General Abilities

-------------------------------=<< Focus >>=--------------------------------

A focus can assist another's ability above standard levels. It is easier to do this with those who have a similar ability, but more powerful foci can use it with other alien abilities as well. A link must be created in some way for this to happen, either telepathically, physically, or magically, but it must be a binding link for the power to last beyond simple physical contact.

With each point in Focus, one can boost the Ability rating in a target by +5% if that ability is known to the Focuser as well. If it is an Ability the Focuser could know, but doesn't know (SEE: +abilities/me), the boost is lowered by 25. If it's an Ability the Focuser couldn't know, -50. For each 10 points of Focus one can assist more than one person at a time. To save on math-work, try '+focus' or '+focus/here'. If you want to see how to boost an Ability that is normally at 12, '+focus 12' or '+focus/here 12'. Obviously, this works for numbers other than 12. A Focus cannot use this power to help themselves nor force others; Focus is purely a 'Good Samaritan' Ability. If used on multiple folks, it must be for the same Ability (IE: No Focusing Bob the Vampire's Rolling, Carol the Shifter's Dominate, and Ted's Sensitive at the same time), and nothing else can be done save for standing there and concentrating when using Focus.

If you're Human and have Focus:20 and I have Raising:10..

Lyle types -=> +focus 10

GAME> Lyle's Focus: 20 Ability: 10
GAME> Known Human Ability by 100%….. 20
GAME> Unknown Human Ability by 75%…. 18
GAME> Any Ability by 50%………….. 15
GAME> This can be done for 3 folks at a time.

…If you know Raising, you can boost my Raising to 20. If I have Empathy:10 but you don't know Empathy, you can raise it to 18. If I'm a vampire with Mind Rolling:10, you could raise my Mind Rolling to 15. If it's you, me, and two other Animators around, you could '+focus <Raising>' for each of us to see how much you could help our Raisings.

Focus is a purely philanthropic ability and can not be used to help oneself.

-------------------------------=<< Healing >>=--------------------------------

Many non-human preternatural races are more durable than humans and heal at a faster rate as is demonstrated by their higher Fitness.

Healing is the preternatural ability to heal wounds in a conventional manner, but at a faster rate. This is opposed to Regeneration, which is the ability to heal wounds that would normally never heal. Normally this accelerated healing would be as if Fitness + Healing, but Alpha shifters and Master Vampires heal as though Fitness + Healing + Power, in regards to healing wounds dealt by the +hurt command. This is covered by automatic code every few hours.

When in combat, an individual can '+roll 1d<half their Healing>' to see how much they heal per turn. (this can be taken care of with either the simple '+heal' command or by working out the math and using '+heal me=<amount>') Unless something weird is going on (like someone using Share Blood on you, Focus,or some other odd bit) just use Healing. Even Alpha/Masters just use 1/2 Healing.

When this stat is possessed by a non-preter, it reflects a magical/psychic ability to heal others, as well as themselves. Healers can avail themselves of the '+heal <target>=<amount>' command, within reason.

See also 'news share blood'

------------------------------=<< Masking >>=-------------------------------

Masking is the ability to conceal one’s true nature or magic from a Sensitive. It is used only as a defense to Sensitive. If the question ever arises that a person would Sense another, without the other actively Masking, simply compare Sensitive to Masking.

SEE ALSO: 'news sensitive' '+help sense' '+help masking'.

-----------------------------=<< Sensitive >>=------------------------------

Sensitive is the ability to sense another being's magical ability. All non-human beings with Power are able to Sense to some degree, as are those who have the Sensitive Ability (some humans are just good at that kind of thing). To raise the ability is to raise the keenness of the Sensing, thus cutting through active Masking or active Dominate or any other attempt to conceal or bluff the findings.

Although a Sensitive being can't detect what magic has done or if magic even has been done, it can detect if magic is stored in a particular target or is moving through a particular target.

  • Example 1: A fairy makes a magical grinder that can turn chalk into cheese. The fairy, unless successfully Masked, could be detected by a Sensitive. The box would turn up to some degree, and while being used the box would really be noticeable. The resulting cheese wouldn't register to a Sensitive as anything odd, though.
  • Example 2: A sorcerer has magically zapped an injured person so their body is healing at ten times the normal rate. For as long as this magically boosted healing is active, a Sensitive has a chance in detecting something is up with the injured person, and/or that the sorcerer is doing something from afar, and might even be able to detect and trace the 'paper trail' from one to the other.

If the magical effects are being produced by a spirit from the great beyond, after being sent on a mission by a Faithful's invocation or a Summoner's evocation, the paper trail won't lead back to the Faithful or Summoner, but to the spirit itself (and from there to the black box of the great beyond). The best readings a Sensitive can get about a spirit are insight into the nature of the spirit itself; to find out who sent it, one will have to ask/interrogate the spirit (usually involving Faith, and/or Occult, and/or Theology, in conjunction with Sensitive).

If someone has a far better Masking than you can sense, your findings will often result in the person seeming no stranger than a standard person on the street, or perhaps just having a bit more 'oomph' than one would expect. If someone has a far better Dominate than you can sense, your findings will often be much higher than the person's true 'oomph'.

--------------------------=<< Silver Immunity >>=---------------------------

Generally attacks with silver knock vampires and lycanthropes for a loop, hurting them as if they didn't have boosted Fitness nor Muscle. To reflect this, silver damage normally has a boost of 1/10th of the target's Power (so a Power:10 target would take twice normal damage from silver, Power:20 would take triple, Power:30 would take quadruple, etc..)

If the vampire or lycanthrope has the Silver Immunity ability, it lowers their effective Power in the above formula (So Power:20 and SI:10 means only twice damage from silver). Normal non-damaging contact with silver is usually just a nervous and non-painful situation (like a tattoo gun or an idling chainsaw that's not actually breaking the skin), with the Immunity lowering this effect to some degree.

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