Aakav's Vitals
Name: Ibn al-Aakav
Race: Human - Egyptian - Magic User
Shortdesc: A tall man of middle eastern descent
Position: Within a circle of Fire
Fame: Not Currently Known
Temperament: Shifting like the Sands
Themesong: "Inside The Fire" by Disturbed
Hani Salama as Ibn al-Aakav

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


General: Not much is known of the young man other than that he is Egyptian and arrived in the Winter of 2010.

Occult: A represenative of Per Ankh, House of Life.

Magic: Born, bred, and raised by the House of Life, Ibn al-Aakav is a followerer of the old ways of Egypt. Believing in the Ancient Gods and drawing his power from them aswell as through schools and teachings of the Arcane. If his services are required, it is customery to come with a tithing for the House of Life.

Faith: A represenative of Per Ankh, House of Life.

Vampire: Pomme de Sang of Stormy M. Sullivan as of Feburary 2011. Apparently some form of firebug.

Medical: Liscensed snake handler and owner/operator of an Exotic Animal Refuge near the Campus. He is well known supplier of Anti-venom for the hospital and police, aswell as the city of Chicago as a whole. Has the liscenses and the like to store such in his home/refuge.

Police: He is a liscensed and register magic practioner who lives near the Campus. Has permits and liscenses for his domiscile to be considered an exotic animal refuge, specializing in Poisonous snakes.


Here stands an exceptionally handsome man with strong features. His light brown hair is kissed by the sun and though cut short and with razor sheers has a natural, yet modern appeal to it. His eyes are an icy blue that hold a soft gaze. A thin nose splits his high cheekbones and rests above a soft full lipped mouth. All framed by a strong pointed jaw. His broad shoulders flow down into wide muscular chest and a flat washboard stomach of chiseled eight pack abs. Well muscled arms ripple and bulge as he moves and end in strong, defined hands. A narrow waist and taut, firm, butt cheeks draw one's attention before the gaze slides down to thickly muscled legs and deft feet that seem to glide over the ground. His skin is stretched tight over his frame and a soft golden tone that ripples with his muscles.

Wrapped about his muscular, well toned fore arms are a series of tightly spun gold bands that trace from the wrist to just below the elbow. Engraved with Egyptian and Babylonian glyphs each band offers a simplistic yet unique form of protection. While higher up, wrapped about his right arm's bicep is a single cord of spun gold that binds together into the shape of a rose. Hanging from his long swan-like neck, down over his sinew chest are a series of necklaces of an aboriginal origin. A band, similar to that upon his bicep, is snuggly in place upon his left thigh, again, the spun gold taking shape of a single blossoming rose after encircling.

His clothing itself is rather simple with a pair of Egyptian, open toed, style sandals with golden laces that wrap high about his ankle. Leather straps secure tightly over the arch of his feet, securing the soft soles snuggly into place. Aside from his sandals, he wears only an elegant white lungi, and matching hooded tunic, with golden glyphs and symbols as well as a positive plethora of single roses. The stitch work is done in such a way that the golden embroidery is only faintly apparent when caught in the light.


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