Adele's Vitals
Name: Adele du Capet, Adele of House Capet
Race: French, Vampire
Shortdesc: Dark hair, light eyes.
Position: Anachronism.
Fame: Among vampires: "Sleeping Beauty".
Temperament: Dreamy
Themesong: N/A
Lonneke Engel as Adele du Capet, Adele of House Capet


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Who?

Vampire: Adele du Capet, is a non-master of Mother of all Darkness' line. She is very old, but not very powerful. It is said that she was the inspiration for the Sleep Beauty stories. All the way back to Giambattista Basile. But she will never confirm or deny this.


  • La Pomme Rouge, She can often be found hanging out at Pomme Rogue.
  • House of Blues, When she isn't hiding the shadows she can be found at The House of Blues.
  • Something Wicked, Though she doesn't understand Something Wicked she enjoys the bar.



To Come!

RP Hools

  • Retainer: I am currently looking for someone to help Adele adjust to the modern world, I'd prefer this be a non-vampire.
  • Swans: Adele, being of the Mother Line, has an Animal To Call even though she is not a Master. Her animal is the "Swan".
  • Fairy Tales: Adele was the inspiration for the story 'Sun, Moon, Talia' and thus for the 'Sleeping Beauty' story. Preternatural Historians might know this.
  • Music: Adele is a grand lover of music and musicians.
  • Dreams: Adele is a "Dreamwalker", and she loves to slip into people's dreams.

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