, waiting for her attention, containing pictures for the next show. "I can't come out to play." She murmurs the words as she turns to face him.

Archie all but sneaks into the gallery, well aware that someone like him really doesn't belong in a place like this. Still, the scent of coffee draws him further in, even if his hands go into his pockets rather defensively. At least he can't steal anything whilst he's like that.

"That's why I'm here," Cale says, relaxing his grip about her to let her turn. And the embrace itself settling into something more casual. He's lightly sprinkled. His hatchback is out in the lot, almost as good as an umbrella. "Figure you might like some extra hands tonight. And some relaxation later." As Archie comes in, Cale notices after a few moments, his head turning a bit to consider the young man discreetly.

Kelly's laugh is soft, a warm noise that matches her face as she kisses Cale lightly. "Brilliant, if you can offer customers some coffee, some of the snacks, I'll finish hanging these, and then I've a pile of paintings still boxed…" She grins broadly, glancing at Archie, before she turns away to pick up another painting, picking another spot to hang it.

Speaking of coffee and snacks Archie has located his prey and is busy idly wandering around the gallery in a rather roundabout way in order to reach them. Hands are still in pockets, even as he eyes up some of the art on his meanderings. There's no innocent sounding whistle, but it wouldn't be out of place with his expression.

Cale grins as he looks back to Kelly, in time to catch the kiss. "Sure, I can do that," he agrees after. Giving her hips a casual squeeze as she's turning away. Just cause. When he turns away, he'll be a bit more relaxed, a casual smile lingering on his face as he considers Archie idly a moment. Amusement is coming already as he starts over to the spread himself, in order to get there just as or just after he does. At which point he'll say, "Fancy meeting you here? Want a cup? And how do you take it?"

That squeeze earns Cale a glance, a grin as she heads for the desk. She sits there, perching on the desk itself, sorting the pile of deliveries into some measure of order. She opens a few of them, considering the art in them before she puts them aside, into separate places, clearly picking some for the show, rejecting some.

Caught. Not that Archie isn't used to bluffing these things out. "Uh, black." There's a grin. "Like my men." Okay, so he couldn't resist that one. The grin doesn't disappate, even if he has been caught out in the place he clearly doesn't belong. "And some food'd be good." Talk about pushing his luck.

Cale chuckles at the joke. Old, but casually amusing at least. "Right. You don't have to play it any way, you know." He casually pours a cup without anything in it. "We're not going to toss you out unless you make a scene." He hands over the cup, then motions towards the spread. "Just don't stand here the whole time and hog the food." It isn't a full meal sort of spread. Finger foods and the like. But decent. "Walk around. Enjoy the art. I think most, if not all, was done by folk like us."

Kelly's smile and frown comes and goes as she sorts through the parcels, and then she picks up another, puzzlement appearing in her face. She lifts it, the square package wrapped in brown paper being clearly not a picture, and she shakes it. With a shrug, she puts it down on the desk, sliding from the perch to walk towards them. As she reaches them, there is a sudden loud noise, and the desk explodes, the force throwing her forward, tearing down pictures, bringing the ceiling down upon them, with a loud noise.

Archie gives Cale a dubious look, as if he doesn't quite believe what he's hearing. He accepts the coffee and then regards the food with a hungry air. "Right. No hovering. Gotcha." The rumble in the boys stomach gives away the fact that there might be a series of drive bys if nothing else. As to the art? He glances about and shrugs. "Dunno much about that stuff. It's fer fancy people." And then life gets exceptionally 'interesting', catapulting him into one of the pieces of art.

"It's for anyone," Cale says to Archie, still smiling as he looks up to Kelly as she's coming over. Then the explosion. His eyes widen, preternatural reflexes allowing his arms to lift and cross in an ineffectual defense before he must give in to the force and fire of it. Driven down by the force, then driven down by falling debris. Pain, fear and the beast's anger replace the lack of sight and the overwhelming thunder of the building's collapse, overloading his senses.

The gallery is a mess of fallen pictures, small fires, and dust. The desk has entirely gone, the area twenty foot from it devastated by the explosion, and the rest of the gallery barely better. The posts supporting the ceiling have fallen, here and there, and beams and the ceiling itself are lying on the ground. After the thunder comes an odd silence, the music gone, and the flames doing their work comparatively quietly. Kelly is lying on her front, face down, the dust falling as her beast too rises, seeking the attacker.

There is no beast to rise for Archie any more. That's mostly because his skull is split open wide, and the nice mushy mess inside is rather beyond repair. Slumped against the wall, head bowed forward and showing off his fatal injury in all it's magnificent gory detail.

Cale got lucky. So to speak. A cracked arm, courtesy of a heavy chunk of ceiling falling upon him, though prior debris keep it from squishing him too much past that. Even so, as the silence falls, he cries out when he tries to move his damaged left arm. Can't use that one. And so he braces and gets his right shoulder set, right arm up. Legs curled in. Then he shoves the debris off with a burst of strength. Wincing as it jars his damaged arm. Sadly, he's known worse. He doesn't notice the young man nearby yet, taking a moment just to get himself up.

Kelly is flat on her front, her hair over her face for a moment, before she too moves. Her luck is better than Archie's but perhaps a little less than Cale, a beam across her left leg, and various debris leaving her with blood coming from somewhere. She half twists, looking over her shoulder, her confusion and shock obvious in her face. Her face is pale, a trickle of blood from a cut across her forehead, and it is clear that no understanding of what just happened is there. The flames by the desk area lick up the walls, spreading easily in this paper heavy room. The sound of them becomes a low roar.

Fire. The smell of it provokes a visceral reaction, the nearness of his beast making it fear. But that fades as he spies Kelly. Fear transfers to her. And reminds him that others are here. He looks for Archie in a sweep and finds him. And just stares for a moment. A sharp curse makes its way out before he stumbles towards Kelly, intent on interposing himself between her and Archie. Sore all over, he'll drop to his knees, breathing out, "Kelly.. how bad..?" He looks towards her legs, then across her. But he has little knowledge when it comes to medicine.

The smoke is slowly filling the room, and the sound of sirens in the distance, heading here - and to other places - can be heard. Kelly's energy turns into waves of panic as the shock buffering her from the surroundings and the pain of her leg fades. "I think its broken." She replies, an edge of hysteria in her face and she turns her head towards Cale, unable to see the remains of Archie. "Lift it? She lifts a hand to brush the blood out of her eyes, before she twists, reaching for the beam herself.

"Yes, but close your eyes, Kelly," Cale tells her. "Trust me.. close them." There is a sadness in his voice to mingle with the rest. His left arm remains tucked in at his side. Protected, but still jarred as he moves, adding to his tension as he gets back up and moves towards the beam. Her posture isn't so good for it, but he can find a good spot and crouch, his right hand going out. "Pull yourself out on three," he tells her, looking over. "One.. two.. three.." Then he lifts. Careful to not dislodge anything more than will come of the few inches that will remove the pressure from Kelly's leg.

Kelly doesn't close her eyes, her gaze flickering behind where he stood, and her eyes widening in horror at the sight of the body. "Oh god." The words come with a tone to match the expression, and it is a moment before she obeys Cale, sliding out from beneath the beam. The flames take a serious hold, the paintings destroyed by fire and smoke. "It is broken." Her voice is low, pain and shock showing, and she turns her head back towards Archie's remains.

Cale growls as he lets loose the beam once she's free, lips tightly pursed as he scoots towards her. His right hand reaches out and he puts his hand over her eyes, then tries to guide her focus to him. "Look at me," he tells her. "Keep your eyes on me." He waits for a moment to have her attention before he continues. "We have to make a choice. Quickly. We stay or we leave. We wait for the authorities or we evade them. If we stay, the medical staff will know what we are. If we go, we'll have to find our own healing. Say we weren't here or there may be questions if our not being here is less than a solid fact to the eyes of others. My car is close, we can go." Her place, making the choice very much hers as much as his.

Kelly's gaze flickers around her gallery, to the paintings, to the body, and she shakes her head mutely for a moment. When he covers her eyes, she lifts a hand to push his hand away, the blood from hers smudging over his skin. "Stay. I'm out, and it is my place. I can't run, Cale." Her voice is shaking and she is pale though, her shock obvious enough. The flames take a serious hold and the sirens are close, closing in on them, narrowing the moments for this choice. "You go."

"I'm not leaving you," Cale tells Kelly simply. "My choice has been made for a while. Get your arm around me. Have to get out before the fire spreads this way," he urges her softly, leaning down so she can do so. "Careful of my left. Might be broken.. fractured. I dunno. Hurts like hell." Pain might not be so big a thing to him on some levels, but the steady application of it wears and when not speaking his lips are pursed against the steady pulse of it. He'll do his best to carefully get Kelly up. His eyes flick towards Archie, but for now there is nothing to be done. Even for those as rough and tumble as they. "Sorry kid," he says lowly.

"What about him?" Kelly's voice is low, and she glances towards the body, before she puts an arm around his shoulders, slowly getting up to her feet, the broken leg held off the floor. Her pale face whitens, the pain obvious and Cale's words turn her gaze towards the body again. "God." The sirens arrive outside, and the sound levels rise dramatically. Police and fire appear, and soon it becomes a scene of work. The fire services help Cale and Kelly both out to ambulances, and they are heading off to the hospital at speed. Poor Archie is taken to another, colder place, after the police have investigated.

"Nothing we can do," Cale says to Kelly. A simple firmness to that. But sadness as well. "Come on.." He will carefully guide her from the destroyed building, careful of the unstable places and anything that might decide now is a good time to topple over. With the coming of the police, fire and paramedics, Cale will let them set the pace. The worst thing would be to make a scene, though when Kelly is drawn away for the trip to the hospital, he tells her, "I'll come find you." Just when he can't be sure of, but at the earliest opportunity.. And then he's being tended, answering questions about the pain and so forth with a simple stoicism before he's on his way as well.


Lobby: Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Lake Shore Drive: North

Chicago's 'Northwestern Memorial Hospital' hosts the very latest in medical technology. In addition to its customary resources, it hosts a wing devoted to granting medical care for lycanthropes and rooms that suitable for vampiric use. As might be expected, the morgue hosts a state of the art 'Vault' for those individuals who might decide to 'Rise again'.

Stepping into the lobby, one is greeted almost immediately by an information desk. The Emergency room can be found to the left, signs directing visitors to the elevators, patient administration and the various clinics resting on either side of the elevators. The gift shop stands next to the information desk, the entrance to the cafeteria at the far end of the hall.




A few hours later, and the Emergency Room is heaving with the injured, shocked and afraid people of Chicago. In one bay, with curtains drawn, Kelly is in a bed, her leg plastered, her forehead sporting paper stitches, but her top and jeans - now sporting a stylish slice up to her thigh - are covered in dust and soot, as is her skin. She is pale, staring down at her hands, her face still wearing shock.

A goal helps one deal with shock and the incomprehensible things of life. With his arm in a cast and a few bandages on his face, Cale has one. His own clothing not cut up, but he's had it removed and replaced in his time here. Neither event of much notice to him. Once they medics left him be, he was up and seeking. "Kelly?" He can smell her near, but with so much blood and the feel of other preters around, likely, pinpointing her is not so easy. But he seeks and that focus gives him some calm.

Hidden behind the curtains, Kelly is staring blankly ahead, ignoring the chaos around her. Her toes move slightly, flexing over the plaster. His voice takes a moment to get through the fog of shock but when it does, she calls out, her voice husky with the dust and smoke. She tries again, "Cale! Behind the curtains…" She half sits up, shoving the pillow behind her back to support it.

Cale catches her voice quickly and jogs over, pushing through the curtain without pause. He comes to her side at once, leaning over to embrace her with his right arm. The left still healing steadily. "Kelly." Her voice breathed with a sigh of relief. Even though, really? He shouldn't be so worried. Though he is as he looks at her and notes her mood. "Stay here, I have to make a call," he says to her softly, his hand lifting as he draws back, softly brushing the backs of his fingers against her cheek. Then he steps back and fishes out his cell. It survived somehow, though the screen has stress cracks in it.

She nuzzles her face into him when he embraces her, closing her eyes. "Like I have a choice?" Her voice is still husky with the smoke, and she coughs, shaking her head as he steps back. She closes her eyes, leaning back against the pillow, watching him closely as he steps away. The chaos around them is loud, people coming and going, fresh injured arriving every moment.

Into his phone, Cale says, "Zack, it's Cale. Been some trouble.. don't know how fast news is traveling. I'm at the emergency room at Memorial. There was a bomb, but I'm ok. Kelly is ok, I was over at her gallery."
And after that rapid flurry of info he looks towards Kelly and smiles. Half its usual strength. As he speaks, he'll move closer to her, sitting on the edge of the bed to be a near presence.
Into his phone, Cale says, "I'll leave that to you. I'm fine, nothing that won't heal, but this may well out me. If not from tests, then how little I got hurt in the grand scheme. They might pass it off as luck, but I don't know. So if you do come, play it cool if you want to remain discreet. We're in emergency."

Kelly reaches out to touch him, her need for physical touch obvious. She listens to the conversation, barely processing it, her eyes closed as she does so.

Cale glances towards Kelly, then leans in against her as he continues to talk on his phone.
Into his phone, Cale says, "I think we'll keep until we can get home for a real clean up and fresh clothes. Probably won't take too long to get discharged when the time comes, they've got so many people coming in, the space will probably be welcome. I'm hearing rumors that other places have been hit, but I haven't seen the news. Way it looks down here, I'd believe it."
Into his phone, Cale says, "We'll be here."

Kelly's fingers keep brushing lightly against his skin, her face serious, as she turns her head, finally looking at him. She blinks, biting her lower lip, listening to him talk, to the conversations around them.

"Zack is on his way," Cale murmurs lightly to her. BUt he leaves it at that as he stuffs his phone into his pocket. He lifts his right arm and turns towards her, offering a simple embrace. One that will linger for a time. Warmth and strength offered. As much as he has to give to her in this moment.

The casualty unit is in chaos, organised chaos but chaos none the less. Kelly and Cale are behind a curtain in the smaller part, and she is in the bed, her leg in plaster, and both of them are covered in bits of debris, smoke and soot. She has a paper stitch for her forehead, and Cale has his arm in a cast sitting on her bed. He too sports bandages on his face.

Cale is there, leaning into Kelly. His left arm between them in the cast, his right lifted to hold her. Much of his attention is fixed on her. Something to distract from the rest. How long they've been like that is questionable, but for now they're lingering and letting the noise and chaos roll on around them, just past the curtain. Though it is slightly askew after Cale's prior entry.

Zack comes into the hospital with a determined gate. It is obvious that he would really want to run through the crowded area, but is keeping himself from it. The smells are overwhelming, but the scent of leopard is there, and Zack follows that muted scent. After a few minutes of weaving through the labyrinth of bodies, he steps around the curtain. Cale is his first concern and that is who he looks to first. His eyes show his concern. "Cale… How are you?" Yeah, there's someone else there, "And Kelly… doing? What is going on? It looks like a warzone out there."

Kelly doesn't move away from Cale, the physical touch clearly needed, but she turns her head slightly. The movement does, slightly, reveal her throat to the man. She glances from one to the other before she speaks, "They sent us a bomb, to the gallery." The others around her aren't truly absorbed, the chaos excluded to an extent by the curtain. "Cale is hurt." Her voice holds the worry, and she adds softly, "There was a man…"

Cale looks up as Zack enters and dips his head slightly. "I'll heal," he replies simply. Likely most of the cuts already have, but one must keep appearances. He tilts his head against Kelly's when she speaks and he he confirms, "One of the Rodere was there. He was killed." Voice soft, of course. "If you want to report it, I'd be fine leaving it to you. It was all too quick.." He tilts his head a little to look to Kelly. "Did you see a return address?"

Zack brushes his energy around Cale, then Kelly as well. After all, she's kind of extended family, since she seems to be important to Cale. He musters every ounce of calmness he can, trying to offer them a share of that. "I'll let the know, but they might want to talk to you at some point." He reaches and puts his hand on Cale's shoulders. "I think you are right… the hospital is packed with people.. " He pauses, "Kelly, have your people been called?"

Kelly brushes her cheek against Cale's shoulder, briefly closing her eyes before she returns his look. "No, it was brown paper, but no return, nothing …. the post was here I think." She has her eyes unfocussed, the artist's eyes recalling the visual memory of it. Zack's energy eases a small tension around her shoulders, and she turns to look at him. "No.. I didn't think to call anyone. I knew Cale was here."

"I'll call them," Cale says, having forgotten a bit himself. "If we're not out of here soon. I'll get her to her place the moment we can get out of here." he then breathes out lowly. "I'll tell them what happened, but it was no more than a bad bit of timing and luck o his part. A beam to the head when it blew. I might have been hurt worse if my luck was bad, but this is minor." He glances at his left arm. "Fractured. I'll be fine in a day or two." He's quiet for a few moments before his eyes harden and he says, "I guess the other shoe dropped. Sooner than I expected."

Zack frowns slightly, as he takes a deep breath, "I would like to think that this is some random act of violence, but something in the pit of my stomach says it is what I was afraid was gonna happen." He lets out a deep breath, "And if it is, I'm afraid that this might just be the beginning." He looks over to the two, "I'll stay with you as long as you want… But I need to call this in to the CLAW office… so we can get a jump on damage control." He reaches into his phone and starts going through the phonebook until he finds the number.

"I should have thought to phone Lexine." Kelly's anxiety shows, her look to Cale worried but she bites her lower lip at his words. She lapses into silence, glancing between them, her cheek against Cale. "He only came in because I had food and coffee out." The words are low, as she slants Zack a look. The number Zack tries goes direct to ansaphone, and any other at CLAW does too.

"We'll be alright," Cale says to Zack. "If you need to do something, do it. I'll probably go back to my place after I make sure Kelly is settled. I'm going to have to put a rush on that new security system for home." He looks to her and smiles, a hand lifting to stroke her cheek with his fingertips. "I suppose my plans for getting you into bed won't quite work out how I planed tonight. But such is life." A soft jest offered, to give some more ease to her mood, perhaps.

Zack looks at Kelly and shushes her softly, "I think that Lexine will understand you not calling her… " He frowns slightly as he can't get through. "Huh.. it's going directly to the answering service… " He looks at Cale, as he starts dialing another number, "Cale, you are what I need to do." He pauses, "Not like that, but you know what I mean." He blinks at the phone and dials a third number, getting the same result.

Kelly accepts the shush, turning her head to hide her face against his shoulder for a moment before she turns to look at Zack, her eyes widening slightly. Cale's touch brings her back to him, and she turns her head to lean into his touch, closing her eyes, the touch helping. "I just need to shift, .." She murmurs the words softly, watching Zack call.

Zack's note of the calls not going through prompt a thought. One that stills him. His eyes narrow and he asks, "See if you can find someone.. ask them where the others are coming in from." He might be obvious what he suspects, but he doesn't say it. Obviously, he's reluctant to get up himself. The light touch of his fingers lingering for her. A quiet distraction and comfort.

With each call, Zack grows more and more restless. He looks at Cale, "Yeah… I'll go and ask around… " he pauses, "And see how soon we can get you two out of here." He steps back around the curtained wall.

Kelly returns her gaze to Cale, frowning, some of the shock wearing off. Their rising tension is reflected in hers and she reaches out to run her hand along Cale's skin. "Not just my gallery." She murmurs the words softly. Outside, Zack gets clear, if hurried answers - the Church of Eternal Life, an organisation in the Sears Tower, and a cafe out by the beach, and yes, both of them can go now they are plastered.

Cale nods to Zack. "Thanks," he says. Kelly's words and touch draw his attention again and he looks to her again. "Try not to worry, Kelly. I'll make sure you stay safe," he murmurs. "There will be time enough for that after a shower, some rest and some food. Though I suppose you're not supposed to get casts wet, are you?" He's thoughtful on that. "Changing.. is there a safe place I can take you to for that?" His voice low and light. Discreet.

After a few minutes, Zack steps back around the curtain. He has a very sober expression on his face, "The Vamp church.. a coffee house down on the lake, which I'm thinking the Poly… and an office in the Sear's tower… and since I can't get any of the numbers to pick up, I'll say is probably CLAW." He sighs, "And you two are pretty much free to go, as soon as you sign out."

Kelly returns Cale's look, offering him a tiny smile before he asks his question. "I'm safe enough, as anyone is." She replies softly, "I can shift at home, Lexine has space there." Her voice is low too, matching his. Zack's return sobers her and she glances at Cale. "Go with him? I can take a cab home, Cale." Her voice is low, serious.

Cale's lips drawn in a tight line at the news, his energy flailing for a few moments before he takes a breath and shakes his head, looking to Kelly. "I have to make sure you're safe. Then I have to make sure my home is safe. If CLAW has already been hit, there's not much I can do about it. I need to make sure Leah is alright and make some calls. And finish the write up for out place." That last noted to Zack as he looks up. "And hope this is all they do."

Zack looks at Kelly and shakes his head, "I know that you're not one of my people, and I have no claim over you, so I hope you don't take any offense in what I'm about to say, but you're not going anywhere by yourself. I have a car here… When you and Cale are signed out, the two of you are getting in my car. I'll take you where ever you want to go, but you're not going by yourself." He looks over to Cale. "Same goes for you, except there is no wiggle room for you."

Kelly looks, for a moment, set to protest but Zack's words silence that and she nods slowly, accepting it. "No offense taken, Raj." She murmurs the words, and squirms forward, nudging Cale out of the way to slide from the bed, balancing badly with a plaster on her leg. "Home, please. Lexine's." Her need for her leader is easily read in her words, and in her face.

Cale grins faintly at Zack. "Well, you're in luck. My car is still outside of the gallery. So after we get Kelly settled, I'll need a lift over to pick it up so I can head home." When Kelly nudges him, he moves at once, turning to extend his right hand to her for aid in dealing with the awkward cast. "You can lean on me.. did they leave you a crutch?" He won't deny her wants when it comes to where she goes. He expects it, in fact.

Zack nods to the two. "Not a problem." He looks at Kelly, "You might have to give me some directions on that.. but sure thing." He moves a head, trying to make as clear of a path for the two as possible.

Kelly shakes her head to Cale, using him for balance as she hops. "I'll direct you there. She won't mind I think." Her hopping pace follows Zack through the chaos, keeping a grip on Cale, her face serious, still smudged with soot and dirt.

Cale is content to act now, growing quiet as he slips his right arm around Kelly for support. Better balance, though her balance is still good. Never hurts to have a backup, though. And so he will lead her out to where they need to sign. And two quick signatures later, he will help her out, following Zack to his car.

Zack looks to the two, "I'll go get the car and bring it up to the loading loop… outside the lobby… " His silvery blue eyes glancing at the cast. "I'll be right back." He takes off at a hard jog, one that is not unreasonably fast for a young man. It does not take long for the faded champaigne colored Nissan to come puttering up. He leans over to unlock the door passenger side doors, before hopping out. "The front would probably be best for Kelly's leg." The seat has already been pushed back as far as it would go.

Kelly is pale by the time she gets into the car, giving Zack a small smile as she flops down. She uses her hands to move the leg into it, shooting Cale a look before leaning her head back against the headrest and closing her eyes until he moves. She gives directions in a low voice, tension obvious in the way her power, her energy seeks Cale to brush against him.

Cale will nod to Zack's directions and then take his time getting Kelly out. Concerned for her, his head turned to monitor her just a bit as they go. At the car, he helps her into the front and once she's settled, gives her cheek one more brush before he closes the door and slides himself into the back carefully. Mindful of his left arm, though it's not so painful now as it was without support. Once inside, he relaxes forward against the back of Kelly's seat. A hand on her shoulder and his own energy responding to brush hers in return.

Zack drives like an old lady - well the old lady that is always at least five miles under the listed speed no matter what is going on. He is especially careful on turns, as he follows Kelly's directions to Lexine's. He doesn't really say anything on his own, as he has a lot on his mind, though the tension can be seen by the whites of his knuckles as he clinches the steering wheel.

Her hand rises, brushing Cale's, her head turned so that her cheek brushes it. "Thank you." The words are polite, awkward, as she glances at Zack. There is a tentative touch of her beast, offering comfort to him too. She isn't certain of what she is doing but she does it anyhow as they head towards Lexine's

Cale nods his head to Zack. "Any standing orders? Or should I just keep the phone close for a bit? I don't plan to go far, will likely stick close to home for a bit, so long as things don't get too much worse." The information for Kelly as well. He looks to her and says, "If you need anything, call me. I don't imagine you will, but even so. I'll be there in a moment."

Zack sighs slightly and his inner cat rubs across Kelly in return. He looks in the rear view mirror at Cale, "For the moment, just stay put… I need to try to find out what's going on. Right now, I think that people should just stay put and keep in touch… if the don't feel safe, then they can come to my place." He pauses, "I just bought Gage's house, so there will be more room for people than the apartment… And avoid places that are known to be shifter gathering spots…" He sighs, "I am going to have to find Kotori, if he's heard what's going on, I imagine that he's shitting kittens."

Kelly shivers lightly under the touch of power, but she doesn't back down, comforting both of them silently. She waits for them to near the house, before she adds quietly, "If you want anything from us, if Skulk can help, call me?" She hesitates before she glances at the Raj, her nervousness obvious.

"I was planning to go to the compound as my last ditch. Though after I find a place for Leah," Cale says. "If nothing else, I can give her some of my savings and have her take a bus over the state line for a few days." He smiles at Kelly and, as they near her place, he leans back, with one more squeeze of her shoulder. Waiting to slip out and give aid when the car stops once more.

Zack nods, "Yeah, I was hoping that we might actually get something started out there before anything like this started… I didn't think it would spread to here so quickly… and I thought we would have some indication that it was coming here.. like in some of the states between here and New Mexico.. then again, this could just be another wack-job altogether… " The car pulls up to where he was directed. "Likewise, if the Skulk needs help from the Pard, let Lexine know that she has but to say so."

Kelly listens to their conversation, glancing between them for a moment before she nods at Zack. "Thank you." She repeats the words quietly, before she opens the car door, using her hands to lift the plastered leg out of the car. She doesn't say anymore, accepting Cale's help, and hopping towards the house.

"In the age of the internet, an idea can skip state lines," Cale murmurs before he slides out of the car and goes to aid Kelly. He'll see her gently up to the door and inside. He won't linger too long, but long enough to make sure she's either in good hands or is settled with her immediate needs met. Then he'll head back out to hop into the car in her place, after making sure the back door is closed. He sighs as he does so, lightly tapping a finger against his cast. He won't need it long at all.

Once Cale is back in the car, Zack looks over at him, putting his hand on Cale's shoulder, "Want to sit here for a few and make sure everything's okay, before we drive off?" He sighs soflty, "Yeah, I know that.. I guess it was just wishful thinking that we'd have some warning and more time to prepare."

"She'll be fine," Cale says, looking over. "Sitting around here won't make it much different. I just home no one messed with my car.. I think I parked far enough away that it should be in one piece. Still has a lot of miles left before she gives out." A casually amused twist given to his lips.

Zack nods, "Okay, then, let's go check on your car." He starts the nissan up, or tries to. It takes a second turn of the key for the little enginge that could to rumble back to life. "I hear ya, Dude… I really do." Now that Kelly isn't in the car, his driving is a bit less overly cautious. "So, who's Leah?"

"Leah is my cousin. She's been living with me for a few weeks. I haven't mentioned her because I've been wanting to keep her focused on her studies and not in anything that might come up for us. ANd I have a mind to keep that so. Thus why I'm considering sending her away for a little while. It might mess up her studies, but it will keep her safe." Cale turns his head, looking out the window thoughtfully. "We'll see how things are."

Zack nods as he listens. "Well, does she know about you? Being a shifter that is… " He turns the corner and can see the damage of the gallery in the distance. "I'm not sure if we are going to be able to get through.. I think we're gonna have to make a couple blocks."

Cale peers through the windshield and considers. "She knows. She's psychic, so you can't really hide it from her. But don't worry. I don't tell her anything about the Pard. She knows of it of course, but she doesn't know where we meet or who else is part of it. Except JP. She's a bit sweet on him and he is on her. I'm keeping an eye on them."

Zack starts turning right to loop around. He smiles over at Cale, "I'm not worried.. I know that you wouldn't betray us. I was just thinkin' about how much to shielf your place from any of this if she didn't know about you." He makes another turn. "Yeah, I haven't seen as much of him as I would like. From the sounds of it, he probably could use a bit of training before long, just to make sure that he has enough control… " He sighs as there are still numerous lights flashing every where. "This is like out of a horror movie…"

"He needs training when it comes to pleasure shifting," Cale does note. "But I already got him in contact with those he needs to talk to for getting it." A faint smirk comes. "Leah wasn't pleased, but then neither was I when it came up." And thinking about that and the one connected to it brings his mood down a notch. But not too much so. "I've considered if taking Leah to the compound might be necessary to keep her safe one day. It would have to be dire for that. I hadn't decided to ask about it before." The state of the place speaks for itself, so he leaves it be.

Cale's voice brings Zack out of the haze of the sight. He smiles and looks at Cale. "I know that you don't really feel it, but I consider the Pard to be my family. So that means if Leah is part of your family, then indirectly it means that she is kind of part of mine too. The only thing I'd ask is that if it comes to that, for her safety as well as that of the Pard, you blindfold her so she doesn't see where to go. That way there can be no question of her being a danger to the Pard." He sighs as he looks at the street ahead of them, "So, if it's what you think needs to be done to make sure she's safe, then you have my blessing on it." He points, "That's your car over there, right?"

"Yeah, that's it," Cale confirms. He then looks towards Zack and grins faintly. "I will if I can. Every time I think if it, it's a situation that makes carting her about blind seem like a bad idea. But I would prefer that she now know such things at all. So we can hope it never comes to that." He breathes out and says. "I should go get it before the police claim or block it off. I'll keep my phone near. ANd call if something odd happens. Otherwise, I'll likely be radio silence for now."

Zack nods, "I was planning on following you back to your place, just to make sure that every thing is okay, once you got there. Do me a favor, give me a call later today and just let me know how things are."

Cale chuckles and nods. "If you want to, I don't mind it." He opens the door, but lingers a moment to say, "I'll call. If you want to meet with others or any such thing, I have plenty of room for everyone. Just give me a little warning so I can shoo Leah out. Perhaps to the movies. Those should be safe enough, I'd think."

Zack nods, "Or if you'd rather… she can stay home and you can come to the new house… it's only a few blocks from yours I think… " He smiles slightly, "And yeah, I do want to make sure you get home okay."

"I suppose if you took Gabe's place, I know where that is. Sure, I can drop over there if need be." He nods. "Follow as you will. I warn, though. I do like to drive swift. You seem to like it a bit slower." He grins casually before he slips out of the car, fishing into his pocket for his keys once the door is closed. He approaches his car and gives it a once over for a few moments. Dusty, a little chipped paint from small debris, but nothing got this far from the building that could do serious harm. He unlocks it and hops in. She starts good and he'll pull out. And indeed, he does tend to be an aggressive driver. But safe, in that he's good behind the wheel.

Zack follows behind and while he probably has a bit of difficulty keeping up with Cale, part of that is the limits of the car he's in, but his reflexes and speed help to cover that. Cale is probably already out of the car, when Zack pulls up in front of his house. The car idles there while he watches Cale get into the house.

Cale won't lose Zack and will keep an eye to make sure. When he pulls in the drive, he takes a few moments to slip out. Snagging some of his gear from the back to bring in. He will wave to Zack after the car is closed up and then head up to the house. His keys in hand, he unlocks the door and slips in with no difficulty. Lights go on a moment later and shadows move behind the curtains. All is well.

Once Cale is in the house and there is no signs of problems, Zack drives off, like a sane person at a sane speed.

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