220101031 - October New Moon


The Basement: Bar/Pub - Grand Street: East

A place of casual hanging out, the room has an 'L'-shaped layout. Dark wood is the predominate theme, with hardwood floors, wall paneling, bar, and matching tables and chairs. The long and straight bar takes up the majority of the right wall, lighted by hidden bulbs and neon signs advertising various alcoholic beverages, these reflected in its smooth polished surface. Two to three bartenders serve ID-bearing customers seated on stools, from walls lined with about any drink imaginable, and a waitress will appear from the kitchen now and again to cover small 'pub food' orders. Taking up the back wall are four pool tables and dart boards, set off from a few booths and small round tables.
One section of the interior wall almost opens to the dancefloor below. A fine polarized black mesh set about a high railing cuts out much of the flashing lights and rhythmic beats from drifting upwards, and also prevents folks from falling downwards. The opposite wall bears short but wide windows high up by the ceiling, looking out to 'foot level' of the outside street.



Late afternoon finds Cale here again. Sitting in about the same place as he was before, though the beer beside him is less full than the one last night. He's thoughtful and it's written clearly on his face, chin settled against his propped palm. He's waiting quietly, but this time doesn't glance towards the front every few moments.

Jandra arrives with an armful of books and papers, familiar lesson planning tools that she rests on her hip as she orders a coffee at the bar. That in hand, she turns slowly, obviously aware of Cale's presence, a stiffness in the greeting nod she gives him, her face closed in.

Cale comes to sense Jandra when she arrives. Smell, most likely. What was that scent she enjoyed wearing so often? He looks towards her, his own expression decidedly opposite her own. Welcoming. Glad. 'Jandra," he murmurs. The fingers of his right and twitch slightly and he dips his head towards the nearby stools without indicating any one in particular. "It feels linger than just a few months,' he says, letting his gaze dip.

Reluctantly she puts the books and the coffee down on the bar, returning his look, her grey eyes cool. She takes a stool, one away from him, the desire to touch pushed away in his case. "Does it?" The reply is cool, almost cold, as she opens a book, bending her head over it. The action is deliberately repressive, a cold shoulder.

"Yeah." And he grows silent for a short while after. His expression thoughtful. His fingers twitching lightly again. "I guess that maybe it doesn't matter to you anymore?" A question asked with an air of rueful jest as he lifts his attention towards her.

Sitting at the bar, a stool between them, Jandra's books are spread out in front of her, Cale with his bottle of beer, and her coffee beside them. "What do you want from me, Cale? A "happy to see you again"? A little reminiscence about the old days? It isn't going to happen. I moved to leave us behind otherwise I'd have told you where I was going." The rush of words is given with a glance across at him, before she turns her face back to the books.

"I asked what I want to know last night," Cale replies simply. "There are a lot of other little things I'd like. I'd like to touch you." He pause with a low chuckle, then adds, "Feels like I need to. But I'm smarter than that. I'll wait if I have to, but that's not going to change." He shrugs his shoulders slightly. "I'm willing to wait for a lot of things. Might sound like a line, but its not."

"I left because it won't work, and you won't quit it. Because I'm tired of fighting every minute of every day." Jandra's reply is soft as she leans back into the stool, pushing her book away to turn to look at him. "Wait implies you'll get it sometime. Don't hold your breath." She gives him a steady look, her gaze on his face, her chin lifted slightly. "Does that answer your question? Will you leave it now?"

"I'm not fighting," Cale responds, his voice steady as he looks towards her. "It doesn't really answer it, no. I want to work on things, try and not be.. what drove you away. Maybe things can't be what they were before, but.. I'm willing to settle for less. I just can't be apart from you. You mean more to me than I thought. More than you realize. How much you effected me that first year."

Her gaze skitters away, as she reaches for the mug, a distraction from the issue of them, nothing more. "It is all about what you want then?" The low words hold an undercurrent of anger and she takes a slow breath, huffing it out, controlling her temper. "You're a party boy, don't want to settle down, remember?" She turns the page of her book, not having read that first one, another distraction. "I said I'd be polite. I didn't agree to more."

"Do party boys chase girls that disappear halfway across the country? You don't know how I used to be, Jan. How much has changed." Cale looks towards Jandra with just a hint of annoyance. "I care what you want. I want to change.. whatever drove you away. Can't be impossible.. nothing is."

"Apparently they do…" She murmurs, turning another page, her face turned away from him. "You want to change? You want to change what? What we were was based on a whole big lie, wasn't it? So can you go and change that? Go back and tell me the truth?" As she speaks, Jan turns her face towards him, her voice low enough to keep it private to their ears.

Memory is going…sort of retro-punk tonight. She wears black streamers in her hair, ribbons at the top, straming down with her hair. At least a dozen of them. She also wears a white Tee, that hugs snug to her rather curvy form. On the tee is a 'ghostbusters' ghost with the circle and cross through it. Over this she wears a lightweight black jacket, with pockets and a hood. A black skirt is worn, going to the knee, however it's cut at the lower thigh in strips to dangle freely. A pair of deep purple converse sneakers are on her feet, and black socks. Oh yes, and don't forget the purple fingerless gloves she wears. As well as black streamers attached to her wrists. She moves behind Jandra..not really out of sight, just comes on over, her cold presence filling her senses before she throws her arms around her from behind, and leans her head over her shoulder. "Oooooo, is it raining men? Halleluiah it's raining men? Hey hey!" She peers over at Cale "Hi Mr. Man!" She looks to Jandra having picked up a peice of the conversation. "I think what he's saying is that he's changed, and he cares what you want. Now, if he cared what /I/ want, he'd buy me that new purse I saw at Marshall's. You know, the purple one? That one they have in the front near the clearance bin? Oh, that'd be darling! I could be like, I'm all creature of the night, with my cool purple purse, you can't mess with me….because, I've got MACE!" She makes a hissing noise "Take that, badguy! You've just been maced in the face…wait, no….don't take my purse! Come back, come back!". She pouts, resting her chin on Jandra's shoulder with a sigh. "Someone got that for me as a gift. It's got all my lipsticks in it."

Cale breathes out lowly. "No.. but I can try and earn it back. I will. Whatever.." Then memory's presence and actions bring him up short. And he.. just gets quiet for a moment, bemused at the sudden interruption and the one who brings it. There is a hint of wariness, but that is overridden by the bemusement. "Uhh.. hey," he offers to Memory in reply to her own greeting, but he stops there for the moment.

Jan's lips are parted to reply to Cale's comment, before he had even finished, but Memory's arrival brings her up short and she straightens, giving the vampire a wary look, her eyes narrowing slightly. "You can have him. Cale, this is Memory." Her tone is saccharine sweet, as is the smile she gives Cale. "I'm sure he'd love to buy that purse." She doesn't meet Memory's gaze, her body tense beneath the vampire's touch.

Memory shakes her head. "No..no, it'd just get stolen. I've really gotta learn how to..I dunno, throw punches and stuff some day. Maybe learn some of that Tae-bo. Hmm. I wonder if my butt can get fat anymore. You know, I don't think it can! Yaaaay me!". She hugs Jandra from behind, rising to rest her head atop Jandra's. "I don't think she wants what your selling. I think that she just threw the fish back into the sea.". She hmms, then peers down at Jandra "Oh yeah, I was out boating yesterday..well, remote boating, and I met a couple of lion lesbians. Lesbianesses? Well, they were like almost totally making out on the pier. It's like, hello! Get a room you two! But they were all like, kissyface, pucker pucker, hug, grope, snuggle."

Cale's brow creases as he's set up as a buyer of purses. He starts to shake his head even as Memory declines. Much of what she has to say prompts a furrow of his brow, though a comment that seems timely does prompt a slight frown. "I don't think she likes you touching her like that," he returns. 'Maybe you should lay off." There could be a lot heard in his tone. Annoyance.. perhaps even a hint of jealousy. Protectiveness. Perhaps.

Jan is tense beneath Memory's touch, a flicker of irritation crossing her face as Memory leans her head on top of her. "Memory, get off." She speaks softly, the low tone holding a slightly growly edge. Cale's defense of her gets him a look that holds more than irritation, as she slides forward, moving to rise from her stool, to turn and face them both from a safer distance. Her voice is low, quiet enough only to be heard by them, "Too close to the full moon, Memory."

Memory lets Jandra rise, and tilts her head. "It is? You know, I'm going to have to get one of those little watches with the moon-o-meter. Oh, yeah! And I needed your help! You see, I know this vampire that definately needs an updated look. She's like..all 19..18…well, maybe 1600's. And..I mean, flowey gowns, and stuff like that. I want to show her a look like she could fit in.". She peers down at herself "Well, not like this. I have horrible fashion sense. But…" She rests her hands behind her rear. "You know, like jeans, and a nice shirt, and stuff like that? Wanna come with? You can help her pick out some 'my ass looks fantastic in these' jeans and stuff! She's all like traditional vampy though. Very straight face. Pale too. I think it'd be good for her to meet new people.

Cale takes the look he's given quietly, lifting his glass to drain the last of the beer within in a healthy swallow. It gets set down lightly and he holds his tongue after for the moment. He listens, of course. Doesn't seem very approving of the plan Memory puts forward by his expression, but says nothing against it. Instead he says lowly to Jandra. "I still want to talk. Me and you, alone. You pick the place, the time. Maybe when it's waning. Nice and calm."

"Clothes? I thought you said to keep clear of your people?" Jan is standing with her arms crossed, a good step back from Memory with the woman between her and Cale. Cale's reaction is noted though and she nods slowly, "Why not? Out in public, what can go wrong?" The question is meant rhetorically, but her glance at Cale suggests it was done to spite him. "I don't want to talk. There isn't anything to talk about."

Memory nods her head "Well, I did say that. But I say a lot of things. This is kind of a special case. She's sort of thinking of being our PR kind of person from what I gather. And if she goes around being stonyfaced out of the 17th century, that just makes people uneasy. And look, none of us really need a mob of rabble ready to burn down the bar. I think it'd be a good learning experience for her. She's not like me..she can't feed off of happiness, or sadness, or fear, or anything. Just blood. But she doesn't like to. She walls herself off, and..oh, you probably don't want to touch her. She's touchy about that. Just..talk with her. I think it'd be a good thing.". She looks to Cale, pointing at him "I don't think she wants to have sex either, because well that's not talking, I think it's kinda implied.". She looks to Jandra "That is right, right? You don't want to have sex with him right?"

"You've changed too, Jan," Cale murmurs. "Not for the better. You never used to be so negative. So cruel. I hope it doesn't last." Memory's words prompt a frown from him. "Your mind is more in the gutter than mine," he tells her, his tone chill. His eyes flick towards Jandra. "You're more important to me than that. You should know that at least. I've never.. lowered you like that."

The comments about sex bring more of an anxiety reaction from Jan than the talk of shopping with vampires. "I won't touch her if she doesn't touch me, and …no, I don't want to have sex with him." The last line is spoken as her pulse picks up, and she shakes her head, adding emphasis too late to give truth to the lie. "I'll help your friend pick some clothes out, Memory…" The rapid conversation change back to the shopping brings relief.

Memory looks back to Cale "Okay, so no talking, and no sex.". She then looks back to Jandra. "She doesn't want to go into jeans..but I'm hoping we can get her there. She's like, pretty in that model kinda way. You know, that statuesqe beaty kinda thing? She does that.". She tilts her head "Hey, you don't look so good…here!" She pulls a packet out of her pocket, and offers them to Jandra. "Do you want some pop-rocks? They'll make you feel better. And they pop when they go in your mouth." She gives a giggle. "It's really rather exciting!"

"We were talking fine before," Cale says. The whole fashion debate seems beyond him. Or just not important to his mind. Though he does not waste the time. He watches Jandra while she talks with Memory. His brow creased slightly with thought, eyes searching lightly. His right hand tics again, thumb and index finger lightly rubbing together.

"We were fighting a lot before." Jan corrects him wearily, shaking her head at Memory, "No, I'm fine…" She lifts up her hands, her gesture a small pushing away one, as she shakes her head at Memory again. "Memory, I don't know. I'm not sure your friend will want…" She trails off with a shakes of her head again, her awareness of Cale watching obvious as her gaze flickers to him.

Memory shakes her head. "Actually it'll be good for her to meet people. If she's going to be our face in public n' stuff, she has to know how to act. It's kinda a, this is what it'll be like. She's kinda on the fence I think.". She looks to Cale, then looks back to Jandra. "Heeeeeeeey…..were you two doin' it at one time? Not like just right now…but once-upon-a-time-ago?" She takes a step back towards Jandra, leaning over to whisper to her "You know, if he didn't say it with a hallmark card, he doesn't really mean it."

"I was talking," Cale says once he's noticed. He rises then , Memory's comment getting a frown and distinct lack of response from him. Instead, he speaks to Jandra. "Once I get settled, I'll give April my number. Look, I'm really sorry about yesterday. I should have just left.. it was stupid to stay, but I've been stupid for a while. The stress was pretty bad I bet. But you're getting better and you're in good hands here. I'm really glad for that, Jan. I'll see you around." His hand twitches again, but he turns, one last wary glance given to Memory before he starts to move away.

Jandra watches him, the cool grey eyes following him as he moves. Memory's comment gets ignored, and she swallows, almost as if she might speak but she bites the words back, and her gaze follows him as he turns to leave. For an instant, her face is readable, her feelings for him in her eyes, before she turns, grabbing her coffee mug. "So I'd be her guinea pig?" The question is forced, the flicker of her gaze after Cale barely there.

Memory shakes her head. "Not really, mostly it's about trying to make her look…I dunno, more modern. But being able to relate to real people, well…that'd be a good idea too. Just sort of..see how she handles herself. It'd be a good thing for her, to decide if she wants to take up the role or not.". She peers after Cale, then looks to Jandra. "Who's that guy? He seemed kinda uppity."

Cale departs without a word or glance back, hands lifting to sink into his jacket's pockets.

"More modern I can do…" She slides back onto her stool, leaning an elbow against the bar, her gaze following Memory's after Cale. Her lips tighten for a moment and her gaze drops then, to the coffee. "He is my exboyfriend." The words are bitten off, short and sharp, and she picks up the mug of near cold coffee, taking a large swig.

Memory nods gently. "Ooooooh. Well, did he bring a hallmark card? And flowers? I always liked getting flowers. It's probably cliche…but they're so pretty!"

Jan glances at Memory, keeping her gaze slightly averted, a flash of irritation on her face. "He hasn't bought anything, and I don't want anything." The words are a snap, almost a snarl, and Jan's eyes cool almost to cold. "Can we drop it? What is your friend's name?"

Memory hmmns. "Well, at least it doesn't look like he hit you all the time and killed your best freind, so your allready doing better than I ever did in the boyfreind department!". She smiles "Her name is Annabelle, we're going to do some clothes shopping soon. Look at dresses n' stuff, I'll just bring you along."

A look of startlement crosses Jan's face, her eyes widening, her lips parting before she moistens them, "No, he never did. Just turned me." She speaks as if she is reminding herself, and then changes the topic swiftly. "You won't warn her?" The doubt lies heavily on that phrase, and is reflected in her voice.

Memory shakes her head "Warn? Well no. She needs to learn to interact with people anyway, so it could be a good experience with her. Just..again, with the touching. She's not really a toucher. She's kind of a..well, stare off into the distance longingly-er."

"So long as she doesn't touch me first, I won't touch her." Jandra's gaze flickers past Memory, back towards the door and she shakes her head, gathering up her books and papers. "Memo, I think I'm going to go, I've got to do this work and …" She gives Memory a strained smile, keeping her gaze safely away from the vampire's eyes.

Memory claps her hands together excitedly. "oh oh, are you gonna go follow him? Your gonna go kiss him, aren't you?"

Jan spins to face Memory, her lips parting in shock, her eyes widening. "No!" The words is a burst of sound, loud enough to turn heads and she lowers her voice deliberately, her cheeks burning. "No, and I don't plan to be kissing him ever."

Memory pousts, shaking her head. "Oh…I thought you were going to go after her. That would've been like, romantic. Noone ever comes after me. Except the homeless guys. But usually they just want my spare change.".

"He already came after me." Jan mumbles the words as she gathers up her things, hugging them to her chest. "I'm not after him. I don't want him in my life in any way. Not at all." The words are spoken with enough vehemence to bite. Then she turns towards the door, giving Memory a nod, "I'll catch you later."

Memory nods. "Okay! I'll give you a call. You know..on the phone? When we're going to go dress up n' stuff. It'll be fun! Oh! Maybe I could get some heels. I haven't gotten any of those in a long time. Oooooh, I'm so excited!"

Jan's smile doesn't quite make it to her eyes and she practically flees the bar, heading directly to the apartments above.

It'll be a minute or two after Jandra has left that Cale returns. He does so in a bit of a rush, jogging down the stairs carefully. Slowing as he reaches the bottom, his attention going at once towards where he left the two women before. It quickly becomes apparent that art least one is not there, but he walks over nonetheless.

Memory is over talking to the bartender. She has a menu in front of her, chewing on it. "Let me guess lady. Water. That you arne't going to drink. Again. Hey! Gimmie that!" He snatches away the menu from Memory, which brings her to pout, the tips of her fangs showing through. "Well okay..yeah….".

Cale slows a bit as he nears Memory, the oddity of her actions bringing out another moment of bemusement. But purpose crowds in behind him and he inevitably moves up tot eh bar near her. "Jandra's gone?" Obvious is his focus, his tone a touch disappointed. "Do you know where she went?"

A place of casual hanging out, the room has an 'L'-shaped layout. Dark wood is the predominate theme, with hardwood floors, wall paneling, bar, and matching tables and chairs. The long and straight bar takes up the majority of the right wall, lighted by hidden bulbs and neon signs advertising various alcoholic beverages, these reflected in its smooth polished surface. Two to three bartenders serve ID-bearing customers seated on stools, from walls lined with about any drink imaginable, and a waitress will appear from the kitchen now and again to cover small 'pub food' orders. Taking up the back wall are four pool tables and dart boards, set off from a few booths and small round tables.
One section of the interior wall almost opens to the dancefloor below. A fine polarized black mesh set about a high railing cuts out much of the flashing lights and rhythmic beats from drifting upwards, and also prevents folks from falling downwards. The opposite wall bears short but wide windows high up by the ceiling, looking out to 'foot level' of the outside street.

Memory looks over, then shakes her head. "I don't think I should tell you. I don't think she wants to talk to you. She said she wasn't going to kiss you, even if you were her boyfreind before. Um…you know, there's other girls in town. If you want to go kissing people? There's April..and there's Annabelle…there's Isabel…there's Kim…there's lots of them! Maybe you should try kissing one of those?"

Cale shakes his head. "I'm not here to kiss anyone. Only reason she doesn't want to talk now is because she's holding a grudge. It can't last forever. Eventually its going to go away. Then we can talk." He turns, glancing back towards the stairs. "I have to give her something.. forgot about it before."

Memory shakes her head. "Nuh-uh. I wouldn't go up there if I were you. You chasing after her like that, it's not going to be welcome, and things around here can get very..nasty. You made her what she is, and she's angry about that. I don't know if she can forgive you or not for that, but the harder you push her, the less likely she'll be to forgive you."

Cale snaps a frown at Memory. "I don't know who has been telling you things, but it was an accident. I did a lot to keep her pure." His voice dips, but remains firm. "I'm not going to chase her. At least, not so much past coming here. Especially not right now." He considers Memory idly and wonders, "How do you know her?"

Memory shakes her head "You don't go up there..until she tells you that you can. Or your just going to open yourself up to lots and lots of problems. The kind of problems you don't really want to deal with.". She tilts her head, taking her glass of water when it's dropped off for her. "Oh, I know quite a few people. I know Mr. Tobias, I know Mr. Louis. I know Justin, I know her, I know April, I know Anabelle, I know Isabel, I know Kim, I know Dani, I know Gunthor, I know even more people than that really. And I do know, that she has a family here now that's going to be really protective of her. You'd better be careful in this building, because this is where her family lives."

"I've already introduced myself," Cale says, her warnings only annoying him further by the set of his expression. "I'm not a fool, alright? You don't have to treat me like I don't know anything. I know her better than anyone.. at least, the old parts of her." he breathes out, leaning back slightly against the bar. "I can wait. I don't have to like it, but I can do it. "

Memory shrugs her shoulders. "Well, we aren't always the same after we undergo changes. And sometimes, it is just better to get away from the person who caused them. I suppose the question you have to ask yourself is, are you doing this for her, or for you? If it would only agitate her state, then perhaps you aren't doing it for her?"

Cale also finds that displeasing, but it does quiet him for a short while. Finally he breathes out lowly and admits, "I do it for me. And her." he shakes his head slightly. "For us.. we were happy. We can be again, I think. Maybe not like before, but what does it say to just turn away from her? I don't' want her to think I would just discard her. I can feel that its not all gone, what we had. Just takes time."

Memory shakes her head. "Well, if she asks you to leave town, then perhaps you should? Whatever she asks of you, I would listen. Listen very carefully, and follow her requests. She's been accepted here, and your the newcomer. There are consequences for certain things, like messing with a family. It wouldn't be the first time around here, a place has exploded from violent action."

"No," Cale states, looking at Memory steadily to reinforce the flat denial. "I've already talked with Forest. And April. They're not telling me to leave. They're telling us to get along, which I can do. She's being irrational right now, I won't believe that that sort of coldness will stay inside her. I'll give her space because she needs it and I'll not push her, but my place is here now."

Memory shakes her head. It's one thing to be accepted by the family, but if you keep pushing in when she tells you to leave, you'll only push her away. "

"Except I'm not pushing into her family," Cale replies with a shake of his head. "I'm just showing her that I'm not giving up. That I still want to be part of her life, even if it's a smaller part." He leans towards Memory slightly, his tone lowering. "All that sex talk, you want to know something? We were together for years, but we never did more than touch. It was more than enough. Something I never appreciated before I was changed. You might not think so, but my purpose is higher than that. She's my responsibility."

Memory shakes her head. "That's probably something you shouldn't go telling other people. In fact..I um, wouldn't tell anyone else that really. I don't think she is the kind of person that wouldn't mind if that kind of stuff gets spread about her.". She shakes her head again "I'm telling you, you'd better be careful. People do pretty bad stuff when they're all stressed out and stuff.".

"You think I don't know that?" Cale asks, his voice still low. "You know what I am. I have personal experience. But what you don't know is what I feel. You'd sing a different tune if you did. Some things are worth the risk. This is worth the risk." He leans back, his arms crossing over his chest.

Memory shakes her head. "What you feel isn't really what's in question. It's more what she feels, and right now I'm pretty sure she feels invaded. Of course you came along because she mattered to you. John did stuff like that. Of course, that's about the time John started hitting me too. And then he became a murderer. There's a line, you should make sure you don't cross it."

Cale shakes his head, brow furrowed. "What are you talking about? I'd never hit Jan. Murder?" Obviously he's a bit taken aback by such a shift in the talk. "Don't know where your head is at, but I'd never hurt her like that. Don't compare me to.. whoever John is."

The person before you is androgenous in the extreme. They have beautiful face, very feminine, and the form of a woman with nicely rounded hips and pleasantly slender limbs, though there is next to no bust on this woman to speak of, if a woman it is. She dressed in female clothing though, and has a slender but still slightly curvy form, leaving it up to the viewer to decide if it is a woman or not. She also only stands at about 5'3 or so, leaving her rather small in the height department, which for most would reaffirm the general female appearance.
Shortish and straight ebony black hair hangs thick till just down past her cheekbones, the ends tickling her cheeks. She keeps it cut shorter in front of her face, the bangs hanging down onto her forhead and brushing just past her eyebrows. Her black hair frames a rather stunningly beautiful face, all fine and smooth lines and flawless skin. Her cheekbones are high and slim, her cheeks drawn in inwards just a touch between cheek and jawbone. Her strong, but smooth jaw line flows down into a softly rounded chin. Full soft lips, formed into a natural bow sit beneath a small streamlined nose. In her lip is a simple steel hoop, the piercing just a quarter of an inch to the left of the center of her lower lip. Her eyes are a warm brown in color, kind and happy most of the time, though going a bit hard when angry or when concentrating heavily. Glinting above her right eye, pierced into her eyebrow is a another little steel hoop, shining dully in the light. Around her neck is black leather choker necklace with a D-ring on the front and a gothic style cross hanging from it, It's tight and snug around her slender throat, the leather soft and supple though so as not to cause irritation.
Her clothing is a classic naughty school girl outfit, but still functional as daily wear, if only just barely. Her top is a short sleeve white button up shirt, fitting tight and snug around her smooth chest. The shirt is tied off just beneath her ribs, leaving her tummy bare, showing off her firm toned stomach, and her little innie belly button. Around her neck is a red tie that is left loose and hanging down over her flat chest. Her navel is pierced with a little hoop that has a small charm dangling from it, closer inspection would reveal it to be a pentagram. The skirt she wears hangs dangerously low on her hips, the lines of her hip bones visible above the waist line of her skirt.
The low set of the skirt also shows off the fact that she doesn't seem to be wearing anything beneath the skirt, unless it's very low waisted underwear. The skirt itself is a tartan plaid skirt, pleated and loose around her thighs The loose skirt comes down to mid thigh on her, the hem brushing her thighs and giving little further glimpses at her shapely legs as she walks. Her long lithe legs are clad in almost sheer white stockings that come almost up to the hem of her skirt, offering about an inch of smooth creamy thigh open to view before the skirt begins. ON her feet are a simple pair of black tennis shoes finishing out the whole outfit, they're new ish, not having seen much wear yet.

The nearest food place to Jan's apartment and so she appears, it being near a meal time and too close to the moon to mess with diets. No sign of the books or papers but she has a tattered novel stuffed into her bag. She heads towards the bar, a hesitation in her step as she sees Cale there. She lifts her chin, giving him a sharp glance before ordering a burger and fries.

Cale quirks a brow at Danni, casually pushing his platter aside as he secures his soda. No, the appetite is not keeping up with what he has. "Plexiglas? I'm almost afraid to be, but I'm curious how you can make an outfit out of that." He seems amused and a touch bemused as he speaks with Danni at the bar. "I guess I'm more thinking just leather.. latex. Or costumey things like you've got on. Never wore anything like that myself.. the latex, but I've seen it plenty before. That was bizarre for me. Though not in a bad way I suppose." He holds a light, vaguely amused grin.

The nearest food place to Jan's apartment and so she appears, it being near a meal time and too close to the moon to mess with diets. No sign of the books or papers but she has a tattered novel stuffed into her bag. She heads towards the bar, a hesitation in her step as she sees Cale there. She lifts her chin, giving him a sharp glance before ordering a burger and fries, turning her face away from him. She pulls the book from her bag, intending to settle in a booth.

Talen walks into the bar wearing large white pj pants and a white t-shirt that is clearly not his. He walks over to the bar and sits down. "Big Nacho's and a rootbeer." He orders and glances around idly. The little cat sitting easily on the stool, feet dangling close to the ground but not quite touching.

Danni hmmms softly at the question that's asked of her. "Well, it's made out of plexiglass and seatbelts. Basically the plexiglass is cut into small squares and fastened to the seatbelts. It's all woven together into a shirt and ankle length dress that's slit up the sides almost to the waist. The whole thing is incredibly revealing I must say." She smirks a little before she orders herself another of the white russians, pushing her empty fry pasket away from her. "This isn't actually costume wear. It's well made stuff, actual clothing. Costumes are poorly made." She flashes him a little smirk before she rubs the material of her skirt between her fingers. "Oh, I've got latex and leather galore if that's what you think of as bizarre." She looks over towards the door way as more people come in and find seats.

Forest follows Talen into the bar, wearing his usual tight-fitting jeans and a button up shirt of shiny black. He follows the smaller youth over to the bar and sits on a stool beside him, hooking a foot on the bottom rung. "Gimme a beer and a platter of ribs tonight." He smiles as he sees Jandra there, "Hey Jandra."

Cale looks towards Jandra as she nears the bar. His expression sobers and his eyes linger, the fingers of his right hand curling slightly. But he holds his tongue, returning his attention to Danni in time to get the essence of what she's saying. It still confuses him just a bit and he reveals the why of it by saying, "I can't really imagine it." He then shakes his head as he motions to her. "I mean.. well, its not really something most people wear. Not the quality, the look." He grins faintly, though not with the same ease he showed before. He does not Talen, however. A more casual glance given him, Forest's presence not yet recognized.

Jandra hesitates, turning back to the bar to join Talen and Forest. "Hey." She leans on the bar the other side of them, keeping them between herself and Cale. "You look less sleepy…" She gives Talen a grin, grey eyes friendly.

Danni can't possible miss the sudden tension boiling through the room. her eyes flicker from person to person slowly and her shoulders hunch a little bit, her eyes ducking towards the bar top. "Umm… there wouldn't happen to be any reason I should like… move so I'm not between any of you should there?" She looks up to Cale hopefully, a smile touching her lips for just a moment, light glinting off of her facial piercings as she shifts back on her stool, hands gripping the seat of it to keep her from falling. "And no, most people don't wear clothes like this on a daily basis, but I'm far from most people."

Talen waits silently and patiently for his nachos. He isn't in the talkin mood unless he is eating so he waits.

Forest smiles back at Jandra as he reaches out to ruffle Tal's hair. "He should be feeling better, got lots of sleep last night." He looks down the bar and notices Cale sitting there. He gives the man a small nod then returns his attention to Jandra, "Things going alright here?"

"No, you're fine," Cale tells Danni. He grins at her, though it isn't quite as easy as it was before. He then looks over to Forest and shakes his head. "No problems. Just a quiet afternoon," he assures before speaking further to Danni. "I do wonder what sort of person pays for such an odd sort of outfit. The seatbelt one. Some sort of magazine or something." His fingers tap soundlessly against the side of his glass, a little expression of restless energy.

"Things are fine." Jandra hesitates before giving Forest a small smile, shyly proud. "I got the university post. Start Monday." She is clearly pleased, the grey eyes warming with enthusiasm. "Junior lecturer post, but it pays enough and…" She lifts one shoulder in a half shrug, glancing between the two men, her gaze never moving past them. "I can go shopping with April, get some furniture."

Talen yawns idly and turns his eyes to Jandra. "I'm totally awake….yo…" He adds. He leans over the bar as his eyes slide closed a little. The dancers had a rough week damn it.

Forest nods to Cale and gives Jandra a smile, "That's good to hear Jandra. Just let me know if there's anything I can help you with." His hand moves out to lightly rub up and down Talen's back as the blonde rests against the bar.

Danni hmmms some at the question that's asked of her. "Honestly? I have no idea who buys the stuff. But it wouuldn't get made if people didn't buy it. I have one cause I modeled it and it was given to me as a gift. Other than that, I've only seen one other outfit that I've modeled on someone, well… of the obscure and bizarre outfits. I see the others on people all the time and stuff." She looks to the barkeep then. "Another order of fries please." She calls to him before glancing down to Jandra, then back to Cale, a slight nod of her head as she sips from her drink.

Cale nods his head to Danni, listening to her. But its obvious he's listening to other things as well, a light air of distraction about him. But he seems good at dividing his attention.. for now. "I guess I'll just have to see it eventually," he replies, some of his prior amusement returning. "At least so I don't have to guess what it looks like. So that's all you do? Modeling odd and normal clothes?"

Jandra's gaze flickers to the woman drinking with Cale, her face impassive. "Should be fine." Talen's sleepiness brings a warm smile to her lips, and she shakes her head. "You look totally awake." She confirms softly, affection for the two men with her showing in a flicker of her expression.

Forest starts to think maybe Tal has fallen asleep and he chuckles softly, looking to Jandra, "He's had a tough week." He reaches a hand out to rest on her shoulder for just a moment before the barkeep shows up with his and Tal's food. "You getting anything to eat Jandra? They make some really good food here."

Talen has totally passed out against the bar…drool and everything.

Danni shakes her head to the mention of modeling normal clothing. "Nope, don't do the normal stuff. I leave that to those that want to do it. I like modeling alternative stuff, and so that's all I model. I do stuff for places like Hot Topic and Spencer's, and other places and people, just using those as an example." She shrugs her shoulders slowly. "On a big contract here in the city, which is why I'm here. Moved here to get the contract. And yeah, I'll have to at least bring one of the odder outfits so you can see it, even if you won't paint it." She looks down towards Jandra as she's eyed,a nd she lifts a hand up, giving a little wiggle fingered wave to the woman.

Cale chuckles, a bit more natural as he shakes his head. "I mean normal like something someone would actually wear on an normal day. Or at least, not made out of car parts. I suppose I will need models when I start painting again. Never liked still life or landscapes, really. So I could paint you in something. Been almost a months since I last did." His grin lingering, though it does waver slightly as Danni's wave at Jandra draws his attention back to her again.

Jandra moves into the touch, giving Forest a warm smile, "I have a burger and some fries coming." That moment, the food arrives and her gaze catches the wiggle fingered wave from the other woman. She hesitates before giving a brief incline of her head, turning away to claim her food. "Figured I'd eat and then grab some sleep." She angles her position at the bar so she faces Forest as she begins to eat. Cale's comment about painting the other woman has her hand hesitating for a milisecond in midair before she pops the fry into her mouth.

Danni huhs softly as Jandra just gives her a nod in return. She frowns a bit, her lower lip caught in her teeth and chewed on a little bit, her teeth clicking against her lip piercings. She turns her head back to the bar as her food is delivered. That at least gets a little smile from her. She begins to munch on french fries once more, though her good mood has dimmed some with the seemingly sedate mood of everyone around her. She nods her head a little to Cale, dark hair falling down into her eyes as she sits there and eats.

Forest chuckles softly at the sleeping Talen. He reaches a hand out to shake the youth gently, "Hey Tal, your food is here." He looks over to Jandra, "Let's grab a booth, I think he'll be more comfortable in one."

Talen groans cranky like and opens his eyes. "I don't wanna needle…" He mumbles before falling asleep again…I guess its drag the blond day.

It's late afternoon and the bar is a bit busy at the moment. Cale is sitting near Danni, the two speaking. On the woman's other side, Forest and Tal reside, one standing, the latter reclined forward against the bar. Jandra is with them, focused more on those two than the others. Cale himself is a bit distracted, his fingers still tapping soundlessly against the side of his glass, discarded food finally taken away without his noticing it. His eyes dip slightly, quiet for a moment before he engages Danni again. "There's nothing too hard about it. Modeling for painting. As long as you can sit still for a while. Not for hours.. usually a half hour to an hour between rests, unless you think you can do more. A bit boring, likely. But I try to talk a bit to keep it from being too dull."

Forest's suggestion meets with a nod of approval from Jandra, and she picks up her plate, turning from the bar, leaving behind Cale and Danni as she moves to a nearby booth. "Sure he shouldn't be in bed?" There is a light teasing note to her voice, and she angles her face away from Cale, her back straight as she walks away, to the booth.

April has come down in the elevator then down into the bar where she grins when she sees the crowd of friends aleready there. "hey, guys, what's on the menu." she licks her lips then heads for the bar where Forest, Talen and Jandra are moving away then stops next to where Cale is sitting as she gives Danni a smile and nod of her head befor she grins at the tender. "Hi, I want my biggie burger and mile hit pile of fries."

Danni looks over to Cale and nods her head a touch to his statement, then she wriggles in place a bit and sighs softly. "I think I'm gonna head out. I hate tension and there's some obvious in this room and I'd rather go somewhere where I can feel a bit more free and such." She purses her lips and shrugs before slipping off of her stool. The drink is finished off, and the last few fries eaten and swallowed first though.

Cale turns his head, looking after Jandra for a moment, but he leaves off after a moment, breathing out lightly. He looks to April and nods his head to her. "Afternoon, April," he offers her, his tone lighter. Then he returns his attention to Danni, his expression turning apologetic. "I'm sorry, I do have a lot on my mind." He pauses, his expression thoughtful for a moment before he says. "What sort of place? I don't really know much about what there is to do around here. Haven't really had the chance to see the sights, so to speak. Maybe.. a little new scenery might help."

Forest scoops Talen into his arms rather easily and heads over to the booth where Jandra heads, grinning to April, "Hey sis… come join us if you wish." Then moves over to set Talen down in the booth, "It was his idea to come down here for food, you'd think he'd try to stay awake at least long enough to eat it." He chuckles a bit as he moves to get his and Tal's food from the bar and returns to sit at the booth, propping Talen up against him. "Come on Tal…"

April nods her head at Forest as he goes by, "I dont know if we'll all fit, I'm waiting on Matt to come by." she is at the bar standing next to Cale and waiting for her order to show up. She idely touches his arm after she glaces up at the foryer then looks at him when Danni says she is leaving.

Talen lets his eyes open and glances around. "Oh right…" He grabs a nacho and chews tiredly. He lifts his eyes to Jandra. "My dad hates me." He states idly. He leans against Forest and ignores the mention of Matt even if his body shivers a little.

Danni shrugs her shoulders some to the question. "I was probably just going to head upstairs to my apartment or something yah know? Getting late and such and I don't like to drive at night if I can help it." she wrinkles her nose up in distaste as she hears Matt's name, her head shaking as she moves towards the exit, letting Cale follow if he chooses, but she's getting out of the room.

Jandra waves at April as she settles in the booth, wedging herself into the corner, "Over worked… " She murmurs as she dips her fries into ketchup, paying more attention to her meal now she is settled. Talen's statement widens her eyes, startling her. She blinks and shakes her head. "Uh why?" She asks the question quietly.

Matt arrives as if on cue, except not from the front door, but rather from the club portion. He's cleaned up recently as he makes his way on in and spots April at first, before feeling all the others in the room. A moment and he reaches into a pocket to take a pill before coming on in. He makes his way over to April before taking a seat at the bar next to her.

Forest wraps his arm lightly around Talen's shoulders, leaning over to rub his cheek gently over the blonde's head. He gives Jandra a meaningful look and a slight shake of his head as he starts to eat his ribs with one hand, trying to be careful not to drip sauce on Tal. "Wheren't you just telling me these are the best nachos ever Tal? Dig in while they're still warm." He glances to Matt and gives a small nod of his head before returning his attention to Jandra.

Cale looks towards April at the touch, giving her a light, grateful smile as he lifts a hand to lightly touch the back of hers. A low grade tension that was there before fades, his shoulders settling a bit. As Danni decides on her course of action, he nods slightly. He doesn't take long to choose. "That's alright. Maybe I'll catch you later. Good night, Danni." He picks up his glass with his other hand, but finds it to be empty. A slight smirk coming to him as he moves it to the side, his eyes flicking towards Matt casually.

Talen feels a familiar presence and turns his eyes to the door. He sees Matt sit next to April and he turns his eyes to the nacho's. "I'm…not hungry anymore." He sits and puts his hands into his lap. He looks down at his hands and stays silent.

April knows Matt's scent well though when she turns to look at him with a wide smile, her hand remains on Cale's arm. "Matt!!" and she wraps her other arm around him to give him a hug. "glad you could join us." she glances at Cale then Matt. "Matt, this is Cale the new guy in town. Cale, this is Matt the bad boy in town."

Jandra's mouth moves in a silent Oh, and she drops the topic, offering Talen some of her fries. "Here, try these. They are really nice…" She leaves her burger to one side, her own appetite left too. Matt's arrival gets him a waved greeting, casually, but she keeps her focus away from Cale, "Eat a bit, Talen." Her voice is soft, persuading.

Matt gives a nod and looks to Cale, "The absolute worst person you'll ever meet. Just wait and listen after I leave, it'll set the rumor mills spinning about how horrible and mean I am to people." he wraps a hand around April's hip before gently pulling her closer to give a firm hug for a moment before releasing. "You know, full moon is almost up. What we doin' in here?"

Forest takes a long drink of his beer, turning his eyes to Jandra, "We'll be heading out to the compound after we eat. You should join us. It's safe there for this time."

Talen shakes his head and sits back against the bench. "I'm…gunna go sit in the truck." He states. He looks to Forest. "Excuse me…can I get out?" His hands lightly holding the man's arm.

"Bad boy?" Cale looks towards April with a lifted brow, then towards Matt. He digests what is said and shrugs his shoulders. "Don't know what you're talking about, man. I don't tend to listen to stuff like that, really." He glances to the side when Matt speaks so openly of the time, but he shakes his head slightly and replies, "I don't know.. what sort of thing is done around here." His voice lowered some.

April giggles at Matt. "to get something to eat before we head out to the cottage." she loops her arm around Cale's. "and I was hoping you would go with us this time." she nods at Cale. "hes and old experanced hunter but is new in this area. There have been a few… problems."

Jandra nods slowly, moistening her lips, a brief flash of nerves. "Compound… Right." She gives Forest a quick, half-smile, the corner of her mouth tugging up before she pushes the plate away. "Can I get a ride with you two?" She moves to follow Talen, hesitant.

Matt shrugs his shoulders and looks over to April for a moment, kissing her cheek. "You go ahead without me. Look how they flee before me when I come in?" he pauses a moment, "It's supposed to be something that brings everyone together. And that's completely the opposite of what's happening when I'm around." he grabs something beer battered and crunchy.

Forest lets out a sigh and slides out of the booth, "I'll get a box for our food, head on out Tal, I'll be there soon." He heads over to the bar to get a couple of boxes.

Cale nods to April's explanation, not that it dismisses his light bemusement. "Alright." Simply accepted for now. He glances back towards Jandra and the others. Curious, but he doesn't linger too long on observing them. Instead, he looks towards Matt, his bemusement lingering. He shakes his head and decides to reserve comment. Though when Forest comes up to the bar he wonders in a light one, "What's up?"

Talen turns his cold eyes to Matt. "Woe is you? Oh shut the fuck up.." He turns and storms out angrily. He goes right to the truck and sits in the back seat.
Talen leaves the bar room, heading up two steps to the foyer.

April, Matt and Cale are at the bar where they are talking, eating and drinking. April has an arm looped around one of Cale's and her other arm is wrapped around Matt's back. The others have been sitting in a booth but now seem to be leaving. She looks at Talen as he cracks his curses then storms out. "Say, Matt. Where do you usually hunt. Maybe you could drag me and Cale along with you."

Jandra rises from the seat, her footsteps stopping dead as Talen snarls at Matt, her eyes widening. She moves slowly across to where Forest stands, giving him a questioning look. "Uh, I'll get this, if you want to…" She gestures after Talen, her gaze flickering towards the others for a moment.

Rob walks in and is taken aback by Talen's actions. Nonetheless, he shakes it off and enters.

Forest looks to Jandra then his eyes move to the direction Talen left in. He gives a small shake of his head and moves over to stand behind April, sliding his arms around her waist and hugging her, rubbing his cheek against the top of her head, saying softly, "Sorry.." to no one in particular.

Matt gives a bit of a shrug at Talen for a moment before looking over to April, "You know, I usually just sunbathe up in one of my trees, or moonbathe as case may be." he nods, "More often then not, I usually just grab a squirrel or something. Besides, you two go ahead. The group dosn't need me. It hasn't for a really really long time."

Cale snaps a glance towards Talen at the outburst. Uncertain, though he is less so when Jandra moves up to Forest. He takes a moment for her, almost missing April's words. "Drag me where?" He looking back towards her and Matt, his fingers lightly stroking the back of the hand that lays on him. A distracted sort of thing that requires little thought. The talk between the two does seem to clarify things vaguely for him, though only just.

April leans back into Forest's touch, though she still keeps contact with the other two men. She sighs. "I know, Little Brother, can't help who you love." "He's a bitch with me to. I know you love him, but I don't have to be around him." She slants a glance at Matt. "Cale is in a similar way that I am, so, will you take us hunting?"

Jandra hesitates, glancing between them, her hand rubbing lightly up her opposite forearm. She glances after Talen, back to Forest. April's suggestion to Matt lifts her gaze to the other woman before she turns back to the bar, collecting the boxed food in silence.

Forest sighs softly as he hugs April, seeming to just need the contact for the time. "I wish you would all come to the compound with us. We're supposed to be a big family." After a few more moments he lets his arms slide back to his sides and he looks at the three at the bar, "You're all welcome there." With that he turns from the group, gives Jandra a friendly smile and takes the boxes from her before offering her his arm. "Shall we?"

Matt gives a soft sigh before he stands up, putting down mostly coins to pay for his dinner. "Let's just go there." another soft sigh, "I reserve the right to cut and run when I feel the need. Moreso since it'll keep me from cutting people up." as he stands on up and walks towards the door, not evening waiting.

Cale remains curious at April's allusions, but he remains quiet for the moment. Except to say, "I'm not really the hunting type. But I could try if nothing else." Not so enthusiastic. He dips his head once to Forest and tells him, "I know.." He pauses as Matt makes his own choice, the wording not sitting well with him by the shift in his expression. He glances back toward Forest and considers a moment. "Sure.. truck, right? I could ride in the back." His eyes slipping towards Jandra as he rises.

Meanwhile, Rob is cautious about approaching the conversation for the time being. Instead, he approaches the group slowly.

April grins, her eyes glittering with glee after Matt says he'll go. She looks at Cale and tugs at his arm. "come on, lets go it's getting late and the moon is calling." She slids off the stool, drops a large bill on the bar then runs after Matt, "last one to the car is a squeeky toy.""

April smiles at Rob. we'll rp longer another time."

Jandra turns, giving Forest a relieved smile, her hand curling around his arm. "Lets." She replies softly, some of the tension leaving her as she touches him.

Cale is put a bit at ease by April's mood, a grin offered. He lightly pats her arm before she races off. He'll be a bit slower in following, trailing along at the rear. Toy he be.

The road curves inward from the gate in the tall stone wall and through the trees, allowing privacy before opening into this quaint clearing. Here, a small, stone cottage rests on the far side of a large, graveled circle, only six feet of grass stretching from the gravel to the cottage's front wall. The little building faces north with a wide, diamond-paned window a few feet to the left of the sturdy, iron-banded front door. Another, smaller window lies beyond the first along the long, front wall. The shutters are more than decorative - painted green, they are also functional and can be closed as evidenced by the metal latches upon them. A climbing rosebush grows rather wildly up a white lattice arch in front of the door. Ivy climbs the eastern end of the building and has almost completely obscured the dark roofing from view all along the rooftop. Another curving road moves off to the west from the gravel circle, leading back into the trees. A few little sheds are lined up to one side of the road, doors closed and padlocked.
The deep blue night sky is clear and cloudless, and the stars glitter. An icy wind blows from the west.

Cale had driven his small car, following Forest's truck to where the compound is. Since the car is small and April didnt want to sit in the back alone, she nudged Matt into agreeing to let her sit on his lap during the journey there.

Matt lets April sit in his lap and gives a soft purr the entire trip. Still, when they get to the place, he opens the door for April before giving her a firm nip on the neck. "We gotta behave in front of the others."

Forest arrives at the compound, Talen jumps out and immediately heads off into the forest. He helps Jandra out of the truck then heads into the cottage to stash the food in the fridge.

Cale drives and he seems pretty good behind the wheel. Safe, but not cautious. Very much at ease, the car itself well worn, but clean and well kept. He'll pull up beside the truck as it stops and slip himself out. He glances back towards his two passengers before he closes up the car and looks around curiously. Quiet, but attentive.

Jandra follows Forest, looking around herself cautiously. Her steps are slow and she stops just outside the cottage, leaning against it to listen to the peace, her face tilted up to the sky.

April giggles as she is spilled off Matt's lap and out of the car. She nods at Cale when he looks around. "You'll love it here, lots of woods, creeks and such. And lots and lots of wild life." she licks her lower lip. "and the rabbits are huge." she gives Cale's arm a touch then turns to face Matt when he gets out and gives him a wicked grin, "Oh, behave like this." and she pushes up againts him to give him a long slow kiss.

Forest heads west along a curving road.
Forest has left.

Matt flushes brightly as he kisses Apirl back. It takes him a moment to really return it before nuzzling against her. "Hey, It's a family setting, let's keep it clean, for everyone else's sakes." as he sheds his clothes and throws them onto the hood of the car. Naked, he shows off the extent of his feral markings only for a moment before he shifts to a snow leopard… covered in goo.

Cale nods towards April as she speaks. "And we can just do what is natural," he says. He only observes their moment together briefly, without embarrassment himself, it leading him to look after Jandra. A little moment of melancholy sets in, but he shucks it after a moment. He starts doing the same, disrobing slowly. As if letting the moment move at a languid pace.

Jandra glances after the vanishing Forest as he follows Talen. She turns her gaze towards the other three, just as Matt and April kiss. The corner of her mouth quirks and then she turns, heading around the cottage, her shift more privately done. The shades of brown in the coat of the leopard that slinks off are similar to her hair in colour.

April had given a long look with a low whistle of appreciation after his clothing is peeled off then she steps foward to ruffle the fur between his ears as she watches Cale. Another whistle is heard when she eyes him in is alltogether. "nice. now my turn." she steps away and quickly strips, tossing her megar clothing into the back of the nearby truck before she ducks between the car and the truck. A moment later she appears with her tail twitching and trotting over to Matt to rub her side against his.

Matt gives a low purr from April's attentions. He kinks his tail a bit as he licks and grooms the goo off before he watches her in return. His tail happily swishes slowly as he purrs and nuzzles against April cat. A few moments before looking to the others. His body language claims the hunt has started as he bolts off to the nearest treem climbing up it before leaping to the next.

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