Psychic Abilities

----------------------------=<< Anti Psychic >>=----------------------------

Some individuals are blessed with psychic abilities. Many other folks are born with no psychic abilities. A very few individuals are born with 'Anti-Psychic' talents. This is actually a psychic talent in of itself, but instead manifests itself as a dampening of psychic abilities around the anti-psi. Often this leads to the anti-psi not believing that they have any preternatural ability at all.

When 'passively' using anti-psi, any psychic phenomena potentially noticed by the anti-psychic has a percent chance of just not happening at all equal to the level of Anti Psychic. This includes it being used around them with visible results (like Pyrokinetics) or used towards them (like Telepathy), but not things that they wouldn't notice being used (like Empathy). This can be done without the anti-psychic even knowing they're doing it.

When 'actively' using anti-psi, check a +roll/per of Anti Psychic + Willpower to create a "no psychic" range. Success means that no psychic activity can take place for as many feet around the Anti Psychic as their ability, for as many poses/minutes as 1/10th of their Success. If they fail, 1/10th of the failure is taken as +drain by the Anti Psychic.

Very rare is the individual who has both Psychic abilities as well as the Anti Psychic ability; so rare that one should not buy up one if one has the other. If one -does- have both, use of Anti Psychic will prevent use of any other Psychic abilities for as many hours as their Anti Psychic.

NOTE: The terms "null", "psychic null", or "magic null" do not refer to an Anti-Psychic, per se. Instead, it simply means the person has no magical, psychic, nor preternatural abilities. In other words, they're perfectly normal.

------------------------------=<< Empathy >>=-------------------------------

Empaths can either send or receive emotions. Either way, it is not mind reading nor is it mind control; Reception can be in the form of seeing an aura, just a hunch, or taking on the emotions of those around you. When an emotion is empathically sent, the target doesn't feel those emotions but instead just knows what the empath is feeling (as if they were the empathic one). To project an emotion to a target, the Empath has a percent chance equal to twice their Ability plus the target's Perception.

Reception is tricker, and can work at four degrees. One can either focus on a small group for total clarity (what emotions, who/what they're about and what caused them), a larger group for some clarity (what emotions), a large group for vague impressions (what sort've emotions, roughly), or they can turn it off. The basic formula is 2 to the power of 1/10th Empathy + Willpower.

\begin{align} 2^{WP+Empathy \over {10}} \end{align}

To work this out:

think round(power(2, fdiv(X, 10)), 2)

..with X=Empathy + Willpower. Any remainder (fraction after the decimal point) is the percent chance of reading a 'spare'. Or one can type '+empathy' (or '+empathy/here' to demonstrate to others).

And this means…
01-10 May read 1-2 folks with some clarity.
11-20 May read 2-4 folks at a time.
21-30 May read 4-8 folks at a time.
31-40 May read 8-16 folks at a time.
41-49 May read 16-32 folks at a time.
50-59 May read 32-60 folks at a time.
etc May read even more folks

NOTE: This is just emotions. For thoughts, try 'Mind Reading'.
NOTE: This is for folks on-hand. From afar, try 'Clairvoyance'.

-----------------------------=<< Telepathy >>=------------------------------

Telepathy is the psychic ability to project emotions (at lower levels), thoughts and words (at higher levels), and to sometimes be able to bridge the gap enough to "hear" a reply (at the highest levels).

The odds of a message being sent to a given target are a percent chance equal to the Telepath's Telepathy + Willpower. If successful, a message of varying length can be sent (for OOC purposes, as many words as Telepathy). If not successful, the message is still sent but the Telepath is Drained from the attempt. If the Telepath's Drain is more than their Telepathy, they are unable to use their ability until they recover.

SEE: '+help telepathy' 'news empathy' 'news mind reading'

----------------------------=<< Mind Reading >>=----------------------------

A character with Mind Reading may sense simple, strong thought from another character. Mind Reading may be used at will. It is opposed by a Mind Reading vs Willpower (+ Power if applicable) compare. If it is used successfully, the victim must summarize their next IC action in a private page to the mind reader. If requested their thoughts on something that has already occurred, they must provide a brief summary. Mind Readings are not extensive, only strong, brief thoughts may be read.

----------------------------=<< Clairvoyance >>=----------------------------

Clairvoyant characters may see the present, past, and future against their will at any time. Due to it being against their will and random, this often presents the clairvoyant with untoward mental stress, leading to breakdowns and or insanity.

Please note that the clairvoyant is by no means a mind reader (that's the 'Mind Reading' ability) and that all images they sense are random. Any plot altering or character altering clairvoyance will be relayed to the Clairvoyant PC by staff or by code. Any attempts to use this ability otherwise are considered minor. Any complaints about the abuse of Clairvoyance will likely result in a loss of character if the PC is found to be abusing it.

----------------------------=<< Telekinesis >>=-----------------------------

Telekinesis is the psychic ability to move objects with the power of the mind. The cube of Telekinesis shows how many ounces can be moved around. To float things around, find out how much more TK (short for telekinesis) the person has than they need to move the object, and multiply that by 2 MPH (assume 1 MPH if you're pushing your limit). For a single target, the range is line of sight. If 'sweeping' an area, everything under your weight limit can be swept, in an area equal to your Power times your Power (so with Power:10 and enough TK to lift six ounces, you could clear off all objects that weigh 6 oz or less from a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, as long as that sheet was in sight) in inches.

Why is the sweeping so much easier? Think of it as if the TK is making a repelling magnetic field underneath the things you're lifting; if it's repelling one metal object or five hundred metal objects, it won't weaken the magnetic field itself. All that matters is how much of a magnetic force is pushing objects up (with Force versus Mass & Acceleration prompting why you can move lighter objects faster than heavier objects).

If using it in combat (to bonk the target with psi-blows, or to fend off attacks), use TK + Observation (like with firearms, but TK in place of Gun Combat skill). Muscle and Agility work against TK, if the psychic is using it to try to "puppet" folks around (so TK:12 and you can hold a Muscle:12 personstill, but a Muscle:13 person can still move around).

Each time TK is used, +roll/per your TK+Willpower and divide the result by ten. Success? You can perform for that many minutes before you have to check again or stop the TK-use. Failure? You pull a mental muscle and take that much +drain (although you can still perform for 1/10th of your TK in minutes).

Remember, it's 1/10th of the result. Any amount of Drain will reduce your effective TK (IE: TK:10 and Drain of 8? You only have TK:2 to use at the moment).

For cheat-sheet code, see '+help telekinesis'

----------------------------=<< Pyrokinesis >>=-----------------------------

Pyrokinetics may ignite any flammable object in sight/range, using their mind. Pyrokinesis can only be used once per day at maximum capacity without taking a toll on the pyrokinetic. Each use after that requires use of the +drain command, multiplied by how many times the power has been used that day. A full night of sleep 'resets the counter'. Drain reduces your effective Pyro. Further more, the amount a pyrokinetic can do is based off of their Willpower + Pyrokinesis.

IE: You have Willpower:15 and Pyrokinesis:15, in one day you can make 30 candle flames or you can make one coconut sized fireball.

The basic formula is 2 to the power of 1/10th Pyrokinesis + Willpower, to work out how many inches wide/tall the ball of flame is.

\begin{align} 2^{WP+Pyro \over {10}} \end{align}

To work this out:

think round(power(2, fdiv(X, 10)), 2)

..with X=Pyrokinesis + Willpower.

Pyro Qualified Result Quantified Result
01-10 The pyrokinetic can produce a candle flame. 1" - 2"
11-20 A fire-ball the size of an orange or baseball. 2" - 4"
21-30 A fire-ball the size of a coconut or cantaloupe. 4" - 8"
31-40 A fire-ball the size of a TV or huge watermelon. 8" - 16"
41-49 A fire-ball the size of a washing machine or stove. 16" - 32"
50+ A car-sized mass o' fire. 32" +

For mechanics, '+roll/per <Willpower>+<Pyrokinesis>' with another +20 to the odds if the target is a vampire or wood. If the roll is successful, divide by ten, then multiply by three (1/10th of success as per normal, then x3 since 'Fire=Bad'). No Stats, Skills, nor Abilities work against it, since it's really hard to dodge psychic sterno. There is no extra bleeding damage, but ignited clothing might follow 'bleedout' rules, and there is potential 'knockback' due to trauma. The +drain is based on how much of your Pyro you want to use in a given roll. Range is one foot per point of Pyro.

---------------------------=<< Psychic Talent >>=---------------------------

The 'Psychic Talent' is used to cover most everything not already covered by the above Abilities.

  • Ability Under 5 - Good luck making anyone believe you actually have an ability. You actually -can- affect things, but it's so subtle and coincidental that if you run around saying 'I did that! I did that!' you'll get locked up.
  • 5 to 10 - Your ability is rather blatant, but nothing earth-shattering. Generally, it'd leave folks wondering if that happened on its own or by your design. WoD Mage-wise, it's the 'Coincidental Effects' that only sort've seem coincidental, but really aren't. Do it three times in a row quickly, and it's quite evident you're doing something funky.
  • 10 to 15 - It's blatantly funky, but still falls in the realm of the understandable. As in, someone could sit down and think, "ok, their powers made this do that, and these go over here, and moved this around". Impossible, but not illogical.
  • 15 to 20 - It's blatantly funky and kind've non-understandable. The effects of the Lycanthropy virus manifest at least 'Level 15' effects with the unnatural strength, healing, and ability to change to a critter. None of the effects of Lycanthropy could really have a pseudo-science basis, but are mostly just adaptations of plausible things. Think of it as 'the impossible on demand'.
  • 20 to 25 - Same as before, but it's just all kooky. The effects of Vampirism (dead folks walking and talking, but not rotting, and actually doing better than they were when alive) manifest at least 'Level 20' effects. Unlike the previous range, the impossible things don't happen on demand but instead are just always happening.
  • Alpha Shifters have 25+ Power, so being able to whistle up the dead whenever you want (Channel Munin) or changing shape any time you please (Call Beast) gets around there. Master Vampires have 35+ Power, so being able to up and cause damage for no explainable reason (Wounding) or transmutate emotions to vital energy (Alternate Feeding) gets around there.

Please consult Staff for working out a +cnote to express what your Psychic Talent can and can't do. Oftentimes, one can get away with a higher range of effects if there is a limiting flaw to it (like being able to do something often limited to the 15-20 range when you only have Psychic Talent:10, if you can only do it when you've heard a sustained 440 kilohertz per second tone for the previous hour while meditating and you'll get a nasty nosebleed that'll last for an hour afterwards).

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