20120129 Death Of An Ulfric


The Jabberwocky: Bar Area - Navy Pier - Grand and Lake Shore

The Jabberwocky bar and club has a rather whimsical atmosphere. The Rabbit Hole is when you first walk in. Guests can check not only your reality but your coat, any weapons and religious items you may be holding. The fae working the Rabbit Hole keeps them all safe. Dangerous items are checked, or entrance into the club is denied.

The bar and club has been broken up into various sections. This main section has a huge bar as the focal point. It really has hints of an Alice In Wonderland feel to the place. True to it's word, all of the employee's are non-human. And all of them are attractive in some way or another.

The front bar area has only has soft music playing in the background, it is not offensive to sensitive ears and still allows casual or discreet conversations to be held. There are various seating area's in this part of the bar. One section has giant mushroom shaped couches and pillows for lounging upon. One of the sections has oversized and miniature furniture so one feels like they have been shrunken down or turned into a giant. There has also been a hookah area set up called the Blue Caterpillar area.

Restrooms for men and women are off to the side and have a psychedelic feel to them. There are spiral staircases that take you up to a second floor with various balconiess set up for more privacy. And a door with a numerical lock that leads to the upstairs apartments. Various security personal are still closely monitoring the place to make sure all guests are safe. Next to the bar there is a hallway that leads to the dance club part.




It's early afternoon in the Jabberwocky and the usual crowd hasn't got there yet. Randall is sat on a stool by the bar, a glass of a what could be water in his hand. Randall has positioned himself so that he can see the door and he has his phone out on the bar, which he checks every now and then. Between glancing at the phone and constantly checking the door, Randall doesn't exactly look at ease but he's putting effort into appearing relaxed.

There's a generally average man sitting on one of the giant mushrooms, looking bored. He's got a drink in his hand and he glances around occasionally, apparently checking to see whether anything interesting's going on yet.

Logan arrives after having received a call from jack, stepping into the bar and glancing around the room for a moment before he moves in towards the bar.

Randall continues to sip from his glass, he's apparently ignoring the others in the bar although he is still checking the door every time it opens. He does seem to be relaxing a bit more, he's noticed a few familiar faces in the crowd as the Jabberwocky gets busier.

Eden comes in a short while after Logan. Perhaps a few too many steps behind to notice him. He is paused briefly to show his ID to the guys at the front, who don't hassle him too much before he's allowed in. Eden gives them a wave and smile before he does go in. And he seems to be here with purpose as he starts towards the bar without having noticed anyone in particular. He seems in good spirits, by expression and the lightness of his step.

Jack sips at his own drink. His watch over comings and goings is rather more clandestine than Randall's, but he nods to the arriving Eden.

The door opens, a man having waited for the others to clear before entering the bar. Robert, looking as impassive and stony faced as he has ever been seen, moving as if each movement costs him and hurts him. His gaze flickers over the bar, resting for a moment on each man, on Logan, on Jack and on Eden, standing in the doorway stiffly.

Logan moves towards the bar and orders a beer, whatever happens to be in the bottle, and leaves a ten on the counter to cover it before turning to look around the room once more as he appears to decide where it is he wants to sit while he waits for the drink. When Robert comes in his gaze flicks to the man and his eyes narrow, an eyebrow arching up just slightly as he looks the other man over and starts to get up.

Isabel smiles as she opens the door and walks into the bar. She takes a quick look around the room before making her way over to the bar.

Randall is still actively checking the door as each person comes in so he sees Robert enter and offers the man a polite nod. Randall is sat next to the bar, drinking a glass of water. Eden is also at the bar, although he has yet to order anything. Jack is sat on one of the mushrooms in the corner of the room, idly checking people as they come in to the bar. Robert has just arrived and is standing in the doorway, he appears to be looking for someone.

Logan is also at the bar, waiting his turn for the bartender to get to him.

Eden gets a sense for Jack and glances over towards him. A hand lifted lightly towards him, along with a warm smile. But he continues to the bar. He spies Logan as he nears the bar and the lingering smile is turned on him. Though this is just as Robert fills the doorway. So his start into saying something is arrested and he glances curiously back to see what got his attention. He sees Robert and the mask he usually holds over his power slips, it warming at once as he turns around. "Robert." Said with a soft warmth, the young man starting back towards the front at once.

Jack sips at his drink again. He meets Robert's look with another nod, and he too rises to his feet, bringing his drink over towards the bar. He's in no particular hurry to get there.

Robert steps forward, his path a direct line to Randall. His movements are stiff, a pained tension around his eyes and mouth, and his hands are clenched at his side. The wolf's power is just below the surface, and half way across the room he stops. Eden's approach, his greeting are ignored with a hardening of his features.

Logan's body tenses and he gets to his feet as well, looking at Robert for a long moment and then starting towards him as he leaves his beer on the bar behind him. There's a glance around the room noting th position of others around the room, but it never pauses on anyone until it lands on Robert once more. "Robert, it's been a while."

Isabel heads over to the bar, now that the people are out of her way. She takes a seat, before ordering herself a beer, as she looks around to see who is about today.

Linda comes in through the doors and pauses for a moment to talk to the bouncer. She wraps her energy around herself and nods before she starts to move in. She closes her eyes for a moment and then glances around taking in whome might all be in this special club at the moment. The large woman smiles a bit and then starts towards the bar. She dips her head towards those who achkowledge her as she moves along. She slips her hands into her pockets for a moment.

Randall makes to stand as he sees Robert but stops when he sees the others walking towards the man. He does get off the stool though, choosing to stand next to the bar as he waits.

Eden slows as he draws near to Robert. A soft frown touching his features. A bit uncertain, but as Logan comes over, he seems a bit less troubled. More worried. "Robert.. are you ok?" He will edge half in front of the man as he pauses, reaching out to touch his arm and extending his energy in a brush. There is a mix of forces at work in the young man, tugging forward and back, but the forward tug is the stronger.

Jack nods to Linda, too, then downs what's left in his glass. The empty gets held out, ready to plonk on the bar so that Jack can order another. Eden gets a warning look, and a tilt of the head gesturing out of Robert's way.

Robert's glance at Logan and then Eden is shuttered, without a response, and his gaze tracks Randall's movements in a gesture that is purely wolf. He steps away from Eden, moving to have a direct line at Randall. Then the man flinches, a flash of pain crossing his face the instant before the man's power spreads outwards from him. His fur flows over his body like water, his clothes tearing. Muscles form and shift, his bones change, and the clear liquid that gushes from his body falls to the floor below him, as the wolf appears, large, grey with the rich amber eyes. He turns those eyes on Randall, crouching down with a low growl, the type of growl that late man heard, moments before becoming late.

The abrupt shift of Robert causes Logan to stop his forward advance, shifting instead to step back and slightly to the side and out of the direct line between Robert and Randall. "Robert? What the hell?"

Isabel tilts her head slightly as she looks over towards robert then over towards randal as she wonders what is going on. She takes her beer as she slides over a few seats away from the two, just as a procaustion as she tries to assess the situation.

Linda blinks and her power flares a bit. She has seen others shift in this club but this…this seems like more than just shifting like a fight might be brewing. The bear shifter turns a bit and glances around sensing at the others and then back to the one that just turned into a wolf.

The colour drains from Randall's face as he watches Robert shift and he finds himself unconsciously backing up against the bar. With an outstretched hand he reaches for his phone but he doesn't dial anything yet, all his attention is on Robert. "Robert? Are you all right old chap?" The Englishman's voice is more then a little shaky as he speaks.

Eden is, for once, a bit oblivious to Jack and much else as Robert is given his full attention. Being ignored troubles the younger man and it hurts, the slight crumple of his expression an obvious sign of that. He turns as Robert starts away, turning. Even starting to step after him, though in a slow, uncertain way that ends when Robert's power lifts, a soft step back taken as he starts changing. "Robert? What are you doing?" Uncertain, even a bit scared at this off behavior.

When Robert goes wolf, Jack moves. The glass is released to smash on the floor, Jack's boots crunching on the shards as he steps to one side of Robert. His empty hands flex, and his voice is as cold as his empty eyes. "Robert. Step away from the human. *Now*. Or I will open fire."

The large wolf turns his head slightly at Jack's challenge, giving him a long look, but the low threatening growl doesn't cease and he lowers his front half to the floor. The movement flexes the powerful back legs, preparing to leap. The movements are done stiffly, as if forced, as his gaze returns to Randall. Then he leaps, the movement speaking of hunting, of killing. Food.

Logan starts to move, trying too late to move to catch Robert, having no idea what is going on but knowing that an attack on a human isn't a good plan. He moves fast, but in then end only really ends up between the bar and Robert, fingers just missing the wolf as it lunges for Randall.

Isabel sets her beer down on the counter as she slides off her chair and takes a few steps back. She takes a deep breath before she begins to chant softly, as she begins to draw energy towards her as she focuses on the attack.

Linda probably wouldn't be able to move fast enough but then she doesn't even hesitate. She hadn't taken a seat yet at the bar and just moves, trying not to grab anyone or anything but just trying to get in between Randall and Robert, especially since Randall doesn't seem to be more than human from what she can tell.

When Robert leaps, so does Jack. At Robert. Without apparent care for his own life, the man jumps at the wolf, intending to grab it and hopefully knock it off-course at worst and into the furniture at best. Power kindles and flares.

Randall is doing a passable impression of a deer in headlights. He is still stood with his back next to the bar as he watches the scene unfold.

Eden looks at Jack with a stricken expression when he moves forward, shaking his head a little. The whole thing seems to pull Eden in enough directions that he can only stand there, completely uncertain of what to do but shake his head and hope that all this might just stop. WHen Robert leaps, Eden reaches out towards him and cries out, "Robert, no!" His voice a sharp, stricken high note. Panicked.

The wolf's leap takes him out of Linda's reach, the powerful back legs pushing off the floor, and Logan's grasp misses his tail by an inch or two. The snarling jaws are dripping saliva as he leaps towards Randall, but Jack's leap, prepared and tensed for, hits him in the chest, taking him sideways into the furniture and the wolf's jaws snap at him with a deep snarl as they land in a crash of furniture, splintering the tables and chairs.

When Logan misses his grab for Robert his hand continues it's motion to slip under the back of the fleece pullover he's wearing. Despite the check required at the door, he pulls handgun free from a holster concealed there and says in quiet tones that still somehow manage to be audible over the noise of snarling wolf and crashing furniture, "Robert… /enough/ dammit." He says in almost tortured tones as he begins to lift the gun to aim towards Robert.

Isabel continues to chant as she waves her arms through the air in a slow but fluid motion. She then swings her hands out in front of her and claps them together. She holds her pinkies together as the top of her hands spread apart, as if she was cupping something in her hand. A soft green light then begins to appear within her hands.

Linda frowns a bit and is considering things to do, she holds back from shifting but is really close to it. She looks at the others for a moment and stares there, trying to move a little closer to Randall, easier to get in the way if Robert gets away from Jack. Not that she really knows them, any of them but she is trying to help, all the while wondering what is going on.

Randall goes diving to his side as Jack and Robert go crashing through the tables. He's gained enough presence of mind to realise he's holding a phone and starts to dial it, although there's more button pressing then a simple '911' call would suggest. He ends up sat beneath the bar, huddled over his phone.

Power flares around Jack, potent and laced with heat. Laced with pain, too, thanks to the deep furrows the wolf's fangs leave in him. Jack's shape changes in a second shower of yellow goo, leaving a giant rat clinging to the giant wolf like a burr, refusing to be dislodged as he pours his power into Robert.

Eden lurches forward a few steps, but the action has progressed too far to be caught up with moving that slowly. 'No' seems to be one of the few words that he has left to him, though he catches sight of the weapon that Logan draws and his eyes widen. "No.." Louder and more certain in his denial as he moves a bit faster now, reaching out to Logan to stop him. Though his hands go to the wrong arm, which doesn't have a gun in it.

The snarling wolf is leaving plenty of damage in Jack's skin, but the shift changes things somehow, and the snarl turns to a growl and then a noise that is as close to a scream as a wolf can manage. At first, the cause of the pained scream isn't obvious, and then flames burst from the beast's chest, lapping eagerly at the sides before, abruptly, it is over. The large wolf falling to the floor, a burnt out husk with flames and smoke still rising from it.

Logan's one hand gathers Eden in towards his side as it's grabbed, the other hand flicking back under his fleece - a brief flash of gunmetal that's once again gone. He stares down at the husk that's Robert and looks from Jack to Randall and back again. "Damn…damn..damn!" He glances around the room and growls out, "Alright, situations over..I'll be taking care of things from here."

Isabel chanting grows louder as a green glowing ball form in her hands. She then throws her hands up into air, sending the light up high in the air where it suddenly seems to come alive and begins to move through the air. She points to the fallen wolf, "Try to save him!" The spirit then darts over to the wolf.

Linda blinks and just looks stunned as Robert, the wolf collapes after bursting into flames. She is just a bit stunned and not doing anything at the moment.

It's takes quite a few moments for Randall to tear his gaze away from the smoking husk that used to be Robert. Slowly, carefully he rights the stool that toppled over as fell and takes a seat, tapping the bar once he is upright. "Service?" He says, while at the same time trying his hardest to ignore the scene behind him.

Jack releases Robert's body, blood dripping from his yellowing teeth. The giant rat shuffles back a couple of feet, then just stares at the corpse. His nose twitches, and then he slumps to the floor.

The wolf corpse slowly shifts, becoming a naked man's charred remains.

Eden hardly expects to get gathered in b y Logan, so for a moment he's staggered and bemused by the shift. The tumult opaque to him up until the scream-like cry from Robert. Eden's head snaps over and just in time to see Robert immolated from within. Logan will feel the younger man sag against him as if strength has left him utterly. He stares, unbelieving for several moments. Then comes a high, sharp scream. Full for the moments of its length with a swell of panicked emotion before it goes silent and Eden goes limp. Either against Logan or crumpled to the ground.

Sensing something is going on, Austin's suddenly seen making his way out of the upstairs apartments and taking the steps a couple at a time. His lips purse as his eyes scan the scene, "Alright, what the fuck is going on in?" He calls out, looking from person to person. "This is supposed to be a /neutral/ zone! Someone explain?" His eyes fall on the corpse. "Great, wait till Azure hears about this…"

Logan props up Eden long enough to get the young man into a chair in such a way that he won't fall. Glancing at Jack and then the rest of the room he gives a slight shake of his head. "No one touches the body, I'm taking it…unless anyone's going to try and stop me?" He starts towards Robert then and begins to see if he's going to be able to move it without having to bag up the body. Looking at Austin he says simply, "Lukoi internal matter, have Azure speak with their Geri."

Isabel watches as the healing spirit passes into the body and begins to try to heal him. There is a faint glow as it tries to work, though it seems almost pointless as he likely died instantly from the massive damage inflicted. She looks over to logan and gives a slight nod, before calling the spirit back.

Linda blinks and shakes her head. She looks over at Austin and shrugs. "No clue." she glances towards where the smoldering corpse is and Logan. She has no clue what has happened.

Randall nods to the shell shocked barman when he does appear from beneath the bar, then nods over to a bottle of whiskey that is on a shelf behind him. "Leave the bottle, there's a good chap, don't skimp on the ice." Randall has stopped dialing his phone and is now waiting for an answer. Randall either doesn't care or just doesn't want to know what is happening behind him at the moment.

A Lukoi internal matter that involves a huge black rat, apparently. The rat doesn't try to stop Logan taking the body, although it does give Logan room to move. Everything about its body-language speaks of dejection.

Eden is easily moved. Dead weight, but lightweight. He remains out as he's settled down, flopping limply, head lolled to the side slightly. He can offer little at the moment.

Into his phone, Randall says, "James? Can you get me please. I'm at the Jabberwocky." Randall sounds quite shaken at this point."

Austin frowns at the group and sighs, his shoulders sagging. "Great." He growls loudly and shakes his head, "Azure is out on other problems right now, I'm watching over the place." He looks over at Logan, "I'll be telling Azure about whatever happened today. I'm not about to pry into business that is not my own, but…"

Into his phone, Randall sighs into the phone. "Great, fine. What the hell. See you later."

Logan gets the body into some sort of position that he can carry it, using the remains of the clothes that Robert shredded as he shifted. Lifting the rather large bundle up onto his shoulder he starts towards the door unless someone attempts to stop him. He glances over his shoulder, "Tell him to speak to the Lukoi, I'm sure they will deal with him appropriately in respect to what's happened here today." Then he pushes the door open and carries the body out the door.

Isabel sighs slightly as she shakes her head before looking over towards Austin, "For some unknown reason he shifted and tried to attack some one. Every one tried to help keep the peace but, it seems like the end result could not be helped."

Linda cocks her head to the side, "End result, not sure I have seen someone spontaneous combustion, was that what it was?" she asks softly and then glances towards Austin for a moment and then back.

Randall spends a few moments staring at his phone before he shakes his head and starts to dial another number. His attention is diverted by the bottle arriving and he pours himself a generous measure into his glass before putting the phone to his ear.

Austin nods to Logan, "I'll have him speak to the Lukoi, you'll be hearing from him." Austin tells Logan and then turns to Isabel, offering a sympathetic look, "I'm sorry about that, I didn't know what was going on. /I/ am in charge while Azure is gone, and this happened on my watch." A hand waves to the mess and he sighs quietly, shaking his head. "Great." He grumbles under his breath. "I've never heard of someone spontaniously combusting upon shifting?" He looks over towards the people, "Thanks for at least trying to keep the peace." He sighs and makes his way over towards the bar area to talk to the barkeep.

Into his phone, Randall says, ""Bri? Could you do me a huge favour and pick me up?" Randall is apparently in a bar, and the clinking of ice can be heard in the background."

The huge black rat's nose twitches at the opening of the bottle; he picks himself up to stand on his hind legs, then reaches for it.

Eden starts to stir faintly, but he seems to still be a distance from consciousness. Yet the mind is already at work and he shifts restlessly, making a soft, distressed sound before he falls silent again.

Logan is gone through the door and outside for a few minutes before he comes back through the door and starts toward Eden.

Isabel nods her head slightly as she considers that, "I have never seen it either, however I have heard of such a thing. The first thing that comes to mind, is someone in here having power over fire."

Logan stops next to Eden and puts an arm under the young man's shoulder and helps him to his feet, or if needs be will put him over his shoulder if Eden can't stand on his own. He glances over at the rat on the floor, "Do you want a lift home?"

Linda nods her head a bit, and frowns. She hasn't relaxed her energy yet. The bear shifter nods to Isabel and then over to Austin. She looks back over to Randall, "The wolf went after the one who seems human." she looks around at the others, "Though it seemed like it wasn't normal behavior."

Randall is still ignoring what is happening behind him. He's still hunched over his phone, a glass of scotch in his hand, that clinks every now and then as his shaking hand causes the glass to vibrate. The large rat that goes for the bottle does get his attention, and he offers him a toast.

It seems that Chael was out, lucky girl, and is just now entering from the front to smell what seems to be burned bacon and the milling around of the customers. She pauses by the bouncers and looks toward where she can see Austin among the others then begins to walk toward him with a million questions running through her mind.l

The black rat swipes the bottle with a care to not stripe Randall at the same time. He peeps something to Randall, and then he's heading for Logan, the bottle held in one of his handlike forepaws and the other three used for locomotion. It could be funny, but there's something about the rat that suggests laughing might not be a good idea.

Into his phone, Randall says, "Oh, erm sorry. I forgot. Not to worry, I'll erm sort something out later. Sorry for waking you."

Eden does indeed start to wake as Logan comes over. Confused for a moment. The jumble in his head takes a few moments to settle so he'll be shakily on his feet by the time it does settle and painful clarity comes. It doesn't help him, Eden's face crumpling into ruin as he leans into the man in a sudden grab for some comfort. Sobbing will follow, but it will be the quiet sort. No less emotional.

Into his phone, Randall almost whispers in to the phone. "Please? I'm at the Jabberwocky."

Logan half carries and half walks Eden towards the from door, holding it open for the young man and then the giant rat with it's bottle of whiskey as he gets there. There's a last glance inside and he flicks his gaze about the room before he steps out and lets the door close behind him.

Isabel moves back to her seat and sits down, as she slowly looks through the crowd, making sure nothing else is going to happen. Once it seems safe she relaxes a little.

Linda starts to relax a little now, and is still looking around a little and then moves to settle at the bar. She glances towards Randall a lot and then around at the others as she tries to relax her energy as well.

Eden will go with Logan since movement is a requirement of remaining attached to him. And attachment seems a requirement for Eden. It might take a few moments to get him detached for the car, but soon enough he'll be bundled in and sorrowful.

Chael reaches Austin and rests a hand at his arm. "Austin." she asks softly while looking at all the mishmash of things going on and the smell. "what happened. what is that smell? It's like being back in India again."

Randall puts down his phone and then moves away from the bar, trying to find an empty table. After a few moments searching he gives up and returns to the bar.

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