Log:20100226 - A Promise of Guidance


<NIGHT> La Pomme Rouge: Paradis/Enfer Salons - Cermak Road: Crimson District

The VIP room: Two salons come together to form one lavish area. Paradis (paradise), in the front, boasts elegant couches, fireplaces and a Victorian sideboard on the back bar; Enfer (hell), in the back, is a "den of inequity" with fabric-covered walls, dozens of pillows and the design decadence of an opium den. The only divider is a fireplace that serves both sides of the room.

Red is the base color for the two salons. Paradis blends the red with gold and white, and Enfer sets the red brutally against black and Tyrian purple. The floors of both salons are lined with various thick, soft, rich rugs, and patrons are often seen sprawling on the floor amongst the many pillows of Enfer. Food is served throughout the salons, but Enfer offers a small cigar bar. A wine bar is featured in Paradis, and there is a small dias with a white baby grand piano for private entertainment. Most of the time, the salons play whatever music is currently spinning in the cabaret lounge but not always. A few small enclaves are curtained off for a private rendezvous, and all feature a rich autumnal palette.

If one does not have passage, he or she has to either impress the guards at the door with impecable style or have an invitation from someone who does have passage into Enfer and Paradis. And while the guards are a nice touch, one could easily be more afraid of the beautiful patrons (and perhaps should be).



In game 2/26/10 Real 6/3/09


Memory is chatting with one of the patrons, hands behind her back, smiling and moving from side to side. "I like bannana's too! It's like, you peel them and look, there's a tasty treat inside! It's like, yaaaay!" The dark-looking man leans into her, whispering to her and rubbing at her right breast with a thumb. Memory gasps, and backs away from the man "I don't want to do that, no way! That is NOT what bannana's are for! Get away from me, you sleazy pervball!"

The night was young as some might come to say, the weather as 'fair' as it was going to get, being that it was still in the dead of winter. Snow drifts plummet from the heavens as it rains down upon the twisting and winding streets below and causing packs of dirty slush to siddle up there at the curbs as a thick ice forms upon the slipper streets. Danny had spent the day with Gunthor as she kept watch on over his slumbering form for the time being until he rose once more to greet the shadows of eventide. The teen had mentioned about her friend, Memory, needing a good deal of teachign…things that she herself was clueless about and was unable to really give the proper education that the vampiress needed. As the youth walks into the establishment, she's closely followed, (or lead by), her new guardian. Making the trip into the main meat fo the building, the girl notices Memory being halfway assaulted/harassed by some stranger. Walking on over to the 'enlightened' woman, the kid takes her by the arm as she slips her own into the others then whispers softly into the vampiress's ear, "Memo, we need to talk. I have someone that can teach you a good great deal of things that you otherwise need to know. If you'll come with me to the back room…we can make an appeal and split. (The pun definitely intended there).

Gunthor follows behind the blonde shifter, his eyes carefully taking in the surroundings of La Pomme Rouge. He had been here shortly after his embrace, but for years had avoided many of the epicenters of vampiric activity, desiring to simply live his unlife after discovering what being a vampire could truly mean. Staying apart from it didn't help though he had realized, and after the scene in SeVen the other night, he knew that he had to do what he could. A few familiar faces were visible through the crowd, and an occasional whisper touched his ears as his name was mentioned, some respectfully, others… with disdain. He easily took in the sight of Memory as Danny approached her, and he raised a hand to her slightly. "Memory, right? Danny thought you may want to talk to me a little bit."

Memory looks to Danny excitedly "Oh, Hi Danny! Oooo, Goldilocks!" She leans into Danny's form lightly, chewing happily on her hair once again. Danny's poor, poor hair. She pulls the top she ripped off of Danny from her top, tucked away in her bra. It's pretty obviously been chewed quite a bit, and there's even little fangholes in it. "Here, I didn't mean to run off with this, I got nervous. I get pretty excitable when I get nervous. It looks like your boobs are okay, they're still pretty big and stuff, so they must be!". She wraps her arms protectively around Danny, and peers over at Gunthor as her harasser fades back away, seeming to decide that the new trio is more difficult to sway into naughtiness than a single. "Hey, it's that cold swirly guy again, the bitey one!". She considers a moment "H..hey, you two slept together didn't you? Dannnnnnny! Aren't you with that master city vampire guy? You're gonna get into trouble if he finds out your doing the bitey thing with him, and then the boinky-boinky too! Danny! Danny! It's bad enough with livng people, with HIV, and herpes out there. And crabs, you don't want to get crabs do you? They pinch, and they smell like shellfish! You don't know what you can get from one of us! Your just lucky I don't think he can get you pregnant. Oh oh, did you use protection? Let's go get you some condoms. Let's see, there's for his pleasure, for her pleasure, there's flavored ones, I like the vanilla, but the cherry's nasty. There's ones for both his, and her pleasure…oh oh, let's get some of those! But I don't think they make those flavored though."

The youth seemed to serve more as a chew toy nowadays for her friend as the vampiress immediately takes a strong hold of one of her honey-golden locks. The taste of her hair, oddly enough, is berry sweet and seems to have a certain desirable, silky texture to it as the ohter chews and noms soflty on the poor kid's tresses. As she pulls the riped…and chewed rags of her once whole shirt, the kid chuckles softly as she shakes her head, "No, it's all good Memo, you can keep that one for your nervous habits. Might serve a bit better then my hair as my hair won't always be within range of your mouth, heh. Though the ripped piece of cloth I leave you as a reminder of me." The youth winks lightly on over to her friend. Though as she goes about on her tirade of sex and what not, Danny gives her a rather odd, if not utterately embarassed look. Shaking her head lighlty the teen answers bakc in a more sheepish and embarassed tone, "Er…no, we didn't sleep together. I'm still a virgin so no worries about that. I just stayed on over at his house to watch over him and be there in case something happens, like trouble or what not. And we didn't sleep in the same bed either…so all's kosher. Really, Gunthor was just providing me with a safe place to crash at. He's decided to watch over me while Amun is away so that others don't try to pull shit on me, you know? In any case…don't think I'll need the condoms any time soon as I'm not planning on sleeping around with anyone. Not quite ready for something like that…or at least that big of a jump in any relationship that I have." The softness of her baby cheeks turns a few shades of red as she speaks to her friend as the severity of her blush shows a beet red upon the rest of her youthful face. Turning to gesture at Gunthor, the kid comments off-handedly, "In any case, I brought Gunthor here to mentor you since no one else seems to be taking the responsibility to do so. He can help you out far better then I ever could. And as far as my breasts go…they're still there as from what I can tell and don't plan on moving anywhere else…hopefully. WOuld like to keep my body intact thanks, heh."

Were he not dead, Gunthor might have actually blushed from hearing the rambling of the other vampire. He knew the words touched the ears of those that shared his bloodline present, and he carefully kept his face emotionless. When Danny denied their activities, he nodded his head once in agreement. "Of course, we might need a little more work then just that little bit we had back at SeVen Memory. Having feeding and dashing won't help you or your case." He purses his lips for just a moment studies the unpredictable one. "I would offer you my help, but you have to promise to try your best to stick with it."

Memory puts her hands on Danny's breasts, giving them a gentle sqeeze this time. "Yup, they're still there, hello boobies!" She releases them after a moment "I have some pretty nice boobs too, see? Johnathan liked my boobs, he never punched me there. Usually just the face. That nasty man liked my boobs, and do you know what he wanted to do with a bannana?" She shakes her head vehemetly "Banana's do not go there, that's a naughty place.". She reaches her hand into Danny's pants pocket, leaving it there when she releases her hair from her mouth. "I don't know, I can do the drinking blood thing, what else is there to really know?"

Danny blinkies for a moment as the heavy, swell of her tender breasts are suddenly grabbed. Were it anyone else that had done such, they'd most likely be faced with a rather enraged and wild animal…and animal about as big as a prehisotric saber tooth tiger….and not something to scoff at really. Then again, it was just Memo as the kid seemed to get accostomed to being gropped, chewed on, bitten and all sorts of other rather unique and embarassing actions from her friend. The girl looks down at Memo's hands as she takes a good grip of those swollen mounds then leaves them to jiggle lighlty as he lets go. The youth smirks faintly as she noddles her head then answers back in kind, "Yeah, they're still there Memo…and not too likely to dissapear. As far as a banana goes…I'm not really sure that's entirely healthy, but what is healthy is the fact that I found someone willing, and luckily patient enough to teach you, as everyone else seems to simply either ignore you or only scold you for things that no one else actually bothered to teach you about. If we head to the backroom we can be in private and Gunthor can start his instruction there if you like? The guards will allow you through as you're both with me and I'm well known here." A submissive if not affectionate look is given on over to Gunthor as she blushes once more in the cheeks then turns to Memo again, "What say you then?"

"If all you want to do is drink blood, so be it. But know that until you have better control of yourself each time that you do you risk killing the one that you feed. You already almost killed my Danny-girl once if I recall correctly." His tone was bored, simply reciting a few lines from their prior meeting. He inhales deeply, studying the… eccentric child closely. "Not to mention that if you cross some of the elder vampires wrong around here, they are very likely to enjoy tormenting you for a long, long time… with much worse things than your banana."

Memory listens to Gunthor, then shakes her head. "I don't like him, he doesn't sound very nice, and he seems very pretentious. I think that I just need to practice practice practice! She slips behind Danny, slipping her free hand into her other pants pocket, peeking ou from behind Danny.

Memory was a special case for Danny, in being that she was absolutey the *only* one that Danny allowed get that close up personal and nearly almost intimately with. The kid had…issues one could say about touching, or anything really dealing with any sort of sexual nature. Most likely this was from past abuse and mistreatment agaisnt her by others, though whatever the case, it was still rather hard for the girl to have someone that close and personal with her without tensing just a litlte bit…as well as that sudden rush of fear and discomfort, though those were a more subconscious reaction then anything. She trusted Memo for some reason as the vampiress dind't seem to hold that 'dangerous' feeling about her and more or less seeemed safe to be around, or at elast the safest of all the vampires that she'd met so far. Gunthor had wound up with that same feeling from him for the kid as he too was steadily working towards earning her trust, but still…the teen held a certain amount of fear for him, as well as resepct. By far, Gunthor was far more capable of hurting Danny then Memory could've. Memory was more like a child really and becasue of that innocent nature about her, she didn't seem as threatening as most other vampires seemed to be. Looking back on over at her friend, the waif shakes her head lightly as she feels the other's hand slip deep into her pockie and touch faintly against one of her coltish thighs. Answering back to Memo, the youth replies in a more serious manner, "Memo…you need to be taught and I can't do it all by myself. If not then you seriously risk getting axed by the other vampires. Please…just go into the backroom so that he can teach you. I seriously doubt that he means you any harm. He really does want to help you, but you have to be willing to do so."

The older vampire watches the to girls and turns his back, moving to take a step away from them. "I won't force her to listen to my Danny, I only want to help her out. If you can talk her into it that's fine, if not… my time is limited this night. The wheels of time have started turning." He takes a few steps towards one of the bars, and begins to talk softly to the vampire standing behind it, listening for the rumors that have missed his ears during his absence from the Kiss.

Memory shakes her head. "I don't want to hurt anyone, but I don't want to be one of those vampies, that's like all doom & gloom. I don't /want/ to take advantage of others. I like being up-front with them. Hey, I'm a vampire, I drink blood n' stuff. If you don't like that, okay. But I'm not going to bite you if you don't want to get the bitey.". She slips a hand out from one of Danny's pockets, reaching up to put an arm above her chest and give her a snug, tight snuggle from behind. Releasing her, she slips the other hand into Danny's, intwining her fingers within hers. "I guess if you stay there too, it might be okay Danny.." she shakes her head again "I know you won't let anyone hurt me. But.." she leans into the ther woman a moment, lips moing to her ear. SHe pulls away some of the golden locks so she can whisper "I was thinking, and I think I would like to meet your beast sometime.".

Danny frowns darkly at her friend's whisper to her. The soft tingle of cool breath upon her ear causes her to shiver just a bit as she quickly shakes her head then answers back quietliy in a tone that holds a great deal of severity, "No Memo…you can't see my beast, and metting my beast would mean a great, GREAT deal ofdanger. I don't really have control over it as of yet so to let it out simply at a whim would spell a good deal of trouble, not just for you, but everyone else as well as myself. My beast ins't nice, and calm, nor peaceful and friendly…it's a wild and very dangerou animal and whenever it comes out…causes everything about me to dissapear. I'm not in control of it and asking me to show you would be asking me to simply give over control to something far darker then I'd like to have within me." As she talks about being all gloom and doom the girl holds her hand in a warm, comforting grip as she nods her head then answers back softly in turn, "I can be there for you Memo, I woulnd't just leave you, but you do *need* to be taught. And Gunthor is offering up his time and effort to do so where others have refused to even give you the time of day or night. If I was you, I wouldn't let his offer simply fly by."

Continuing his conversation at the bar, Gunthor's senses pick up every word spoken between the shifter and other vampire. He's also well aware of the face that many other vampires are listening as well, wondering what he walked in with Amun's own Pomme de Sang. The fact that Amun was missing would add even more fuel to the fire.

Memory blinks "I thought that they were supposed to be like wild extensions of you?". She sighs softly "If my husband wasn't there, we could live in my house. Everything would be happy, you could eat pancakes in the morning, and we could like sip blood and stuff at night. I don't know what to do about him. Should I kill him for what he did to Valerie, for all he's done to me? Should I feed off him until he isn' any more? Should I kill him or let him live? I haven't decided, I don't know what is right, but I can't forgive him for killing Valerie. We might not be human anymore, but what he did..that's murder.". She nuzzles her head under Danny's chin, giving her hand a soft sqeeze, before she begins to meekly lead Danny towards Gunthor "Okay..we'll do it.."

Danny shakes her head as she answers back to Memo about the situation with her beast. "My beast is a *real* thing Memo…when it comes out I actually shift into an animal as large as a fricken VW bug and weight a good several tons too. My beast, nor any shifter's beast is nice and playful. It's a killing machine and hit hunts for prey. If I let it out then I completley lose control over myself and only answer to my more primal and rather feral urges. In that form I"m all instinct and have very little control over what I think and do. My beast has come out before and has done some very….terrible things Memo…things that I don't really like to talk about or even think of alright? Maybe if I learn to control it better one day then I'll show you, but for now it's not safe for me to do so, nor would it be safe for you or anyone else for that matter. There's a reason why shifters have to leave the city during a full moon." Though as GUnthor goes onover to talk to the others within the bar, the kid watches him closely as a light frown touches faintly upno her soft and gentle face. She had keen enough senses to hear the soft murmurs of whispers behind her back as she looks on over the lot of them gathered there huddle together in their own cliquish groups. Turning back to look on over and up at Memo, the kid noddles her head as her freinds seems to finally agree to being taught. Carefully the two of them make their way on over to Gunthor again as Danny casts her gaze respectfully down in submission once more as she mutters softly in turn, "Memo said that she'd be willing for you to teach her, though she wants me there during the lessons if that's ok?"

When the two young women turn back to Gunthor, he returns his attention to them, his dark brown and green flecked eyes taking them in carefully. He focuses it on Danny for a second and he smiles to her, before turning those orbs to the other vampire. "You've had a scattered past, I don't pretend to know the details and it probably isn't any of my business. But if you are to keep yourself alive within the city from your own kind, you need to be careful." He doesn't say the words accusingly, but speaks them carefully, noticing how touchy the girl can be. "If you will let me help you, I'll do what I can to show you the way of the Kiss, and how to keep some small semblance of your humanity in the process." He extends a hand to her, offering it in true.

** Fade to black ***

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