220101101 - Morning After New Moon


Survivalist Compound: Front Entrance - Wauconda, Illinois

The road curves inward from the gate in the tall stone wall and through the trees, allowing privacy before opening into this quaint clearing. Here, a small, stone cottage rests on the far side of a large, graveled circle, only six feet of grass stretching from the gravel to the cottage's front wall. The little building faces north with a wide, diamond-paned window a few feet to the left of the sturdy, iron-banded front door. Another, smaller window lies beyond the first along the long, front wall. The shutters are more than decorative - painted green, they are also functional and can be closed as evidenced by the metal latches upon them. A climbing rosebush grows rather wildly up a white lattice arch in front of the door. Ivy climbs the eastern end of the building and has almost completely obscured the dark roofing from view all along the rooftop. Another curving road moves off to the west from the gravel circle, leading back into the trees. A few little sheds are lined up to one side of the road, doors closed and padlocked.
Cold rain pours from thick grey clouds, driven by a furious northwest wind.



The morning is a grey one, storm clouds threatening a wet time to come. Cale is leaned against the side of his little car, pulling his shirt on over his head. Pants are taken care of, his jacket lays nearby, laid over the top of his car. The threatening weather doesn't trouble him, though he does look a bit troubled. He scans the nearby trees slowly as he adjusts the shirt to sit right over his chest, the tugging a half aware sort of automatic action that he's barely aware of.
Runs don't do much for hair, or for skin, and Jan emerges from the trees barefooted but with her shirt in place, and her jeans on. Heavy lidded, her face holds a world of serious thought, and she is slowly untangling her hair, using her fingers. It takes a few moments for her to notice him, and her steps hesitate, before she lifts her chin, turning as if she would go into the cottage.

Cale pauses in his own dressing when he spies Jandra emerging. Some of his concern fades then, his arms lifting to cross his chest as he watches her. The snub doesn't trouble him too much, he calling out, "Not sure where the others have gone to. Could offer you a ride in. going to be a wet one." A pause, then he adds, "Got a brush too." One of the sort of things you keep on hand for moments like this, he with his longish hair.

Her steps pause, torn a moment between the need to get home and anger with him, but the last wins. "I'm fine." Her words are stiff, and she turns to face him, her arms folding across her chest, her face hard. "I'd rather walk." Her last words slip out as if she hadn't meant to say them but she shakes her head, turning away towards the cottage.

"It's an hour by car, Jan," Cale reminds her. "If you want, you can sit in the back and I won't talk to you." Strangely, he seems amused by the turn of the talk, a faint smile starting to build as he straightens and lifts his jacket to slip it on, though he keeps his eyes on her. "I probably won't get lost."

She turns back slowly, her face showing a flash of anger, the grey eyes darkening. "I'm glad it amuses you." The tone suggests the words aren't true in the slightest and she moves forward, her walk a stalk, until she stands in front of him. "Did you have a nice run? Good company?" She rests her hands on her hips, glaring at him.

He should probably stop smiling, but he can't. The expression light and, as she asks after his evening, a touch wistful. "It was good," he agrees. "And there was this one.." His eyes linger on her and he says lowly, "She was alluring, but unapproachable. I got as close as I dared, but no.. it was not meant to be." His amusement fades a little and he can't help himself. It has been a long time and a selfish impulse prompts a hand to lift. It will be smooth but not overly quick in rising, looking to brush the back of his fingers against her cheek. Just a light touch. A needed touch.

His reply does nothing to help her temper and for a moment she stares at him, her eyes a little brighter than they should be. His last words bring a curl to the corner of her mouth, a tiny snarl, and she steps back, as if to avoid the touch, slightly turning her body as her right hand curls into a fist. Then she turns back, swinging the fist at him, a punch aimed at his jaw, all her fury behind it.

Cale did not expect any such thing. Is it worth it? One could question him, but for the moment he wont' say. He takes the hit, head snapping with a grunt as he stumbles back against the side of his car. Shock is what comes first for him. It settles in slowly as his hand lifts to his jaw and the mark left behind by the hit. He's silent for a moment as he works his jaw and prods the area lightly. His eyes then move to her. he's hurt by this, more than just his flesh. His eyes dip then and he straightens, half turning away from her. "So how about that ride?" His voice lower and a bit flat. His good mood has been handled for sure.

She steps back, her hands clenched at her side, her face showing the fury she feels. "I don't want anything from you except you to go away. I was just feeling like I could settle here, and you had to come alone, take that from me too!" The anger isn't about one run alone, a whole world of things rolled into one, and the punch didn't seem to make it all better. "I'd rather walk, hitch, whatever, than take any pity rides of you."

Cale breathes out lowly and shakes his head. "Not pity." He looks back to her, stroking his cheek slowly. "Pragmatism." He breathes out lowly, his hand dipping. 'Calm down, Jan. Please. This isn't pity. This is me, trying to be useful. I've been trying to give you some space. I can't help my instincts.. I started off going opposite you, but well.. that's not what I feel inside. I don't want to go away from you, Jan."

"Give me space by going back." Jan turns away then, lifting her hands to her hand, the movement bunching the tangles between her fingers as she pulls it away from her face. Her back to him, the movement speaks of frustration and her voice is choked when she does speak. "You come here, and suddenly my own flatmate and mentor leaves me to run alone, busy admiring you getting naked."

"Now you're reaching for things to blame on me," Cale responds, frowning. He opens the driver side rear door and leans in, still speaking. "Besides, when I left, she was into her bad boy, not me. Not like I'm even interested in her." He straightens then, a cheap, but effective brush in hand. He approaches her, but stops at just over arms length to extend it to her. "Here."

Jan shakes her head, dropping her arms to curl around her waist, a gesture that hunches her shoulders a little. For a moment, she hesitates, wanting to ignore the offer, but she finally turns, taking it slowly, with a brief nod. The anger has faded, leaving something harder to vanquish in its wake. She uses the brush, using it to hide her face from him as she tugs hard at the knots in her tangles.

That's fine, because Cale is on a bit of a roll as he turns after she takes the brush, moving back towards his car. "Why would I come all this way, leave everything behind, Jan? There's no one I know here and I'm trying to give you space. The only people I really feel comfortable with here are the ones clustered around you." He turns, leaning back against the side of the car, his arms crossing as he adds, "But I'm keeping some distance from them, because I'm not trying to push deep inside where you are."

Jan is silent, tugging on her hair, frustration in the movements and not only directed at the tangled mess that changes leave her with. She keeps her back to him, keeping her face turned away to keep her expressions private at least, but the tension radiates from her. "I don't know. I don't understand you." Finally, the hair is almost done and she tugs on the final knot, a movement that tears through it rather than gently untangles, and turns, holding the brush out to him with a muttered thanks.

"Then maybe we should talk," Cale suggests simply. "A lot that could be said in an hour." His mood level again as contrasting aspects balance each other out. When she offers back the brush he straightens to step closet and take it. Tempting he is to reach a bit too far, but he simply snags it by the tip. He turns back to the car and goes to toss the brush in. he then looks back to her, a questioning brow lifted.

Jan's gaze finally moves to his face, a nervous gesture speaking loudly as she moistens her lips and swallows before she speaks, her voice low, "Then talk." She crosses her arms, turning to face him fully, her posture defensive. The brightness in her eyes hasn't faded, and she blinks rapidly, clearing it as much as it will allow.

Cale sighs lightly, turning to lean back against the car again. "You're the one that doesn't understand, Jan. What don't you understand? Why I'm here? I'm here for you. I need you. And I was worried. The worried isn't so much there now, but the rest is just the simple. For me, anyway. What else do you want to know?"

"You keep saying that, and I still don't believe you." Jan shakes her head slowly, her fingers tightening on her waist, her lips pressing together. "What do you want from me?" Her voice is low, a thread of almost pleading in the tone. "I want a normal life, Cale, I don't want to be the person I was in Mexico. I have a job, an apartment, people who call me family here… Don't mess this up for me."

"I'm not trying to," Cale responds. "I'm keeping some distance.. seeing where I fit in. Well, when they'll let me. It would have been rude to not come tonight. I can't be rude like that." He motions towards her lightly. "What do I really want? I want to touch you. I want.. to be close to you. Maybe it won't ever be like it was before, but that doesn't' mean we can't just.. be friends. Or something. Am I so horrible now? Can't we.. start fresh too?"

"You lied to me. You should have told me the truth." Her voice is low, the thread of anger in it coming from the wariness in the glance she shoots him. "You can't be friends with someone who keeps that kind of secrets from you, not in a relationship. If you lie about that, what about…" She gestures, taking in the whole world of secrets he could be keeping. But she does move, leaning against his car, her arms folded.

Cale nods his head once, following her with his eyes. Accepting, yet he does say, "I was afraid you would leave if you knew.. and I was.. well, I wasn't exactly proud to be what I am. I'd accepted it.. you have to eventually. But I didn't tell many people. My parents still don't know. It's a mark to me.. a reminder of what led to it. If I hadn't have been stupid when I was younger, maybe I'd still be normal.. and maybe we'd still be together." The chain of events prompts another dip in his mood.

"You didn't give me the chance." Her voice is low, a tone of anger in it. "If you'd have been honest with me, …" She trails off, unable to say what might have happened, and shakes her head slowly. "My parents don't know. I couldn't tell them." She rubs her thumb lightly over her skin, a self comforting gesture. "You should have given me the chance. I didn't hide anything about me from you."

Cale is quiet for a short while. His right hand twitches lightly and his fingers curl. That hand that earned him the clocking before. Which is already starting to fade for him, the bruise gradually easing away. "I suppose this might be a little too late, but I guess.. well, we'll see?" he turns towards her, leaning his shoulder into the side of the char as he starts to talk. "You think I'm a party boy now? You didn't' know me when I was younger. I was.. reckless. Promiscuous, but not flat out stupid. Safe, but not picky." He motions to himself as he says. "That got me what I am now. Got too friendly with a werecat's girl. He decided to find me later and show me the error of my ways. Wasn't a contest, but I lived. And he left me this going away present."

He says these things as a simple matter of record, neither overly saddened, proud or shamed at the moment. Events he's played through his mind time and again. "That was the one that came after me that night with you. I guess he found out I survived. Held a grudge. I.. I can't feel enough shame for that, Jan. being infected.. it changed me. And you.. you changed me. It was a mark.. a punishment for my misdeeds. But I always saw you as a blessing. I didn't want the past to touch you."

She listens in silence, turning slowly to rest her elbow on the roof of the car, her cheek propped up against her open hand. Jan's gaze rests on his face, listening in silence. Her face is expressive, open, as she hears him out. A flicker of discomfort crosses it as he describes being promiscuous, her gaze flickering away for a moment. Then the explanation brings sympathy of a sort to her eyes, softening the grey and she makes a tiny gesture as if she might touch him. The last explanation stops that, and she tenses, her eyes widening for an instant before she turns her face away from him. "I…" The emotions choke the words off, probably for the best.

"I told myself I'd tell you eventually. Maybe I would have.. if things hadn't happened but I don't really know. I guess we'll never know for real. I won't make any excuses.. except for what I've already said about how I felt. I should have told you. Didn't matter either way in the end, I still lost you. And I couldn't stand it after you left. I did a lot back then, but Jan.. never when we were together." Perhaps sensing the discomfort. "I suppose that is one benefit to this.. it taught me how much one can find in a touch." He dares shift his arm, his hand laid atop the car's roof, palm up. A hopeful, quiet invitation. "I've missed you. I did.. try and let you go, but I couldn't. I can't."

She listens in silence again, her fingers tangling with her hair for a moment, before she looks at him slowly, at the moment he promises it wasn't when they were together. "I don't know." Her voice is low, her doubt written in her face. Jan's gaze flickers to his hand and back to his face, and back once more, snagging there. "I don't know." A whisper now, and she tastes of fear, her eyes wide.

"That's ok, Jan," Cale says lowly. "I'm not expecting you to forgive me in an instant. Purgatory is never like that, after all." A little wry humor touching that note. "This is good.. talking, listening. I like that better than punching." A bit more. His hand withdraws, fingers curling a bit as he says, "Let me take you into Chicago. We can talk more if you want.. or we can just be quiet."

The mention of the punch brings a flush to her cheeks, and she looks away, turning her head. "I'm sorry about that." She straightens, pushing her hands into the pockets of her jeans, "I never used to have a temper." The comment is rueful, sad, and she turns to face him slowly, her shoulders slightly hunched. "Alright, let's go." No promises about talking or silence but she glances down, a flicker of a smile curving one side of her lips. "I need to buy more shoes. Can't find mine."

"They'll probably get found later, I bet they have a lost and found here, since clothes tend to get tossed around a bit." Cale grins, his humor settling in lightly. He moves around to the passenger side to open the door for her, understated courtesy. "And the change effects us different. I shouldn't have touched without asking. I wont' do it again, I promise."

Jandra moves slowly, hesitating before she sits, looking up at him for a long moment before she ducks her head and curls up in the passenger seat. She slides low in the seat, her arms curled around her once more, her gaze firmly on the bare, muddy feet. She waits for him to get in before she speaks, her voice low and soft. "It wasn't that. Running alone isn't fun and I was angry."

Cale closes the door firmly before moving around to open and settle in himself. Done more naturally. He looks towards her as she speaks, still fishing his keys from his jacket's internal pocket. He nods slightly. "It is better with others," he murmurs. He seems to consider something more to say before he decides to focus on getting the car moving. The keys go in, the car starts and he pulls away at once. "That's probably another reason I was drawn to you." As the car works along the road, he keeps his eyes focused forward. He's always been, since she's known him, a stickler for safe driving.

It seems to make talking easier, and she uncurls slightly, sliding her hands beneath her thighs as she speaks. "Because I was angry?" The question is a soft one, and Jan's gaze moves to his face, each movement cautious, warily made. "It was …It shouldn't have been directed at you. It wasn't your fault." She admits that with difficulty, her hands tightening on the chair beneath her, gripping it tightly.

"Because I was alone.. and I knew you were too," Cale replies. "I didn't want to be alone, but I didn't' want to be near Matt and April either.they.. remind me." Of? Hmm. "Even so.. I just have to remind myself that things aren't like that anymore. But rational isn't always easy with you. Should be easier as it wanes."

"Matt and Talen seemed to have some major problem…" Jan's reply moves them away from the topic, a flush rising in her cheeks as she turns her head away for a moment, covering her reaction to his comments. "I don't know all of the pard yet. Met both of them once, and.." She shrugs, shaking her head slowly. "I don't know. Matt said…" She stops abruptly.

Cale shakes his head slightly. "Yeah.. pretty obvious something bad is going on between them. Though Matt seems to wallow in his.. 'bad' image. At least, as first impressions go." He shakes his head again, glancing towards her, though not long enough to get a clear view of her emotional state. "I just got here.. I'm not getting in the middle of any politics. I just want a job, a place and.. well, whatever else I might be able to get." He pauses a moment, then seems to recall that she stopped short. "What'd he say?" Casual, curious.

Jan is chewing on her lower lip, her expression wary. She shifts in her seat, sliding down again as if it has suddenly become uncomfortable and her cheeks flare red. "Uh, he said that I wouldn't care who I slept with on the full moon." The words are mumbled, and she stares ahead, avoiding looking at him. "Might have been true at first. He … I don't think I'll be…" She stumbles and stops.

Cale shakes his head slightly, looking towards Jandra with an arched brow. His attention lingering for a moment more than his usual before he snaps back to watching the road. "The family back in Nuevo Leon treated you well. When you didn't remember after shifting. I made sure of it." Of course, she wouldn't remember that per se, though he was quite clingy. "You should have full memory now.. you know how you feel."

Jan nods slowly, the slightest hunch to her shoulders, "I don't remember." She risks a glance at him, as he looks at her, her eyes widening for an instant before she turns her head forward once more. "I do, I just want to hunt, not to … I don't feel like he said." She shakes her head again, a denial, "But then, he was wrong about me being around people too so…" She sits back, once more curling her arms about her waist.

'What about you being around people?' Cale's brows lift. "If he's telling a lot of misinformation, maybe he's.. outcast for a reason. At least, that's' what it seems like he is. Though I suppose if he really was, Forest wouldn't have invited him?' He shakes his head. "I don't yet understand the way of things here." Though as he quiets, a thought comes to him, something worth being chewed on.

Jandra shakes her head, giving Cale a sidelong look, a brief moment of almost humour in her eyes. "He said there would be plenty around me if I wanted to…" She makes a tiny gesture with her hand, trying to explain without mentioning the words. "I don't entirely get it. Talen seems…" She hesitates, "Either exhausted or moody. Matt seems to have a single idea, and …" She shrugs lightly.

Cale seems to understand quickly what she means, his thoughts running along similar lines. "I'm actually a bit surprised you don't." His eyes flit towards her briefly before he takes another turn. He's quiet for a moment before he asks, "You seem to be getting good training here. Have you.. been with an Eros yet?" his expression sobered as he dares to ask such a thing.

The tension wave that comes from her spikes and her hands curl around her again, her cheeks flaring red as she turns away from him. "Uh no. I don't think April realises I'm …" She stumbles over the words, struggling to talk to him on this topic, "That I … that we didn't…" She gives up, shooting him a sidelong look, through her eyelashes. She moistens her lips, "That we never did it."

Cale nods his head, seeming to relax some at that. "It isn't that I didn't want to," he does note. "I hope you don't think so.. I just didn't want to risk hurting you. Early on, I wasn't as in control as I am now. I'd had the training, but I didn't trust myself. And.. it was satisfying, how we explored. I'd never really.." A brief pause to consider analogy before he decides, "..stopped to smell the roses before you. It was very good and the anticipation.. it was good too."

Jandra's cheeks darken, the colour flaring as he talks. "Cale…" His name is an appeal, trying to stop him, her glance towards him agonised. "I know I need to do that. Just… can we not talk about this? I don't think I can talk about having sex with someone else to get control with you. I mean, I can't talk about it with you, not sex with you…" She stumbles over the words.

"I don't want you to get the training yet," Cale tells her then, looking towards her. "This is probably going to sound stupid and selfish, but you want truth so I'm going to tell you how I feel." He keeps his eyes on the road as he states, "I wanted to be your first.. when I felt I was ready. I still do. I know I have no rights to anything with you right now, but that's how I feel."

Jan is silent, staring forwards, out of the windscreen, her face burning up. "Uh, I … Cale, I …" She shakes her head, words failing her, and slides deeper into the chair, hugging herself as she turns her head to stare out of the window. "I can't talk about this with you. Not now." She keeps her face turned away, tension radiating from her.

"I won't mention it again," Cale says simply. Aware that even now, stress us something to take care with. "I'm sorry, I just.. maybe you should tell me something else you want to know.. anything, really. I want to earn your trust. At least in part."

"Cale…" She uses his name as a word to slow him down, shaking her head. Jandra closes her eyes for a long moment. "You'd given me a load of things to think about, give me time to think it all over. I can't promise anything…" She hesitates, a thought crossing her face and she gives him a glance with startled eyes. "Uh, did you have an Eros?"

"Very early, before we met," Cale confirms with a nod. "Like I said, control was a big thing for me. Stress.. all that. I wasn't a stranger to sex. Early on a thought I'd still do it a lot. So I wanted to make sure I could. But.. well, I haven't really had to test it since then. I wised up.. realized that playing with fire wasn't a good idea and wasn't so confident in my control. Then I met you. And I didn't have a lot of interest in looking around after that."

Jandra listens in silence, staring out of the window, her face showing all the conflicted emotions she is feeling. She lifts a hand, nibbling on her fingernail, the gesture an old one of anxiety. "I …" Her cheeks are dark, flushed, and she shifts herself in the seat. "I don't know. I should talk to April about it."

"I understand," Cale responds, feeling the pull of silence himself. Though after a few minutes, he says, "I'll drop you off at the Basement. You must be hungry.. maybe I could come after parking my car.. eat with you?" His prior words bolder, but these are light, a careful request.

Jandra hesitates before answering, her reply as careful as his suggestion. "Uh sure. My treat." There is a pause, before she adds, aiming for light, and casual. "Um for the lift. I got a job offer yesterday." She is curled down into the passenger seat, her arms around herself. She continues to nibble her fingernail, the habit from the early days after the change.

"Yeah, I heard yesterday," Cale says, looking towards her for a moment. "University post." He smiles, an honest show of pleasure at her success. "I'm still looking for a job. Not real sure what I want to do. You know.. I was real scattered in my education. But I do want to paint." He pauses a moment, then he adds, "I had to leave all of my works behind. I left them with Anna. She always liked them."

Jan's glance across at him is nervous, a blush rising in her cheeks. "I.. uh, the ones of me?" Her gaze skitters away, moving to the windscreen, watching the world pass by. "I guess you can replace them. I heard Danni…" The undertone in her voice is jealously, and she struggles to cover it, forcing her lips into a smile. "She was pretty. You should paint her."

"I might," Cale replies. "she has a certain sort of beauty to her." a simple observation. He's quiet for a moment as they move into the Chicago area, a little more focus needed on the road than out away from the tighter urban area. "Maybe I could paint you again. Your forms." He looks towards her as they pause at a light and lets his eyes linger. "Perhaps in time. When you want to."

Jandra turns her head to look at him, biting her lower lip as she studies him thoughtfully. "Maybe." The word is softly spoken, a concession to the time spent today talking and she almost smiles, the corners of her mouth tugging up a little. "Uh, what do you want? I'll order, whilst you park…"

Cale seems satisfied enough with that and he nods his head, accepting without a word. He looks to the front again and considers the more mundane mater of food. "one of those thick burgers, I think. Double fries. I was a bit distracted and didn't eat all I bought last night. The hunt helped some, but I'm pretty hungry." He grins a little and his mood seems to settle on a higher level.

Jandra is almost smiling, and her body posture relaxes, her eyes warming. "I'll get that. I'm starving, I didn't get much last night…" She hesitates before reaching back, pulling her hair over her shoulder, the gesture relaxed, revealing her expression to him. Her emotions play across her face, her mouth curved into a tiny smile as she watches the sun set.

It will take a bit of time to finish the trip. Still new to the Chicago area, Cale's sense of direction isn't well set yet, but he eventually finds the basement and will let her out near the door as the rains have settled in. Thus a quick dash will keep her from getting too wet. He then pulls off to seek a parking spot.

A place of casual hanging out, the room has an 'L'-shaped layout. Dark wood is the predominate theme, with hardwood floors, wall paneling, bar, and matching tables and chairs. The long and straight bar takes up the majority of the right wall, lighted by hidden bulbs and neon signs advertising various alcoholic beverages, these reflected in its smooth polished surface. Two to three bartenders serve ID-bearing customers seated on stools, from walls lined with about any drink imaginable, and a waitress will appear from the kitchen now and again to cover small 'pub food' orders. Taking up the back wall are four pool tables and dart boards, set off from a few booths and small round tables.
One section of the interior wall almost opens to the dancefloor below. A fine polarized black mesh set about a high railing cuts out much of the flashing lights and rhythmic beats from drifting upwards, and also prevents folks from falling downwards. The opposite wall bears short but wide windows high up by the ceiling, looking out to 'foot level' of the outside street.

She makes the quick dash, taking a detour to her apartment to find shoes, clean clothes and a hair brush to tame her hair back into the ponytail she prefers. Jandra finds them a booth, settling there, the order for two thick burgers and two double fries, and a beer, with a coke for herself put in on her way through. There may be a hint of makeup on her lips, her cheeks, her eyes darkened and the clothes she picked might perhaps have been ones she knew he liked.

It'll be a few before Cale makes his return. And he'll be more moist than she, obviously having trekked a bit from where he settled his car. Not out of breath, but there is a hurried air about him as he hustles down the stairs, his stride along the way slowed only just. Could be the mix of adrenaline and the upswing of hope for him, but as he casts about for, then approaches Jandra, he does what simply comes natural. At one time, before she knew what he was and knew what it means, she might have felt the act a bit odd. But now she knows better and he grins at her as he comes to her side. A hand dipping to rest on her shoulder, he leans in and smooth as you please, brushes her cheek lightly with his own. It wont' be hurried, but it will be done with an air of practice.. perhaps not done in a few months time since the last, but it comes back. And should her reactions not be quick, he'll move towards the opposite side of the booth a moment after, not yet processing what he's done.

She makes the quick dash, taking a detour to her apartment to find shoes, clean clothes and a hair brush to tame her hair back into the ponytail she prefers. Jandra finds them a booth, settling there, the order for two thick burgers and two double fries, and a beer, with a coke for herself put in on her way through. There may be a hint of makeup on her lips, her cheeks, her eyes darkened and the clothes she picked might perhaps have been ones she knew he liked.

It'll be a few before Cale makes his return. And he'll be more moist than she, obviously having trekked a bit from where he settled his car. Not out of breath, but there is a hurried air about him as he hustles down the stairs, his stride along the way slowed only just. Could be the mix of adrenaline and the upswing of hope for him, but as he casts about for, then approaches Jandra, he does what simply comes natural. At one time, before she knew what he was and knew what it means, she might have felt the act a bit odd. But now she knows better and he grins at her as he comes to her side. A hand dipping to rest on her shoulder, he leans in and smooth as you please, brushes her cheek lightly with his own. It wont' be hurried, but it will be done with an air of practice.. perhaps not done in a few months time since the last, but it comes back. And should her reactions not be quick, he'll move towards the opposite side of the booth a moment after, not yet processing what he's done.

Jandra glances up at he approaches the booth seat, a hesitant smile curving her lips. The move he makes freezes that smile on her lips and she goes still, pulling back from him, her body tensing. Her eyes widen and she swallows, shaking her head. She lifts a hand, reaching to shove his chest hard, forgetting her own strength. "Cale!" The softest growl in her throat and she scoots backwards, making a space between them.

The use of his name alerts Cale to the sudden shift in things. Thus he's half ready for her push. Even so he stumbles back into a nearby table, almost upsetting the two who are seated there. He takes a flicker to process the moment and grimaces faintly. Righting himself smoothly, he turns and makes brief apologies to the people at the table before he slinks into the opposite side of the booth. His eyes close and he shakes his head. "I'm sorry, Jan.. really. I was.. caught up in the moment. I'll get used to it." His voice low, tone chastened. His last words as much a firm not too self as promise to her. He breathes out and looks up, composing himself.

A little vampire sticks her head up from underneath the two's booth, peeking around, looking between the two. "Hey!" she stops hiding her power, the cold energy flowing from her again. She puts her teeth on the table, nibbling on it as her eyes dart between the two. "Is the bartender gone? He yelled at me again for chewing on the menus."

She leans back into the booth, curling her arms around her waist, a defensive posture. She gives the pair seated behind Cale an apologetic look, an embarrassed smile. She avoids Cale's gaze, lowering hers to the table. Then the food arrives, and she welcomes the distraction, the two meals placed in front of them. She takes her time adding salt and ketchup, her gaze turned away from the man opposite. Memory's arrival is a welcome distraction and she looks up with a strained smile. "You should get something to carry…"

Cale seems intent on simply salvaging what he's put a monkey wrench into, keeping quiet for the moment as the food comes. Memory's unexpected appearance prompting a slight start from him. "Good evening Memory," he says, voice a bit light as he starts to prepare his burger for the eating. The three are at a booth, with Jandra and Cale on opposing sides while Memory has just appeared from underneath, chewing on the table's edge.

Rob meanwhile has entered in a nonchalant manner, since he's pretty much a regular in this spot. He doesn't seem to recognize anyone for the time being.

Memory rises to sit between the two, pouting. "He's always staring at me when I'm chewing..I tried gum…" SHe opens her mouth, pointing inside "But I can't swallow. Just blood will go down there.". She leans over to try to chew on Jandra's hair, a habit she'll probably get thwapped for. Though at least it doesn't really get slimy. "Cale said that when you were going out, that you two only spooned, and never did the boinkyboinky…are you sure he's not gay? Did you feel Mr. Bannana knocking on the backdoor when you were spooning? Oh oh! Check it out!" She reaches over and takes a spoon from table, putting it on her nose, which it just falls right off. "Well poo, it doesn't work when your undead!"

Predictably, Memory does get a shove from the woman, reclaiming her hair. "He said what?" Jan's gaze flies to the face of the man opposite her, her eyes widening, a look akin to horror showing in her face. "You…you…" She is speechless, the grey eyes darkening in a way he will recognise, if only from the last few days, and she shakes her head, picking up her plate. "Excuse me." She rises, turning to push past Memory, heading for the bar, her back straight, shoulders tense.

Cale is about to take a first bite of his burger, mostly ignoring memory's meander before she gets onto topics less suitable for public consumption. He goes still and his eyes close, laying the burger down. He doesn't say anything, just lifts his hand to rub his fingertips against the bridge of his nose. Perhaps a bit of a headache on his part.

Rob decides to go see the others and see if there's anyone he might actually recognize. "Hello folks, how's it going?"

Memory peers at Cale when Jandra is getting up. "I told you not to go around and tell people that!". She gets up after Jandra, and heads after her. Shen she sits, she opens her mouth to try to get some of the woman's hair again, then lets out a soft audible 'meep!' and ducks down behind Jandra, trying to blend in with her stool…unsucessfully. She looks up from beneath the woman's legs. "Is he gone? The bartender?" she asks, leaning forward to try to chew on the hem of her skirt.

"Memory, leave me be." Jan's words are a snarl, in the truest sense of the word, one corner of her lip rising slightly as she reaches out to push the vampire away from her. "Hi Rob." The greeting is forced, more about controlling her temper long enough to greet him than him personally and she shakes her head, leaving her plate barely touched as she turns towards the door. She doesn't explain, or speak, just walks towards it.

Cale looks up as his location is vacated, his mind working to find some.. fix, yet even as Jan starts to depart, he seems to come up short on anything sensible to do. So he'll mostly watch helplessly as she goes. Not for want of action. Rob he looks toward, for the moment only giving the man a nod as he leans back against the booth's seat.

Rob's phone suddenly rings. "What?" He pauses, and then his eyes go wide. "I… I'll be right there!" He turns toward the door, giving an apologetic look.

Memory reaches up to take Jandra's burger as she abandons it, and takes it apart, fiddling with the meat a little, she spins it about, then pokes a few fires into it. "It's burger man!" The bartender looks over the bar, narrowing his eyes "It's you, what're you doing with that meat?" Memory yelps, and moves, leaping behind an empty booth.

Cale looks back to his food, breathing out lowly as he starts to pick at his burger. The desire for food lingers, even if his mind is distracted. Thus the body's need pulls him to bring it up and bite. But his chewing is less enthusiastic. He hears Memory's trouble with the bartender, but he barely looks toward it, a bit of annoyance touching his expression as he continues to eat slowly.

Memory hides underneath the table, seeming to be content to just sit there, and hide. She's in her safe-place!

Cale is content.. well, relatively speaking, to let Memory hide while he eats. The only reason he finishes is the hunger that gnaws inside. And with little to distract him, he eats it quickly and pushes the platter away once he's done so. He'll not linger long after either, rising to take his leave of The Basement.

The night outside pounds against the windows, and the room Jan is sitting in is barely furnished. Literally, it holds a couple of beanbags flung into the corner, and a pile of books and paper beside them. She is camping out, until she and April acquire furniture. She is sprawling over the beanbag seats, a mug of coffee to one side, as she writes up lesson plans. She is wearing a t-shirt that reaches her knees, her legs and feet bare. Her hair is still damp from the shower, loose around her shoulders.

*Ding* Cale is ejected out into the hall, his eyes roaming. Finding out the apartment is easy and finding the right door is just a brief moment of trial and error before he's stepping up to it. He's not wetter than he was before and it hasn't been more than an hour since he was abandoned. Thus he hasn't gone very far in that time. It takes him a moment to actually knock, however. His thoughts rolling for a few moments before he firms his expression and raps on the door. Then after a moment he says lowly, "Jan." Low enough that her ears can pick it up, but it won't carry for those not like they are.

Inside the room, she straightens, her gaze flying to the door. There is a long moment of silence; if he listens hard he might hear her breathing but she doesn't move. Then, slowly, Jan rises to her feet, padding slowly towards the door, hesitating on the other side of it before she opens it, slowly, begrudging. "Yes?" She holds the door, blocking his view to the room, tilting her head to look up at him, her face impassive.

Cale leans against the door frame, his expression sober as she opens the door itself. Her question for him met with quiet for a few moments. He's looking at her. Her face taken in over a few moments before he says, "Can I come in.. to explain? It probably won't help me any but.. I want to at least give you that."v

"Explain which? The grabbing me, or spilling my private life to a vampire?" The heavy tones of sarcasm lie across her words, and her lips are tightly pressed together. Jan's face may have revealed the time she spent just after she left the bar, her eyes slightly tinged with pink. Despite that, she steps back, waving a hand towards the bare room, "Do come in."

Cale enters quietly, her words having a little sting for him, but he bears it, entering with his hands firmly set in his pockets. "I didn't mean to touch you. I mean.. I did, but.." He pauses, taking a few steps towards the center of the room before he turns back towards her. "I.. for a moment, it felt like the past, Jan. I feel back a bit in mind. It was my fault but.. not done to trouble you. It's hard for me.. not treating you like you should be. THis distance isn't so easy for me."

"There is always the option of putting more distance between us." Her reply is cool as she closes the door behind him. She walks past him, pulling the two bean bags apart, throwing one at him before settling down on the other. "Do take a seat." Sarcasm once more is used in those words. "Would you like a coffee? Water?" She leans against the wall, her legs bent, her arms resting on her knees.

Cale catches the beanbag easily enough, but he simply drops it, keeping his feet. A moment of frustration wells up and he asks, "Is it so easy for you? Really?" Though even as he says as much, he regrets asking such a dangerous question. Perhaps why he pushes forth. "I suppose I let Memory goad me. She seemed to have it in her head that I was here to molest you. THe last thing I want is people thinking I'm here for that. You mean more to me than that. This is more than just that." His tone fervent, yet his voice doesn't rise very high.

"Easy?" Her voice is low, an angry purr, as she looks up at him. Then she rises to her feet, moving towards him, her eyes glinting with anger. "Yeah, it is so easy for me that I left a good job, a city, my family, all to get away from you, to have a chance at a life." She is gesturing, almost poking him in the chest as she glares up at him. "And the first thing you do when I get willing to talk to you, the slightest inch and you take a mile. Proving Memo right."

Cale frowns, feeling a small flare of his own upset rise. "A mile? How is that a mile? It was a greeting. It's how we.." He shakes his head slightly and sweeps his hand, as if to brush away her pointing gesture.. "It wasn't even really intended. It was natural because of who we are. And who we were together. How can something natural be a mile?"

"Natural! Hah!" She steps a little in, having to tilt her head further back to look up at him, "It would have been natural, a year ago. Perhaps." Her hands move to rest on her hips, the woman's posture aggressive, angry. "Is this what you came to say? Because you can go now if you are done…" Her grey eyes darken, a whole world of emotions in her face.

Cale's expression is simmering. He's usually a pretty in control guy, but its been rough for him recently. His own eyes are full as well, clouded with so much. His nostrils flare and he growls low, "I'll snow you a mile.." A little of the old reckless comes out, responding to her own new fire. He might as well be in trouble for something significant. Even as he's speaking, his arms go for her. Seeking her waist to pull her against him. He's going to try and squeeze her close for a kiss. A good kiss. A month of frustration and longing giving it bite.

Jan isn't fast enough to pull back, and then, well, old habits die hard. The full moon doesn't help, and for a moment she is rigid in his arms before she almost melts into the kiss, suddenly giving in, returning it wholeheartedly. Her hands press against his chest, curling to hold the fabric of his shirt, to pull him into her. Her eyes close and she makes the tiniest little noise in her throat.

Cale takes the moment as he can, his own eyes closed, letting himself focus on the feel of her. The lips, the hips that his hands move to, fitting just so against them. Oh and yes, all the rest of her, drawn against him with a sudden need. Not overtly sexual, but the contact itself that he has so desired. He ends it slowly and even as his lips leave hers, he says in low voice, "Hit me, claw me, bite me.. its worth it for you, Jan." His eyes remain closed and he will let his forehead rest against hers, his hands relaxing against her hips. going still, willing to accept whatever comes as he focuses on at least a few more moments of contact with her.

Jan's eyes, when they open, are heavy lidded, darkened grey, her breath coming short as she catches it. For that moment, she stands in his arms, letting him hold her, her fingers holding on to his shirt. "Cale…" Her voice is soft, low, almost gentle. "This doesn't mean…" She lifts her head then, unclenching her fingers, almost stepping back, as she moistens her lips before she finishes that, "Anything. That was stupid."

Cale opens his eyes, stepping with her. Hands sitting on her hips, his head lifted, eyes opening to gaze at her intently. "You make me do stupid things, Jan. I was stupid for not telling you.. I was stupid for trying to forget you.. coming here was crazy. And this.. very stupid. But I can't help myself." Should she not pull away suddenly or quickly, he will keep step with her, letting his hands rest without grip, a slight distance separating them from one another.

Jan returns the gaze, her lips parted, her cheeks flushed. She shakes her head slowly, swallowing, a nervous gesture. Her hands lay flat against his chest and the backing away slowly continues, until her back bumps the wall. Again, she licks her lips, shaking her head. "This is a really stupid idea, Cale…" She whispers, but she doesn't pull further away or push him.

"Why?" Cale lowers his head towards hers again, letting their forehead's touch. "This is what I want, Jan." His hands leave her hips and lift, his fingertips lightly brushing her cheeks. "I failed you before.. I want to make it up to you. We can't just.. give up. Here.. here is better. You have people who can really help you and I.. I just want a place with you. I want a lot of things.. I have my selfish side, but most of all I don't want to lose all of you."

She moves her head, a tiny amount, her lips parting as he moves his head towards hers. "Cale…" Jan's voice is low, breathless, and she shakes her head, a tiny movement. "This is a bad idea. It didn't work there, why would being here change it?" She is trying to apply logic, but her gaze drops to his mouth and her hands closes, just a tiny amount, on his shirt.

Cale plays her game. "You ever failed a test, Jan.. did you stop trying?" And he adds a bit to it, the temptation of her too much for him to not lower his head just a bit more, softly brushing his lips against hers. For the tease and for the simple feel of it, smooth and warm. "Jan.. don't give up on me. Give me another chance." His hands dip to her shoulders, slipping over to fall to her hips again. Resting as before, but with a soft stroke. He seems content with these light touches, a gentle intimacy.

Jandra watches him, a tiny shake of her head admitting to his logic and when he kisses her, so lightly, she responds, following him a tiny amount when he pulls away. "Cale…" His name isn't a denial, a soft word, and she doesn't pull away, looking up at him in silence for a long moment while she tries to think it through, tried to apply her brain to it, and then, softly, "Okay."

Cale is patient for her, letting her think it through. His touches soft.. only a bit distracting. And when she gives an affirmative, a broad grin comes to him. He can't help it, a laugh that is light and brief comes and his arms go about her again, lifting her against him as he does a quick, awkward spin with her. Not quite a full turn as when he settles her back on her feet, still softly squeezed about the waist, she's not against the wall again. "Jan.." His right hand lifts, touching her cheek as he seeks another light kiss, then to brush his cheek against hers warmly.

Jan's arms tighten around him as she is spin, a shocked laugh breaking out of her. "Cale!" Her hands are clenched in his shirt when he puts her down, and she leans into him, looking up at him. She returns the kiss, rising on tiptoe to kiss him and she rubs her cheek against his, her eyes closing as she makes the familiar gesture.

Cale breathes out, feeling as it a great weight has lifted. His head dips back and he looks at her, a little seriousness returning. "It'll be different.. we won't live together.. and that's fine with me for now. I think.. a little distance is good. I won't promise I'll be perfect.. I'm not that vain, Jan. But I'll do my best if you promise to tell me if I step out of line and let me fix it for you." The hand at her cheek lifts, his fingers seeking to slip through her hair lightly, the other lingering about the small of her back to keep her comfortably close to him.

She stares up at him, silent for a moment before she nods. His fingers in her hair brings a soft gasp to her lips and she leans into him, her fingers tightening. "Cale… full moon, remember?" The warning is soft, husky, breathless, and the grey eyes are wide and startled looking. "We try, we see where it goes…" She agrees, promising softly.

Cale stiffens faintly, then pulls his hand down, a grin coming to him, slightly embarrassed. "I'm sorry, Jan. I.. yes. We'll see where it goes," he promises her. "I meant what I said before. I've always wanted to be your first.. when I was ready. I feel ready but.. I want you to feel ready too. When you say and only then." His smile relaxes as he lightly touches his forehead to hers again. "THis will sustain me.. you can't imagine how I've missed this."

Jan's cheeks flush slightly, embarrassment staining them red. "Not yet… Cale, I'm sorry or… " She shakes her head slowly, "I didn't mean to tease." She makes a tiny noise in her throat as she leans her forehead against his. "I… we take it slow, Cale. Full moon. I can't do this now. I'd lose it."

Cale will slowly pull back from her after a moment. "Don't be sorry, Jan. Never for this. Lighter." The arm about her lowers to take one of her hands lightly with his, lifting it to brush his cheek against the back, a symbolic subservience to her in this. "Slow." He smiles warmly, there absolutely no trouble to be seen in him now. Though some matter of thought comes to him.

Her face softens, colours and Jan pulls her hand back, shaking her head. "What? Your face…" She is questioning softly, her one hand against his chest, the other free, reaching up to brush fingers against his cheek. "What is it?" Still, she is snuggled against him, having stepped in slightly.

"I show I will be subservient to you with that.. in a sense." Cale grins a little. "And.. well, I had thought of getting a job here. I think there might be an opening for management. Maybe I could get a place here too. On the fourth floor?" He'll hold her again, but softer this time, his eyes resting easily upon her now.

They are in the nearly empty livingroom, the corner inhabited by a beanbag and a pile of books and papers, with Jan wearing a long t-shirt, her legs and feet bare, her hair loose. "Equals." She insists softly, leaning into Cale's embrace, her gaze on his face. There is a hesitation, before she nods slowly, giving him a half-smile, her hands on his chest. "That makes sense. Moving in would be too fast." There is an odd note in her voice and Jan's gaze travels over Cale's face again, dropping to his mouth for a moment.

April has unlocked the door and walked in to catch this little tidbit happening. She freezes, blinks then mutters "ooopis." she pulls the key from the door and mutters. "I'll take a hike down to the bar."
April looks out in the hall and says something to someone there. "come on in I guess."

"In everything but that," Cale insists. He pauses when the door's lock clicks and April comes in. For his part, he doesn't seem to feel any bother. He's fully clothed and, while they are close, the touches are tame. "April, come in, please." He looks back to Jandra and will pull from her lightly, to provide a more casual atmosphere. He seems to be in a very good mood and says, "We were just talking. A good talk."

Jan blushes, taking a small step from Cale, sliding her hand from his chest, her hand seeking his. "Uh, definitely just talking." She assures April, glancing past her to the door, but doesn't dash for clothes, comfortable. "We talked." She explains, softly, glancing up at Cale, her mouth softening into a smile.

April is just inside the door and is looking at Cale and Jandra where they stand near a corner of the room. She has called out to the hall for someone there to come on in and while she waits for him to join her, she is grinning wickedly at the couple. "ha, I knew it, I just knew it."

Cale arches a brow slightly at April, shaking his head slightly. "There's nothing to know, except that we're on the same wavelength now. That's all. Though I guess it might be a bit less interesting around here because of it." A light humor touching those words as he glances towards Jandra.

Matt almost had to be dragged here, spitting and hissing, but he comes anyways. It seems more out of wanting April to be happy then any personal pleasure he might derive from this place. "Just knew what?" he asks simply before he sees Cale and Jandra, only giving the pair a slight nod of respect.

Jandra blushes deeply, turning her head to lean it against Cale's shoulder for a moment. "Just seeing where it goes. Slowly." She speaks slowly, peeking at April and Matt sidelong. "Very slowly." A brief flash of humour as she tilts her head back to look at Cale.

April says, "pose laughs and motions with one hand toward the couple. "that she really does love Cale." she lets the door shut behind her and Matt then leans on him, sliding her hand around his back then hooking her thumb into his belt. "ha ha, I like good endings.""

Cale slips his arm around behind Jandra when she leans her head against his shoulder. A light, casual touch. "It's not over yet, really. I have a lot to make up for, but I just needed the chance." A light air of determination in his voice. "But I'm positive." He grins, his good mood hard to hold in.

Matt chuckles and gives a soft purr at the touch, seeming to brighten up as he leans back against April. "You're lucky I don't have a tail right now." as he gives a sly grin. "Might have to show you a better ending." his eyes look back towards the other two, then to April, "Why we here then? These two seem to… uhh… need some kitty time together."

"We'll see where it goes." Jan is more cautious, even as she leans into that embrace, with a glance up at Cale. His grin brings a curve to her lips, her grey eyes softening as she looks up at him. She shakes her head and turns her face back to the other couple. "What? No,.. oh no, we aren't…" She shakes her head again, blushing deeply.

April wrinkles her nose then sticks her tounge out at Matt. "I wanted to show you my new apartment." she sweeps her free hand around the room. "this is it, Jandra is my roomate. So, now you can come see me without running into a temper tatrum."

"There's no need to leave," he nods slightly to Jandra, then looks towards April as she speaks, lightly curious. His eyes dip towards Jandra before he wonders aloud, "It might not be something that I should ask about, but I am curious just.. what that was about. I'm not really.. aware of what sort of history there is around here."

Matt nuzzles april and nods. His hands wrap around her hips as he says "Don't worry, he'll find a way. But for now." he gives another purr and looks over to Cale. "Lotta history, most not worth knowing."

"Temper tantrum…?" Jan echoes, a brief expression of puzzlement on her face before it clear and she does a silent oh before she nods. "Talen. He seems…uh…" She trails off, giving a small shrug. "No tantrums here." She promises quietly, giving Matt a thoughtful look. "April, we have to buy furniture."

April grins at the others. "lot's of history, means lots of fallout. Just trying to get around some of it." her she lowers her hands to rest on top of Matts then tilts her head to look at him. "I like living in the now with somekind of joy, somekind of contentment."

Cale shrugs his shoulders, letting the issue of history drop. He looks to Jandra and gives her a little squeeze as he says, "If you find any good, cheap places let me know? Wasn't much room in the car, so I don't have much myself. Well, once I get a place, that is. If I can get that job, maybe I could get a discount or something?" He thoughtful for a moment on that.

Matt gives a nod. "Alot of his issues deal with that I rejected him at one point. After the first time we met, I left the pard… and he took it personally as I abandoned him. And then later, he tracked me down half way across the city… and well, we slept together, but when I told him I had my eyes on someone else as a boyfriend, well… he lost it." Matt gives a shrug. "He gets added to the wall of people who hate me for saying no." before he looks over to April and noses gently. "And yes, living in the now is worth it."

Jandra returns the smile, sliding her arm around Cale, the gesture both oddly familiar and new. Matt's explanation brings her gaze back to him, startled. "Uh, promise I won't hate you for saying no." She makes the joke carefully, unsure of her ground, as she leans into Cale. "I got enough cash to pick up some pieces…"

April leans into Matt as she looks at the others. "there's more to the story that Talen tells…. I've asked Matt and he assures me that those are not true." she looks around the room then nods at the things she sees. "mmm did Forest give you some of his bean bag chairs?"

Cale looks towards Matt as he details some of the history. It seems to provoke some thought on his part. "I see." He seems to take it without comment, though he does note to April, "I haven't really asked Talen.. I've only seen him once, last night. I.. really don't want to get involved. I just like to be aware." He looks to Jandra then and nods his head. "Then you should get some things.. make this place comfortable for you two."

Jan glances at the chairs before she shakes her head. "I picked them up. Trying to prep for classes and I got tired of sitting in the bar." There is a flash of guilt as she gives Cale a quick look, "So, I got them." She doesn't touch on the topic of Talen and Matt again, "I could loan you some if you need it, Cale." Her offer is genuine, softly made, cautious.

April grins at the other couple. "hell, Forest was always trying to pry me out of his, I love them. very comfortable. I was thinking of hitting one of the thrift shops to see if I could find a few peices more."

Cale smiles at Jandra's offer and shakes his head. "Don't worry about it, Jan. Maybe if I really need help, but I really don't want to horn in on things. This is a new experience for me in a few ways. A good experience, I think. Starting over and all."

"Want to come with me?" Jandra's offer is friendly, and she moves slowly, behind Cale, running her fingers across his back as she moves to the beanbag in the corner, dropping into it. She gives Cale a look of invitation, extending her hand to him. "Think we need some more creature comforts." She curls up there, comfortable and lazy looking.

April nods at Jandra, not sure if she's asking if April wants to go with her to a store or Cale. She glances around again. "I was thinkig of a little paint too, and maybe a couple of screens to give the kitchen and dinning are a bit of seperation from the living room area.

Does he want to go with her? "Sure," Cale replies without much delay. Doesn't really matter the context. Either way, he does go to the beanbag after her. But April is not forgotten. He turns his head as he arrives, looking around. "Like those oriental type screens? That might look nice." Not too certain in saying so. He then descends into the beanbag with Jandra after taking his jacket off, laying it aside. He'll settle in with her as she likes, so long as he can wrap her up in his arms as part of the deal.

"Screens sound good." Jandra's voice is sleepy, as she snuggles herself back into Cale, leaning her head into him, her hands touching his arm. "We could all shop together, tomorrow maybe." There is no way she is moving now, curled up in his arms, the other bean bag left free for the others. Her eyes are heavy lidded, the run last night leaving her lacking sleep.

April nods at Cale, "Oriental, and there are others too. I saw one with the four seasons depected on it but didn't buy it cause we need two and they should relate to each other."

Matt wakes up from having dozed in a chair in the corner, yawning for a few long moments before he stands and stretches. "Just make sure you pick a room with good sun coming in. So, like, east and west windows if you can manage it… if not, east at the very least."

Cale lightly brushes his cheek against the top of Jandra's head as she settles with him, then goes still beneath her. His smile is light and airy as he lightly strokes her shoulder and nods to April. "I guess that doesn't work if four is too much. I've never really.. decorated a place before. I might have to ask you guys or some help with that eventually. Probably best if I get a small place. Less to fill and maintain." He glances towards Matt and nods his head. "I'll keep that in mind."

Jandra gives Matt a sleepy smile and a nod, her eyes half open. "For the sunbathing." She agrees softly, and then she yawns, snuggling her head into Cale's chest, her eyes drifting closed, the picture of a lazy cat napping. The beanbag shifts as she snuggles her head into him, slinging an arm across his body.

April seeks Matt's touch again, rubbing her hand along his arm while they all talk about apartments and decorating. "Oh oh, I saw a thick fluffy fake fur rug that would be geat to just roll or rest on."

Matt nods to Jandra, "Right. Why I love my tree, perfect place to sunbathe." he gives a low purr as he pulls April into his lap so he can sleepily rest his chin on her shoulder. "Mmm, that might be nice, the rug."

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