Log:20100225 - A Busy Night


<NIGHT> SeVen: Main Bar and Dance Floor - Cermak Road: Crimson District
The music is almost overwhelming. Even those who don't have a heartbeat can feel the pulse of the bass within that dead tissue, as if bringing the organ back to life. The second thing that you notice are all the bodies and the lights, which swirl and dance and writhe and grind on the dance floor. Doesn't seem to matter who you are, or where you come from, you're all welcome to sin here - straight, gay, or bi … human, vampire, or shifter. And by the look of it, there's a /whole/ lot of sinnin' goin' on! Even those that aren't moving to the rhythm of the beat are moving to an older rhythm, making out in shadowed corners or against the walls. Once fully inside you can see the club completely. There are two bars, both against the same wall but directly above one another. Stairs lead up on either side of the massive room to a second level balcony that goes around the entire perimeter of the space. Occasional metal lattice projections reach out over the dance floor, offering a small open-railing enclosure for the beautiful people to dance on and be admired.

On the walls going all the way around are a series of large scale murals depicting the Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, and Greed - in a seductive Erte' style that manages to be both stylish and erotic, agelessly attractive. Each night the atmosphere shifts to honor a different sin, and drink specials are offered to those who 'dress' for the occasion. The music changes as well - seductive and passionate for Lust, heated and wantonly pounding for Wrath, slower and more psychdelic for Sloth, and so on. Almost everything else is black, because it's the people who are the star attraction here, and the lights make them gleam and sparkle. There are a few tables and chairs on the upper level, close to the wall, but for the most part people are constantly in motion - dancing, on the prowl, looking for prey, or looking for a predator. This is not a club where you sit back and relax; this is a club where you embrace all the best things in life from dusk till dawn, if you dare.


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Real 6/2/2009 Game 2/25/2010

The night billows in a conundrum of frigid white waves in casted hues of darkness and winter wonderland against a backdrop abyssal sea of deep vermillion, organge and crimson hues. The sun sets quietly beneath the mountain range and sizzles into the depths of the sea as the last rays of the sun are snuffed out agaisnt a tiede of shadowy splendor. The winds are harsh and whip through the streets as heavy snowfall pours dwon from skies of midnight and pitch. Stars shimmer brightly within the dark heavens as their light glistens in patches of diamond glory. The silver pale moon lies in its waxing pools of light upon the lonesome twisting streets and illuminates there beyond. Danny had just recently been allowed outside the commune after suffering from the blood loss from a few nights previously ago. The youth makes way out of the upper district of town to walk towards the bustop and take a drive to the more vampiric owned sections of town. After getting off the bus at her stop, she makes her way on over and into club seven as she passes through the threshold of the double doors and weaves on through the mass of bodies there within. Making her way onover to the bar, the young teen sits quietly upon a stool as she orders a simple hot chocolate to keep the chill away. Soft midnight azure and golden streaked eyes survey the room beyond as she quietly sips from her drink.

A huge 2.5 foot fuzzy snuggly brown Teddybear sneaks up, poking it's head from behind the bar. "Hey there, do you come here often?". Comes a feminine voice. Memory's head pops up, holding the teddy towards Danny. "I'm so glad your okay, I was so worried about you! Here, he's yours, I'm really sorry about before!" She pouts a bit, resting her head above the Teddy's with a pout "Forgives me? I'll be your best freind."

Yes…best friend with biting privaledges. The youth smiles warmly though when she sees the teddy bear come from behind the bar. It's been quite some time that she's had any kind of stuffed animals. Mostly beign out on the streets for a good portion of her young life, the teddy to say at the least, was welcoming along with the voice and person behind it. Danny smiles warmly, though still she seems a tad bit pale whether that was from the cold or her previous condition. Nodding her head lighlty the waif answers back in a welcoming if not somewhat melodic tone, "It's good to see you again Memo, and yeah, I'm ok. Just need you to learn to feed properly I guess. Though…" And a soft frown touches faintly upon her soft, pouty lips as she adds in addendum to that, "…Louis and his girl could've at least been a bit…Hell I don't…less callous about the whole thing. I mean…someone bleeding to death on the floor of a restaruant would've sure as hell given me something else to say and do other then talk about a romantic walk in the woods with heels on, heh." That soft frown rises once more to the dawning of her smile as she comments back to you in that soft, quiet tone of hers, "In any case…it's all good. I mean…you did have to learn at some point right? And if no one else bothers to teach you, then I guess I'm your next bet, heh."

The night may be uninviting, but she does not cease her call to all of her children. That siren's call beckons to Zachary just as strongly as it does to her preternatural children as well, perhaps even moreso. Like so many nights, the ashen haired youth finds himself in the Crimson District. This time his arrival was intentional. He returns to the place where he was able to forget the world for at least a short time. He enters the club, and it is in a sense a homecoming. He moves his way through the crowd, like the youth before him, heading towards the bar, seeking something warm to drink. He leans up to the bar, "Can I get a cup of coffee?"

Gunthor arrived at SeVen, his eyes taking just a moment to adjust to the shifting lights within. He inhales deeply, tasting the passion, the lust in the air for many of those that are grinding away within to the thumping of the music. A smile crosses his lips, and for just a second the observant may catch view of the fangs that are hidden behind his pale flesh. Confidant and sensual strides carry him easily through the crowd, long fingers occasionally tracing along the back of one of the dancer's bodies, his feather like touch finding many victims as he crosses to the bar. He notices the two girls present, a large teddy bear being moved between them, and another youth approach, his cool form asking about a coffee. Gunthor's own hand touches the bar, and his eyes flicker to the bartender behind there, nodding his head to his long term friend. A thick mug is placed into his hand, and the auburn haired young man raises it to his lips, taking a careful look over those closest to him again.

There was a certain chilling feeling within the air and felt inside the youth just as she takes hold of the Teddy offered to her. A moment's puase is given as that all too 'icy' feeling shivers on up through her spine and tingles the flesh there upon her silky, sunkissed flesh. Goosebumps rise there quickly on after as she turns to search where that 'feeling' is coming from. Her head casts a gaze on over her left shoulder as she notices someone within the mesh of the crowd, someone that seems to sick out to her senses as the soft palor of her sapphire and gold irises take in Gunthor's view. A soft furrow of her brow is given as the gentle pink of her tongue slips on out past those full, silky lips to lighlty coat on over the muscles there beyond to moisten them. As the man comes on up to the bar, the girl seems just a bit…frightened? It was hard to tell really though her personality with the situatuion seemed to change a good bit as he takes a seat not too far away. She looks on over at him quietly as she goes to greet him quietly though the change of her tone seems to take on a more submissive beat to it as she does so. "Hey, there…I don't think I've seen you around and about town, are you new to the area?" It was hard to say why she decided to simply go up and greet the stranger, but there was some form, some look of familiarity within her eyes…that, and a good deal of respect and fear. Though as Zack makes his way to the bar, the teen seems to take notice of the familiar face as she gives a light wave to him in turn, "Hey there, thought I've seen you before…think it was in the burger place?"

As the cup of hot coffee slides across the bar, the teen cups it and cradles it against the palms of his hands, letting it melt away the chill that had set in. Zack doesn't even bring the cup to his lips yet but merely enjoys the sensation of stealing its warmth. The quick motion of Danny's wave draws his attention from his hedonistic relishment of the cup. His eyes look over at the girl, as a faint smile dances across his lips. "It is entirely possible." His eyes move from Danny to the woman standing beside her. He lowers his head and gaze in a sign of respect and submission. His voice softens, "Good evening, Memory."

Memory uses a hand to shake the Teddy's head. "I know, that was so totally mean y'know!" When she hears Zachary's voice she smiles, leaning over the bar to wrap her arms around his neck and give him a big smooch right on the lips. "Hey, get out of there!" is calld by the bartender soon after, at which she uses Zach to drag herself up onto the bar to sit on it, sliding her legs around him, arms around his shoulders with her hair flowing down over his form.

Dark eyes look down at the girl that approached him, gazing carefully into her own mismatched ones. The look she gave him caused one fine eyebrow to raise, and the smile to tip up at the corner of his lips. 'She knew,' the thought crossed his mind for a second, and he slowly released her gaze his tongue caressing his teeth between closed lips. Of course Gunthor had never been one to keep his identity a secret, but most of the younger ones didn't pay enough attention to the theatre to recognize who he was, or to hear the rumors that circled the city's green rooms about him. "I actually grew up here, but I haven't been in this part of the city since I was a boy. My mother's flat was about 3 blocks from here. I came back to visit some friends for a few days." He smiles warmly, and chuckles as the other girl attacks the youth that was near him. Shaking his head he extends his well manicured hand to Danny. "The name is Gunthor. It is good to meet you and your… friends?"

Zachary's eyes widen slightly as Memory grabs him to use as leverage to pull herself up and onto the bar. It is a flash of thought that he sees the impending disaster. His right hand covers the cup of coffee sliding it out of the way of Memory. Don't spill. Don't make a mess. Of course, he never anticipated her strength in comparison to his own. As she pulls herself up, he is lurched forward. The scalding dark brown liquid of the full cup splashes up and through his fingers, just enough to send a few drops running down the side of the mug and across the back of his hand. The other response to that is that he is pulled nearly face first into her bossom. Perhaps that might have been her intent, perhaps not.

A somewhat surprised look is given on over to Memory as she nearly launches herself over the bar and lands on up in Zach's lap with a big ol' smootch to the other kid. Danny blinkies a bit as she stares somewhat dumbfoundedly at the pair then shakes her head lightly with a big smile. Her warm grin touches there upon the soft contrours of her face as she can't help but chuckle at her friend's antics. The bear though is held closely to her for some reason or other, as there seemed to be a much greater and deeper look of meaning there behind the pale orbs of meridian blue and golden fire. Giving a nod on over towards Zach, the teen answers back though more so out of a question then anything else, "So you two know each other? Then again…I would hope so seeing that Memo just launched herself in your lap…would otherwise be a strange situation to come across for two strangers, heh." A light but somewhat goofy grin is offered to the other two then she turns her gaze to look back on over and up at Gunthor as he speaks. There was a definitely change there in her look, passed from Memo and Zach on over and up at Gunthor. The more so feeling of being a prey as well as a sense of 'danger' was held within the deep pools of her mismatched eyes. She never really looks *into* his eyes, more so down at his chin and neck area. Perhaps she did seem to know something more about him then what meets the eye. Answering back to the young man, Danny extends her small, soft hand as it rests within his own. She was nervous…it could very well be scented upon her…there was a definitely fear as well as respect for Gunthor, but why was hard to say. It was indeed as if she seemed to know a good deal more then what she might've led one to believe. In response to the older man the girl answers back in a quiet, yet still warm and caring tone that she normally carires. "It's nice to meet you Gunthor. My name's Danny, and that's Memory…she's…still new I guess you could say." A soft of hand motion is given to her friend though she does mention quietly in turn, "Unfortunately, I don't really know the other, but I've seen him before around town. I guess you could say that I'm sort of helping Memo out a bit, as no other wishes to take up the responsibility to watch over her and see that she learns what she's supposed to…then again I'm not really the best at teaching, heh."

His eyes are lit as he watches the two on the bar for a moment, then returning his gaze to the one who places her hand in his. Idly his thumb traces over the back of it's flesh, the nail leaving enough pressure to be felt, but by no means to hurt her before he loosens it, freeing her from his touch if he wishes. "Helping your friend out? Always a noble thing to do. Does she need much help? In learning what she needs to?" He studies the girl before him carefully, looking for the signs that perhaps she is more than just a regular girl, that there is more power within her than that. "Your choice in words for her is rather… curious."

Memory laughs at Zachary, not intending him to get a facefull of boobs. Though she's not actually in his lap, sitting on the bar, with him between her legs it seems rather intimate. She rests her head atop Zachary's, smiling at Danny. "This is Zachary, he's a boy I met the other night. He's having some crises just like us, but he's okay. He can dance like really well, he's like, swish swish, lookitme, I'm like dancing so sexy and stuff!". She puts her hands on Zach's cheeks and smiles down at him. "This is Danny, she's a warm swirly, oh!" She looks to Gunthor "You're a cold swirly! Your all like, swish, swish…" She uses her hands in long swaying motions "And she's like, swishy-swish, burn burn!" hands moving in the other direction.

Pulling himself back from Memory's breasts, he blushes slightly. Immediately, he begins apologizing, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." With the cuff of his sleeve he begins to wipe up the small amount of coffee on the bar. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to spill." Some habits are hard to break, even the ones that we do not draw pleasure from. Then he hears Memory's description of him and the red hue deepens on his cheeks.

"Swirly?" The vampire takes his eyes from the girl before him, gazing over to the one sitting on the bar before Zachary. Of his three new companions, it doesn't take him long to identify that only one is human. Listening to her terms he purses his lips, understanding more fully what Danny was saying. Memory had been embraced, but perhaps not fully taught by her Master. A faint frown caressed his near perfect features for just a second as he contemplated the possible ramifications for it… and if the childe had been living outside the Master of the City's court, what was to become of it. One could not expect a shifter to teach her properly, to show her the way of her people… but was he the one to be able to do it. "She is… newly arrived to Chicago?" His words are softer, and more directly aimed towards Danny then Memory.

Indeed a shifter was most likely the farthest thing from being able to actually teach a vampire antyhing about…well anything really other then being a shifter, and especially in Danny's position where she herself seemed to know very little about the subject. A look is given back towards Memory as she purses the softness of her full lips though does smile at her. NOdding her head to her friend, the youth seems curious though about her choice of words as she dares to ask the new fledgling, "Crisis? What sort of crisis?" A look is given back on over to Zack as she studies him quietly then turns to look back on over at Gunthor once more. Her gaze immediately falls once more down to look at his chest…it might've seemed a bit odd though really there most likley was a purpose for it, or at least that's what it may seem to be. At Gunthor's words she noddles her head again as she answers back in that similar kind, yet soft, melodic tone of hers, "Um…well, I don't think that she's actually new to Chicago…just…well, to put it more bluntly…she's new to what she is as well as her surroundings. She's been hurt before in her past, so it's hard to teach her what she needs to know…that and I really don't know enough about what she is myself as to really be of any actual help. She hasn't met who she needs to as of yet, but I intend to get her introduced to the others. Lately it seems that everyone that has been introduced to her has more or less washed their hands of her…so I took it upon myself to help her as much as I can." Oddly enough the kid doens't actually take her hand away from Gunthor's as she keeps it rested there; unless he wished to actually let it go, she gives him that choice. There still was a sense of fear about her aroma as it might've very well been able to be sensed, even though what she was, she knew very well where her place was in the mesh of things.

Sitting back, with Memory's arms draped so casually over his shoulders, Zack looks over at Danny. "No crisis." Well, if you don't consider being in the arms of a fledgeling vampire and everything about you screams tender morsel. Rubbing the hand that had covered the cup of coffee, he rubs his thumb across the angry red skin of his palm, which is already starting to fade a little. The attention to his hand is momentarily set aside, as he brushes the careless pale blond locks way from his eyes, which are downward cast.

Memory gigles as she shakes her head. "Well, if they want to play wishy-washy that's okay with me! I'll just be myself, and that's all I need to be. If I die, well..at least I've lived in the life of the unliving.". She gives Zachary a smooch before she hops down to her feet, reaching over to pet the huge Teddy on the head. "My name is Memory. It is a name that was given to me from the one that turned me. A woman, of beauty, culture, and power. My husband took my life from me, beating it out of me. He took away my second life from me, when he dragged her out into the sun at my turning. I started my new life like I ended my new one, full of diaster and pain. But Valerie wouldn't want me to be sad, so I have decided to live for myself. I am a vampire, I need blood to survive. However, with the support of my freinds I think I can live a full life, even if I am outcast.". She tickles at Zachary's sides "There are good people, vampires, wolvies, humans or not. Life is about connecting with these people, and experiencing them. They change you, and you change them. As the experiences flow, and people change eachother that's where the real fun of life truely comes in."

Gunthor notices the shifter keeping her hand in his, but at this moment simply lets it rest there, feeling the her warmth against his cool flesh. His eyes focus on the younger vampire, contemplating what would lie ahead of one such as her should she not have proper mentoring. But was he the one to do it? When she tells her brief tale he shakes his head, closing his eyes as he pictures her words, seeing them vividly within his mind's eye. "You have been lucky then Memory, there are many that don't take kindly to our kind, even in this land of opportunity." His fingers idly trace on Danny's hand as he keeps his attention on purple haired girl before him. "Aside from Danny and your… "he pauses for a moment as he considers," boyfriend here, do many know of who you are?" Within his chest he feels a touch of anxiety, wondering… briefly if perhaps this was set before him for a reason.

It is not the first time that Zack has been treated as an inferior by one of the Kiss, nor is he bothered by it. Possibly for the first time, the youth looks Memory in the eyes, "You should care. They are your people, your family. Like all families, some may not get along with each other, but you look beyond this, because it is a family, a big, complex, squabbling family." His steely blues lower back down, as he turns in the direction of Gunthor, "I am not hers…"

Danny seemed to be in that same 'crisis' that poor Zack was, at least with Memory. The previous first feeding with her was…to say at the least an experience within and of itself…and ending in Danny nearly bleeding to death. Ohter then that, as Memory speaks the kid noddles her head as she looks back and forth form between Zack and her friend. Answering back to the two of them, Memory and Gunthor, she responds quietly in turn, "Yeah, Memory…to say at the least has had quiet an experience here in Chicago. The others of her kind haven't taken too kindly of her. They just don't have the patience…which I peronally think is odd for a creature that lives so long, you'd think that was all they had was time on their hands." Though as Zack speaks the kid looks back on over and up at him and then at Memory as she quirks a brow in her own curiosity, daring to ask politely enough, "So you two aren't together?" Though a soft flush of crimson rises to the her baby cheeks as she answers back in more of an embarassed and somewhat shy look upon her expression, "Well, Memory seems to take a rather fond liking of you. And if you're a friend of hers, or at least kind enough to treat her like one, then I'm pretty cool with you, not that I wouldn't be otherwise as I dont' really know you, heh, but I'm sure that will change quickly enough." The girl offers zack a warm smile though seems to notice that Gunthor hasn't actually realeased her hand as of yet. The soft of her comfortable grasp warm and fond within the vampire's. As he speaks to Memory, Danny seems to at least know when to be quiet as she lets the two converse as they need to. As Zack brings up the topic of families the girl noddles her head again as she answers back in kind, "That's…very, very true about families. You can pick who your friends are but not your relatives, heh. I've had my own troubles with my family as is, but they seems to be kind enough. I don't think that there's any family without its problems." A looks is given back to Gunthor in kind as the soft of her midnight blues and golden streaked eyes look on up to his own for if not the briefest of mometns, and there was something of a steady growing affection within them for the man. Whether it was his charm or his simple touch, there was something about him that she seemed to find appealing.

Memory smiles happily when Zachary looks her in the eyes. When he lowers his eyes, she leans close and nuzzles his nose with her own with a soft little giggle. Shaking her head after the gesture "I will live my life. Or unlife as it were. I am me, I need to feed to survive, but hopefully I won't have to take it. Hopefully, there will be those whom will be giving of themselves. But if not, we'll cross that bridgie when we come to it.". She rests her hands behind her rear, swaying a little from side to side. "I like life. I like watching people live it, watching people evolve, grow." She reaches over to grab Danny, and shake her a little. "I can say, this is my freind. She's not a meal to me, she's a person, and I hope that never changes, yes?"

When the human speaks up, claiming that he is not hers, Gunthor chuckles slightly, and turns his gaze towards the boy. "I was meaning no offense. I simply misread her actions towards you. Please forgive me." His tone isn't condescending, and despite the temptation he holds back on forcing the boy's emotions to calm. He wasn't looking for a scene… tonight or often for that matter. But the young man wasn't his concern at the moment, nor honestly was the shifter who's hand he held. Slowly though he shifted his hand as it wrapped about hers, sliding to her wrist and idly feeling her pulse, the physical hum of her life force thrumming beneath his fingers. "You were taught how to feed Memory? By one of the others? Of how not to drink to much of them? How to minimize the harm that can happen to them?"

His voice is soft, almost meak, but not quite. Zack smiles softly, if ruefully, "There is no need for apologies, nor was there any offense taken. Memory would not have me." He says with a slight shrug. With Memory's arms still encasing him, and though without any force or manipulation, he seems almost incapable of moving away.

Danny eeps as she suddenly grabbed and the feel of her pulse starts to race just a bit under the pressure of Gunthor's grip. The kid's eyes go wide for a moment in the sudden surprise hold, but she relaxes soon after as she realizes that indeed her friend means no harm…though even if she did there'd be very little that the shifter could do about it being that Memory was a good deal more powerful then her and very likely far stronger as Danny was fairly weak even for her own kind. As Memory grabs her the kid grins a bit goofishly on up at her as that soft flush of rose decorates at the silkiness of her baby cheeks. She bows her head a bit as she closes her eyes somewhat the feeling of comfort despite the coolness of her friend's touch seemign to settle that certain nervousness and fright about her. Shaking her head lightly, the kid answers back to her friend, "I'll always be there for you Memo, or at least try my best to be. I hope that I never loose your friendship as I really do like you and find you pleasant to be around. And as far as needing someone to feed off of, I can offer that to you….just, this time try to be a bit more careful when you do so…winding up nearly passed out from blood loss tends to suck…no pun intended, heh." As Gunthor grips her small, delicate hand within the thick palm of his own, the kid casts her gaze back downwards once more as she looks at his hand there holding her own. A somewhat soft if not affectionate smile adorns her youthful face though that shade of crimson seems to turn a few degrees darker at his touch as he feels the rich, and strenght of her life force pulsatingt in a harmoice rhythim against his fingertips. As he speaks though the kid shakes her head a little bit as she answers back in kind, "She's…not too familiar with feeding. We…well, there was an accident last time I tired to feed her. She hadn't fed in some time and I was worried about her turning feral and attacking ohters, so I tried my best to teach her where to bite and how to do so…but, well that didn't work out so well, heh."

Memory peers into Zachary's eyes, green pupils curious. "I wouldn't have you? When did I say that? Oh, your just a big silly-willy! I know you have been through a whole lot, but you can't think of yourself like that. Ever. Never look down at yourself. If you fail, pick yourself up and just try-try again. Eventually, you'll probably succeed! And succeeding is all about the Yaaay!". She releases Zachary, wrapping her arms around Danny, and pulling her towards her protectively. "Hey now, that's enough hand-holding there Mr. Smoothy! Danny isn't for smootching and stuff. In fact, we really shouldn't be biting either. They're good peoples, and while they taste yummy, it isn't something that we should do regularly with them. They are people,and if they say it's okay, it's okay. But these guys are awesome, and I won't let them become unawesome, if there is anything I can do about it."

Gunthor chuckles lightly at Memory as she pulls Danny away, releasing his light touch on the shifter's wrist as he does. He can still taste Danny when he inhales, feeling the emotions toiling within the girl. His presence seemed to arouse them, his touch bringing them more to the surface. "Taking from anyone is wrong Memory, and I would never suggest you do it to those that are unwilling. The flavor of those that willingly give themselves is much more my own preferences." His eyes lightly touch Danny's face for a second, the words directed to her as much as the vampire he was talking to. "You know you should watch your hunger carefully little one, it can cause problems if you ignore it. The beast wells within you, you lose control of your actions and can hurt them… making them much less awesome if you prefer." He says the words calmly, conversationally. His gaze turns to the young boy that she just released and he contemplates him carefully. "You would offer though, wouldn't you? If Memory hungered, would you offer her your wrist? Even with the risks of her not being able to control herself?"

Zachary's body doesn't necessarily relax more as Memory's embrace is released, but there is a different relaxation about it. He watches Memory pull Danny into her arms. His dark eyes move from them to Gunthor. "I offered myself to her the night that I met her." He glances towards Memory momentarily, "She said that she would not use me, as such." The youth offers a slight shrug, "She would not be the first to drink from me. Death is always possible. But then again, death is possible eating a hamburger or crossing the street. One cannot allow fear to control them, only to caution them."

As Danny is pulled quickly away from Gunthor the kid actually seems to have a slight bit of dissappointment within her eyes, though still that lurking deeper seeded fear steadies just behind the corneas of her mismatched gaze. Her eyes seem to shimmer lighlty under the dimness of lighting within the room, the flash of lasers illuminating them in a warm rush of cerulean and fiery golden hues. There was what seemed to be a certain strong spirit about the girl, that cast of willfulness and rebellion there deeper within as her eyes nearly seem to glimmer and glisten in a fiery passion. As Memory pulls her away from the other vampire, the kid turns to raise her head to look on up at her friend as she offers a warm and caring smile, "It's alright Memo, I dont think that Gunthor would hurt me." Or at least she *hoped* that he wouldn't. There was always the risk there in dealing with the undead, espeically vampires as they were notorious for taking others as slaves to thier hunger…and espeically so with Danny's particular kind with as how rare her species was in the city. It was something that had become more of an art, taking the 'rares' amongst her kind as any vampire could attest to the potency of her kind's blood and ever rich as well as delectable taste to it. Keeping her gaze upon Memo for the time being the girl shakes her head as she answers back to the other, "I don't mind being fed off of really. As long as it help another…I do have a certain respect for the Kiss as they are much a part of my family as my own kind are. I have strong ties within them, so it's not uncommon for some of them to feed off of me. I would have to say that I'm one of the more 'safer' types of people to feed off of, without a vampire running the risk of getting into trouble for doing so." Though as Gunthor's eyes fall upon the youth once more, his words seeming to be just as much intended to her as well as her friend, Danny flushes a bit at the cheeks once more as that rich crimson rises to paint her soft features in that basking, silky, glow. Her eyes settle upon his own once more as she offers a somewhat cute if not goofy, lopsided grin. As much as she was inexperienced with vampires, she was just as much so with the opposite sex.

Memory shakes her head. She gives Danny a good snuggle, before letting her go. "I dunno, Danny is really tasty, it's kinda dangerous. It taste so good, I could see how someone might not want to stop. And you.." she peers over at Zachary "You are vulnerable, you are in a state that really you shouldn't be giving in so easily to your own hunger. If you want me to feed on you, I will. I'm starting to feel the hunger again, but I think it's best if you actually sought help, to stand on your own two feet. You don't need others to feel good, it's just hard for you to see it right now."

A nod comes to the head of the older vampire, and he opens his hand leaving the option for Danny to return herself to it if she chooses. "If he is willing, I would likely recommend it. But your friend was telling me that you don't know how to do it carefully, that you nearly drained her to much." He said the words to Memory, his lips pursing lightly long enough to let her contemplate his words. "If your friends would be willing for you, perhaps I can show you how to feed a bit more safely?"

Perhaps he is vunerable, but the pale boy looks over at Memory, "If you need it…" He cranes his neck slightly. As he does, and the shirt pulls away, the faint white scars of several sets of bite marks become exposed to the light, "my offer from before is still there." He pauses, "By this state's laws, I'm old enough to consent legally." Zack straightens his neck, "Or if you prefer the wrist…" There is a look of almost utter submission to his face, as if he had been passed from vampire to vampire many times for one so young.

Memory shakes her head "I..I don't know, I'm not sure it's such a good idea. I want you to be more than just a Mr.Bitey doll. I want you to flourish, and I don't think you'll do that under the submission of one of us.". She leans over into Danny to take a lock of her hair between her teeth, and chew on it nervously. She takes hold of the other girl's shirt, and fidgets her fingers within it, bunching it up. "I don't know, I'm hungry, and I should take the offer, but I think you shouldn't do this. It's good for me, but I am not so really sure it's the best for you.". She continues chewing on Danny's hair, finding comfort in the girl as she tries to make up her mind. She takes Zachary's hand within both of her own, bringing his wrist towards her, continuing still to chew on Danny's poor, poor blondness. "Okay..just a little, but you've gotta stop going around offering yourself to people, okay?"

Danny seemed a bit concerned for Zack as she'd seen this type of situation before…those that had been used, abused and disgarded by the Kiss. Her own situation wasn't too far from that, though the abuse that she had been through was really only with certian vampires of the Kiss, but she had felt that hardship, and being what she was, made no difference, perhaps even the very opposite as she was a rarity amongst the shifters and for her particular kind. There were very few of her species left on the planet, and she along with them had been more so placed in that nearly extinct category. As Memory claims Danny to be rather the 'tasty' sort, the kid blushes a good deal as that shade of pink rides hot against her soft baby cheeks. The color contrasting against the normal sunkissed features of the youth as it paints her face in what may seem like sheer embarassment as well as a degree of shyness to it. Though she does seem to at least be smart enough to suggest to her friend about feeding on others as she mentions queitly to her, "I think it might be wise to let Gunthor show you how to feed…I mean…the last time with me was rather…unpleasant, heh." That being really a large understatement as the poor kid had nearly died to the blood loss and had to be rushed to medical care because of it. Though as Memory takes Danny once more in her arms the small kid smiles brightly as her friend plays with her rich golden-blonde locks. The soft chewing seems to settle her nerves a good deal, though little did Danny realize that Gunthor very well may be inferring to 'show' Memory how to feed by using her or Zack as an experiment. As Gunthor lets his hand slip on out plam up to offer to the waif, she hesitatnly takes it once more as she seemed to enjoy that feeling of affection there with him. THe comfort with someone that was strong, as well as a dominant figure within her life…it was the feeling of safety and security. Danny possibly needing that in her life more so due to her past let alone her young age. The deep pools of cobalt and golden hues meet Gunthor's once more as she offers him a shy, but affectionately warm smile. The contours of her full, silky, lips pulling up at the corners and forming trhe dawning of her smile. Answering back to Gunthor as well as Memory about the 'showing' of feeding, the girl seems hesistant at first then finally noddles her heads as she answers back quietly in turn, "I…wouldn't mind that really…if it's going to help Memory out in order for her to survive effectively then I would do so in a heartbeat." Though as Zack freely offers himself to the vampiress, the girl eyes him carefully. Perhaps he was used to the pain that a vampires fangs give, or maybe he simply wished to be closer to Memory, in either case Danny looks on with a certian curiosity as at least for her, when she was ever bitten it would mostly hurt like hell, unless she was mind rolled.

"I only feed if you are willing my Danny-girl." He says the words softly, a tone that would be hard for a human to hear even in a silent night, gazing across her to the other pair that is near them. "If you are to feed on the boy, from what I have heard you may wish to be careful Memory. He may have eagerly offered himself to others, but if you don't know how guide your bite, you can lose that delicate control you have over his life." He smiles gently, this time letting his fangs be seen clearly, turning his look back to Danny. "Will you give me your wrist?" His long fingers slide along her arm, skillfully tickling and teasing her flesh as he asks.

As Memory pulls his wrist up to her, Zack pulls back just a bit. "Wait." There is no hesitation in his pleading. He pulls his arm back from Memory, so that he can slide it from the heavy coat that he has on. As he pushes up the sleeve of his shirt, more bite marks can be seen, the most recent of them are several months old. The boy swallows as he offers his hand back over to the fledgeling vampire. He knows that the pain can be almost unbearable and that not all soften the bite with their gifts, yet he offers it regardless.

The soft sound of Gunthor's voice seems to reach the young teen in waves of promised pleasure…dangerous pleasure as it were. She turns her soft cobalt mismatched gaze upon him and actually up at him, looking into his eyes this time as his stare seems to nearly call to her own. The girl was hesitant about the feeding, but she seemed to at least trust him on a more basic level…that and she really had no right to refse a member of the Kiss, being as to her current position. She very well knew her place withi their society, and her life, her freedom was more so dependant on what their kind wished to do with her. So far things hadn't been so bad, though at the commune was rather rough to say at the least as she was more so treated like some wild animal, or slave then anything else. As Gunthor asks for her delciate wrist, the girl noddles a bit, if slightly then quietly casts her gaze downwards once more as she falls silent. A look is spared on over to Zack as he more or less does the same, though he seemed to at least be more freely offering then her. She always grew nervous when it came for a vampire to feed on her as such had never been really pleasant unless she was rolled into that feeling. Luckily her body would heal fast, though not necessarily from a vampire's bite as it nearly burned akin to silver and could be just as painful if not deadly. Answring back to Gunthor she very quietly, and nearly in a whisper, responds back to him in kind, "If…if you wish that, I don't really mind." Her tone quiet and submissive though still held a great deal of respect to it just as Zach seemed to do so with Memory.

The older vampire keeps his eyes on the younger, sparing a soft glance at the shifter that is willingly offering herself to him. His tongue licks his lip subconsciously before he returns his gaze to Memory. "First, you will want to focus on him, gaze into his eyes, and think about what it is you want him to feel. Some enjoy the pain, but most would rather not. Even those that willingly give themselves would prefer for it to be easy." He slides his fingers along Danny's arm, and looks down to meet her eyes again. Passion welled within Gunthor, and he sought the young shifter out, whispering to her softly. Slowly he raises her wrist, and lightly kisses it, careful not to bite yet.

Wondering in slowly Nalio shakes the snow out of her hair and hands her coat over with a wink. The energy coming off of her is warm and almost electric. lights flicker just a bit when she touches them and soon she is scanning the dance floor with her onyx eyes, the whites seeming to have left the girl for now. Sniffing the air something makes her frown but she shakes it off and continues to look around, dance floor and bar.

The young teen's gaze slowly meets on up with the older vampire's as his eyes turn to devour her own there within, enduing a steady flow of passion and lust within her with but just a look. Her own gaze seems to drink up his own as those midnight azure and golden speckled mismatched colors swirl with the strength of those emotions. Her body doesn't necessarily relax because of such, though tenses as her muclses tighten on up to the sudden feel of ecstacy. Her eyes seem to nearly glow with an inner fire as her emotions are brought to the surface in a conundrum of potency. The soft pink of her tongue lighlty slips on out as it moistens on over the soft, pouty muscles there. She swallows hard as her body seems to nearly itch with excitement. THe only thing holding her attention at that moment was Gunthor as he takes hold of her delicate wirst and with but the softest of kisses there against her tanned flesh, she shivers lightly as that sudden chiliing, yet impassioned feeling crawls on up her tender spine and seems to flow within and around her very being. THe girl closes her eyes as she lets that wave of emotion take her and dance her body into the lull of the other. Zack and Memory seem to be nearly almost ignored along with the rest of the club's surroundings as those feelings rush within her and seem to nearly saturate the air in palpable sweet taste. It wasn't on purpose though that she was currently oblivious to her general surrounding, but more so due to the severity of those feelings imposed on her.

"If he chooses to allow you to feed, and you grant them a sensation other then pain… many will more than willingly return to you." His voice is faint as he speaks, his lips still teasing at the flesh of her wrist. Fingers remain in the open among the same arm, and he closes his eyes as he feels the emotions pouring off her, feeding off them even as he prepares to taste her. "It can be quite addictive if done properly, it is your responsibility to not harm them…" Without another word his mouth opens more, and the glistening fangs trace her skin for just a moment before biting down and piercing it.

The grey blue eyes of the teen flicks from Gunthor and Danny, as his teeth slide into her skin. He only hopes that Memory can have even the slightest bit of control, though he is begninning to think that such may not be the control. But if that be so, then maybe the bitter sweet pain will be enough to make him remember what it was like to feel anything. Zack turns his gaze to Memory, trusting that the older vampire might be able to stop her if she does not have the control to do so herself.

Catching sight of the feeding couples she smirks, amused as the blond girl is locked in by the male vampy guy. Zach on the other hand seems too reluctant so Nalio wonders up listening to the 'teacher' instruct his fledgling on feeding etiquette. "A baby fanger? I must say I have never really seen one during instruction." Her tone is soft and playful as she tiptoes to sniff behind Zachs ear. "You smell scared sexy… trade ya? Than maybe I can steal you for a dance…" Looking down at her wrist she smiles and caresses a nail deep into her flesh creating a crimson line with a toothy smile.

Amber has drifted in after leaving her coat with the coat check girl and stops just inside to look around with her foot tapping to what music is playing. She watches the gryations of the dancers for a while before she makes her way to the bar to order a drink.

The ever soft touch of those fangs tracing against her tender flesh seems to send a few more shivers on up through the teen's spine as those feelings itensify there within her. The poor kid though wasn't prepared for that initial bite…she never really had gotten used to that part of it. As Gunthor finally sinks his fangs through the tender flesh of her wrist, the youth's body jerks a bit in her seat as the soft petals of her full, silky lips turn into a sharp wince of pain, though luckily due to the current feeling of passion riding strong within her, she hardly notices as those feelings seem to soar within her heart and lift her there upon cloud nine. There was nearly almost a supernatural daze within her pleasure/pain struck eyes as they open if but briefly to stare into the deep brown pools of his own gaze. There was a certain intensity of passion layerd ther within the deep pools of azure and golden fire. They seem to nearly burn with an aching desire as the vampire successfully controls the youth's mind and forces his will upon her own…to feel that sense of ecstacy and neary mind-blowing pleasure. The young girl nearly whimpers out a soft cry of pain though accompanied by pleasure as her little body shivers nearly uncontrollably, only when he finally releases her, does she slwoly start to look around once more as the bar, the crowd and those within it seem to come back to the 'real'. Her eyes steadily fall upon Gunthor's own again as a soft, if not affectionate, warm and caring smile caresses the soft poutiness of her full lips. Noticing Nalio finally as the woman strides on up to the other teen, the kid offers her a warm grin that touches faintly upon her lips and greets her in kind, "Nice to meet you. Are you a friend of Zack's?" Though her attention never fully drifts from Gunthor as he still holds her wrist. The flow of blood from her seems to nearly melt inside the vampire's mouth as that rich taste nearly burns with the same amount of pleasure and passion that filled her…and exotic, and rare delicacy as it flows within his mouth and burns hot, rich and flavorfully sweet within his gut.

He feeds for only a few seconds, careful of the girl in his embrace as he desires to keep an eye on Memory. He knows how easy it is to lose oneself with the feeding, and the taste of the shifter's blood is that of a fine wine upon his lips. His eyes close in near ecstasy for a few moments, reluctantly pulling his mouth from her flesh. Strong fingers clamp over the fresh wounds, dampening the blood flow until her body can recover it's own will. His opening eyes flicker towards where another is accosting Zach, and slowly he raises a hand to his mouth. "It is the boy's choice as always. He's not being made to do anything that he hasn't desired in the past with her." He can smell the fear on him, as well as the flavor of the new woman that had approached the group. "It is considered polite to at least introduce yourself…"

"I only feed if you are willing my Danny-girl." He says the words softly, a tone that would be hard for a human to hear even in a silent night, gazing across her to the other pair that is near them. "If you are to feed on the boy, from what I have heard you may wish to be careful Memory. He may have eagerly offered himself to others, but if you don't know how guide your bite, you can lose that delicate control you have over his life." He smiles gently, this time letting his fangs be seen clearly, turning his look back to Danny. "Will you give me your wrist?" His long fingers slide along her arm, skillfully tickling and teasing her flesh as he asks.

Zachary blinks as his concentration of Memory is broken. He looks over at the stranger blowing in his ear. "Um, first thing, that is very distracting.. two, I am not scared." That is not entirely correct. There is an underlying scent of fear, but there is also desire, not lust, almost a need. "Third, you don't want to do that… Memory's not… well she doesn't have a lot of control." His upturned wrist is still held in Memory's grip. There are several bite marks along the arm, though none of them look that fresh.

Amber has drifted in after leaving her coat with the coat check girl and stops just inside to look around with her foot tapping to what music is playing. She stops tapping her toe and leans to adjust the straps of her heels then tugs at her little black dress to adjust it after the bending over. Rubbing a hand over her hip, she watches the gryations of the dancers for a while before she makes her way to the bar to order a drink.

Memory fondles Danny's chest very openly. Not a sexual fondle, but a nervous fidgety grab, shake, grab, knead, grab, squeeze. She continues to chew on Danny's hair, even while she heads off into esctacsyland. She watches Gunthor, eyes big. After a few long moments, her eyes move to Zachary. She continues her rough play of Danny's chest, letting the strands of her hair slip out of her mouth somewhat wetly. She looks into Zachary's eyes with uncertainty. She gives a shot of imposing her will over him, to dim the thoughts of pain, to focus on pure pleasure. She leans out to bite Zach's wrist. Her eyes never leave his, dipping her head, her own hair dropping down towards Zach.

Javier now works his way further with in the club making his way to the bar. He looks around for familiar or friendly faces as he orders his drink from the bartender.

Nalio looks from Memory to Zach and back. "Hey pops," She looks at Gunthar and grins. "He's squishy, and she's new… this a good idea?" Than the girl bites and Nalio places a hand on Zachs shoulder. "Your lying, I can smell the fear among other things… I'll wait." If Memory gets too close to over feeding she will feel and electric shock lead from the boys wrist through her fangs and along her throat.

Amber has ordered her usual, "White Russian," dropped the money on the bar and as Javier arrives she turns a smile toward him as she leans her hip against the side of the bar.

The rough kneading, tug and strong grip that Memory has over Danny seems to cause the youth to wince just a bit as she tries her best to settle her friend's nerves, though…with her breasts being fondled in such a way makes for a great deal of a distraction as she speaks. "Memo…pain…lessen just a bit?" The poor kid's eyes sqeezing shut lightly ever now and then as she tires to raise her left hand to lightly rub at her friend's shoulder. Though her right small digit never leaves from Gunthor's strong grip as he teaches the young pupil how to feed prooperly and without causing too much damage then she had before with her previous experiences. Nalio is given a somewhat oddish look at her rather seemingly agressive behavior, though from the smell of it, she seems to radiate a certain power…and none to wise to be fucked with at that. Javier is noticed as he and Amber amble on up to the bar, the both of them offered a warm and comforting grin as she seems to recognize both of their faces. A kind greeting is given to both in turn. The tone of her voice soft and a melodic ambience wihtin the tight area of the bar. "Hey guys, how's tricks?" As Gunthor still holds her delicate wrist in hand, she blushes a bright reddish hue once more as the soft of her baby cheeks shower that tender rose color there against her sunkissed flesh and make for a stark contrast agaisnt her skin.

Javier gives Amber a bright smile back "Why hello there." He looks to the Bartender and says "A Long Island Iced Tea." He then looks back Amber "Have see you about too many times for us not have talked at least once directly by now. Would it be ok if I covered your bill for tonight while we make up for lost time?"

Gunthor watches as Zach continues to offer himself to Memory, and as the younger vampire begins to feed his eyes focus on that. He watches for a few long seconds, his attention only flickering to the fae that has joined them for a second as she addresses him. "It's not exactly like this was a planned thing child." He puts the emphasis on the last word in a direct response to her gramps. He releases Danny's wrist and steps closer to the others, caressing Memory's shoulder slightly. "Enough young one… control the urge tonight. Just a taste…"

Amber gets her drink in hand then slides her hip along the bar untill she is much closer to Javier. "why, it would be a pleasure." she lifts her glass to him. "cheers and all that."

As the razor-sharp fangs slide into his wrist, Zachary bites his lower lip, as his eyes glaze over slightly as Memory's exerts her will over his. As she drinks through and her thoughts fall more to the warm liquid that wells from his thin wrist, her concentration falters, and as it does, the boy's expression changes. He grimaces as the pleasure fades some, and the pain that was hidden underneath surfaces. He clinches his jaw, as his body tightens and his pulse begins to quicken.

When Javier gets his glass he chimes it against Amber's "And to fun times." He takes a small drink from his glass and then ask Amber "I am Javier and am very pleased that you have accepted my offer. Would you like to dance after we are done our drinks or prefer to go to a table?"

Amber glances over Javier's shoulders toward the group of five. She watches with interest the feeding of two of them then slides her gaze back to Javiers face. "I'm fond of dancing. That is if you dance, if not company at a table would go just as well."

As Gunthor finally relinquishes his grip on the young teen, the kid takes her own wrist in hand as the steady flow of blood rises to the surface. Her own hand clamping down upon her tender flesh as that rich blood seems to nearly taint the air with it's own addictive, sweet flare. Her attention drifts from person to person though as Memory seems to be on the edge of taking too much from poor Zack, the kid huddles close to her though not so much in the way of actually messing with that contact that she has over him. Any distraction really very well may make the situation turn from brief control to utter bloodshed within the span of seconds. Whispering quietly into Memory's ear, Danny treis to sooth her friend as she rubs her left arm agaisnt Memo's shoulder. "No worries Memo, I have faith in you. You're doing good so far!" That bright smile adorning the child's face as she watches in strong curiousness and somewhat awe.

Memory takes in the blood, letting it flow. It sates a deep seated need within her, something she can't deny. She slides her fangs out, licking along the wounds slowly to heal them. Her hands move from Danny's chest, also taking with it he material covering them. Hopefully she's wearing a bra, because *RIIIIIIP* and off goes Danny's shirt, well the front of it, in Memory's hands. She lifts her head, fiddling with the material in her hands. "I..I'm sorry. I'm done…I still don't think it's a…" She looks down at the material, shrieking. "Ahhhhh!" She then looks to Danny, and points to her chest shrieking again. "Ahhhhhhhhh!". She takes the teddy and pushes it in front of Danny's bust, reaching up to chew on the peice of Danny's shirt she ripped off, holding it to her mouth with both hands. She rushes out with her newfound inhuman speed, whishing on by into the night.

Javier finishes his drink and says to Amber "I can dance. May I ask the name of the lady who I shall be dancing with." When Amber finishes her drink Javier will give her his hand and look to lead her out to the dance floor.

Amber wrinkles her nose then turns her head to look toward the dance floor. "god, the blood." she licks her lips and shivers. "it's rather, pulling, isn't it." She gasps and looks at the group again as she says her name absently. "Amber, I'm Amber." her shielding suddenly drops and she's fighting pull back from the smell of blood. The glass drops to the floor and her hand fumbles untill it grasps one of Javiers hands.

Gunthor's eyes are focused on the younger vampire and the boy she is drinking from when she breaks the kiss. When she shifts and screams he blinks for just a moment, watching as she flies out the door of the club. Shaking his head he looks about each of those remaining shrugging his shoulders slightly. The scent of blood fills his nose and he swallows, thankful for the taste still on his lips, even as his hunger raises more. "She… needs more help." His eyes flicker to the two younger ones, Memory's friends. "Send her to me if you see her again… I can't let her be out there like this." His eyes don't seem to register the fact that Danny is topless now, his breath taking in another wiff of both the shifter's blood and the human boy's.

Nalio rolls her eyes and watches as Memory takes off, the Fae's hand playing over Zachs wrist closing the wound completely, scar less and smooth. "Poor girl, must be part frog with suction cups on her hands." Finding a towel or something to toss at Danny with a smile. "You have a coat there girlie or would you like mine?" She's odd but gentle in her approach.

Javier looks like he is about to try and catch the glass but seems like Amber is in more of need of his help. He takes her hand and brings her close to him "When it comes to blood I am take it or leave it type of guy." He strokes her back "Are you going to be ok?" He then looks to the Bartender "Yes I have the glass covered too."

Ah yes…life with the Kiss…so entertaining at times no? As Memory grips harder on to the firm, swell of her heavy breasts the girl actually cries out in pain as the material is actually ripped right off and leaving the poor kid with…well, the silk-white of her flimsy bra to the wide open air. And mind you, that would've been fine somewhere private, but out there in public…in the cold frigid snow? Not so great. The bear is stuffed oddly in front of the teen's chest as she grips firmly on the stuffed animal as she tries desperately to save the very last of her decency. Nalio thank god, had come up with something to suit as a cover over her as she noddles her head with a slight frowny face then answers back in kind, "Thank you, I appreciate the offer. A jacket would be nice, or maybe a coat…soemthing that won't cause me to freeze my ass off when I do leave? Heh." A look is given back to Gunthor as well as Zack as *now* that feeling of complete and utter embarassment rides hard upon the youth's already flushed face…her features turning a full tomatoe red. She takes the coat offered by Nalio as she quickly slips it on. An applogetic look is cast back on over to the group at the bar though more so to Gunthor then any other, as well…Memo was still technically in her care…until now that is. Gunthor's kind offer is taken into note as she smiles a bit sheepishly, "Thank you Gunthor, I do appreciate you helping my friend."

After Memory had stopped feeding, Zack pulled his arm up to him, holding it tight, as his breathing has become more of a pant. As Nalio's hand glides over his wrist and the wound closes on its own. He looks up at her with bewilderment. "Thank you." Though in truth, it almost sounds more of a question than a statement of appreciation. His gaze turns to Gunthor, "No offense, Sir, but she's certified bat shit crazy." He reaches up and brushes the hair that has plastered itself to his forehead.

Amber leans in to Javier with her grasp on her power as tight as she can make it. Her head lowers to his shoulder and her head turns so that her lips are near his neck. She closes her eyes and just breaths in his scent. "I think so,,, I think so." and her hand grasps his tighter.

Nalio ruffles Zachs hair and chuckles. "Fangies and other fuzzy like critters arnt the only fun things in town. Names Nalio, and I'm a different sort of crazy." She chuckles and looks up at Gunthor with a light smile. "Mind if I kidnap chew toy here for a bit of dancing and maybe a drink?" Her eyes bleed from the pure black to a slightly more normal appearance with green kissing around the iris.

Only when directly addressed by Zach does Gunthor's vision begin to clear, the near intoxicating scents still strong in the air about him despite the fae's work at healing the boy. He nods his head to Zack and nods his head. "I agree, but that just makes it more dangerous for her out there. One such as herself can cause all sorts of trouble, we have enough of a reputation as it is without it. Sometimes… we can help each other out more directly if we need to." He notices the pair across the room, the scent of the fox spreading from multiple locations beneath his blood heightened senses. He swallows and looks back to the group nearest him, and again runs his tongue over his teeth. When Nalio mentions stealing Zach he shrugs slightly. "It… is his choice. I do not lay claim to him in any way." His eyes flicker back to Danny, noticing the jacket she is now wearing. "You… are ok?"

Javier looks on as the Vampire runs out and then continues to stroke Amber back "The Vampire has left so things should settle down. And even if they are not you are with me now and I shall protect you. Perhaps another drink would be of help?"

The deep clean male odor of Javier is helping Amber pull herself together and she slowly lifts her head yet she doesn't let go of his hand or move away from him. "Yes. please, a drink sounds good." her eyes flicker toward Gunthors then slides away toward the bartender while Javier orders her another drink.

Danny starts in with Zack's comment as she seems eager to defend her friend, or what sanity was left of her friend. "She's not…ok well maybe she is, but still she's got a kind heart and her intentions are in the right place. She may be a little…ok a *lot* crazy, but still she's a good person and…she's my friend. One of the very, very few that I have in town." That very last comment seems to settle a rather deeper lonliness within the girl. Her soft exrpession turning into light frown as the severity of her emotions seems to tumble on in from around and within her. Memo was possibly the *only* friend that she really had within the city. Most others had either more so ignored her, or simply had tried to use her. The kid's eyes haze on over for a moment or two as that deep thoughtful look caresses on over her soft face. Her reverie of thought is only broken by Gunthor who decides to adress her again. Looking back on up at him as she tugs the coat closer to her body and wrapping it around her front, she noddles her head just a bit as she once more looks on up at the rest of the club…and feeling rather vulnerable there with being half nude as she was. Looking into Gunthor's eyes for a few longer moments, she noddles her head as she answers back in that soft, if not now rather very shy and embarassed tone of hers, "Yeah…I'm ok I guess. Just…will suck going home. I'll get my hide handed to me for it for sure." Again…that strong sensation of fear takes her as her scent turns a bittersweet from it. THe blood still coursing down her right wirst as she tries her best to stop its flow, though with not much success.

Javier looks to the bartender "Another White Russian and one more Long Island Ice Tea for myself." He smiles to Amber "Thinking perhaps best we take our drinks and sit down till you are a tad more settled. The night is young and no need to rush things."

"I didn't say she wasn't nice, but she is still crazy." The pale youth looks at Nalio, "Zack. Zack Evans." He slides off of the stool, taking off his coat, which was only on by one sleeve. With a faint smile, he says, "Dancing would be good. It is why I came in here initially anyway."

Amber nods her head at Javier. "that does sound like a better choice right now." though her eyes are again drawn toward the vampire that had just finished feeding. "yes. a much better choice." she is quick to take her fresh drink up. "if you will pick the table, I will just follow along with you, if you don't mind."

Nalio looks at Danny and she grins a moment. "Keep the coat kiddow, I have plenty." Sure it's a warm white fur but maybe it's not real… doubtful. Looking back at Zach her eyes go soft as she matches his eyes to the exact shade and tone. "Than off we go, Zach." She turns and slowly a white tail begins to peek out from under that purple skirt while long white fox ears grow out as she walks, the scent of fox getting stronger. Yay Fox girls.

Javier shakes his head to Amber "I do not mind at all." he then whispers into her. When the drinks come he takes his and then takes Amber hand and leads her to a table.

"A problem when you return?" His eyes shift across the room for only a moment, meeting the female's eyes there for just a moment, studying them before returning to Danny as Nalio and Zach begin to move off. "Is there something I can help you with?" His voice sounds concerned, a sign that perhaps this one still contains a bit of his humanity. He reaches forward, and his hand lightly takes her wrist again, feeling the coppery warmth that pulses from the twin wounds there.

Amber keeps hold of Javiers hand while they move through the crowd, zig=zaging here and there while they make their way to an empty table. When he whispers to her, she glances at Gunthor again then brings her gaze back to Javier's face and smiles. "no, I'm in much better controll now and there's no real need to leave."

Pretty much as soon as Zack is out in the crowd, the slender teen starts to sway and move with the grace of a professional dancer, though not the training. The boy seems to have a perfect understanding of the rhythm even if it is instintual. There is also a look of bliss as he looses himself to the music, almost as if he were a near personification of the song.

Danny 'wells' softly in a good deal of embarassemnt and a bit of irritation…"I have to now explain to those at the commune how I managed to lose my shirt…and if I do that then Memory will most likely be in a good deal of shit…if not…then I get to be punished for having my shirt ripped…and the punishments are never…nice, I'll just put it like that." THe kid actually seems to have a good deal of fear running through the soft scenet of jasmine and honeysuckle that seems to cling to her tiny form and underlaying the rich coppery scent of blood that continues to flow from her wrist and on to her pants and finally at the floor. Nalio is given a warm look, or as warm as one can in her current situation. More so the kid was just mortified really as she was in the middle of a rather large place…in public no less and missing the front part of her shirt. Going out back to the cold would've spelled disaster for her none the less, even with the furred coat on her, she'd very likely freeze to death before she made it home as she'd come here by bus and being that it was late at night…the buses would've likely stopped running by now. Looking back on up and over at Gunthor again the youth frowns softly as she shakes her head…that fear running strongly within her as she answers back quietly, "I…I can't get it to stop bleeding…had this problem before. I think I may need some kind of bandage to stop it this time." The child was shaking a bit now some. The fear of too much blood loss was a serious thing for her…being in the situation that she had been before with Memory. "That…and the buses have most likely stopped running by now…which means that I get to walk all the way back uptown without a shirt. The coat will help but…there's no way I can walk that far in this kidn of weather."

Javier nods to Amber "As long as you feel you shall be ok." Once they found their table Javier pulls a chair for Amber "Here you go." He then gives Amber a playful wink "Though perhaps my lap would be a slightly safer place to sit upon with all that has happened."

Amber takes the chair and smiles back at Javier. "not this time,," she looks toward the dancers now and smiles as she lifts her glass for a drink. "Dancing is a great release, isn't it."

Nalio looks back at Danny and caresses her wrist with a grin. "Such a messy girl, living in fear is no good… He seems caring for, well him." She shrugs and runs off to join Zach losing herself in the music as well.

A frown crosses the vampire's face as he hears her tale, and he nods his head slowly. "I can make sure you get back to the commune safely, and if needed get you another shirt. Would they care terribly if it wasn't the one you arrived in?" He didn't now the way to the commune or it's ways. He had always been privileged, even before his embrace. His fingers shift to cover the wounds, and he applies gentle pressure, damping the bloodflow slowly. The slickness of it's feel beneath his touch tempts him, but he knows better than to feed off her too physically this evening in her current state.

Javier only has eyes for only Amber and does not take notice of what is happening with the others on the other side of the club "Yes dancing can be a great release. Are you sure you are ready for that?" He takes a deep drink from his glass then says to Amber "If so I am good to go."

Amber leans foward to touch Javiers arm again. "Yes, I'm sure, you can tell that I'm not lying." she finishes her drink then puts the glass on the table. "so, I'm ready when you are."

"Hopefully they won't notice…if they do, then I'm going to be in deep doo doo." She shakes her head a bit as that frown seems to fix there upon her soft, delicate features. The blood continues to lead on out from the two matching wounds though as you grip her wrist and apply a great deal more pressure then she normally would've been able to, she offers a faint smile. Though that fear still laced deep within her at the consequences that she'd have to face. As Gunthor mentions about getting her a new shirt and taking her back home, she looks carefully on up at him and into his eyes. There's a slight look of hesitation if not somewhat distrust coming from her as she can't seem to help but ask him in that soft, melodic tone of hers, "Why are you so willing to help me? The last time I nearly bleed to death, and others just stood there, talking about the weather and walking on a romantic trail in the park…I was left there on the ground nearly half dead till the staff of the club had finally taken me in, not because they gave a damn, but because I was spilling blood all over the plave. No other vampire has ever treated me kindly…I"m just a slave to them. So, you'll have to bear with me why I may wonder why you'd be willing to help me out?" She shakes her head lightly as she continues to look into the deep reflective pools of his eyes, seeming to seach there for something. "Not that I don't mind you helping me…just, I guess you could say that I'm cautious. No one's ever really wanted to help me before…unless it served some purpose for them."

Before Amber can stand up, there is a loud buzzing like a bumble bee and she growls as she pulls her cell phone from her cleavge. "Amber here, talk to me." she listens a moment then sighs as she closes the thing and puts it away. "well, I've got to go.."

Amber has left.
Javier has left.

The green flecked eyes of the vampire look at the young woman carefully, listening to her words as he continues holding her wrist. "What I said earlier… about the choices that that each of us make… be it to become prey… or to remain human… each of us must find them amongst ourselves." He has heard her story before, and that is most of the reason he has stayed away from the vampiric politics since his embrace. "Just because one must survive off what others consider… distasteful… doesn't mean we have to become the beasts they picture us as. If you like… perhaps helping you helps me to keep in touch with that part of me. The part of me that was once weak and human, that hungered, hurt and suffered."

The young teen listens to your words carefully as you speak as the depths of her midnihgt azure and golden flecked eyes seem to carry something….greater to them and for you. It was hard for her to not like him. Your words were soft and caring…something that she'd never really had before in her life. No one cared for her, whether she lived, suffered or died. Having been out on the streets for four years had taught her the cruelty and callousness of those in the world. Many times had she been treated like a slave, let alone being beaten and put into positions that she never rally wanted not enjoyed. The girl looks into you this time, deep within the dark pools of your eyes. She seems to want to belive you, but…it was hard for her. Hard for her to try to accept that someone might actually care or give two shits. SHe was nervous really, scared that you seemed to care for her. Normal vampires, or at least most vampires only looked at her as food, if not a possibly unwilling servant. She studies your gaze as her own seem to swell with that strong emotion of fear, pain, embarassemnt…and affection. She couldn't help but feel that affection towars you as you seem to wish to honestly help her. She finally casts her eyes downwards in a quiet submission and respect as she answers back quietly in turn, "I'm…I'm glad that I can be that anchor for your humanity. I think…well, most others of the Kiss seemed to have lost any that they had left…even the 'nice' ones. If you like, you're welcome to stay for a bit at the commune. Maybe we both could use the company."

Carefully he raises her wrist, and his tongue flicks out, tasting the blood stained flesh about it as the crowds within the club begin to die down. He savors it for a few moments, before turning his eyes back to her lowered gaze. "I… don't believe the commune is for me. I have my own place near Lincoln park. I don't really fit in well amongst most of the Kiss." He had noticed the differences in the past, and his own 'desperate' clinging to his humanity had been brought to his attention before by his embraced brethren. He kept his pressure on her wrist, but was willing to release as soon as she tried to shift away. "I believe I know a store that caters to those of us who remain about this late. We can go get your shirt?"

Danny listens to your words carefully as she considers them, then finally considers her own situation. Furrowing her brow lightly she shakes her head a bit as she frowns softly. The soft contours of her silky, pouty lips fown into the disdain of her current situation. Answering back to you quietly she responds in kind, "Honestly? I'm not really wanting to go back to the commune myself…at least not for right now. I really don'tp feel like facing the Ice Queen at this moment…she'd just tear me up anyways…of if I'm lucky, lock me up in a cage without the beating." The memory of Alyssa Mourning's punishments was enough to keep the young teen fearful of the woman. SHe was cruelty in its most vile essence….and Danny was terrified of her. With the Master of the CIty gone and unable to keep Alyssa away, Danny was left vulnerable to her 'discipline' which only spelled a great deal of anguish and pain for the kid. She shivers lightly as the room starts to lose its more massive heat. Her tiny body starting to feel the cold chill from outside. Nodding her head faintly she answers back to you in that soft quiet tone of hers once more, "I appreciate your help Gunthor…it's…it's very kind of you to do so. I can understand why you wouldn't want to live with others of your ilk…not all vampires seem to be as caring as you…in fact most of them don't look of anything more then me then just a slave, some property and not a real human, or worse, just a blood bag to feed on."

"In that regards I am closer to your crazy little friend than most of my kin." He contemplates using his power to clear here head, but realizes that it would just reinforce her opinion of his kind. "You have your choice on what you desire to do Danny, you don't have to return to the commune if it's not right for you, she can't touch you if another is willing to protect you."

Danny furrows her brow lightly as she shakes her head. The whole concept of leaving was never really an option for her…who would take her in? She'd most likely wind up on the streets as she had before, and possibly face far greater dangers then she had now knowing very well what exactly is out there…along with what's out there knowing about her. Shaking her head lightly she answers back quietly in turn, "I…I can't leave. There is no leaving. If I leave they'll most likley hunt me down and if they don't kill me for my misbehavior, then they'd likely think of something worse. I can't leave…it would be a slap in the face to the Master of the City. He's protected me so far…though, he has been gone for some time." She shakes her head once more as she looks on up and into the dark pupils of your eyes. "Who would protect me? Who would be willing to offer me that? I have *no* friends in the city. NO one that would care to watch out for me, let alone take care of me. I have no one. Memory is a friend, but still she's somewhat dangerous to be around. SHe doens't know her own strength and that has proved nearly fatal to me before. So I can't just go to her. And I don't know who else would be willing to take me in. None would want to risk themselves to that."

Strong hands pull her close gently, the one that's not on her wrist moving to caress her cheek. He shakes his head with a faint smile before he speaks. "Sometimes it is not always about the friends you do have, but about the friends that you can have. Places like the commune keep their strength because those who are beaten down by them are afraid to step away, to look elsewhere. You give them that strength over you as surely as you offered your wrist to me." He raises her blooded arm before her sight, ensuring that she sees the blood that dries around his finger tips. "Amun has been gone a while, the dance continues without him, and if he doesn't return soon… power could shift suddenly. WIthin the commune that could mean a number of things, very few of them good for those that they consider chattel." His arm lowers hers, and he continues to speak again, softly, comfortingly. "There are more of us that live as we did then people believe. I am certain that we could find you some respite."

The blood on her wrist luckly had stopped its potently rich flow though still seems to coat the air inbewteen the small distance of their bodies in a near palpable addictive, and tenderly, sweet scent. The scent of her blood is nearly mouthwatering for those with the keen senses or need for it. The girl casts her gaze back downwards as you speak some sense into her. THough her fear was still great, but your own logic seemed to strike a certain sense of sensibiltiy into the child. She falls quiet for a moment as a deep look of thoughtfulness expression across her baby soft face. She swallows once as she finally nods her head though the question still remains, "Where would I do then? I have no home of myself, and no money to speak of. I'd be left out in the freezing weather and would most likley die in this cold. I may be strong for a human, but not by far. I'm not nearly as capable as others of my kind, let alone the fact that I'm only seventeen. I have no idea how to pay bills, or cook for myself. Most of my life was spent out on the streets and I stole what I needed. If I leave and head back to the streets, I'd likely eihter wind up dead somewhere in some gutter or at the mercy of some…monster or other cruel being. I have no other home, and no ohter place that I can go to. Where would I go?" Her soft eyes stare into your own as there seemed to be a sense of great fear within her as well as a good deal of lonliness that hautned the insides of her heart and soul."

"I wouldn't let you do that. It wouldn't be very smart of me to give you these ideas without a place to go now would it?" Her blood flow stopped he gently removes it, placing one long finger to his tongue then another, carefully savoring the flavor. "If I told you I had a safe place for you to go… would you trust me?"

Would she trust him. That…was a damn good question, and not one that she really knew the answer to. Trusting a vampire in the past had led to her enslavement to the Kiss as well as a good deal of beatings, and other times nearly almost rapped. The girl casts her gaze downwards as she feels the now warmth of your hand caressing agaisnt the softness of her baby cheek. She closes her eyes lighlty as her skin feels warm and pure with the comfort that you seem to bring her…just that added bit of life within her that seems to burn an eternal fire of her own passion and strong willed nature. Her rebelliousness had gotten her into a good deal of trouble with Amun as well as the commune. Living there only seemed to cause her pain, especially since Amun wasn't there to ennact some semblance of safety for her. No, he'd been gone for some time which had left her to the wiles of the rest of vampiric society. She had to think hard on his offer, though not too hard. Even though he was a vampire he honeslty seemed to care for her. THough why was something that she couldn't really place her finger on. Lightly she bites at her bottom lip as she chews carefully there on the tender muscle and considering your offer. Though…she does finally speak up agian as the softness of her svelte, small palms lightly felx and hold your own. There was some reason why she did trust him, some reason that she couldn't really explain. He felt…different from the rest. More human then those that she'd met before. He seemed to honestly care about her even if she didn't really understand or know why. NOdding her head lighlty she looks down at her now scabby wrist where the blood had clotted to shut her wounds. Answering back to you in a quiet tone, she responds in kind, "I do…I do trust you, though I don't know why, and I'm not sure if I should….but I do."

The vampire nods his head, and caresses her locks from her forehead for a moment as he studied her face. "Trust is a dangerous thing my Danny-girl, but I am glad that you choose to allow me to help you." A soft smile remains on his face as he moves his hand to her chin, gently forcing her gaze higher. "You can look at me. I'm not the others."

It was hard for her to believe that any vampire, let alone anyone else would be willing to help her without some form of payment. Even Amun had made that deal with her a long time ago when she'd come to be introduced to him. Even he treated her as his own personal slave…something that he did love and care for…but not as an equal, not even close. As you take her delicate chin in your hand the girl flinches for a brief moment, though only a moment. The sudden closeness of your hand to her face normally in most other situations led to her being struck as she'd grown used to that. She doesn't move her head away from your grasp though, not that if she even wanted to that she'd be able to actually do so. She knew very well that he was far stronger then her, and most likely could break her delicate body with but just a thought. As you force her to stare into the depths of your own gaze she hesitates to keep her eyes fixed upon your own. That soft shimmer of cobalt and golden fire searches your own as their depths tell of her unyilding spirit and inner fire of her passion that seemed to refuse to be burned out. True she had been through quite a bit while within the city, but she was strong and a survivor. Whereas she wasn't necessarily strong, she was quick as well as had a good head on her shoulders. She knew how to survive if not actually allowed to live her life as she wished. Your words seem to frighten her as it was hard for her to not be frightened of you, or any of your kind really. Hre past with vampires had been a hard and fast lesson that she'd not soon forget. Though…there was your warmth and tenderness towards her, your seemingly honest care for the child that seemed to cause her own affections towards you, that inner passion to grow and seize her. As she looks up at you and really *into* your eyes for a long moment, she seems to settle down a bit as that nervousness quiets within her. She could still feel your power and that you were far stronger then her, but yet…there was something more, something deeper within your gaze as you watch her in kind. NOdding her head lighlty, she finally agrees with you, "Then…where did you want to take me to?" Her final submission to you came with a certain feeling that you wouldn't try to harm her.

"I have some business to attend to this evening." He moves grab a pen from the edge of the bar and a napkin, and quickly scribbles some infomarion on it. "Go to the address here, and talk to Miklos. Get yourself a shirt, and any other clothes you need. He will put it on my account." He raises a finger to stop any protests before they can be raised and continues. "Nothing he has is the finest of goods, and none of it to expensive. You will be able to pay me back later. When you are done, head to the Lincoln Park Condominiums, I have a unit there." He pauses for a moment with pursed lips before continuing. "Wait in the lobby till I get there." He shrugs lightly. "I'd offer to let you in early, but I only have the one key on me tonight." He leans down and presses his lips against your forehead. "It is not completely selfless I will admit… but I will ask you to do naught but that you offer willingly."

She studies you quietly, her expression across her face soft, yet curious. Your gentle and seemingly kind actions causes her to wonder though really she had no other choice. It was either trust in you…or trust in the fact that she'd likely not live long enough to see the end of the year if she stayed within the commune. Nodding her head faintly, the child takes the piece of paper that you give her as she answers back quietly in turn, "I'll try my best to repay you…though I have no money and being able to work ins't really an option for my kind. We…tend to have issues in keeping our beast in check…especially me. I'm still fairly new to what I am and don't really know how to fully deal with my own beast, let alone control it. The full moon is coming soon and I don't really wish to spend it with others of my kind…not anymore anywyas. Things…well, things have happened as of late that has more so drawn me away from my pard. It's hard to explain and there's a lot to explain about, but I can do that later I guess when you have the time to listen…that is if you care to hear it." As you lean in to press the now warmth of your lips to her fair forehead the kid closes her eyes once more as she can't help but lean into the touch of your lips. Looking back on up at you, though still not qutie within your own gaze, she answers back with the warmth and care of her genuine smile as she comments back to you, "Thank you Gunthor…I don't know how or if I'll ever be able to repay you, but…thank you for helping me. I do appreciate it."

"Don't worry, you will repay me fine in doing what you are able to, and as far as the other parts… we can work on that. When the moon comes around, I have ways to help you. The beast doesn't always need to be kept in check, I am not your Alpha, but I can assist you in working through it." He takes a step back, and touches the fingers that were so recently bloodstained to your lips. "I should be back within an hour. I would take you with me… but… I do not go to deal with the most pleasant of people. Instead replace your shirt, get a warm jacket and the like. I will see you at my building."

The kid noddles her head a bit at your diections. The soft touch of your fingers lies gently upon the soft, plush of her silky lips. The tendernes of them pressing inwars as you touch her lightly there. Your wors cause her to smike lightly as the seed of her own affection for you seems to steadily grow, if but slowly at a time. Answering back to you quietly as she does so, she slips from her stool as she goes to pay the tender what little amount that she had left on her…simple change really and nothing more. Looking back on up at you as you tell her that you wish to conduct business with more…disreputable individuals she answers back quietly in return, "Let me go with you. I can help you if you get into trouble. At least let me pay you back as I can. I'm not new to the world and have dealt with ohters like that. I promise if you let me go with you I won't say a word unless you wish me to. That…and at least you'll have someone watching your back. Please let me do this? It really would make me feel that I'm at least repaying some of that kindness that you've so far showed me."

A smile crosses his face, but he shakes his head steadily. "They are of no danger to me my pet. But they do not take kindly to being surprised. The presence of another, even one as attractive as you, would be frowned upon." His own hand places a small amount of folded bills on the counter, placed there without him counting them in any visible way. He rises from the stool he has been sitting on, and moves to step away from the bar. "I am sure you are thinking about how you might be able to follow me and help like that, but it's not needed. I want you safe, you need to recover from giving yourself to me this evening."

Whereas she may not have agreed with his comment, she still wasn't one to arugue with his kind. Knowing very well that when she had done so other times, disobeying those above her station, she'd only felt the harshness of their tempers in full…and that which she had felt before was never really forgotten…that fear that lingered with those feelings were potent, and enough to keep her in control beneath you. She'd learned from many times in the past that it was best not to ask questions as well as obey those that were far stronger then her. THat…and he did have a valid point. She still felt a bit woozy after him feeding on her. THe lack of blood within her body caused her to be weaker at this point, and most likley even if he did find himself in trouble, she woudn't of been very much help even if she tried to. She was fairly weak for a preter and as such she had to be careful with whom she dealt with as well as waht she did. Vampire bites healed like silver for a shifter, so it would be some time before those wounds on her wrist would fully heal. NOdding her head lihgty to your words she answers back with a kind-hearted smile as she responds in kind, "THen I'll do as you say and wait for you back at the apartment lobby. I'll get what I can from Miklos and await for you till you're done." Her words spoke truth as it'd be unlikely that she'd follow you even after you telling her not to do so. There was a brief pause before you take off to leave….and she looks on up at you as if there were more that she wanted to say…but realy what could she say to the person that had showed her so much kindness in so little of time. Simply nodding her head she gathers her things and wraps the coat around her front so as not to be exposed to the elements…or worse situations. She simply watches you as you leave the building and makes her way on out back into the cold herself. Hopefully the condos were close enough by so that she wouldn't freeze to death before she got there.

*Fade to black*

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