20111208 Taking Down A Bomber


Yellow Bungalow: Porch - Taylor Street: Little Italy

The wide boards that deck the porch show years of use that are emphasized rather than hidden by the multiple coats of green paint on both floor and trim. Square brick pillars at the corner, beside the steps, and at the wall of the house support the slatted wooden railing with its wide cap. The porch is about six feet deep and twelve feet wide, with a double window centered on the wall of the house.

There is a beige pressed-metal glider under the window with a square white plastic table beside it. The front door is protected by a screened iron-barred security door, and there are security bars of the same make over the window as well. In front of the door is a large sisal mat, and a piece of tape on the black mailbox that hangs beside the door has been labeled "Moye" in neat print.




Robert is back on the porch, and he has coffee. The icy wind blows the steam from it, and from the pot of it at his side. He is leaning against a post, his gaze resting watchfully on the street. The man's face is impassive, and his attitude is alert, tension rising from the Ulfric as he sits. Waiting. Watching.

While most detectives drive little cars, emerald is fromt he south, a truck is her car. The Deep blue F-150 pulls up and stop near the crub of the home she is coming too. Door opens and out pops Emerald. The officer makes her way towards the porch of the home still dressed in her slightly heavy business suit, weapon still hidden.

Robert watches her come, his expression unchanging but he moves slightly, turning to drop his feet onto the ground in front of the porch, holding his coffee between his hands as he watches her approach. A light snuff on the air, and he nods in greeting. His expression gives nothing away.

Emerald nods. "Hello Robert, It's been a while. I'm here on behalf of the CPD to investigate the bombing of CLAW." she is straight to the point, no reason to beat around the busy with a very passive man after all.

Robert nods, giving her a direct look, his gaze steady. "Emerald." Her name is a single word greeting and he lifts an eyebrow. "I am, as ever, willing to speak with the police." His voice is neutral, his eyes empty.

Emerald nods a bit. "Could you tell me what you remember about that day? Anything out of place." the officer keeps her information to herself for now. Emerald pulls out he note pad again and gets ready to write down anything said.

"We had gone to meet someone I hoped would be there. I took with me some colleagues, and we were sitting on the sofas." His voice is even, recounting it without emotion. "We waited. The receptionist was sorting post. She had a parcel. The room exploded."

Emerald hmms a moment and nods. She jots down and nods. "Was it already there when you arrived? or did it come in after you had arrived?" Emerald takes notes, again, another package bomb.

"I did not notice the delivery. I assume it was there." Robert's voice is even and he takes a slow sip of the cooling coffee. "The receptionist was killed immediately, and the rest of us left as soon as that was confirmed." He leans back against the porch, lifting his gaze to the woman in front of him. "Any other questions?"

Emerald hmms a moment. "Who was the people that were with you? Maybe they had noticed something."

"Eden. Joshua. Richard." The three names come without any further inflexion as he sips his coffee. The neutrality of his gaze adds to the hint of wolf that comes with a tilt of his head. "Richard is dead. Speak with Jack Green about that."

Logan arrives, walking up the street wearing a broad brimmed hat straight out of the north west, a cigar unlit in his mouth, hands tucked into his pants pockets. He strides up the walk towards the porch, taking a moment to leave the half smoked cigar on the edge of a step and out of the way.

Emerald nods to Robert. "We have Marshal Green's Statement on the incident." the officer doesn't ask about the shooting though. "Thank you For your time Robert. I believe that is everything."

"I would prefer you give me the courtesy of my title, or my full name, after the last time." Robert's voice is low, and he rises to his feet, the movement fluid, his coffee mug dangling from his fingers. "Ulfric, or Mr Moye. I believe I have earnt that much respect." He gives Logan a flicker of a glance and a nod.

Emerald nods a bit. "I'm sorry Mr Moye." she turns and leaves then.

Logan pauses as he reaches the top step, nodding in return to Robert and then looking at Emerald, curiously. He reaches up and takes his hat off, tucking it under one arm in a rolled up fashion.

"Join me." Robert's comment to Logan is a request but barely, and he makes a tiny gesture towards the coffee pot, a tactical invitation. His gaze watches the police officer leave, however, tracking her movements.

Logan nods, taking the seat offered seat and some coffee as well, turning to watch the officer leave before looking at Robert.

Logan and Robert are sitting on the porch, nursing coffee, on this icy day. The steam rises from the pot, and from the mugs. Robert's face is empty, his gaze tracking each car as it passes. He sips his mug slowly, the silence companionable. He breaks it all the same. "Gave a statement twice in a week."

"Seems they're curious..or not talking to each other." Logan replies, his own expression one of a calm patience..waiting, and quiet used to doing so, as he sits there on the porch with Robert.

One of those passing cars isn't passing. Jack's car with its German design and manufacture stands out from most of the others in the area, and it pulls up quietly, the engine killed a few moments later. Jack steps out, then opens the back door and reaches for a reasonably large blue sports grip.

Joshua comes walking down the street towards the house, hands shoved in his pockets, head hanging low, a troubled expression on his face as he seems to mull over something in his head. His steps are slow, as though he has some feeling of what's going on, why he was called here, yet he comes voluntarily.

Seems Jack isn't the only occupant of the car. The door on the passenger side opens and Pierce ducks out. A glance at Jack, a brow lifting slightly in enquiry, and she moves to join him after shouldering a small black packpack.

"Different incidents. Been busy." Robert's voice is quiet as he replies. His gaze flickers to Jack's car and he glances at Logan. Joshua's approach draws his Ulfric to his feet and he watches him come, his face impassive. His energy is shut down, his body utterly still once his stands. "Joshua."

Logan watches the new arrivals as they approach, he gets to his feet when Robert does, but waits quietly. He stands in a spot however that gives him plent of room to move, without really being overtly threatening.

Jack makes his way towards the Yellow Bungalow, carrying the grip in his right hand. It looks like it might be reasonably heavy, but he's carrying it with ease. Pierce is on his left side and Jack at least is in no particular hurry to get there.

At the sound of Robert's voice calling his name, Joshua stops just down the sidewalk from where the group has gathered. He looks from Robert to Logan, to Jack to Pierce, slowly gazing at each of them, some sense of distaste and anger seeming to well up in him, but he remains calm for now, "Yes Robert?" He bows his head deeply in a gesture of respect though somehow there's a sense of mock to it.

Pierce matches Jack's pace comfortably, at ease and certainly not having any difficulty with the backpack on her shoulder. Like her companion, her pace is unhurried and calm. If she notices the gathering that's on the porch - and it would be impossible not to - she certainly doesn't stare.

Robert stares at Joshua in silence for a long moment. He studies the others face, and a flicker of grief shows in his eyes, peeking around the mask before he steps back, his gaze flickering to Logan. "Why?" He asks the question softly, with a tilt of his head, the question directed at Joshua. "Did you do this thing?"

Logan looks from Robert, to Joshua, and then to the approaching Jack and Peirce. Upon seeing the shift in Robert's expression, tiny as it is, he moves to stand on the opposite side of the porch from him, leaning lightly against the railing as he looks out onto the walk where Joshua stands. His expression is calm and even, only the faintest hint of a tense readiness in the set of his stance.

Jack apparently unbothered by the little group ahead, glances to the woman he's walking with. "What time is it, Pierce? I'm starting to think that lunch might be a plan."

Joshua shrugs his shoulders and holds his hands out to his sides, "Why does anyone do anything Robert?" He scuffs his foot against the ground, seeming unsure of what to say, "We try to do our best to make those we care about proud of us… and then things change…" a sense of sadness and anger in his words.

Pierce glances at her watch. "It is lunchtime," she returns sagely, her voice a lilting singsong with odd accents on the first syllables of her words. Definitely not a native English speaker, even if she has a good command of the language. "I could hear your stomach growl. I have sandwiches. Thick ones. What do you think?"

Robert's attention is on Joshua entirely, listening to his words. "You killed. You came here under my protection and you used it to kill people. At least have the balls to admit it to my face. Who do you care about that will be proud of your actions?" Robert's control over his temper is there, just about and the undertone in his voice is that growl, the one late man heard just before becoming late. "Admit this to my face, Joshua." He doesn't move though, watching the other man from his position.

Eyes widening at that revelation, Logan's eyes flicker over the young man on the walk. The lines of his face harden as he listens and watches. It's clear from how the muscles tense at his temples that he is more tense now, but that's the only sign of tension..the rest of his movements are easy as he leans casually against the railing.

"Hmm," Jack says, and then he quiet, simply strolling along. The bag in his hand doesn't seem to be weighing him down at all. He stops and turns to face Pierce. "What do you say we go to a restaurant for dinner?"

Joshua meets Roberts eyes readily, hatred flashing in his own, his beast stirring and a growl hints his own voice, not having the control that the others around him do. "I admit it, I did exactly what I had to do. It was the only way to make him think well of me again…." Amidst the anger and hatred, his eyes actually water, "Getting infected ruined my life, Merle wouldn't look at me or talk to me after that happened."

"That would be a lovely treat," Pierce returns to Jack, the corners of her mouth turning up in a warm little smile. "We have not done that for -ages-." Whatever's going on at the front porch might well be white noise, the amount of attention she pays to it. "You pick where you want to go. And I promise to drink whiskey and -try- to appreciate it."

Robert returns Joshua's gaze and one hand closes, tenses, as the Ulfric looks at him steadily. "You killed. You killed and maimed me and mine, those under my protection, in this city and you abused my hospitality." In that instant, he is struggling, and it shows in that clenched fist, in the flare of power that suddenly surges from him. "Who is Merle? Who paid for this? Is there more planned?" That growl is still there.

Logan is quiet, his eyes hard now and he moves with an easy almost casual grace, walking down the few steps to pick up a cigar that had been left on one of them. He crouches there on the steps a moment, picking up the cigar, and then continues down the steps while fishing in a pants pocket.

Jack continues the discussion with Pierce. "What do you reckon - House of Blues?" It's as though he hasn't even registered the tension outside the yellow bungalow.

"Merle Biggs is the man that taught me how to be a man, got me through school, taught me how to survive out in this world so full of inhuman things." His eyes dart to Logan as the man moves closer towards him, taking a few small steps backwards though he doesn't quite run. "The only way I can pay him back for everything is to take out as many of you as possible….. of us…" his emotions are running high and wild, a sense of desperation hitting him. "Merle arranged it all, gave the semtex to Richard, bought the cakes. He practically runs the humans first there in New Mexico. He hates anything nonhuman, and he's going to work on getting together with the human's first here, he doesn't want you all to continue to form bigger groups, alliances… easier to kill off if you're smaller.

Pierce nods enthusiastically. "It is not Chinese opera, but it is good music, which is very important. There is nothing worse to destroy the appetite than bad karaoke singing." Tension? Bungalow? What tension? What bungalow? She rolls her shoulders, cricking her neck.

Jack's bag drops, his left hand coming up as he turns, the right grabbing for something at his back. "Go go go," he says firmly, then shouts at Joshua, "Stop right where you are! I'm a US Marshall, and you're under arrest!"

Robert takes a step forward, his lip curling, revealing his teeth in a snarl. His neighbours are clearly beginning to pay attention. "Where is he? Is he man enough to actually face me? Did he teach you to be a coward that takes hospitality and betrays it?" The low words are insulting, as the Ulfric takes another step. Jack's shout makes him stop, makes him reinforce his control and his power flares, pushing at Joshua, pushing it down his throat, making it impossible to shift.

Pierce is on the move the minute Jack's bag drops, even without the injunction. Fanning out away from him, she's got her pistol out and at the ready, keeping Joshua covered. "Do not move," she warns him sharply. "You are under arrest for acts of terrorism and the aiding and abetting of such unlawful activities. Do not attempt to run."

Logan moves with a speed that's phenomnal, fast even for most wolves, as he takes several quick paces to shift out of line of Jack and Peirce's reciprocal gun lines while moving to where Joshua is within another step and arms reach from him should the boy move. His stance is low and practiced..and were his eyes not silvery grey with blue speckles one might think him simply a well trained fighter..but with those eyes..it's clear he's more than that.

Sirens start up, a couple of blocks away at most. Jack's on the move, walking swiftly closer with a semiautomatic pistol in each hand trained unwaveringly on Joshua. His lips are drawn back, revealing his teeth, and his eyes are glittering with raw hatred as he glares at the wolf.

Turning a bit to see Jack, Joshua's eyes widen a bit, but it's more hatred and his beast starting to force it's way out than fear. The sudden push of Robert's power against him keeps his beast at bay and seems to stun the young man, his beast kept down though he can feel it battling within him with its desire to come out. "You'll never find him… Merle taught us to do what was needed…" Pierce's words ring through his head and he starts to shake it, laughing loudly with some sort of maniacal quality.

Robert keeps his power pressing against the younger wolf, the rage he feels in the energy he is surrounded by. "And now we will do what is needed." His voice is a low growl, and his eyes are beginning to hint at the shift, the tiniest change of shape in them. But he doesn't move forward, doesn't pull his own weapon from his holster. Just stands and glares at the wolf, his upper lip lifted in a snarl.

Pierce's eyes are flint-hard as she moves towards Joshua, letting Jack take the lead. "Poor deluded boy," she snaps out contemptuously. "Your Merle picked his patsies well. You would do anything for him because you are just a -boy-, and he knows it. A boy like you, what do you know? Nothing. You can't even kill without making a mess, without being caught. No wonder Merle sent you here. You couldn't have done anything for him without messing up, safer to make sure you were out of the way. Even a boy in my Triad days could have done better."

"You, boy, are so weak minded that you'd have failed anyone you worked for. You've done nothing right..hell, you even showed up here with more than an inkling that someone was on to you." Logan says quietly, waiting..ready to move but otherwise still.

Joshua keeps his eyes on Robert even as Jack and Pierce close in on him, the sirens growing closer with each moment. "Yes… you will do what all beasts do…." He snarls at Robert, his beast only held back by Robert's will, but the words of Pierce and Logan draw a laugh from him, "I came here with the full intention of being caught!" He turns his amber eyes first to Pierce and then to Logan, "How else will he ever be happy with me again? What better way than to die for his cause?!" And with that he leaps towards Robert, though briefly there is a pang of regret in his eyes as he attacks the man.

After Logan's said his bit, Jack stops, still several feet away from Joshua. One of his weapons gestures downwards, but the other stays rock-solid. "Down on the ground," he orders, the snap of a drill sergeant expecting to be obeyed. "Hands extended, where I can see them." The sirens are getting closer.

When Joshua lunges, Jack's firearms bark, two reports from each. There's no hesitation, no wavering, no remorse.

Robert's beast snarls and it brings a half step towards that attack, a willingness to engage in that fight, and his energy pushes at Joshua. The shots bring him back to the here and now, and he pauses in the rush to fight. The beast doesn't understand, wants to kill, to fight.

Pierce fires the same time Jack does, and there is no hesitation for her either. "Down Robert!" she shouts, her eyes flint-hard and expression stone-cold.

Logan's reactions are fast, and while he's not faster than Jack or Peirce's bullets, he still lunges forward..though not /at/ Joshua, but in front of him..putting himself between Robert and his attacker while leaving himself clear of Jack and Pierce's firing lines.

The snarl is soon replaced with an expression of pain and a howl of the same, yet somewhere in there is a glimmer of satisfaction and happiness, seeming to believe he's attained his last goal in life. Joshua's body falls to the ground hard, gasping for breath and clutching at his stomach where blood oozes from the bulletholes, groaning in pain.

"Suspect down, get me an ambulance." Jack and Pierce are several feet away from the other three, having fanned out so that their lines of fire intersect cleanly without risking fouling each other's weapons. Jack's bag sits neglected on the sidewalk a few yards behind them, probably because Jack has a semi-automatic pistol in each hand. There are four bits of brass still bouncing on the tarmac at his feet.

Emerald pops out of a van some yards, literally, down the road, while running is something a seasoned officer does. Seeing the man on the ground makes her slow to bit of a jog, her weapon holstered still.

Robert doesn't get down, but his rage shows, a lash of power at Joshua, not the level before and Logan's leap earns him a growl. Then Joshua falls and Robert stands still, staring down at him. The flicker of grief on his face blanks out almost instantly, leaving his expression that impassive, empty mask. He steps back, allowing the police to do their work, a glance telling Logan to do the same. Leaving the wolf behind. He speaks, clearly, "I am Ulfric, and you have no name among the Lukoi. Your voice is only the wind outside our cave." His step takes them back towards the porch.

Logan arrives between Joshua and Robert just in time to watch the young man's..the traitors' body fall, failing to overcome the injury done it. He looks down at the boy for a moment with an unreadable expression before he too steps back, moving away as the police arrive. He takes a seat on the steps that lead to the porch, fishing into a pocket for a match.

Pierce hasn't holstered her pistol yet, but she's moving towards the fallen Joshua quickly and carefully. She still lets Jack take the lead, and while she's tugging out a pair of handcuffs from her utility pouch, her demeanour indicates that it's probably not going to be needed despite the precaution. Her expression is work-mode cold, her eyes gone flat as she nears the deluded youngster writhing on the ground, lips pressed into a thin line.

Laying on the ground, Joshua just groans in pain, spitting up a little blood on the ground before saying through clenched teeth, "Oh hell… just kill me already…" his eyes flash as he looks towards Robert, listening to the words being spoken and another kind of pain crosses his expression, even though he had expected it, the words draw upon the sense of abandonment he has been carrying with him for awhile now, and when Pierce approaches to handcuff him, he thrusts his bloody hands out towards her in an effort to grab at her throat.

Jack moves as Pierce doees, working with her with the ease of long practice. As Joshua reaches out to her, he calmly takes aim at the young wolf's arms and pulls the trigger.

Emerald doesn't have a weapon, but shifter plus blood plus human.. Emerald stops a bit away not wanting to find herself having fur on the next moon. The officer knows she can't deal with a possible Lycanthrope.

Robert steps back after he speaks the words, removing his gaze from the fallen wolf as if he no longer existed and he glances at Logan, a speaking look at he turns away, turns his back. He walks towards his porch, walking away, his pace slow and deliberate, the movements a statement.

Logan follows Robert's lead on this, the rejection of Joshua's very existance is given in the turning of his back to the scene, the utter lack of acknowledgement of the boy's words. He climbs the steps onto the porch, pausing at the top of the steps to light the half a cigar he has left.

The searing pain that blows through his arms drops them to his sides and Joshua just lays there, panting, much easier to cuff and take care of now.

Still looking down at Joshua, Jack says, "Thanks for staying back, Sergeant. Could you make sure there's room left for the ambulance to get in? I know things can get a bit haphazard in the rush." By the sound of it, the cavalry's just around the corner.

Emerald nods and moves off to deal with the on coming CPD cars, being sure to keep room for the inbound ambulance. Emerald moves to the side letting the van come through once it arrives.

Pierce comes up to Joshua finally, bending to cuff his wrists behind his back. "Stupid boy," she says softly in a tone that could slice glass. "You'll never win his love back or his approval. You want to die? No chance. You'll live, and be an example of what gullible boys do when they're manipulated." When that's done, she stands aside and glances to Jack. "All yours, Marshal. If the medics can't carry him up, I'll do it."

Robert just stands, his back to Joshua, to the police, staring blankly in front of him. His face is hidden from all by Logan, and his energy is closed down. He falls naturally into a position of ease, his hands clasped behind his back, his legs hip width apart.

Logan's shoulder leans against one of the supports for the roof of the porch, a study in casual relaxation, or forced..it's hard to tell. He looks at Robert and just nods slighlty, puffing on his cigar and letting a small cloud of smoke rise towards the roof of the porch.

All the fight seems to be gone from him, the cuffs easily put on his wrists and Joshua just lays there in silence, other than the moaning of pain, some of the wounds not really healing due to the silver shots.

Jack still doesn't get within a few feet of Joshua. "You'll live to face the judge," he says, "And that's the important bit." Thanks to Emerald organising the incoming vehicles, the ambulance makes it through without having to slow down until the scene. "Fucking waste," Jack adds, then nods to Emerald. "Thanks."

Emerald nods to Jack and then looks to man that got shot; but then back to Jack. "Your welcome marshall. I'll talke with ya back at the station." emerald says moving to the side to allow the people to do their thing.

Robert doesn't glance at Logan, staring ahead, the man standing alone. His attitude to all around him seems to be that his role is done, and he has nothing more to say.

Pierce stands aside for the medics to see to the wounded lycanthrope. "Fucking waste is right," she agrees with Jack, exhaling sharply. "Why don't people -listen- when I say 'don't move'? Must be my height." With the exhale, some of the tension releases from her shoulders.

"What's done is done, Robert. Blaming yourself isn't going to do anyone any good." Logan says quietly, calmly, though something in his tone seems to hint that he knows that the words aren't /really/ going to help over much.

Joshua is loaded up on the gurney by the paramedics who take care with the blood, professional the whole time, putting pressure on wounds, then loading him up into the ambulance. Joshua doesn't fight anymore, instead he's lost in his own thoughts, mummbling over and over to himself, "Make you proud of me…"

Jack keeps in positions where he's still got a clear shot at Joshua, and when they're loading him into the ambulance he nods to Pierce. "Go with him, keep everyone safe. I'll take you out to dinner when it's done. House of Blues?"

"Do you even need to ask?" Pierce gives Jack a little smile as she turns to follow the medics. "Done. I'll update you after the medics do their work, and get the preliminaries out of the way. Be safe. Robert, Logan - thank you."

Logan nods to Peirce as he hears his name called, turning then to look and watch as the cleanup proceeds. He shifts his stance a bit so that he can both watch Robert and the lawn along with it's occupants a bit more easily. "Thank you Peirce, Jack, nice job..though a regrettable end."

"Logan, I apologise for interrupting our business with this. I regret the …" Robert makes a small gesture before he steps forward, walking away, into the house, treating Logan as a business partner. "Shall we discuss business?"

With the ambulance pulling away, Jack reholsters his firearms. "Fucking waste," he repeats, then looks up at Robert and Logan. "Thank you for your co-operation, Mr. Moye, Mr. Felhaven. Sergeant Lee, let's get to the station and get started on the paperwork."

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