20111124 Explosive Situations


CLAW HQ: Foyer - Sears Tower - Jackson Street

An elegant, understated lobby, this is the headquarters for the Committee for Lycanthrope Acceptance and Welfare, otherwise known as C.L.A.W.. The receptionists are seated behind a desk, and there are a few seats placed neatly around small tables with the usual magazines laid out. The floor is made from that mock marble, and there are some choice pieces of art on the walls. Closer inspection of these reveals them to be done by artists known to be preternatural of one kind or another, and they are displayed nicely against the subtle tones of the walls here. There are several doors leading off this room, and an air of discretion to the place.




Ten-fortyfive in the morning and Robert is here, seeking MaryJane, his face set in neutral lines. He steps from the elevator, knowing that Eden is right behind him, having been unable to shake the other man since his return to the city. He strides towards reception, his step hesitating before he reaches it, not recognising the receptionist. "Is MaryJane here?" The question is abrupt.

Eden is indeed right behind Robert. But unlike other times, he's being a quiet accessory. His umbrella drips at his side only slightly and his coat is opened, the young man looking around curiously. Not so often he's come by here. Always a little something new. As they enter CLAW, he offers the receptionist a smile and a wave of his hand before taking in the rest of the office with a light curiosity.

Joshua has taken to following Robert around from time to time, lack of knowing anyone in the city and nerves from what has happened so recently leaving him to seek comfort around the alpha. He follows Robert and Eden into the office, looking around with an aura of curiosity.

With them, too, is Richard, following with his arms folded over his chest. His discomfort at being here is obvious. The receptionist denies MaryJane's presence and Robert turns slowly, his frown flickering across his face before he moves to take a seat. He leans his elbows on his thighs, his hands together, his gaze on the door, waiting. Richard joins him, leaning back in his chair. The receptionist returns to sorting the mail.

With someone new along, Eden is a little curious. So when it seems they will have to wait, the time is not wasted. He turns to Joshua and offers him a light smile that warms easily, despite the fact that neither really knows the other. "Hi. I'm Eden. I don't think we were introduced before." With his umbrella in his left, he offers Joshua his right for a shake. "A new face? I don't think I've met all of Robert's friends, but I've met some."
Watching the receptionist with an idle curiosity, Joshua's eyes seem to light up when he looks over to Eden, his hand moving to take Eden's, "Hey, I'm Joshua, just got here a short time ago." His eyes flicker over to Robert briefly and water from his hair starts to drip into his eyes but he just grins and gives his head a bit of a shake, sending little drops of water everywhere.

Richard looks up and rumbles his own name, abruptly and rudely enough to get a steady stare from Robert for a moment. Then he returns his gaze to the front door, waiting, patiently. He is still like that when the parcel sitting on the receptionists desk just explodes. Taking half of the office with it, and blowing debris across the room. The blast isn't enough to damage the offices above or below, but carefully calculated to just hurt this office. The four sitting at the couches receive a blast from the explosion, the flames already taking hold near the source of it.

Eden's smile widens and he nods his head. "Welcome." A pause as he glances towards Robert, then lifts a hand when Joshua shakes the water off. A broad smile lingering for him. "I should probably carry a towel like I used to," he adds, turning towards Richard as he speaks. Regardless of the man's rudeness, Eden smiles and starts over towards him and Robert. "I suppose you're new too.." Then explosion comes. For Eden, the next few moments are a strange thing. Because he gets lifted away by the blast and the obvious pain of the fire is met with the pain of hitting the wall in front of him. And then there will be a confused period of laying on the ground, stunned by the suddenness of it all.

Joshua is grinning at Eden for a moment before he looks to his watch, a sudden worried frown crossing his expression and he starts to head towards the door, his hand on the knob when the explosion roars through the room, his back getting the brunt of the heat from the flames and the force of the explosion throws him against the door, breaking it with the weight of his body. His head hits the door hard enough to nearly knock him out and he falls to the floor in a stunned heap.

Richard and Robert are both thrown back too, and both are stunned, covered with the debris. The receptionist is beneath the desk but it is evident at a glance that she is history, dead. The hint is that her head is no longer attached to her body, separated by a piece of the desk. Robert stirs, rolls, his groan loud enough to echo in the odd space left. Richard takes longer, grumbling as he moves.

Eden comes back on the swift side as his peacoat has caught. Only lightly at first, but soon he can feel the heat and that jumpstarts him to consciousness and he cries out as he shoves a few bits of debris off and thrashes for a few moments to get the coat off with some measure of panic. And that lingers for a time as pain signals continue. Some of his hair burned, his back and his nose bloody and face bruised, but already fixing itself after his meeting with the wall. When those moments of panic subside some, he calls out, "Robert!" Voice fearful in a few different shades.

Joshua lays there on the ground, merely groaning for a few minutes, shock of explosion having stunned him. Slowly he starts to get up, only to find his arm is broken and he cradles it at his side as he leans against what's left of the door frame, looking around himself in a dazed manner.
Robert's first movement is to send out his power, reassuring those around him, calming. He rolls to his feet, Richard shortly behind him. He stands, turning to survey the damage. "Who is hurt?" He calls that, his gaze swinging over the room, his own injuries healing slowly. Already, someone is calling the police.

Eden is hurt. Burns, bruises. That much is clear from clothing and some blood. But nothing seems broken and with the calming influence, his panic receeds to let him act more rationally. "I'm.. I'm ok.." Eden's voice not exactly certain on that. Pain is bad, of course. But he can still move, medical training and logic butting back against panic to tell him he's fine. He looks up to Robert and Richard. Both seem well. "Joshua?" The name mentioned even as he looks back to where the man was before. He seems a foot over by the exit and gets to his feet. Wincing a little as he does, stumbling a bit as he goes over. Debris making the floor a bit treacherous.

Panic ensues in the young wolf, even Robert's calming influence only ebbing it down a little, his eyes glow a dark amber as his eyes dart around the room. His arm is broken, the bone actually appearing to be offset and nearly poking through the skin. "This wasn't supposed….." he groans in pain and closes his eyes, battling with his beast.

Robert turns towards Joshua, glancing over his arm, using his power to calm the other. "Enough, we'll have ambulance here in a moment. Eden, get him down to the stairs, but wait there." His commands are calm, clear, the wolf close to the surface, Joshua's words put down to shock. He moves around checking for injured.

Eden drops to his knees by Joshua, feeling the panic in his energy. He doesn't quite understand, but it gives him focus. indeed, he puts a light hand on the man's back and a fledgling power within comes to his call. "Hold on, Joshua," he says. Though not so great as Robert's power, another slender thread is added, Focus on the control of the shift and the restraint of the beast. The arm is noted and he's already considering how to handle it, though the moment makes it hard to focus. Bad smells.. pain. It's all very much heavy on one's attention span. But he musters enough to be a small Focus.

With the added energy from Eden and Robert's renewed order, Joshua takes a few deep breaths and manages to push the panic away, his beast yielding even amongst the scents of burnt flesh and blood, fear and pain. He looks down to Eden and reaches his good hand out to grab his hand and give a hard squeeze of thanks. He looks over to Robert and Richard before he swallows and looks to what's left of the office. His arm is already starting to heal, but it's not set right yet.

Robert is checking for the others, briefly checking on the receptionist to confirm, before he moves with them towards the door, bringing with him Richard and his own power. As they move forward, the police and fire crews arrive, and the scene becomes organised chaos as they take control. Robert's voice can be heard, giving brief explanations to the police.

Eden smiles softly when Joshua touches him, though after a moment he refocuses and says. "Stay still a moment. I have to set your arm so it will heal better. It'll hurt." And he's already apologizing softly in saying that, by his tone. He shifts over closer to the arm and will set his hands on it a moment. carefully probing the break for a few moments before he says, "Get ready." He tenses a little as he takes a careful grip at both sides and precisely slip the bone back into place. And he will check up after himself, carefully making sure that it is properly set.

It's surprising that the renewed pain of having his arm reset doesn't cause Joshua to shift, likely only Robert's continued presence and calming effect keeping him from doing so. A low moan of pain can be heard and he has to lean heavily against Eden once it's done, but now his arm will heal properly and for that he's grateful. Soon enough the EMTs are here and checking over the two men, though now it's not really necessary, and Joshua is taken out of the building down to the ambulance.

Robert moves with them, having handed over information to the police at the scene, using his power to keep that beast at bay, going with him to the hospital to stay there. He speaks little, answering only when spoken to, but his power is calm, reassuring. Once arms are set in plaster, both Joshua and Eden, and Richard are taken back to Robert's home.

Eden will help Joshua until the paramedics come. With not jarring his arm again and getting down. Eden lucked out in a few ways, though he has some faint burn patches lingering on his back and arms. Smaller than the holes in his shirt. And his nose has straightened before the humans might be there to mark the change. He accepts some on site care, but otherwise sticks close to Robert. He wont' say much either, a bit nervous at the fuss and more apt to focus on helping those around him quietly. Going back to Robert's home will be a welcome thing and his mood will relax noticeably there. And he will dive into taking care of everyone under the roof.

Joshua doesn't speak hardly at all while he's being taken care of, seeming rather unhappy about the whole situation. When he's taken back to Robert's home, he makes himself comfortable wherever he's put and continues to be rather silent about the whole thing. Perhaps he's embarassed about nearly loosing control of his beast, or perhaps it's the injury, but whatever it is, he has something on his mind.

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