A New Leopard In Town. Tripp


cafe://Polychrome v2.0 - Navy Pier - Grand and Lake Shore
The Polychrome 2.0 is a serious upgrade in both style and function. Gone is the soft-industrial warehouse look, the walls repainted from their worn brick color to a more warm rich red adobe. The walls are adorned with old Sci-Fi posters and paintings by independent local artists.

The entire cafe is situated around a circular bar-like counter in the very center of the room which, in turn, surrounds the chrome and copper homemade monstrosity Frankenchino machine the only surviving relic of the previous Polychrome. Frankenchino billows steam and froth from it's masses of pipes and valves, the temperature and levels of fluids measured by gleaming old fashioned pressure gages and controlled by a plethora of levers and turn-gaskets. Comfortable high backed chromed stools with leather upholstery orbit the counter, which through it's thick Plexiglas surface into it's refrigerated interior can be seen sandwiches and pastries and other snacks in refrigerated. Above the counter is an outfacing circle of LCD TVs showing various feeds off the Internet.

Circular segmented couches surround low black coffee tables around the cafe, each one having a computer monitor on a swivel in the center and a cordless keyboard and mouse and allowing the patrons full and free net access. In one corner there are more dedicated semi-private computer terminals at high-mounted and a kiosk where one can rent a laptop. Another corner sports an Internet jukebox which has been built into the body of a full sized Robby the Robot replica. Another corner has a small stage from which patrons can enjoy independent bands or poets on certain nights. The last corner is set up with merchandise such as books, magazines, shirts, mugs and gadgets.




Tripp nods his head to Javier as he stands up. "I'm sure that you are keeping your ladies quite satisfied. Or else they both would not be hanging on your arms like that. You've gained my respect tremendously for not beating my ass for questioning your virility. There will be plenty of time later to kick my ass still if you haven't realized my words were not an insult." His accent is still there but as he speaks faster, he sounds like a normal person and not just a silly cowboy. It's all head games it would seem. To all three lions. "You're all very lucky." He is smiling. There is a big shit eating grin on Tripps face as the cowboy continues to walk out of the cafe. Even after Dylan threatens to kick his ass. He keeps on walking with his dufflebag and starts to go right for his motorcycle. Waiting for Dylan to follow him out.

Rodney is at the counter, talking to Anya as he hears the comotion before him. Blue eyes turn to watch the group, a curious look on face. He doesn't say a thing though, sipping from the coffee mug in his hands.

Isabel takes a sip of her drink as she looks over towards dylan curiously. She smiles as she looks back to tripp and gives him a way. "I will see you around some time."

Dylan looks past Tripp to Javier and gives the strange alpha a deep, slow nod of respect. He might not know who the man is, but he knows power when he feels it and knows better than to give offense. With that obligation taken care of, he turns on his heel, following Tripp with a sort of exasperated stalking gait, headed for the door, his expression in equal parts baffled, annoyed and surprised.

Tripp pulls open one of the double doors and steps through it, walking out into the street, the door swinging back closed on it's own and a bell dingling.

Tripp has left.

Javier is standing up and was looking hard at Tripp. He takes a deep breath and then says "You are not from around here and you apolgized so I can forgive. Just try and take it easy and think about what you say. I know you do not know who I am yet but for next time do not bow to my ladies and not to me." Javier then adds "Dyson is a good friend of mine and he has rules so what ever you and your cousin need to work out it can't be done in this area."

Forest comes into the cafe, his hand resting on Zack's shoulder, a relaxed smile upon his face, that is until he nearly runs into Tripp and Dylan as the head out the door. The scent of a new leopard in town draws his attention and moves to follow them.

Javier was going to follow Tripp and Dylan out but he trust that Forest knows the rules so Javier sits down and rejoins Isabel and Citlali. He gives a nod to Forest when he spots him and he gives Zack a small smile and a little wave.

Dylan pulls open one of the double doors and steps through it, walking out into the street, the door swinging back closed on it's own and a bell dingling.

Dylan has left.

A frown settles on Zack's lips as he walks into the cafe, only to have to turn right. He looks up at Forest with a sigh.

Tripp has put his bag on his motorcycle and strapped it on to the back of the bike. When Dylan comes out of the Polychrome Tripp is leaning against the motorcycle with his arms crossed over his chest. He has a coy smirk upon his lush lips and he licks them slowly and deliberately. He looks at Dylan and says outloud but to himself. "Mmm, I haven't even met the Nimir-Raj and i've already got a struggle for dominance with one of the Pard." He shakes his head as he continues his external monologue with himself. "Tripp you're going to get spanked and not in the fun way." He ponders this and says to Dylan this time. "So can I ask you two questions before we go any further? First, Do I get to first get a name? And second, do I get to lick your wounds after we decide who is the top kitty?" He has a hungry look in his dark blue eyes. Torn between lust for battle and lust for the other man.

Dylan lets out a low rumble in the back of his throat as he crosses the space between then. "You need to learn some respect. Tripp. And my name is Dylan." He actually blushes at the sexual overtones, something in there apparently hitting a nerve and tries to keep his voice even through annoyance, embarrassment, anger and a couple of other things he's not going to examine too closely at the moment. "Now, you can show that respect now or I can boot your mangy ass so hard that you go into orbit. The choice is /all/ yours, Tex."

Forest comes out of the cafe, and heads in the direction of the two of you. His expression is very serious, his beast rising around him, his gaze heavy as he moves to look at Tripp, yet his outward physical signs are relaxed, thumbs hooked in his pockets. He looks etween Tripp and Dylan, "New friend Dylan?"

Following immediately behind Forest, Zack looks between the two men. He brushes the pale blond hair from in front of his silvery blue eyes. The pale teen's own beast is likewise rising feeling the tension, much less having heard the last little bit of Dylan's words.

Dylan blinks at Forest and moderates down that annoyance, his beast flattening a bit. Having the Raj catch you as you're about to start a street brawl is /probably/ a bad plan. He considers going to make a proper greeting but youthful pride gets in the way of common sense as he doesn't want to show any weakness in front of the stranger. Especially a stranger who is acting like that. His power reaches out to brush against first Forest and then Zack with a deferential feel and then he focuses back on Tripp. "Not my friend, sir. Somebody who decided to see which one of us wears the big boy pants in a public place. And in front of a pack of, ah, lions, maybe? Something big, mean and feline."

"Oh boy." He sniffs the air and he smiles at him. "Yes, maybe I do need to learn some respect." He pauses, "And I got a name. That's one step in the right direction." Everything about Tripp is a sexual overtone. And he is a seasoned kitty, he can see every nerve that he strikes in Dylan. In fact a real shapeshifter worth his salt knows that most of the dominance game is mental. If you can fuck with their head enough, it will throw them off there game and you can beat them into submission. Tripp is cool as a cucumber his beast is only slightly stirring from the whole edge of excitement from the sexual tension and the dominance struggle. "You're too huffy. You know that, but i'm not going to mention how much of a turn on it is to see you in this excited state. The color of red your cheeks get when you're angry. You have a very expressive face Dylan. Not a bad thing but not exactly good in a fight." He is playing head games when Forest and Zack come out. The texan had no clue who the man was and is rather surprised when he comes in. His dark blue eyes go wide in his head. He has known enough Nimir-Raj's to feel Forest's power and recognizes him right away. "You couldn't even tell that they were lions? The smell and feel of them should have given them away right away." And then he looks towards Forest and he falls to his knee's before Forest and he shows tender and beautiful neck. "Your Dylan is correct sir, I have insulted you and your pard. I am not sure why I allowed myself to get swept up. Probably the vampire poking fun of me. Or my recent running with an indie group. Or my hormones running on overdrive. But I disrespected you and your pack. After your punishment, I shall leave your territory right away." If he knows one thing, it's to admit when he is wrong.

Forest watches and listens, eyes moving between Tripp and Dylan as they both speak, his beast weighing heavily upon them both. As Tripp moves to his knees and bares his neck he snarls a little. Moving forward to the kneeling man he leans over him, hands moving to his shoulders and brings his mouth down to press his teeth to the man's skin, not breaking it, he doesn't trust him enough quite yet. Then he straightens up and points to a big blue Dodge truck nearby, "Both of you in the back."

Dylan blushes again faintly at that tirade and Tripp's tone and expression. He blinks as Tripp drops to his knees right there in public and immediately turns away, standing in such a way that he mostly blocks any curious onlooker's view. Well, as much as a guy who's 5'6" can block the view of anybody tall enough to ride your average roller coaster. And when the order comes, he obeys, glad to have the pard business off the streets and out of the view of various humans and other shifters. And those …lions… in the cafe? Really. That's a new smell for him. And not a bunch he wants to run afoul of, by the power of their beasts.

The small blond looks between the two, pushing his beast forcefully at both of them. His disapproval for their behavior is quite evident as he almost silently scolds both of them. Zack looks at Dylan, "That was not only some of the Pride but their Rex in their." It is almost funny how the little leopard can almost radiate such energy. He watches Tripp offer himself up to Forest.

Tripp's heart is pounding in his chest, a mixture of fear and adrenaline as the beast of the Nimir-Raj rears to life. He submits to the Nimir-Raj and his body is on fire with excitement. At least Forest didn't kill him, there are Nimir-Raj's who probably would have done so in the middle of any public forum. At least that's what he would think. He takes a deep breath and rises up. He goes silent for the first time since he came to Chicago. He grabs his dufflebag from the bike as well as his helmet and he heads to the back of the truck like an obedient kitty.

It looks like this situation is going to be taken care in one way or another. Javier is more then happy to leave Pard business to the Pard. He walks with Citlali to their car and then drives off.

Dylan slinks into the van with a faintly reproachful look at Zack and Forest. He obviously wants to argue his case but is also bright enough to realize it's a bad, bad idea. He just flattens his metaphysical (and metaphorical) ears and goes as he's told, giving Tripp a kind of glare as the other man gets in the van. He doesn't /say/ 'this is all your fault' but it's in his expression.

Javier has left.

Forest moves over to the truck, glancing at Zack with a slight frown though it's not directed to the blonde. He climbs in and heads off.

Survivalist Compound: Front Entrance - Wauconda, Illinois(#1740RJL)

The road curves inward from the gate in the tall stone wall and through the trees, allowing privacy before opening into this quaint clearing. Here, a small, stone cottage rests on the far side of a large, graveled circle, only six feet of grass stretching from the gravel to the cottage's front wall. The little building faces north with a wide, diamond-paned window a few feet to the left of the sturdy, iron-banded front door. Another, smaller window lies beyond the first along the long, front wall. The shutters are more than decorative - painted green, they are also functional and can be closed as evidenced by the metal latches upon them. A climbing rosebush grows rather wildly up a white lattice arch in front of the door. Ivy climbs the eastern end of the building and has almost completely obscured the dark roofing from view all along the rooftop. Another curving road moves off to the west from the gravel circle, leading back into the trees. A few little sheds are lined up to one side of the road, doors closed and padlocked.
A cool breeze blows from the southeast, driving dark clouds before it which blot out the stars in patches overhead. Elsewhere they glitter brightly in the dark sapphire sky. There is about 15.5" of snow on the ground.

Forest drives into the compound then hops out of his truck, moving over towards the cottage to a clearing then turns to watch as the others, arms crossing over his chest as he waits for them to come before him.

Zack climbs out of the truck. He moves to stand at Forest's side, as he too waits. The half hour drive has calmed his beast some, but the young leopard is still rather irritated.

Because they aren't in public now and, well, because he's aware that Forest and Zack might have some issues with his display of temper in public, Dylan crosses over to give each of them a proper greeting that he didn't give in public. He's not acting whipped or particularly worried but he is emphasizing respect at the moment. Assuming neither of them snags him for one reason or another, he'll move out of the way.

Tripp has a rather blank expression on his face. He is quiet the entire truck ride here and yet he does turn his dark blue eyes towards Dylan and he looks at him. He is smart enough to know to leave his bag in the back of the truck. Once he gets out of the truck he moves in front of Forest and he submits to him once again. This time formally. And he once again gets a racing pulse.

Forest nods and accepts Dylan's greeting, his attention more upon the leopard kneeling before him. He doesn't accept or deny the submission, instead he lets his beast wash over the man, eyes glowing golden as he speaks in a clear yet calm voice, "Tell me who you are and what you're doing here. How long do you plan to stay and what you were doing trying to fight in a public venue."

As Dylan offers his neck to Zack, after Forest, the thin blond takes his neck between his teeth. The bite is just a little harder than just a normal acceptance of submission. Afterwards, he brushes his cheek roughly over the man's cheek. His attention turns to Tripp as Forest addresses him.

Tripp has not moved from this awkward position, he doesn't try to look towards Forest as he speaks. "Alistair Connor England the Third. I am Tripp though. Always have been. A.C.E. Tripp." He pauses as he contemplates the answer. He can't lie but can he really tell the truth? He takes a deep breath. "I am here because I was interested in the first outwardly homosexual Nimir-Raj. I plan on staying until you kick me out sir." He pauses, "My emotions got the best of me. After the vampire poked at me. I felt a need to stand up for myself and have a pissing contest with someone."

Dylan shivers a little at that bite and then moves out of the way. He watches Tripp from the side and then blinks at /that/ particular line of reasoning. His expression says 'wow!' even if he isn't going to give it voice. Though his brows lower at Tripp's words about a pissing contest and he says, quietly, "Bad choice."

Forest raises his brows as he listens to Tripp, something moving across his expression but it's so quick that it's not determinable as to what it is. "The Polychrome and area around it is run by the croc's, all are allowed there so long as peace is maintained. You could have very easily brought the croc's anger upon us all with your stupidity by allowing a vampire to aggitate you to the point of causing a fight in public." His voice lowers, anger evident upon his tone, beast pushing hard against Tripp, moving to engulf Dylan as well, "Not to mention -my- anger." Golden-eyes flash as he steps forward towards Tripp, looming over the man with more than just his height, "You better start talking quick to convince me not to beat the crap out of you and send you on your way."

Zack looks at Tripp with a slightly surprised look. Yeah, that caused the young Nimir-Ra to pause. He snorts slightly, "I wasn't aware that we had reached some kind of preternatural celebrity status." His hands move to his hips as looks at the man, waiting for his response. He looks at Dylan, his expression silently orders the man to silence himself until spoken to.

Dylan isn't even the focus of that anger but he crouches anyway, not kneeling but resting his weight on the pads of his fingers and the balls of his feet, both literally and metaphysically lowering himself before the Nimir-Ra's wrath. That glance from Zack quells him even further as he looks down and away. Saving face in front of the stranger isn't all that important to his beast, all it knows is that the more powerful beast of the Raj is annoyed.

"I didn't plan on getting into a fight with him sir. Not there, I was pushing his buttons. Seeing what he was made of. I do not think I need to tell you why sir." He takes a deep breath and he admits. "There is no reason why you should not beat the crap out of me sir. I have wronged you and yours. But if you beat the crap out of me and forced me to leave. You will never teach me anything. You should keep me around because I have done research on your pard. You need me. I have obedience issues that can be ironed out but I am strong. I am smart and I learn fast. You can teach obedience, you can't teach confidence and strength. Your pard is as strong as the sum of it's members. You need more strong members. I am strong enough to be an asset and weak enough to not be a liability to your position. Plus the gift to call flesh is a rare one and I have it."

Forest pushes his beast out over Tripp, stepping forward quickly to backhand him hard across the face, then leans forward, a snarl given as he speaks, eyes daring Tripp to do anything against him. "You have one strike against you already Tripp. Take care you don't bring my anger again." He then very pointedly does not mark him as he turns to Dylan.

Tripp nearly collapses in fear as he gets away with his life intact. He bows his head in respect for the Nimir-Raj and he says, "I shall make it up to you sir. Their shall not be a second strike. I pledge my life to you and yours. Thank you for your kindness and mercy. I shall not make you regret this." There was a reason that Tripp has travelling. He winces as Dylan receives his punishment, but he does not take his eyes away from the two cats. For he is part of the reason Dylan is getting punished and it is cowardace to avoid watching the pain he is partially responsible for.

Forest finishes doing whatever he's going to do with Tripp and turns to Dylan. "What do you have to say for yourself Dylan?" It's put quite plain and simple, Forest wants an explanation, his beast still pushing against the man.

Zack turns to listen to Dylan, as he stands next to Forest.

Dylan goes even lower, resting his weight fully on his hands and the balls of this feet and ducking his head. His beast is as low and flat out as his body and he says, quietly, "He came into our city and challenged me, in front of the other shifters. I didn't want us … or myself … to look weak." And his voice goes lower still, "I'm sorry. It was a bad decision."

Forest steps so that he's standing right over Dylan, a snarl rising in his throat, "You should know better than to do this sort of thing in public." Then he bends over and picks Dylan up, only to throw the man's body as hard as he can at the nearest tree, then advances upon him again, hands changing into a half-human half-beast claw, striking across the man's chest and stomach.

Dylan tenses but doesn't move as Forest grabs him and he lets out a startled sound as he's tossed. The impact with the tree stuns him momentarily the Nimir-Raj's claws rip into his flesh, causing blood to spray in a wide arc. He immediately falls to his belly, not carrying about the mud in the wounds and crawls back towards Forest, reaching out to try to touch the Raj's foot and beg forgiveness at the same time he gives
Forest a clear and killing shot at his neck and spine in submission. His breath is in sharp, quick pants and his scent shows genuine fear, but it seems more on an animal level than a personal one.

Forest pounces down on top of Dylan in a movement that could never be done by a human, teeth bared he moves to bite the man hard on the neck, drawing blood and a little flesh, though it's not a killing blow, but one that definitely shows his disapproval. He leans over the man's neck, blood dripping from his mouth and snarls in his ear, "This will never happen again."

Dylan goes still as Forest's weight lands on him and he lets out a low sound more like a pained feline yowl than a human yell at the bite. Without daring to look at Forest he says, "It won't, Nimir-Raj." The scent of both his blood and his fear in the air make it clear that he gets and respects the message.

Having finished his punishment, Forest turns to head back into the cottage, closing the door behind himself.

After all is said and done, Tripp rises and he moves to the Nimir-Raj and pulls him aside and has soft worrds with Forest. "Sir, his punishment is partially my fault. He is responsible for his actions and I am for mine. But he did the right thing. Allow me to prove my worth to you. Let me tend to his wounds. I owe it to you and to him."

Forest lets out a low growl when Tripp approaches him, turning those golden eyes with that heavy stare on the man, his beast pushed on him like a hot flare. He does consider the words, looks over to Dylan briefly before looking back to Tripp and saying one word, "Tomorrow."

Dylan half-drags himself away, headed for the shelter of one of the sheds. It's going to a long, cold, lonely night. But on some level he recognizes his offense and in a strange way that few humans could truly accept, even if they understood, the punishment and marking cement his place in the pard for him as his fate becomes less theoretically Forest's to command and more …viscerally. With the trail of blood to prove it. Doesn't make those gut and chest slashes hurt any less, though.

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